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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 5, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, July 5, 2010

Due to the extended July 4th holiday, ABC opted to air an encore episode of All My Children. This scheduling change was planned and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming shuffle.

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, July 6 and pick up where Friday, July 2's episode concluded.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Liza arrived at Tad's house to finalize the adoption papers. Opal explained that Tad wasn't there, and Damon had left in such a hurry that he'd forgotten his cell phone. Opal went upstairs, and Liza checked Damon's cell phone to find that he still had a photo of her on it. Opal returned downstairs, and JR called Liza to say that Tad needed her.

At the police station, Brot took Damon into the interrogation room to see Tad. "I'm so disappointed in you," Damon joked in a fatherly tone. He continued to joke until he deduced that Tad had been arrested for hitting Paul. "No one talks to my son that way," Tad asserted. Tad said he'd called JR for the bail, and Damon relished the thought that Paul had gotten "the knuckle salute."

Liza and JR arrived, and she assured Tad that she could persuade Paul to drop the charges. Aside with Damon, Liza asked about the photo, and Damon claimed that he'd saved it for himself, not to show Tad. Looking baffled, Liza said she didn't get Damon's motives, especially after he'd encouraged Colby to go to New York alone. He responded that he just wanted Colby to do what was best for her, while he tried to figure out the same for himself.

In the interrogation room, JR revealed that he was going to the beach cottage to clear his head about Annie. Tad figured that JR still craved her, and JR shamefully nodded.

Tad, Damon, and Liza went back to the Martin house to finalize the adoption papers. Liza and Opal looked on as Tad and Damon signed the papers and hugged. Opal left for work, and Tad went to get everyone a soda. Alone with Damon, Liza still pondered the swift change in his attitude. Damon hoped that they would be friends some day, but an instantly leery Liza asked, "Where is this coming from?"

Damon claimed that he was just really happy, and he swung open his arms for a congratulatory hug. Liza obliged him, but pushed him away when his lips touched hers. Tad returned with the sodas and made a toast. Tilting their drink to his mouths, Damon and Liza seemed equally uncomfortable and surprised by what had happened.

At home, Caleb listened to a voicemail from Erica, who ordered him to show some respect and deal with Palmer's business and with her. Caleb ripped his phone from the wall.

At Fusion, Erica worriedly bowed her head over her desk. Jack entered, and she grimaced, saying that she couldn't do it anymore. When he doubted that she couldn't do something, she rephrased herself, saying that she didn't know if she wanted to do it anymore. She vaguely remarked that she couldn't get the crash out of her mind, and in walked Bianca, who'd just returned from a trip to Paris to see her family.

Jackson went downstairs, and Erica told her daughter that she was rethinking her battle over Fusion. Erica was sure that she could wipe the floor with Greenlee, but the plane crash had caused her to realize that she didn't want to do that. Bianca suggested that Erica entrust the battle to someone else. "Me," Bianca said.

When Jackson returned, Erica announced that Bianca would take over at Fusion. Bianca said that Reese completely supported the decision, and Bianca would explain to Ryan why she was leaving Cambias. Bianca went to Erica's office, and Erica told Jackson that she wasn't walking away from anything. Instead, she was walking toward other things, like a future with him. She exclaimed that she'd won in every way that mattered, and the couple left.

At the mansion, JR boasted to Annie about his family trip, but she figured that he was leaving to try to get her out of his head. Scott entered, and JR went to pack. Scott shared with Annie his plan to protect his nano project secret by buying Cortlandt Electronics. He figured that if Chandler owned Palmer's company, then no one would suspect him of stealing the technology. He enthusiastically suggested that he and Annie visit their new neighbor.

Scott and Annie took a plant to Wildwind and welcomed Caleb to town. They introduced themselves, and Caleb threw their potted plant out the front door. "It belongs in the ground," he said. Scott and Annie tried to chitchat; however, they began stammering when Caleb cocked his shotgun from his seat on the sofa. Scott quickly explained that he wanted to make an offer on Cortlandt Electronics, and Caleb asked why Adam had sent a pup to do his bidding.

Caleb learned that Scott and JR were running the Chandler business in Adam's stead. Caleb guessed that Annie was Adam's daughter; however, Annie quickly corrected him. Scott attempted to steer the talk back to business, but Caleb asked them to go, because he had somewhere to be. Scott left his card, and Caleb picked his teeth with it after they'd gone. He told the portrait of Palmer that he'd wondered what he'd say to Adam after what Adam had done.

At Krystal's restaurant later, Caleb encountered Opal, who urged him to respect Palmer's wishes by running the company. Caleb quipped that he wasn't Pete Cooney, and he never would be. After Opal left, Caleb placed a call on a payphone and said he was ready to hear the offer.

Caleb went for a stroll in the park and grew irritated when he saw Erica there. Her annoyance matched his, and he assured her that they had no business together. Erica remarked that Palmer's business still hung between them, but Caleb asserted that she'd crash the business faster than she had crashed the plane. Erica retorted that she possessed business sense, but she wouldn't teach any of it to him. "You teach me? That's rich," Caleb retorted.

Erica told him to go back and eat his squirrels, if he were incapable of living in the real world. The two bickered with each other until Jackson strode up. Caleb left, saying that his eardrums would explode if he had to hear anything else. Erica told Jackson that she wanted get Caleb out of her sight "by any means possible, as soon as possible."

At Wildwind later, Caleb tried to shut the door on a suspiciously cheery Erica. She'd shown up with an apology, but he quipped that she never apologized for anything. She claimed that she did when she was wrong. Erica was sorry for seeming ungrateful that he'd saved her life. She held up a bottle of Jim and said it was his favorite.

Back at the mansion, Marissa told JR that she couldn't go on the trip, because she'd forgotten that she had an important study group to attend. She suggested that he go alone, as he'd planned. JR stated that he was leaving to figure out his priorities, and when he returned, he'd be the man that he'd promised to be.

Downstairs with Annie, Scott said that Caleb had called. She wanted to celebrate their purchase of Cortlandt Electronics; however, Scott said that JR would have to agree to the acquisition. Scott was anxious to seal the deal before Caleb changed his mind, but when Marissa entered, she informed Scott that JR had gone to the cottage alone. Scott went to crunch some numbers, and Annie slipped out of the house with a Cortlandt Electronics file.

Later, Marissa heard Scott leaving Annie a message to call him, and Marissa expressed cynicism regarding Annie's whereabouts. Scott understood Marissa's frustration about living with Annie, but he wanted the family to get along. Marissa scoffed at the notion of forgiving and forgetting. "You and I have fallen for challenging people, but we see the best parts of them," Scott said. He was sure that if they worked together, he and Marissa could reunite the family.

Once JR arrived at the beach cottage, he settled down for a quick nap on the sofa. In his dream, Marissa and Annie appeared on each side of him, and like an angel and a devil on his shoulders, each woman urged him to choose her. JR jolted himself awake and wiped sweat from his brow. Grabbing a towel, he headed to the beach for a swim; however, upon opening the French doors, he saw Annie standing on his deck.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

At the beach cottage, Annie stammered to explain her arrival to JR, but she couldn't think clearly while his shirt was unbuttoned. He buttoned it, and she told him about the opportunity to own Palmer's company. JR wondered why Scott wasn't there to talk about it himself. She claimed that she could be more persuasive than Scott, and she asserted that she and JR were both fighting for the Chandler family and business.

Inside, JR reviewed the Cortlandt file, and Annie said the cottage reminded her of hiding out from her first husband. JR seemed intrigued because she'd never broached the topic before. She confided in him about living in shelters and breaking into a wharfside cottage to give Emma a roof over her head. Annie's story captivated JR as she remembered finding $50 on the ground. She said it had been a sign that she could give Emma a good life. "That's what I wanted to do, and I did it. I did it for her, and I did it for myself," Annie tearfully uttered.

JR understood her fear and hopelessness, because he'd lived with those feelings during the cancer. He said he'd survived because of Annie, but he might not be "so lucky" the next time. Annie revealed that, besides being Emma's mom, saving JR had been the best thing she'd ever done. She rued her past selfishness, but said she'd never known that she'd had anything worth giving until she'd made the donation. "And you gave it me," JR concluded.

Fighting back her sobs, Annie admitted that she felt a secret pride whenever she saw AJ and JR together, because she'd made it possible. She noted that whether JR had wanted to or not, he'd given her the chance to do something noble. Reaching for her, JR uttered that he should have given her more than a chance, and they hugged.

Annie and JR felt affected by their conversation. Neither of them had expected to share more than a physical attraction. Annie cited that it was scarier than sex, because it was dangerous and uncontrollable, and she couldn't figure out where it ended. "It ends here," JR asserted. He continued that it was merely an isolated moment in the middle of nowhere.

Annie realized that she'd been mistaken in her decision to go to the cottage. JR said that offering him Cortlandt Electronics was no mistake; however, everything else that had happened was. "Never again," he vowed. Annie replied, "Never."

At the Chandler mansion, Marissa was studying when AJ scampered up, looking for JR. She said that JR was at the beach, and AJ suggested that they go there to surprise him. AJ left the room and returned later with his bag and sand bucket. Marissa explained that she couldn't take him anywhere, because she had to study. "Well, I guess I'll go by myself!" he declared, racing to the door. Marissa caught up to the boy and promised that JR would take them to the beach soon. She said JR would return home and realize how much he'd missed them.

Later, Annie entered the parlor and rendered an unreciprocated greeting to Marissa and AJ. JR arrived next, and Marissa and AJ enthusiastically hugged him. Marissa said that AJ had almost talked her into going to the cottage, but she knew that JR had needed the time alone. Annie and JR exchanged knowing glances.

In the park, Ryan and Madison looked forward to their trip to New York. She remarked that the painters were still working on her new place, and he admitted that he'd liked it better when she'd lived one floor away from him at the casino. The flattered Madison liked spending time with him, but she wanted to know that they were doing it for the right reasons.

Ryan walked around a tree and called her on her cell phone. He described himself to her and asked if she remembered him from the park. Though confused, Madison laughed and affirmed it. He said that he'd put her on speed dial, and though he didn't want to pressure her, he hoped that she'd put him on speed dial, as well. She programmed his number into her phone, and when she called him back, they smiled at each other from across the way.

In their hotel room, David expressed his love for Greenlee, and she conveyed her gratitude for his sacrifice. They made out and then discussed where they'd live. Building a home would take a few years, so David preferred to get Wildwind back in the meantime. He said he had to stop by the hospital, but he'd meet her at Wildwind.

On his phone in the park later, David argued with Bennett about their agreement. Ryan happened along and overheard the call, but he didn't say anything to David about it. The two men exchanged barbs about David's predicament with Wildwind, and David strode off.

At Krystal's restaurant, Frankie, Randi, and Bianca met to discuss a battered woman who'd been admitted to the hospital. Due to the Fusion scandal, the Miranda Center had received bad press and few donations. Budget cutbacks caused Bianca to fear that they'd have to turn the battered woman away; however, Frankie offered to detain the woman at the hospital until they found a place for her.

Bianca announced that she'd taken over at Fusion until Kendall's return. Madison arrived, and Bianca rehired her. After Randi and Bianca left, Madison received a call informing her that her painters would need a few more days to finish up. She was reluctant to call Ryan for more help, so Frankie offered his couch. At first, she didn't want to take it, but he said that it beat a park bench. Madison promised to make Randi and Frankie breakfast every morning.

Later, Ryan joined Madison at the bar and shared that David had bribed an SEC agent to receive no jail time. Though Ryan had no proof, Madison urged him to take action, because the Miranda Center was suffering due to the scandal.

Madison took her bags to Frankie and Randi's house, and Frankie admitted that he hadn't told Randi about Madison's living arrangements. He was sure it was fine, though.

At Wildwind, Caleb grabbed the whisky bottle from Erica and poured himself a drink. Erica quickly refreshed his glass and laid on the charm as she thanked him for all he'd done for her in the mountains. Caleb joked that libation brought a smile to a man's lips. She said she'd been watching him in the woods, and she'd realized that he belonged in the wild. She felt that a boardroom would stifle him. As Erica lulled him with her descriptions of nature, Caleb asked if she were trying to seduce him.

Erica corrected that it was friendliness, not seduction. Pouring him more alcohol, she lauded his benevolence and graciousness in carrying out Palmer's wishes. Caleb raised his glass to Pete. Erica whipped out a contract and said that it was just something for Caleb to sign. He asked if it were okay to sign, and she replied that it was, because his name was on it. Caleb scrawled a big "X" on the paper and said it'd take a lot more than a bottle of whiskey to make him sign over the company.

Erica and Caleb argued about who was duping whom until David and Greenlee arrived to welcome Caleb to Pine Valley. Erica was sure that Caleb would need another drink to handle them. Greenlee and Erica went to the kitchen with a cheesecake that the Haywards had given Caleb, and Erica announced that she'd handed her Fusion reigns over to Bianca.

Back in the living room, Caleb asked if David were trustworthy. David affirmed it, and Caleb requested information on the Chandler family, because they sought to buy Palmer's company. David said that, besides Marissa, the Chandlers were a nest of vipers. David wished to discuss possibly buying Wildwind, but Erica returned and wondered if David had explained that he and Greenlee were responsible for the plane crash.

Suddenly indignant, Caleb said the plane had destroyed his home. David stated that Erica wasn't thinking clearly; however, Caleb decided that since they'd wrecked his house, he'd take theirs. The Haywards left, and Caleb remarked that, in one day, half the town had tried to cheat him. Erica claimed that she'd never hurt him, and she reaffirmed her gratitude. She left, and Caleb ponderously stared at the door.

At Fusion later, Bianca found David reviewing blueprints for a new house. She remarked that building a house was an odd thing to do since he'd go to prison. David replied that it was for Greenlee.

Ryan headed to Greenlee's hotel room and asked for David. She said he wasn't there, but she happily announced that she'd won Fusion from Erica. Ryan quipped that Greenlee should be proud of herself for cooking the Fusion books and crashing the plane. Undaunted by her words, she remarked that it wasn't a complete win, since David might go to jail. Ryan asserted that David wasn't going anywhere since the Haywards had paid off the SEC.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

At the police station, David pressured Iris, the mayor, to deal with Jesse, who'd flown to West Virginia on the taxpayers' dime just to dig up dirt on David. David stood by as Iris informed Jesse that someone had burglarized the mayor's mansion while Jesse had been off pursuing his vendetta against David. Jesse claimed that he'd left plenty of backup in his absence, but Iris contended that since he hadn't taken personal days for the trip, he'd abused taxpayer dollars. Jesse insisted that the trip had been part of an ongoing investigation, but Iris suspended him without pay, pending an investigation.

At home, Jake found Amanda practicing Italian. She rejoiced about their vacation, and he asked if she'd have the energy to sightsee after her photo shoots. She believed that seeing him and Trevor at the end of each day would rejuvenate her. Jake hugged her, but looked uncertain.

While working at home, Angie's vision blurred, and a ringing phone startled her. She heard Jesse leaving a message, and she collided with her furniture as she felt around for the phone. When she finally located it, she called Jake to tell him what had happened. Angie wanted to rearrange her furniture, but Jake responded that redecorating wasn't the answer. She insisted that she couldn't tell Jesse about her vision loss until she knew that the medication was working.

Jake ended the call and informed his wife that he was going to visit Angie. Amanda hoped that Angie had approved the Italy trip, but Jake reluctantly claimed that hospital budget cuts precluded Angie from permitting it. He wanted Amanda to go anyway, but she decided to pass on the trip, because she wanted to experience Italy for the first time with her husband.

At Fusion later, Randi couldn't wait to show Amanda her wardrobe for Italy; however, Amanda informed Randi and Bianca that since Jake couldn't make the trip, neither could she. Randi asked if Amanda knew what she'd give up if she didn't go; however, Amanda countered that she knew what she'd give up if she did go, and her family was more important. Randi went on and on about the great trip, and Amanda suggested that Randi substitute for her. Bianca thought the idea was brilliant, and Randi grinned.

When Jake arrived at Angie's house, he decided to rearrange the furniture, so that she didn't hurt herself if she suddenly lost her vision again. As they tussled with the sofa, Jesse entered with a box of his things from the police station, and he wondered "what the hell" was going on in his house. Jake said he'd volunteered his "metrosexual" advice to Angie about the apartment's feng shui. They lied about how she'd hurt her knee, and Jake took off.

At home later, Amanda packed up her Italian study aids, and Jake promised her that they'd go to Italy one day. He suggested that, in the meantime, they just pretend. He whipped out a picture of the Arco della Pace, which had their images superimposed on it. "Italy schmitaly!" they proclaimed, kissing each other.

Back at Jesse's house, Jesse informed Angie that he'd been suspended for meddling in David's affairs. Jesse decided that he'd use his "forced vacation" to concentrate on his wife, who still seemed a little off. He guessed that she was disappointed about not being pregnant. She nodded, but said it wasn't a good time for a baby. Jesse stated that a new baby was the perfect thing to give couples some perspective. Angie grew emotional about his hopeful outlook on their future. She wished that she could focus on a baby, but she just couldn't at that time.

In their candlelit living room, the couple relaxed for the first time in a long while. Jesse figured that he should be grateful for the suspension because it gave him time with Angie. It also kept him from killing David. Jesse claimed that he was kidding, but then he said that the only thing keeping him from harming that "rat bastard" was Angie. She replied that their relationship worked because they always considered each other.

At Greenlee's hotel room door, Ryan admonished Greenlee for paying off the SEC, but she declared that it wasn't true. As he explained that he'd heard David on the phone with Bennett, Ryan suddenly realized that David hadn't told Greenlee about the payoff. Ryan deduced that David had made himself appear to be a martyr for his wife, when in fact, he'd known the entire time that he wouldn't go to jail.

Ryan urged Greenlee to get away from David before he destroyed her, as he'd done to his other women. She accused Ryan of trying to ruin her and David's happiness, but Ryan claimed that he'd moved on. Assuming he meant with Madison, Greenlee said that if he wanted a saint, then he'd never loved Greenlee. Ryan ordered her to never question his feelings for her, because she'd been the love of his life. "As hard as that is to believe right now," he added and left.

Greenlee ransacked the room for proof of Ryan's assertions. When David entered, she ordered him to look her in the eye and tell her that he hadn't bribed an SEC agent. David gleaned from her that she'd spoken to Ryan, and David asked why she was letting that man get between them. Greenlee persisted until David admitted that he hadn't told her about the bribe because he wanted to protect her. She didn't believe it and accused him of working with Erica to get Fusion. David called that ridiculous, but Greenlee didn't know what to believe after all the lies. She asserted that the worst part of it was that he'd used his supposed heroism get her into bed.

David told her that if it were merely gratitude sex, then she shouldn't have done him any favors. She said that wasn't what she'd meant. He claimed that she'd known who he was before she'd married him, and everything he did was out of love for her. He couldn't believe that after all they'd been through, she'd turn on him for not divulging the details of his plan to save her company. He figured that she was just looking for an excuse to push him away.

Greenlee claimed that she hadn't stood by him to merely push him away. She felt that she was a million miles from the woman she'd been when she'd limped back into town. David countered that she was better, and she had Fusion. She attributed that to his lies and plane tampering, but he challenged her to say she wouldn't do something questionable for a loved one.

David professed his love for her and his regret over hurting her. He called her the love of his life, but she told him not to say that. He said that it was true, and he'd keep saying it until she accepted it.

Frankie helped Madison settle in at his place, and she cooed about the speed dial upgrade in her relationship with Ryan. Madison conveyed that Ryan was finally done with Greenlee. Frankie left for work, and Madison took a shower. The naked Madison was in the midst of dropping her towel in the living room when he strode back in after learning that his shift had been canceled. She scampered to the bathroom, and an embarrassed Frankie started to work out.

Madison dressed for her date with Ryan, but she checked her messages to discover that he'd canceled on her due to his investigation into David's bribe. Frankie invited her to join him for pizza, and she went to change into an outfit that she could breathe in. As the two munched on pizza later, Ryan arrived to tell Madison that he'd realized how stupid he was for standing her up. He offered to take her out, if she still wanted to go. As they left, Randi arrived. Madison thanked Randi for the use of her sofa, and Randi looked puzzled.

Later, Randi seemed displeased to have a houseguest, but Frankie said that she wouldn't even know that Madison was there. Randi agreed, because she'd be in Italy. When she explained what had transpired with Amanda and the Italian photo shoot, Frankie felt that Randi was the perfect substitute, since she was the sexiest person in the company. Randi replied that his words didn't make her feel any more comfortable about leaving him with an attractive houseguest.

Frankie claimed that he'd hardly see Madison because he was on the nightshift, thanks to the hospital budget cuts. He added that Madison was going to New York with Ryan. The couple hugged, and Randi glared at pile of Madison's things.

At the park, Ryan and Madison set up for a picnic, and Ryan said that it would have been a shame to waste the day on David. Ryan mentioned that he'd made an extra donation to the Miranda Center, and exposing David was no longer his priority. "This, this right here is a priority," he concluded, gesturing to their picnic.

A song played as a montage of scenes appeared on the screen. Randi packed, but couldn't stop staring at Madison's things. Ryan and Madison enjoyed their picnic, and Bianca stared at her passport. David gleefully went over the new house plans with a taciturn Greenlee. On a laptop, Amanda and Jake made more pictures, and Angie stroked Jesse's face as he slept with his head on her lap.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Colby surprised Damon with tickets to a Yankees/Red Sox game. She also told him that she'd found a way to get him in to see his favorite band in New York City. Damon's excitement was tempered by the realization that he wouldn't be moving with Colby. She silenced his doubts with a kiss.

Annie found Scott and JR working together in the Chandler living room. She asked if there was anything she could do to help. JR told her that she needn't concern herself with the business. Annie pointed out that she was head of the PR department, and they would need her to spin the story once the deal was done. JR looked quizzically at Scott, who confirmed that he'd hired Annie before the reading of Palmer's will.

The Chandler accountant called JR, and JR stepped out of the room. Annie was worried that JR wouldn't be able to work with her, given their history. Scott assured Annie that JR was too preoccupied with the Cortlandt deal to worry about her. Annie thought that JR was still working to impress his father. Scott wondered if JR had confessed that to Annie. Annie said she had guessed that to be true, based on JR's actions.

Annie switched subjects and said that she was more than qualified to head up PR at Chandler -- based on her experiences in New York, at Cambias, and Fusion. Scott told Annie that she didn't need to convince him. JR rejoined them and stated that they needed to earn Caleb's trust. JR thought that through family connections and his childhood in Pigeon Hollow, Caleb wouldn't be able to resist.

Scott's phone rang, and it was his turn to exit the room. Once alone with JR, Annie pointed out that JR hated Annie heading up PR for Chandler. JR tried to blame his discomfort on Caleb's unwillingness to work with just anyone. Annie saw through JR's ruse and called him out.

JR said that it wasn't in anyone's best interest for him to work closely with Annie. Annie promised that she wouldn't renege on their promise to remain platonic. Annie said that she enjoyed being part of the team. She acknowledged that she'd taken a lot from the Chandler family and wanted to finally give something positive back.

Krystal walked in the house just as JR got a little too close to Annie. Krystal asked about her daughter, and JR told her that Marissa had taken AJ to swim camp. Krystal wasn't impressed that JR and Annie had been left alone together. JR tried to distract Krystal by asking for information about Caleb. Krystal said that she didn't see Caleb as a CEO, and JR thought that would make the acquisition easier. Annie was sure that with Cortlandt in the company portfolio, Chandler would be back on top.

Krystal curtly told Annie to leave so that she could talk to JR alone. Annie reluctantly did as asked. Krystal asked why Annie was still in the house. JR reminded her that Annie and Scott were dating. JR said that what he'd done had destroyed Marissa's faith in him and almost cost JR his marriage. JR promised that he wouldn't waste his second chance on a meaningless night with Annie. JR asked if Krystal believed him, but Krystal said she never believed anyone who pushed their agenda harder than necessary.

Krystal told JR he didn't need to convince her. She said that he just needed to make sure he never hurt Marissa again. As if beckoned, Marissa walked in and asked what was going on. JR said that he'd been telling Krystal he left the beach early because he missed Marissa. Marissa needed to apologize to Krystal for her recent behavior. Krystal had forgotten about it, and suggested that they go spend some time together.

Marissa was amenable, but had one more thing to do before they left. Marissa told JR that she'd finally moved her things back into their bedroom. She added that she'd put her wedding ring back on. JR was overwhelmed and quickly wrapped his wife in a hug. Krystal could easily see that JR was being genuine.

After an extended makeout session, Colby promised Damon a similar scenario every night if he moved to New York. Damon told Colby that he couldn't leave Tad. Colby wondered aloud if there was something Damon wasn't telling her. Damon said that Colby wanted things from him that he wasn't ready for.

Damon abruptly picked up his things and left. Colby took out her anger by ripping up a design she'd created and throwing things. Annie walked in just as Colby's cell phone went sailing across the room. Annie asked what happened, but Colby wasn't interested in sharing any part of her life with Annie. At that moment, Colby's phone rang. Annie retrieved it from where it had landed and handed it to the young girl.

Colby hastily answered the call in hopes that it was Damon. She was taken aback when she realized it was a representative from the New York organization that had offered her an internship. Colby told them that she would no longer be able to work for them. When Colby ended the call, Annie asked incredulously if Colby had rejected the life-changing offer just to be with a guy.

Annie said that if Colby gave up everything that she wanted for one guy, her life would become empty and meaningless. Annie pointed out that Colby had experienced a lot of loss in her life recently, and said that Damon couldn't fill that void. Colby lashed out and said that she was nothing like Annie, so the consequences of her choices would be different than what Annie had dealt with.

Annie said that if Damon were truly the guy for Colby, he would support Colby's choices, even if it meant letting Colby go. Colby said that she didn't want Damon to let her go. Colby believed that a job wouldn't change her life, but that being without Damon would destroy her. Annie told Colby to stop being so overly dramatic. Annie went on to say that if Colby gave up everything for Damon, Annie would feel very sorry for her.

Caleb was unhappy when the doorbell at Wildwind sounded. He sighed deeply, and downed a shot of alcohol. When he opened the door, Tad and Liza introduced themselves. Caleb assumed they were like everyone else he'd met in town, and asked if they were after Wildwind or Cortlandt Electronics.

Tad said that they didn't want either, and Liza apologized for the bad impression he'd gotten from the people of Pine Valley. Caleb said that everyone had either been a liar, a hypocrite, or both. Caleb wryly said that Tad and Liza were neither of those things.

Tad tried to ease the tension by talking about his connection to Caleb. Caleb had fond memories of Dixie from when she was young, and said that Pine Valley would benefit from a few more straight shooters like Dixie. Tad offered to introduce Caleb to Kathy, who was turning out to be very much like her mother. Tad also mentioned that he was a second father to JR, and Caleb's guard immediately went back up.

Caleb wanted to know what had happened to Dixie, but was less than gracious when Tad didn't tell him exactly what he wanted to hear. Liza was irate that despite how well he'd been treated by Tad, Caleb could still be rude. Tad asked Liza to back off, and she did so grudgingly. Tad proceeded to say that he only stopped by to invite Caleb to meet another part of his family whenever he was ready.

Caleb said that he wouldn't be in town long, and walked toward the door as if to show them out. That set Liza off again, and she attempted to put Caleb in his place with another lecture. Caleb was unaffected, and simply noted that he had things to do. Tad tried to hand Caleb a card with his number. Before Caleb could take it, Liza snatched it from Tad and tossed it in Caleb's direction.

After Tad and Liza left, Caleb rooted through his bag until he found a white kerchief. He carefully opened the piece of cloth and revealed a locket. He wrapped it up again, stashed it in his pocket, and left the house.

As Erica and Jack walked through the gardens, Erica obsessed about why Palmer would have left control of his company to someone as na´ve about business as Caleb. Erica said that she would be saddled with the responsibility of teaching Caleb how to run the company. Jack suggested that Erica get Caleb out of her mind for a while and relax. Erica said that she could relax later. Erica asked Jack to help her send Caleb back to the mountains of West Virginia. Jack asked if that was what she really wanted.

Erica was certain she wanted Caleb gone, but Jack thought Caleb fueled Erica's competitive nature. Erica asked if Jack could work some legal magic to make Caleb leave town. Jack said that he only wanted to work wedding preparation magic. Erica suggested they set up dates for taste testing. Jack wanted to do something more immediate, and suggested some pre-wedding feet preparation. Erica readily agreed.

Jack escorted Erica onto the deck at the Yacht Club. Erica realized that she'd been thinking something drastically different than Jack. Jack asked Erica to close her eyes and imagine being at their wedding reception. He then signaled the D.J. to play their song. Jack swept Erica up in his arms and said they needed to make sure they could still dance well together. After a few missteps, they settled into a comfortable groove. Moments later, Erica spotted Caleb in the doorway to the deck.

Jack and Erica sat down to have lunch. Erica was distracted when she realized that Caleb was at the Yacht Club to meet with Scott and JR. A few feet away, JR tried to use his family and childhood connections to sway Caleb, but Caleb was unimpressed. Erica was incensed, and intent on stopping the meeting.

Erica stalked over to Caleb's table and made it clear that she didn't approve of the discussions. Caleb acted as if Erica wasn't there and asked the Chandlers what they intended to do with the company if Caleb sold it to them. Erica refused to let Caleb ignore her, and interjected herself into the conversation again. Erica said that Palmer would never have wanted the Chandlers to be in control of his company.

Caleb, irritated by Erica, reminded her that he owned the company, and therefore could do anything he wished with it. Erica continued to protest, and Caleb was amazed that Erica's insolent behavior was commonplace. He asked her if she often threw a fit until she got what she wanted.

Jack dragged Erica away against her wishes. Erica was adamant that they needed to intervene. Erica felt that Caleb was acting in a way that would directly spite her. Back at Caleb's table, JR continued to try to win Caleb over. JR said that if Caleb sold the company to them, he would be selling to family. In addition, JR felt that an acquisition of the company by Chandler would put an end to a decades-long feud.

JR said that Adam and Palmer got over their feud because of him, but Caleb saw through JR's bluff. Annie joined them at that point, and Caleb wasted no time in asking why she was there. Annie stumbled a bit, and then said that she wanted to support the family from her position as head of PR. Scott tried to recover some ground and offered the financials they had drawn up. Caleb was uninterested and asked again why the Chandlers thought he needed to sell to them.

Before any of them could answer, Erica returned to the table and said that she needed to speak with Caleb privately. Caleb indulged Erica and excused himself. Once far enough away, Caleb asked if Erica had forgotten what happened the night before. He also asked if what they'd shared meant anything to her. Erica said that she didn't appreciate Caleb making their business meeting seem like they'd shared something unsavory. Erica said she was convinced that they could work together to sell Cortlandt Electronics to someone that met both of their standards.

Caleb said that he had no interest in working with either her or the Chandlers on a deal. His only wish was to unload the company and get out of Pine Valley as quickly as possible. He broke away from talks with Erica and loudly told the Chandlers to draw up an offer. After he stormed off, Scott rushed off to get in touch with Chandler attorneys. Annie said that the deal would go through because of JR's perseverance. In celebration, Annie hugged JR. Annie then gushed about how well they'd worked together. Annie and JR agreed that they'd dealt with their attraction.

Erica walked back over to Jack and started ranting about Caleb as if she'd never stopped. Jack interrupted her tirade and said that he didn't care what Caleb was doing. Jack said he wanted to know the nature of Erica's late-night meeting with Caleb. They went to the park, and Erica told Jack that she's tried to get Caleb drunk so he would sell Palmer's company to her. She told Jack not to let Caleb's tactics affect him.

Jack was amused because Erica was unable to follow her own advice. Erica admitted that she needed to stop worrying about what Caleb was doing, and pay more attention to the man she loved. Although the words made Jack smile, Jack couldn't relax. Jack asked Erica if anything had happened between her and Caleb on the mountain.

When Liza and Tad went back to the Martin house, Liza said that she would be more than happy to avoid Caleb. Tad said that he was curious as to why Caleb insisted on pushing people away. Tad reminded Liza that he'd done the same thing to her not so long before. Tad said the difference was that he knew it was wrong. Tad said that he didn't plan on ever making that mistake again.

Tad assured Liza that they would be alone for a while, so they decided to play strip poker. Liza was sure that the cards were rigged somehow because Tad kept winning. When he laid down another winning hand, Liza had to take her top off. After she did, she sat on Tad's lap. She discovered that he had cheated, but the punishment was in the form of a kiss. Damon walked in at that moment, and Liza quickly hid behind Tad.

Damon only offered that he was home early because plans changed. Tad's phone rang and, after he answered it, he excused himself. Liza hastily redressed before she addressed Damon. Liza thought that Damon was playing some sort of game. Damon insisted that the kiss had been unexpected. Liza told Damon that he needed to erase whatever plan he had in his head. She tried to leave, but Damon grabbed her arm and said that he needed to explain something to her.

Damon confessed that he'd skipped a few days of his ADHD medication, and his lack of impulse control had rushed back. He told Liza that he'd finally found a place where he belonged and didn't want to mess things up with Tad. Tad returned as he ended his call. Tad was bewildered when Damon said that he needed to leave. Liza explained that Damon's behavior was that of a typical teenager.

Tad went out briefly, and when he returned, Liza was deep in thought. Although he tried to joke around, Liza got his attention quickly. She told Tad that there were things he didn't know about his son. Liza said that Tad really needed to watch out for Damon.

Damon went back to the Chandler house. Colby apologized for the way she had acted earlier. She told Damon that she was upset when he had backed out of the plan to go to New York. Damon said that he needed to stay in Pine Valley to get a better sense of his new family: who they were and how he fit in with them. Colby told Damon that she lost her internship spot. Damon was angry for her until Colby said she wasn't upset. Colby said that she was glad she would get to spend more time with Damon.

Over lunch, Marissa apologized again for the cheap shots she'd taken at Krystal. Krystal understood and said that everyone lashed out from time to time. Krystal asked if Marissa was ready to share a bed with JR again. Marissa said that she needed to show JR that she had faith in their marriage. Marissa revealed that AJ had helped her to believe that JR loved her as she was.

Scott went home and found Marissa poring over a photo album. He told her that Caleb was really close to selling Cortlandt Electronics. Scott asked if Marissa and JR were getting back on track. Marissa said that things were much better in her marriage. Marissa tried to be nice when she asked how things were going with Annie. Scott told Marissa that he appreciated all she'd done to accept Annie in the house.

Caleb went to Krystal's restaurant but quickly decided that he couldn't handle the other customers. He told everyone that there was a gas leak so that he could clear out the restaurant quickly. Krystal was upset at first, but Caleb promised he would pay to rent the place out. Caleb placed an order, and then said that he needed some information.



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