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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 3, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, January 3, 2011

Erica sat in her living room, watching a New Year's Eve special on television. After several minutes, Erica turned off the television and then retrieved a box filled with letters that she had written to her mother since Mona's passing. Erica lovingly held the letters close to her heart and then went to the dining room table to compose a new letter. Erica decided to start with the blessings in her life, so she told Mona about Bianca's decision to return home. Erica believed that Bianca possessed the same quiet inner strength that Mona had.

Erica wrote about how grateful she was to have Jackson back in her life. She then wrote about the moments before the plane crash. Erica confessed that she had thought, "Is this how it ends?" As Erica wrote, she opened up about Caleb and how much he meant to her. Erica described Caleb as her partner and friend, who had been helping her through a difficult time.

Erica revealed to Mona that she had no idea what to do about Kendall's broken heart. Erica realized that Zach was with Mona, so Erica asked her mother to take care of Zach while Erica tried to look after Kendall. Erica then confessed that she had gotten herself into a difficult situation. She was certain that Mona wouldn't want Erica to mess things up, so Erica vowed not to. Jack entered just as Erica finished the letter.

Erica was curious where Jack had been. Jack smiled as he confided that he had put the finishing touches on the special New Year's Eve dinner that he had planned for them. Jack was determined to make certain that they would have the best year ever. He explained that their reservations weren't for a couple of hours, so he was open to starting their celebration early. Erica was tempted, but she insisted on seeing her daughters before she and Jack rang in the New Year.

Jack offered to accompany Erica. Erica was delighted, but she warned him that she had a few other stops to make along the way. A short time later, Jack and Erica arrived at the hospital. Jack was curious why Erica wanted to see David. Erica explained that it was her way of saying goodbye to the good and the bad of 2010. According to Erica, David was part of the bad.

Erica explained that she might not have had control over what she had lost or the pain that David had caused, but the visit would make her feel as if she had. Jack started to enter David's hospital room with Erica, but his phone rang. It was Lily calling to wish her father a happy New Year. After Jack stepped away, Erica walked to the foot of David's bed. Liza entered the hospital room moments later.

Erica promised that she wasn't "packing." Liza wasn't amused by the comment. Erica insisted that she had shot David to save Ryan, but Liza argued that Erica had intended to kill David. "Like mother, like daughter," Liza suggested. Erica immediately demanded to know what Liza had meant by the remark.

Liza picked up a picture and then handed it to Erica. Erica stared at the image of Kendall, pillow tightly clutched in her hands, looming over David's hospital bed. Liza explained that they couldn't afford to keep David under guard 24 hours a day, so they had installed a security camera to monitor David. Erica insisted that the picture meant nothing, but Liza disagreed. According to Liza, Kendall would have killed David if Dr. Castillo hadn't stopped her.

Erica warned Liza to leave Kendall alone. Jack entered shortly afterwards. Liza showed Jack the picture when he demanded to know what was going on. Jack quickly reminded Liza that she couldn't prosecute someone for thinking about committing a crime. Liza argued that Kendall had been caught in the act, but Jack insisted that Liza lacked sufficient proof.

Jack threatened to slap Liza with a harassment suit if Liza didn't back off. Erica picked up the picture, ripped it in half, smiled smugly, and then followed Jack out of the room. In the hallway, Jack accused Erica of having known that Kendall had tried to smother David with a pillow. Erica admitted that Caleb had told her about the incident. Jack was hurt that Erica hadn't confided to him sooner.

Erica explained that she'd had her reasons, but that only hurt Jack more. He was curious if she trusted him. Erica assured Jack that trust wasn't the issue, but she refused to apologize for protecting her daughter. "From who?" Jack demanded. Erica reminded Jack that Greenlee was married to David.

"Don't do that," Jack warned. Erica confessed that she had learned to face reality during her time on the mountain with Caleb. Jack preferred to leave Caleb out of their discussion. As Jack turned to leave, Erica wondered where Jack was going. Jack explained that he needed some fresh air before he said something that he would regret. He assured her that he would meet her later for dinner.

Erica headed to Krystal's restaurant after she left the hospital. She found Kendall sipping on a glass of wine at the bar. Erica didn't think that it was a good idea for Kendall to be out drinking because of Kendall's heart condition. Kendall insisted that she was fine, but a coughing fit belied her claim. Erica was concerned about Kendall, but Bianca and Caleb's arrival momentarily distracted Erica.

Bianca showed her sister a picture of the girls making a snow angel while Caleb pulled Erica aside for a private word. Caleb revealed that he wanted to question Kendall about David's shooting, but Erica refused to let Caleb upset Kendall. Erica warned Caleb that Liza had a picture of Kendall standing over David's bed with a pillow. Caleb insisted that the incidents were unrelated, so he had no idea why Erica had mentioned it. Erica ordered Caleb to drop it and then returned to the bar.

Erica was worried when Bianca explained that Kendall had left. Erica decided to track down Kendall, so she reminded Caleb to back off and then left. Bianca was curious what Erica's parting words had been about. Instead of answering, Caleb was curious if Bianca could be persuaded to help him. He promised her that it wouldn't take long. Before Bianca could respond, Asher entered.

Caleb greeted his son and then wished him a happy new year. Asher confessed that he knew what Caleb had done at the hospital. Asher was certain that Caleb's contribution would help many children. Caleb wondered if Asher could help him. Asher was reluctant to agree at first, but then changed his mind as Caleb and Bianca headed for the door.

A short time later, Caleb, Bianca, and Asher stepped out on the rooftop where David had been shot. Caleb explained that he wanted to reenact the shooting with Asher as David, Bianca as Erica, and Caleb as Ryan. Caleb carefully explained where he wanted everyone to stand and what they had to do. As they assumed their roles, it quickly became apparent to Caleb that the shooting couldn't have occurred the way that Erica had described.

At Kendall's house, Erica banged on the front door until Kendall finally opened it. Erica immediately noticed that the sofa had been converted to a makeshift bed. Kendall insisted that she was fine, but then began to cough. Erica grew concerned, but Kendall changed the subject by arguing that millions of people watched the ball drop from their living rooms. Erica agreed, but she pointed out that those people hadn't all lost their husbands.

Kendall suggested that her mother go to one of the many parties that Erica had been invited to instead of worrying about Kendall. Erica was outraged that Kendall thought that all Erica cared about was attending some glamorous event. Erica complained that it had been one crisis after another since Erica had returned to Pine Valley. According to Erica, everything had been a challenge. Kendall wasn't in the mood for Erica's drama, which further angered Erica.

Erica picked up a bottle of champagne and then chugged. Shocked, Kendall snatched the bottle of champagne out of Erica's hands. "Do you know what you just did?" Kendall demanded. "Yes," Erica answered. Erica confirmed that she had been sober for seven years and six months, except for the time that Caleb had tried to pour liquor down Erica's throat.

Kendall wondered what Erica had been thinking. Erica doubted that Kendall had any idea how difficult it was to be a recovering addict. Erica explained that she struggled not to take one more sip of the champagne. Kendall wanted to know what was going on with Erica. Erica was surprised that Kendall cared; Erica had thought that she wasn't allowed to have a crisis of her own.

Erica believed that her job was to make Kendall safe. Kendall begged Erica to tell her what was going on, but Erica decided that she should probably go to a meeting. Kendall agreed, but she wanted to help Erica. Kendall confessed that she had never realized that Erica had been in pain because Erica had always been a rock. Erica burst into tears as she insisted that Mona had been the true rock of the family.

Erica wept as she admitted that she desperately needed Mona. Kendall hugged her mother and then apologized for adding to her pain. Kendall confided that she missed Mona, too, and that she regretted that she hadn't known her grandmother longer. Kendall wanted to know how she could help Erica. Erica explained that there wasn't anything that Kendall could do; Erica had to deal with it on her own.

Erica then revealed that Liza knew about Kendall's attempt to smother David. Kendall was immediately concerned about the ramifications, but Erica assured Kendall that Liza couldn't use the picture against Kendall. Erica promised that she would do whatever was necessary to take care of things. Kendall seemed confused by the comment, but a coughing fit seized her before she could question the remark. Erica realized that something was wrong when the coughing didn't subside.

Caleb walked in moments before Kendall collapsed. Later, at the hospital, Frankie informed Erica and Caleb that Kendall had pneumonia. Erica became uneasy when Frankie introduced Dr. Castillo. She wondered why her daughter needed a heart doctor. Griffin explained that pneumonia could compromise the heart, so he wanted to keep an eye on Kendall until he was certain that the antibiotics were working.

Erica wanted to see her daughter, so Frankie and Griffin promised to let her know when Kendall was ready. After the doctors walked away, Erica excused herself. In a quiet corner Erica prayed to Mona to watch over Kendall. Meanwhile, Jack waited for Erica to join him for dinner. Caleb approached Erica a short time later to let her know that she could see Kendall.

Erica entered Kendall's hospital room to find her daughter sleeping peacefully. Erica immediately apologized for their earlier argument. Erica feared that she had pushed Kendall too hard. She urged Kendall to focus on getting strong and healthy and then promised to do what she needed to do. Moments later, Frankie and Griffin let Erica know that it was time for her to leave.

Caleb followed Erica out of the room. Erica realized that she had to call Bianca and Jack, but Caleb assured her that he had taken care of it. Caleb then switched gears to let Erica know that he had figured out what had really happened to David. Caleb realized that Erica would do anything for her children, including taking responsibility for shooting David. Erica pretended that she had no idea what Caleb was talking about, so Caleb offered to show her. Erica agreed to leave with Caleb, but she made it clear that afterwards they would be through.

On the rooftop, Caleb showed Erica that the shooting couldn't have occurred the way that she had said. Caleb revealed that he suspected that Kendall had been the one to shoot David and that the bang that Ryan had heard after the shooting had been the rooftop door slamming shut after Kendall had fled. Erica slowly turned to face Caleb and then admitted, "You're right." Erica explained that Kendall had been trying to stay strong for the boys on Thanksgiving, but after Kendall had told Spike about Zach's death, Kendall had insisted on being alone for a while.

Erica had decided to follow Kendall. Kendall had gone to the rooftop, unaware that David and Ryan had been in a fierce struggle. Erica had found Kendall seconds after Kendall had shot David, so Erica had taken the gun from her daughter and then forced Kendall to leave. Caleb couldn't understand why Kendall would let her mother take the fall for the shooting. Erica admitted that she suspected that Kendall's mind had blocked it out.

Erica pleaded with Caleb to keep the secret and to find a way to free Erica. Moments later, people on the sidewalk began to wish each other, "Happy new year," and to honk their car horns as the clock struck midnight. Erica recalled that she had been looking for a new purpose after she had returned from the mountain. She insisted that she needed Caleb's help. Caleb assured Erica that she could count on him and trust him.

Caleb passionately kissed Erica, but Erica's thoughts were on Mona. Erica knew exactly what she had and how much it meant to her, so she promised Mona that she wouldn't do anything to ruin it.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

At the Chandler mansion, Asher and JR exchanged "Happy new year" greetings. JR apologized that things had been so crazy in the Chandler family but joked that Asher could no longer escape. Asher asked how JR managed to juggle Marissa and AJ with his relationship with Annie. Asher wondered what JR would do once everyone learned that JR and Annie were together.

JR and Asher discussed how Palmer and Adam had constantly battled one another. Asher inquired whether JR and Caleb would continue the feud, but JR believed that Caleb didn't stand a chance because JR was both a Chandler and a Cortlandt. JR bragged that his problems were over, since Marissa had agreed to joint custody of AJ. Asher expected JR to go public with his relationship with Annie, but JR wanted to wait until his divorce was final. Asher promised JR that he'd keep mum.

At Ryan's penthouse, Greenlee and Ryan commented about how Emma had fallen asleep right after the ball had dropped. Ryan's phone rang, and Greenlee panicked when Ryan answered it to Frankie, who was calling from the hospital. Ryan informed Greenlee that Kendall had collapsed.

After Ryan updated Greenlee about Kendall, Greenlee bemoaned that Kendall had been stricken with pneumonia just when their lives had been turning around. Ryan worried that Kendall's body would reject her heart transplant. Ryan planned to go to the hospital, and Greenlee offered to go to Kendall's house to relieve the nanny.

An irritated Annie answered her cell phone by calling JR's name, but she was surprised to hear from Ryan, who requested that Annie watch Emma at the penthouse. Annie barked that it wasn't a good time, but Ryan insisted. Meanwhile, Greenlee arrived at the Slater home, where Madison answered the door.

Madison explained that Kendall had invited her over for New Year's Eve, but after Kendall had been taken to the hospital, Madison had offered to take over for the babysitter. Greenlee suggested that she herself watch Spike and Ian so Madison could leave to take care of her moving plans. Greenlee revealed that she had set up an interview for Madison with one of Fusion's distributors. Madison realized just how much Greenlee wanted her out of town.

Madison appeared hesitant, and Greenlee wondered whether Madison no longer wanted Greenlee's help. Madison claimed that she did but that her situation was complicated. Greenlee questioned whether Madison was having second thoughts, but Madison maintained that it was best for everyone if she left town. Madison stated that she wasn't ready to inform Ryan about the baby and didn't want Ryan to feel like he owed her anything. Madison assured Greenlee that Ryan would never learn of Greenlee's plan to help Madison leave town. Greenlee tersely thanked Madison for watching the boys and wished her luck. Madison left.

JR arrived to see Annie in their hotel room and complimented her on how sexy she looked. Annie complained that she had to leave to take care of Emma. JR suggested that they reschedule their New Year's celebration for the next day, but Annie was concerned that Marissa would get in the way. Annie proposed that JR accompany her to Ryan's, but he declined because he was worried that someone would see them. She was disappointed, and he promised he'd make it up to her the next day. "It's always tomorrow," she whined. He kissed her goodbye, and Annie looked pained as he left.

On the rooftop, Erica told Caleb that she needed him, and she begged him to help her. As the crowd cheered in the New Year from the street below, Caleb assured Erica that she could count on him. He asked if she trusted him, and he drew her in for a kiss. Erica momentarily gave in, but she pulled away and declared that it had been an emotional night. Caleb thoughtfully stated that they both had known that something would happen between them.

Erica asked what Caleb meant, but he implored her not to feel guilty about their kiss. She tried to focus on the fact that Kendall was in the hospital. She asked him to promise that he wouldn't tell anyone about Kendall shooting David. Caleb swore that he'd keep quiet about whatever happened between them. She looked uncomfortable and wanted to get back to the hospital to be close to Kendall. Erica thanked him again for protecting Kendall.

At the hospital, Griffin observed as Kendall tossed and turned in her sleep. In the waiting area, Griffin urged Bianca and Jackson not to assume the worst-case scenario, as he was optimistic that antibiotics alone could help Kendall. He asked them not to visit Kendall yet, as she needed rest. Jackson thought it was difficult for Erica not to be able to see Kendall. Bianca suspected that Erica had stayed away for that very reason, but Jackson was surprised that Erica hadn't checked in. Meanwhile, Kendall called out for Zach.

Griffin assured Jackson and Bianca that the odds were in Kendall's favor and left to check on Kendall. Jackson worried about how Bianca was holding up. Erica arrived and asked about Kendall's condition. Bianca noticed Caleb in the doorway and approached him. Caleb watched as Erica and Jackson embraced. Caleb asked Bianca about Kendall and cautioned Bianca to look after Erica.

In Kendall's room, Reverend Ricky stood next to Kendall's bedside, but Griffin ordered him out. Ricky and Griffin argued over whether prayer would help Kendall. Ricky wanted to know if Griffin had a problem with religion. Ricky asked Griffin to tell Kendall that he had stopped by, and he reluctantly left. Kendall slowly began to wake up, and Griffin softly advised her to remain calm and relaxed.

Erica apologized to Jackson for ruining his extravagant holiday plans. Jackson assured her they'd celebrate another evening. Erica wanted to find Griffin. Jackson thanked her for having Caleb call him, but he wondered where she had been. Erica explained that she had been in need of guidance and had spoken to Mona and Zach. Jackson counseled her to take things one step at a time and not to carry her burdens alone. Erica vowed to never take Jackson for granted, and she professed her love.

Later, Griffin reported to Bianca and Erica that Kendall's condition had improved, though he was concerned about Kendall's blood pressure and noted that she appeared agitated. He allowed them a quick visit, and Erica asked for a moment alone with Kendall. Erica sat at Kendall's bedside, and Kendall whimpered that she was scared.

Erica assured Kendall that she was doing fine and that she'd be home soon. Kendall said that she felt panicked, especially when she tried to sleep. Erica suggested that perhaps her medication was causing nightmares. Erica encouraged Kendall to focus on positive thoughts about her family.

Caleb ordered a drink at ConFusion, where he noticed Asher sitting alone. JR entered and obnoxiously tooted a New Year's horn near Caleb's ear, startling Caleb. After Caleb ordered a plate of fries, JR remarked that it wasn't the healthiest way to begin the New Year. Caleb pushed the plate over to JR. They traded snarky comments about who would end up on top.

JR toasted a soft drink to the New Year, but as Caleb started to raise a glass to clink with JR's, he pointedly pulled it away at the last second. An amused JR exited, and Caleb asked what Asher's plans were. Asher stated that he planned to leave, but he paused and wished Caleb a happy new year before heading out the door.

Annie arrived at Ryan's penthouse. She inadvertently mentioned that she had been at the hotel, and Ryan realized that she had been there with JR. Annie confessed that she and JR had reunited, and she berated Ryan for ruining her night. Ryan wondered why Annie and JR were keeping their relationship a secret. Annie explained that JR didn't want to ruin his custody arrangement with Marissa, but she acknowledged that she hated hiding out. She vowed that she wouldn't lose JR the way she had lost Ryan, Adam, and Scott.

Ryan reminded Annie that Marissa was still JR's wife, but Annie snapped that Annie had been Ryan's wife when Ryan had fallen back in love with Greenlee. Ryan worried about Annie's state of mind. Ryan recalled how Annie had once ended up in a mental hospital after she had been overwhelmed with emotion. Annie insisted that she was fine. She assured him she'd call him if she needed anything, and he left. Once alone, Annie looked at a photo of Greenlee and Ryan and declared that her New Year's resolution was to never be the "other woman" again.

Madison arrived at the hospital and was relieved when Bianca informed her that Kendall was doing better. Madison reflected back on everything Kendall had been through. Madison asked Bianca if Kendall regretted staying in Pine Valley rather than returning to the yacht. Bianca was sure that Kendall constantly asked herself "what if," but if Kendall hadn't stayed, she wouldn't have had her family and friends to support her.

Bianca asked about Madison's post-Fusion plans. Madison claimed that New York was at the top of her list, but she wondered if it would measure up to the life she had made for herself in Pine Valley. Bianca assured her that Madison would make friends no matter where she ended up. Bianca wished Madison luck and left to check on Kendall. As Madison pondered Bianca's words, Ryan arrived.

Ryan and Madison made small talk about how her arm was healing. He hoped that she found what she was looking for. She awkwardly thanked him and walked away. Bianca updated Ryan about Kendall's condition. Bianca apologized that Kendall wasn't allowed any other visitors, but Ryan was simply glad to learn that Kendall was doing better. Bianca urged him to be with Spike and Ian.

Madison tearfully told Randi and Frankie that she hadn't expected leaving town to be so difficult. She lamented that she had to leave after she had finally made good friends. Randi reminded her that it was Madison's decision whether to leave, not Greenlee's.

Spike woke up and asked Greenlee where Kendall was. Greenlee explained that Kendall had been very tired and had gone somewhere to sleep, but that she would be home soon. Spike asked if Greenlee would be a mommy one day. Greenlee said that she already was "kind of" a mother because she loved Ryan and his children, but she looked sad as she hugged the boy.

Ryan arrived at the Slater home to find Greenlee and Spike asleep on the couch. He gently touched Greenlee's face and kissed her awake. Greenlee and Ryan toasted to the new year. Greenlee's phone rang, and Greenlee fibbed to Ryan that it was Bianca before she answered a call from Madison. Madison explained that she couldn't leave Pine Valley because it was her home and it was where she needed to be. Keeping up the ruse, Greenlee calmly thanked Madison for filling her in. Madison stressed to Greenlee that she didn't want Ryan to find out about the baby. Greenlee abruptly ended the call.

At the penthouse, Annie tried to keep occupied, but she was obviously upset. She received a text message asking her to open the door if the coast was clear. She excitedly greeted JR and they began to kiss hungrily, but he pulled away. She demanded that he not leave her again and that they start off the year right. JR marveled how he and Annie were like oil and water, but he couldn't stay away from her. "Here's to 2011, the year I become your wife," she announced, and she pulled him into a passionate kiss.

Erica and Bianca wished Kendall a good night. Bianca began to leave, but Erica was adamant that she herself stay to look after Kendall. Bianca was surprised by Erica's insistence and mentioned that Caleb had told Bianca to take care of Erica, too. Bianca begged Erica to talk to her.

Griffin interrupted Bianca and Erica to check on Kendall. An emotional Erica proclaimed how important Kendall was to her and reminded Griffin that Kendall had two small boys to take care of after she had lost her husband. Bianca tried to calm Erica, but Griffin assured Erica that he understood. Later, Griffin kept vigil at Kendall's bedside as Ricky appeared in the doorway.

Jackson handed plastic cups to Bianca and Erica so they could share a toast. He declared that despite everything that had happened, they were all there together. "Together," Erica and Bianca each repeated. As Erica sipped from her cup, she locked eyes with Caleb as he entered the hallway.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

At the Chandler mansion, Ryan arrived, and JR assumed Ryan wished to forge a business alliance. JR began to make a pitch; however, Ryan asked to discuss JR and Annie's relationship. To JR's surprise, Ryan said he knew what was happening between JR and Annie, and as long as JR was with Emma's mother, JR had to explain himself to Ryan.

Ryan conveyed that Annie had been upset on New Year's Eve, and Ryan warned JR that Annie was liable to spin out of control. Ryan advised JR to give Annie clear signals, but JR insisted that Annie was fine. Ryan said he'd thought that, too, but then Annie had tried to kill Greenlee and Erica. Before Ryan left, he warned JR to straighten it out. "Or I will," Ryan stated.

At the prison, Marissa visited Scott to say that she'd gotten a hearing for his early release, and if it went well, he'd soon be free. Scott leaned across the table to kiss Marissa's cheek. She balked, but he quickly murmured that JR had paid a guard to watch him. Scott said the kiss should drive JR crazy, because JR hated the thought of Marissa being with Scott.

Though Marissa doubted that JR wanted her back, she figured that Scott was right. Scott relayed that JR had been there to get information about her and Scott. Marissa gave Scott the business magazines he'd requested and emphasized that finding a job would help him look better to the parole board. Scott claimed that he had a plan, and he asked her to call someone for him. "Really?" a shocked Marissa asked as she looked at a slip of paper that Scott handed her.

Later, Ryan arrived to visit Scott because Marissa had called him about a takeover of one of Cambias' companies. Scott said JR was planning it, but Ryan replied that JR had just been discussing forming an alliance with Ryan. Scott figured that it had been a ruse. Scott's sources at Chandler had reported that a desperate JR needed to make a big move to appease his board members. Scott said Cambias was JR's first target, and Scott wanted to help Ryan fight JR.

Guessing Scott wanted a job, Ryan noted that Scott had a lot of baggage. Scott said he had much to prove and a real shot at being paroled. Ryan figured his board members would string him up if he hired Scott. Because of the conviction, Ryan doubted Scott would find many helpful people. "Then I'll just have to get back up on my own," Scott replied.

Ryan offered to make job inquires for Scott, but Scott said not to worry about it. When Scott asked about Emma, Ryan cited that Annie had been tense when he'd last seen her. Scott said Ryan needed to protect Emma, but he should watch out for Annie and JR.

At Amanda's house, Annie pleaded with Amanda to let her in. Amanda, who was severely sick, warned that her illness could be contagious. Annie replied that she'd catch the bubonic plague, because her issues were just that urgent. Amanda let Annie in, and Annie asked Amanda to set up a double date for Amanda, Jake, JR, and Annie. Scoffing, Amanda couldn't believe that was the big emergency.

Amanda stated that the last double date with Scott hadn't helped matters, and she recalled that Annie and JR were supposed to be on the "down-low." Deciding that Amanda was right, Annie complained about Marissa's influence on JR. Annie recalled the breakups during which Ryan and Adam had claimed to be just friends with their exes. Annie said both men had left her for their exes, but Amanda reasoned that it didn't mean it would happen again. "No, because I won't let it happen again," Annie responded.

Annie figured that she had to get JR to spend more time with her and less time with Marissa. Amanda said Annie needed to stop obsessing. Amanda coughed and thanked God that Jake had gotten the day off, because there was no way she could be there alone all day. "Really? What are your symptoms?" Annie asked, getting an idea.

Later, Marissa visited JR at home, and he noted her chilly greeting. She expressed her disappointment that he'd visited Scott behind her back. Claiming that he was concerned for her, JR worried that taking on a convict wouldn't be good for her career. Marissa felt that Scott deserved a good lawyer who could give him a second chance. JR relented, stating that Marissa had given JR about a dozen second chances, too.

Just then, Annie called JR. She coughed uncontrollably and urged him to meet her at the hotel. "I feel like I'm dying," she said and clicked off the phone line.

JR rushed to the hotel to find a weak Annie. He noted that she was burning up, and she grew faint as he placed her in bed. Annie deterred JR from calling the doctor and explained that she'd caught Amanda's illness. When JR left to get some water, Annie pressed a hot water bottle on her forehead and then hid it behind a pillow before he returned. Annie said she didn't know what she'd do without him, and he responded that he'd always be there for her.

Marissa called to check on JR, who lied that he'd taken Annie home from the office, because she'd caught the flu. Marissa said JR couldn't be around a sick Annie, because his immune system was still vulnerable. He claimed that he'd had a flu shot, but Marissa persisted, because he was still in cancer remission. "Just leave Annie now," Marissa said.

At the hospital, Greenlee made a special request for Frankie to administer her flu shot. Frankie asked if she wanted to reveal what she really wanted before or after the shot. Admitting she really wanted to discuss Madison, Greenlee hinted that Frankie and Madison were close. Frankie guessed Greenlee was insinuating that Madison's baby was his.

Greenlee claimed to know that Frankie hadn't fathered the baby, but she wanted to ensure that Madison had friends, since Madison was pregnant and recovering from a gunshot wound. Frankie retorted that Greenlee was concerned enough to try to send Madison out of town. Greenlee claimed that she'd just offered to help Madison, who'd wanted to leave town, because the move would have benefited everyone. "Especially you," Frankie concluded.

Greenlee didn't deny that it would help her, but Frankie guessed that since Madison had changed her mind, Greenlee wanted to bribe him to claim the baby. He said it wouldn't work once the baby was born, but Greenlee insisted that there was no conspiracy, because she and Ryan were solid. As she talked, Frankie jabbed her with the needle, and she wailed in pain.

In Kendall's hospital room, Madison entered to find a restless Kendall ready to leave the hospital. Griffin entered to say that Kendall had to get by him if she planned to go anywhere. Kendall got feisty with Griffin as she bickered about his macho bedside manner and his unwillingness to release her. Greenlee entered, and Griffin hoped that "three on one" would convince Kendall to stay put.

Greenlee greeted Madison, who hastily left. Griffin departed, too, and Greenlee uttered that he wasn't hard on the eyes. Kendall thanked Greenlee for spending the night with the boys. Greenlee remarked that she missed having Kendall's opinion of her personal business, and Kendall replied that she could use some gossip to keep her mind occupied.

Greenlee awkwardly explained that nothing was really going on. Kendall grew frustrated and started coughing. Griffin rushed in to give Kendall some water, and Greenlee decided to leave. Kendall ordered Greenlee to return with good gossip. Griffin escorted Greenlee out, and she asked him questions about his personal life. He asked if she were hitting on him. Claiming that she wasn't, Greenlee noted that he was perfect for her friend.

"You're trying to hook me up with Kendall? What the hell's wrong with you?" Griffin asked, citing that Kendall's husband had died "like five minutes ago." Greenlee claimed that she'd been inquiring for Madison, but Griffin snapped that he could find his own dates. Griffin assumed Greenlee didn't like him because he'd treated David, but she said she didn't want to discuss David. Griffin guessed she was too busy playing matchmaker to care.

Griffin returned to Kendall's room and took from her a cell phone that Madison had left behind. He said Kendall needed to take the time to fully recover in the hospital and see a counselor before she went home to take care of her children. He insisted that Kendall do better before the kids lost another parent.

In the corridor, Madison ran into Frankie, who said he'd had an interesting talk with Greenlee. Frankie insisted that Madison couldn't trust Greenlee. Madison felt that she and Greenlee wanted the same thing, which was for Madison to raise the baby on her own. Frankie, however, said that Greenlee was determined to ensure that the baby wouldn't interfere with Greenlee's life.

At Krystal's restaurant later, Madison encountered the sick Amanda, who was picking up some soup. Amanda noted that Jake was with Trevor and said she didn't know how single mothers managed. Madison mentioned that nannies were available. Amanda replied that they were expensive, but worth every penny.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

At Wildwind, Caleb informed Erica that he had been working on getting her charges completely dropped. Erica worried that Kendall would remember shooting David. Caleb remarked that they'd work together to cover it up. "As long as we're together," Erica mused. Caleb looked at her knowingly as she flashed back to their kiss.

Erica wanted to discuss the kiss with Caleb, but he suggested that they pretend it never happened. She rationalized that she had been an emotional wreck, and he had been comforting her, but he apologized for crossing the line. Erica thought it would be best if she and Caleb didn't work so closely together, but he didn't think it was necessary to put distance between them.

Erica insisted that she didn't want Caleb to feel uncomfortable around her, but he swore that he didn't. She professed her love for Jackson and said that she was still going to marry him. As Caleb repeated Erica's words about still marrying Jackson, a surprised Bianca walked in and wondered what was going on.

Erica told Bianca that she had been emphasizing to Caleb that it was important to get her trial date moved up so she could marry Jackson. Caleb left, and Bianca confronted Erica about her relationship with Caleb. Erica denied that they had feelings for one another, but Bianca pointed out that Bianca had walked in on several close moments between the two. Bianca pointed out that both Erica and Caleb went out of their way to explain things, which made her suspicious.

Erica admitted that there was a connection between her and Caleb because he had saved her life, and Bianca seemed satisfied. Erica asked what Bianca had meant when she had said that Erica and Caleb had explained everything away. Bianca recounted that Caleb had denied an attraction to Erica, but Bianca hadn't believed him because he obviously cared about Erica. Erica admitted it was possible that Caleb felt a small attraction. Bianca asked Erica to clarify that the attraction was one-sided, but Erica rushed out to visit Kendall.

In her hospital room, Kendall had a vision of David and screamed. Griffin shook Kendall awake, and she insisted that David had just been there. Griffin tried to calm her, but Kendall swore that David had grinned at her like he had known something.

Kendall thought Griffin was concerned that she would take action against David again, but he was adamant that he was just looking after her health. Griffin noted her elevated blood pressure as Ricky entered and said he could help. To Griffin's chagrin, Kendall was glad to see Ricky and told him about her hallucination. She said that there was something missing every time she thought about Zach's death. Ricky surmised that she was just missing Zach, and Griffin made an excuse to leave.

Ricky opined that Kendall's thoughts of David were holding her recovery back. He said that the connection between the mind, body, and spirit could do both good and bad. He urged her to think about her sons and happy things. He jokingly told her that he expected her to be at the church Super Bowl party. Griffin returned and ordered Ricky out so he could take Kendall for some tests. After Ricky left, Griffin confessed that he wanted to take her somewhere, but not for tests.

As Griffin wheeled Kendall down the hallway, Kendall hesitated to talk about David because David had been Griffin's mentor. She realized that Griffin was taking her to David's room. He wanted to prove to her that David wasn't a threat. Griffin explained that it created more work for him when Kendall became upset about David, so he felt she needed to resolve her issues. Kendall said that Ricky had advised her she should let her anger go, but Griffin urged her to face it.

Griffin wheeled Kendall into David's room, where she saw he was still in a coma. Kendall stated that she knew David couldn't hurt her, but Griffin didn't believe her. She became emotional, and Griffin told her to do what she needed to do. He left, and a livid Kendall told David that she would never forgive him for taking Zach from her and her children. She vowed that she was done being his victim and wouldn't let him win. She declared that she was finished with him, but she still didn't feel that things were over between them.

Erica was surprised to find Kendall's room empty and wondered where her daughter was. Kendall wondered to Griffin about why she had hallucinated about David. She felt like something was missing in her head but couldn't figure out what. Griffin observed that David had been the cause of many of her problems, but Kendall didn't think there was a simple explanation for her feelings. She believed that David might be the only one who could provide her with an answer. She asked a comatose David why she couldn't stop thinking about him. A panicked look crossed Erica's face as she overheard Kendall's statement.

Annie arrived at the Chandler mansion and offered to help JR with work, but he said that he had everything under control. She wanted him to join her for a sexy brunch, but he told her that he had meetings all day. He kissed her goodbye and left for ConFusion. Annie opened his laptop computer to snoop. Marissa quietly entered and startled Annie when she asked if Annie had found anything interesting.

Marissa worried about a flu-ridden Annie being near JR, but Annie insisted that she wasn't sick and that she had been the one who had saved JR's life. Marissa lectured Annie about JR's compromised immune system. Annie snapped that she'd never do anything to hurt JR and that she was simply there to work. Marissa asked where JR was, and Annie informed Marissa about his meeting at ConFusion. Marissa was skeptical that JR had told Annie the truth. Annie warned Marissa to leave JR alone. After Marissa left, Annie seethed with hatred.

Colby and Asher awkwardly ran into one another at the mansion. They made small talk about school and work. She noted that he had become valuable to JR and jokingly warned him that others might learn he was a decent guy. He sheepishly said that he wouldn't go that far, but she reiterated her belief that he was a good person. When she dropped her cell phone, they both stooped to retrieve it and inadvertently moved close to one another.

Damon handed Liza a file and reminded her that her health had been compromised the last time she had worked non-stop. She retorted that she couldn't successfully prosecute Erica by taking breaks, but she quickly apologized and blamed her attitude on her holiday blues. Damon commented that she had family, but Liza complained that Colby wanted nothing to do with her. Damon invited Liza to join his lunch date with Colby.

Liza didn't think Colby would appreciate Liza's presence over lunch, but Damon continued to push. Liza reluctantly agreed to attend, but said she'd blame Damon if things didn't work out. Damon called Colby and interrupted her close moment with Asher. Asher looked disappointed when he realized Damon was on the phone. Damon and Colby confirmed their plans to meet at Krystal's for lunch. After she hung up, Colby made a point of telling Asher that he wasn't invited. He looked after her forlornly as she left.

Asher entered the Chandler living room, and Annie asked for his help with the laptop. She fibbed that her password wasn't working, but Asher recognized the computer as JR's personal machine. Annie claimed she needed to access work files, but Asher wanted to check with JR first. Annie said she didn't want to bother JR. When Annie refused to open up about what she was looking for, Asher admitted that he knew about her relationship with JR.

Annie was shocked that JR had confided in Asher. Annie told Asher it would be in his best interest to be nice to her because she and JR would one day be together for good. Annie demanded that Asher treat her with the same respect that he gave JR. "Yes, ma'am," he said sarcastically. She warned him to watch his tone, but he obviously didn't take her seriously.

At Krystal's, Liza complimented the excellent work Damon had been doing. Colby arrived and wasn't thrilled to see Liza. Damon declared that he wanted Liza to join them. Colby suspected it was Liza's idea, but Damon insisted he had wanted mother and daughter to spend some time together. Liza claimed that she didn't want to fight, but Colby resented that Liza constantly kept Damon busy. Damon asserted that he was trying to build a career and that he loved his work. Unconvinced, Colby told Liza that she didn't fool Colby.

Damon reiterated that it was his decision to go to school to become a lawyer and implored Colby not to blame Liza. Colby wanted him to pursue his dreams but wished that Liza wasn't involved. Liza said she would do anything to make things up to Colby. Colby wanted Liza to accept that their relationship would never get better. Liza admitted that she had made hurtful mistakes and was sorry.

Liza recalled some of the fun moments she and Colby had spent together. Colby momentarily softened, but then said it had been a long while since they'd shared good times. Liza reminded Colby that Liza had been the one person who had always been there for her. Colby became irate, as she considered the comment an insult against Adam. Liza asked when Adam had last called. Colby stormed out.

After they returned to work, Damon apologized to Liza, but she insisted the botched lunch hadn't been his fault. He promised to talk to Colby, but she told him to stay out of it. He hated to see her hurting, but Liza insisted that she was a survivor.

Caleb arrived to offer Liza a deal -- Erica would plead guilty to negligent handling of a firearm in exchange for no jail time. Liza didn't think that would be fair to David, but Caleb pointed out that Liza would get a conviction and would have the satisfaction of knowing Erica was scrubbing toilets for community service. Liza wondered what had changed Caleb's mind, as she had offered a similar deal earlier.

Caleb claimed that he wanted to move things along because Erica was planning a wedding. "That time of year again?" Liza mockingly asked. Caleb reminded her that the Kane family had been through much trauma and would get sympathy in court. Caleb urged Liza to research his success in West Virginia, where he had been known as the "D.A. Killer." Liza insisted upon going to trial, and Caleb told her to get her résumé ready.

An upset Colby burst in to the Chandler living room to find Annie and Asher. Colby rolled her eyes at Annie's presence. Annie left, and Asher asked Colby what was wrong. He asked whether she and Damon had fought. Colby at first told him to leave her alone, but he gently pressed her once again and offered to help. He told her that she was shutting down, just like she had accused him of doing.

Colby explained to Asher that Damon had invited Liza to lunch. Asher didn't think it sounded so bad, but Colby spat that he didn't know Liza. Asher pointed out that Colby had been helping him to try to reconnect with Caleb and wondered why she wouldn't try to do the same with Liza. Colby opened up about how Liza had repeatedly declared how much she loved Colby, but Colby felt that what Liza had really meant was that Adam didn't love her.

Asher scoffed at the idea that Adam didn't love Colby, but Colby was unsure. Asher hugged her and said that when he looked at her beautiful face, he knew there was no way Adam couldn't love her. He called her the most amazing person he'd ever met. They kissed as Damon walked in.

At ConFusion, JR apologized to someone over the phone. He cryptically explained that he had been busy and had been waiting until he felt that Annie was ready. Later, Marissa found JR at ConFusion and revealed that the doctor's office had contacted her about his three-month checkup that day. He was more concerned about business, but she cautioned him against not taking his health seriously enough. He confessed that he had been online that morning, researching the symptoms of a recurrence. Marissa understood that he was scared, but she begged him not to wait. JR recalled that in the past, he had dealt with his problems with alcohol, but it was harder to face them while sober. She took his hand and offered to go to the doctor's office with him.

At the hospital, JR told Marissa that he hated the thought of constantly being at the doctor's office, wondering if he'd make it to AJ's next birthday. Marissa realized that JR had expected to die and when he hadn't, he'd begun spending all his time trying to grab everything he could in life. He pointedly said that there were some things he shouldn't have let go. She urged him to slow down and to enjoy life. The doctor entered with JR's results.

The doctor announced that JR was still in remission with no signs of cancer. Marissa and JR were overjoyed. JR thanked Marissa. He expressed his gratitude for making him face his problems and pulled her into a hug, which Annie arrived just in time to witness.

Later, Annie found JR at Krystal's and feigned surprise that he wasn't at his business meeting. He lied that he had been so preoccupied by the meeting that he'd forgotten to eat. Annie asked who JR had met for lunch, and he claimed that he had dined with board members. She called him a liar and informed him that she had seen him with Marissa at the hospital. Backed into a corner, he admitted that he had lied.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Damon was shocked when he walked into the Chandler living room and found Colby and Asher kissing. Colby begged for a chance to explain but Damon didn't want to hear what she had to say. Asher said that Damon should be angry at him, not Colby. Simply hearing Asher's voice stoked Damon's anger. Colby ordered Asher to leave.

Colby apologized for the kiss, but Damon didn't believe Colby meant it. Damon said that this time, Colby kissed Asher back. Colby claimed that she didn't know why it happened. Colby said that her relationship with Damon was messed up, and that Asher was there for her. Damon didn't think it was a valid excuse.

Damon said that everything he'd done – waiting tables, getting his GED, taking the job with Liza – was about Colby. Damon said he wanted to make Colby proud and to prove that their relationship wasn't a mistake. Colby meekly said that she never thought that they were a mistake. Damon said he hadn't felt that way until he walked in on Colby kissing another man. Damon stormed out of the house.

Jack found Liza at ConFusion, and wanted to talk about Erica. Liza informed Jack that Caleb has already paid her a visit. When Jack seemed confused, Liza filled Jack in on all of the details of Caleb's offer: Liza would get a guilty plea but Erica would go free, save some fines and community service. Liza added that she'd approached Caleb with a deal a few weeks prior. Liza asked Jack what information she didn't know about the case.

Liza and Jack ordered drinks, and Jack asked if Liza was okay. Liza told him that messing up the case that was supposed to define her as a formidable DA didn't help her career. Liza said that if she lost the case against Erica, she'd probably lose her job. Jack said that he knew what it was like to live for a job, but reminded Liza that there was more to life than the law – such as family. Liza recoiled at the mention of family, and said she had no desire to broach that subject.

Annie confronted JR about him being at the hospital with Marissa. JR confessed that Marissa had talked him into going to see his oncologist for a check up. JR revealed that he was still in remission. Annie was happy about that but said that she wished she could have been there. Annie reminded JR that she was the one who saved JR's life.

Annie's tone caused JR to recall that Ryan believed Annie was still unstable. JR admitted that he was worried about Annie because of the outburst she'd had in front of Ryan. Annie was horrified that JR had talked to Ryan about her.

Annie asked what Ryan had said about her. JR said that Ryan mentioned how Annie had acted out in the past. Annie worried that JR thought she was going crazy again. JR said he'd told Ryan that Annie was fine. Annie said that she felt overwhelmed by all of the secrets. JR promised that they would open about their relationship soon.

JR went back to the Chandler mansion and found a somber Colby in the living room. After some prodding, Colby told JR that she'd had a blow up with Damon and wondered if their relationship was over. JR gave a half-hearted attempt at consoling Colby, but admitted that he'd never thought Damon was good enough for his sister.

Annie banged on the door of Ryan's place. She rushed in as soon as Ryan swung the door open, and immediately chastised Ryan for what he'd said to JR. Though Ryan tried to get a word in, Annie initially ignored him and ranted about how Ryan had made JR think that she was crazy.

Ryan finally broke in and said that he was concerned about the effect the secret relationship was having on Annie. Annie insisted that she was fine, and that she would be better once she was the next Mrs. JR Chandler. Ryan begged Annie to stop believing that the perfect man would fix her life. Annie thought that Ryan's statement was ironic because Ryan almost lost his freedom for his perfect woman. Annie said that she would be fine without Ryan's advice, and stormed out.

Marissa stopped by the Chandler house because AJ left his coat at her place. JR took the opportunity to thank Marissa for forcing him to go to the appointment with his oncologist. He admitted that it felt good to know that he was still cancer-free. Marissa urged him to enjoy that feeling to the fullest until the next appointment.

Annie snuck into the Chandler house and heard Marissa in the living room with JR. As Annie eavesdropped, Marissa asked JR if she could ask a question about Annie. Marissa knew that it wasn't her business. Marissa said that Annie's behavior had been questionable. Marissa realized that every time Annie needed something, JR needed to be the one to help. Marissa asked if JR still had feelings for Annie. JR quickly denied the claim, and said that he and Annie were only colleagues.

Marissa believed Annie had faked her illness. Marissa also thought that Annie still had feelings for JR, despite the lack of reciprocity on JR's part. Marissa thought that it might be wise to relieve Annie of her Chandler duties. JR insisted that Annie did good work, and said he saw no reason to fire Annie. Marissa pointed out that JR had been blind to a lot of things regarding Annie. JR assured Marissa that Annie was no longer an issue.

After Marissa left, Annie went into the living room to speak with JR. Annie asked what JR and Marissa had talked about, and knew instantly that JR chosen to lie to her. Annie let it go, and showed JR a report she'd pulled together. JR commended Annie for her work, and talked about how everything was improving for him. JR kissed Annie, and told her that he'd wanted to do that all day. Annie's fears eased a bit, and Annie asked JR to kiss her again. When he did, she clung to him and kissed him back fiercely.

Later, when JR met up with Asher, JR said that he was headed out of town. JR assigned Asher to a special project at Chandler, and said he would assign Colby to help him. JR revealed that Colby was going through a rough patch with Damon and could use the distraction. JR asked Asher to keep an eye on Colby.

Erica found Kendall and Griffin in David's room. Erica demanded to know why Griffin had taken Kendall to see the man responsible for Zach's death. Ryan showed up and asked the same question Erica had asked moments before. Kendall started to protest, but Griffin refused to back down from the inquiries. Griffin told Erica that he believed Kendall was haunted by a guilt that involved David, but said Kendall didn't know why.

Kendall admitted that when she'd woken up earlier, she'd seen David. Griffin agreed that the hallucination was partly due to the medication, but said that there was likely another reason. Ryan didn't want to stay in David's room because he felt like it was detrimental to Kendall's recovery. Erica continued to challenge Griffin's assessment of Kendall. Griffin's pager went off, and Kendall urged Griffin to use it as an escape.

Once Griffin left, Kendall defended Griffin's choice to take her to see David. Erica freely justified Kendall's obsessive thoughts because David was responsible for Zach's death. Liza walked in as Erica continued to rail against Griffin for his perceived misdeeds. Liza questioned why the people that hated David the most would be congregated around his bed. Liza asked if Erica and Kendall were planning to kill David.

Ryan took Kendall back to her room while Erica and Liza talked in the hall. Erica told Liza that with a heart condition, Kendall did not need to be reminded of Zach's untimely death. Erica warned Liza not to continue to attack Kendall. Liza was amused by Erica's demands. Erica thought that Liza was jealous and desperate. Erica believed that Liza wanted the professional and personal success that Erica had experienced, because Liza had failed on both fronts.

Back in Kendall's room, Ryan got Kendall settled in and asked if there was anything he could do for her. Kendall told Ryan that he could leave. In addition to being tired, Kendall knew that Ryan had better things to do. Ryan agreed to go but told Kendall to call him if she needed anything. Kendall laid back, closed her eyes and waited for Ryan to leave. As soon as she sensed that he'd left the room, Kendall's eyes snapped open.

Erica showed up at Kendall's room and asked how Kendall was feeling. Kendall still felt out of sorts, and Erica continued to blame it on Griffin. Kendall said that the opportunity to spill her feelings about David was supposed to make her feel better. Kendall said that it had partially worked, but that the visions of David were still looming.

Kendall said that when she had the visions, it was usually at night, and they were very vivid. Kendall thought that perhaps she was trying to remember something. Erica thought back to the night she found Kendall with a gun trained on David. Erica shook the thought out of her head. Erica asked Kendall what memory she was repressing.

Kendall said that she still found it difficult to believe that she'd almost smothered David with a pillow. Erica said that Kendall should put that incident out of her mind so that she could be worry-free. Kendall said that she was also worried about Erica's loss of sobriety and the impending attempted murder charges against Erica.

Erica said that her drink was a momentary lapse of reason, and pointed out that she'd been to several AA meetings since it happened. Erica went on to say that Jack and Caleb had her case well in hand, and that she was sure that the case would be dismissed. At that moment, Jack showed up in the doorway. Jack checked in with Kendall and then asked to speak with Erica in the hall.

Jack and Erica walked out of the room, and Jack revealed he'd had a conversation with Liza. When Erica asked about the content, Jack told Erica that Caleb had gone to Liza with a deal. Jack could tell by Erica's reaction that she'd not been apprised of the offer. Erica was shocked when Jack said that the deal involved a guilty charge, but relieved when she realized that there wouldn't be any jail time. Jack also told Erica that Caleb had volunteered to pay any associated fines. Erica said that she was grateful for all of the work that Caleb was doing to get the charges taken care of.

Griffin checked on Kendall and quipped that Erica really liked him. Kendall disregarded the comment and said that she appreciated being able to see David. While Kendall felt that Griffin's methods were a little suspect, they got the results needed. Griffin told Kendall that her blood pressure was down. Kendall hoped that she could go home, but Griffin said Kendall wasn't quite ready for that. Kendall told Griffin that he had 24 hours to lower her blood pressure, or she would sign herself out.

Erica and Jack stood in the doorway of David's room. Erica said that she wanted David to rot in his hospital bed. Jack urged Erica to keep her emotions in check so that she wouldn't improve the prosecutor's case against her. Erica said that she only cared about Kendall. After Jack and Erica left, David said Kendall's name.

Liza found Damon on a park bench, and mentioned that she'd been trying to reach him. Damon claimed that he'd been busy, but Liza could tell something was wrong. Damon said that he didn't want to talk about it, and asked Liza to respect his wishes. Liza did as asked, and then said that she had a ton of work to do on Erica's case. She said that she could use the extra hands, and said it seemed that Damon could use the distraction. Damon agreed, and Liza told him that sometimes, work was the only constant.

Liza and Damon went back to her place, and Liza told Damon about her run-in with Caleb. Liza said that she was worried because research proved that Caleb would be a formidable opponent in the courtroom. Liza suggested that Damon talk to Asher to see if Asher knew anything they could use against Caleb. Liza knew from Damon's reaction that Damon's bad mood involved Asher somehow.

After some additionally prying, Damon told Liza that he'd walked in on Colby and Asher kissing. Damon asked if Liza knew how that felt. Liza said that unfortunately, she did. Damon said that Colby tried to explain her way out of the kiss, but nothing Colby said justified her behavior. Damon said that his relationship with Colby was over.

Damon said that he'd known for a while that something was amiss in his relationship with Colby. Damon talked about how many people thought that he wasn't good enough to be with Colby. Liza said that she no longer held that opinion, because she watched Damon transform himself from a high school dropout to a lawyer in the making.

Damon brokenly told Liza that what he'd done wasn't enough. Liza suggested that there would be other women that would want to be with him. Damon said that he didn't want anyone but Colby. Damon picked up his jacket and told Liza that he had to leave town. Liza begged him to stay. Damon said that he didn't have any choice. Liza hugged Damon close and said that she wished there was something that she could to make it easier for Damon to stay. Damon pulled away from Liza enough to kiss her.

Marissa spotted Colby when Colby walked into Krystal's restaurant. Marissa could tell that something was bothering Colby and asked about it. Colby was hesitant to talk, but before she could decide what she wanted to say, Annie barged in and interrupted. Annie said that she needed to talk to Marissa.

Marissa tried to dismiss Annie, but Colby opted to leave because she didn't want to be around Annie. When Colby left, Annie said that she saw Marissa at the mansion with JR. Marissa started to walk away but stopped when Annie said she'd heard Marissa try to get Annie fired. Marissa told Annie to take up her complaints with JR. Annie grabbed Marissa's arm and said that she wanted Marissa to face up to what she'd done.

Marissa yanked her arm away, and Annie was immediately apologetic. Annie claimed that she was not involved with JR. Annie also said that things were improving in her life, and that was due in large part to her job. Marissa asked if Annie wanted her to talk to JR about Annie keeping her job.

Annie said ultimately what she wanted was to find common ground with Marissa. Annie thought that she and Marissa needed to learn to be civil to each other, for the sake of their children. Annie said that she wasn't a threat to Marissa, or JR. Marissa said that she could handle being civil, and Annie thanked her. When Marissa walked out, Annie wondered aloud what civil would look like once she was AJ's stepmom.

Ryan ran into JR at ConFusion and sketched an outline of the visit he'd gotten from Annie. JR knew that Annie hadn't been happy that JR and Ryan had talked. Ryan said that he would hold JR personally responsible if Annie spun out of control. JR insisted that he had a handle on everything, and that Annie would be fine.

Colby returned home and found Asher in the living room. Exasperated, Colby announced that she thought after what had transpired between them, Asher would be gone. Asher told Colby that he wasn't leaving.



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