One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 10, 2011 on OLTL

Jessica successfully delivered a baby boy by Caesarean section and avoided a hysterectomy. Natalie also delivered a son, but when John arrived, Marty said that she had been the one to have the baby. Marty suffered a complete breakdown. Vimal was worried that he'd switched the wrong paternity test. Joey met Cutter, who claimed to be Aubrey's brother. Téa thought it best to implicate Inez in Eddie's murder.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 10, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Natalie pleaded with Marty to stay at the Llantano Mountain lodge with her, but Marty replied that Natalie was on her own. As Natalie continued to yell out in pain, she struggled to reach her smashed cell phone. Marty returned. She'd decided that the baby didn't deserve to suffer, and Natalie would have to pay for her sins on her own.

Marty began to lead Natalie to the car, urging her to walk in between the contractions. Suddenly, Natalie fell to the floor in a heap, screaming in excruciating pain. Marty determined that the contractions were only one minute apart, and they'd have to remain at the lodge. "This baby is coming now," Marty announced.

At Llanview Hospital, a concerned John tried to reach Natalie on the phone, without success. Viki believed that she had convinced Jessica to have a C-section, but Jessica was still reluctant to go ahead with it. Jessica was certain that her baby was not ready to be born. Dr. Wright arrived and advised Jessica that Jessica's choice to have the C-section would be the correct choice. The hospital was ready to care for the premature baby, and the baby would be taken to the neo-natal unit. The doctor advised Jessica that she would be given an epidural, and both Jessica and Brody would be able to be involved in the delivery.

Kelly perused the newsstand in the Palace lobby, in search of another copy of the French magazine Maintenant. While she couldn't locate any, she found an interesting book, "Naked Heat," written by Richard Castle. The author's photo was prominently displayed on the back of the book. "Does he look familiar to you?" Kelly asked the vendor. The vendor shook his head and told her no. He explained that a young, blonde woman had purchased all copies of the magazine that Kelly was looking for, and there were none to be had in all of Llanview.

Just then, Rex walked by and held up a copy of the magazine that he had purchased online. He was anxious to show Kelly what Aubrey had been hiding. Kelly grabbed the magazine. "That bitch," she exclaimed after she saw the incriminating photo of Aubrey and an unknown man. Kelly declared that Aubrey was cheating on Joey, but Rex suggested that perhaps it was "out of context." Kelly urged him to look at the date on the photograph. It had been taken the day before Kelly had met Aubrey on the airplane to Llanview.

Rex offered to tell Joey what they'd found, but Kelly insisted that it was up to her to tell Joey the truth. Rex was concerned that Joey might want to "shoot the messenger," but Kelly decided that she would take the risk.

Upstairs in Aubrey's hotel room, Joey received word about Jessica, and he hurriedly dressed to get to the hospital. He urged Aubrey to remain behind, because he assumed his stressed-out father would take his grief out on Aubrey. Once Joey was gone, Aubrey's lover arrived. Aubrey couldn't believe that the man was there, because she was certain he'd returned to Europe. The man reminded her that she'd been the one to suggest that he go, but he'd never said he was leaving.

Aubrey and her lover headed to the bedroom, but before they could make love, they heard a loud knocking at the front door. It was Kelly, and she demanded that Aubrey open the door. Kelly knew that Aubrey was inside, and Kelly emphasized that she would not leave until Aubrey answered. Aubrey finally opened the door, and Kelly asked to see Joey. Kelly refused to explain what it was about, even though Aubrey insisted that she and Joey didn't have secrets from each other.

Kelly chuckled. "What I have to say is for Joey's ears only," she retorted. Aubrey informed her that Joey had gone to the hospital to see Jessica, so Kelly headed in that direction too. Aubrey informed her visitor that Joey's "ex" had been looking for Joey, but she didn't know why. Aubrey was certain that she would eventually find out. The couple made love.

Echo spoke at the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting about her suffering friend and the lie she had told. She explained how things would be worse if she were to reveal the truth. A disguised Dorian took a seat, and she began to mutter out loud as Echo addressed the group. Echo noted that her drinking had gotten "out of hand" after she'd been pregnant and given up her baby. "Someone give that woman a drink," Dorian mumbled.

Echo continued her story, informing everyone that she'd received another chance and had been reunited with her son and grandson. They were all happy, but the problem was with her son's father. Echo found it difficult to talk. "My son's father is...," she began. Suddenly, Dorian dug her nails into the woman next to her in her excitement, and the woman yelled out in pain. Echo recognized Dorian, and she changed her mind about what she had obviously planned to say.

Echo acknowledged that her son's father was a "magnificent man." She longed to get closer to him, but there was someone standing in the way. That person was a friend of the man's wife, she explained to the group. She couldn't blame this friend though, because the woman was a "jealous, bitter old cougar," who had been left at the altar twice by the same man. The woman was a "dried-up, old prune," Echo continued pointedly. Dorian jumped up and shouted, "Who are you calling dried-up, you bitch?" She threw a book at Echo's head.

Echo made a show of letting the rest of the group learn that Dorian had been in disguise and was probably there to spy on them. Dorian responded that Echo was a fraud, and the woman had insinuated herself into a married man's life. She dared Echo to tell the truth and admit that Clint was really the one who was Rex's father.

Echo reminded Dorian that DNA tests had been performed. The two women began a shouting match as the moderator did her best to get them to stop. Dorian insisted that Echo was exploiting her drinking problem. Llanview was her town, Dorian insisted. "And I don't want you in it," she said to Echo.

Echo promised that she would fight Dorian back, and Echo stormed out. Dorian prepared to leave, as well, but the moderator stopped her. She wondered if Dorian were really there to spy as Echo had suggested. Dorian thought quickly, and she revealed that her late husband had been a recovering alcoholic. She had thought that maybe there was something in the meeting for her, but it had to be anonymous.

The moderator reminded Dorian that the A.A. meeting was always a safe place, so Dorian reluctantly took to the podium. She acknowledged that she enjoyed an occasional glass of wine.

Charlie sat in Angel Square Park and contemplated drinking from the bottle that he'd retrieved from the trashcan in the hospital, the same one he'd taken away from Echo. He recalled Clint's scathing accusation that Charlie had been the one responsible for Jessica's predicament. Just then, he received a text message from Viki. "Where are you? Come back," read the text. Charlie lifted the bottle to his lips, but Rex walked by at the same moment. Rex explained that he was on his way to visit Natalie at work.

Charlie informed his son that Natalie was at the hospital with Jessica, because Jessica was in trouble. Charlie blamed himself for Jessica's difficulty, but Rex disagreed. The shooting had been an accident, and if Jared were alive, he would say the same thing, Rex declared. He called Charlie a "good guy," while he deemed Clint a "heartless bastard." He didn't want Charlie to listen to anything that Clint might have to say.

Rex pointed out all of Charlie's good points, and he maintained that the "right guy" had turned out to be his father. Charlie thought that Echo would be happy to hear that, though Rex replied that the "jury was still out" on Echo. Charlie wished that Rex would give Echo a chance, but Rex replied that he needed to be careful for Shane's sake. Rex didn't want his son to be disappointed. Charlie reminded Rex that no one was perfect, and Rex agreed. He'd already re-invented himself in several ways, Rex conceded. He asked Charlie about the bottle hidden in Charlie's pocket.

Charlie explained that the bottle wasn't his, though Rex declared that it wasn't really any of his business. Charlie thought that it was, and he proceeded to pour the contents of the bottle into the trashcan. "You're my son," Charlie said. Just then, Echo entered the park and paused to watch.

Viki was anxious for both Natalie and Charlie to show up at the hospital, and she and Clint had words again about Charlie's role in Jessica's plight. Finally, Jessica was wheeled toward the operating room, and her parents stopped her in order to reassure her. Joey arrived and offered his encouragement. John continued to try to locate Natalie, and he placed a call to the police station.

Viki overheard John's call, and she pulled him aside. She asked whether she should be worried about Natalie in addition to Jessica, and she wondered if Marty were somehow involved in Natalie's absence. John admitted that he believed Marty to be relevant to Natalie's situation. Just then, he received a call from Fish. Natalie's car had a tracking device, and they'd located it at an address on Llantano Mountain. Viki realized it was the family lodge. John raced out of the hospital.

Joey and Clint sat with each other, and Clint wondered why Joey's fiancée wasn't present. He sarcastically asked if she were out planning her wedding. Joey revealed that Aubrey had wanted to be there, but Joey had been the one to insist that she stay away. He had assumed that Clint would go after her. Kelly found Joey at the hospital and gave him a hug. Joey was upset that either the baby or Jessica could be lost. Kelly assured him they'd both be fine.

Joey wanted to call Aubrey, but Kelly stopped him. She handed him the magazine and explained that she wanted to talk to him about something. She informed him that the magazine had answers to some questions, and she flipped it open to reveal Aubrey's photo. "Aubrey is cheating on you," Kelly stated.

Viki finished up a phone call with Kevin. She sat with Clint and explained that Kevin wanted to fly to Llanview right away. They recalled how Jessica's brothers had been very protective of Jessica when they were all younger, but they couldn't protect her anymore. Clint began to pace, and Viki suggested that he go look for Charlie. Clint agreed in order to make Viki happy, but she confessed that she hadn't been serious. She expected Charlie to return when he was ready, but she thought that she and Clint should remain at the hospital. She reminded him that they were about to be grandparents again.

As Jessica was prepared for her surgery at the hospital, Marty prepared to deliver Natalie's baby at the lodge. Natalie was in full-blown labor, and Marty reminded her that while she was a psychiatrist, she'd attended medical school. Marty had even delivered a baby. "Do as I say," she instructed Natalie. Marty gathered all of the supplies and urged Natalie to push.

Natalie had some difficulty, and Marty agreed that something was wrong. Marty realized that the baby wasn't positioned correctly, and she informed Natalie that the baby would be delivered breech. She was unable to determine how the baby was faced without an ultrasound. Natalie gave Marty permission to do whatever she needed to do.

Jessica remained calm as she received the epidural. The C-section was underway, and Brody sat by Jessica's head. Suddenly, there was a beeping sound, and the doctor announced that Jessica's blood pressure was dropping. Jessica began to panic, but Dr. Wright promised that the baby was stable. There was bleeding, but she had it under control. The doctor wanted Jessica to remain calm, and she urged Brody to talk to Jessica. He began to talk to his fiancée about how they'd met at St. Anne's.

The procedure seemed to take too long to Jessica, and she demanded to know what was happening. Dr. Wright explained that she was trying to stem the bleeding and didn't want to take Jessica's uterus. The baby was fine. Jessica wanted the baby to be saved first and she ordered the doctor to follow her instructions. Dr. Wright threatened to put Jessica under if she wouldn't remain still. "Please, take my baby," Jessica stated. She didn't want the doctor to worry about her.

John arrived at the lodge just in time to hear Natalie screaming.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

John arrived at the Buchanan lodge on Llantano mountain and burst through the front door as he heard Natalie begin to scream. He was stunned to find Marty and Natalie on the floor, and Marty was holding a baby. John called for an ambulance, as Marty sang Natalie's praises and handed the baby to John. "I have a son," he uttered, looking down at the baby in awe. "Yes, we have a son," Marty replied. John and Natalie exchanged worried glances.

Marty smiled and announced that they'd done it together. She had been strong and so was their son, she told John. They finally had their baby. John spoke calmly as Marty handed him the baby boy. He suggested that she get some rest while Natalie looked after the infant. Marty agreed, and she rose and walked over to the couch. "He's so beautiful," John said to Natalie. He thought that Natalie was beautiful, too, but they were both concerned about Marty. Natalie was also scared, but John assured her he'd take care of things. He asked why Natalie had been at the lodge.

Natalie stammered that she didn't know where to begin, but just then Marty called out. She wanted to tell John about all that had happened at the lodge. John proposed that Marty could tell him later. Marty continued to talk, and she explained that Natalie had helped out with the delivery. The baby had been born breech, and it was a good thing that Marty had recalled her medical training. She was sorry that John hadn't been there to witness it.

Shortly after, the ambulance arrived, and Marty requested to be allowed to ride with her son. John was able to talk Marty into riding with him, as Natalie was loaded onto the stretcher. John returned to the lodge and briefly looked around. He spotted the shotgun. One of the EMTs remarked, "This must have been a difficult birth." "Or something," John muttered.

"Please save the baby's life," Jessica implored Dr. Wright. The doctor revealed that while bleeding had been expected during Jessica's C-section, there had been more blood than the doctor had anticipated. Dr. Wright assured Jessica and Brody that she had the bleeding under control, and she finally managed to deliver a crying baby boy. "I have a son," Brody pronounced happily. He, Jessica, and the doctor were ecstatic with the baby, but Jessica had a question for the doctor.

Jessica inquired whether she'd need a hysterectomy. Dr. Wright revealed that it wasn't necessary at that moment, and she wanted to wait to see how things would go. Brody told Jessica how proud he was of her. "You're my hero," he said.

"I don't think so," Joey responded to Kelly's charge that Aubrey was cheating on Joey. He looked at the photo that Kelly had indicated in the magazine, but he insisted that Aubrey had lived a life prior to her dating Joey. Kelly pointed out the date on the photo, but Joey found it impossible to believe that the date could be correct. Aubrey had told him she'd been sick on that date, and she had stayed behind to catch a later flight to Llanview. That was the date that Joey had returned to the town alone. Kelly maintained that the photo was the reason behind Aubrey seeking out the magazine.

Joey was angry, and he accused Kelly of searching for another copy of the magazine in order to "throw it in my face." Kelly claimed that she'd been in the middle of an article when Aubrey had taken Kelly's copy, and Kelly had only wanted to finish reading it. She'd thought that Joey might want to know about the photo, and she had merely been trying to help. Joey disagreed with Kelly's assessment, and he told her that she was guilty of trying to sabotage his relationship with Aubrey.

Joey had an idea that perhaps Clint had put Kelly up to what she'd done. Kelly was taken aback, and she assured him that her only thought had been to prevent him from getting hurt. Joey insisted that he trusted Aubrey, and she probably had a good explanation for the photo. He wondered if his mother were right about Kelly and her feelings. It was Kelly's turn to be angry.

As Clint and Viki awaited word from the operating room, Clint assured his ex-wife that both Jessica and Charlie would be fine. He admitted that he'd been worried about Jessica and he'd had to take it out on someone, and Charlie had been there. He promised to apologize to Charlie if all went well with Jessica. Viki couldn't help being concerned, because she had no idea where Charlie had gone. She also wanted Clint to take the time to "cool down."

The couple spoke about Natalie, and Marty's involvement in stopping the wedding. Viki noted that Marty hadn't been herself since Cole's imprisonment, but Viki was confident that Natalie would be in good hands once John was able to find her. Viki informed Clint that the GPS in Natalie's car had indicated that Natalie was at the Buchanan lodge.

At the Palace Hotel, Aubrey and Cutter expressed their joy with each other after making love. Cutter quickly phoned the hospital to check on Jessica's status; he was certain he had plenty of time to spend with Aubrey before Joey returned. The couple admired Aubrey's sizable engagement ring, and Aubrey assured her boyfriend that she would not actually be getting married to Joey. A worried Cutter remarked that things had never gone so far in the past, and as soon as Aubrey retrieved Joey's bank account numbers, Cutter would clean out the accounts and he and Aubrey would leave.

Aubrey admitted that Joey's father had already called her a gold digger, but Cutter was concerned that she actually cared for Joey. "Never fall for the mark," he exclaimed. Aubrey promised that she hadn't, and it was difficult to feel sorry for a "hot guy" anyway. She just thought that Joey was a nice man. Aubrey did believe there might be a complication, and that was Kelly.

Aubrey had overheard Viki telling Joey that Kelly still had feelings for him. Aubrey thought that Kelly had a lot of plusses, and Kelly had a history with Joey. Cutter didn't think there was anything to worry about, but Aubrey pointed out that Kelly was a reporter. Cutter promised that Kelly wouldn't be able to dig anything up. He had taken steps to prevent that, and he was certain that Aubrey would be able to handle Kelly.

Cutter thought that Aubrey should continue to keep Joey interested in her, though Cutter wasn't happy about it. Aubrey assured him that she was working as fast as she could, and she reiterated that he leave and wait for her in Europe. Cutter vowed that he wouldn't leave Llanview without Aubrey. Aubrey sighed. It had been a close call with the magazine photo.

Just then, there was a knock at the door. It was Joey, and reluctantly, Aubrey threw on a robe and ran to answer it. She noticed that something appeared to be wrong, and she was right when Joey thrust the magazine into her face. "Who's the guy?" he asked.

Echo found Rex and Charlie in the park. Charlie explained that he had been saved when Rex had stopped him from drinking. Charlie was anxious to return to Viki, and he insisted that Clint wouldn't be able to stop Charlie from being at the hospital. He thanked Rex again, and he also expressed his gratitude to Echo for giving him their son. "We got lucky. Rex is the kind of son any parent would want," Echo stated. Charlie left, and Rex revealed that Charlie had asked him to give Echo a chance.

Rex explained that he couldn't make predictions, and he'd advised Echo that "the jury was still out." He admitted that he was suspicious of Echo, because of what she'd done after he'd been born. Echo confessed that she had used alcohol to stay numb, and while she'd always looked at Charlie as a bad influence, she had reconsidered. It might have been she who was the bad influence, she stated. Rex enlightened Echo on Charlie's accidental shooting of Jessica and the scar tissue causing the problem pregnancy. That was why Clint was bitter towards Charlie, Rex concluded.

"What kind of guy kicks a man when he's down?" Rex wondered. "The kind of man that won't even accept his own son," Echo replied. Awkwardly, she realized what she'd just said. Rex realized it, too, and he wanted her to clarify her statement. Echo stuttered and declared that she had been referring to Clint, who wouldn't accept Joey's fiancée. Joey was a grown man and should be able to make his own choices, but Clint felt that Aubrey was after the Buchanan money, Echo said. She said Clint insisted he was protecting the family name.

Rex confessed that he'd had his own experiences with Clint, so he understood. Echo maintained that sometimes one had to go to extremes to protect a son. Rex thanked Echo for giving him a father, especially because it was Charlie. Echo was happy that Rex had gotten the dad he wanted, and she hoped that one day, Rex would feel the same about her. She mentioned that she had some great photos of Shane, and she offered to blow some up for Rex.

Charlie returned to the hospital, and Viki ran over to give him a hug. He assured her that he was fine. Viki revealed that Clint had something to say to Charlie. "Don't you?" she asked Clint, who looked uncomfortable. Clint never apologized, but blamed his behavior on his stress. Charlie also admitted his concern for Jessica, and the inability to be able to control what had happened. Clint remarked that Asa had once vowed to die in order to try to control things.

Charlie claimed that he'd been at an A.A. meeting, but that he'd almost taken a drink. Viki was appalled, but Charlie explained that the bottle had ended up in the trash. Just then, Brody appeared to announce the arrival of Clint and Viki's grandson. He advised everyone that both mother and baby were doing great. Everyone was thrilled. Kelly left the family. Clint declared that another man was needed in the Buchanan family, but Brody reminded him that the baby was a Lovett.

Clint assured Brody that Clint would make a Buchanan out of the boy. Just then, everyone learned about Natalie's admittance to the emergency room, and Clint and Viki ran off to see her.

Natalie arrived at the hospital, and a doctor professed that Natalie had been lucky to deliver the baby in the company of a medical doctor. John and Marty showed up shortly after, and John delivered Marty to the waiting doctors. John declared that Marty needed a "psych consult." He headed over to Natalie and admitted that Marty had been saying a lot of strange things on their trip to the hospital. Marty was in a "fantasy place," he said. He only cared about Natalie and the baby.

Natalie pointed out the date of the delivery, as did Jessica. It was January 11, 2011, or 1-11-11. Both young women declared the date to be a lucky one. Jessica was certain that she had a guardian angel. Brody returned to Jessica and handed her their son.

Clint and Viki found Natalie and learned that they had yet another new grandson. They told Natalie about Jessica's delivery. John handed Natalie their baby, and Clint and Viki left to give the new little family some privacy. Once they were gone, John asked Natalie what had happened at the lodge.

Marty wondered where her baby was and also the man who had taken her to the hospital. She wanted to see her baby.

Kelly walked through the park and bumped into Rex. She revealed that Rex had been correct in his assumption about Joey's reaction. Joey had defended Aubrey, and Joey had shot the messenger in the heart. She didn't think that Joey would say anything to Aubrey about the magazine photo.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In the aftermath of her risky labor, Jessica and Brody enjoyed a few minutes with their son. Jessica was still worried about the baby's premature birth, but as the baby cried, Brody assured her the boy's lungs were doing fine. He told Jess they had made a fighter, and rejoiced in how all their fears and the obstacles in their path had been for naught. He had always dreamed of having a home and family. Jessica told him that they had worked hard to be together since their days in St. Anne's, and as she embraced Brody and the baby, she said they finally had their own family.

In Natalie's room, she and John shared their own time with their son. John couldn't get over how "new" and "perfect" the boy was, but his mind found itself turning back to the strange scene he had walked in on at the Buchanan cabin. He asked Natalie what she and Marty had been doing on Llantano Mountain, and why he had found Clint's shotgun against the wall. Natalie swallowed hard and prepared to confess all to John. She said she had never meant to hurt anyone, and asked him to remember how much she loved him as she told him what had happened.

In a nearby exam room, Marty grew increasingly unhinged as a nurse struggled to calm her. She pleaded for John, and ranted and raved about how "they" were going to steal her baby and pass it off as "their own." As Marty overpowered the nurse and raced out of the room, she howled that "she's stealing my son!"

Just as Natalie began to tell John the whole sordid story, Marty burst into her room, babbling a mile a minute about "the truth about Natalie and our baby." As Natalie cowered and John ran interference between Marty and the mother of his child, Marty began to ramble breathlessly about how she had hit her head at the courthouse and how Natalie had held a gun on her at the cabin. "She doesn't care about you!" Marty cried. "She wants what she wants, and she knows I'm the only one who can stop her!"

Fearing the worst, Natalie attempted to take control of the situation and begged Marty to let her tell the tale. But Marty couldn't be stopped, and instead began to babble ceaselessly about how her water had broken and Natalie had helped her deliver her baby, only to take her son from her. Wild-eyed, Marty asked John to let Natalie down easy and help her retrieve their baby from the woman who was trying to destroy their love. "She's been plotting this since she pushed me down the stairs," Marty snapped, ignoring John's corrections to her fantasy. "She framed Cole! She made Rex steal my DNA!"

John had heard enough, and when the nurses and orderlies arrived in pursuit of Marty, he helped them drag the screaming mental health professional from Natalie's room. Stunned, Natalie turned to her infant son, cradled in her arms. "Oh, my God," she marveled. "She's totally lost it!" She felt confident that no one would believe Marty's story on the heels of a mental breakdown. She asked the baby what she should do next -- tell John the truth, or leave it alone.

Natalie told her son that John was already a great father to him, and reasoned that there was no call to break her fiancé's heart if she didn't have to. "No one's gonna believe her now," Natalie concluded, "so maybe we should keep this our little secret, huh?"

Not far away, John helped the medical team drag Marty back into her room and restrain her long enough for her to be sedated. As Marty grew drowsy, she raved about "her" baby with John, and asked John if he still loved their child. "I do," John promised softly. "We're gonna be a family," Marty whispered, smiling as she swooned. As John lay her on her hospital bed, she whispered for him to "get the baby."

After Marty was dealt with, John returned to Natalie's room. He confirmed that Marty had gone into a total meltdown, and asked Natalie if anything she had said about the events at the lodge were true. Improvising wildly, Natalie put her own spin on the story. She claimed that she had only told Marty off at the courthouse, and that they had decided to go to the hospital together to see to Jessica, and that Natalie had let Marty drive. She told John that Marty had driven past the hospital and abducted her, and said that when she had gone into labor on their way up Llantano Mountain, she had convinced Marty to take her to the lodge, where Marty had smashed Natalie's phone and threatened her with the shotgun.

Natalie grew emotional as she told John how scared she had been, faced with Marty and a breech birth. "I got you both," John soothed, comforting her. "It's over."

Over at the police station, Detective Price was surprised by the arrival of two junior legal eagles in power suits -- Starr and Danielle. Claiming to both be Téa's paralegals, they asked to see Nate, but Price informed the girls that visiting hours were over. Starr attempted to pull rank by dropping Dorian and Bo's names, but Price was unimpressed and told the teens to get lost.

As Price walked off, Starr and Danielle worried over Nate. Danielle couldn't understand why Nate would confess to Eddie's murder. "Maybe because he did it," Starr mused aloud. She hadn't thought Cole could become a killer, either, but she understood that sometimes people snapped; she didn't want Dani to suffer by Nate's side the way she had with Cole. Fearful, Dani slipped and revealed a secret to her sister -- that the night of Eddie's death, Nate had told her he had a "plan" to deal with his father. Dani asked Starr what James thought of the situation, but Starr had no idea, and admitted things had been "weird" between her and James since New Year's Eve.

Before Dani could press Starr further, James arrived with a food delivery for Nate. Dani quickly grabbed the food and rushed off to sweet-talk Price into letting her take the meal to her beau, leaving Starr and James sharing yet another awkward moment. Starr said she had been worried about James after Nate confessed, but claimed she hadn't wanted to call and make things worse between them. James shrugged it off and told her it was no big deal; he had agreed to date other people, but they could still talk and be friends. Suddenly, James got a call from a new lady in his life, leaving Starr bemused and at a loss for words.

As James ended his call, Dani returned, foiled again -- Price had taken the food to Nate himself. Dani was heartbroken and threw herself into Starr's arms, asking how Starr could bear having to wait for Cole. "I don't know," Starr admitted, lost in thought.

Over at the Mannings', Todd and Téa had hit the bedroom for an evening of lovemaking, only to be interrupted when Blair burst in on them. Todd was furious, but Blair said she had only one question for them, and promptly unrolled the oil painting from Eli's mystery box and showed it to the couple. She explained that she had found it in the box, and noted the date of the painting's creation: 2003. Blair asked Todd if he had commissioned the painting back then. "Why would I commission a painting of you?" Todd snarled. "I'm trying to forget you, Blair!"

Miffed, Blair stalked out of the room, then doubled back to retrieve her painting. Todd was livid, but Téa played peacemaker, and noted that the painting looked familiar to her somehow. When neither Téa nor Todd could turn up a lead, Blair left, but not before tossing a few more barbs at her ex. Todd was eager to resume his night of passion, but the moment was gone, and Téa informed him that she had to work on Nate's case. "I can't let Nate sit in a cell if Inez is guilty," she declared.

Todd wasn't convinced Nate was innocent, and told Téa that Nate and many others had just as much motive as Inez to kill Eddie. Téa pondered subpoenaing the police's files on the case to search for incriminating evidence against Inez, but Todd had another idea, and offered to have his goons arrange an "interview" with Inez, just as he had done with Hannah and Shaun the year before. "Absolutely not," Téa said as she sighed, but Todd reminded her that his methods got things done when time was of the essence, like when he sweated her whereabouts out of Shaun during her spell in St. Kitts. Téa told him thanks but no thanks, and Todd decided to change tactics. Drawing her into his arms, he asked what it would take to get her to forget Nate for the evening and return to bed. "If you have to ask," Téa replied as they moved in for a kiss, "the honeymoon is over."

At the Palace Hotel, Joey confronted Aubrey with the photo of her and Cutter from Maintenant magazine. "Who's the guy?" he asked, just in time for Cutter to strut out of the bedroom, wearing nothing but a towel. "That would be me," Cutter declared. Mortified, Aubrey insisted it wasn't what it looked like. "You have a naked guy in our hotel room!" Joey snapped, furious.

Ignoring the agitation, a cheerful Cutter stunned both Joey and Aubrey by introducing himself as Aubrey's brother, and claimed to be the black sheep of the Wentworth clan. He explained that he had visited Aubrey in Spain after Joey had left her for Thanksgiving and dragged her out to a club, where the paparazzi had taken a "misleading" photo of them together. "They made it look like I'm groping my sister!" Cutter groaned. As Joey struggled to take it all in, Aubrey turned on him. "You thought I was cheating?" she asked, flashing her best innocent look. "How can you marry me if you don't trust me?"

Joey quickly apologized to Cutter and Aubrey, and shook Cutter's hand, glad to finally meet a member of his fiancée's family. Aubrey asked Joey how he had found a copy of the magazine, and Joey explained that Kelly had shown it to him. Cutter concluded that Kelly was trying to break Joey and Aubrey up, but Joey called Kelly a concerned friend who was looking out for him. He apologized again for the misunderstanding and gave Aubrey a passionate kiss in front of the perturbed Cutter, then excused himself to take care of pressing business at La Boulaie.

After Joey left, Aubrey turned to Cutter, who beamed with triumph. "Your brother is a genius!" he crowed. Aubrey moved to embrace him, but ended up kneeing her lover in the groin. As Cutter collapsed to the floor, Aubrey told him his lie wouldn't hold up, as Kelly was sure to figure out they weren't brother and sister.

At La Boulaie, Kelly was crossing the foyer when she spotted Dorian in the drawing room, still in her Alcoholics Anonymous disguise. Kelly demanded to know who the "stranger" on the premises was, and Dorian hurriedly identified herself. She explained that she had been on a mission to expose Echo, just like Kelly's campaign to bust Aubrey. Kelly told her aunt that her plan had backfired, and said that Joey had merely "shot the messenger" and turned on her for suspecting the worst of his fiancée. She blamed Blair and Dorian for encouraging her to fight for Joey, and was convinced her ex hated her.

Dorian told Kelly not to lose heart, but Kelly didn't want to continue tormenting Joey with doubt and suspicion. She was sure Joey would never listen to her again. "Do you love him?" Dorian asked, and encouraged Kelly to use her journalist's instinct to discover what Aubrey was hiding, by hook or by crook. "Find out the 'who, what, where, when, and how!'" Dorian exhorted. Kelly feared she would only hurt Joey again, but Dorian assured her that once he knew the truth, Joey would sweep Kelly back into his arms.

As the doorbell rang, Dorian implored Kelly to answer destiny's call and "say hello to your future!" Rolling her eyes, Kelly headed for the door and was stunned and pleased to find Joey waiting. But Joey wasn't happy, and handed her the magazine, asking her to make sure he never saw it again. He explained that Cutter was Aubrey's "brother," and told Kelly that she had only helped him embarrass himself and hurt his betrothed. "Her brother!" Dorian scoffed, passing the exes on her way up the great staircase. "Yeah, sure!"

Kelly struggled to explain herself, but Joey wasn't having any of it. He had thought Kelly was his friend and could be happy for him, but he wanted her to do him a favor and stay out of his life. As Blair entered the house, Joey stormed past her without a word. "What was that about?" Blair asked her downcast cousin.

As Blair headed into the drawing room to continue pondering her oil painting, Dorian returned to Kelly's side. She didn't buy Aubrey's claim of having a brother, and told Kelly to go after Joey, reminding her niece that they were Cramer women and didn't take orders from mere men. As Kelly heeded her aunt's words of encouragement and left the house, Dorian picked up the magazine and stared at Aubrey's picture. "I know I've seen that beeyotch before," she murmured. "...Where?"

Back at the Palace, Cutter told Aubrey that he would handle Kelly's suspicions, and Aubrey gave him Kelly's number and told him to split before Joey returned. Cutter gave her a kiss and headed for the door. "Bye, sis," he cracked. "Remember, don't get too attached to the mark." Just then, "the mark" returned, and Cutter told Joey he was headed out to find a room. Joey suggested they have dinner afterwards, and Cutter agreed despite Aubrey's dismay.

As Cutter left, Joey embraced Aubrey. He told her he had spoken to Kelly, and promised that his ex-wife wouldn't trouble them again. Aubrey smiled devilishly at the news.

In the hallway, Cutter prepared to call Kelly. Speaking aloud, he warned Kelly that he had her number, and she needed to watch out.

Back at the hospital, Brody returned to Jessica's hospital room and asked her if he could invite the family in to see the baby. He added that Natalie had just delivered her baby, as well, another boy. Neither Brody nor Jessica could believe the coincidence. Jessica asked for another moment for just them and their son. "For now, it's just us and our family," she said, but Brody promised her it would be like that for the rest of their lives.

In Marty's room, a nurse watched over the mad doctor as Marty ranted in her sleep about Natalie's lies. "I know the truth," she mumbled to herself.

In Natalie's room, John and Natalie cuddled up with their son. Natalie admitted she feared Marty's behavior towards the baby would spiral out of control, but John told her not to worry. "We're a family now," he vowed. "No one's gonna take that away from us."

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Todd walked into his bedroom to find a frustrated Téa. Téa knew that, unless there was some kind of miracle, Nate would be heading to Statesville. Todd thought that the judge should go easy on Nate because Nate "did the world a favor" by killing Eddie. Dani entered carrying breakfast on a tray for her parents. Dani thanked her father for what he had done for Nate. Dani handed her confused mother a copy of the Sun that had Nate's picture and a headline reading "Call Judge! Nate Deserves Parade, Not Prison!"

Téa didn't agree with Dani's proclamation that Todd was "a genius," but insisted that she had a strategy. Dani couldn't understand why Nate had confessed when the judge had been about to let him go. Todd and Téa exchanged looks. Dani noticed and asked her parents what they knew. Téa insisted that they didn't know anything that Dani didn't, and that Téa would do everything in her power to help Nate.

Téa had to go because she had a "backup plan" that she needed to ask Nora about before the sentencing. When Dani left the room for a minute, Téa informed Todd that she was going to convince everyone that Nate was covering for Inez. Téa didn't know what the effort was going to do to Dani, but Téa knew that her duty was to her client and her daughter.

Later, Dani entered her parents' room to find Téa gone. Todd told her that Téa had gone to the courthouse. Dani said that she needed to go, as well, but Todd stopped her. He needed to talk to her about Nate. Todd told her that Nate hadn't killed Eddie. Dani wondered how Todd knew, and asked if he had killed Eddie. She related that Todd had never really explained the appearance of the cufflink at the scene, and that he seemed very sure that Nate hadn't killed Eddie.

Todd explained that Nate just didn't seem capable of killing anyone. Dani apologized for the misunderstanding. She thanked her father again for the headline and headed out to the courthouse. When Dani was gone, Todd took out his phone and called Detective Price. He told the detective that there was an emergency.

Later, Detective Price arrived and wondered where the body was. Todd had told the detective that there had been a murder. Todd clarified that he had meant the murder of Eddie Ford. "It got you over here, didn't it?" Todd reasoned. Todd needed the detective to figure out who had framed him and stolen his cufflink. Price reminded Todd that Nate had confessed, so there was no more need for an investigation, but Todd needed his name cleared "for my daughter's sake."

Later, Todd received a phone call from Detective Price. He revealed that Todd's and Téa's fingerprints had been found, but there was a partial print that didn't match either of the Mannings'. Todd demanded to know whose fingerprint it was.

Inez entered Bo's office and handed him an envelope that contained her resignation. She felt that it was the best thing for everyone. Inez had left notes for whoever her replacement was to be and said she could be called with questions. As she said that she needed to get to Nate, Rex burst through Bo's door. He apologized, but Inez said that she and Bo were done, and she left. Rex asked what he had walked in on.

Bo informed Rex that Inez had resigned, and Rex thought it was for the best. Bo said that Inez had denied drugging him. He realized that it had been easier for him to blame Inez than to own up to what he had done. Rex told Bo that he would change his mind once he saw what Rex had found out about Inez. Rex revealed to Bo that Inez had seen Marty and had gotten a prescription on the day of Eddie's death.

Rex handed a copy of the prescription to Bo and pointed out that the drug was a strong sedative. The paper warned that taking the drug with alcohol could cause disorientation. Rex suggested that Inez had spiked Bo's beer with the drug. Bo said that the paper didn't prove anything. Suddenly, Bo remembered that Inez had entered her apartment that night with a bag from the pharmacy. Nate had asked her about it, but she'd "brushed it off."

Rex suggested that Inez easily could have slipped out of her apartment, killed Eddie, and returned before Bo ever would have known she was gone. Rex asked Bo if he thought Inez was capable, but Bo didn't know. Bo appreciated the information, but thought Rex had found more than enough. Bo said that he would run the information by the district attorney, "if she'd speak to me." Rex said that he owed Bo. "For what?" Bo asked. Rex thought back to his conversation with Clint about David, and told Bo that he owed him "for a lot of things." Both men left Bo's office.

Clint looked at the front page of the Sun and asked Matthew for his opinion. Before Matthew could answer, Nora entered and asked to speak to Clint alone. Matthew left Clint's office, but listened in as Nora asked Clint why he had advised Bo not to tell her about Inez. Clint claimed that he hadn't waned to see Nora or her marriage hurt. Clint also hadn't wanted it to seem like Bo had just been paying Nora back for her affair with Sam. Nora was glad that Clint's "ethics" hadn't rubbed off on Matthew, since her son was the one who had told her about Bo and Inez.

Nora still wasn't sure where Matthew had picked up a rumor about Bo and Inez. Clint offered that people talked. Bo and Nora were public figures, so it was possible that they were targets. Clint asked Nora if she and Bo were going to get a divorce. "Would that make you happy?" Nora asked. She asked if Clint thought that she and Bo were getting what they deserved. Clint assured Nora that he had been over her as soon as he met Kim. Nora had to get to Nate's sentencing, so she left.

Matthew reentered the office, and Clint asked why his nephew hadn't told Nora that Clint was the one who had told Matthew about Bo and Inez. Matthew had figured that Nora would take out her anger on whoever had tipped Matthew off. Aside from that, Matthew believed that Clint was the only one who treated him like an adult. Matthew thought his dad was a jerk, and that Bo had messed up a great family.

Clint assured Matthew that he would get through the tough times like he always had. Matthew said that Clint was more like a dad to him than Bo was. Rex entered and reminded Matthew that Bo was Matthew's father, and that Bo was a great, loving father. Matthew left, and Clint asked Rex what he wanted. Rex wanted to talk to Clint about his connection to Inez.

Inez arrived at the courthouse and went over to Téa, saying that Nate couldn't go to jail. Téa agreed and said that it depended on Inez. Téa suggested that Inez could get on the stand and say anything she thought could help Nate. Téa thought Nate was likely to get twenty years in jail. An upset Inez argued that it wasn't Nate's fault and that he hadn't asked to have Eddie as a father.

Téa said that Inez had to do whatever she could for her son. Inez asked what that was supposed to mean, but Nora entered, so Inez left to check on Nate. Téa told Nora that they needed to talk because she believed Nate was covering for Inez. Nora reminded Téa that there had been witnesses placing Nate at the scene, and the gun was found in Nate's apartment. Téa countered that it was Inez's apartment as well.

Nora informed Téa that Inez had an alibi. After the third degree from Téa about the alibi, Nora finally confessed that Inez had been in bed with Bo at the time of Eddie's shooting. Téa still believed that Inez could have left as Bo slept. Nora told Téa about her idea of Inez being behind Nora's kidnapping, as well, but related that it was just a fantasy.

Nora said if Nate wanted to recant his confession, she wouldn't object. Otherwise, it was too late. She said that, unless something drastic happened, Nate was going to be sentenced that day.

Detective Price led Ford and James to Nate's holding cell and warned them that they could only be there until Nate's sentencing. Price left, and Ford began to yell at Nate for confessing to Eddie's murder. Nate insisted that he had committed the crime, but Ford continued to yell at him. James told Ford to stop yelling at Nate. Ford asked Nate why he would confess. Nate explained that he just wanted everything to be over. Ford said that things were far from over, and that Nate would need a miracle if he didn't want to end up in Statesville.

Nate told his brothers to leave. Ford ignored the request and asked where the money was. He explained that he had given Eddie fifty thousand dollars to leave town, but the money hadn't been recovered after Eddie's death. Nate didn't know about the money. Ford had plans to find the cash and bribe the guard to let Nate leave. Nate couldn't believe his brothers would do that for him.

Ford said that they had to stick together and wondered who had the money. Nate insisted that he was the real killer. "Are you?" Ford asked. Inez entered with a cop. She was happy to see her sons together. The cop told Ford and James to clear out, and they left.

At the gym, Starr and Langston talked while they stretched. Starr filled Langston in on what had happened between her and James. Langston was shocked that Starr was just going to let James date other girls when she clearly wanted James for herself. Starr replied that her heart was with Cole, which wasn't fair to James. Starr told Langston about the phone call James had received while Starr was with him at the police station. She had known that it was another girl so she had gotten "super jealous."

Just then, a girl called Starr's name. It was Michelle, a girl from one of Starr's classes. She had a question for Starr about James. She wanted to know if James had a girlfriend because, if he did, she didn't want to get "too invested" in him. Michelle said that she had hung out with James once, and they had been texting a lot. Ford and James entered the gym, and James looked nervous to see Michelle and Starr talking.

Michelle saw James and wanted to talk to him. She thought that James could use a distraction, so she invited him to her sorority's Valentine's Day dance. Eyeing Starr, James accepted the invitation, much to Michelle's excitement. Michelle had a meeting and had to leave, but assured James that she would see him soon. James asked Starr if it was all right with her. Starr claimed not to care and told him that if he was happy, so was she.

Ford told Langston his suspicions about Nate. He believed that his brother was holding something back. Ford couldn't picture his "little brother" shooting anyone. Langston related that she had never heard Ford refer to Nate as his little brother before. However, Ford said that they were family.

As Téa told Nate that it wasn't too late to take back his confession, the judge entered. The judge asked Nora if she wanted to call anyone to the stand, which she declined. The judge then asked Téa the same thing. She took the judge up on the offer and called Inez to the stand. She asked Inez if she loved Nate. "More than anything," Inez replied. Téa continued, "Then why are you letting him take the fall for a murder you committed?"

Friday, January 14, 2011

In his mansion, Todd talked on the phone to Detective Price and barked that someone had planted his cufflink at the crime scene of Eddie Ford's murder. Todd threatened Detective Price to give him the suspect's name, or Todd would tell of the detective's "on-the-job transgressions with some of the working girls in lock-up."

At Nate's sentencing hearing, Téa questioned Inez, who was on the witness stand, about why Inez would let Nate take the fall for a murder that she had committed. When the judge stopped the questioning, Téa insisted that her client was not guilty. After the judge indicated that Nate could plead guilty, Téa claimed that she intended to prove that Inez had killed Eddie Ford.

Téa was outraged and asked why Inez would let Nate take the rap for what she had done. Nora indicated that she would like an answer to that as well. Todd ran into the courtroom and interrupted the proceedings. When Téa told Todd that Inez was the killer, Todd disagreed. Todd pointed to Nate and revealed that Nate was "guilty as sin."

When Téa asked for Todd to be ejected from the courtroom, Todd announced that the Llanview Police Department had determined that his cufflink, which had been planted next to Eddie's body, had Nate's prints all over it. Todd simply stated, "He set me up."

Nate admitted to the court that he had framed Todd. Bo then walked into the courtroom and agreed that forensics had found Nate's prints on the cufflink. When the judge announced that he had enough to render his decision, Téa begged for the judge to hear the circumstances of the night in question from Nate. The judge allowed that Nate could tell what had happened that night in his own words.

Nate explained that Eddie had agreed to leave town, if he lost the boxing match, but that he, in fact, had not. Nate revealed that, as a result, he had concocted a plan. When Nate had taken Dani home, he had slipped into her parents' bedroom and had removed some jewelry that belonged to both Todd and Téa. After that, he had then found and kissed Dani and had left the mansion. Nate had originally planned to plant the items, to call the police, and then to have Eddie arrested. Nate declared that his plan had changed when he had killed Eddie instead.

Eddie yelled that he had murdered his father to protect the people that he loved. Nate indicated that he had found the gun at his mother's apartment and had shot Eddie in his sleep. Téa yelled that Eddie had actually been found at the foot of the bed, which meant that someone else had already killed him. Nate screamed, "You're right, okay. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't do it."

Nate then revealed that he had slipped into Eddie's room and had found his father on the floor. He reflected that the cufflink must have rolled out of his bag unnoticed. Nate said that he had gone back to Dani's and had returned the items. "I was just trying to frame Eddie. I almost framed Mr. Manning instead."

Téa asked why Nate had admitted to the murder of Eddie Ford. Téa then speculated that Nate had realized that his mother had killed his father, when he saw the gun in Inez's apartment. Nate agreed, "Yes, you're right. I did it to save her."

In the hospital, Marty envisioned that she held a baby, and that John then entered the room and asked about their son. When the police officer looked in on Marty, he saw her, as she rocked in her bed and smiled. In her delusion, Marty told John that they should get someone to help out with the baby, and John replied, "Don't worry. I've already got it covered." Natalie walked into the room.

In Marty's daydream, John stated that Natalie loved the baby, and as Natalie held the baby, she agreed that she did. Marty demanded that Natalie return the baby to her and then screamed for John. The cop ran into the room and requested that Marty calm down.

In the maternity ward, Roxy saw that the baby was missing from his crib and yelled out loud to ask who had her grandson.

In Clint's office at Buchanan Enterprises, after Rex asked Clint what connection he had with Inez, Clint tried to throw Rex out. Rex informed Clint that he was helping Bo with his marriage and revealed to Clint his theory that Bo had never slept with Inez. When Clint said that Bo had told him that he had, Rex claimed that evidence existed that indicated that Inez had drugged Bo, which would be a good alibi for the murder of her ex-husband.

Rex believed that Nate was taking the fall for his mother, and Clint yelled that Rex's belief was "ludicrous." Clint yelled that Rex should not encourage Bo "to buy into these dime store fantasies." Clint exclaimed that Bo should face reality and should "live with the consequences, end of story."

In Jessica's room at the hospital, Brody held their baby, as John wheeled Natalie into the room. John handed Brody a "stogie." Jessica and Natalie both discussed that they had not yet selected names for the babies. Jessica was relieved that Natalie was okay but wished that she could say the same about Marty. Jessica mentioned that she would like to visit Marty, but Brody felt that Marty was not herself, since she had not even recognized him. Jessica was sad that Marty was "so close to the edge."

Jessica then wondered again what Marty had wanted to tell her at John and Natalie's wedding. Natalie claimed that they would never know, if Marty never recovered. A nurse entered to take Jessica's baby for tests. The police officer also walked in to ask John for help with Marty. Natalie's baby grew fussy, so Jessica suggested that Natalie hand the baby to Brody to calm him. When the baby immediately cooed in Brody's arms, Natalie remembered that Brody had been determined to be the father of her baby.

Roxy, who carried a bundle of pink balloons, found John in the hall and cried, "Congrats." She gave him a huge hug. Roxy told John that she would have been there sooner, but she had been in Atlantic City. Roxy revealed that she had probably consumed too much tequila, because when she woke up, she found that she was "leg chained to a llama," and that she had cake batter all over her. Roxy asked, "So, where is the little McBundle?"

John explained that he had to leave and then asked Roxy if she was aware that the baby was a boy. Roxy replied, "Oh yeah, I know that, but I had a little tussle with a guy in the gift shop. He snaked all of the last boy balloons."

As Vimal entered Clint's office, he carried a huge bouquet of blue balloons and congratulated Clint on the "new addition to the family." When Clint stated that he was busy talking to Rex Balsom, Vimal indicated that he knew all about Rex. As Vimal put the balloons down, he stated that Clint talked about Rex all of the time. Vimal then quickly mentioned that he was to keep Rex "removed from all things Buchanan."

Clint laughed and told Rex to get out, before Clint had Vimal "test out his anti-Balsom capabilities." When Rex remarked that he was on his way to visit Natalie and to see his new nephew, Clint demanded that Rex stay away from Natalie. Rex pointed out that Natalie had been his sister longer than she had been Clint's daughter. After Rex left, Vimal observed, "You and your son really don't get along, do you?"

At the hospital, Roxy burst into Jessica's room, "Have no fear, Granny's here." Roxy then asked Jessica about her "Caesar section," and Jessica informed Roxy that she and the baby were fine. When Roxy noted that the baby in Brody's arms was "all Brody," Natalie quickly took her baby from Brody and said, "Roxy, this isn't Brody's baby. It's John's."

Jessica explained to Roxy that their baby was having tests done, and Roxy claimed that she could tell that Natalie's baby was John's. Rex entered the room and smiled at the baby. Rex said to Natalie, "This totally makes up for all of the Christmases you weren't around to give me a present." Natalie informed Rex that his present would be babysitting for the infant.

Roxy was awed that Rex and Natalie had turned out great despite her, and began to cry. Natalie gave Rex the details of the baby's birth, and Roxy indicated that she would have a few choice words with Marty. When Natalie begged Roxy not to get involved, Roxy insisted that she would become more involved in her children's lives.

Roxy left, and Jessica was certain that their babies would spend "so much time together," since they would think of each other as both brothers and cousins. After Rex wheeled Natalie out of Jessica's room, he asked Natalie what had really happened with Marty.

In Marty's room, John found Marty screaming in her bed for him. Marty begged for John to "bring me back my baby." As Marty continued to plead, John softly said that the baby was with the doctor for extra care from being born premature. John told Marty that she needed to recuperate, and Marty wondered why she was cuffed to the bed. John informed her that the cuffs would be removed, once she was better.

In the hall, John told the police officer that Marty had calmed down. John indicated that the officer needed to get a relief officer to watch over Marty, because she should not be left alone. After they both left to get the relief, Roxy walked into Marty's room. "I'm sorry. Not even Johnny can save you now."

Back at Buchanan Enterprises, Vimal explained that he had been detained, because he had needed to fight off an angry woman, who had smelled vaguely of llama, for the blue balloons. Vimal swore to Clint that he would never tell anyone about Clint's "secret son." However, Clint feared that Rex was "sniffing around another trail, and I'm going to have to put him off of it -- fast." Clint indicated that he would need to do some immediate damage control.

Vimal reminded Clint that he was a grandfather again, and Clint thanked Vimal. Clint hoped that Vimal's grandsons would be born on the same day as well. Concerned, Vimal marked that Clint had more than one grandson, and Clint reminded Vimal that both of his daughters had just given birth to sons. Vimal looked confused but remembered that Clint had two daughters. Vimal quietly said, "You know, so many paternity tests...." Clint noted, "Yeah, but only one of my daughters had a paternity test that you had to change. Or did you think that both of my girls slept with two different men?"

Vimal denied that he had suggested anything improper, and Clint asked for Vimal to excuse him. When Vimal walked into the lobby, he remembered that he had found Clint's daughters' names for paternity testing on the lab computer. "Well, Mr. Buchanan, both of your daughters had paternity tests. I just pray I fixed the right one. Otherwise, the wrong Buchanan daughter thinks that Brody Lovett is the father of her baby."

Back at the hospital, in Jessica's room, Brody believed that Natalie felt that Brody would break her baby. However, Jessica thought that Natalie was just being overprotective.

In the hall, Natalie told Rex that she had needed to kidnap Marty to prevent her from telling the truth. Natalie pondered that since Marty had been at the hospital, she had been unable to remember that Brody was the father of her baby. Rex noted, "At least, you are in the clear." John walked up to them and asked, "In the clear for what?"

Rex laughed and explained that Marty was finally out of John's and Natalie's hair. John told Natalie that Marty would make it all up to her. Rex congratulated them both and stated that he had to leave to work on a case. John asked Natalie if she wanted to check on the baby.

The police officer, who had been guarding Marty, told the relief cop, "The patient is usually quiet, but today she just freaked out." The relief officer asked, "Is she sedated?" The cop responded, "There's a nurse on the way. Just let the doctor know if it happens again." They looked in the window of Marty's room and saw a tuft of hair sticking out from over the top of the covers.

As John and Natalie looked through the window at their baby, Natalie voiced, "I could just stay here all day and just stare at him." John responded, "You know something. I just might do that. Hey, thank you for this gift. See you later, little man." Natalie whispered to the baby, "Mommy and daddy will be back soon. We love you. Be good." They walked back to the wheelchair, and John wheeled Natalie down the hall.

Marty walked up to the window and said, "Hi, baby boy. Momma's here."

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