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Inez confessed that Clint had forced her to break up Bo and Nora's marriage. Inez also admitted that she had drugged Bo to pretend they'd had sex. Cris and Blair followed clues to Paris to try to locate the artist who had painted Blair's portrait. Cris bumped into Layla and admitted he'd been in bed with Blair. Layla divulged she'd slept with her boss. Kelly was suspicious of Cutter and Aubrey.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 17, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, January 17, 2011

At the hospital, Natalie and John said goodbye to their baby boy in the nursery, and they headed back towards Natalie's room. As soon as they were gone, Marty swooped in, dressed in her doctor's lab coat. "Can I help you, Dr. Saybrooke?" asked the nurse. "I'm here for the baby," Marty replied. Marty explained that her friend had given birth, and she was there to look in on him.

The nurse gave her consent, because Marty was a doctor. "Hi, little one. Everything's gonna be okay," Marty said to the infant. She called him her beautiful boy and murmured that she couldn't allow Natalie to steal him.

As John and Natalie passed Marty's room, they heard a commotion. John ran over to talk to the guard, who confessed that he had no idea how long Marty had been gone. Roxy was in the bed instead, and she was unconscious. The guard had just arrived on duty. John quickly made a phone call and had the hospital exits blocked, because he'd learned that Marty hadn't left the hospital. Then he ran to the nursery.

Rex bumped into Kelly, and they discussed Natalie and Jessica's newborn sons for a few moments. Rex wondered how Kelly was really doing, and Kelly revealed that the man in the magazine photo with Aubrey was Aubrey's brother. Joey was angry at Kelly for showing him the magazine, and he'd told her to stay away.

It was Rex's opinion that Aubrey and the man in the photo hardly looked like brother and sister. He and Kelly agreed that the photo looked "sexual." Kelly deemed Aubrey a "lying little bitch," and Kelly was not thoroughly convinced that Aubrey and Cutter were brother and sister. Rex pointed to the laptop that Kelly was carrying, and the pair sat down to do some on-the-spot investigating.

Rex hacked into some records and reluctantly informed Kelly that it appeared as though Cutter really was Aubrey's brother. Kelly still wasn't certain, and she wanted to continue to try to find out what Aubrey was hiding.

John arrived at the nursery just as Marty was leaving with the baby in her arms. She explained that she'd had no choice, because John wouldn't let her see their son. She thought he might be afraid she'd hurt the baby, especially after her fall down the stairs. John spoke calmly and quietly. He suggested that she needed a rest, but Marty insisted that she wanted to go home with their son. John agreed to take her home, but he offered to hold the infant, because he thought that Marty might be weak.

Natalie sat in the room with Roxy until Roxy regained consciousness. Rex had heard about Marty, and he showed up to see what had happened. Roxy explained that Marty had head-butted her, and that was the last thing she remembered. In view of the fact that Rex was there, Natalie took off for the nursery. She was concerned about her son.

Roxy felt awful, and Rex admitted that he was concerned about her. Roxy was surprised, because Echo was really Rex's mother. Rex stated that while Echo had given birth to him, Roxy was his mother. He knew that Natalie felt the same way about Roxy. Roxy blamed herself for what had happened, and she believed it would be her own fault if something happened to Natalie's baby. Rex assured her that Marty had snapped, and she'd had it in for Natalie for some time.

John convinced Marty to go along with him, but just then Natalie showed up, and Marty slammed the nursery door. Marty grew crazed and began to yell that she couldn't allow Natalie to steal the baby. Marty preferred to die before she let that happen. John tried to remain calm, but he lost his temper and banged his hand on the nursery window. He quickly apologized and asked the nurse for a key. He stood fast in his offer to take Marty home. Natalie agreed to leave, but she wanted to talk to Marty first.

Natalie said she was sorry. She admitted that she couldn't stand losing John, and she'd tried to take him away from Marty. She had realized that Marty and John loved each other, and they had the baby, so Natalie would not stand in their way. She didn't think that anyone should destroy a family that was meant to be together. Natalie was aware that Marty was a good mother, and Marty would take care of the baby.

John obtained a key and walked into the nursery. "Let's go home," he said to Marty. He did his best to reassure her, and he promised that all would be okay. He reminded her that it was cold outside, and the baby wasn't dressed properly to go home. He thought that the nurses should take the baby and get him ready. Marty consented, and she handed the infant to John. Just then Natalie reappeared, and took the baby from John. Marty began to kick and scream, but John blocked her from Natalie.

At Nate's sentencing hearing, Téa finally got Nate to admit that he had been lying to save his mother. "I'm sorry, Mom. I tried," Nate called out to Inez. Nora wasn't convinced that the entire thing was a ploy, and she thought that perhaps Téa and Nate had even rehearsed it. Téa pointed out that Nate hadn't even known any details of the murder, and she thought that anyone would be able to see that he was innocent. Téa believed that the district attorney should authorize an arrest of Inez instead.

Nora was irritated and suggested that Téa shouldn't tell Nora how to do her job. The judge was infuriated, and he was tired of the entire "three-ring circus." They were there for a sentencing, and he wanted Téa to be quiet, the judge demanded. The judge advised Nate to take the charges seriously, but he thought that Nora should consider a further investigation based on Téa's charges that Inez has committed Eddie's murder. The judge called a recess.

Nate was furious at Téa's behavior, but she argued that it had been her job to protect him, because he was her client. She doubted that he would be going to jail, though, because he was innocent. Todd wondered if his wife would be taking on a new client in Inez. Dani comforted Nate, but Nora and Bo were anxious to hear what Inez had to say. Bo felt that Nate had truly believed that his mother had committed the crime.

The judge returned and stated that he wanted to review the case. He wanted the district attorney to consider charges, but he wanted Nate returned to his cell. He adjourned court. Nate apologized to Inez and explained that he'd only wanted to protect her. He would do anything for her, he added. "I didn't do it," Inez contended.

Téa separated the mother and son, and Nora maintained that she'd love to put Inez behind bars. Unfortunately Nora couldn't do that, because she knew that Inez had an alibi. Inez had been sleeping with Nora's husband, Nora asserted. Inez maintained that she had no idea how the gun had showed up in her apartment, but someone who had power and wanted revenge had obviously placed it there. Bo informed her that he was aware of the prescription that Inez had used, because he'd passed out.

Nora wanted to pursue the fact that Inez had the opportunity to commit the crime, and she still believed that Inez was the one behind Nora's kidnapping. Inez wanted to explain. She advised the Buchanans that nothing had happened, and she'd never slept with Bo. "We never had sex," Inez added. Nora stopped short of breaking out into a grin.

Téa suggested that Nate shouldn't worry, because she was certain that the judge would throw the case out. Nate apologized to Téa and also to Todd for stealing the jewelry that had caused it to look like Todd had committed the murder. "It's okay," Dani assured Nate. "It is?" Todd asked. Téa promised that Todd wouldn't press any charges, and Nate swore that he'd only wanted his father to be gone. Todd claimed that while Nate's move had been stupid, it wasn't the dumbest thing he'd ever seen.

Todd also apologized for providing the evidence that had made it look like Nate had killed his father. Nate wondered what would happen to his mother. Téa promised that she would help Inez, but she wanted Nate to remain focused. "Will it be at my mom's expense?" Nate asked.

At the Serenity Springs gym, Cutter insisted on kissing Aubrey, but she managed to push him away just as Joey walked inside. Joey announced that he was looking forward to getting to know his future brother-in-law. Aubrey proclaimed that Cutter would be leaving the area shortly, but Cutter disagreed. He wanted to be around for the wedding, though he'd heard there might be a problem with Joey's father.

Joey admitted that his father had trouble with outsiders, and Clint always believed that everyone was after the Buchanan money. Joey noted that his grandfather had often threatened to cut everyone out of his family and will if he didn't like them. Joey admitted that he didn't care about the family fortune and would live with Aubrey anywhere. He didn't think Aubrey cared about that sort of thing either. Aubrey and Cutter exchanged nervous glances behind Joey's back.

The trio did some exercising, and Joey broke away to get some water. Cutter leaned over to kiss Aubrey again and admitted that he was jealous every time he saw Joey kissing Aubrey. He wanted to get to Joey's money quickly, before Joey's father cut Joey off, Cutter stated. Aubrey was more concerned about Kelly, but Cutter promised to take care of Kelly. Aubrey headed to yoga, and because it was a woman's class, Cutter reluctantly headed to the steam room with Joey.

The guys made themselves comfortable, and Joey enlightened Cutter on how he and Aubrey had met. Joey was curious about Cutter's life, and Cutter explained that he had just been "bumming around." He didn't have a concrete job, and he had his hands in several ventures. None of them were illegal, Cutter assured Joey. Cutter had a question for Joey. "What's up with you and Kelly Cramer?" Cutter asked. He maintained that Aubrey had filled him in briefly, and he thought that Kelly sounded crazy and jealous.

Joey maintained that Kelly had always been thoughtful and kind, and she was his friend. He loved Aubrey, though, and they were "soul mates." They had something special. Joey was finished with the steam room, but he advised Cutter that he wanted to learn more about Cutter's ventures. Joey also added that it was a good thing the ventures were all legal, because his uncle was the police commissioner. "Great," Cutter muttered.

Aubrey and Kelly ran into each other in the gym, and Aubrey demanded to know why Kelly had gone to Joey with the magazine photo. Kelly apologized to Aubrey for a "misinterpretation" of the magazine photo, and she suggested that they forget about it. Aubrey refused to accept Kelly's apology, and she wanted to "have it out" with Kelly.

Kelly insisted she'd made a mistake, but she didn't think Aubrey had been honest. Aubrey had never mentioned she'd had a brother, Kelly said. Aubrey was adamant that she didn't owe anyone anything, but Kelly felt that Aubrey had a secret life. While Aubrey had been out partying, she was supposed to have been sick. In fact, Aubrey had used that excuse frequently, Kelly pointed out. "If I had any doubt that there was more to your story, that's gone now," Kelly exclaimed.

Aubrey claimed that she had nothing to hide, and she began to threaten Kelly. When Joey appeared, Aubrey yelled out in pain. She maintained that Kelly had been hurting her. Kelly pointed out that Joey knew that couldn't be true, but Joey believed that he'd only thought he'd known Kelly well. He told Kelly to leave.

After Kelly was gone, Aubrey explained that Kelly had been calling her names. Joey didn't think it sounded like Kelly at all, and he wrapped his arms around his fiancée. Aubrey thought there was something wrong with Kelly, and she hoped that Joey wasn't doubting Aubrey. Aubrey smiled without Joey noticing.

Kelly changed her clothes and headed to the steam room just as Cutter was walking out of it. "You," Kelly said loudly. "Have we met?" Cutter asked. "You're Cutter Wentworth," Kelly stated, holding her fingers up to denote quotation marks around Cutter's name. "And you must be Kelly Cramer," Cutter replied.

A thankful Natalie had her son, and Rex assured her that Roxy was also doing well, though Roxy had suffered a minor concussion. Natalie revealed that Marty had been holding the baby, but John had worked things out. Rex noted that Marty was crazy, and would probably never spill the news about the baby's real father.

John informed Natalie that Marty would be taken to St. Anne's. Hopefully, Marty would be able to view the world as it was before she snapped, he said earnestly. As an orderly walked by pushing Marty in a wheelchair, Marty waved to John and Natalie.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blair found Cristian at the gym and admitted that she still had lots of questions about the painting she'd found in Eli's box. Cristian agreed to look the painting over again, and he was surprised to find an interesting watermark on the back of it. He explained that the mark would indicate where the canvas had been made, and they hurriedly began to do some Internet research on a laptop.

They studied the information and learned that the canvas had been created in Paris. Cristian admitted that he wanted to talk to Layla, anyway, and he and Blair agreed that they both had a good reason to go to Paris.

Cutter ran into Kelly in front of the steam room and revealed that Aubrey had told him all about Kelly. He insisted that he was Aubrey's brother, but Kelly wasn't buying it for a minute. She believed that he was Aubrey's lover, and she intended to prove it. She admitted that she'd checked it out online, but she still felt certain she'd eventually catch Cutter in a lie. Cutter thought that Kelly was the one who was the liar.

Cutter called Kelly pathetic for making up stories to get Joey to look at her. He informed her that if Joey were interested in Kelly, Joey would have been with her. Cutter urged Kelly to stop longing after Joey, because she was hot, and he thought she could probably have any guy she wanted. He leaned over and began to kiss her, but Kelly pulled away and slapped him. She told him to go to hell. Cutter suggested that she should look at him instead of at his sister. He tossed his towel in her direction and left.

Joey took Aubrey to the hospital in order to present his two new nephews to her. Aubrey was quiet, and after Joey prodded her, she admitted that she was still upset about her confrontation with Kelly. Joey confessed that he'd spoken to Cutter about Kelly. "What's really going on between you and Cutter?" Joey asked. Aubrey maintained that Cutter was just her brother, and Joey mentioned that Cutter had seemed nervous when Joey had announced that his uncle was the police commissioner.

Aubrey claimed that her parents hadn't been happy when Cutter had made some mistakes, and they'd kept Cutter and Aubrey apart. Aubrey had been sent away to school, and she hadn't seen Cutter for quite some time. Joey declared that he still didn't know anything about Aubrey, other than the fact that they'd connected when they'd first met. Aubrey made him feel special, but he wasn't familiar with her hopes and dreams, or what she really wanted out of life.

Aubrey replied that she only wanted to be with Joey, and she was "easy to please." Joey wondered if she even wanted children, but Aubrey turned it around and asked Joey whether he wanted them. Joey admitted that he wanted a house full of kids, and Aubrey grew contemplative. She agreed that she wanted kids too. Joey announced that he wanted to live in Llanview, because he missed his family.

"Your dad hates me. And so does Kelly," Aubrey reminded him. Joey noted that she wasn't marrying either of them, and he loved her. She thought he had wanted to work for his father, but Joey shook his head. He longed to be a photographer, and he wanted Aubrey to be happy. Aubrey was moved to tears. Just then Cutter walked in, but the couple was oblivious to his presence. Aubrey informed Joey that no one had ever cared for her as much as Joey did. He was different from everyone she'd ever known.

Cutter claimed to be there to view the new Buchanan family additions. He admitted that he'd never seen Aubrey "into" anyone as much as she was "into" Joey. He proclaimed that he'd met a new girl at the gym, and she was just his type. Joey thought that Cutter moved fast, having just arrived in town. Cutter confessed that he liked the new girl.

Echo found Clint in the stables at his residence and explained that she was there to warn him about big trouble arriving in the form of Dorian. Echo filled Clint in on the incident at her A.A. meeting, and Dorian's intent to prove that Clint was actually Rex's father. Clint called Rex a swindler, one who was trying to take down Clint's family. Echo disagreed and emphasized that both Rex and Shane were good people. "Your loss is Charlie's gain," Echo added.

Echo revealed that she was worried about what would happen to Charlie if he ever learned the truth, and she was certain that Dorian would be able to expose them. Echo felt guilty about lying, and she wondered if Clint ever felt guilty about his own actions. Clint insisted that guilt was a waste of time, and there was never any sense in crying over one's actions. He didn't want to discuss it further. Echo inquired about the disappearance of the good, strong man who she'd once known.

Echo recalled that Clint hadn't wanted to be like his father, but Clint advised her that he'd grown. It was no longer an insult to be the way Asa was, Clint proclaimed. Echo remembered Clint's gentle side, much like Bo's. Clint reminded her that she'd done her own wrongs, like deserting her son, and luring Clint away from Viki. He didn't think she had any right to judge him.

Echo agreed that she'd made lots of mistakes, and she had partied, drunk a lot, and lied to ease the pain. She was still drinking and lying and using it all to get close to Charlie, who was married to Viki. She asked if Clint thought it all sounded too familiar. Charlie was supposed to be her friend, and she was falling for a married man again, as well as hurting Viki. She hated herself, and she hated to look at herself in the mirror. She knew what she was, and she didn't need Clint to tell her.

She knew that Clint had once suffered and hated himself for hurting Viki. Echo wondered if Clint ever still felt like that. "I don't know, Echo," Clint replied. He noted that everything had gone to hell after Asa had died. Echo asked Clint why he seemed so bitter. Clint pronounced it all irrelevant. "I'm doing what needs to be done," he snapped.

He recalled how he and Bo had pretended to be Asa when they were children, and they had fought over the right to wear Asa's hat. Clint had almost always won, because he had been stronger. Echo wondered if Clint were about to grab his gun and march to Dorian's. Clint was certain that Echo would prevent Dorian from learning the truth, because Echo had lots to lose. She wanted Charlie for herself.

Echo suggested that Clint hang Asa's hat back on its hook and just walk away. She wanted him to be the man she had known before.

Ford arrived at La Boulaie to visit with Langston, and he confided that Nate had recanted his plea. It had turned out that Nate had been lying to protect their mother. Ford admitted that he hadn't seen his mother in years, and he had no idea of what she might be capable of. He did know that she'd left two young sons with an abusive father.

Dorian vowed to find out the truth about Rex, because she was positive that Clint was Rex's real father. Langston and Ford found Dorian in the study as Dorian was looking at the photo of Aubrey in the magazine. Dorian was sure that Aubrey looked familiar, and when she saw Ford walk through the door, she recalled why. Ford and Aubrey had been all over each other when she'd seen them at the Palace, Dorian declared.

Ford yelled that it was a lie, and they hadn't been all over each other at all. In fact, Aubrey had been waiting for Joey at the bar, Joey emphasized. He had a history with Aubrey, though, he admitted. Dorian was prepared for him to tell them all about it. Ford recalled meeting Aubrey at a film festival in Venice. He wasn't proud that he'd been able to go on "someone else's dime," and he'd pretended to be a "hot-shot" film director. Aubrey had been all over him. "Another one bites the dust," Langston muttered.

Ford explained that Aubrey had made him feel special, and she had said things that she knew he wanted to hear. He had realized that he hadn't known anything about her. Dorian interjected that Ford and Joey were both quite different types of men. Ford made it clear that he'd thought he'd had some kind of connection with Aubrey, and he had finally decided to tell her the truth about himself. That was when Aubrey had dropped him.

Dorian assumed that Aubrey had dumped Ford because he'd turned out to be worthless. Ford related that he'd seen Aubrey at the Palace for the first time since Venice, and there was nothing there. He had no feelings for her at all, and there was only one woman for him. That woman was Langston, he stated. "How touching," Dorian called out sarcastically. Langston ordered her mother to be quiet.

At the courthouse, Inez announced that she had never really slept with Bo. She had lied, but she had decided to tell the truth after what had happened with Nate in the courtroom. Bo and Nora were in shock, as Inez continued to explain that she'd mashed up a pill and put it into Bo's beer. Bo admitted that he had thought of that scenario himself, and he'd gotten Rex to do some investigation. Rex had learned about the prescription that Marty had given to Inez the same day, and Bo had seen Inez with the pharmacy bag.

Inez revealed that when Bo had kissed her, he'd thought she was Nora. He had spoken about how much he loved her, and he'd pushed her away when he had realized it was Inez. Bo and Nora were visibly relieved, and they both agreed that Inez was telling the truth. Bo and Nora quickly embraced. Nora wanted Inez arrested for arranging Nora's kidnapping as well as for killing Eddie.

Inez insisted that she'd had nothing to do with either of the incidents, and while she admitted she'd been attracted to Bo, she'd had no choice about carrying out the pretense of sleeping with him. She had been forced to do it. Nora didn't want to accept Inez's story, and Nora was quite insistent that Inez tell the truth. Nora kept pushing until finally, Inez shouted that Clint had wanted Inez to sleep with Bo.

Inez clarified that Clint had done lots of favors for her, and she'd had to pay him back. She verified that Clint was still angry at Bo and Nora, and he'd wanted to get back at them. He had threatened her sons, and he'd hired an expensive attorney for Eddie. Clint had promised to take care of Eddie, if Inez agreed to sleep with Bo. Clint had wanted to destroy Bo and Nora's marriage, and at first Inez had refused.

Inez hadn't wanted to get between Bo and Nora, and she hadn't even thought it was possible. That was when Clint had advised her that Nora wouldn't be a problem, and he'd had Eddie kidnap Nora. Bo recalled that he'd said something to only Clint about Sam, and that message had haunted him in the fake text message sent from Nora's phone.

Bo shared that he'd stayed with Clint after Nora had kicked him out, and Clint had almost appeared to look guilty. Nora recalled that she'd spoken to Clint recently, and he'd seemed happy about her breakup with Bo. Inez swore that Clint was responsible for everything, and she wanted them to believe her. "Inez Salinger, you're under arrest," Bo announced. "Bo, don't do this, please!" Inez pleaded.

Bo advised her that for starters, Inez had drugged him. He had something to do, and he left as police officers placed Inez in handcuffs. Nora still wasn't sure that Clint was involved, and she didn't want Bo to do anything that he'd regret. She didn't want Bo to get hurt. The couple agreed that they were going to be okay.

After Bo was gone, Inez again stated that Clint had forced her to do what she'd done. Nora wondered why Inez hadn't said anything to Bo or Nora if it had been so awful for Inez. Nora felt strongly that Inez wanted Bo and Nora to split up.

Kelly returned to La Boulaie and announced that she had to change her gym membership. She told everyone what had happened at the gym, but Dorian explained that Ford had some interesting news about Aubrey. Kelly wasn't surprised, and she remarked that Ford really got around. Langston didn't want to hear anything else about Aubrey, and she announced that she had to leave to meet Starr.

Ford filled Kelly in on his Venice meeting with Aubrey, and Kelly grabbed the French magazine. Pointing to the photo, she asked him if the man in the photo looked familiar. Ford said he did, and Kelly asked if the man were Aubrey's brother.

Bo found Clint at the stable, and Clint knew that something was wrong when he looked at Bo's face. "What is it, Bo? Is something wrong?" Clint asked. Bo pulled out his gun and pointed it at Clint.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kelly demanded to know whether or not Ford recognized Cutter as Aubrey's brother. Ford wondered why Kelly cared, but Kelly only complained that the "new and improved" Ford still didn't seem to help others. Ford admitted that he had seen Aubrey hanging out with Cutter at the film festival after she had already ditched Ford. However, Ford informed Kelly that he hadn't been able to tell whether they were "hooking up," or siblings.

Ford related that Aubrey had never mentioned having a brother, but he had only been around her for twenty-four hours. "Isn't that twenty-three hours more than usual?" Kelly taunted. Kelly said that she wanted to accept Aubrey and Cutter as siblings, but couldn't. She thanked Ford "for nothing" as she led him out. He wondered what he had done to make Kelly treat him like an enemy. Kelly answered that it had been his actions toward Langston and Jessica.

Ford reminded Kelly that Langston had forgiven him, and that Jessica's baby had turned out to be Brody's anyway. He asked Kelly if she had ever needed a second chance from anybody. He didn't want to be friends. He just wanted her to be civil with him. Kelly told Ford that she would think about it. Ford revealed that he had to leave for an appointment at the hospital. It was a checkup for the injuries that Eddie had re-aggravated after the fight.

Kelly wondered why Ford wouldn't identify his original attacker. Ford had his own reasons, but thought that it would be someone else's job to make the attacker face justice. He left, and Kelly picked up Maintenant. She looked at the picture of Aubrey and Cutter, and picked up her phone.

At the courthouse, John asked Brody why he wasn't at the hospital with Jessica. Brody was there to find out if there was any news about Marty. John informed him that she was in St. Anne's. Brody felt that it was the best thing for everyone. Brody praised John for staying so calm because, if it had been his son, he wouldn't have been so calm. Brody left for the hospital.

In the hallway of the courthouse, Nora left a message for Bo, informing him that Inez was in a jail cell. She hoped that he didn't go to see Clint or do anything "crazy." As John left the courthouse, he bumped into Nora. John updated Nora about all that had happened with Marty. Nora regretted not being a good friend, but John understood that Nora had been wrapped up in her own problems. Nora took the opportunity to update John on what had happened with Inez. John asked why Inez would've acted in the way that she did. All Nora said was, "Ask my brother-in-law."

Nora didn't think Inez could have done it alone, but admitted that she and Bo were in the process of gathering evidence. After all, they only had Inez's word to go on. Nora also told John that she didn't know where Bo was, and he wasn't answering his phone. John told Nora to call Buchanan Enterprises to see if Bo was there. If not, John would get his car to help Nora look for Bo.

Rex and Gigi helped Natalie onto the couch in her hospital room. The three discussed how lucky it was that Marty didn't remember anything about Natalie's baby being Brody's. Jessica entered the room, and Rex and Gigi congratulated her on her baby. They awkwardly grabbed their things and left the room. Outside the room, Rex and Gigi agreed that they had to be more careful about discussing Natalie's secret because they were the only sane ones that knew the secret.

The two knew firsthand that paternity secrets could cause a lot of damage, and Rex could see the toll it had been taking on Natalie. They hoped Marty would "stay crazy." However, Rex wondered when lying had ever ended well, and if Brody deserved to know the truth. Brody entered and asked Rex what truth he had been talking about. Thinking quickly, Gigi told Brody that his life as he knew it was over -- "It's all diapers and PTA meetings now!"

Rex asked for any news about Marty. Brody replied that Marty was in St. Anne's, so she wouldn't be bothering anyone. Brody left, and Rex and Gigi looked into the nursery. Rex asked Gigi if she wanted more kids, or if she had even thought about it. She said she had thought about it and wanted more, and he admitted to the same thing. They agreed that it wasn't the right time, and that they barely even saw Shane.

Gigi expressed her worry that Shane was growing distant with her and Rex. They agreed to spend more quality time with Shane, but first stopped to look into the nursery again.

Joey was amazed that Cutter had already found a woman to spend time with. Changing the subject, Aubrey reminded Joey that they were in the hospital to visit Joey's sister. Cutter asked if he could visit with Natalie, too, because he wanted to meet his soon-to-be in-laws. Joey walked to Natalie's room to see if she was taking visitors. Aubrey wanted to know what Cutter was doing. He replied that he wasn't okay with Joey's hands being all over Aubrey, but she reminded him that she was engaged to Joey.

Cutter told Aubrey that he was never without a girlfriend, and that he had someone in mind. She related that she thought he was a professional, but he was acting like a "jealous idiot." Cutter informed Aubrey that he had other ways of occupying his time. "With your fantasy girl?" Aubrey spat. Cutter revealed that his "fantasy girl" was none other than Kelly Cramer.

Aubrey told Cutter to stay away from Kelly because he would jeopardize everything they had been working for. Cutter said that he could easily keep tabs on Kelly, but the two continued to argue.

Jessica told Natalie that she was there to check on Natalie after what had happened with Marty. Natalie said that they could just focus on their babies. Jessica related that Brody was so excited that he already wanted another baby. Joey entered the room and said that Asa would have been proud of the two babies. The sisters told Joey to get Aubrey.

Joey walked out of the hospital room to find Aubrey and Cutter in a heated argument. The two played it off as a disagreement over Cutter's social life. Joey told Aubrey that both of his sisters were in the room, and that they would love to meet Cutter too. Inside the room, Aubrey told the sisters that she almost wanted to push the wedding back so her soon-to-be nephews could be co-ring bearers. Joey introduced Cutter, and Cutter related that the babies were beautiful, just like their mothers.

Joey informed Cutter that both of his sisters were taken. Natalie said her fiancé, who was a cop, was returning soon. Jessica told Cutter that her fiancé was also a cop. "A lot of cops in the family," Cutter observed. Brody entered and was introduced to Cutter. Brody told Cutter that he looked familiar, and asked how they knew each other. Cutter said that Brody had probably seen him in Maintenant. Cutter left, and Brody asked what Maintenant was.

Aubrey followed Cutter out of the room and asked why he had decided to hit on Joey's sisters. He said he had just been having fun, but he would save the "big guns" for Kelly. Just then, Aubrey's phone rang, and she was surprised to see that it was Kelly. Aubrey answered the phone and ignored Cutter when he asked Aubrey to tell Kelly "hi" for him. Kelly called to apologize for "getting into it" with Aubrey at the gym.

Kelly admitted that she was wrong, and Aubrey appreciated the statement. Kelly thought that they should "normalize" things for Joey's sake. Aubrey agreed and hung up the phone. She informed Cutter of Kelly's intentions and immediately knew that Kelly was up to something. Cutter promised to keep an eye on Kelly. Joey exited the hospital room and asked if Aubrey was ready to go, and they left.

Bo pointed his gun at Clint. Clint asked his "little brother" what was going on. Bo said that Clint didn't have the right to say "little brother," because Clint was no longer a brother to Bo. Bo demanded to know if Clint had put Inez up to trying to ruin Bo and Nora's marriage. Clint wondered why Bo would buy such a story out of Inez's mouth. Clint suggested that Eddie had been Inez's accomplice, but Bo knew it had to have been somebody with power, influence, and "an axe to grind." Bo told Clint to have some guts and admit the truth about trying to ruin Bo and Nora's marriage. "You're damn right I did," Clint finally admitted.

Clint wondered how Bo was surprised. According to Clint, Bo and Nora had humiliated him in front of the world. He'd had plans for his life and marriage, so he had decided to pay the couple back. "Ain't it a bitch?" he asked. Bo reported to Clint that Clint's plan to bully Inez into ruining Bo's marriage had failed. Clint insisted that she had been willing and eager, but Bo knew that Clint had coached her. Bo was disgusted that Clint had even used Matthew in his plan.

Bo yelled that Clint had almost gotten Nora raped by Eddie, Clint's other accomplice. Eddie had terrorized Nora. When Clint started to walk away, Bo hit Clint on the head and knocked him down. Bo pointed the gun at his brother and wondered what kind of Buchanan would ever do a thing like that. "Pa," answered Clint.

Bo related that Asa had done many terrible things, but the one thing he had that Clint didn't was a heart. Clint egged Bo on and told him to pull the trigger. Just then, John and Nora entered. Nora begged Bo not to shoot Clint because then, Clint would win. Clint had tried and failed to break up Bo and Nora's marriage, but if Bo went to Statesville, they would be apart. She promised to never leave Bo.

Bo put his gun down, and John offered to take Clint in to the station. "But he attacked me!" Clint exclaimed. Bo claimed that he had the situation under control, and told John that the incident was to remain between them. John left for the hospital. Bo said he was going to arrest Clint for what he and Eddie had done to Nora. Clint declared that Bo couldn't prove anything, especially with Eddie dead. Bo asked if Clint had killed Eddie, but Clint defensively said that Bo had nothing on him, and he never would.

Nora urged Bo to leave with her so they could prove Clint wrong. Bo caught sight of Asa's cowboy hat. Bo explained that he had told Matthew about when he and Clint would fight over the hat. Bo didn't know who the hat belonged to, but "it sure as hell ain't you and never will be," he told Clint. Bo and Nora left together.

Vimal read a letter to Clint's empty chair that said he was leaving Buchanan Enterprises because of what he had done for Clint. He was surprised when a woman, his wife, appeared in the doorway. Rama wanted to surprise Vimal at work, since she hadn't seen him in a while. He confessed to her that he was going to resign from his job at Buchanan Enterprises because his boss was "not nice."

Vimal explained to his wife about both DNA switches he had performed for his boss. The phone began to ring and Vimal looked at the caller ID. He saw that it was Nora, and was convinced that she knew about what he had done and was going to send him to jail. Rama calmed Vimal down and made him explain every detail of what he had done.

Aside from making sure Rex wasn't Clint's son, he was supposed to make sure the father of Clint's daughter's baby was Brody Lovett. However, he had been stunned to find that he didn't remember which daughter's test he was supposed to change. He couldn't call Clint because he had believed that would have been showing weakness. Instead, Vimal had decided to flip a coin and hope for the best.

Vimal was very upset just thinking about the fact that he might have changed the wrong test. He wanted to leave Llanview before the truth surfaced because he was afraid of Clint. However, Rama said that, as long as she was there, Clint wouldn't hurt him. Rama didn't think anything would happen to Vimal if the truth emerged, anyway, because Clint was too busy juggling his own secrets. Clint would be occupied defending himself to the people he had manipulated.

Rama ripped Vimal's letter into pieces and said that they would benefit when Clint fell apart. Vimal thought that he should be loyal to Clint. However, Rama said the only thing Clint had done for Vimal was take years of his life away after sending him on Clint's "criminal errands." She said that Clint had made his choices, so Clint would have to suffer the consequences.

At the hospital, John gave Natalie their baby. Down the hall, Ford looked in on Jessica and Brody with their baby.

Friday, January 21, 2011

In their apartment, Bo and Nora toasted each other. Bo regretted that he had been unable to see that Clint had "played [him] like a fiddle." Nora made a promise that they would "never let anyone pull [them] apart again." Matt walked in and yelled, "What is he doing here?"

Matthew declared that he had seen his father cheat with Inez, but Bo insisted that nothing had happened. When Bo and Nora asked Matthew to trust them, Matthew screamed that his parents were treating him like a kid. When Matthew blared that he was on his way to Buchanan Enterprises, Bo informed Matthew that he no longer worked for B.E.

Bo stated that he and Nora had both agreed on the decision, however Matthew was upset that he had not been allowed to have a say in the decision. Bo then asked Matthew if his Uncle Clint had told Matthew that Bo had cheated on Nora. When Matthew did not deny it, Bo demanded that Matthew stay clear of his Uncle Clint. Matthew ran out of the room in anger.

In his office at Buchanan Enterprises, Clint looked at the headline on the front page of the Sun. "Nate Covered for Mom. Did Inez Ax Her Ex?" Clint remembered that he had told Bo that the police commissioner had nothing on Clint for Eddie Ford's murder. Viki entered and asked Clint about Inez, since she knew that Clint had been seeing her. Clint then wondered why Viki was really there.

Viki mentioned the christening of their new grandbabies and asked if Clint would like to co-host the event with Viki and Charlie. Clint was delighted and stated that he had even started up a trust fund already. Clint indicated that he wanted his "affairs in order" in case something happened to him. When Viki feared that something was wrong with Clint, he remarked that he was "healthy as a horse."

Clint reminded Viki that Asa had always said, "Hope for the best but plan for the worst." Viki realized that the worst sometimes happened. When Clint asked what Viki wanted him to do for the christening, she said that she would let him know. Viki then expressed her delight that Clint and Bo would be "carrying the torch" in Asa's place.

At the jail, Inez and Nate were locked up in adjoining cells. After each acknowledged that they had believed the other had killed Eddie, Inez cried that Nate should not have tried to protect her. However, Nate wondered how the murder weapon had gotten into their apartment. Nate then pondered if someone had attempted to frame Nate or Inez. Inez was upset that Nate had been willing to give up years of his life in order to protect her. Yet Inez admitted that she loved Nate with all of her heart, because he had tried to do that.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Todd, Téa, Starr, and Dani celebrated Téa's success with Nate's case, however, Téa wanted to wait until the charges were officially dropped. Dani worried that Inez would be charged. James and his date, Michelle, walked in, and James spotted Starr. When James asked Michelle if she would like to eat elsewhere, she asked that they stay. As Michelle picked out a table, James greeted the people at Starr's table and thanked Téa for what she had done for Nate.

After James walked away from the table, Todd asked Starr what was going on between Starr and James. Starr told her father that it was something that he did not need to know. Téa then received a phone call from the judge's office. Téa and Dani walked over to James and announced that they were on their way to the courthouse.

Todd told Starr that Marty had a rubber room at St. Ann's and laughed that everyone was fine, except for Marty. Todd revealed that he was glad that he had gotten the restraining order against Marty, which had prevented her from seeing Hope. "Poor, sweet, little grandma versus the big, bad wolf. Who's the monster now? Ha, ha. I had Marty Saybrooke's number from the beginning. Thank me anytime." Starr continued to watch James and Michelle, as Todd talked.

Michelle explained to James the complications that could arise from Inez's case. After Michelle noticed that James was distracted, he informed her that he was just worried about his mom. Michelle indicated that she understood and left.

Todd insisted that Starr live her life and forget about Cole. Todd claimed that Starr should just "kiss all the Thornharts goodbye." Starr begged Todd to "leave [her] alone, please" and stormed off. James walked up to Todd and asked what had upset Starr. Todd insisted that James had upset Starr "by bringing that other chick in here and flaunting her in front of Starr." Todd exclaimed that James would drive Starr back to Cole, which would ruin her life. James declared that Starr had been the one who had told him to see other people.

Todd told James that it looked like Inez had killed his dad. James stated that Inez had not killed anyone. Todd then told James to get rid of the other girlfriend, just as Starr walked up. Todd said to James, "So, let's just cut to the chase. You want Starr. She wants you back. Let's just admit it."

Téa and Dani arrived at the jail, and Nate was released. Inez discovered that she had to remain in jail, but she was relieved that Nate had been freed. When Nate, Téa, and Dani arrived for court, the judge indicated that he had made a decision. The judge announced that he had vacated the guilty plea and dismissed the case. Téa congratulated Nate, and Nate thanked Téa. After Dani hugged Nate, she pleaded with Téa to help Inez.

Back at the apartment, Bo regretted that he had looked like "the bad guy" to Matthew. Nora wondered if it would have been better to have told Matthew the truth, which was that Clint had forced Inez to sleep with Bo. Nora immediately doubted it. Bo realized that they could not destroy all of Matthew's illusions, however, Nora claimed that they could not allow Matthew to "tip off" Clint.

Bo wondered if Clint would have sent "a thug like Eddie Ford after" Nora and "then kill the guy just to shut him up." Nora understood that she and Bo had hurt Clint. Bo then indicated that he knew how to find out what had really happened that night.

Matthew slammed the door as he entered Clint's office and yelled that they needed to talk. Matthew informed Clint that his dad had claimed that he had not been involved in an affair with Inez. Matthew wondered why his uncle had told him that Bo had been. "Do you have a reason? Or was it just some weird way of stopping me from telling my dad that you're Rex Balsom's father?"

Matthew declared that he loved his job, and that he did not want his parents' relationship to cause him to lose it. Clint said that he would tell Matthew what he needed to do.

Viki visited Nora, and Nora announced that Bo had moved back home. Viki hugged Nora and asked if Nora knew what had happened with Inez. Nora indicated that she had been at the courthouse when Inez had been arrested. Nora informed Viki that Bo was at the jail to gather more information for the case.

Viki and Nora exchanged recipes, and Viki told Nora that she had just seen Clint, and that he had already set up trusts for the babies. When Viki asked Nora why she had suddenly gotten quiet, Nora claimed that she was tired. "Bo and I didn't get much sleep last night." Viki laughed and congratulated Nora on their reunion.

When Nora asked about Echo, Viki explained that Echo was still at Llanfair, and that since Inez had been neutralized, Echo could be next. Viki exclaimed that she was very happy that Bo and Nora had worked things out, and that no one had "come between [them]." Nora replied, "No one can. No one can. And no one ever will."

After Viki left, Matthew flew into the room and cried out that he had quit Buchanan Enterprises. Nora was worried that Matthew had seen Clint, after she and Bo had forbid him to see his uncle. Matthew yelled, "I wanted to tell him in person. I think that I owed him that much."

At the jail, Inez told Bo that Clint had set her up, and that she was innocent of Eddie Ford's murder. Bo claimed that he could have Inez sentenced to prison for drugging him, or that she could help him.

Téa, Dani, and Nate returned to the jail to deliver the news to Inez. They discovered that Inez had already left the prison.

Inez unbuttoned the top button on her blouse and seductively entered Clint's office. Clint screamed, "Why the Hell aren't you in jail?"

In Paris, France, Cristian and Blair sat at a table in a café, and Blair pulled out her portrait. Cristian mentioned again that he wanted to work things out with Layla. When Blair decided that she would shop for shoes, Cristian relented and ordered champagne. A man at another table held up a photo of Blair that resembled the pose in the portrait.

The man walked up to Cristian and Blair's table, introduced himself as Claude, and revealed that he had information regarding the painting. When Cristian asked if he were the artist, Claude stated that he was "a humble merchant," and that the portrait had kept him "great company" for years. Claude explained that a lawyer from America had said that it had reminded him of the woman that he loved.

Blair realized that the American had been Eli Clarke and asked Claude who had painted the portrait. Claude refused to reveal the artist's name and insisted that the artist preferred his privacy. After Blair cried that she would never be able to lay her husband to rest until she met the artist, Claude stated that he would give Blair the artist's address.

Claude claimed that the artist spent "so much time by himself, lost in his art, which is a beautiful existence, but a lonely one, no?" When Blair reached out money to reward Claude for the information, Claude insisted that "to put a smile on such a beautiful face was reward enough." After Claude left, Blair hugged Cristian, just as Layla walked into the café.

Layla greeted Cristian and Blair and remarked that she had not expected to see Blair. As Blair showed Layla the portrait, she explained why Cristian had accompanied her. Although Cristian was concerned because Blair wanted to travel alone, Blair left to check out the artist's address.

When Cristian and Layla finally had a moment alone to talk, Cristian revealed that he had woken up naked in Blair's bed on New Year's Day. He explained that he and Blair had played strip poker, and that he had fallen asleep in her bed. However, Cristian insisted that nothing had happened. Cristian was sorry that he had accused Layla of sleeping with Steffen. Layla responded, "Cris, I'm sorry, but I did sleep with Steffen."

Blair pounded on the door of apartment number three. "Hello. Listen, I know that you're in there, because I heard the music." She banged on the door three more times. "Well, do you think I'm just going to go away, because I'm not. I'm going to stand here, and I'm going to knock on your door, until somebody answers the door. Okay?" The artist flung open the door. "What the hell do's you!"

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