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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 31, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, January 31, 2011

In Annie's room, Annie hallucinated that Marissa was trying to undermine her when someone knocked on the door. Annie was stunned to find Dr. Burke, from Oak Haven Sanitarium, standing on her doorstep. Dr. Burke explained that he had dropped by to check on Annie. Annie insisted that she was too busy to talk to the doctor. She quickly closed the door and then went to the desk drawer to pull out a letter opener. Annie dropped the letter opener in her purse and then left.

At Krystal's restaurant, Caleb looked up in time to see Erica enter. "Welcome home," Caleb greeted her. Erica sat down at Caleb's table and then explained that David had left several messages for her. She confessed that she was certain that David wanted to blackmail her into helping him stay out of jail. Caleb assured Erica that he would do everything in his power to protect Kendall. Erica was startled when Jackson suddenly appeared at her side.

Jack admitted that he was surprised that Erica was back in town. Caleb quietly excused himself to pay the bill while Erica explained to Jack that she hadn't had a chance to call him because of business. Jack sat down in Caleb's vacated seat and then invited Erica to go home with him. Erica claimed that she couldn't wait to be alone with Jack, but she had some errands to run first. She promised to meet him later that evening and then left.

Erica bumped into Annie on her way out. They exchanged a brief greeting before Erica left. Annie immediately spotted Caleb at the bar, so she approached him to find out why he wasn't in court finalizing JR and Marissa's divorce. Caleb made it clear that it wasn't any of Annie's business, but Annie insisted that she needed to stay in the loop because of her job. Caleb didn't buy it, so he advised Annie to talk to JR if she had any questions. After Caleb left, Krystal wondered what Annie was up to.

Annie appeared momentarily confused. Krystal clarified that she didn't like the look in Annie's eyes, so she wanted Annie to stay away from Marissa and the restaurant. Annie glanced at the letter opener that was tucked in her purse and then began to ramble about how Marissa had turned everyone against Annie. Krystal defended her daughter, which seemed to snap Annie out of it. Annie declared that she had never liked the food at Krystal's, so it wouldn't be a hardship not to return.

After Annie left, Krystal noticed Jack sitting at a nearby table. She immediately sensed that he was troubled. Jack confessed that he was frustrated because Erica had appeared to seek out Caleb upon her return home instead of Jack. Krystal suspected that Erica had blamed the meeting on business. Jack wondered what Krystal would have said if she had been in Erica's shoes. Krystal confessed that she wouldn't have made any stops on the way home to Jack.

At the Chandler mansion, JR was surprised to see Marissa arrive with AJ in tow. Marissa explained that she had needed to pick up their son from school. AJ immediately began to beg his father not to divorce his mother. JR and Marissa sat down with AJ to find out why he was suddenly so upset about the divorce. AJ confided that he had been told that divorced parents argued constantly and used their children against each other. JR and Marissa reminded their son that they had never done those things, so they had no intention of starting.

Annie lurked outside as she spied on JR, Marissa, and AJ. Annie watched as JR and Marissa talked to AJ and then hugged each other after AJ left the room. Annie imagined that Marissa had confessed to calling Dr. Burke to get Annie out of the way, so that Marissa and JR could be together. After Annie slipped away, Krystal stopped by to warn JR and Marissa that Annie had flipped out after Annie had learned that the divorce hadn't been finalized. JR was certain that Annie had been upset about losing her job. He assured mother and daughter that he had called Dr. Burke to help Annie, so JR was confident that everything would be okay.

Marissa decided to fill her mother in about AJ's problem at school, so they adjourned to the parlor. Meanwhile, JR received a call from Dr. Burke. Dr. Burke let JR know that he had paid Annie a visit, but she hadn't been receptive to talking. JR apologized for not preparing Annie for the visit because of an unexpected emergency with AJ. JR promised to find Annie to smooth things over, so that things would go better the next time. Dr. Burke was grateful for JR's help because the doctor was concerned about Annie's state of mind.

Later, Natalia dropped by to have JR sign some papers regarding the recent burglary at the mansion. Natalia thought that it was lucky that the thief hadn't had a chance to steal much. JR agreed, but he explained that the bracelet the burglar had taken from Marissa had a lot of sentimental value because JR had given it to Marissa to commemorate her adoption of AJ. After Natalia left, JR told Marissa that he would replace the bracelet if he could.

Erica was surprised when she entered David's hospital room to discover that the bed was empty. Jesse appeared in the doorway to let Erica know that David was "gone." Erica assumed that David was dead until Jesse clarified that David was missing. Erica suggested that the police should just let David stay gone, but Jesse warned her that no one, especially Erica, would be safe as long as David was on the loose. Erica realized that Jesse feared that David would go after the person responsible for the shooting.

Jesse didn't deny it, so he asked Erica to wait while he arranged for Erica to be placed under police guard. After Jesse left, Erica bumped into Caleb in the hallway. Erica quickly updated Caleb on David's possible escape and the likelihood of David tracking down the shooter. Caleb and Erica decided to find Kendall.

David became nervous when Ryan set David's wheelchair to teeter on the edge of the hospital's rooftop. Ryan dared David to save himself, but David argued that he was too heavily medicated and weak. Ryan continued to test David, but it eventually became clear that David wouldn't budge from the wheelchair. David realized that Ryan had never intended to kill him because Ryan had plans to make it appear that David had tried to flee. David knew that he wouldn't be granted bail if he were captured. Ryan confirmed David's suspicions.

David was certain that Ryan's plan was doomed to fail because David didn't have the strength to make it to the hospital's rooftop on his own. Ryan suggested that the police would assume that David had paid an orderly to do the job. David then argued that he couldn't escape from the hospital via the rooftop. Ryan smiled confidently as he assured David that everything would soon become clear. Moments later, Ryan received a call from Greenlee to let Ryan know about David's escape.

Ryan assured Greenlee that everything would be fine and then ended the call. Moments later, Ryan left the rooftop. David struggled to push his wheelchair to the door and then open it. After several failed attempts, David finally managed to open the door, but he didn't get very far because Jesse and Brot suddenly appeared. "Going somewhere?" Jesse wondered. David denied that he had tried to escape, but Jesse didn't believe him.

David insisted that Ryan had been responsible for David's trip to the rooftop, so Brot offered to call Ryan to get Ryan's version of events. After Jesse nodded his approval, Brot called Ryan. Ryan assured Brot that he had been at Cambias Industries for most of the day and that security could confirm it. Ryan also let Brot know that he had gone to Krystal's after he had left Cambias Industries, so he offered to put Krystal on the phone. Brot returned to the rooftop a short while later to let Jesse know that Ryan's alibi had been confirmed.

David continued to deny orchestrating an escape, but his denials fell on deaf ears when a helicopter appeared to hover over the hospital's rooftop. Brot searched David to discover a passport and a business card to the helicopter company hidden on David. Jesse placed David under arrest. According to Jesse, if David were well enough to plan an escape then he was well enough to go to jail.

Annie took Emma to Krystal's for something to eat. Emma told Annie that AJ had left school because he had been upset about his parents' divorce. Annie felt bad for AJ, but she insisted that he needed to accept it. Annie confessed that if there were one thing that she could teach Emma, it was that Emma couldn't trust anyone. Moments later, Ryan entered the restaurant. As he talked to Krystal at the bar, Krystal spotted Annie sitting at a table with Emma.

Emma raced up to her father when she saw him. Krystal asked Ryan to keep an eye on Emma while Krystal had a chat with Annie. Ryan agreed, so Krystal approached Annie. Krystal reminded Annie that Annie wasn't allowed in the restaurant, but Annie argued that Emma liked the food for some reason. Krystal clarified that Emma was welcome, but Annie wasn't.

Annie's temper flared, so she gathered up her daughter and then announced that they were leaving. After Annie and Emma left, Ryan question Krystal about the tension between her and Annie. Krystal explained that they simply didn't like each other. After Ryan left, Marissa stopped by to see her mother. Krystal warned Marissa to keep an eye on Annie.

Marissa insisted that Annie was JR's problem and that JR and Dr. Burke could handle Annie. Krystal wondered what would happen if JR and Dr. Burke couldn't because the "old Annie" was back and out to get Marissa.

At Fusion, Kendall had another flashback of shooting David, but the images were too brief and hazy for her to realize their significance. Greenlee sensed Kendall's distraction, so Kendall filled Greenlee in about the visions. Kendall realized that they were somehow related to David. Greenlee decided that Kendall needed a break, so she asked for Kendall's phone. After Kendall handed it over, Greenlee turned it off and then announced that it was time to be pampered.

Later, Kendall and Greenlee sported matching spa robes as they relaxed in massage chairs while women rubbed their shoulders and feet. Kendall confessed that it had been exactly what she needed. Greenlee smiled as she began to reminisce about their early days at Fusion and all of the things that they had learned. Greenlee reminded Kendall that they were invincible as long as they were together. Kendall felt terrible for the way that she had treated Greenlee, so she offered to make it up to Greenlee by helping to give Greenlee a dream wedding.

Kendall wanted to know what she could do, but Greenlee assured her friend that Kendall had already done it. As the masseuses left, Erica and Caleb arrived to talk to Kendall. Caleb was immediately uncomfortable when he saw Kendall and Greenlee in their spa robes as they reclined in massage chairs. Erica quickly delivered the news about David's disappearance. Greenlee decided to call Ryan to let him know, while Erica admitted that she was happy that David hadn't gone after Kendall.

Kendall wondered why David would want to hurt her. Erica hesitated a moment and then reminded Kendall that Kendall had considered smothering David with a pillow. Kendall argued that she hadn't followed through on the impulse. Kendall was more concerned about her mother because Erica had been the one to shoot David. Caleb promised that nothing would happen to Erica or Kendall because of David.

Kendall decided to heed Ryan's advice by not dwelling on David. Kendall wanted to focus on Greenlee's wedding plans instead. Erica was surprised when Kendall announced that Greenlee's Valentine's Day themed wedding would be held at Kendall's place. "Oh, well isn't that lovely?" Erica responded. Erica asked to have a private word with Greenlee, so Kendall went to talk to Caleb.

Erica initially wondered what to get Jack for a wedding gift, but Greenlee sensed that Erica had something else on her mind. Erica dropped the pretense of civility to demand to know if Greenlee had lost her mind. Erica feared that hosting Greenlee's wedding at the house would land Kendall in the hospital. Greenlee suggested that Erica "chill" and pay attention to her own wedding instead of Greenlee's nuptials. Erica and Greenlee continued to bicker until Kendall walked up with news that David had been captured.

Kendall hoped that it meant that her visions about David would cease. Erica was surprised by the comment, so she asked for clarification. Kendall revealed that she suspected that she'd had premonitions of David's escape. Erica became nervous when Kendall described the visions because Erica realized that they were memories of the shooting. Erica became agitated as she advised Kendall to put David out of her mind and to leave the reading of tea leaves to Opal.

Later, Erica and Caleb went to ConFusion to talk about Kendall's situation. Jack stopped short when he entered the club to see Erica and Caleb together.

Greenlee was delighted when Ryan showed up at Fusion. Kendall revealed that she had offered her home for the wedding, but Greenlee announced that she wanted to have the wedding on the patio at Fusion. Greenlee and Kendall then talked about David's capture. Greenlee started to question Ryan about how he had known that things would work out, but Ryan deftly changed the subject by suggesting that they toast to the wedding. Greenlee refused to let it drop; she wanted to know what Ryan had done.

JR went to see Annie at the Yacht Club, but found her room empty. JR went to the desk to find a piece of paper, but stopped short when he opened the drawer. JR found the stolen items that had been taken from the Chandler mansion during the burglary, including Marissa's bracelet. JR held the bracelet in his hand when Annie entered the room. Annie's smile quickly disappeared when JR demanded to know where Annie had gotten the bracelet.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

At the Yacht Club, JR confronted Annie regarding his discovery of Marissa's stolen things in their room. Annie confessed that they hadn't been stolen -- she had taken them. Annie tried to explain that Marissa's fall had been an accident. JR asked why she hadn't called an ambulance, but Annie said that she had been worried that everyone would think she'd hurt Marissa intentionally, so she'd staged a break-in. JR was stunned that Annie had trashed his home rather than tending to Marissa.

Annie reiterated that she had been scared, and she hadn't thought anyone would believe her. Annie accused Marissa of taking action against her, including calling Dr. Burke. JR admitted that he had called the doctor. Annie inquired whether JR thought she was crazy and wondered if Marissa had convinced him to lock her up. JR blamed himself for putting Annie in stressful situations, but he also acknowledged that she had been doing odd things. Annie was angry that he had called her psychiatrist instead of talking to her.

Annie cried that Marissa had provoked her, but JR thought that Annie's behavior had been extreme. Annie claimed that she'd be fine once his divorce was final. He said that if she didn't get help, there would never be a relationship between them. Annie asked whether JR would dump her if she didn't see Dr. Burke. He insisted that he simply didn't want to give Marissa any reason to resume her battle for full custody of AJ.

Annie griped that she'd been JR's dirty little secret for weeks. He told her to stop giving Marissa ammunition and to pull herself together. Annie calmly agreed, much to JR's surprise. He asked if she meant it, and she dejectedly stated that Marissa was calling all the shots. He wanted Annie to have an outlet to express her feelings. Annie felt like he was pawning her off on a shrink. He insisted that he cared about her and advised her to get help, if not for herself, then for the sake of their relationship.

Dr. Burke arrived at the Yacht Club to see Annie. JR told Annie that he was proud of her and asked her to call when her session with the doctor was over, and he left. With her back to Dr. Burke, Annie fondled the knife inside her purse. He asked if everything was okay, and she smiled brightly and said things were perfect.

Annie declared that it was important to get out her feelings and thanked Dr. Burke for his help. She said the situation with her and JR wasn't perfect. Dr. Burke asked her to tell him about it. Hiding the knife inside her sleeve, she clutched the blade as she smiled.

At ConFusion, JR apologized to Tad for being late. Tad suspected that JR's tardiness had to do with Annie. JR said he'd fired Annie and insisted that the situation was under control, but Tad informed him that Marissa thought Annie was psychotic. JR defended Annie, but Tad advised him to cut her loose before she lost it. JR was determined to stand by Annie.

Tad reminded JR that Annie had a violent history, but JR said she'd be fine once his divorce was final. JR claimed that Annie wasn't nuts, just stressed. Tad wondered how long JR would make excuses, but JR refused to abandon Annie after she'd spent her whole life being treated like trash. JR compared himself to Annie because they both had made impulsive choices, but Tad disagreed. Tad wondered if JR felt responsible for Annie. JR recalled how Adam had driven Dixie crazy and was determined not to be like his father.

Tad admired JR's compassion for Annie, but insisted that Marissa was just trying to protect AJ. Tad warned JR to be sure Marissa never learned about his relationship with Annie. Marissa arrived, and Tad left them alone to talk. JR handed Marissa a bag that contained her "stolen" items and fibbed that he had combed pawn shops to find them. She was thrilled to recover her bracelet, but was surprised her purse had turned up. He said that they could move on from the robbery, and he left. She looked quizzical as she gazed at the purse.

At Krystal's restaurant, Erica told Caleb that she wished that she'd told Kendall the truth about David's shooting. Caleb said she'd find a way and reminded her that she was Erica Kane. Jackson entered and was irritated to find Erica and Caleb together. Erica rushed over to Jackson and informed him that David had been caught. Jackson was determined to see that David was locked up. Caleb wanted assurance, as well, so the threesome left for the police station.

At the police station, David insisted he had been set up and demanded to see Marissa, but Jesse expressed confidence that no one could keep David out of prison. Erica, Jackson, and Caleb arrived. After Jackson pulled Jesse away, David told Erica that she had better do something to help him, if she knew what was good for her and Kendall.

In an effort to protect Natalia and Jesse, Brot urged Jesse to fire him, but Jesse ordered him to get back to work. David maintained that he hadn't attempted to escape and that his health had been compromised, while the real criminals remained free. As he eyed Erica, he said the truth would eventually be revealed. Erica pointedly remarked that he was going to prison regardless of what others had done.

Erica, Jackson, and Caleb returned to Krystal's, where Jackson scoffed at the idea that David could be telling the truth. Erica mentioned that Kendall and Greenlee knew that David was in police custody, but advised that Jackson check in on Greenlee. He was surprised by her suggestion, but stepped outside to call his daughter. Erica informed Caleb of David's threat and said all she wanted to do was to keep Kendall safe. Caleb assured her they would.

Caleb was confident that David wouldn't talk, but Erica worried that David would gladly trade Kendall's freedom for his own. She was determined not to allow Kendall to go through another ordeal. Caleb hugged her. Jackson entered and lost his temper upon seeing their embrace. Jackson blasted Erica for again turning to Caleb instead of to him. He declared that it was obvious that much more than business was going on between her and Caleb. He barked for them to get a room next time, and he stormed out.

Erica found Jackson on the roof and said they needed to talk. She swore there was nothing between her and Caleb. Jackson wanted to believe it, but couldn't. While he loved her, he felt humiliated. He accused her of feigning concern for Greenlee so she could spend time alone with Caleb. Erica said it had been an urgent matter that had nothing to do with Jackson. He demanded to know what it had to do with, and Erica revealed that it concerned Kendall.

Erica was vague in her explanation to Jack. He started to leave, and she begged him to just accept what she was telling him. He demanded answers. Erica confessed that Kendall had shot David and that she had covered for her daughter. Erica informed him that Kendall had repressed the memory. Jackson questioned whether it had ever occurred to her to ask him for help and comfort. She insisted she knew she could count on him, but he demanded to know why she hadn't simply told him the truth.

Erica explained to Jackson that she had improvised her plan. She hadn't told him because he was an officer of the court, but Jackson pointed out that Caleb was, too. Erica claimed that Caleb had found out the truth accidentally. Jackson accused Erica of not trusting him. Meanwhile, Caleb called in a favor to try to get Jackson reinstated as a practicing attorney.

Brot pointed out that Jesse was giving Mayor Blanco what she wanted by not firing either him or Natalia. Brot refused to let the mayor back Jesse into a corner. Jesse insisted that he would handle the mayor. After Jesse walked away, Brot whipped out a pad of paper and wrote a brief resignation letter. He left the letter and his badge with another officer to take to personnel.

At ConFusion, Natalia found Brot and jokingly scolded that he shouldn't be drinking on the job. He said he had something to tell her, but she stated that she had news, too. She revealed that when she had left the station earlier, she had gone on a job interview. Natalia refused to let the mayor run their lives, so she had called to inquire about a job as a detective in Philadelphia. Brot told her she couldn't accept the position.

Natalia asserted that the job was not only a great opportunity, but also a chance to give back to the two men who meant the most to her. She looked forward to being able save her dad's job and to publicly show her love for Brot. Natalia asked if Brot was happy with her decision, and he said he would have been, but he had already quit the force.

Brot and Natalia returned to the police station. Jesse was livid when he found Brot's resignation and refused to let him quit. Natalia agreed, and she announced that she had accepted the new job in Philadelphia. She thanked Jesse for making her work hard and for setting a wonderful example. She begged him to let her do something for him after how much he'd done for her.

Natalia looked forward to following in her father's footsteps. Jesse received a call, and he hesitated to take it, but she insisted she'd see him before she left. She told Brot that it was a big step, and she suddenly began laughing uncontrollably. Natalia shared some fond memories of working for the Pine Valley Police Department, and recounted how she had made friends, become detective, and fallen in love at the station. She professed her love to Brot and worried about saying it too loud, but he pointed out that they could shout their feelings. She swore she'd return to visit every chance she could. They kissed.

Marissa arrived to visit David in his holding cell. He was glad to see her, but she told him that he needed a replacement lawyer because she was quitting. Marissa berated David for trying to escape, but he swore his innocence. He explained how he had been taken for tests and had been sedated when Ryan had taken him up to the roof, where Ryan had set him up. She asked why she should believe him, and he swore that he wouldn't violate her trust.

Jesse arrived and reported that the van to the state penitentiary was on the way. David was adamant that he wasn't strong enough to handle prison. Marissa warned that she'd sue the department if anything happened to David. Jesse announced that visiting hours were over. David thanked Marissa as she left, and she told him not to make her regret it.

At the Slater home, Cara asked Kendall about Kendall's appointment with Griffin. Kendall admitted that she had lied about going to the hospital. Cara assured Kendall that Griffin was a good doctor, but Kendall pointed out that he had been trained by David. Kendall commented that David had been on her mind all day, and she flashed back to her hazy memory of Erica calling her name. Cara noticed Kendall was distracted, but Kendall said that all that mattered was that David was going to prison.

Later, Kendall answered the door to Reverend Ricky. He said he had been in the neighborhood on a church matter, but he became flustered when she innocently asked for details. She realized that he was checking up on her and informed him that her first day back at work had gone well. He asked if she had eaten and suggested they go to dinner, and she wondered if he was asking her out.

Ricky said he liked and respected Kendall, and he wanted her to know that she wasn't alone. He promised that he didn't have any other agenda. She felt foolish for jumping to conclusions. They agreed that they were grateful to be friends and that it was too soon for Kendall to consider anything more. He apologized for giving her the wrong signal. He started to leave, but she stopped him and accepted his dinner invitation.

After Kendall and Ricky arranged dinner plans for the following week, she thanked him for stopping by, and he remarked that he was glad she was doing better. "One step at a time," she said, and he departed. The phone rang, and she was surprised to answer to David. David said he had immediately thought of her when the police had allowed him to make a call.

Kendall arrived at the police station and asked to see David, but Jesse didn't think it was a good idea. Kendall explained that David had used his one phone call to contact her, and she wanted to know why. Jesse escorted her to David's cell. She believed there was only one reason he would call her -- because he thought for some reason she could keep him out of prison. "I don't think it, I know it," he said with a smirk.

Kendall thought David was referring to the incident with the pillow. He cryptically advised that it would be wise to keep it a secret, but she pointed out that the evidence was worthless and dared him to tell the whole world. He asked if she was sure. She told him he had already lost whatever game he was trying to play. David said he'd love to hear Erica's thoughts on the matter.

Kendall wanted to know what Erica had to do with David's situation. She said Erica loathed him and that nothing could make Erica take David's side. Kendall spat that she hoped he rotted and started to leave, but was overwhelmed with flashbacks and appeared to be in severe distress. David shouted her name as she collapsed to the floor.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

At home, Ryan fussed over Greenlee, who'd fallen while the couple had been ice skating, but she ushered him out the door to go to his informal bachelor party. Once alone, she made a call and learned that Kendall had gone to see David in jail. Greenlee hurried out of the house.

At the jail, David cried out to a collapsed Kendall. He tried to check her pulse, but couldn't reach her through the bars. He called for help, and Greenlee and a guard rushed in. Jesse arrived, and David demanded that Jesse open David's cell before Kendall died on the floor.

Jesse complied, and Greenlee pleaded with David to save Kendall. David performed chest compressions, and Kendall gasped as if returning to life. An ambulance arrived, and Jesse ordered David back to his cell. Greenlee, however, convinced Jesse to let David accompany them in case something happened to Kendall on the way to the hospital.

On the rooftop, Erica admitted that she hadn't confided in Jackson about the shooting because she'd feared that he'd put the truth above Kendall. Erica claimed he'd done it before when he'd caused Erica to lose custody of Bianca. Jackson couldn't believe Erica was still punishing him for that, or that she hadn't had faith that he'd fight for Kendall in court. Erica said he didn't have his license, but he yelled that he would have worked behind the scenes.

Erica said she needed Jackson to know that nothing was going on between her and Caleb. Jackson replied that he'd thought they'd worked through their fundamental differences, but the dredging up of Bianca's custody case had shown him how blind a man could be. Jackson felt that Kendall needed to know the truth, and Erica agreed that keeping it from Kendall had done more harm than good. Erica revealed that David knew the truth, and he was trying to use it to stay out of prison. A call from Greenlee about Kendall interrupted Jackson and Erica, and they hurried off to the hospital.

At Fusion, Scott shoved a bouquet of flowers at Madison to hide her belly. Scott claimed that Madison's baby bump was about to bust a button on her jacket. Madison said she hated getting fat, but her cravings were out of control. Assuring her that it was a normal part of pregnancy, Scott headed downstairs to pick up some food for her.

Bianca entered and cooed about Madison dating Scott. Madison responded meekly, and Bianca assumed that it was hard for Madison to work there while Greenlee was engaged to Ryan. Madison claimed that she was glad things with Ryan had ended before they'd gotten serious. Shielding her stomach with her coat, Madison decided to step out for a while.

At ConFusion, Tad prepared for a boys' night out to celebrate Ryan's wedding, but Cara arrived and proudly presented Tad with a list of suspects and their hospital schedules. Tad reminded her that he worked alone. When she couldn't persuade him to let her team up with him, she left. Jake approached Tad to ask why she'd been there. Tad revealed that she'd found out about the missing hospital drugs, and she wanted to be "Scooby to [his] Doo."

As Jake implored Tad to keep Cara out of it, Frankie and Ryan wandered over. Frankie made sarcastic remarks about how great Ryan's life was, and Ryan asked Frankie to say what was on his mind. Scott intervened to calm a confrontational Frankie down, and Tad promptly proposed a toast to marital bliss. Aside, Scott told Frankie that flaring up at Ryan wouldn't help Madison. "You know?" a surprised Frankie asked, referring to the pregnancy.

Scott didn't answer, because Madison entered. She saw Ryan and decided to get her food order to go. Ryan received a call about Kendall and told Jake and Tad that he had to leave. Ryan asked the bartender to call him a cab. "Forget the cab. I'm driving," Madison said.

At the hospital later, Griffin left a message that bid Kendall "adios" after she'd seemingly blown off another doctor's appointment. Cara arrived, and he complained that Kendall was wasting his time. Cara teased him for caring about Kendall, but he rasped that he should bill Kendall for his lost time. Cara, who'd found him to be overbearing while she'd been ill, said she understood why Kendall might want him to back off.

Cara went to the break room, where Tad entered to say that her list had been helpful. She tried to persuade him to let her work with him, but he stood firm in his decision. Cara left, and Jake entered. When Tad said that Cara had given him a hospital schedule, an enraged Jake insisted that Tad go to him, not Cara, because Jake couldn't afford to lose another doctor.

Jake strode to the nurses' station, where Cara was staring at the assignment board. She was livid that he'd removed her from all cases involving infectious diseases. "So what? I'm the boss. I'm in charge," he quipped. She ordered him to undo his changes, but he reminded her that she'd had leukemia. She raged that she'd had it as a child. Storming off, she advised him not to treat her differently just because he knew the truth.

As Madison drove Ryan to the hospital, he recalled all the coffee he'd consumed on their road trip to New York, but was surprised to learn that she'd given up caffeine. Ryan saw a shooting star and asked if Madison still wished on them. She said it was silly, but he called it sweet. Greenlee called to find out where Ryan was, and after the call, Ryan figured they could use another star to wish on. "I told you I don't do that anymore," Madison responded.

When Ryan and Madison arrived at the hospital, Greenlee frowned upon learning that Madison had driven him there. Greenlee thanked Madison, who awkwardly walked off. Scott found Madison in the corridor, and she asked him to get her out of there.

Scott took Madison to his messy apartment, and she pretended it wasn't so bad. As Scott tried to entertain her, she grabbed him and kissed him. He asked what had brought on the kiss, but Madison said she didn't want to talk. She kissed him again, and they fell onto his bed.

In the emergency room, a team wheeled in Kendall. David updated Griffin on her condition and followed Griffin to her room to assist in the treatment. Griffin, however, said that David needed to leave immediately. Citing that David didn't have a medical license, Griffin warned that treating Kendall could land David in jail permanently.

Jesse entered to take David away; however, David insisted that he was in the middle of something. Jesse replied that the van was almost there, and David was still going to prison.

In the lobby, Bianca, Erica, and Jackson arrived. Greenlee said Kendall had collapsed while visiting David in jail. Erica grew upset, but Greenlee figured it had been good because, without David, Kendall wouldn't have made it. Ricky, who'd been visiting a sick parishioner when he'd heard about Kendall, approached her family, and Bianca led him away to talk.

Griffin arrived to tell Erica and Jackson that Kendall had an aortic aneurism, which was fatal in 60 percent of patients. Griffin had already scheduled surgery, but he asked Erica to make sure that Kendall, who hadn't taken her health seriously thus far, was up for the challenge.

Alone with Jackson, Erica fretted about whether David had revealed the shooting secret to Kendall. On the way to visit Kendall, Erica overheard a nurse telling Griffin that David was insisting upon seeing Kendall. A panicked Erica located David and his guard in a corridor. David was handcuffed to a chair as he awaited transport.

Erica inquired about Kendall's visit with David at the jail, and David claimed not to have told Kendall anything. "But that doesn't mean I won't," he threatened. Erica said she wasn't a miracle worker, but David claimed that he didn't need a miracle. He just needed her to talk to the governor. "Tick Tock, Erica," he said, but Erica warned him not to go anywhere near Kendall.

Griffin went to Kendall's room to discover that Erica hadn't been there yet. Kendall claimed that she wasn't ready for the surgery, but he said she could die if she didn't have it. She wanted to see her kids first, but Griffin felt there wasn't time. He assumed she was scared, but she cried that she missed Zach. Griffin understood her grief, but asked if she still wanted to live.

Kendall asserted that she wanted her life back. After losing Zach, puzzling things had been floating through her mind, but she couldn't put it all together. Kendall grew feisty, and Griffin said he was seeing the Kendall that Zach had described. Griffin ordered her to keep getting angry and show some fight, because doing so would save her life.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

At the Chandler mansion, Annie begged JR to tell her that his marriage was over. He confirmed that his divorce was final, but Marissa was on her way over to discuss custody arrangements. Annie was thrilled that they no longer needed to hide, but JR advised that they needed to keep Annie's involvement in Marissa's "attack" a secret. JR asked her to start trusting him.

JR asked about Annie's session with Dr. Burke, and she claimed that it had been helpful to talk about her feelings. Annie wanted to be part of the custody discussion, but JR explained that he had a lot to work out with Marissa and didn't want to spring such a big surprise on her. He shuttled Annie out through the patio door. Marissa arrived, and she and JR marveled that though they were divorced, in some ways they seemed closer than ever. He apologized for everything that had happened, but she pointedly said that someone else shared the blame.

Marissa recalled her first visit to the mansion, when she had been impressed by its size and grandeur, but she had eventually learned to hate it because it had felt cold and empty. JR reminded her that it had been their home. Marissa's memories were tainted by her "attack." Marissa handed him a report and explained that she had given the stolen items that JR had retrieved to the police to see if they could find any new leads. A surprised JR asked what the police had found.

At Krystal's, Annie apologized to Emma for being late. Annie revealed that she had many exciting things to tell Emma after the girl spent the evening with Ryan. Ryan arrived, and Annie started to rush off, but he asked if they could switch nights. Annie became irritated, but he informed her that Kendall was in the hospital. Annie snapped that he cared about all of his exes except her.

Ryan pulled Annie aside and asked what was wrong. At first he didn't understand why it was such a big deal, but he quickly realized her behavior had to do with JR. She explained that she had a lot riding on that night and that everything would be better by the next day. Emma interrupted them, and a concerned Ryan said he could spend time with Emma, after all. After Ryan and Emma left, Annie swore to herself that she and Emma would have a fresh start.

Marissa announced that her stolen items had only the fingerprints of JR and the pawnbroker. JR supposed that the perpetrator had probably wiped them clean. She asked whether the pawnbroker had backed JR's story, and he questioned her choice of words. Marissa had suspected that Annie had something to do with the incident, but admitted that she had been wrong. Marissa and JR agreed to stay civil for AJ's sake. He thanked her for everything she'd done for him and AJ, and they hugged as Annie watched through the window, clutching her knife.

JR noticed Annie in the window, and Marissa saw that he was distracted. He made an excuse about a tree branch and escorted Marissa to the door. Marissa warned JR about Annie. He said there was nothing to worry about, but she advised him to be careful. Marissa left, and JR confronted Annie. She apologized for being there but gushed in excitement about the idea of him being free. He angrily pulled away.

Annie assumed that Marissa had done something to delay the divorce and flew into a rage. JR yelled that Marissa hadn't done anything and that the divorce was official. Annie became flustered because she had been certain that Marissa would do something to ruin things for them, but JR coldly stated that Annie had done that herself.

Annie explained that she had known that there was a risk something could go wrong, and she thought it had when she had seen JR and Marissa in a close moment. JR informed her that it had been a goodbye hug. Annie rejoiced that his marriage was over and moved to embrace JR, but he was tired of having to reassure her. He couldn't believe that he had put his family and his job on the line for her. She thought it sounded like he was blaming her for everything, and he announced that he'd had enough. Shocked, she asked whether he was breaking up with her.

At the Slater home, Cara answered the door to Tad. The room was a mess, and Cara explained that she had been getting things together to take to Kendall and Griffin at the hospital. Tad sincerely thanked Cara for helping him with his case. He asked Cara to find out where the female doctors hung out after work. She offered to accompany him there, but he turned her down. She wondered if Jake had spoken to Tad, and she accused Tad of treating her like she was sick.

Tad wondered why Jake would think Cara was ill. She blurted out that she'd had leukemia as a child and that she hadn't told anyone for years, including Jake. She felt sheepish for sharing such personal information with Tad. Tad declared that he had a talent for getting people to tell him things. He said that he never would have guessed her secret, and she was glad. She proclaimed that his talent made him a good friend.

At Scott's apartment, Madison said she didn't want to talk and planted a passionate kiss on Scott. Scott pulled back, and Madison thought it was because she was pregnant. He called her beautiful, but admitted that when Annie had hurt him, he had slept with someone else, which had been a huge mistake.

Madison pointed out that neither of them was attached. He asked if she was completely over Ryan, and he noted that she had initiated their kiss after she had seen Ryan and Greenlee together. Scott counseled that sex wouldn't make her feelings go away. He wished the circumstances were different, but he felt that the timing was wrong. Madison's phone rang, and she was summoned as an emergency sitter for Kendall's boys. Scott offered her a ride.

Scott and Madison played with Ian and Spike. She suggested a pizza and movie night, and the boys cheered in agreement. The doorbell rang, and when Madison answered, Emma ran into Madison's arms. Madison was surprised to see Ryan. Madison informed him that she was the emergency sitter. Ryan explained that he had stopped by to see if Emma could stay for a few hours while he visited Kendall, but didn't want to overwhelm them. Scott and Madison insisted that Emma join them. Madison watched Ryan as he left.

Madison asked Scott if he wanted kids of his own. He admitted that he had become attached to Emma when he had been married to Annie. He said Madison would make a great mom, but she fretted that she hadn't had great role models. He pointed out that she knew what not to do and that she herself had turned out better than okay.

Erica was surprised to find David at the hospital instead of on his way to prison. The guard explained that the roads were icy. David vaguely surmised that Erica was worried that David would share a secret. David wanted to check on Kendall, but Erica insisted that he stay away from her daughter.

Meanwhile, an indignant Kendall told Griffin that she had unsettling thoughts in her head and couldn't be at her best for surgery. Griffin recalled that Zach had spoken about her spunk, and Griffin advised her to fight for her life.

Griffin asked Erica to help Kendall mentally prepare for surgery. Griffin asked Erica about Kendall's state of mind and referred to Kendall talking about a puzzle piece missing in her head. Erica berated Griffin for focusing on the wrong things. She entered Kendall's room and comforted her daughter. Kendall was grateful for her family and friends, but Erica realized that Kendall still missed Zach. Erica said that Zach would tell her to fight like hell. Kendall swore she was trying, but Erica implored her to try harder and swore to be there every step of the way.

Kendall wished she could shake her strange feelings, and Erica advised her not to hold herself back. Kendall had a brief flashback, but insisted that she was fine. Erica blamed it on the medication. Kendall wanted to postpone the surgery because of all of the things in her head. Kendall begged Erica to convince Griffin that she needed more time. Erica reminded Kendall of all she had survived and advised her to drown out her thoughts with her confidence.

Erica told Kendall that she had her boys to live for. Kendall lamented that every time she made progress, something held her back. Erica swore that David was going to prison and that Kendall was going to get well, but Kendall was still preoccupied with thoughts of David. Erica urged Kendall to think about positive things. Erica left to check on the surgery schedule.

Cara arrived at the hospital and presented Griffin with his usual pre-surgery carbo-load. As he wolfed it down, she scolded him for his lack of manners. She noted that he was worried and assured him that everything would be fine. He confidently started spewing surgical terms, but she clarified that she meant Kendall specifically, since Griffin had spent a lot of time on Kendall's case. He changed the subject.

Griffin asked Erica if Kendall was prepared. Erica inquired about what she could do to ensure that Kendall would live, but Griffin said there were no guarantees. Later, Erica worried to Jackson that Kendall was thinking about David, not her surgery. She was afraid that Kendall would go into surgery a total wreck.

Jackson agreed that it was a big burden for Kendall to carry, and Erica regretted not telling the truth. Jackson said she couldn't go back. Erica thanked him for supporting her, but he wanted to concentrate on Kendall's health. She hugged him.

Erica was livid to see that David was still at the hospital. Jackson pulled Erica away from David. Later, when he was alone alone, Jackson answered his cell phone and said that the person on the other end had his attention. Meanwhile, the guard prepared to escort David out of the hospital, but David demanded to check on Kendall. Ryan arrived and refused to allow David to see Kendall.

Griffin told Kendall to tell the voice in her head to shut up. Kendall acknowledged that she could die on the table. He said that with him as her surgeon, the odds were in her favor, but Kendall turned away from Griffin. He said that if she wouldn't talk to him, he'd talk to the voice in her head. He asked what the voice was saying that made her so afraid. Kendall wished she could let her thoughts out, but she felt like she couldn't get to them. Griffin sympathized. She felt it was too much, but he believed that she was strong enough because she wasn't like other people.

Griffin offered to get the whole town on Kendall's side. He said he wasn't her shrink, but he implored her to get ready to fight. She said she didn't know if she could trust anyone, including him, because Zach had promised he'd never leave her and had broken her trust. Cara arrived and apologized for interrupting. She dropped off some of Kendall's personal belongings and a picture from Spike and Ian. Cara assured Kendall that she was in excellent hands.

Cara left, and Kendall gazed at the drawing. Griffin followed Cara to the hallway. Cara noted that neither Kendall nor Griffin was in a good place. Cara suggested that he make Kendall trust him. She understood that he wasn't comfortable opening up, but she felt Kendall needed to trust him before the surgery. Cara kissed Griffin's cheek, and he mentally prepared himself before he returned to Kendall's room. He said that they had to start somewhere.

Later, Tad found Cara at Krystal's and wondered whether she was trying to include herself on his case again, but she said she was just passing the time during Kendall's surgery. Tad suggested that they do so together. Tad asked Cara if she'd thought about death a lot. She handed him a French fry and told him that all she knew was to enjoy every fry.

Kendall questioned whether Griffin was testing her trust. He recognized that he was asking her to trust him with her life, so in fairness, he offered to trust her with his. She looked quizzical. He revealed that he had a secret that could keep him from practicing medicine and could send him to jail. He confessed that he'd been stealing drugs from the hospital.

Kendall was stunned, but Griffin explained that he was sending the drugs to clinics that desperately needed them to save lives. He had intended to fund the purchases in his deal with Zach and planned to repay every penny. He asked if he could trust her not to spill his secret. She nodded, and agreed to have the surgery. He reminded her to keep up her part of the bargain or he'd end up in a cell next to David.

Griffin left, and Kendall flashed back to Erica saying she'd be there for Kendall. Kendall overheard Ryan and David arguing in the hallway. David threatened Ryan, and Ryan commented that David didn't have a gun this time. As the guard led David away, Kendall remembered picking up the gun and firing. She cried out that she was the one who had shot David.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Annie was in shock when JR said that he wanted to break up with her. JR said that Annie's constant doubt about his intentions left him no other choice. Annie thought that JR understood why she'd acted out, given that his divorce had been continually delayed. JR reminded Annie that the divorce had been delayed because Annie had knocked Marissa out and made the incident look like a burglary. JR asked what it would take for Annie to believe in him. Annie told JR that she needed to hear that he loved her.

Asher caught Colby as she readied to leave with her suitcase. Asher thought that Colby had plans to see Damon. Colby said that she was going to visit her father in Chicago and added that she and Damon were over. Asher made it clear that he was happy Colby was finished with Damon.

Asher acknowledged that Colby's trip was none of his business. Despite that, Asher said he was concerned that Adam would compound the pain Colby was already feeling. Colby was certain that things would be fine with her father and started to leave. Asher told her to have a good time and then left the foyer. With the sudden quiet, Colby overheard JR's conversation with Annie.

JR told Annie that he'd repeatedly shown her how much he cared about her. JR reminded Annie that he'd lied to his family and almost lost his son because of her. In the foyer, Colby was shocked when she heard JR's biggest confession: that he'd protected Annie when he found out that Annie was responsible for knocking Marissa out.

Annie acted as if everything JR said was meaningless because he wouldn't say he loved her. JR caved and screamed that he loved her. Annie wasn't satisfied because she felt JR only said it because she pressured him. JR wanted to know why Annie insisted on making everything so difficult. Annie decided to make things easy on JR and stormed out. JR ran after her, and neither he nor Annie spotted Colby hiding by the stairs.

Annie reached the cottage and found a romantic set up of wine and candles. Just as she started to think that she'd been wrong about JR, she hallucinated that Marissa was there. The illusion told Annie that the set up was done for Marissa, and that JR didn't really love Annie. The illusion went on to say that as the mother of his child, Marissa was the only one that deserved to be JR's wife. This infuriated Annie and she threw a wine glass at the apparition. A shocked JR opened the door moments later.

JR asked Annie what was going on in her head. Annie said that she'd worked so hard to be patient and thought they would be together. JR said that he'd set up the cottage for her because he wanted her and loved her. Annie wanted to believe and tested the waters by kissing JR.

When JR kissed Annie back, she knew he was being truthful. Annie was anxious to keep JR with her, but JR said they would have many nights to be together. Just then, they heard a thump on the porch. As Colby scrambled to pick up her phone, Annie panicked again. Inside the cottage, she asked JR if Marissa had followed them.

JR was certain that no one was outside and tried to calm Annie down. JR said that he'd wanted the set up at the cottage to be a surprise after they met with the doctor from Oak Haven. Annie was resistant, but JR said that he wanted them to be honest about everything. JR felt that their future would be better if they had a clean slate.

Annie finally agreed to meet with the doctor but before they left, JR's phone rang. JR took a call from Asher, who told JR about an issue that had arisen at Chandler. JR apologized to Annie and said that he needed to take care of some business first. He asked Annie if she wanted to go with him, but Annie said that she felt safe at the cottage and wanted to stay. JR promised to finish as quickly as he could, and left.

A few moments later, Colby barged into the cottage and surprised Annie. In a haughty tone, Colby said that she knew what Annie had done. Annie initially thought Colby meant Annie's affair with JR. Colby clarified that she was referring to the assault on Marissa, and the theft of Marissa's belongings. Colby said that Annie had broken all kinds of laws, and Colby intended to make sure Annie paid for what she'd done.

Annie tried to explain what happened with Marissa, but it was clear that Colby didn't believe her. Colby revealed that she'd recorded their entire conversation, and made it clear that she intended to share the recording with the police. Annie wasn't about to let Colby leave with the phone, and the two struggled for control.

The phone flew out of Colby's grasp and landed near a table. Once they got close to the table, Annie grabbed the handcuffs she'd planned to use on JR and secured Colby to the table. Annie said that Colby shouldn't have stuck her nose where it didn't belong. Annie added that she had to decide what to do with Colby.

Annie said that she had to leave and started to walk out the door. Colby exclaimed that Annie couldn't leave her alone and chained up. Annie tossed Colby a piece of cheese and said that Colby would survive if that's what Annie decided was best.

At the Chandler house, JR was able to handle the Chandler crisis quickly. Asher asked if JR had heard about Colby's plans to visit Adam. JR hadn't, so Asher pointed out his concern that Adam would hurt Colby. JR assured Asher that while Adam was never there for his children when they needed him, Adam loved his children without question. JR was certain that Colby's time with Adam would be positive. JR then noted he would be a better father to AJ than Adam was to him.

When Dr. Burke arrived at the Chandler home, he was glad for the opportunity to talk with JR alone. JR didn't want to talk about Annie behind her back. Dr. Burke said that he just wanted to find out JR's feelings about what had been going on with Annie. JR said that he knew Annie had problems, but JR refused to abandon her.

Annie was an emotional wreck when she got behind the wheel of her car. She thought that she'd handled the situation with Colby well enough because she'd retained custody of Colby's phone. Annie realized, however, that she had to deal with explaining why Colby was chained up in the cottage. Just then, the vision of Marissa reappeared. The vision taunted Annie and said that there was no way JR would forgive Annie for what she'd done to Colby.

Brot openly appreciated how attractive he thought Natalia was as she walked into Krystal's restaurant. Natalia soaked up the attention, and said it felt odd to be so open about her relationship with Brot. Brot didn't think they were open enough, and announced to the restaurant how much he adored Natalia. Jesse, Frankie and Randi walked in after the announcement and asked what they missed. Brot revealed that he'd just announced the obvious his affection for Natalia.

Everyone told Natalia how much they would miss her. Natalia asked them not to act as though she was being sent far away. Natalia promised that she would visit them on her days off. The group toasted to Natalia's promotion as well as to the happiness she'd found with Brot. Brot gave Natalia a present to take with her. When she opened the box, Natalia was surprised to find Brot's medal. Natalia was reluctant to accept it, but Brot told her that she exemplified everything it stood for merit, bravery and courage.

Jesse gave Natalia some pictures and frames from Angie so that Natalia would be surrounded by love. Jesse also said that Angie thought of Natalia as her own, and both she and Jesse wanted Natalia to be part of her new baby sister's life. The group toasted over the revelation of baby's gender. Frankie said that he hoped the newest Hubbard would be half the woman Natalia had turned out to be.

Cara confronted Jake about how he'd been treating her. Jake said that Cara shouldn't complain because he cared about what happened to her. Cara said that she and Jake had been in far more unsanitary conditions, and she'd survived. She told Jake that she hated the way he and Griffin treated her as if she would break at any moment.

Cara asked Jake if he would have treated her differently when they were in Doctors Without Borders if he'd known she'd been ill. Jake admitted that he would have probably been more overprotective then as well. Jake wondered if that quality made him a bad person. Without thinking, Cara blurted out that Jake had started treating her like every other person that she loved.

Cara regretted the words as soon as they exited her mouth. She tried to backpedal, but Jake stopped her and said that he understood. Cara asked if Jake understood how important it was for her to be viewed as strong and capable. Jake said that he would always be concerned about her, but promised that he wouldn't hover. Cara agreed to the compromise.

In her hospital bed, Kendall gasped for air as her memories flooded back. Kendall realized that she was the one who shot David. Her monitors registered spikes in her blood pressure and Griffin rushed into her room. Griffin tried to calm Kendall down, but she was more concerned with confessing. Griffin asked if there was a chance that Kendall was mistaken. Kendall said that her memories and intentions were clear. Given that Griffin had stopped her from trying to smother Griffin's mentor, Kendall asked if Griffin still wanted to save her.

Griffin said that as her doctor, he was obligated to treat her. Kendall had so many questions about what happened and why Erica had lied about being the shooter. Kendall thought that she needed to talk to Erica right away. Griffin assured Kendall that she would have plenty of time to talk to Erica after the surgery.

Griffin placed a call to see if Erica could visit Kendall. Erica didn't pick up, so Griffin told Erica, via voice mail, that Kendall was fine but had requested to see Erica before surgery. After he hung up, Griffin continued to assure Kendall that she would have a chance to talk to her mother. Griffin urged Kendall to let the medicine work so that her blood pressure would go down. Kendall relaxed, and Griffin suggested that Kendall take a nap. When Kendall closed her eyes, Griffin stepped out of the room.

As Kendall slept, the memories of what she'd done to David, and how Erica had consistently covered for Kendall washed over Kendall's subconscious. When she awoke, Kendall felt a burning need to take action. She ripped off the connectors to the machines that were tracking her overall health. She left the IV for last and, after she took a deep breath, Kendall ripped the line out of her arm.

Griffin returned to Kendall's room and was alarmed to find the bed empty. Griffin rushed out to the desk and asked Jake and Cara if they'd seen Kendall. Neither had, and Jake immediately called security. Meanwhile, Kendall had made it to the beach. Kendall stumbled through the sand, calling out for Erica. Kendall said that she needed to tell Erica something. Then, a sharp pain coursed through Kendall's body and Kendall collapsed.

Griffin tried to call Kendall on her cell phone. When Kendall picked up, Griffin tried to ask questions that would help him figure out where Kendall was. Unfortunately, Kendall still had a heavy load of sedatives coursing through her body and wasn't able to be specific. Pain shot through Kendall's body again, and Griffin knew that they needed to move fast. Jake said that resources were low because of the weather, so Griffin agreed to drive the ambulance.

Jesse got the call about Kendall leaving the hospital. Frankie decided to help out from the hospital side, so they said goodbye to Brot and Natalia. Once alone, Natalia said that she needed more pictures of Brot by himself. Brot said that since the explosion, he hadn't been a fan of having his picture taken. Brot pulled out a picture of himself before the accident, and said he still felt like that man inside.

Natalia agreed that Brot had been handsome, and then plucked a more recent picture of the two of them out of the pile. Natalia said that the man Brot had become since the accident was the man she fell in love with. Natalia said that man was who she intended to return to every chance she got.

Jake gave directions as Griffin drove the ambulance at breakneck speeds. When they got near Erica's house, Jake, Griffin and Cara split up in an effort to find Kendall. Griffin found Kendall first, and was relieved that Kendall was still conscious. They got Kendall into the ambulance and Griffin sped back to the hospital. The roads were icy and Griffin did his best to keep control of the vehicle.

Meanwhile, Annie was completely distracted by her hallucination. Annie tried to convince herself that she could fix what she'd done. The vision, however, said that there was no way for Annie to correct her latest misdeed. The vision told Annie that the best idea would be for Annie to leave town and never look back. At that moment, Annie realized that she was careening toward an ambulance.



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