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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 10, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, January 10, 2011

At the jail, Madison was stunned to learn that her father had refused to see her. Scott entered the visitor's area as Madison pleaded with the guard to fetch her father, but the guard refused. Frustrated, Madison turned away from the guard to wipe away a tear. Scott picked up a box of tissues and then handed it to Madison. Scott and Madison recognized each other, so they struck up a conversation.

Scott realized that Madison's father was James Beardsley, a man who treated everyone as if they were unworthy. "That's him," Madison confirmed before she revealed that her father had beaten her in the past. Madison explained that she had hoped to persuade her father to release the rest of her trust fund to her, but James held on tightly to the reigns. Scott and Madison commiserated about what it was like to be part of a controlling family. Madison insisted that she wanted to break away from her father's grip, but she needed her money because she was in a tough spot.

Scott recalled that Madison and Ryan had been dating, but Madison quickly let Scott know that the relationship was over. Scott wished that he could help Madison, but he only had three dollars to offer. Madison appreciated Scott's willingness to help, but it had meant enough to her that he had listened.

At the hospital, Kendall griped about being stuck in the hospital. She missed her sons and the food that she had at home. Kendall complained the hospital's food wasn't even recognizable. Ryan smiled as he showed Kendall the bag of food that he had sneaked in. Kendall's face lit up when she realized that the food was from the Golden Chopsticks restaurant.

As Kendall, Ryan, and Greenlee enjoyed the food, they chatted amicably. At one point, Greenlee proposed a toast to their friendship. After the meal ended, Ryan revealed that he had business to discuss with Kendall. Kendall became upset when Ryan admitted that he needed her to look over Zach's last will and testament to make certain that there weren't any questions. He assured Kendall that the will wouldn't be executed until she was ready.

Kendall looked at the envelope that Ryan had handed to her. Kendall confessed that she hadn't expected to see the document until she was old and gray. Ryan felt terrible for Kendall, so he offered to take it back until she was ready to go over the will. Kendall declined; she realized that it would be difficult, but she was determined to read the will. However, Kendall reminded them that she would soon be back on her feet, so their coddling would have to stop.

Greenlee insisted that she and Ryan liked pampering Kendall. Kendall smiled with appreciation and then asked them to stay with her while she reviewed the will. However, Kendall insisted that Zach's greatest legacy had been his love for them, not the material things that he had bequeathed to his loved ones. After Kendall read the will, she assured Ryan that she didn't have any questions. Ryan pocketed the will as Kendall reached for a fortune cookie.

Kendall unfolded the piece of paper from inside the cookie and then smiled. Kendall claimed that her fortune stated that she would always be surrounded by friends. Ryan read his fortune, which he suggested was a cry for help from the bakery. Greenlee and Kendall giggled and then Greenlee announced that she had to fetch their dessert. After Greenlee stepped out of the room, Kendall wondered how things were going between Ryan and Greenlee.

Ryan assured Kendall that everything was fine. He then changed the subject by admitting that he had heard that Kendall and Madison had been getting close. Kendall acknowledged that she and Madison had a lot in common, including how it felt to lose someone that they loved. Ryan thought that Kendall's loss was greater than Madison's, but Kendall explained that Madison was deeply hurt. Kendall insisted that she and Madison were helping each other to move forward.

Ryan let the matter drop as he announced that he had to call Zach's attorney. Kendall thanked Ryan for his help, but he assured her that it wasn't a problem because she was part of his family. Meanwhile, Greenlee bumped into Madison in the hallway. Greenlee wondered if Madison had received the messages that Greenlee had left for Madison. Madison explained that she hadn't returned Greenlee's calls because Madison had no idea what to say to Greenlee.

Greenlee was curious what Madison intended to tell Ryan when the pregnancy began to show. Madison admitted that she hadn't figured it out yet, but she had talked to several people about it. Greenlee perked up when Madison mentioned Scott Chandler's name. Greenlee was curious how Madison knew Scott. Madison wasn't eager to share her private business with Greenlee, which led to some more bickering between the ladies.

Greenlee insisted that she loved Ryan, so Madison's pregnancy with Ryan's child posed a problem. Madison realized that Greenlee wanted Madison to stay out of Ryan's way. Madison jokingly suggested that perhaps she would find someone to pretend to be the baby's father by the time the pregnancy became obvious. After Madison walked away, Ryan approached Greenlee. Greenlee claimed that she had just remembered a meeting that she had to go to, so she asked him to explain to Kendall. Greenlee dashed away before Ryan could respond.

In Kendall's hospital room, Kendall offered Madison a job at Fusion. Madison didn't think that it would be a good idea because she would be around Greenlee. Kendall suggested that Madison work from home with Kendall for the next month. Kendall was confident that Madison might be ready to return to Fusion afterwards. Kendall then tempted Madison with unlimited free coffee. Madison accepted the job, but she warned Kendall that Greenlee wouldn't like it. Kendall suggested that Madison let Kendall handle Greenlee.

Scott was surprised to find Greenlee waiting for him in the visitor's area. He was curious what she was doing at the jail. Greenlee revealed that she knew that Ryan had turned down Scott's request for a job, so she thought that she'd offer Scott an opportunity to work for her. Scott was curious why Greenlee would help him. Greenlee spun a web of lies, but Scott hadn't forgotten how Greenlee operated. He demanded to know what Greenlee really wanted from him.

At the hospital, Ryan met with Zach's lawyer to return the will. Ryan took the opportunity to question the attorney about Zach's partners in the casinos that Zach had sold. The lawyer confessed that Zach had died before the sale had been finalized. Ryan was stunned; he realized that the plane crash might not have been an accident.

At the Chandler mansion, Colby insisted that she didn't want Asher around, so she ordered him to leave the mansion. Asher explained that he was there on JR's behalf, so he had no intention of leaving. Colby's fury mounted as she informed Asher that she was in love with Damon, so she refused to have anything to do with Asher. Asher let Colby know that he didn't have any plans to seduce her, but Colby didn't believe him. Asher and Colby continued to argue until Asher suggested that they be honest with each other.

Asher acknowledged that he had initiated the kisses between them, but that she had wanted him both times. Colby slapped Asher across the face. "Fine, blame me," Asher responded, which only fueled Colby's anger. Colby hated how Asher acted as if nothing had happened even though her world had fallen apart. Colby angrily admitted that she had shared real parts of her life with him, but she realized that Asher had only told her what he had thought that she had wanted to hear.

Colby suspected that Asher had tried to ruin her life just for the fun of it. She insisted that Damon meant everything to her and that she was dying inside because she had betrayed Damon. Asher apologized for hurting Colby; he assured her that it had been the last thing that he had wanted to do. Colby didn't believe him. She gathered her things and then left.

At Liza's apartment, Damon admitted that he didn't want to leave town, but he didn't think that he had a choice. Liza begged Damon to reconsider. Passion flared to life as they hugged. Liza wished that she could do something to help Damon, so Damon looked deep into Liza's eyes before he kissed her. They pulled apart briefly, but then resumed kissing as they tore off each other's clothes.

After they had sex, the reality of what they had done sank in. Damon and Liza looked shell-shocked as they slowly pulled away from each other. Damon slid off of the sofa and then began to get dressed. Liza gathered her clothes and then looked up at Damon to tearfully apologize. Damon left without uttering a word.

Liza dissolved into tears after the door closed. Later, Liza was dressed in a robe, cleaning up the living room, when Colby knocked on the door. Liza took a moment to compose herself and then headed to the door, but Colby entered before Liza reached it. Colby was curious what had taken Liza so long. Liza explained that she had been in the shower.

Colby tearfully confessed that she had done something horrible, so she wondered if her mother had seen Damon. Liza admitted that Damon had dropped by earlier, but she insisted that what had happened hadn't been Colby's fault. Colby assumed that her mother had meant the kiss between Colby and Asher, so she strongly disagreed. According to Colby, the kiss with Asher had been wrong. Liza argued that Colby hadn't intentionally set out to hurt Damon, but Colby didn't think that it mattered because Damon had been hurt and the kiss couldn't be taken back.

Colby invited Liza to sit down next to her, but Liza's guilt made her hesitate. Liza offered to fetch Colby a cup of tea, but Colby insisted that she needed her mother. Liza joined Colby on the sofa as Colby opened up about the remorse that she felt over the accusations that she had made against Liza and Damon's work relationship. Colby realized that Damon had only been trying to turn his life around. Colby's confession spurred Liza to tearfully apologize.

Liza promised that she had never intended to hurt Colby and that she had just wanted to be a good mother and someone that Colby could trust. Liza wished more than anything that she could erase every stupid move that she had ever made. Colby couldn't understand why her mother was apologizing. Liza appeared to backtrack as she claimed that the only reason that she had objected to Damon and hired him was to maintain some control over Colby's life, in order to keep Colby closer.

Colby was touched by Liza's admission because all Colby had ever wanted from her mother was some honesty. After Colby and Liza hugged, Colby credited Liza for helping Damon realize his dream of going to law school. Colby decided to look for Damon, but Liza urged her daughter to give Damon some time. Colby insisted that she had to find Damon to make things right.

Tad was surprised when he found his distraught son in the park without a jacket. Tad started to take off his coat to give to Damon, but Damon refused to accept it. Tad respected his son's wishes, but he was desperate to know what was troubling Damon. Damon was reluctant to reveal anything, but Tad kept pushing. Eventually, Damon admitted that something had happened with Colby that had hurt Damon deeply, so Damon had sought comfort in the arms of another woman.

"You dog," Tad chuckled, but one look from Damon told Tad that it wasn't something that Damon was proud of. Tad assured Damon that a one-night stand with a woman wasn't the worst thing in the world. Tad was confident that Damon and Colby would be able to get past it, but Damon disagreed. Damon explained that it was worse than Tad could imagine. Tad realized that Colby might know the woman whom Damon had slept with.

Tad wanted to know whom Damon had slept with, but Damon refused to say. Tad wouldn't give up, so eventually Damon revealed that it was someone from work. Tad quickly realized that it was Liza. Damon was filled with self-loathing as Tad tried to understand what had happened. Damon suggested that Tad simply forget him and walk away, but Tad refused.

Tad revealed that his biological father, Ray Gardner, had abandoned Tad as a child in a park very similar to the one that they were in. Tad recalled how worthless it had made him feel, so he refused to put his own child through the same kind of pain. Tad vowed never to give up on Damon, so he invited Damon to tell him what had happened. Damon confessed that he had been mad at Colby when he had found her kissing Asher, so Damon had turned to Liza. Tad was curious who had initiated the sex: Damon or Liza.

Damon didn't think that Colby or Tad had deserved that kind of betrayal, but Damon took full responsibility for what had happened. Tad revealed that he had once slept with Liza's mother; however, instead of feeling guilty about it, Tad had felt proud of himself because he believed that it had made him a player. Tad pointed out that Damon realized that it had been wrong, so Damon was a better person than Tad had been. Tad promised that Damon would survive the mistake.

Damon decided that he had to tell Colby, but Tad strongly advised Damon to keep the secret. Tad recalled how deeply hurt Liza had been when she had found about Tad and her mother. Tad warned Damon that it would crush Colby to know that Liza and Damon had slept together, so Damon had to find a way to keep quiet. After Tad left, Damon sat down on a park bench. Damon was about to leave when Colby suddenly appeared before him. Damon looked crushed when Colby revealed that she had spoken to her mother.

Liza wept on the floor, in a crumpled heap, when someone knocked on the door. She slowly made her way to the door where she found Tad waiting.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

At the prison, Greenlee insisted that she needed Scott's expertise, but he was skeptical. She assured him that she wanted to offer him a job. He said that he wasn't interested in makeup, but she clarified that the job was at the hospital. "Stop working me," Scott ordered.

Greenlee said that she and Scott had a lot in common because they had both made mistakes. She had turned her life around and wished to help him do the same. She declared that she was finally living the life she wanted with the man she loved, and she was determined not to let anything get in the way. Scott realized that was why she wanted his help. She informed him that all he had to do was to get to know a gorgeous blonde. His interest was piqued.

Scott pointed out that as a felon, he wasn't the best dating material, but Greenlee remarked that Madison already liked him. Scott wondered about Greenlee's motivation. Greenlee claimed that Madison was a friend, but Scott recalled that Madison had dated Ryan. Greenlee revealed that Madison was having problems letting Ryan go, and Greenlee thought Scott could help Madison move on.

Greenlee handed Madison's number to Scott and urged him to call. Scott realized that Greenlee was afraid that Ryan still had feelings for Madison, and he said Greenlee would have to make it worth his time. Greenlee told Scott to make the call within the hour or the deal was off. He mused that Greenlee needed him, but she barked that he needed her more. She walked out.

At the hospital, Ryan speculated to Zach's attorney that Zach's casino partners might have sabotaged the plane. Madison overheard, and after the attorney left, she asked Ryan whether he really thought Zach had been murdered. He admitted that it was possible, though he didn't have any proof yet. Madison worried that Kendall couldn't take the news if it turned out to be true. Madison swore she wouldn't tell anyone about his investigation into the crash, and Ryan said he knew he could trust her. He inquired whether she was staying in town, and she confirmed that she was. Ryan asked what had changed her mind.

Madison explained to Ryan that her friends had convinced her to stay and that Kendall had re-hired her. Ryan thought Spike and Ian would be thrilled that she'd be around. He recalled how the boys loved a funny voice she used and said she'd be a great mom one day. "Don't," she snapped.

Madison became teary-eyed, and he wished that he didn't always make her cry. He handed her a tissue, and she commented that her "allergies" would be better if she didn't keep running into him. Ryan asked her to keep an eye on Kendall, and Madison swore that she'd do everything she could to help. Ryan gently touched her arm in gratitude as Greenlee looked on from the doorway.

Greenlee interrupted Madison and Ryan and asked what they were talking about. Ryan said they had been discussing Kendall, and he asked Greenlee about her business emergency. Greenlee talked about how hectic things had been at Fusion and hinted that Madison would be happier at a different job. Madison informed Greenlee that Kendall had hired Madison back, but she pointedly said that she'd be working at Kendall's house so no one would ever see her. An oblivious Ryan remarked that Kendall could use the help. Greenlee smiled nervously.

Ryan offered Madison congratulations on the job, and she left. Greenlee checked her watch and said she needed to take care of another business problem. She kissed Ryan goodbye and said she'd be back as soon as she had things under control. Later, Ryan placed a call and asked to be updated as soon as there was more information about Zach's plane crash.

Greenlee arrived at the prison and reprimanded Scott for not calling Madison. He handed Madison's number back to Greenlee and said he'd do things his way.

Amanda dropped Jake off at work, and Jake jokingly suggested to Amanda that they go home to make a baby. Amanda reminded him that she was expected at the Slater home to watch Kendall's boys. As he playfully kissed her, her cell phone rang. Amanda answered it to a representative from Doctors Without Borders, who was returning "Cara's" call. Amanda fibbed that the call was from a friend and shooed Jake off to work. The representative asked for some personal information to verify "Cara's" identity. Amanda hurriedly made an excuse and said she'd call back later.

From her hospital bed, Kendall called her sons and wished them a good night. She sadly hung up the phone and bolted out of bed. Griffin entered and asked where she was going. Kendall was determined to go home. Cara arrived, and both women were surprised when Griffin introduced Cara as Kendall's new roommate. Griffin didn't want to release Kendall without someone to monitor her, and he expected Cara to watch over Kendall. Cara pulled Griffin out of the room.

Cara angrily told Griffin that she was a doctor, not a nursemaid, and she refused to move in with Kendall. Griffin explained that Kendall needed support and that he trusted Cara to ensure that Kendall's health wasn't compromised. Cara felt trapped because of the problem with her paperwork. He asked if she had heard anything about it, but she said she kept getting the runaround every time she called to check on it. Griffin thought it would be best if she left the hospital. Jake overheard and disagreed.

Griffin clarified to Jake that he wanted Cara to monitor Kendall at home. Cara declined again and left to explain her reasoning to Kendall. She told Kendall that Griffin liked taking charge, and she needed to force him to take a step back. Kendall understood that Griffin was bossy, but she declared that Cara was her only hope of getting out of the hospital. Kendall begged Cara just to stay one night and showed her a picture of Spike and Ian. Cara assured Kendall that she'd be home soon. Kendall asked if Cara had ever been stuck someplace where she felt like she'd explode if she had to stay any longer. Cara knew exactly how Kendall felt.

Jake discouraged Griffin from trying to run Cara's life because she had a mind of her own. Griffin told Jake to take his own advice. Cara found Griffin and agreed to help because she and Kendall had a lot in common, but she warned him that she'd do so only until her paperwork was finalized. Later, Griffin called to check on the status of Cara's paperwork and was surprised when Doctors Without Borders informed him that they had spoken to Cara earlier that day.

At the Slater home, Amanda watched Trevor, Spike, and Ian. She made a call to the hospital and pretended to be checking Cara's references. She asked them to verify Cara's terms of employment, but was unable to get any information. After she hung up, Spike sadly showed Amanda a toy Kendall had given him. Kendall entered and her boys raced into her arms. Amanda was surprised that Griffin had released Kendall, but Kendall explained that he had found a solution. Cara appeared in the doorway with her bags in tow.

Kendall explained that Cara was going to look after her until Griffin thought that Kendall was strong enough to handle things on her own. Kendall pointed Cara toward her new room, and Cara left to unpack. Kendall invited Amanda to stay for cookies and milk with their boys, but an uncomfortable Amanda insisted that she needed to get home. She left to retrieve Trevor's blanket from the kitchen.

Kendall excitedly played with her boys, and Cara returned. Kendall introduced Spike and Ian to Cara. Spike wanted Kendall to see his room. Kendall asked Cara to watch Trevor while she took her boys upstairs. Cara flashed back to a time when she and Jake thought that she might be pregnant. She had been happy but had felt confused because she would have had to leave the field if she had been with child. Jake had assured her that they weren't the type of people to get regular hospital jobs in the suburbs and that they'd figure things out. They had declared their love and had kissed passionately.

Kendall happily spent time with her boys, but Cara implored Kendall to get some rest. Kendall suggested that they all get ready for bed together and took her sons upstairs. Cara knelt next to Trevor and marveled that he had Jake's eyes. Jake entered through the unlocked door, and Amanda returned with Trevor's blanket. There was an awkward silence as the couple spied Cara with their son.

In the park, Damon panicked when he learned that Colby had spoken with Liza and wondered why Colby had found him. Damon was stunned when Colby declared that everything was her fault and begged for his forgiveness. Colby recalled how Damon and Liza once couldn't stand one another, but Liza had since become a fan of Damon's. Colby thanked him for his efforts to improve her relationship with her mother. She began to apologize for her kiss with Asher, but he said it didn't matter. A relieved Colby thought they could deal with their problems together, but he said it wouldn't be that easy because he had been with someone, too.

Colby continued to blame herself because her kiss with Asher had driven Damon to someone else. She professed her love and insisted that she wanted to be with only him. He said he didn't deserve her love. As reality set in, she asked if he had done more than just kiss someone else. A pained look crossed Damon's face, and when he remained silent, Colby realized that Damon had slept with another woman. He tearfully said that it hadn't meant anything. She was devastated that he had cheated on her. He softly said he loved her, but she ran away in tears.

At Liza's apartment, Liza told Tad it wasn't a good time for a visit. "Was it a good time for you and Damon?" Tad demanded to know as he walked in. Tad told Liza that she was going to hear him out whether she liked it or not and berated her for having sex with Damon. Liza whimpered that she hadn't been thinking and that it had just happened.

Tad yelled that she was an adult who could have controlled her actions. He blasted her for not reflecting back to how she had felt 25 years before, when Tad had cheated on her with Marian. She wailed that she was sorry and turned away, but Tad coldly laughed. "Say it -- I'm the one thing I never wanted to be. I'm my mother," Liza cried.

Liza explained that she had thought of Marian as a pathetic woman who had put herself before her daughter. Liza had sworn that she herself would never be like that, but she was horrified to realize that she was no better than Marian. Tad told Liza that she was worse, because Tad hadn't cared about Marian, but Damon had trusted and respected Liza.

Liza broke down in tears and admitted that she knew what she had done was wrong. Liza worried about the impact her affair with Damon would have on Colby, but Tad assured her that Colby would never find out. Liza remembered how much she had loved Tad and how humiliated she had been to learn he'd slept with her mother, and Liza lamented that she had done the same thing to her own daughter. Tad realized just how much he had hurt Liza 25 years before.

Tad inquired whether Liza had intentionally hurt Damon because of Tad's actions years earlier. Liza couldn't believe that Tad was blaming himself. He said that they had to take responsibility for how their pasts had affected their children. He insisted that Liza and Damon find a way to face and to protect Colby.

Tad called Damon a much better man than Tad had been at his age. He said that Damon had worked hard to overcome his problems, and instructed Liza to keep her mouth shut. She worried about Damon's state of mind and how Colby would be devastated if she learned the truth. Tad said that Damon would cope and that it was Tad and Liza's job to ensure their kids didn't end up as screwed up as they were. She promised that she would do anything she could to make things right. Tad left.

Liza panicked when Damon knocked on her door and called out to her. Liza opened the door, and Damon confessed that he had told Tad about their affair. She wasn't surprised when Damon announced that he was quitting his job. He informed Liza that he had told Colby that he had slept with someone, but he hadn't mentioned that it had been Liza. Liza was concerned about Colby. Damon said he didn't know how Colby was because she'd taken off. He was unsure whether either he or his relationship with Colby would be all right. Liza started to apologize, but Damon walked out.

Colby met Tad at Krystal's. Tad feigned surprise when Colby informed him that Damon had cheated on her. She said she loved Damon and didn't want to break up because she understood that people made mistakes. Tad was impressed by her maturity. She wanted to put the incident in the past, but to do so, she needed to know everything. She wanted Tad to help her find out whom Damon had slept with.

Tad advised Colby not to dig for information about the other woman, but Colby insisted that she needed to know. He urged her to focus on why it had happened. She didn't see how that mattered, but he pointed out that the chain of events had started with her kiss with Asher. Tad liked that Colby and Damon were a couple, but he pointed out that they had their differences and lots of things could happen in life. She swore that she and Damon loved one another, and she was determined to make their relationship work.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

At Kendall's house, Jake arrived to find Cara staring at Trevor. Amanda entered and scooped up her son. The three adults discussed Cara and Kendall's arrangement, and Cara said she'd be at Kendall's until she was cleared to leave the country. When Cara left, Amanda questioned the way that Cara had been eyeing Trevor. Jake, however, just shrugged it off.

At her hotel later, Cara packed for her stay at the Slater house and berated herself for making goo-goo eyes at Jake's child, Trevor. In her mind, Cara recalled Jake almost announcing her pregnancy to his parents by the phone; however, she'd entered their tent to tearfully say that she'd been mistaken about it. Jake had admitted that he'd wanted a family, but he'd figured the timing hadn't been right. The couple had agreed to try again once they were ready.

At Krystal's restaurant with Damon, Tad said he'd seen Liza and Colby, and to him, Damon's predicament was karma for what Tad had done to Liza and her mother. Tad sensed that Colby wanted to fix things, but Damon said it was because she didn't know that he'd slept with Liza. Colby called Damon, but instead of answering his phone, he said he was leaving town.

Damon believed that he'd made a mess of things, and he had no reason to stay. He conveyed that even though his father was in Pine Valley, running to Tad wouldn't solve things. Tad countered that running away wasn't the manly thing to do, especially if Colby wanted to work it out. Damon doubted it could work out, and Tad guessed that Damon feared facing Colby.

Damon said he feared Colby learning the truth, but Tad replied that it was Damon's job to ensure that she never found out. Tad revealed that Colby had asked him to investigate the matter, but he'd advised her to leave it alone. Not wanting to lie to Colby for the rest of their lives, Damon figured that leaving town would make the whole matter just go away. Tad called Damon "my son, the quitter," and Damon stormed out of the restaurant.

In the park later, Colby called Damon again, to no avail. She strode off, unaware that Damon was nearby, trying to summon the courage to approach her.

Back at the restaurant, Tad smashed a glass and hurt his hand. Cara approached, noting that she'd stitched up that hand before. As she tended to his wound at a table, she asked what had upset him. At first, Tad didn't want to discuss it; however, he succumbed to her bedside manner and admitted that he was upset about his son wanting to leave town.

As they talked, Tad wondered why he'd opened up to Cara. He figured he was supposed to dislike her, but he didn't. Cara thanked him for being a good distraction from her thoughts. Tad offered to buy her dinner; however, Damon returned, and Cara left to let the men talk.

Damon stated that he'd spotted Colby in the park, and he'd realized that he owed her a "face-to-face." Damon said that Tad had been a good friend, who'd made Damon feel better about himself. Colby was the only other person to do that for Damon. He'd screwed up with her, but he didn't want to screw up with Tad, too.

Tad asked if Damon were still leaving, but Damon didn't know. Damon didn't want to lose his newfound family, but he feared that Colby would be destroyed to find out about him and Liza. Tad advised Damon to take it a step at a time, and the first step was to pick up the phone.

At ConFusion, Colby encountered Asher. He expressed concern for her, but she accused him of trying to charm her again. Asher figured she was taking out on him the frustrations she had with Mr. Perfect Damon. Colby said Damon wasn't perfect, and Asher figured something was troubling her. Colby didn't want to discuss it, but with some prodding, she said she and Damon had a lot to work out -- and it didn't just involve the kiss between her and Asher.

Asher continued to pry about the problem until he gleaned that Damon had cheated on Colby. When Colby clammed up, Asher realized that he was right, and he wondered why Damon's indiscretions had caused her to lash out at Asher. He asserted that she was pushing him away for a reason, and she should think about that. "I'm going to fix things with Damon, so think about that," she retorted and left.

On the phone at the mansion, JR ordered two first class plane tickets and asked the caller to ensure that Annie didn't find out about the booking. Annie overheard him ending the call after asking about a legal matter. She entered the parlor and asked who he'd been on the phone with. JR lied that it had been a telemarketer, but Annie noted that they were on the "Do Not Call" list.

JR dismissively shrugged and wondered if they really had to work that evening, because he had some pressing errands to run. Annie offered to accompany him, but he reminded her that they had to keep up their pretense. She asked if they'd meet at the hotel the next day, but he said his schedule was tight. Observing her pouty expression, he assured her that he'd make time for her. JR left, and Annie worried that he was slipping away.

Annie called Amanda to say that she needed to talk. The ladies met at ConFusion, where Annie ranted about Marissa and JR. Amanda tried to calm Annie down, but after JR's strange behavior earlier that evening, Annie was sure that something was up. Annie implored Amanda to say that Annie was being paranoid. Amanda replied that it was true, but unbeknownst to them, JR and Marissa were seating themselves at a table across the room.

As Amanda tried to reason with Annie, Jake called Amanda. He advised her to get home if she valued her marriage. After the call, Annie said that Amanda was a good friend and probably Annie's first friend ever. Amanda hugged Annie and took off.

On her way out, Annie saw JR and Marissa at their table and ducked out of sight to watch them. JR told Marissa that the divorce papers and custody agreement had to be sent to the judge that evening. Touching her hand, JR apologized for hurting her and not appreciating her more. They hugged, Marissa left, and JR called Annie, who was sneaking out of the bar unseen. He left her a message that said he'd done his errands, and he was eager to spend time with her.

Later, Asher met JR at the table to discuss Asher and Colby's project. Asher said Colby was mad at him, but JR quipped that she'd get over it, because Asher had to get Annie to the airport for a surprise trip. JR expressed that his divorce would be final the next morning, and he and Annie could finally be together. JR worried that Asher would back out on him, but Asher said he wasn't the one that JR had to worry about.

Just then, Colby approached, and JR took her aside to smooth things over with her and Asher. Colby revealed that a kiss between her and Asher had derailed her relationship with Damon. She said she had to stop working with Asher if she wanted to fix things with Damon. JR implored her to co-exist with Asher for the benefit of JR and the business.

JR took off, and Colby begrudgingly sat down with Asher. She seethed that he should have tried harder to get out of the project. Her phone rang, and she lit up to see that it was Damon calling. Relief washed over her face as she talked with him, but Asher rolled his eyes.

At the mansion, Marissa arrived with copies of the divorce papers and the custody agreement. Annie peeked into the parlor and hallucinated that a lingerie-clad Marissa was in there lighting candles. Annie shook her head as if realizing that she was seeing things.

As Marissa attempted to exit the parlor, Annie suddenly burst through the doors. The doors hit Marissa and knocked her to the floor. "Oh, my God! Oh, my God, I killed her!" Annie exclaimed, staring at the seemingly unconscious Marissa.

At home, Jake asked for Trevor's opinion of Cara. Jake thought it was wild that he'd once loved Cara, but he said he'd made a perfect life with Trevor and Amanda. Jake reasoned that heartbreaks sometimes happened to make way for something better down the road. He asked if Trevor would like to have a new brother or sister.

When Amanda arrived, Jake was in a reflective mood and expressed his appreciation for her. Tugging at a cloth, he unveiled a champagne bottle and glasses. The couple toasted to their life and to making another baby. Jake then unveiled strawberries and fondue and warned that the evening could get messy. "I'm counting on it," Amanda said.

As the couple went into the bedroom to make love, Cara returned to Kendall's house and clinched the necklace she'd been wearing.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brot, Natalia, Randi, and Frankie had dinner at Krystal's and discussed Brot and Natalia being scheduled on a stakeout that evening. Randi asked what police officers talked about all night on a stakeout. Natalia claimed it was their first stakeout together, but Brot was sure they'd be able to pass the time. Randi excused herself and crossed the room to talk to Madison, who was reading a letter. Madison explained that she'd received the letter from a man who wanted to see her. Randi was surprised that he had written rather than simply calling, and Madison admitted that her admirer was in prison.

Madison recalled that Scott had been kind to her when she had tried to visit her father. Randi worried that Scott was a convict, but Madison sympathized with his situation. Randi invited Madison to sit at their table, though Natalia and Brot had to leave for work. Frankie told Madison that he might have found a job for her, but Madison announced that she would be working for Fusion from Kendall's home. Randi and Frankie pointed out that Madison would be in close proximity to Ryan.

Randi asked what Madison would do when Kendall returned to the office. Frankie speculated that perhaps Madison didn't really want to avoid Ryan, but Madison insisted that she didn't want Ryan to find out about the baby. Madison flashed back to Ryan asking her to keep an eye on Kendall. Madison assured her friends that everything would work out.

At the prison, Scott played chess alone, but a guard knocked the pieces off the table. The guard snarled that he didn't like trust fund brats with expensive lawyers. Scott claimed that he wasn't a trust fund baby, but the guard ordered him to clean up the mess. Once the guard was out of sight, Scott removed a hidden cell phone from his sock.

At ConFusion, Greenlee and Ryan greeted Amanda and Jake, who joined them. Greenlee received a text message from Scott, who summoned her to the prison. Greenlee excused herself from the table and texted back to reject Scott's request, but he threatened that if she didn't visit that evening, she could forget their entire plan. Greenlee returned to the table to find her friends in a conversation about babies. Greenlee realized that Jake and Amanda were planning to have another child. Ryan asked about the text message, and Greenlee lied that she had to go to the office. She wished Amanda and Jake luck and promised that they'd get together another time.

Greenlee arrived at the prison and berated Scott for ruining her night. He informed her that his parole hearing had been moved up to the next day and that he expected her to testify on his behalf. Greenlee told Scott that testifying wasn't part of her deal. Scott explained that he had one shot to make parole and that the recommendation of someone of Greenlee's stature could help to free him. She was afraid of risking her reputation, and he accused her of worrying what Ryan would think. Scott pointed out that he would be more effective at keeping Madison away from Ryan if he were released from prison.

Greenlee swore that she wasn't threatened by Madison and that she wanted to make sure Ryan had his freedom. Scott asked what hold Madison had over Ryan, but Greenlee simply stated that Ryan always went out of his way for a friend. She claimed that she wanted Madison to move on and to be happy with a life of her own. Scott joked that Greenlee should buy Madison a puppy. He asked whether Greenlee would be at his hearing, but she left without answering his question.

Ryan arrived home to find a report about the plane crash. The report stated that the case had been closed. Later, Ryan returned to ConFusion, where he ran into Madison. He inquired about Kendall, and Madison updated him that Kendall had no idea about Ryan's investigation. Madison asked how long it would take Ryan to learn anything and worried that Kendall and her sons could be at risk if Ryan discovered signs of sabotage.

Ryan swore that he would protect Kendall, the boys, and Madison, but he owed it to Zach to figure out what had happened. He intended to go to California to investigate further, but he didn't want Madison to feel unsafe. Madison was amazed by his efforts to take care of Kendall, and he said he'd always watch over the mother of his child.

Madison arrived at the prison to tell Scott that she had been surprised to receive his letter. He told her about his parole hearing and that he expected to be released the next day. She was unsure why she had decided to visit and admitted she was nervous. He apologized if he made her feel uncomfortable, but he felt like they'd made a connection. He was getting ready to start a new chapter in his life, and she had struck him as someone similar.

Madison assumed that Scott meant that she was desperate, but he called her a survivor. He recognized that she hadn't had the easiest life. She didn't understand what they had in common. "I was married to Annie, you were shot," he joked as he shrugged. Scott said that Madison knew what it was like to start over, and he could use some tips. Madison didn't think he really knew her. Scott didn't believe that there was anything she could say that would make him think anything less of her. She blurted out that she was pregnant.

Madison was horrified about her admission and started to leave, but Scott insisted that he had meant what he had said, even if she was pregnant. She begged him not to tell anyone. He asked who else knew, but she rushed out. Scott realized that Greenlee was aware that Madison was with child.

Greenlee arrived at Ryan's penthouse and apologized for leaving ConFusion early. Greenlee admitted that she hadn't gone to Fusion but had visited Scott in prison instead. She explained that she considered Scott to be a great guy who had taken responsibility for what he had done. She believed that Stuart would have wanted someone to help his son. She revealed that she had offered Scott a job and that she intended to testify at his hearing the next day. Ryan asked why she hadn't told him about her plans. She said she had wanted to make sure that Scott was on board first.

Ryan joked that doing something nice wouldn't ruin Greenlee's reputation. She felt that after she had been given a second chance, she wanted to pay something forward. Ryan informed her that he had to go to California for business the next evening, but offered to accompany her to the parole hearing before he left. He suggested that they concentrate on being together for the rest of the night, and they began to kiss passionately.

At the Chandler mansion, Marissa gazed lovingly at a photo of JR and AJ as a delusional Annie peeked through the foyer doorway. Annie imagined that a negligee-clad Marissa was lighting candles. Marissa started to leave, but Annie burst through the doors and unintentionally knocked Marissa unconscious. Annie freaked that she had killed Marissa, but checked to find that Marissa was still breathing. Annie tried to drag Marissa into the foyer, but couldn't move her. Annie answered her cell phone to JR, who said he had been trying to reach her and asked where she was. Annie panicked.

Annie pretended to have a bad phone connection and claimed to be running errands. JR asked whether she had gotten his voicemail, but she fibbed that she had turned off her phone earlier. He revealed that his plans had changed and that he wanted to see her. He asked to meet her at the Chandler mansion right away. Annie tried to make an excuse, but he said he'd be home momentarily and hung up. When Marissa began to stir, Annie contemplated hitting her over the head with an urn, but thought for a moment and then smashed it to the floor.

Annie trashed the living room and then broke the patio door window to make it look like a burglar had broken in. Annie wiped down a paperweight and placed it next to Marissa, then stole the bracelet that JR had given Marissa. Annie let herself out through the foyer and noticed the alarm keypad. "Even better," she murmured.

Annie set off the alarm, but when she started to flee, she saw JR arriving and hid instead. AJ's nanny ran downstairs and assured JR that AJ was fine. JR instructed the nanny to lock AJ in his room, and he entered the living room to find Marissa on the floor. He tried to awaken her and asked who had hurt her, as Annie peered through the door, unseen.

Brot and Natalia arrived at the Chandler mansion in response to the alarm. JR complained that the ambulance hadn't arrived yet, and he wanted to take Marissa to the hospital immediately. Marissa regained consciousness and realized that her bracelet was gone. Annie entered and feigned surprise at the scene. Marissa said she couldn't remember who had attacked her and assumed she had been hit from behind. AJ entered and ran into Marissa's arms. To Annie's chagrin, Marissa assured the boy she wasn't going anywhere.

Natalia informed everyone that the first ambulance had experienced engine trouble, so a second one had been dispatched. JR insisted to Brot that the police find the culprit. Natalia questioned Annie, but Annie insisted that she had arrived after the break-in had occurred. Annie envisioned JR telling Marissa that the attack had made him realize that he couldn't bear not having Marissa in his life. Snapping back to reality, Annie offered to call Amanda to send Jake over. JR agreed. Annie went to the foyer to call Amanda and to beg for her help.

Jake and Amanda arrived at the mansion, and he consulted with the EMTs. Jake confirmed that Marissa should be fine. Natalia announced that the forensics team would be there soon. Annie offered to write a press release about the incident. Amanda pulled Annie aside, and Annie started to explain the chain of events, but Amanda cut her off. Amanda was irked that Annie had interrupted Amanda and Jake's evening when EMTs already had the situation under control.

Amanda thought that Annie had started to rely too heavily on Amanda. Annie insisted that was what friends did, though she admitted that she always seemed to be the one who called Amanda and not vice versa. Amanda assured Annie that Marissa wasn't a threat and that Annie and Amanda had to stop fueling one another's paranoia. Annie wailed that Amanda was dumping her as a friend. Amanda reassured her that she wasn't and advised an incredulous Annie to stop being overly dramatic.

Marissa wanted to go home, but JR insisted that she stay at the mansion so he could watch over her. A livid Annie overheard and suggested that Marissa go to the hospital. Jake said that usually he'd suggest an MRI, but he agreed that Marissa didn't have to go the hospital if someone stayed with her all night. JR felt responsible for Marissa's condition and expressed anger toward Marissa's attacker. After calming down, he privately told Annie that he had called her over to tell her something.

Annie worriedly asked what JR meant. He said that he had planned a big surprise -- a first-class flight to the Alps for a skiing trip -- but they could no longer go because of what had happened. She was shocked that he had been about to whisk her off to Switzerland. JR blamed himself for not having enough security and refused to leave Marissa and AJ. He kissed Annie on the cheek and hoped she understood. A stunned Annie watched as JR returned to Marissa's side.

At the hospital, May or Blanco tracked down Jesse, who was with Angie. The mayor complained that Jesse hadn't been spending enough time at the police station and warned him to separate his professional life from his personal life.

Jesse implored Mayor Blanco to consider everything that Angie had been going through. Angie stated that Jesse had been helping too much and that it was a good time for him to get back to the station. The mayor told Jesse to listen to his wife, and left. Angie reminded Jesse that the mayor wanted a reason to fire him, and she advised him not to give the mayor any ammunition. Jesse commented that Angie saw things even better without her sight.

Angie assured Jesse that he was smarter and more resourceful than the mayor. His cell phone rang, and he learned about the break-in at the Chandler mansion. Angie told him to go show the mayor that he was the best chief of police in the country.

At a motel, Brot and Natalia arrived late for their stakeout and were dismayed to learn they'd already missed the action. With only five minutes left of their shift, Brot asked Natalia to hang out at the motel for a while. Brot called it fate to have a paid room where two people who never had enough time to get to know one another could spend some time together. He suggested that he and Natalia seize the moment. He kissed her, but she pulled away and hurried out the door.

Amanda and Jake returned to ConFusion, and Amanda hoped that Marissa would be all right. Jake found it odd that Marissa had been hit in the forehead, yet she still couldn't remember anything. He commented that the attacker had probably been desperate.

Friday, January 14, 2011

JR lightly chastised Marissa for working when she should have been resting. Marissa swore that she was fine and said she needed to prepare for Scott's parole hearing. At that moment, she collapsed and fell into JR's arms. Annie arrived in the doorway of the living room in time to witness the fall.

As JR walked Marissa to a nearby chair, Annie recalled the actual events of the previous night. JR snapped Annie out of her reverie when he asked Annie to watch Marissa while he fetched some water. Annie reluctantly agreed, but began to have visions as soon as JR left the room. In her vision, Marissa was healthy and quite amused that Annie's cover-up had landed Marissa back in JR's arms.

Annie blurted out that she knew what Marissa was doing. JR returned to the room just as Annie said that. JR noted that what Marissa wouldn't be doing was going to Scott's parole hearing. Marissa was dismayed, but agreed. Annie interjected that she needed to issue a press release. JR wanted to postpone it, but Annie said that she needed JR's statement because her phone had been ringing off the hook.

JR instructed Annie to keep Marissa's name out of the release, as Marissa didn't need crazy people around her. Annie reacted harshly to the use of the word "crazy." JR clarified and said that the press release should state that the person responsible would be jailed for a long time. Annie said she would prepare the release immediately. Annie leaned in, told JR that she needed to see him, and asked him to meet her at the hotel. Annie quickly exited the house before JR could deny her request.

Annie impatiently waited for JR at the hotel. When he finally arrived, Annie tried to convince JR that she loved him more for how caring he was with Marissa. JR didn't believe a word that Annie said, but thanked her for the effort. Annie launched into discussions about the trip to Switzerland that JR had planned for them.

JR apologized that they wouldn't be able to go. Annie tried to make light of what had happened to Marissa and said that Marissa would be fine. Annie continued to talk about the trip as if it would still happen. JR finally yelled at Annie to get her to stop talking. Stunned, Annie apologized but said that she'd wanted to take a vacation with JR.

JR confirmed that he wanted to be with Annie and said that the trip had been intended to mark the end of his marriage to Marissa. Annie asked what had changed. JR said that after the incident at the house, JR had cancelled the court appearance that would have finalized the divorce. Annie insisted that JR could still get his court time back. JR knew that Annie was disappointed, but said that the break-in changed everything.

JR swore that if Annie had been the one attacked, he would have been just as protective over her as he was over Marissa. JR told Annie that he had to leave, but promised that everything between them would work out. Annie tried to hold back her tears, and meekly nodded instead of speaking.

Natalia stopped by the hospital to update Angie on her patient's involvement in a case. Natalia said that the patient was a dead end, but Angie was sure that with Brot's help, Natalia would be able to solve her case. Natalia wasn't so sure, and the dejected tone of her voice concerned Angie. After Natalia assured Angie that things were fine at work, Angie guessed that there was something amiss with Brot. Natalia faltered, and then said that the fault was hers.

Natalia said that she didn't feel comfortable talking about the specifics of what had happened. She told Angie that she and Brot had been in a hotel room that had been intended for use as part of a case. The capture hadn't gone as planned, so the room went unused. Natalia confessed that when Brot made it clear that he wanted to be intimate with Natalia, she'd stopped him.

Natalia said that it hadn't felt right to be with Brot in a room paid for by the police. Angie asked if Natalia had told Brot her thoughts. Natalia thought that Brot would have been able to figure it out on his own. Angie asked if Natalia was sending Brot the wrong message: that Natalia liked Brot, but didn't find him attractive.

Brot went to ConFusion and ran into Jesse. Jesse mentioned the report that Brot and Natalia had submitted about the Chandler break-in. Brot snapped at Jesse, and then quickly apologized. Brot blamed his mood on lack of sleep. Brot asked if he could be removed from working on Natalia's cases. Jesse asked if Brot and Natalia were getting too serious with each other to work together.

Brot said that he felt like he was alone in the relationship. Brot confessed his fear that his burns were turning Natalia away. Jesse asked if Natalia had actually told him that. Brot said that he and Natalia hadn't talked, but that it was the only reason he could think of that explained why Natalia was distancing herself from him. Jesse ordered Brot to find Natalia and talk things out.

Natalia was unnerved that she hadn't realized Brot might think his scars bothered her. Natalia said that she needed to talk to Brot. When Natalia looked up, she saw Brot. Natalia told Angie that Brot had shown up, and went to talk to him. Natalia told Brot that she'd made a horrible mistake.

Jesse went to the hospital and found Angie. Jesse asked if Brot had found Natalia. Angie confirmed that Natalia and Brot had excused themselves to talk. Meanwhile, down the hall, Natalia said that she owed Brot an apology. Brot didn't think it was necessary, but Natalia tried to press on. Natalia struggled for words and then asked if they could go back to the hotel room.

Jesse remarked how wonderful Angie was with Natalia. Angie said that she felt like Natalia was her own daughter, especially with Cassie so far away. Jesse suggested that since Cassie had moved to California, they should visit. Angie was initially excited, and then said that Jesse couldn't afford to take a vacation. Jesse said that he didn't want Angie to travel on her own. Angie said that it was a challenge she needed to conquer.

Without thinking, Jesse said that their little girl was very lucky to have Angie as a mom. Angie chastised Jesse for finding out the gender of their baby. Jesse confessed that when Angie had undergone her amniocentesis, the doctor had dropped the file. Jesse had spotted the gender of the baby when he picked the file up. Angie understood why Jesse had kept the news to himself and was grateful. Both admitted that they were excited to raise a little girl together.

Natalia and Brot went to the hotel room, and Natalia immediately started talking. She told Brot that when she saw him, she saw a beautiful man. She apologized if Brot felt that the burns he'd suffered made him less attractive to her. Brot said he'd considered the possibility. Brot asked why they'd always stopped before they got too close.

When Natalia struggled to be open and honest, Brot assured her that he could take whatever she had to say. Natalia finally admitted that she was a virgin. Natalia assumed Brot wouldn't want anything to do with her and decided to leave. Brot stopped her, said she was an amazing woman, and said he wanted to spend more time with her.

When Brot opened the door to put the privacy sign on the outside, a man boarding the elevator spotted Natalia and Brot. Neither Brot nor Natalia saw the man before Brot closed the door. Natalia started to apologize for what Brot must have been thinking of her. Brot said that they needed to stop making assumptions about each other.

Instead, Natalia briefly explained why she hadn't been with any of her previous boyfriends. Natalia said that when she met Brot, she was extremely attracted to him, but had frozen. Brot asked why, and Natalia said that she hadn't wanted to disappoint him. Brot said that there was no way Natalia could have disappointed him, especially with the knowledge that she'd wanted him to be her first. Slowly, they removed each other's clothes. Along the way, Brot checked in with Natalia to make sure she was okay.

Angie envisioned telling Cassie that she was no longer the baby girl of the family. Jesse told Angie not to do too many things while out in California because he needed her back in Pine Valley in one piece. Jesse's ringing phone interrupted their conversation. Jesse was surprised to find Commissioner Bennett on the other end of the line. Bennett ordered Jesse to meet with him and Mayor Blanco on a personnel matter.

Lying in bed, Natalia said that while growing up, she'd heard about waiting for the right guy. Natalia admitted that she hadn't known what that meant until Brot made love to her.

Madison was surprised when she received a voicemail from Scott. In it, Scott told Madison that he hoped to get to know her better once he was out of prison.

Ryan and Greenlee showed up at the prison so they could go to Scott's parole hearing. Ryan stepped away briefly to make a phone call. Scott asked if he and Greenlee still had an understanding about what Greenlee would do at the hearing. Greenlee promised to do the best she could. Greenlee clarified that when Ryan was around, they had to act as though nothing was going on between them.

Scott agreed that Ryan couldn't know about his plans to woo Madison. Scott revealed, much to Greenlee's shock, that he knew about Madison's pregnancy. Greenlee's sudden speechlessness confirmed that Ryan was unaware of his youngest child. Scott pointed out that the hidden information raised the stakes of his arrangement with Greenlee.

Scott guessed that Greenlee wanted Scott to hook up with Madison and raise Ryan's baby as his own. Greenlee insisted that she only wanted Madison to find someone who would support her. Greenlee thought that when Ryan found out about the baby, he would see that Madison was really happy. Scott said that he wasn't happy with Greenlee. She asked if Scott was willing to let her omission mess up his best chance at freedom. Scott countered with a better question: was Greenlee willing to risk messing up her happily ever after with Ryan?

Scott told Greenlee that if they were going to work together, they needed to be completely honest with each other. Greenlee said that she and Ryan loved each other, and had been through hell before they'd gotten together again. However, Greenlee pointed out that Ryan's loyalty would threaten their happily ever after if he found out that Madison was pregnant and alone.

Scott realized that if he was able to make Madison happy, Ryan and Madison could move on with their respective lives. Greenlee asked if Scott planned to tell Ryan about the baby. Ryan walked back in before Scott could answer the question, and announced that Scott's lawyer had arrived. Ryan wished Scott the best and said that Scott deserved a fresh start. Scott said that he hoped to be granted a new beginning, thanks to Greenlee. With that, Greenlee knew Scott would keep the pregnancy a secret.

A short time later, Scott emerged from his hearing a free man. The head of the parole board said that their decision had been largely based on the waiting job offer at Pine Valley Hospital. The board head wished Scott luck, and Scott stepped away to be processed out of the prison system.

After he was released, Scott went to the Chandler residence and saw Marissa. Marissa told him about her attack, and Scott encouraged Marissa to get away from JR once and for all. Marissa said that JR had been really good to her recently. Scott urged Marissa not to get sucked back into JR's madness. Marissa assured Scott that her marriage was over, except for the signing of the papers.

At that moment, JR returned to the house. JR made it clear that Scott wasn't welcome. Scott said that he had no plans to move back in. Scott said he'd returned to retrieve the painting Stuart had done of himself with Adam when they were younger. Before Scott left, he reminded Marissa to get away from JR as fast as she could.

Once Scott was gone, Marissa said that they needed to leave for the courthouse. JR told Marissa that they didn't need to rush. Marissa was taken aback when JR told her that he'd delayed their hearing. JR said that they were divorced in every way except legally. Marissa agreed and said that a few days wouldn't make a difference.

Marissa thanked JR for how well they'd gotten along the past few weeks. AJ showed up and was happy to see that Marissa was feeling better. Across town, Annie glared at a photo of Marissa with JR and AJ. She spoke to the picture as if she was face-to-face with Marissa. Annie announced that Marissa was no longer part of JR's family, and cut Marissa out of the picture to prove it.

Ryan wanted to talk with the head of the parole board, and Greenlee said she would retrieve their things. As she did, she saw a text message from Madison on Ryan's cell phone. Madison wanted to alert Ryan that Kendall would be calling about plans with Spike. Madison also said that she hadn't told Kendall about Ryan's plans to go to California. When Ryan returned, Greenlee asked why Madison knew about Ryan's travel plans -- and why it was being kept a secret from Kendall.

Ryan and Greenlee went back to the penthouse. Greenlee expressed her shock that Ryan believed Zach had been murdered. Ryan said that the National Transportation Safety Board hadn't believed the theory either. Greenlee wondered how Madison had gotten involved. Ryan said that Madison had overheard him talking to Zach's lawyer. Ryan added that he'd made Madison promise not to tell Kendall.

Greenlee wondered why Ryan had lied to her by keeping her out of the loop. Ryan said that he had known Greenlee would want to go. Greenlee immediately confirmed it, but Ryan didn't want Greenlee to have to experience the trauma again. Greenlee asked when she'd become another woman that Ryan needed to protect. Ryan apologized, but Greenlee knew it was part of Ryan's protective nature. Ryan asked Greenlee if she wanted him to change. Greenlee said that the trait was one of the reasons she'd fallen in love with him. Greenlee told Ryan that sometimes, she wanted to protect him too.

Greenlee wanted to spend some quality time with Ryan before he left. Ryan's phone rang, and the incoming call from the NTSB and dashed those plans. When Ryan answered, a rep from the NTSB told Ryan that he needed to get to California as soon as possible.

Scott made his way to Krystal's restaurant and started to order a meal fit for a king. He realized belatedly that he didn't have his credit cards and had very little cash. He dejectedly changed his order, and the waitress walked away. Moments later, Annie walked in and was surprised to see Scott. She apologized for the way things had ended between them, but said that she was happy Scott was free. Scott was a little less enthusiastic about seeing Annie or reliving their relationship.

Scott looked at his father's painting, and promised Stuart that he wouldn't hurt Madison. In his head, Scott pointed out that he'd learned a few things in prison, and needed to figure out a balance. Just then, Madison spotted Scott and said that she'd just read about his release. After some small talk, Scott invited Madison to have coffee with him.

Madison apologized for blurting out the news of her pregnancy. Madison said that if Scott knew more about her, he might not want to spend any additional time with her. Scott was intrigued and asked for scintillating details about her past. Madison didn't have any sordid details to share, but was pleased that Scott wasn't scared. Madison agreed to a drink and asked to hear more about Stuart.



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