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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 24, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, January 24, 2011

Damon and Tad met at Krystal's. Damon informed Tad that he had decided to move to Washington, DC, where he planned to stay with a friend and work as a DJ. He realized that Tad wasn't happy with his plan. Tad hated to see Damon running scared.

Damon assured Tad that he wasn't going to be a screwup. Tad understood that Damon didn't want to live a lie by staying in Pine Valley and having to hide his affair with Liza from Colby. Tad said that he was proud of Damon no matter what he did. Damon was surprised that Tad could forgive him, but Tad sheepishly said he wasn't one to judge. Tad was glad that Damon would only be a couple of hours away and offered to throw a going-away party, but Damon wanted to keep his departure low-key.

Damon wanted to thank Angie for all of her help, but Tad informed him that she was in San Francisco on bed rest. Damon intended to drop off a gift for her at the hospital. The men shared a heartfelt hug, and Damon left. Opal arrived and apologized for being late. Tad asked her to help plan a party for Damon. Opal inquired whether Liza had anything to do with Damon and Colby's breakup. Tad snickered and changed the subject to Opal's doctor's appointment. They headed to the hospital.

Ryan confronted Liza at the hospital and pointed out Liza's conflict of interest with her being David's advocate as well as the D.A. who would prosecute him. Liza countered that David no longer needed an advocate, since he had awakened. He asked what she saw in David. She told him to ask Greenlee, who had married David.

Ryan told Liza that Greenlee had realized that her marriage to David had been a mistake. He asked whether Liza had ever made a mistake that had turned her life upside down and had hurt the people she loved. Liza looked uncomfortable and claimed that she wasn't attached to David, but Ryan was skeptical. She thought Ryan's only concern was seeing David put behind bars. Ryan implored Liza to free herself from David the way Greenlee had. He recalled how he and Liza had once been friends, and he encouraged Liza to show people the person she could be and to make Colby proud.

Damon and Liza ran into one another at the hospital. He asked about Colby, and Liza admitted that Colby was struggling. Damon informed Liza of his plans to move to Washington, DC. She felt guilty that Damon was giving up his support system and his gift for law, but Damon said that he needed a fresh start.

Liza told him that Colby would be upset that he was leaving, because she still loved him. He said his love for Colby was part of why he had to leave. He suggested that Liza attend his going-away party because Colby would be suspicious if she didn't. She wasn't sure she should, but he asked her to think about it for Colby's sake. Liza sincerely apologized for everything that had happened, and Damon left.

Later, Liza told Tad that she was no longer David's advocate and that David would go to prison to wait for his court date as soon as the doctors allowed. She informed him that she'd set up an internship and admission to a pre-law program for Damon. She handed him the paperwork, and Tad was stunned by her efforts. He realized the opportunity was in California and asked whether Liza was trying to get Damon as far away as possible.

Liza insisted that she was only trying to do something good for Damon. Tad was speechless, and asked if Damon was qualified. She believed that since Damon had handled being her assistant, he could handle the opportunity. Tad inquired when she planned to tell Damon, but Liza wanted to remain anonymous. She left the papers with Tad to do with as he pleased and asked him to do what was right for their kids.

Liza left as Opal returned from her appointment. Opal asked what Liza was up to. Tad told Opal about the pre-law program, but Opal thought there would be a catch. Tad explained that the school was in California but that Liza had let Tad decide whether or not to tell Damon about it. Opal wondered what Tad was going to do.

Damon and Tad met in the park, where Tad commented about the cold weather. Tad inquired how Damon felt about California. Damon wasn't sure what Tad meant. Tad handed him the acceptance confirmation from UC Davis. Damon was shocked and asked how it had happened, but Tad said it didn't matter. Damon asked if he could think about it. Tad counseled that it would have to be a quick decision because classes started the following week. Tad remarked that California was warm, but Damon countered that it was also far.

Damon marveled how Tad had always had his back no matter how many times he had screwed up and didn't want to bail on him. Tad encouraged Damon to go live his life. Damon said he could live it in DC. "Or you could kick ass in California," Tad suggested. Tad advised that Damon grab the chance and swore that he'd support his son no matter what he decided. Damon declared that he wanted to go to California.

David realized that Greenlee and Ryan were engaged. He reminded her that she was still married to David, but he quickly realized that she wasn't there to simply check on him. She told him that he needed to accept that she and Ryan were together and that there was nothing David could do about it. He noted that if she believed that, she wouldn't be there.

David observed that Greenlee appeared confident, but he knew that she was aware that he could cause problems for her and Ryan. She hoped they could be civilized and asked him to end their marriage amicably. He recalled that she had once loved him and regretted how their relationship had deteriorated. She asked him to sign the papers, and he reminded her of how he had saved her life and had devoted his life to her. She told him that wasn't love, but obsession.

Greenlee explained that she wanted peace and contentment, and she'd found it with Ryan. David told her to enjoy it while it lasted because Ryan had walked out on her before and would do it again. She insisted that things between them were different, but David warned that reality would intrude. She swore that she would do whatever it took to keep her and Ryan together. "Now who's obsessed," David remarked.

Greenlee asked if David was trying to hurt her by pushing her to doubt Ryan. David told her to think about things long-term, but she claimed she wasn't worried. He asked what else was bothering her, and she said just their pending divorce. He asserted that Ryan would never love her as much as he did. Greenlee asked David to let her go if he loved her, to put them both out of their misery.

Greenlee said that if it hadn't been for David's actions, Zach would still be alive. David denied responsibility, but Greenlee maintained that David had ruined lives because he couldn't have what he wanted. He asked for the papers, but she doubted that he meant to sign them. He claimed that he needed to accept that their relationship was over, but he wanted one more favor.

Greenlee eyed him cautiously, but he simply asked her to help him sit up. As she assisted him, she recalled how he had helped her get back on her feet after her accident. He thanked her, and she presented him with the papers. As she pointed out where to sign, David looked up to see Ryan standing in the doorway.

After a brief pause, David signed the papers, and Ryan walked away. Greenlee admitted that she had loved David and had wanted their marriage to work. She proclaimed that he had given her hope and that she was still grateful to him. She said that there was good in him and that he had a chance for a fresh start. She hugged him and thanked him for not fighting the divorce. He hoped she had a real shot of being happy. She assured him she would be, and she left. Greenlee found Ryan in the hall and embraced him, as David forlornly watched them through the window.

Liza arrived to see David, who threw his wedding ring across the room. She informed him that he would be transferred to prison upon the doctors' clearance. He said that he hadn't expected anything less. She picked up his wedding ring and sympathized that she knew how much David had loved Greenlee. David admitted that he had pushed Greenlee away and that what he had done had been unforgivable. Liza urged him to focus on who hadn't left him -- Marissa, who had volunteered to be his lawyer. David thought that if Marissa would give him a second chance, maybe there was hope for Liza and Colby to work things out. A shocked Liza realized that David had heard everything she'd told him while he had been comatose.

David told Liza that people in comas could hear everything said to them. He called her a very bad girl. Liza thought he was going to use her admission against her, but David assured her that her secret was safe and offered to listen if she needed him, especially when he was conscious. A shaken Liza walked out.

At the penthouse, Greenlee and Ryan reveled in her freedom. He offered to get champagne and wanted her to select a wedding date. She declared that she already had and that it was perfect. Over champagne, Greenlee and Ryan looked at the calendar and concurred that they could replace all of their bad memories with good ones. "Valentine's Day it is!" he proclaimed.

At the Chandler mansion, JR was surprised to find Annie sitting in his living room. She insisted that they needed to talk, but he was on his way to AJ's parent-teacher conference. He brushed her off and said they'd talk later, but Annie snapped that he always ended up spending all his time with Marissa. She lamented that the divorce had been postponed and demanded to know whether he'd rather be with Marissa. He promised they'd get together later and told her not to "go all crazy" on him. She was livid that he'd called her crazy.

JR explained that it was just an expression, but Annie reminded him of her horrific experience in a mental institution. She said she wasn't that person anymore and chided him for even using the word. JR's phone rang, and Annie correctly guessed that it was Marissa. Annie flipped out and made it clear that she was fed up with needing to hide their relationship. She felt that she was the only one making sacrifices while he was playing happy family with Marissa. He defended that Marissa was AJ's mother, but Annie demanded to know what Annie meant to JR. JR offered to reschedule their ski trip, but Annie pressed JR to call Marissa to reschedule their court date, as there was no reason to delay the divorce any longer.

Annie threatened to talk to Marissa if JR didn't. Marissa arrived and called out for JR, and JR requested that Annie make herself scarce. An indignant Annie asked what would happen if she didn't, and JR reminded her that he was doing everything for AJ's sake. Annie recalled her own custody battle for Emma and agreed to keep quiet. JR promised Annie that he'd call her later, and he entered the foyer to greet Marissa.

Marissa wondered why JR had missed the conference with AJ's teacher. He claimed that he had been detained by an important business call. Marissa told him about the conference, during which the teacher had reported that AJ had been a model student. JR believed Marissa's influence had been the reason behind AJ's progress. Marissa asked whether JR had rescheduled their court date, and when he admitted he hadn't, she inquired whether there was a reason why.

Annie eavesdropped as JR explained that he had meant to do it, but work had gotten in the way. He asked why Marissa had stopped by, and she asked for a half-hour of his time to help her with a project. He fibbed that he'd meet her outside after he turned off his computer. Marissa left, and Annie angrily confronted JR because he had lied that Marissa had been in charge of rescheduling the court date.

Annie accused JR of delaying his divorce, but he scoffed at the idea that he'd forget the one thing that would make it possible for them to go public. She became hysterical and cried that she was falling apart. He reassured her that she was his partner and that he needed her. JR called the court date a technicality and requested that she wait a little longer. After Annie forced him to promise that he'd take care of it that day, JR left.

Annie and Emma dined at Krystal's. Emma told Annie about a snake she'd petted at school and asked if she could have one, but Annie explained that Ryan wouldn't like that. Emma said that Greenlee liked snakes. Emma asked Annie if she was going to the wedding, and Annie realized that Ryan and Greenlee were engaged. "They've only been back together, like, five minutes," Annie mused in disbelief. She looked up to see a laughing Marissa and JR enter, carrying shopping bags.

Annie asked what they were doing there, and JR said Marissa had needed his help with decorations for Damon's party. A seething Annie sarcastically asked what else she needed. Annie envisioned that JR and Marissa talked about how JR should cut Annie loose. Annie imagined that Emma taunted her that JR would never marry Annie because he loved Marissa. As Annie snapped back to reality, Emma asked whether Annie was all right, and Annie unconvincingly said she was. JR noticed Annie's emotional state.

Later, Marissa thanked JR for his help, but she told him he was free to go. He left, and Marissa placed the "closed" sign on Krystal's door. Annie watched through the window, unseen. Moments later, Annie quietly entered the restaurant, where Marissa stood on the ladder hanging decorations. Annie picked up a pair of scissors and advanced toward Marissa.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jake assigned Scott to reorganize a workspace at the hospital. Scott offered to put together a presentation outlining some ideas he had for the hospital. Jake told him Angie could review it when she returned. Cara approached, and Jake informed her that the parents of the little girl with leukemia had filed a complaint against Cara. Jake said the hospital board wanted to hear her story -- and so did he.

Cara swore that she hadn't done anything wrong, but Jake demanded to know what was going on with her. Cara challenged him to suspend or to fire her. He asked why it seemed like history was repeating itself, with her shutting down without providing any answers. She abruptly left to take care of her rounds.

Scott instructed a candy striper how to set up a computer. Jake walked by, and Scott handed him a list of ideas. Jake was impressed. Scott received a phone call. "All of it?" he asked in dismay. After Scott hung up, Jake asked if Scott had received bad news, and Scott bemoaned that he'd lost a big chunk of his life.

Later, Cara asked Jake why he had referred to their marriage when they had spoken about the leukemia patient. Jake said that he was only human and that he sometimes thought about their past. He wondered why she'd dared him to fire her over a case that wasn't even her own. He implored her to talk about why it affected her so personally. Amanda arrived to pick up Jake for Damon's party. Amanda invited Cara, but Cara claimed that she had to work.

Scott told Cara about how he needed to work his way back up in life, starting with making a delivery to the Yacht Club. Cara complimented his attitude and asked if she could borrow some of it. He left, and Cara left a message for Jake, offering to apologize to the patient's parents and to explain her case calmly to them. She said that she just wanted the girl to be okay. She had a flashback of a young girl in a hospital bed.

Colby arrived to see Liza and lamented that Damon's going-away party was that day. Colby hoped to talk Damon out of leaving, because even though she was upset that he had slept with a tramp, she still loved him. Colby said that Damon had been the first guy who hadn't just treated her like a party girl or Adam Chandler's daughter. Liza assured her daughter that he wouldn't be the last, but Colby swore not to give up on Damon.

Colby revealed her plans to whisk Damon off to New York, where they had first gotten close. As Liza helped Colby apply makeup, Liza warned her daughter not to set herself up for a fall, but Colby was determined to convince Damon that Asher and the "slut" who Damon had slept with meant nothing. Liza looked uncomfortable, and Colby asked whether Liza knew the identity of the other woman.

Liza counseled Colby to stop trying to uncover the details of Damon's transgression, because doing so wouldn't help. Liza worried that Colby needed to prepare herself for Damon's departure. Liza said she'd been in Colby's shoes and that it wouldn't do any good to hold on. Colby insisted that she and Damon weren't like Liza and Tad. Liza suggested that they finish making Colby beautiful for the party.

Colby modeled her party dress for Liza. Colby explained that she had planned to wear the gown for Damon on Valentine's Day. Colby tried to convince herself that she and Damon would get through their problems, and she tearfully hoped that one day perhaps Liza would help her get ready for her wedding. Liza professed her unconditional love for Colby. Colby said she loved her mom, too, and asked Liza to attend the party with her. Liza attempted to use work as an excuse, but Colby declared that it would mean a lot to her if Liza joined her.

Damon dropped off some of Colby's things to Asher at the Chandler mansion. Damon asked Asher whether he loved Colby. Asher said that he liked Colby as a friend, but he considered their kiss to be a mistake. He wished they could all be friends again. Damon announced that he was leaving the next morning.

Asher called Damon lucky to have such a great family and asked how the Martins had taken the news. Damon said he'd keep in regular touch with his family, but didn't think that staying in contact with Colby was a good idea. Damon said that Colby appeared to be strong, but many people had caused her pain. He warned Asher not to hurt her.

Asher swore that he wouldn't hurt Colby and that he wasn't anything more than her friend. A skeptical Damon said he'd seen the way Asher looked at Colby. Damon was aware of how he himself had hurt Colby, and he didn't want anyone else to do the same thing. Damon urged Asher to pursue Colby if he cared for her, as long as he didn't mess with her head.

At ConFusion, Tad mentioned Damon's party to JR. JR asked how Colby was doing, and Tad pointed out that JR lived with her so JR should know. JR claimed that he had been busy with work. Tad said that Colby was in pain and advised JR to put his distractions on hold. Tad guessed that JR hadn't been distracted by work, but by Annie.

JR wondered why Tad was so worried. Tad realized that something had been going on between Annie and JR for a while and that it was more than just an affair. JR said his divorce was almost final, and it dawned on Tad that Marissa wasn't aware that Annie and JR were together. JR admitted that he wanted to keep things quiet until the divorce and custody agreement had been worked out. Tad asked what the delay had been, and JR blamed it on Marissa's attack. Tad pointed out that JR claimed to want to be with Annie, yet he was stalling his divorce from Marissa.

Tad asked whether JR's relationship with Annie was real and if he loved her. JR called Annie an amazing woman who was always there for him. Tad asked whether her previous marriages to other Chandler men bothered him. JR claimed they didn't, but Tad observed that JR couldn't look him in the eye and admit that he loved Annie.

JR explained that he had been preoccupied with his company and with AJ, and he wasn't ready to say he loved Annie. Tad was thankful that JR was thinking straight and warned JR not to do something he'd regret. JR was certain things would work out, because he understood Annie. Tad lamented that Damon was leaving and that Jamie was across the globe, and he didn't want to see JR ruin his life. JR assured Tad that Annie wasn't the ticking time bomb everyone thought she was, but Tad advised JR to keep an eye on her.

At the Chandler mansion, Scott arrived to see JR. Scott informed JR that the storage company had sold all of Scott's belongings because JR hadn't paid the bill. JR snarled that it was the least Scott deserved to lose, given how Scott had destroyed the company. Scott said that he had all he needed between his late mother's belongings that he had just picked up from the gatehouse, and Stuart's painting. Scott noted that despite JR having a mansion, JR's life was empty, and JR was the poorest man he knew.

Marissa was startled when she noticed Annie standing inside Krystal's, holding scissors. Marissa told her that the restaurant was closed for Damon's party and assumed that Annie had stopped by for coffee. Annie said that wasn't why she was there. A cautious Marissa stepped down from the ladder and remarked that Annie might be psychic, because Marissa needed the scissors. Annie allowed Marissa to take them from her. Annie claimed that JR had mentioned the party, and she thought that she could help. She offered to make the tables more festive, but Marissa demanded to know what Annie really wanted.

With a fake smile plastered on her face, Annie insisted that she was just trying to be pleasant. Marissa wanted to know why Annie always seemed to be in the same place as Marissa. Annie justified that she worked with JR at the Chandler mansion, but Marissa was concerned about Annie spending time near AJ. Annie inquired whether Marissa considered her to be a threat. Marissa began listing Annie's past failed relationships and warned Annie to stay away from JR and especially AJ. Annie yelled at Marissa not to tell her how to live her life. After calming down slightly, Annie accused Marissa of trying to get rid of her because Marissa wanted to have everything for herself.

Annie considered Marissa to be a schemer underneath her sweet demeanor. Annie revealed that she'd overheard Marissa trying to urge JR to get Annie out of his life. Marissa asked whether Annie had been taking her meds. Annie demanded to know whether Marissa wanted JR back. Marissa spat that Annie was the one who wanted him, but that it was a shame that JR didn't feel the same way about her.

Annie swore that Marissa would never get JR back. Marissa wondered what had caused Annie's rage. Guests began to arrive, and Annie hastily left. Krystal asked Marissa why Annie had been there. Marissa said that they'd had a little chat and that she was concerned about what would happen next. Marissa exited, and Opal asked Tad how he was holding up. Tad started to offer everyone cake, but faltered when Colby appeared in the doorway, followed by Liza.

Tad informed Liza that Damon had decided to go to UC Davis. Liza was glad, and Tad thanked her, but she said it was the least she could have done. She regretted that both Colby and Tad were hurt by Damon's impending departure. Tad admitted that it was difficult to say goodbye to his children. Liza began to get teary-eyed, and he begged her to control herself. He asked why she had attended the party, and Liza explained that Colby had invited her. Tad thought that Liza being in the same room as Damon and Colby was like playing with fire.

Damon greeted Colby and remarked that he had been unsure that she would attend. She begged Damon to go to New York with her, but Damon told her that he was leaving for California to attend the pre-law program. She tearfully reminded him that they had been good together, but he said something had been wrong between them for a while. She professed her love, but he said that though he loved her, too, it wasn't enough.

Tad pulled an emotional Liza aside and told her to pull herself together before Colby saw her. Damon thought the party had been a bad idea and wanted to leave. Colby noticed Liza crying and asked what was wrong. Liza blurted that she was sorry she had hurt Colby. A confused Colby wondered how Liza had hurt her.

Meanwhile, Jake commented that Amanda had been particularly affectionate that evening, and she whispered that she was fairly certain they'd made a baby. Cara entered as they kissed. Cara asked for a moment of Jake's time. She pulled him outside and asked if he had gotten her message. He hadn't, but he was glad to hear that she was willing to deal with the consequences of her outburst. She informed him that he had been right about the case being personal for her. She confessed that she had once been that little girl.

Annie left a frantic message for JR to call her. She entered her hotel room and hallucinated that JR and Marissa were making love in the bed. Annie began tearing the bed apart. She collapsed into a sobbing heap on the floor. She tried to call JR again, but as JR contemplated answering, Marissa interrupted him and he sent the call to voicemail. Marissa announced that they had a problem. Marissa told JR that Annie had returned to Krystal's with crazy accusations.

While leaving a voicemail, Annie wailed that she needed JR. She ordered him to call her back within five minutes or she'd do something they'd both regret. She no sooner hung up than she dialed again. She got a pre-recorded message that stated JR's mailbox was full, and she freaked out over who else was leaving messages for him. She became increasingly agitated and called repeatedly, receiving the same message each time. She screamed that she knew JR was there but was ignoring her. With makeup-streaked tears running down her face, she suddenly snapped into a calm demeanor and, without anyone on the line, she spoke into the phone that JR needed to call her because she was about to go over the edge.

A shaken Annie struggled to regain her composure as she called AJ. She told the boy that it was important that she speak with JR, and she asked AJ to tell JR to call her. After she hung up, she began trashing the room. Annie swore that she wouldn't allow JR to get away with how he had been treating her. She opened the door to leave, and she ran into Scott in the hallway. He was surprised to find her there, but he quickly realized it had something to do with JR.

JR blamed Annie's behavior on work-related stress. Marissa asserted that Annie had been all over him and that she had seen the look in Annie's eyes. She cautioned him to watch over AJ. After Marissa left, JR checked his phone and saw that Annie had called dozens of times.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

At the mansion, JR seemed concerned to see several missed calls from Annie on his phone. AJ entered to say Annie wanted JR call her about something important. After determining that nothing urgent had happened at work, JR left Annie a message in which he asked if her issue could wait until after Damon's party. He also asked her not to leave messages with his son.

At the Yacht Club, Annie ran into Scott outside her room. Frantic to talk to JR about a supposed business crisis, Annie wondered what she had to do to get JR's attention. Scott pulled her in front of a mirror and said she'd get JR's attention, just not in the way she'd like.

Scott said he was there delivering hospital paperwork, but he guessed Annie and JR had a room there. Annie claimed to use the hotel to be near work and asked Scott not to tell anyone that he'd seen her there upset. Scott declared that she and JR were a disastrous pair that deserved each other, and he left. Annie checked her messages, and when heard JR ask her to wait until after the party, she murmured, "So Marissa can make another move on you? I don't think so."

Later, Scott accidentally wandered into Damon's party at Krystal's restaurant, and Marissa insisted that he stay. JR and AJ arrived, and JR scowled at the sight of Scott. Through the window, Annie saw Marissa and JR inside together, and Annie imagined JR was telling Marissa that she'd convinced him that getting rid of Annie was the only sensible thing to do.

Elsewhere at the party, Amanda leaked her possible pregnancy news to Krystal. Krystal gleefully remarked that a baby would change everything, and Amanda hoped that were true. Later, Amanda exited the bathroom and told Krystal that the pregnancy had been a false alarm. Amanda hated that she'd gotten Jake's hopes up, but Krystal believed he'd understand.

Amanda saw a frenzied Annie arrive looking for JR. Amanda advised that it wasn't a good time, and Annie said to stop looking at her as if she were crazy. Annie asked Amanda to get JR to talk to Annie alone, but Amanda didn't want to get involved. Annie raged that she wasn't trying to get Amanda to hold the place up at gunpoint. Amanda was still reluctant, so Annie decided to do it herself. Amanda finally agreed, and Annie went back outside.

From across the room, Marissa watched Amanda pull JR aside. After JR and Amanda spoke, Marissa approached the troubled JR, who said Annie needed to talk to him about a business crisis. JR left, and Marissa caught AJ playing with his father's phone. As she tried to turn it off, she saw JR's missed call log and said, "You have got to be kidding me."

Scott sat beside Marissa and asked where JR was. Marissa said JR was attending to some "business." Scott guessed the business was Scott's ex-wife. Marissa took JR's phone outside and checked his messages. She was startled to hear Annie sobbing and begging JR to call her back.

JR found Annie and asked what was so important. She pulled him into a kiss, but he stepped back, reminding her that they couldn't do that in public. He asked her to trust that he'd call her back, just not always within five minutes. JR again asked what the emergency was, and Annie replied that someone had been following her.

Annie said a car had followed her into the hotel parking deck, and she'd heard footsteps behind her as she'd exited her car. She asked him to disregard her weird voicemails because she'd been freaked out when she'd left them. JR was glad that she was okay, but he figured that she didn't know who'd been following her. "I know who it was. It was Scott," Annie claimed.

JR said Scott was supposed to be over Annie. She replied that Scott had claimed to be on hospital business, but he'd seemed to be only worried about her and JR's business. Annie expressed relief that it had been Scott behind her, and not some psycho. JR guessed he should return inside, but said he'd catch her later. He kissed her and left. Annie sighed in relief.

Annie walked by some benches and saw Marissa with JR's phone. Annie ordered Marissa to hand it over, but Marissa said it was too late; she'd already heard every pathetic word.

Later, JR arrived at the hotel and encountered Scott in the corridor. JR confronted Scott about going after Annie, but Scott said he was surprised that JR had bought Annie's story.

Back at Damon's party, Liza seemed ready to crack as Colby asked what Liza had done to hurt her. Tad intervened to reveal that Liza had gotten Damon in at U.C. Davis and found him the internship, but she'd left it up to Tad to offer it to Damon. Tad said he'd ultimately given Damon the news because he'd felt that Damon had worked too hard to miss the opportunity.

Realizing how important Damon's move was, Colby pulled Damon aside to say that he should go to California, and she wanted to go with him. Damon thought she was amazing, but he said things were different for them. Colby didn't believe it meant they couldn't go back to the way it had been. "Except it does," Damon replied. Asher arrived at the party, and Colby immediately ordered him to leave. Damon decided that it was cool for Asher to stay, because the party was about "fresh new tracks" for everyone.

Damon went outside, where he ran into Liza. He thanked her for getting him the opportunity, but she said he'd earned it on his own. He thought it was crazy that he'd found a good job and a cool boss, but he was taking off again. Liza said she'd miss him, but he guessed that him being across the country couldn't hurt things.

Liza revealed that Colby had questioned her about the other woman. Damon said Colby would be crushed to learn that he'd had sex with Liza. Liza swore Colby wouldn't find out from her mother. Unbeknownst to Damon and Liza, a shocked Asher was eavesdropping on them.

Nearby, Jake sat on a bench with Cara. Cara said that her brother always separated her from others to protect her, but she didn't like being treated differently. She revealed that she'd had leukemia as a child, and she'd had a couple relapses throughout the years. That was the reason she'd been so upset about their young cancer patient.

Jake said Cara should have shared that information about herself during their marriage, but she said she hadn't because she'd hated being treated as if she were fragile or sick. Cara's father had left their family, and Griffin had become the head of the household and her protector. She'd lived her life in a bubble until she'd joined Doctors Without Borders and met Jake.

While with D.W.B., Cara had felt alive and free, and she hadn't wanted Jake to fall into the protector role. She said Jake had embraced the world, and he'd taught her to do the same. She'd loved that about them, and to that very day, she couldn't let it go. Cara stammered to clarify that she couldn't let go of the freedom her job had given her.

Jake suddenly understood why Griffin had been overprotective and why Griffin had disliked Jake for putting Cara into infectious environments. Cara asserted that she'd had a choice of living in fear or going after the life she'd always wanted. She said she'd lied to D.W.B. about her medical history, but she'd been in remission at the time. Cara claimed she'd never trade her memories for anything in the world. Jake asked why she'd left D.W.B. and why she'd left him.

Cara called it complicated, but Jake said he had time. She claimed she'd wanted more, and she'd needed to be on her own to get it. Cara figured that it had worked out, because he'd returned to Pine Valley and his family. Cara felt she'd been destined for the rush and excitement of their job, but for Jake, she felt the job had been a pit stop on his way home.

Cara showed Jake a patch with a Quetzal on it. He remembered that it was her good luck charm. To her, the bird's tail looked like roots, but the bird also had wings. She said, it was about the roots for Jake, but for her, it had always been about the wings. Jake started to ask her if she were okay, but he realized she was always okay. As he returned to the party, Cara started to cry.

Cara returned to the party to find Tad alone in a booth. He thought that he was lame for not getting his son a going-away gift. Cara handed Tad the Quetzal patch and said it was for luck. Tad didn't want to take it from her, but she claimed to have a million of them at home. Cara said Damon was a kid with wings, but hadn't known his roots until he'd met Tad.

Later, Tad gathered everyone together to say some parting words to Damon. Opal, Krystal, Jake, and Liza wished Damon well. Tad said that a year earlier, he hadn't known Damon existed, but since meeting Damon, Tad couldn't imagine life without him. Tad was proud of Damon, who was the best surprise of Tad's life. Damon thanked everyone for all the second, third, and fourth chances they'd given him and said he'd never forget his newfound loved ones.

Later, Tad told Cara that Damon had called the patch "wicked awesome." Cara guessed that Damon hadn't said exactly that, but Tad replied that Damon had loved it all the same.

The party thinned out, and Damon guessed, "This is it." Tad said it was just goodbye for the time being. Damon thought that he had all his stuff packed, but said that when Tad visited, Tad could drop off anything Damon had missed. Tad wondered if Damon's new place would have a man cave, and Damon said he'd build one if it didn't. The men hugged and left.

At the hospital later, Jake sensed something was bothering his wife. Amanda revealed that, at the party, she'd discovered that she wasn't pregnant. He asked why she hadn't said anything, and she replied that she hadn't been able to find him. He explained that Cara had needed to talk. Seemingly unsettled, Amanda asked if everything were okay. He dismissively replied that it was fine.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

At the Chandler mansion, Liza consoled Colby and asked what she could do to help. Asher entered and said that Liza had done enough. Liza tried to dismiss Asher, but Asher proposed that Liza leave and that he take care of Colby. Colby became indignant and stormed out. Asher kept Liza from leaving. She asked what his problem was.

Asher closed the door, and then informed Liza that he had overheard her conversation with Damon, and he knew that she and Damon had slept together. Liza asked Asher how much it would cost for his silence. He said she didn't understand, but she spat that her affair with Damon wouldn't have happened if Asher had stayed away from Colby. Asher refused to let Liza blame him for her mistake.

Liza warned Asher not to say anything to Colby because it would destroy her daughter. He pointed out that it wouldn't be him, but Liza's actions, that would cause Colby pain. Asher conceded that Colby needed a mom, even one like Liza, so he swore he wouldn't say anything. She coldly thanked him. He threatened to tell Colby the truth if Liza ever hurt Colby again.

After Liza left, Asher found Colby descending the stairs and asked how she was doing. She said she couldn't sleep and didn't know what to do with herself. He invited her to watch a movie, but she shook her head. He started to go upstairs, but turned back to look at her with concern.

Later, Colby moped on the couch, and Asher offered her a deck of cards. When she balked, he mentioned other goofy ways he could distract her. Charmed, she commented that he just wouldn't quit. He recalled how the groundskeeper at his boarding school had felt sorry for him because Asher had never gone home during breaks, so he had taught Asher how to play poker.

Asher offered to teach Colby to play and joked that he'd let her win at least once. She asked if he felt sorry for her, and he said not sorry enough to let her win all the time. She agreed, and he was surprised when she rattled off poker lingo. Colby won the poker game and admitted that she had learned to play online. Asher asked whether the distraction had done her any good, and she thought she was making progress.

Colby asked what Liza and Asher had talked about. He claimed that he'd apologized to Liza. Asher noticed that Colby seemed distant and assumed that she was thinking of Damon, but Colby admitted she was preoccupied with the other woman whom Damon had slept with. He urged her to let it go, but she said she couldn't because it hurt too much. She wondered if the pain would ever stop. He assured her that it would and that one day, she'd win big.

At the Yacht Club, JR confronted Scott about following Annie. Scott found the idea laughable. They entered JR's room, and Scott warned that it wouldn't be long before others found out about JR and Annie's affair. JR insisted that he was only giving Annie a place to stay, though Scott remained skeptical.

JR urged Scott to return to his job emptying bedpans, but Scott countered that at least it was honest work. JR pointed out that it was better than rotting in prison. Scott claimed that he had learned from his mistakes, but he felt that JR kept making the same ones over and over. JR bragged that the score was in his favor and that he had everything under control. JR wondered if Scott hoped to gain points with Marissa by telling her that Annie and JR were having an affair. Scott thought JR would destroy his life all by himself, if Annie didn't do so first.

Annie and Marissa grappled for JR's cell phone. Marissa repeated the words Annie had spoken in her panicked voicemails to JR. Annie commented that she was just an emotional person, but Marissa was livid that Annie had used AJ to get to JR, and she was determined to expose just how crazy Annie was.

Marissa and Annie argued over Annie's pursuit of JR. Annie maintained her lie that Scott had been following her and that she had asked JR for help. Marissa noted Annie's desperation and accused Annie of wanting to erase the messages so JR wouldn't find out who she really was. Annie yelled at Marissa to give her the phone and started to threaten Marissa, but Annie stopped herself before she actually made the threat.

Marissa incredulously inquired whether Annie was threatening her. Marissa called Annie delusional, and Annie snarled that Marissa was jealous of her close working relationship with JR. Marissa retorted that she could never be jealous of Annie. Annie imagined Marissa in a wedding dress, announcing that she and JR weren't getting divorced but were instead renewing their vows. Suddenly, Annie blurted out that JR didn't love Marissa because he and Annie were together. As Annie insisted that JR would never leave her for Marissa, JR appeared behind her.

Marissa was glad JR was there, because she wanted to make it absolutely clear she didn't want JR back. Marissa asked whether Annie's claim that Annie and JR were together was true, and JR feigned surprise. Annie begged him to tell Marissa the truth. JR claimed that their relationship had been strictly business. JR pointedly said that he had only kept Annie on board at Chandler because he had thought the family needed her, but he felt that she had become too involved in his personal life, and he needed to fire her. He told her they'd talk about it at the office, and Annie angrily stalked off. Marissa warned JR that matters could get ugly.

Marissa and JR returned to Krystal's, where JR apologized for Annie's behavior. Marissa told him about Annie's messages and recounted the incident with the scissors. She called Annie disturbed for thinking that Marissa was conspiring against her to win JR back. Marissa suggested AJ stay with her for a couple of days. He understood her concern and told her to watch AJ, while he took care of Annie.

JR arrived at the Yacht Club to see Annie. She tried to explain, but he cut her off and asked if she realized what she had done. He demanded to know whether she had been following Marissa. Annie claimed that she had only been at Krystal's to help decorate and continued to insist that Marissa wanted him back. He worried that Marissa would file for sole custody and refused to lose his son.

Annie cried that that every day JR was slipping further away. He urged her to be patient, but Annie wailed that nothing had changed. She was angry that Marissa had accused her of being a stalker. JR explained that they could no longer be seen together under any circumstances. Annie asked whether he really was firing her, and he stared at her in stony silence.

J.R. begged Annie to let him handle the situation. "What other choice do I have?" she asked dejectedly. He thought he needed to do more damage control with Marissa. He said he'd call Annie when he could, and he left.

Annie looked in the mirror and willed herself to stay focused. She envisioned Marissa's image in the mirror. Marissa taunted that JR would never want Annie after that night. Annie yelled at her to go away. Annie clicked on the television, and she hallucinated that Marissa was on-screen. Marissa said Annie couldn't get rid of her because they wanted the same thing.

Annie ripped the television cord out of the wall and answered a knock at the door. She pictured Marissa with a room service cart. Marissa exposed a plate that held divorce papers, which Marissa ripped up. Panting for breath, Annie collapsed on the bed and repeatedly reminded herself that JR loved her. Meanwhile, JR called Annie's former psychiatrist and asked to speak with him regarding Annie.

At the hospital, David appeared to be in pain as Jake entered the room. David asked how Amanda was doing, and Jake said she was better without David in her life. Jake encouraged David to make a speedy recovery so Jake could check David out of the hospital. David scoffed that Jake didn't have the authority to discharge him, but Jake informed David that he was covering for Angie and that he believed David looked well enough to go to prison.

David blasted Jake for making a diagnosis without giving him an exam. Jake promised David he'd be examined, but not by Griffin, who Jake felt idolized David. Jake believed that David was intentionally trying to appear weak to keep people off their guard. Jake was confident that tests would confirm that David was fine. David told Jake to hold the celebration until the test results were in. Jake crowed that David had lost all his power and that no one cared about him anymore. David swore that he wouldn't go down easily.

Liza arrived to see David, and he noted her agitated state. He asked if he could help, but she wanted to know why he had summoned her. He confessed that he had exaggerated when he had said he remembered everything she'd said while he had been comatose. She hoped he was being honest. He admitted to hearing scattered things, like voices and sounds, and he knew that she had visited him. He said her support had helped him, and he thanked her.

Liza started to leave, and David tried to stop her, but she said she'd had the worst possible day. She said her problems had to do with emotions and feelings and didn't think he had any of those. David thought that they both needed a friend, and neither of them had many. He offered to be one and asked what was bothering her.

David pushed Liza to talk about her problems with Colby. Liza told him about Colby's broken heart, and David asked why Damon had left. When Liza answered vaguely, David asked whether Liza had anything to do with their breakup. She hesitated, so he simply said he would listen when she was ready to talk. He bemoaned that Jake was determined to get him sent to prison.

Liza asked how sick David really was. David claimed that he had almost passed out when he had tried to sit up, and he insisted that he really wasn't well. He asked her to persuade Jake to back off, and she snickered. She sarcastically said that she was glad to know he was still the manipulator he'd always been.

David told Liza that she was wrong. He empathized with her situation with Colby and wanted her to trust him. Liza still thought he had ulterior motives. He swore that he was very ill, but he was concerned that the hospital staff didn't care if he recovered. Liza was sure they'd follow proper procedure. She said he'd caused her enough trouble and that they both needed to pay their penance. He said he wasn't sorry for anything he'd done and wasn't about to go silently into the night.

Greenlee and Ryan dined at Confusion. He commented that the perfect wedding gift would be seeing David in an orange jumpsuit. They imagined David doing hard labor in prison while they were getting married. Greenlee wanted the perfect Valentine's wedding with no drama. Ryan said he could arrange it, but he saw that Greenlee was distracted by Madison's presence.

Ryan approached Madison to inform her that he and Greenlee were getting married in a couple of weeks. She was surprised, and quickly realized it would be a Valentine's Day wedding. She reiterated that he didn't owe her anything. Madison told Ryan not to worry about her being alone on Valentine's Day. He assumed she'd spend it with Scott, but she grew flustered.

Scott sat at Greenlee's table and noted that she looked upset. He claimed he'd offer to buy her a drink, except his boss didn't pay him enough. Scott remarked that Ryan and Madison's conversation looked intense, and Greenlee remarked that Madison needed a friend. Scott said he was Madison's friend, but it was up to Madison whether she wanted to tell Ryan about the baby.

Scott advised Greenlee not to keep secrets from Ryan, but Greenlee countered that Madison was the one keeping the secret. Greenlee reminded him of their deal, and Scott was torn because Madison was a nice person. Greenlee said their arrangement would only last until Ryan inevitably learned about the baby, but she was determined for that not to happen until after the wedding. She thought they deserved a day of perfect happiness before things got complicated. He told her to hold that thought.

Scott greeted Madison and Ryan and asked whether she'd forgotten about their date. She went along with the ruse. Madison congratulated Ryan and left with Scott. Greenlee approached Ryan and commented that Scott and Madison looked good together. She suggested that she and Ryan go home.

Scott and Madison sat in the park, where Scott showed her a ten-dollar bill and revealed that it was his total net worth. She didn't mind, but he said that he shouldn't have asked her out under the circumstances. She recalled when she pretended to still have money after her father had cut her off. He refused to let her pick up the tab for their date and suggested they go to a hot dog stand in the park. She smiled and declared that she loved hot dogs. She thanked him for rescuing her. "Anytime," he said.

Scott and Madison enjoyed hot dogs, and he offered to include fries the next time. He asked whether she was okay with Ryan's wedding announcement, and she said she was still standing. He wiped something from her lip. She called him a nice guy, and he joked not to label him that because it was the kiss of death. She said it was one of the most fun nights she'd had in a long time and kissed his cheek.

Greenlee and Ryan returned to the penthouse to find a wrapped gift in front of the door. They entered, and Greenlee read a card from David, who had written that he wanted her happiness more than anything. Ryan swore that David would never get near Greenlee again. The phone rang, and while Greenlee went off to bed, Ryan answered to Jake. Jake was stunned to report that based on David's test results, David wouldn't be going to prison anytime soon. Ryan glanced at the gift David had sent and mused, "We'll see about that."

Friday, January 28, 2011

Kendall was nervous but excited about her first day back at Fusion. Before she left the house, Cara made sure that Kendall was feeling okay physically. Cara also reminded Kendall about her checkup appointment with Griffin. Kendall told Cara that she felt fine, and promised she would see Griffin before going to the office. When Kendall arrived at Fusion, she looked around nervously. She took a deep breath in and reassured herself that she could be successful at Fusion again.

Jake stopped in to see David and announced that David was anemic. Jake was clearly not convinced that David was ill. David asked if Jake thought the tests had been faked. Instead of answering the question, Jake pondered aloud the possibility of running the tests again. David thought that Jake wanted to make it seem as though David was fit to go to prison. Griffin walked in during the tail end of the conversation and was shocked that Jake might consider doing something unethical.

Griffin made it clear that he trusted Jake's judgment on David's medical care. David pointed out that Jake held a grudge against David, and Griffin said that he understood the grudge. Triumphant, Jake left the room. David chastised Griffin for not taking David's side in the confrontation. Griffin said that he believed in David, and wanted David to be back on staff at PVH. However, Griffin added that he believed in the principles that David had taught him more -- never get emotionally involved with a patient.

Ryan fixed Greenlee a big breakfast. Though Greenlee was pleased, she said that she couldn't be late for Kendall's first day back. Ryan attempted to make lunch and dinner plans with Greenlee. Ryan said that he wanted them to get all of their fun out before they were officially married. Greenlee guessed that Ryan wanted to keep her mind off of David and the possibility that David wouldn't go to jail.

Ryan said with certainty that David would be imprisoned. Greenlee wasn't fooled and knew that Ryan had a plan. Ryan told Greenlee not to worry about anything except throwing herself back into Fusion with Kendall at her side. Greenlee was not swayed and told Ryan that she wanted to be included in his plan. Ryan said that he didn't have a plan yet, but Greenlee didn't believe him. Ryan said that his only plan for the day was to get his bride-to-be the perfect wedding gift.

Griffin left David's hospital room and checked his schedule via his phone. Griffin wasn't surprised that Kendall had missed her appointment. A few moments later, Cara showed up at the hospital with coffee in her hands. Griffin broke the news that Kendall had missed her appointment.

Griffin asked if Cara had encouraged Kendall to skip out on her checkup. Cara assured Griffin that her "no one tells me what to do" attitude did not apply to other people's lives. Griffin worried that Kendall had some sort of death wish. Cara said that it sounded like Griffin cared about Kendall. Griffin said he didn't want to waste his time.

Ryan walked by and asked Griffin if it were true that David wouldn't be going to jail. Griffin said that Ryan would have to check with Jake. Ryan walked down the hall and passed David's room. David called out to Ryan and asked if Ryan wanted to welcome David back to the land of the living. The two men faced off about Greenlee, each trying to hurt the other more with what had been done in the past. Ryan triumphed when he pointed out that David had no one left and nothing to look forward to but jail. Ryan's cell phone rang, and he stepped out into the hall to take the call. When he answered the phone, Ryan told the person on the other end that he was David Hayward.

Kendall took out framed a framed picture of her sons to set up. She then pulled out another framed photo, this time of her with Zach. Kendall had to remind herself again that she was ready to work. At that moment, the elevator doors opened, and Greenlee walked into the office with balloons in hand. Greenlee was a little saddened because Kendall's early arrival had ruined her surprise.

Kendall said that she didn't want anyone to make a big deal over her return. Greenlee said that it was a big deal that Kendall was back, but understood the request. Greenlee started to catch Kendall up on what had happened with the company, and what they'd need to do to restore the company to its former glory.

At that moment, Randi and Madison walked in. They, too, were sad that they'd missed surprising Kendall. Kendall brushed off the bad feelings and wanted to dive into the cupcakes that Madison had carried in. While everyone else was distracted, Greenlee called Griffin at the hospital.

Greenlee handed out copies of the company's finances so that they could discuss a plan for bouncing back. Griffin showed up at the Fusion offices before the discussion got underway. Kendall told Griffin that she would stop by the hospital later for her checkup. Griffin said that the exam needed to happen immediately, but Kendall refused. She went back to her work group and tried to resume corporate discussions.

It wasn't long before Kendall realized that part of the group was no longer focused. They pointed out that instead of leaving, Griffin had taken a seat at the entrance to the offices. Kendall stalked back over and told Griffin that she was trying to do her job. Griffin said that he was trying to do his job as well. Griffin offered Kendall two choices: a trip back to the hospital for the exam, or strip down for an exam at Fusion.

Kendall tried to tell Griffin that she had forgotten about the appointment. Griffin said that he'd spoken to Cara, so Kendall knew that she'd been caught in a lie. Kendall said that she thought the appointment was a waste of time because it couldn't fix what was wrong with her. Kendall said that taking care of her children and going back to work were the only things that would help her get back on her feet.

Griffin said that he wanted to help Kendall get back to a normal life but said she had to play by the rules. Kendall said that Griffin being at Fusion undermined Kendall's desire to be viewed and respected as a boss. Kendall begged Griffin to give her one day to reestablish herself with her employees.

Griffin said that he understood what Kendall was going through, but pointed out that she was putting herself at risk. Griffin's pager went off, and he told Kendall he needed to go back to the hospital. He told Kendall that she had one more chance, and instructed her to be in his office the next morning. Griffin warned Kendall that he would show up at Fusion with his EKG machine if she defied his orders.

Back on the office floor, Madison said that Kendall was in favor of a guerrilla marketing strategy to keep costs down. Greenlee immediately bit Madison's head off for speaking for Kendall. Randi stepped in and noted that Madison was having Ryan's baby. Randi asked if everyone could be okay with that. Greenlee said that she and Madison had an understanding, and that the pregnancy was not an issue. When Greenlee walked away, Randi said that the baby would become an issue when Madison started to show. Madison said that as long as Ryan never knew the baby was his, things would be fine.

Greenlee called Ryan to check in. Ryan said that he was working on the perfect present he'd promised her. Greenlee told him that Kendall's return to work was tricky but that things were okay. Ryan told Greenlee that if he could, he would stop by later.

Kendall walked back into the main office area and confronted Greenlee about calling Griffin. Greenlee was unapologetic, and said that Kendall needed to learn that it was okay to ask for help. Kendall finally admitted that she wasn't feeling 100%. Kendall asked how Greenlee was feeling with Madison in the office. Greenlee said that she had chosen to focus on marrying the man of her dreams, and putting David in jail.

Kendall and Greenlee successfully brainstormed some ideas about a new ad campaign. Greenlee excused herself for a moment. Kendall looked over the prints for the campaign, and saw a gun in Randi's hand. Memories started to rush back to Kendall. Greenlee returned with a bottle of champagne. When Greenlee popped the cork, more of the memories washed over Kendall.

Jake returned to David's room and said that David wasn't producing enough red blood cells. Jake wanted to make sure that David survived long enough to go to prison, so he agreed to fix David. Jake said that he'd set up a series of tests to try to zero in on the cause. David thought some of the tests were unnecessary and said he wouldn't allow them. Jake said that David wouldn't feel anything with the drugs David would receive.

After the first round of tests, Jake rolled a wheelchair-bound David down the hall. Jake explained that he would retrieve David early the next morning for the next round of tests. Jake called to an orderly at the end of the hall to take David back to his room. The orderly signaled that he would attend to David momentarily. The orderly waited for Jake to leave before he turned around. The orderly turned out to be Ryan.

Griffin went to check on David but was surprised to find the bed empty. Griffin asked an orderly passing by if he'd seen David. The orderly said that he had been scheduled to pick David up from pathology, but someone else had already done so by the time the orderly had gotten there. Meanwhile, David started to regain consciousness on the roof of the hospital. Ryan warned David not to make any sudden moves, and David realized his wheelchair was sitting on the edge of the roof.

Brot and Natalia fell back on to the pillows after another lovemaking session. Natalia marveled at why she'd taken so long be with Brot. Natalia expressed how wonderful Brot made her feel, and Brot said that Natalia inspired him. Reluctantly, Brot pointed out that they would need to get out of bed soon, as they both had to work.

Tad took a care package for Angie to Jesse at the station. The two men went through each of the items in the package. As they ate Angie's chocolates, Jesse noticed that the commissioner had stopped by. Jesse explained that the mayor had hired the commissioner, and that they were both out to get Jesse. When the commissioner walked over to them, Tad excused himself.

Once alone, the commissioner told Jesse that Natalia and Brot had been spotted together again. Jesse asked that he be allowed to do his job without outside help. The commissioner ordered Jesse to fire either Natalia or Brot before the end of the next business day. If that didn't happen, Jesse would lose his job.

When Brot and Natalia arrived at the station, Jesse immediately sat them down for a talk. Jesse informed them that the commissioner had spotted them in a hotel room that morning. Jesse added that the commissioner wanted one of them fired. Natalia hotly protested the order, but Jesse said that he was trying to handle the situation.

In the squad room, Natalia told Brot that Jesse would lose his job before he fired either one of them. This upset both of them because they knew that the mayor wanted Jesse out of the police chief job. Brot told Natalia that whatever happened, their relationship would remain strong. Brot told Natalia that he loved her, and happiness flushed Natalia's face. Natalia said that she loved Brot too. They were snapped out of their romantic haze when a fellow officer told Natalia that she was needed on a bust.

Brot reported to Jesse that Natalia had captured the suspect she'd had her eye on. Jesse recognized the stellar work that Natalia did. Brot asked Jesse to retain Natalia as detective, and fire him. Brot said that nothing made Natalia happier than being a detective. Jesse said that something else had been making Natalia smile recently. Brot acknowledged his role, and said that he wanted to keep the smile on Natalia's face.

Tad went to the hospital and found Jake. Jake told Tad that prescription drugs had gone missing, and asked that Tad uncover what was happening. Jake showed Tad a picture of Alex, the supply manager. Jake didn't know if Alex was involved but thought that Alex would be a good person for Tad to talk to.

Tad met with Alex over coffee at Krystal's restaurant. Tad made sure to use his real name and acknowledge his connections to Joe and Jake. Tad said he wanted to talk to Alex because he wanted to get Pine Valley Hospital's business on his own merit, not his name. Cara walked in, spotted Tad and sat down at the table without invitation. Cara asked if Tad had been working on any new cases, which alarmed Alex.

Cara was able to read the situation quickly and realized her misstep. She followed Tad's lead and they convinced Alex that Tad had been a private investigator until he'd done a poor job for Cara. They verbally sparred until Alex became uncomfortable. Tad apologized for the interruption. Alex said that he needed to get back to the hospital but asked Tad to call him later.

After Alex left, Tad both chastised and praised Cara for her performance. Cara said that unfortunately, she'd had a lot of practice at lying. Cara added that acting with Tad was the most fun she'd had in a while. Cara found the experience exhilarating and offered to play a key role as Tad's investigation progressed. Tad appreciated Cara's enthusiasm but declined.



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