All My Children Recaps: The week of January 3, 2005 on AMC

Greenlee recalled that Kendall had saved her. Zach declared his love for Maria, but she pulled away from him. Ryan urged Ethan to have another DNA test. JR vowed to get his son back.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 3, 2005 on AMC
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Monday, January 3, 2005

Kendall and Ethan confronted Ryan and Greenlee about being in Kendall's apartment. Ryan told them they found the proof that Kendall poisoned Greenlee. Kendall reminded them she has a prescription and Ryan showed the proof of her on-line order, just before Greenlee snapped. Kendall denied placing the order. Ryan demanded an explanation for why she tried to kill Greenlee. Ethan wondered how and why they plotted against Kendall like this. Greenlee had another flashback and stopped Ryan from calling the police. Greenlee was convinced that someone else is framing Kendall. She told Ryan that Kendall saved her life that night on the trapeze. Kendall asked them to leave, but Greenlee wanted to thank her first, alone. Kendall thought Greenlee was playing her so Greenlee kicked her in the shin which finally made Kendall realize Greenlee really was apologizing and believed someone else poisoned her. Outside, Ryan was confused and Ethan suggested that all their answers are behind Zach's door. Ryan suggested the only reason Zach would go after Kendall is because Ethan is his son.

Jonathan and Maggie tried to enjoy New Year's Eve at SOS, but she couldn't stop thinking about him hitting her. Jonathan pouted and continued to apologize. Maggie tried to get past that and get Jonathan over his obsession over the fact that Ryan gave Cambias Industries to Miranda. He swore off alcohol and promised to not hurt her again. When he asked for forgiveness, she went to the ladies' room.

Reggie and Danielle showed up to party. Reggie stared at Jonathan and admitted he doesn't trust him. Reggie walked over to confront Jonathan about not telling Maggie about Bianca. Jonathan was dismissive towards Reggie and possessive about Maggie. Reggie and Danielle left and went to a suite at the Valley Inn.

Anita and Aidan relived midnight and kissed. They talked and he said he wanted to get to know her, without a background check. Anita saw Maggie in the ladies' room and noticed the bruise on her cheek. Maggie said it happened at the gym, but Anita didn't believe her and gently urged her to go the hospital. Maggie refused and Anita asked her to come see her if it happens again or gets worse.

Anita and Aidan went to the boathouse and Aidan asked Anita to take off her clothes before getting a surprise. Jonathan told Maggie that his rage is also about jealousy about Bianca and mentioned that she had broken up with Lena. Jonathan was surprised that Maggie was surprised and Bianca hadn't already told her. He handed her a gift, a bracelet with a lover's know she had previously admired.

Maria seemed pleased to see Zach at the stables but told him she wasn't. He promised her a good 2005 and kissed her. Zach said he wants to be like Bianca and not lose any more precious time away from a loved one. Maria reminded him her marriage vows are sacred. He told her she's in the marriage alone and asked how her holidays were. She defended her family but Zach said he couldn't stand back and watch her throw her life away. He said he couldn't take her before, when she only came to him for revenge on Edmund. Now that the fire has gone out of her eyes, he is ready to recapture what they had. She said she still felt an obligation to Edmund and loves him. He said he loved her and kissed her again and again as she reminded him she's married. He vowed not to watch her give up. She said she was fighting for her marriage and he said he was fighting for her. They kissed again.

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Lily announces to a rather surprised Erica, that she has a new boyfriend and he's none other than Aidan Devane. Erica looks at Jack for confirmation as Lily explains exactly what the term "boyfriend" means to her. Erica is then put on the spot as Lily begins to question her about her own romantic history. Jack scrambles to shield Erica from feeling uncomfortable about all of her relationships and explains to Lily that while Erica has a lot of experience they are each other's last love. Lily is satisfied and leaves the couple alone after exacting a promise from Erica that Lily can go to her for advice should she have questions. Jack and Erica discuss their wedding and honeymoon plans.

Anita and Aidan celebrate New Year's Eve by stripping down to their under things and jumping into the ice cold lake waters. Afterwards, Aidan builds a warming fire as they dry off and share their desires of fun and daring things they'd like to accomplish during their life. Later, they see a falling star and make a wish. Anita shyly tells Aidan that her wish was about him. He passionately embraces then kisses her.

At the stables, Zach professes his love for Maria and they share a passionate kiss. However, before things can progress further, Maria begins having memory flashes of her past with Edmund. She pulls away from Zach, explaining that she needs some time before she's ready to go further with him. Zach is understanding. After assuring her that he will wait for her, he leaves.

Maria goes to see Edmund. She is driven to be truthful with him, which leads her to tell him that she had just spent time with Zach. Edmund is stoically silent but there is a hint to his inner feelings by the tightening of his mouth. Maria makes an impassioned plea with Edmund to tell her that there is still hope for them. That something as big as what they have shared can't just end the way it seemingly has. She goes on to do her best to convince him that she realizes that they can't go back but has hopes of a new beginning. Edmund initially seems moved when he utters, "I can't..." but then decides to wish a devastated Maria "Happy New Year" before leaving the room.

Danielle is impressed with the trouble Reggie seems to have gone through to provide them with a romantic setting as he shows her the hotel suite he rented for the night. She takes her time looking around before joining him on the bed where they share a kiss. Before it could go any further, Danielle stops things, jumps up and nervously begins chatting about the food as she takes samples from a tray. Reggie, sensing something is wrong, questions Danielle who finally confesses that she is a virgin. Misunderstanding Reggie's silence, she starts to leave, believing Reggie is disgusted with her, but is stopped short by Reggie when he clumsily confides to her that he too is a virgin. They then realize that the time isn't quite right for them. Reggie promises Danielle that he will wait until she is ready because he wants their first time to be special.

Greenlee helps Kendall pack some ice around her sprained ankle while Ryan and Ethan have a discussion outside of Kendall's condo. Greenlee tells Kendall that she believes that Kendall had nothing to do with poisoning her. They then tentatively discuss their relationship. Outside, Ryan is doing his best to convince Ethan to take the DNA test to prove he's a Cambias. Ethan is reluctant. He wants nothing to do with Zach. They bring the argument into the condo which piques Kendall's interest immediately. She demands to know why Ryan is so insistent about the test. Ryan explains that it's for Miranda's sake: That her being a Cambias and heir to the fortune puts her in a precarious situation. Ethan is quick to claim that Ryan is using scare tactics and exaggerating things but Kendall isn't wholly convinced. Meanwhile, Ryan proves relentless as he continues to argue his case to Ethan. Frustrated, Ethan walks out only to run into Zach who is returning to his condo.

While Ethan questions Zach about what makes being a Cambias so awful, Greenlee is inside mystified that Ethan stubbornly refuses to take the DNA test. Kendall tries to enlighten both Greenlee and Ryan about what may be motivating Ethan. She points out that when both Ryan and Greenlee discovered who their biological fathers where they in a sense hit the daddy jackpot compared to who they had. Ethan on the other hand may end up discovering that the man who has been rejecting him for the past months is in fact his biological father. Hardly something anyone would be eager to discover. Both Ryan and Greenlee are moved.

Back outside, after Zach paints a dark picture about life as a Cambias which prompts Ethan to tell him that he's happy he's not a Cambias. He then shocks Zach when he announces that after the trial, he plans to leave town. When questioned about his future plans for Kendall, Ethan shrugs and admits that Zach may have been right about her after all. Moments later, Ethan sneaks back into Kendall's condo via a backdoor so that Zach doesn't spot him. He informs Ryan, Greenlee and Kendall that he suspects Zach is up to something, but that before they could begin to uncover what it is, he needs to take that DNA test.

Wednesday, January 5, 2005

All My Children marks its 35th anniversary with the broadcast of today's show.

Erica and Tad ambush Joe Martin in the hospital corridor then physically escort him to his 35th Anniversary Party where almost everyone including, Myrtle, Opal, Ruth and Palmer are assembled. As everyone cheers, AMC creator, Agnes Nixon joins the party as Agnes Eckhardt, a hospital board member who talked Joe Martin into taking a job at the Pine Valley Hospital 35 years ago. She makes a short speech about her thoughts on Joe. She then makes a tongue-in-cheek remark about how she feels somewhat responsible for everyone in Pine Valley. The elevator doors open up and Phoebe Wallingford arrives. Shortly afterwards, Nick Davis surprises Erica with not only his presence at the party but with the announcement that he picked someone up at their airport whom Erica will be thrilled to see. As the party progresses Agnes asks Palmer about two-time ex-wife Daisy which raises Opal's ire enough for Myrtle to question her about her true feelings for Palmer -- even going so far as to suggest that Opal would like a reconciliation with her ex-husband.

Brooke walks into her office to find JR waiting for her. He tells her that he's there to return her the favor of issuing a warning that he plans to go after Babe and that he doesn't care who gets in his way including Jamie. If she would like to keep Jamie safe, then he suggests to her that she call him to get him away from Babe. Brooke isn't intimidated. She let's JR say what he has to then the moment he leaves she sets out to find Tad. She finds him at the party and wastes no time letting him know what JR said. She also tells him that JR went so far as to plant a bug on her phone in the hopes that she would call Jamie thereby leading JR straight to him. Tad is outraged. He wants the bug off her phone but Brooke is insistent that it stay for the time being. She thinks they could use it to their advantage.

Jamie comes into the apartment and nervously checks the window while Babe watches him from her seated position on the living room floor. He tells her that there is a squad car parked in front of the building and that the police were asking questions of residents. After a few moments of panic, they decide to stay put to see what happens with the police. As Babe massages Jamie's back to ease the tension things become heated and they begin to share a kiss. Before things can progress further though, they are interrupted by a knock at the door and the announcement that it's the police. They don't move or say a word until they hear one of the officers say 'Nobody's home' then walk away.

The moment JR arrives he home he meets with his investigator. Frustrated that there have been no leads, he demands and update. The investigator informs him that the only couple who came close to fitting the description have been ruled out because they had a baby in tow. JR seems puzzled but pulls out pictures of Babe and Jamie anyway and hands them to the investigator with instructions that he fax the pictures to the people in Florida beginning with the motel where the couple with the baby were last seen. As the investigator leaves, Adam joins JR and lets him know that he just came from seeing Bianca. JR is annoyed with Adam's attempts to discuss Bess/Miranda and lets him know it. When Adam tries to discuss JR's late son, JR becomes livid and shuts Adam down completely. Worried, Adam decides to back off for the moment and leaves. The investigator walks in moments later to let JR know that he has news.

Adam pays a visit to Bianca in the hopes of getting her to help him find Babe. He's determined to have her brought back to Pine Valley to face charges. He uses every means at his disposal including his JR's grief over losing his son to pull at Bianca's heartstrings in an attempt to get her to agree. Bianca is moved but reluctant. Erica's arrival brings an end to the meeting. She and Jack greet Bianca with the news that they have brought surprise guests to see her which cue Mark Dalton and Nick Davis to walk in. They are bearing gifts to shower Bianca with. As they do, Erica ushers Adam into the hallway to blast him for harassing her daughter. Adam leaves as Erica rejoins the gathering in Bianca's room. Things turn sentimental when Nick hands Bianca a letter from Mona. As Bianca reads it out loud, we learn it's a heartwarming letter of advice from one Kane generation to the next. Mona ends the letter with something that sustained her through the most trying times of motherhood...'The great and the least, the weak and the strong, the rich and the poor, in sickness and health, in joy and sorrow, in tragedy and triumph, you are all my children.'

Later, Bianca joins the party for Joe and brings Miranda with her to show off to everyone there. While at the party, she makes a point of asking Tad to meet her later on in her room. That she would like to discuss something with him. Simone wheels Bianca back to her room. Simone stops to give Bianca a present, remarking that she has a sudden fixation with babies. A short while later but they run into Verla Grubbs, Langley Wallingford's daughter, who is passing through town but stopping off to see Myrtle on her way out. After awhile, Tad meets Bianca in her room and asks him for advice: Should she tell JR that his son is alive?

Adam enters the room to find a brooding JR sitting in his chair. He tries to comfort him by telling him that he's not alone. JR looks up at his father tells him that he knows he's not alone then proceeds to inform him that his son is alive. Adam is shocked.

As Shania Twain's "You're Still the One" plays, a poignant montage of the past 35 years featuring key characters and climatic moments is shown.

Thursday, January 6, 2005

Kendall greets a waking Ethan with a cup of cappuccino. After settling back into bed beside him, she asks him whether or not he is nervous about what lies ahead of him. Jokingly, he asks if there is something he should know about the cappuccino. After giving him a look, she clarifies by asking if he is at all worried about the DNA test and finding out whether or not Zach is really his father. Kendall marvels at how calm Ethan is in the face of what may be revealed by the test. Ethan tells her that regardless of what the test says, he will still be the same person inside. He says that if Miranda is in any danger because of the inheritance, he will be more than glad if it turns out that he is her cousin. Impressed, Kendall says that whether his name changes or not, she will still feel the same way about him - pretty damn great.

Zach pays a visit to David and Krystal, who are still in lock up with the Pine Valley Police. They trade a few barbs, and then Slater reveals his true intentions for being there. He tells David that he rang in the New Year by cleaning out his desk. In the process, he uncovered the missing security disc - the one that shows David drugging Adam and shipping him off to parts unknown. He follows the bombshell with an admission that he already showed it to the DA's office. Slater is quite sure that David is going to go down for what he did, but David says that will only happen if he is convicted. Slater feels that once the jury sees the DVD and listens to a testimony from Adam detailing the horrors of being shipped overseas in a crate, there's no way David will go free. Krystal demands to know why Zach is targeting David, especially since everything he did was for his daughter. She wants to know if family means so little to him. Before Zach can respond, David tells Krystal that she's wasting her breath - Zach's a Cambias and they eat their young. Undaunted, Zach says that what he is doing is in the name of justice, but David isn't buying it. Instead, he believes that this is Zach's way of paying him back with interest: for taking Maria from him all those years ago, and for his part in bringing his brother down. Zach tries to correct him by saying that it's all about payback for Bianca and keeping a parent from her child. David scoffs at the admission - because Zach did the same thing. David ponders aloud whether Zach thought twice about the hell he put his own father through when he faked his own death. He challenges Zach to stop hiding behind women and little girls... to be a man and own up to the revenge he's taking.

Tad visits with Bianca in her hospital room and tells her that he has no plans to tell JR that his son is alive. When she asks how he could do such a thing after all that has happened, Tad puts it very simply: he has the same reasons for keeping JR in the dark as he did for not telling Bianca the moment he found out her daughter was alive. He was prepared to do anything to stack the proverbial deck in Jamie's favor. Tad breaks down the things that happened that helped him make his decision. He acknowledges how difficult it was to choose between his two sons, but in the end, JR was the deciding factor. He tells her about JR hitting Jamie with the lead pipe, and that knowledge horrifies Bianca. He goes on to say that he will understand if she thinks that making Babe pay for what she did, or saving JR from the hell she went through is more important. However, he confesses that he will never be a father that will pit one son against the other - and he won't be the father that hands Dixie's grandson over to Adam Chandler. Bianca tries to convince Tad that he is nothing like Babe, Krystal or David - because in the end he did the right thing. Tad knows that while he was trying to help out his son, by keeping his mouth shut - he aligned himself with the aforementioned malicious trio. Brushing that aside, she says what really matters now is that he helped her get her daughter back. Tad isn't willing to celebrate though - because he helped, but only as she was about to die. He is upset that the situation came to that. Acknowledging that he is still steeped in guilt, Bianca decides that she wants to talk a bit more about JR. She says that she is sure JR didn't mean to hurt her - but there was this look in his eyes that scared the hell out of her. Tad admits that he knows the look all too well - the one that says "What's mine is mine - and anyone who tries to take anything that belongs to me will pay a hefty price." He agrees with her and says that the look scares him as well. Bianca tells him that she is starting to realize that there is so much more to being a parent than just holding and comforting your child - that a true parent will go to any lengths to protect their child. Tad agrees, but regardless of that fact, there is another truth. In protecting their children, all the people involved did wrong by her in a huge way. He believes that she has every right to make them all pay for what they did. He tells her that he has come to a decision regarding JR knowing about his son, and he is willing to live with it. However, she has to decide what to do despite Tad's thoughts on the matter. The one thing that is unique, he informs her, is that she won't have to do so alone.

After Tad leaves, Kendall and Ethan show up to visit Bianca. Ethan tells her that if her offer is still on the table, he would like to proceed with the DNA test. Delighted, Bianca readily agrees. Ethan informs her that if it does turn out that he is Zach's kid, it could mean that Miranda would lose half of her inheritance. Bianca tells him that isn't even a concern. She just wants him to be able to find out who he really is. Ethan smiles and says that he's ready to find out - even if it does mean he's related to Slater.

A short time later, the DNA samples have been taken, and Kendall asks that they be rushed. Nodding, the lab technician takes the samples and heads for the lab. Anita, who is holding Miranda, says that she is going to take the baby to visit with Myrtle. Ethan says that he's going to go with her, just to make sure everything is okay. When Kendall and Bianca are alone, Bianca tells her sister that Ethan is doing the right thing. Kendall agrees but quickly changes the subject. She wants to know when Bianca will be sprung from the hospital - she has plans to rearrange her schedule so that she can focus on taking care of her sister and her niece. Bianca tells Kendall to worry about Ethan instead - because the results (no matter which way they go) will be hard on him. Just then, Ethan comes back into the room. He tells the duo that it's time for him to put away the fantasies from his childhood of who his father was and face the reality of who he is. He says that some things aren't meant to be hidden - a son should know who his father is, no matter how much of a bastard he turns out to be. Bianca, who still had thoughts of JR and his son on her mind, takes what Ethan says to heart. Bianca throws out a hypothetical situation to Ethan: what if the son in question is young and still able to be shaped by a horrible father...would that make a difference in whether or not they should be kept apart? He tells her that he doesn't think there is any reason good enough to justify doing something like that.

Slater prepares to take his leave from the jail, but before doing so, he tells David that he will have plenty of time to contemplate what motivated Zach to turn against him. Feeling that he has the upper hand, he exits just as Tad shows up. David, always quick with a quip, demands to see his lawyer - as the people visiting have to qualify as cruel and unusual punishment. Tad tells him that he actually came to the jail to see Krystal.

Turning his back on David, he tells Krystal that he just came from visiting Bianca. This announcement makes David fall quiet and pay attention. Krystal asks how she's doing - but Tad tells her that she needs to prepare for the worst. Krystal acknowledges that Bianca has to do what she feels is right, but is wracked with guilt over the knowledge that she started the chain of events that would land her daughter in jail. Tad commiserates and says that the idea of Jamie throwing his life in the dumpster doesn't thrill him either. Tad is still blaming himself in a way for the whole baby switch. He tells Krystal that he had a feeling the night of the crash that Cramer was lying but he didn't follow through. He was so overwhelmed by everything that was going on that he didn't listen to his instincts. Not willing to let him impose such suffering on himself any longer, Krystal demands that he stop. She tells him that even though he didn't follow through that night, he eventually did by ordering the DNA test. It was her meddling that landed them where they are. She tells him that no matter what happens or where they end up, he should be assured that he did the right thing.

Jamie and Babe get decked out in their new disguises, but Babe is worried. She asks Jamie to tell her that everything will be all right. Soothingly, Jamie assures her that everything is alright and that no one will be able to track them down - not the Buchanans and not JR. Jamie tells Babe that with the cops on the trail of the guy making their fake IDs, they need to pack up and get out of town as soon as possible. Babe takes on the task of getting everything together and Jamie prepares to head out and get supplies for them to take with them. After easing her feelings of worry again, she heads for the bedroom and he heads for the door. As he opens it, he finds a cop on the other side, happy to find that someone really is home. Jamie steps into the hall with the officer. He tells him he didn't answer the door because he was on a business call and he thought that kids were just playing pranks. He asks how he can help, and the officer asks if he is Bradley Anderson. Jamie tells him that he's not, and identifies himself and Harry Tucker. He tells the officer that Bradley is an old school friend of his - and was nice enough to let him stay in the hotel room with him as he passed through town. The officer then tells him that they are trying to track down Matt Finley, who has been staying in the next room. Claiming that he doesn't know the neighbor, he asks why they are looking for him. The officer says that amongst other things, Finley is a forger. He pauses, and then asks for Jamie's name again. This time, Jamie formerly announces that his name is Harry Samuel Tucker. The officer asks if he knows of any reason why Finley would have his name written on a piece of paper in his room. The officer asks if they can take their conversation into the hotel room. Babe, who had been listening in from the other side of the door, makes a mad dash with the baby to a different room. Jamie leads the way in, and launches into an explanation. He tells the officer that he's a salesman, and he met Finley through his friend Brad. Upon being asked what he sells, Jamie avails himself of a wig that happened to be lying out. He spins a tale of selling men's hairpieces, and that despite their description, Finley was interested in buying something new. When he seems a bit suspicious, Jamie tries to distract him by offering his services - as the cop's hairline is receding. Disgusted at the suggestion, the cop simply hands his card over and asks him to pass it on to Brad. Assuring the officer that he would make sure Brad called, he was able to escort him out without giving himself away. Babe emerges from another room, congratulates Jamie for a job well done, and rewards him with kisses - but he isn't ready to relax yet. He tells Babe that he just temporarily stalled the police, and that they could be back at any time. They agree that they need to get everything together as soon as possible and leave town. Just then, they hear a noise at the door. They freeze, waiting to see what would happen. An envelope gets shoved under the door, and they pause for a moment before retrieving it from the floor. Jamie carefully checks the hall to see if there is anyone still around. Finding only an empty hallway, they close the door and check out the contents of the envelope. They find a note from Finley saying that he has their IDs and wants to meet later at a café. Jamie is wary that they might be walking into a trap - but Babe has faith in him to make the right decision. Knowing that their lives will be easier with the IDs, he decides to take a chance on getting them.

Back at the hospital, Anita and Myrtle are playing with the baby when Zach enters the room. Myrtle insists that he hold his niece. He protests at first, but gives in when he realizes Myrtle won't back down. He takes Miranda into his arms and speaks to her quietly. When Myrtle asks what he said, he says he told Miranda he was glad her father died before he could lay eyes on her. Because of that, Michael didn't have a chance to pass on the family curse. Myrtle denounces that as hogwash but Zach seems oblivious. He tells Miranda that if anything can eradicate the effects of the Cambias curse, it's the love of Bianca Montgomery. He tells her that she is her mother's child. Myrtle tells Zach that there are good and bad parents, but that as long as you fill your children with love and respect and give them a good heart - you will be repaid in spades. She concludes by saying that he should never let anyone tell him anything different. Ethan and Kendall walk down the hall, unknowingly passing Zach along the way. She says that she wants to come back later to see her sister - so Anita offers to Zach that this might be a good time to see Bianca, if he wants. He refuses gently, saying that he found all he needed by seeing Miranda.

JR announces to his father that his son is alive. Befuddled, Adam tries to be supportive by saying that the news is great. JR can tell by his tone that his father doesn't believe him, and probably thinks he is crazy. He assures Adam that he is completely sane and aware of what is going on. Further, he insists that he will get his son back. JR tells his father about what his private investigator found in Florida by flashing pictures of Jamie and Babe around. The sightings were confirmed by the hotel manager, the maid and a nearby store clerk. Adam says that they knew the couple was in Florida - but JR interrupts and informs his father that what they didn't know is that they were traveling with an infant - a 10 month old baby boy. Adam is close to being convinced about the existence of his grandson, but he questions where the baby has been since he was born. JR admits that he isn't sure - but he is certain that Paul Cramer had something to do with it, especially since he was the one that handed Miranda over to them at the crash site. Adam restates the obvious: with Cramer dead, they aren't going to get any additional information from him. JR figures that with the chopper crash and his murder, there are probably many articles available that may give them more clues. He heads over to his laptop and is able to bring up a list of news items. As he searches, Adam sits and contemplates the seemingly unthinkable. He apologizes to JR for his deception, and the part he played in getting Miranda back to Bianca. JR tells him not to worry about it and Adam asks if that means he is forgiven. JR tells him no, but that he will let his father hold his son when the baby is brought home. After looking at a few sites, he brings up one with a picture of Kelly Cramer Buchanan. It tells of how she last saw her half-brother the evening before he disappeared. JR believes that she fits the description of the woman the PI said was looking for Babe and Jamie. He clicks on a few links and finds out that Kelly is Kevin Buchanan's ex-wife, and about the kidnapping. In the last article, it says that their baby was 9 months old at the time. Adam takes note of this and points it out to his son. The timing lined up - and they realized they had every reason to believe that Ace Buchanan is really the son of JR and Babe. Adam warns his son that they can't go off half-cocked trying to track Babe down and trying to bring the baby back. JR assures Adam that his PI person is staying strictly in the background, and that he will be careful. He plans on making Babe and Jamie pay for daring to throw lies in his face. Adam says that he will work his friendship with Dorian for more information, and JR says he will have a one on one with Kelly. Adam asks his son to forgive the doubts he had - and JR says he will bury them with the promise that his son will be under his roof in a week's time, while Babe and Jamie pay for what they did.

Back in her hospital room, Bianca mentally reviews what Ethan said regarding how his father's life might have been different had he known about his son. This convinces Bianca to place a call to JR. The phone rings just as JR is about to leave the house. He runs back into the living room and is able to catch the call.

Friday, January 7, 2005

JR asks Bianca what she wants. Bianca begins by saying that despite everything they have been through, parents belong with their children. JR says, "You've won" and as Bianca continues to try to tell him to listen to her, he simply knocks her down. He says he does not want to see Miranda ever again, which really shocks Bianca, considering he helped raise her. Bianca flashes back to the night on the balcony and remembers JR calling her a bitch as they got closer outside. When she asks him on the phone why he is so angry, JR just tells her to leave him alone and hangs up. Maggie walks in and gives Bianca a stuffed horse for Miranda. Anita walks in shortly and Maggie excuses herself to go to the rest room. Anita tells Bianca about the bruise she saw on Maggie's face and even suspects that Jonathan may have hit her. Anita says that battered woman have great stories for how the bruises get there and like Maggie, often say they are just clumsy. Bianca promises to talk to her, Maggie emerges and Anita goes to check on Miranda. Bianca brings up the bruise by asking Maggie why she has so much make-up on. Maggie begins to say she needed to cover her bruise, but stops and gets angry when she realizes Anita and Bianca were talking about her behind her back. Bianca tells her she is just worried and Maggie snaps that she is making Jonathan to be a bad guy when she just bumped into an open locker. Maggie retorts that Bianca has been keeping things from her, such as her break up with Lena. Bianca apologizes for that, but says she has not always been comfortable telling "people" that information. Maggie is appalled and says that now she is just "a person." When she asks Bianca to define what she wants her to be, Bianca says that she wants them to be friends. Maggie backs off, tells her Jonathan says hi and leaves.

Greenlee, Ryan and Danielle are working on financial reports at Fusion, when Danielle brings up the DNA issues. She tells them that she is worried about losing her job, but Greenlee assures her that she has nothing to worry about. Shortly, they begin talking about Ethan's DNA test when Jonathan walks in, not afraid to say that he completely disagrees with the test. Ryan tells him that they, along with Fusion employees, have every right to know who Ethan is and where they stand in their jobs. Jonathan tells him that even if Miranda inherits it all, Ryan can help from the sidelines until she is old enough to do it herself, but handing it over to Ethan is simply "nuts." Seeing that Jonathan is taking this DNA test the wrong way, Ryan tells him that it is not personal, but Ethan retorts that whoever put the DNA test idea in his mind probably is making it personal, perhaps even trying to drive a wedge in between them. Jonathan once again accuses Ethan as the shooter and tells Ryan he will be handing over the company to a killer. Ryan says that has not been proven and has nothing to do with what is right. He says that he has to honor Alexander Cambias last wishes. Jonathan brings up a promise his brother once made to him, saying he would take him with him when he left. Well, Ryan left all right, but left Jonathan behind. "Some promises are meant to be kept and some are made just to make people feel better," Jonathan says. Ryan says that he wanted to take him, but he was so young and couldn't, but he can keep his word now. Jonathan says Ryan never listens to him now, so his promises don't matter. Ryan walks off to handle legal business and Greenlee asks Jonathan if he blames her for the DNA test. Jonathan openly admits he does.

As Kendall and Ethan wait anxiously for the DNA results at her home, Kendall tries to cheer him up. When Ethan tries to leave, Kendall suggest that they pretend to be someone else until they get the results. Kendall pretends to be "Ashley" and Ethan is now "Ahab." They play a game of strip poker, which leaves Kendall barely unclothed and Ethan down to his boxers. When Ethan accuses her of cheating, she tells him to get dressed and that they will finish the game elsewhere. They go to a steam room, unclothe each other and make love on a bench.

JR rushes off before Adam can tell him Dorian Lord is arriving from Llanview. JR says he is going to visit Kelly Buchanan to get information on his son. When Dorian arrives, she immediately asks why she is there. Adam starts by congratulating her on her recent release from prison and Dorian says she did not kill Paul. Someone planted the murder weapon, a gun, in her office. In order to get Dorian to trust him, Adam hands her a martini with a side of a loaded gun. He tells her that it is a sign she can trust him. Adam tells Dorian about his idea—that Paul crashed the plane on purpose, switched babies and JR got Bianca's baby. He says that JR's child did not die in the crash and that Paul gave him to Kelly. Dorian does not seem surprised and when Adam asks her why, she says she is just in shock. Adam suggests they team up, but things go sour when Mary walks in, angry and upset that she has been left out of the loop. Dorian leaves and apologizes for not being able to help Adam. Mary tells Adam that they were supposed to be in plans together and that he had no right to leave her out. She says that she may not be rich now, but she still has her pride. Adam blows her off until Mar threatens to leave the house unless he apologizes. When Adam smiles and says nothing, Mary is shocked. Adam grabs her coat and purse, tells her to be happy with her pride and pushes her out the door. "Christmas came late this year, but it was worth it," he says.

JR finds Kelly in Llanview and introduces herself. She apologizes for his recent loss and says he must miss him. JR responds that he misses him as much as she probably does and adds that Babe told him to come speak to her. Kelly says she can't help him. JR says that her ex-husband won't be happy to know she helped the kidnappers, but that he can help her. Ace's nanny, Karen, walks over and asks Kelly if she has heard any news about Ace. Kelly tells her no and when Karen sees a picture of Babe on the table, she says that "Bella" must be so worried about Ace too. JR asks Karen how well she knew Babe and Karen says that Babe was a sweet woman who thought Ace was so adorable. When Karen leaves, JR tells her to come clean or she will regret messing with the Chandlers. Kelly says, "Pick a number," and walks away, not threatened by JR's words. Next, JR heads to Pine Valley, where he goes to visit Bianca right after Maggie storms out.



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