One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 31, 2011 on OLTL

Marty was unable to recall Natalie's secret. Brody agreed to keep quiet about his one-night stand with Natalie. Clint fired Vimal for disclosing the DNA switch to Aubrey. Rama advised Aubrey to watch her back. Cutter and Aubrey continued to hide their true identities. Shane asked Echo to hide the fact that he was being bullied. Tomás visited Blair.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 31, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, January 31, 2011

Starr paid a visit to Marty at St. Ann's, but Sister Nina was reluctant to allow Hope into the room, as Marty was still confused. Starr agreed to see Marty alone, and the nun took the little girl to the playroom. Inside the room, Marty spoke to the doll that she had wrapped up in a blanket and explained that they were waiting for John to pick them up. "That must be daddy," Marty said when she heard the knock at the door. Starr could see that Marty was disappointed. "Sorry, it's just me," Starr apologized.

Marty wondered why Cole wasn't there, because he had to meet his baby brother. Starr gently reminded her that Cole was in prison. "Natalie took away my son," Marty exclaimed. She advised Starr to watch out for Natalie, and she explained how Natalie had knocked her out. Natalie had taken Marty to the lodge and had made Marty give birth there, Marty added. Then Natalie had taken the baby. Marty looked at the doll and told Starr that he looked like his father.

Starr left the room and returned with Hope. She introduced Marty to the little girl, and Marty recalled that she hadn't been allowed to see her granddaughter. Starr expressed her regret for that, and she maintained that Hope had missed Marty. "Hope, can I give you a hug?" Marty asked. The little girl ran into Marty's arms, and Marty was delighted. She'd missed Hope, too, and she thanked Starr for permitting the little girl to visit.

Marty felt like she was starting to remember something, and she wondered why she was living at St. Ann's. Starr explained that Marty had just gone through a "hard couple of months," and she had "wanted to forget." "Oh, my God, I lost my baby," Marty blurted out. Marty recalled falling down the stairs, but she admitted that she still couldn't tell what was real and what was imagined. She remembered that someone had given birth at the lodge. Starr revealed that it had been Natalie, and Natalie and John were the new parents of a baby.

Starr expressed how sorry she was that she'd kept Hope away from Marty. Starr and Hope left, and Marty looked at her doll. "It's not my baby; it's Natalie's baby. Natalie's and John's," Marty declared. Something still didn't sound right to her. She recalled the evening of the double wedding, and she remembered that she'd had to tell someone something. Suddenly, Marty gasped and said, "The truth about the baby." She recalled that the baby wasn't John's. Starr left St. Ann's and advised the sister that Marty had begun to get her memory back.

As the Buchanan family gathered at the church after the christening, Aubrey addressed the group and advised them that she had an announcement to make. Joey whispered that it wasn't the right time, but Aubrey insisted that it affected all of the people in the room. She wanted them all to know what Clint had done. Clint spoke up and admitted that he hadn't been a perfect father, and he was ashamed of what he'd done, but he wanted to be the one to talk. He'd only tried to protect his family and future generations, Clint stated, and added, "I denied my son, and that was wrong."

He explained that he'd wanted Joey to sign a prenuptial agreement, and when Joey had refused, Clint had cut him off from his inheritance and family standing. "I was dead wrong," Clint said. He hated the fact that someone could show up and take everything away from his family members. Clint apologized and advised everyone that he wanted to return everything to Joey.

"Son, I wish you and your fiancée all the best. Aubrey Wentworth, welcome to the family," Clint added. He and Aubrey hugged. "Smart move, dad," Aubrey whispered to Clint. "Dumb mistake, Aubrey," Clint retorted.

Later, Viki apologized to Aubrey for all that Clint had done, and Joey stopped to chat with Kelly, who was surprised at Clint's actions. Joey thought that Aubrey had been "amazing." Kelly announced that she had a date with Cutter, and she wouldn't be returning to Llanfair with the family.

Joey thought that he and Kelly should make a date, and she perked up until he clarified that they needed to get to know their godson. He added that Ryder would get them back together in the event that they ever "drift apart." Clint thought he'd refrain from attending the family party, but Jessica thought that it would give him the chance to get to know Aubrey better. Natalie considered the christening an opportunity for a "fresh start" after all that she, John, and their son had been through. John trusted that Marty wouldn't be released from St. Ann's until she was aware of the identity of Liam's real parents.

Cutter looked at the latest headline in the daily newspaper and formed his plan. He read that Dorian had just been appointed to the board of a group called "Kids Empowered."

Dorian called Adriana from La Boulaie to tell her that the yearbook sent from Kelly's boarding school in Paris hadn't arrived yet. Cutter showed up and introduced himself to Dorian, though she acknowledged that she recognized him from his photo in the French magazine. He emphasized that he was Aubrey's brother, and Aubrey would have left town if she were only interested in Joey's money, because Joey had been disowned. Dorian noted that Kelly felt protective of Joey. Cutter admitted that he was there to talk to Dorian.

He claimed that he'd been a mentor for the same group that Dorian had just joined, and he wanted the chance to be able to work with them again. He was hoping that Dorian would be able to arrange it. Dorian went upstairs to get the necessary information for Cutter, and just then, the doorbell rang. It was the mailman, and he had a package for Dorian. It needed to be signed for, and Cutter glanced down as he accepted it from the man's hands. He noted that the return address was a private school in Paris, and it was the same one that Aubrey had claimed to attend. Cutter quickly signed for the package.

Dorian returned and wondered what Cutter was up to as he fumbled through his briefcase. He explained that he'd retrieved his résumé to give her, but Dorian handed him the address of the group instead. Cutter stated that he'd call Kelly later, and he left with the yearbook safely hidden in his briefcase. Dorian muttered that she was aware that he wanted Kelly in his bed and Kelly's money in his pocket.

Dorian placed another call to Adriana to check on the status of the yearbook mailing. She explained that she needed it to check up on Joey's fiancée, who'd claimed to have attended school with Kelly. They wanted to verify it.

Shane was distressed when he found Echo on his MyFace page. Echo explained that it had already been up on the computer when she'd gone to look up something else. "Are you being bullied?" she asked her grandson. Shane insisted that it wasn't the case, and the kids had just been teasing him. He denied that he had stayed home from school for that reason, and he declared that he did the same thing to others. Echo thought that it was mean and nasty, and she named all of Shane's outstanding qualities.

"High school is about who's cool, and I'm not," Shane pronounced. Echo pointed out that insecure kids tried to make themselves feel better when they harassed others. She asked when it had started, and Shane told her about the asthma attack that he'd had in gym class one day. It had begun shortly after that. Echo thought that she should call the school principal, but Shane was adamant that she do nothing about the problem. "I'll deal with it," he said.

Echo believed that at least Shane's parents should be aware of it, but Shane was certain that they would only make matters worse. He wanted Echo to promise not to tell Rex and Gigi, because they would ruin his life. Shane was certain that things would get better, and the kids would find someone else to taunt. Just then, Rex and Gigi returned from the christening. "We have a problem," Echo declared. Shane panicked, but Echo proclaimed that her grandson still had a fever, and it was probably her fault. She'd sent him on a wild goose chase to retrieve something for her.

While Gigi and Rex went about their business, Echo promised Shane that she would tell them about the bullying if it didn't stop. Rex told Echo about the events at the church, and he revealed that Dorian had suggested that Clint was really Rex's father, not Charlie. Rex was curious to find out whether Echo was familiar with Clint changing the results of the DNA test, because Rex was thinking of getting a new one.

Echo thought that Rex should never believe Dorian, and furthermore, she wondered what a slide would prove. Charlie loved Rex and Shane, and that was worth a lot, Echo affirmed. Clint was a miserable and cold-hearted individual. "Just be Charlie's son. Let Shane have a good grandfather," Echo pleaded. She imagined that Clint would hurt Rex eventually, and she recommended that Rex not have another DNA test.

Before Echo left, she urged Rex to keep an eye on Shane. "He needs his father right now," she told her son. Rex was confused and more so when Gigi returned and announced that Shane didn't have a fever. She wasn't sure why Echo had said that he did. She knew for certain that Shane would be returning to school the next day. Upstairs, Shane looked at his MyFace page and the latest derogatory postings.

Both sets of new parents returned to Llanfair and put their newborns to bed before the family party. Aubrey expressed her regret for standing up to Clint, but Joey admitted he'd loved it. Aubrey explained that she'd been angry about Clint cutting off Joey, and the fact that no one else in the family had been aware of it. She assumed that Clint would hate her forever, but she'd done it for Joey.

Clint arrived and asked to speak to Aubrey. He ordered her to never call him dad or try to "corner" him again. Aubrey asked if he planned to break another law, and she admitted that she'd expected him to have a heart attack, because he'd thought that she was about to expose the fact that Rex was his son. "You little bitch," Clint replied. He advised her that he had plans for her, though she threatened to expose the fact that one of his daughters was unaware of who her baby's father was, due to another DNA test that Clint had altered. "You hurt me, I hurt your daughter," Aubrey advised Clint.

Joey found the pair and inquired whether the two were friends. Clint declared that he understood Aubrey, and he only hoped that she understood him. Aubrey informed Joey that Clint just needed some time, as he apparently had difficulty accepting the fact that he was wrong. She was ready to leave.

The new parents sat around, and Jessica did some checking on the availability of the church for her wedding. She was unable to secure the church for the date she'd wanted, but she advised Brody that there was an opening in a couple of days. Brody agreed that it was perfect, and Jessica suggested that Natalie and John have their wedding at the same time. John was agreeable, stating that he preferred the church to the courthouse. Jessica assured Natalie that Marty wouldn't be able to interrupt their wedding the second time around, and Natalie agreed that no one would interfere. Joey wandered in, and Jessica advised him that it would soon be his turn to make wedding plans.

Kelly returned to La Boulaie and informed her aunt of all that had occurred at the christening, especially Aubrey's intent to make an announcement. "That sleazy slut," Dorian exclaimed. Kelly continued that Clint had gone on to welcome Aubrey to the family. Dorian pointed out that Joey was rich again, and she wondered why Clint had changed his mind. "Do you think Aubrey has something on him?" Kelly wondered. She couldn't imagine what it might be.

Dorian mentioned that Cutter had stopped by, though she knew it wasn't for the reasons he'd stated. She thought he'd wanted to "size me up and see if I'm an easy mark." She couldn't wait to get her hands on the yearbook, so they'd have proof that Cutter and Aubrey were up to something.

Aubrey returned to the Palace and happily advised Cutter that he would be able to stop dating Kelly. Cutter explained that there was another reason for her to be happy. He'd intercepted a yearbook that had been mailed from Paris to Dorian. He turned to the page that featured a photo of the real Aubrey Wentworth.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Things are finally the way they're supposed to be," Jessica said to Brody as they played with baby Ryder in their bedroom at Llanfair. Brody remarked that Natalie's son, Liam, and Ryder had been enjoying crib time together, and they were more like brothers than cousins. Natalie and Gigi were on their way to the bedroom and overheard Brody's remark. Gigi dashed in and chased Brody out, noting that it was time for the sisters to try on wedding gowns. Gigi didn't want to summon any bad luck.

Gigi had Jessica's gown ready for alterations, and Gigi ordered Natalie to start trying on the gowns Gigi had selected for her. Natalie was quiet, and Jessica observed that her sister was "glowing." Jessica was extremely happy about the double wedding, and she apologized for all that she might have done to hurt Natalie in the past. Natalie wanted to apologize, also, but Jessica stopped her. She called it "ancient history."

The young women talked about their love for their children. Jessica informed Natalie that she and Brody trusted Natalie and John with their lives and their children, and they wanted to be like second parents to Liam. Natalie admitted that she felt the same way. Gigi walked in and yelled at the girls that they didn't have time to talk. She insisted that Natalie begin trying on the gowns. Natalie obeyed, and she was finally pleased with one of them.

Joey and Rex found themselves next to each other at the gym, and Joey thought it was a good idea to smooth things over after their rocky past, because they were almost family. Rex agreed that they had been "kids" during their dispute, and he didn't hold any grudges. The young men shook hands. They talked about Clint and his disinheritance of Joey, but Joey suggested that Joey's father was just paranoid and "extreme." Rex recalled his conversation with Dorian and her suspicions regarding Clint's manipulation of the DNA test.

Joey praised Aubrey and told Rex that it was all thanks to her that Joey was back in his father's good graces. "She's one amazing woman," Joey proclaimed. He continued to go on and on about his wonderful Aubrey and how lucky he was. Rex was curious to know whether Joey trusted Aubrey, and Joey revealed that he did. Joey informed Rex that Kelly was dating Cutter, and Rex was surprised. "What's going on with her?" Joey asked.

Rex suggested that Joey talk to Kelly. As he headed out, Rex told Joey to open his eyes, and Joey would figure it out. Joey had a difficult time trying to decipher Rex's message, but he thought back to all of the recent conversations that he'd had with Kelly. She had talked about the guy for her who had been someone from her past. Suddenly, it dawned on Joey. "Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Is it possible?" Joey realized that he had been the man that Kelly had been talking about.

At the police station, Bo questioned a couple of arrogant thugs, Mr. Bluestein and Mr. Schwartz, also known as Mr. Blue and Mr. Black. They acknowledged that they worked security for Clint. John accused them of giving Ford a beating, but both of the men denied it. Bo offered to cut a deal, citing the identification of the men from a lineup, as well as video from Ford's apartment. Bo wanted details of Eddie's murder and how Clint was involved, and he cited a pending charge of aggravated assault against the two men.

John decided to count backwards from ten, but the men hardly paid attention. As John reached the end, one of the men handed Bo a card. It stated that the two men had been at a blood drive during the time of Ford's beating. Bo suggested that Clint had "bought and paid for" an alibi, but the men were free to go. Brody arrived and asked about the men, and John felt obligated to tell Brody about all that Clint had been suspected of doing.

Brody was disbelieving, especially because Clint had been so good to him. Brody didn't want Jessica to be aware of the investigation, and John agreed that the same held for Natalie. John pointed out that the girls were crazy about Clint, and they would find out all about him soon enough. Bo suggested that they hold up the investigation until after the wedding.

Rex arrived at the police station, and he updated Brody and John on their bachelor party. John thought it was amusing that it would be held at his own bar, but Rex assured him that having it at Rodi's was the only way to ensure that John would be there. Rex proceeded to Bo's office, where Rex told his good friend that he wanted some advice. Rex changed his mind when he looked at Bo's face. "You look like hell," he said to Bo.

Bo explained that Rex had been right, and Inez had drugged him. They hadn't had sex, as Bo had previously believed. Rex thought that was good news, but Bo added that Clint had been behind it. He provided the details. "My own flesh and blood," Bo muttered. Clint had wanted to break up Bo's marriage to Nora. Bo advised Rex that it was all still secret, and he asked Rex how Rex would feel if it were his own father. He was ready to give Rex the advice that he wanted, but Rex decided that he no longer needed it.

Brody thanked John for providing him with the information regarding Clint. He considered John to be a good friend, not just a superior at work and his future brother-in-law. John felt the same, but he thought that things were "grim." They were looking at arresting their own father-in-law for murder.

Bo was alone, and he picked up an old photo of himself with Clint and Asa. He was confused about what had happened to Clint over the years. "I just don't get it," he said sadly.

Clint was in his office at Buchanan Enterprises and recalled the threats that Aubrey had made to him. He wondered how she could have learned about the alteration to the DNA tests, because only one person had known about it. As if on cue, there was a knock at the door. Clint glared at Vimal, who was standing on the other side. Vimal declared that he wanted two wedding invitations to the Buchanan double wedding. Clint asked why. "You know why," Vimal replied.

Vimal recalled his discussion with his wife, and Rama's urging him to stand up to Clint. She believed that Vimal was entitled to the invitations after what Vimal had done to the DNA tests, all at Clint's request. "It's what I deserve, Mr. Buchanan," Vimal told his boss. Clint chuckled. "Vimal, are you threatening me?" Clint asked. "It's a demand. I've earned those invitations," Vimal insisted. Clint concurred, but he wanted to verify that Vimal hadn't told anyone what Vimal had done, according to the previous agreement with Clint.

Vimal insisted that he hadn't told anyone anything. Clint disclosed how disappointed he'd be if he found out that Vimal had lied. Just then, Mr. Black and Mr. Blue arrived. "Who did you tell about our private business?" Clint asked Vimal again. Vimal denied that he had spoken to anyone, but Clint revealed that someone had tried to blackmail him. He turned Vimal over to his security detail. The men began to rough Vimal up, and Vimal finally admitted he had confided in Rama, a Hindu god.

Clint was adamant that Vimal must have talked to someone like Aubrey Wentworth. Vimal recalled his meeting with his wife's friend, and the truth dawned on him. He advised Clint that he did not confide in Aubrey Wentworth, and that was the truth. Clint warned that Vimal was not to talk to anyone in the future, not even the gods. Not only was Vimal not receiving invitations to the wedding, but he was fired, Clint announced.

At the Palace, Aubrey watched Cutter doctor the yearbook page so that it included a photo of Aubrey as the real Aubrey Wentworth. "We are about to get everything we want," Aubrey said as she smiled. She noted that she owed Rama big time for giving her the details of the DNA test switches. "Poor Joey, what a sap," Cutter said. Aubrey was annoyed, and she asked Cutter to stop bad-mouthing Joey. He suggested that she might be going soft, but Aubrey responded that Joey was smart.

Cutter pulled her over to kiss her, but Aubrey tore herself away. Cutter was anxious to have Aubrey all to himself, but he declared that it was time to set up a new date with Kelly. Aubrey was against it, and she ordered him to keep his hands off of Kelly. Cutter wondered if that meant that Aubrey would keep her hands off of Joey. Aubrey didn't respond, and Cutter reminded her that he needed to get the yearbook back to La Boulaie.

An exasperated Dorian speculated on the arrival of the yearbook from France, but Kelly thought that the book's non-appearance might be fate. Kelly thought that she should stop looking for dirt on Aubrey, but Dorian thought that it was necessary for Kelly to prove that Cutter and Aubrey were up to no good. She believed that Kelly wouldn't be happy until she was back with Joey, but Kelly thought that her relationship with Joey was "one for the ages."

Dorian believed that Kelly and Joey had merely had bad timing in the past, and she didn't want Kelly to give up. Dorian insisted that there was something sinister and dark about Aubrey and Cutter, and she wanted Kelly to beware of Cutter. Kelly mentioned that Joey had caught Cutter and Kelly together, and she'd had to lie and tell Joey that she'd broken up with Kevin. Dorian recalled seeing a quite upset Joey, and she suggested that Joey might have been jealous.

Kelly could hardly believe that Joey was jealous, but her aunt urged her to try some "positive thinking." The talk turned to Clint, and what Aubrey might be holding over his head. Kelly demanded that Dorian tell her what she knew about Clint. Dorian didn't respond immediately, but she couldn't contain herself. She announced that Clint was Rex's real father, and she wouldn't put anything past Clint.

Kelly was astonished that Dorian had related her hunch to Rex. Dorian changed the subject. She urged Kelly to tell Joey about her true feelings for him, and she thought it had better be right away.

Dorian pointed out that Aubrey would want to arrange her own wedding as soon as Joey's sisters were married. Kelly decided she didn't want to discuss it further, and she was saved when Cutter arrived with a package that he claimed was lying on the step. He looked at the package and made it known that his sister has attended the school that was noted in the return address. Dorian was vague about the package's contents, but she was elated and pulled Kelly into the study and closed the doors.

Hurriedly, they opened the package and flipped through the pages. They were shocked to find Aubrey's photo in the book, but Dorian wasn't fazed. She still believed that Aubrey was up to something. Kelly felt differently, and she announced that she was finished with Joey. She would have to accept the truth, and she planned to give up the fight.

Kelly headed back out to the foyer and caught Cutter as he was leaving. He had grown tired of waiting alone, he informed her. Kelly inquired about their date, and he asked when she might be free. "Actually, I'm free right now," she admitted. She leaned over to kiss Cutter as Joey arrived and saw them in the open door. Joey took one look and walked away.

Dorian received a phone call from Rex. He advised her that he'd had the DNA test, and he had the results. "Clint Buchanan is not my father," he proclaimed.

Aubrey set fire to the photo of the real Aubrey Wentworth, but she was interrupted when there was a knock at the door. It was Mr. Blue and Mr. Black. "I didn't call maintenance," Aubrey declared. The men were there to replace the two thermostats in the suite, and Aubrey allowed them to walk inside. The men got to work and placed cameras inside of the thermostats. Later, the camera focused on Aubrey as she lay on the couch.

Brody and John returned to Llanfair, and they joked with the women about their upcoming bachelor party. "No strippers," Jessica ordered. Brody advised her that it was all out of their hands, while John admitted that they would be forced to enjoy the night.

Vimal showed up at the gym and found his wife. He wondered whether she'd told Aubrey about the DNA switches. Rama denied it, but Vimal suggested that it could have been Aubrey who had attempted to blackmail Clint. Vimal looked at his wife's face and agreed that it couldn't have been her who had told. He advised her that he'd been fired. "Clint Buchanan is an evil, evil man," Rama stated.

Clint thanked his men for a job well done. The guys joked that they weren't afraid of anyone, even the police. Their job at the Palace had been completed, and Clint was grateful. He explained that he had to get something on Aubrey before "that bitch" married Joey.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In Joey's suite at the Palace, Cutter and Aubrey were once again locked in a passionate embrace. Finally, Aubrey pulled away and told Cutter he had to go, as he was late for John and Brody's bachelor party, to which Joey had invited him. Cutter whined that the party would be boring by comparison, but Aubrey reminded him that it was necessary, and added, "they need to trust us before we can clean them out." Cutter gloated that trust was no longer needed after the way Aubrey had dealt with Clint, and as the con artists laughed about their savvy and kissed once more, Clint's hidden camera recorded their every word and move.

After Cutter left, Aubrey was interrupted by another visitor: Rama. Aubrey said she was late for a social engagement. "Make time," Rama ordered, forcing her way into the suite, "Now." She unloaded on Aubrey for breaking her trust and getting Vimal fired. Aubrey said she was sorry, but she had needed to protect Joey. "Not as sorry as you will be," Rama vowed.

Aubrey attempted to defuse the situation by suggesting they think of a solution together, but Rama said she had already been thinking -- of everything she knew about her "old friend." Growing agitated, Aubrey asked what Rama meant by that. "You wouldn't say anything!" Aubrey cried. "All options on the table, Aubrey 'Wentworth,'" Rama sneered before stalking out of the suite.

At the Manning house, Todd was irritated to find Téa getting dolled up for a mysterious evening out when he had expected them to spend a night together, watching the Creature Feature on TV. Téa suggested he crash John McBain's bachelor party at Rodi's instead. "I wasn't invited," Todd said, sulking. "I can't imagine why," Téa cracked, and told him not to wait up as she left the bedroom.

Todd attempted to follow the old horror movie on television, but after surveying his empty surroundings, concluded, "this blows." Reconsidering his options, he rose and left the house.

At Llanfair, Viki greeted the exhausted Natalie and Jessica in the drawing room. The Buchanan sisters were drained from hours of caring for and feeding their new sons, but Viki was insistent that they attempt to have a fun evening the night before their double wedding, and reminded them that Gigi had wanted to throw them a bachelorette party like the one Rex was throwing for John and Brody. Natalie and Jessica said they were too tired and flopped onto the couch. After Viki left, they wondered aloud whether John and Brody really were having a better time than they were.

Hoping to pass the time, the girls attempted to figure out the seating arrangements for the wedding. Natalie was unsure of putting Clint near Bo and Nora, but Jessica was sure their father would never do anything to ruin their nuptials. Just then, a uniformed police officer burst into the drawing room. "Jessica Brennan?" he asked. When Jessica identified herself, the cop said she was under arrest.

Over at Rodi's, Rex, Joey, and Shaun kicked off John and Brody's bachelor party by downing shots with the soon-to-be-married men. "Time for strippers!" Rex crowed, but John and Brody asked to keep things low-key.

As Joey and Shaun went for beers, Shaun congratulated Joey on his engagement -- to Kelly. Joey explained he was actually marrying Aubrey. He realized Shaun and Kelly had grown close since Shaun had been her bodyguard, and asked if Kelly had mentioned something about his marital status. "I got the wrong idea," Shaun said quietly, "You're with someone else." "Yeah," Joey replied as he spotted Cutter entering the bar, and added, "So is Kelly."

Joey rushed over to introduce Cutter to the men. Cutter's first question was, "where are the strippers?" "See?!" Rex cried, gesturing to John and Brody, and suggested the women were having the time of their lives by comparison. Brody claimed Jessica and Natalie had wanted a quiet night at home. "You don't know my sister," Rex replied.

Back at Llanfair, Natalie and Jessica confronted the handsome cop in their living room. Natalie didn't recognize him from the department, and demanded to see a warrant. "You can see everything I have!" the cop -- actually Joel, Gigi and Cristian's artistic model -- replied. Whipping out handcuffs, Joel ordered the mortified twins to "assume the position."

With Natalie and Jessica handcuffed on the couch, Gigi, Kelly, and Vivian entered the room and played along with the gag. They read Joel's fake warrant against Jessica and Natalie, which accused them of "crimes against the men of Llanview," and of "depriving them of your sexy selves." As Joel began stripping off his uniform, Roxy and Téa burst into the house to join the party, spanking and fondling the male eye candy.

As the women watched the floor show and Gigi snapped a picture on her phone, Kelly drank in the sight of Joel and bemoaned the sad state of her love life to Vivian. Vivian couldn't believe Kelly didn't have men beating down her door. "Not the one I want," Kelly mumbled to herself.

Viki was working in the kitchen when Echo interrupted her and asked if she knew a cop was arresting her daughters. Viki tersely explained that it was a "private party," and told her unwanted houseguest to steer clear. When Echo explained that she had only gone downstairs to get more soup for Charlie, who was sick in bed, Viki hit the roof. She demanded to know what Echo was doing in Viki's bedroom with Viki's husband. As Echo climbed up the kitchen stairs, Viki ordered her once again to keep away from Charlie.

As Echo departed, Dorian entered the kitchen. "Viki, did you know there's a naked man in your library?" she asked. "Yes," Viki said with a sigh, and asked Dorian why she was there. On the landing, Echo eavesdropped on the ladies' conversation as Dorian informed Viki that Rex had run another DNA test to determine his paternity. Viki asked Dorian not to drag Rex into her schemes against Echo, but Dorian was positive that Echo and Clint were manipulating the young Mr. Balsom, and said that Rex wanted the truth.

Echo quickly crashed the party by heading back down the stairs and confronting Dorian about her suspicions. "Labs make mistakes all the time," Echo reasoned, and ordered Dorian to leave her son alone. Dorian smiled and told Echo that the second test had once again shown Charlie to be Rex's father, then asked why the countess looked so surprised. Echo attempted to lie her way out of it, but Dorian said she knew Echo had faked the DNA tests. She accused Echo of perpetuating the deception in order to worm her way into Charlie's heart.

Echo gloated that Viki and Dorian were doing that job for her, and said that she was closer to Charlie than ever thanks to their overbearing behavior. "How dare you?" Viki snapped. As Dorian leaped to Viki's defense, Echo snarled that Dorian was simply bitter, spiteful, and jealous of Echo's relationship with "Chuckles" because Dorian had nothing left in her own life.

"Enough!" Viki yelled, getting in Echo's face. "Let me tell you something -- Dorian Lord is twenty times the woman that you will ever be. You know what? I have had it. Get out." As Echo prepared to head back upstairs, Viki grabbed her arm. "No, I didn't say up, I said out," Viki hissed, adding, "I want you out of my house and out of my life." She was sick and tired of Echo playing on Charlie's sympathies, and she would pack the countess' bags herself and throw her into the street.

As Viki headed upstairs to pack Echo's things, Dorian stopped Echo from following. Echo ordered Dorian to move or be moved, but Dorian laughed. "Just try it!" Dorian cackled, and stated, "Viki may be too much of a lady to lay hands on you, but I sure as hell am not!" Before the women could begin trading blows, Viki returned with Echo's luggage, which she deposited outside the kitchen door. She told Echo a cab was on its way, and ordered her to vacate the premises.

Echo could only laugh. "You really do make a cute couple," she said, chuckling, and continued, "Too bad it's not gonna last. Because once you don't have me to gang up on, you'll be back at each other's throats again." With that, she left Llanfair.

As Viki struggled to calm her nerves, Dorian thanked her for her kind words, and "for saying that I'm fifty times the woman Echo is." "Dorian, I said twenty," Viki muttered. Dorian warned that Echo would run to Charlie, but Viki said she didn't care -- it had been worth it. Dorian was delighted by her old rival's take-charge attitude.

Back at Rodi's, Joey told Shaun that he and Kelly were only friends, and that she had become like a sister to him. He had hoped to clear the air and dissolve the friction between them, but he had found her kissing someone else. Joey said that Cutter was wrong for Kelly. Shaun challenged Joey to admit that he was worried about Kelly because she was special to him, and asked if Joey still had feelings for his ex-wife. Joey looked stricken.

At the bar, John and Brody inquired about each other's nerves the night before their weddings. John admitted to being a little edgy about marrying into the Buchanan family, and Brody promised to have his lieutenant's back.

As Brody and John headed over to the pool table, Vimal sat alone at the bar, drinking shot after shot of hard liquor. Glancing at the bachelors, he flashed back to his DNA-swapping shenanigans and ordered another round. When Rex headed to the bar to get more booze, he spotted Vimal, who he recognized as one of Clint's employees. "Not anymore," Vimal mumbled, and squirmed as Rex peppered him with questions about his relationship to Clint.

Before Rex could probe further, John and Brody walked up and said they were heading over to Llanfair to check on Liam and Ryder. Vimal grew increasingly uncomfortable as he heard the men speak of their sons. Rex said goodbye to the guys, then did a double-take when he received Gigi's camera-phone picture of the scantily-clad Joel.

Todd arrived at Rodi's, but before he could enter, he received a phone call. He asked the caller what they wanted, then said that he didn't take orders from whoever was on the other end of the line. He insisted that everything was under control and asked to be left alone, then hung up.

Entering the establishment, Todd made a beeline for the bar, where he ran into Vimal. Todd asked Vimal if he was with John's bachelor party, and Vimal began to drunkenly ramble about how he knew nothing about John or Brody, or Rex Balsom, for that matter. "I didn't mention Rex," Todd replied. "Sorry," Vimal mumbled, then grew agitated, rambling incoherently about his unlucky lot in life. Bemused, Todd urged Vimal to share shots with him and tell him all about it.

At Llanfair, Joel finished his strip show, re-donned his cop outfit, and said goodbye to the ladies, who uncuffed Jessica and Natalie. On his way out, Joel ran into a perplexed John and Brody in the foyer. Mistaking them for the "second shift," he warned them to steer clear of "the blonde," who he said was too fresh with her hands. "Make sure that uniform gets returned," John said with a grimace. John and Brody entered the drawing room and found the giddy gaggle of women waiting. "More strippers!" Téa yelled, "Awesome!"

Not long thereafter, Aubrey arrived at Llanfair, looking for the bachelorette party. Jessica answered the door and explained that she and Natalie had bowed out for the evening, but the other ladies had taken the party to Rodi's.

Over at Rodi's, the bachelorette party arrived on the scene. As Roxy and Gigi went inside, Kelly stopped Vivian for a moment and asked to keep their conversation about Joey confidential, doctor to patient. "We'll call this a heart problem," Vivian agreed. "Would you like a prescription? Tell Joey how you feel."

Inside, Joey told Shaun that he was engaged to Aubrey, and that Kelly was simply an important person in his life. "You sure that's all it is?" Shaun asked, probing further, "You don't want anything more?" Shaun added that it was none of his business, but if it were his life, he would make sure he knew how he felt before marrying someone else. Just then, Kelly and Vivian entered Rodi's, drawing the men's eyes.

Roxy and Gigi hit the bar, where they ran into Todd and Vimal drowning their sorrows. Todd asked after Téa, and Gigi said she had been sidetracked by a client emergency.

"This place is a lot more scary than the Creature Feature," Todd grumbled as Gigi and Roxy headed for a table. He and Vimal compared notes about their wives -- smart, tough, and fun women they loved. Todd added that Téa "owes me big time" for keeping Danielle a secret for years, and asked if Vimal had ever heard of anything so screwed up. "Who, me?" Vimal asked. "No! Never!" Todd wondered aloud, "What kind of a person keeps a secret like that?" as Vimal grew nauseous.

Nearby, Rex and Gigi reunited, and Rex complimented her on her phone photography skills. Gigi reminded him that he had met Joel before at Cristian's art class. "Oh, yeah, I blocked that out," Rex replied. He said that Gigi needed to call him next time a ladies' night needed an available stripper or nude model. When Gigi expressed her skepticism, Rex became determined to prove he had the moves, and rushed off to gather the men. "Watch and be amazed!" he crowed over Gigi's frantic protests.

Shaun and Vivian met up near the bar, and Vivian assured him that the stripper at Llanfair hadn't been able to match up to his muscled physique. When she mentioned her chat with Kelly, Shaun asked if Kelly had been talking about Joey Buchanan, and said he had heard a similar rap from Kelly's ex. Before the couple could finish comparing notes, Rex dragged Shaun away to assist in his master plan.

Joey greeted Kelly as she entered the restaurant, but before they could exchange more than awkward greetings, Rex grabbed Joey as well. "Hope you got some dollar bills left!" Rex told Kelly.

At Llanfair, John and Brody gave Natalie and Jessica a hard time about their "Roman orgy" of strippers. John told the women that their bachelor party had been very tame by comparison. "Rodi's is a very serious drinking bar," he explained. "We have a no-stripper policy."

Just then, back at Rodi's, Rex leaped into the center of the restaurant and loudly announced the start of his very own male stripper party. As the crowd hooted and hollered, Rex, Cutter, Shaun, and Joey began stripping down for the assembled ladies' enjoyment, while at the bar, Todd and Vimal looked on in horror. Roxy pawed Cutter lasciviously as both Kelly and the arriving Aubrey ogled Cutter and Joey. "Too bad Viki's stuck at Llanfair!" Roxy said as she laughed, and added, "She would love this!"

"Since when did this place become a gay bar?" Todd asked Vimal, disgusted by the scene. As Vimal continued to moan in vague terms about his troubles, Todd put an arm around him and asked for the whole story. Vimal explained that he had been fired by his domineering boss due to a complicated situation. Todd gave him a hug and told him to fight back, even against a powerful enemy. Bolstered by his new drinking buddy's words, Vimal slugged another shot as Todd said goodbye and headed home.

Shaun and Vivian watched as Joey and Aubrey, and Kelly and Cutter coupled up following the impromptu striptease. Shaun whispered to his lady love that he had everything set up for their secret plan.

As Aubrey and Kelly teased Joey and Cutter about their strip show, Shaun and Vivian sidled up to the two couples separately. Shaun took Joey aside, asking for help retrieving wedding supplies from the basement, while Vivian did the same with Kelly. As Joey and Kelly were whisked off, Cutter gravitated towards Aubrey, and whispered in her ear that they could head back to the Palace for more lovemaking.

In the basement, Vivian and Shaun communicated with each other by text message as they maneuvered Joey and Kelly into position for their scheme. Vivian abandoned Kelly on one side of the storage room, claiming she needed to attend to a patient emergency. Likewise, Shaun told Joey he had to help a client. As soon as Joey and Kelly entered the storage room, Shaun and Vivian locked the door from the outside and blocked it with a chair.

Inside the storage room, Joey and Kelly were surprised to see each other, both looking for supplies. As Kelly climbed a high shelf looking for the needed items, she toppled and fell into Joey's arms.

Upstairs, Gigi and Rex hauled a drunken Roxy out of Rodi's. Roxy wanted to drive, but Rex told her they would take his car.

Téa returned home to find Todd passed out on their bed. Believing he had been there all night, she kissed his head and told him she had missed him.

Rama arrived at Rodi's to find Vimal passed out amidst a dozen shot glasses. Rousing her hubby, she explained that the bartender had called her to pick him up. She blamed herself for Vimal's sorrow, and said it was her fault for trusting Aubrey, who had betrayed them. She vowed to make it up to Vimal, and told him she had a plan. Dragging him out of the restaurant, she told her beloved it was for time for him to sober up. "This is just the beginning," Rama explained, "We have a very big day tomorrow."

Cutter and Aubrey returned to Joey's suite at the Palace. Cutter was anxious to make love, but Aubrey put him off and said they had a problem: Rama, who knew the truth about her. Cutter was sure Rama couldn't do major damage to them, and said they had covered their tracks. He turned on the charm and suggested they figure it out in the morning. Disinterested, Aubrey told him Joey would be home shortly, and that she would see Cutter at the wedding. "Joey," Cutter grumbled as he stormed out of the suite.

In the basement at Rodi's, Joey helped Kelly down from her high shelf as the exes endeavored to ignore the sexual tension between them. When Joey headed for the door, he found it stuck. Kelly attempted to force the door, but when she had no luck, she and Joey began to scream for help.

At Llanfair, Jessica and Natalie said their goodbyes to Brody and John, who they insisted could not spend the night with them before their joint wedding day. Jessica explained that she didn't want to tempt fate. The grooms kissed their brides-to-be goodnight, and John told "Mrs. McBain" he would see her at the altar.

Rama helped Vimal out of Rodi's and ordered him to listen as she explained how they would get back at Clint and Aubrey. "The plan is this," she began, and continued, "Tomorrow we're going to that wedding, invited or not. It's time for Clint Buchanan's family to know the truth, about everything."

Thursday, February 3, 2011

John and Natalie were in bed, talking about how happy they were. Suddenly, Marty appeared at the foot of the bed, and told John that Natalie's baby was Brody's. Natalie sat up in bed, horrified at her nightmare.

In bed, Jessica happily told Brody that it was the last time she would be making love as a single woman. However, it was Ford who sat up in the bed, and wondered if they had just made a baby. Jessica sat up in bed, horrified at her nightmare.

The sisters, sharing a bed, divulged most of the details of their nightmares to each other. Jessica assured Natalie that there was no way Marty could mess Natalie's wedding up again. Natalie was thankful that Clint had accepted John and Brody into the family, because he could have treated them like he had been treating Aubrey.

Later, Jessica and Natalie began to get ready for the wedding. Natalie gave her sister a gift of a ribbon that covered her needs for something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. The old part of it was a ribbon that Roxy had put in Natalie's hair when Natalie was young. The new part was that it had the date of the wedding embroidered on it. The borrowed part was that it belonged to Bree. The blue part of it was a piece of Ryder's christening blanket.

Starr knocked on John's door, and Brody answered. Starr apologized for knocking on the wrong door. However, Brody explained that he had stayed at John's the night before because of Jessica and Natalie's superstitions. Starr walked into the apartment and told John that she had visited Marty because Cole had asked her to.

Starr explained that Marty had been confused. Marty had thought that a doll was her and John's baby, and had no memories of her miscarriage. However, as soon as Starr had taken Hope into Marty's room, Marty had begun to remember things. She had remembered that Hope was her granddaughter, that Cole was in prison, and that she had lost her baby. Brody listened, genuinely scared.

John appreciated Starr letting him know about Marty. Starr apologized that she wouldn't be able to make the wedding -- she was going to Statesville to see Cole. Starr congratulated both men and left. John thought that, soon, Marty would remember everything that she had forgotten.

As John and Brody continued to get ready, both of their phones rang. John answered his phone to Natalie, who missed him. John missed her, too, because Brody snored. Natalie couldn't wait to see John in a tuxedo. He said he'd see her at the church and hung up. Brody answered his phone to Jessica, who missed him. After they had seen Marty wreck Natalie's first attempt at a wedding, they agreed that nothing would stop the wedding that day.

Later, John stared off into space while getting ready, and Brody asked him what was wrong. John said that he didn't like keeping a secret on his wedding day. Jessica and Natalie didn't know that their father was a suspect in a murder case, and he knew that they wouldn't like it once they found out about it.

John looked at the rings that would later be his and Natalie's wedding rings. He said that his best man was supposed to hold them. Because each was serving as the other's best man, John and Brody exchanged their rings. Suddenly, Brody realized that he hadn't picked up the boutonnières for him and John, and left to go get them. John looked down and saw the boutonnières on the table.

John chalked up Brody's behavior to nervousness, and drank a beer. He picked up his phone and made a call. He told the person on the other end that he wanted to check on Marty. The person told a shocked John that Marty wasn't in her room. He hung up as there was a knock on the door. He opened the door to Marty.

Brody entered Natalie's room at Llanfair. Natalie demanded to know what he was doing there as she covered up. Brody summarized Starr's news about Marty. Brody decided that he and Natalie needed to tell John and Jessica what had happened. Brody believed that John and Jessica deserved to hear it from him and Natalie. He said that was all they had to tell their significant others, but Natalie exclaimed to a confused Brody that there was more.

Ford and Langston scrolled through job listings on the computer. Langston suggested that James should apply for a job at a car rental place, but Ford said James wasn't interested in a job. He was only interested in Starr. James claimed that he had moved on from Starr, but Langston wondered why he was playing with his bullet necklace if he was over Starr. James maintained that the necklace reminded him that he was a survivor.

James explained to Ford and Langston about Michelle getting him a hearing to appeal losing his grant. Langston asked how serious things were with Michelle, because she knew that James was going as Michelle's date to a Valentine's Day dance. James said it was no big deal. Just then, Langston noticed that Rodi's was hiring.

Later, Ford and Langston arrived at Rodi's. Ford went to talk to the manager about the job opening. Starr entered and updated Langston on what had happened with Marty. Starr also said that seeing Marty had made her realize that Cole had many people who cared about him, including Marty and Hope. Langston wondered what Starr was trying to say.

Starr had been thinking that Cole might have been right when he told Starr not to wait for him. Starr walked away from a shocked Langston, and Langston followed Starr out of the restaurant. Starr thought it would be selfish to break up with Cole, but Langston reminded her that she and Cole had been on the rocks for months.

Starr had only been worrying about Hope. Langston said that people broke up all the time, and they were usually better off. Langston urged Starr to give James a shot. Starr was going to see Cole later that day in order to tell him about Marty, and to tell him that she was going to start seeing James.

Langston advised Starr that there was no guarantee Starr and Cole would last, because they both would have changed after ten years. Langston promised to accompany Starr to Statesville to provide moral support. Langston also assured Starr that, if she wanted James, he was "all yours." He had just told Langston that morning that Michelle was nothing more than a friend.

Starr related that she was glad to see things going well between Ford and Langston. Langston thought things would work out well for Starr as well. Starr just needed to get through the day. Langston told Starr to get ready to have a relationship with James. Starr was happy to look forward to that.

At Rodi's, Clint told Mr. Blue that the camera had been in Aubrey's room for over a day, so it had to have caught something. Clint was happy to be stopping one wedding and celebrating two others. He directed Mr. Blue to pick up the footage, and Clint would give him a bonus, just like when he "took care of" Ford.

After talking to the manager, Ford spotted Clint and sat down at his table. Clint didn't recall inviting Ford, but Ford spoke anyway. He accused Clint of planting the money in Ford's office and pinning Eddie's murder on him. Ford had been willing to get beaten up for his actions with Jessica, but he refused to go to prison for a crime he hadn't committed.

Clint said that Bo couldn't prove anything because clearly, Clint was still "free and rich," and the Ford brothers were still "poor and friendless." Ford was disgusted with Clint, and Clint warned Ford not to mess with him or his family.

Ford told Clint that the conversation was over, and that he felt sorry for Clint. Before leaving, Ford stared daggers at Clint. Langston and Starr reentered the restaurant, and Ford informed them that he hadn't had any luck getting a job at Rodi's. He said that another restaurant was hiring, and he promised to get a job before the day was over.

James answered his door to Michelle, who needed to talk to James. She entered the apartment and confessed that James wasn't eligible for a hearing. As she moved closer to him, she expressed her wish that she could do something for him. She kissed him. She pulled away and asked if it was a mistake because of his feelings for Starr.

James assured her that it wasn't mistake. He cared for Starr, but she was with Cole. The two kissed again.

Aubrey left a message for Joey, wondering where he was. There was a knock on the door, and she answered it to Cutter. She expressed her worry about Joey, and wondered if Clint had flown Joey somewhere as revenge on Aubrey. She was worried that Clint would tell Joey about Aubrey blackmailing Clint. Cutter asked if she was more worried that Joey was with Kelly.

Later, Cutter disclosed that he couldn't get a hold of Kelly either, but that didn't mean that she was with Joey. Cutter said that Joey was probably taking pictures for his sisters' wedding.

Aubrey was still worried about Joey. Cutter went to his to room to check if Kelly had left him a message. Aubrey called Joey and left him another message. There was a knock on the door, and Aubrey answered it to Mr. Blue, dressed as a maintenance man. He claimed to be adjusting the new thermostats. Aubrey let him in, and he took a memory stick out of the thermostat and left.

Cutter saw the man exit Aubrey's room and watched him suspiciously. Aubrey let Cutter into the room and asked if he had heard from Kelly. Cutter asked who the man was, and Aubrey told him that the man had been there to adjust the thermostat. A suspicious Cutter said that there were no new thermostats in his room, and the maintenance man had walked right past every other room on the floor.

Cutter took the thermostat apart and realized that it was a camera. Frantically, Aubrey pointed the finger at Kelly, while Cutter suspected Clint. Aubrey realized that they had "said everything" and "done everything" in front of the camera. They were "busted."

Mr. Blue returned to Rodi's and handed Clint the memory stick. Clint inserted it into his computer and gleefully watched Aubrey and Cutter's transgressions.

Joey and Kelly woke up together in the storage closet at Rodi's. Joey thought his family would be worried sick, since his sisters were getting married that day. The two searched for tools to use to open the door. Kelly found a can opener and opened a can of nuts because she was "starving." Kelly explained how Vivian had sent her there to look for wedding favors, but she had found nothing. Joey related how Shaun sent him there to look for champagne, but he had found nothing.

Joey and Kelly wondered why they had been set up. Kelly suggested that Shaun and Vivian had wanted to get Kelly and Joey alone together. Kelly admitted to "pouring her heart out" to Vivian, and Joey admitted to confiding in Shaun. They agreed that it was easier to talk to people they barely knew, but Kelly stated that Joey was the one she "should be" talking to.

As Kelly began to say more, she coughed and started to choke on a nut. Joey performed the Heimlich maneuver on her, and told her that she was no longer allowed to consume small foods. Kelly recovered and knew that she needed to tell him the truth. After reliving the mishaps with choking on the olive, then getting lemon juice into her eye, she finally told Joey, "The truth is, I've never gotten over you."

Joey was stunned at Kelly's confession, and asked how long she had known. "Since I kissed Rex Balsom," she replied. She told an amused Joey that kissing Rex had taught her that Joey was the one she wanted to kiss. She explained that she had flown to London as Joey had been on his way back to Llanview. Joey suddenly realized that Kelly had fabricated her relationship with Kevin. Kelly had been humiliated when Joey had proposed to Aubrey, so she "had to say something."

Kelly admitted that she had tried to convince herself that Joey felt something too. She'd thought that Joey had been jealous when he'd found her at Cutter's. "I was jealous," he replied. He confessed that he cared about her, and had gone to La Boulaie to talk to her about it, but he'd found her with Cutter and left. Kelly divulged that Cutter was only a way to get over Joey.

Kelly thought that if she had gotten to London sooner, he wouldn't be marrying Aubrey. "Yeah, but I am marrying Aubrey," he said sadly. They leaned on each other and leaned in for a kiss, but someone suddenly opened the door to the closet. Joey and Kelly left the closet, and Joey left to call Aubrey. "See you at the wedding!" Kelly called out.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Kelly returned to La Boulaie and found Blair staring at the old wedding photo of Blair and Todd. Blair noticed that Kelly was still wearing the same outfit from the day before, and she teasingly demanded details of Kelly's whereabouts. Kelly explained that she had been locked in the storage room with Joey at Rodi's, thanks to Vivian and Shaun. Blair applauded the couple's efforts, and she asked whether Kelly had finally gotten the chance to tell Joey the truth.

Kelly admitted that she had, and that she'd learned that Joey had been jealous when he'd seen Kelly kissing Cutter, but it was too late for them. Joey had suggested that maybe things would have been different had he known Kelly's feelings earlier. Kelly revealed that she and Joey had almost kissed, but a janitor had walked in on them. Blair was excited and exclaimed that maybe Joey really cared about Kelly the way Kelly loved him. Kelly claimed that the almost kiss had probably just been an impulse.

Kelly glimpsed Blair's old wedding photo and asked why it was out. Blair informed her that the photo had been found at a flea market in Paris and had been used to paint the portrait that Elijah had. Kelly assumed that Blair had been going crazy in trying to obtain information about both the painting and the photo turning up where it did. Blair admitted that she should probably take a page out of Kelly's book and bow out gracefully. It was time to move on and forget all about it.

At the Palace, Cutter and Aubrey were panicked after finding the camera hidden in the thermostat. They believed that it had to be either Clint or Kelly who'd planted it there. Joey walked in just as Aubrey exclaimed, "This is a nightmare, Cutter!" Joey wondered what was wrong, and hastily, Aubrey declared that she'd been worried sick over the inability to contact Joey for so many hours. Reluctantly, Joey explained that he'd been locked in the storage room at Rodi's with Kelly.

In response to Aubrey's questioning, Joey awkwardly maintained that he and Kelly had talked and fallen asleep, though he flashed back to what had really been said and done. He revealed that they'd talked about Cutter dating Kelly, and Joey being with Aubrey. "See, nothing to worry about," Cutter piped up. Joey had to shower and get ready for the wedding, and Aubrey was agitated about Joey's evening. Cutter was annoyed that she wasn't worried about the camera instead, and he suggested that they leave town.

Aubrey was upset, but she refused to panic and flee. They'd put in too much work, she pointed out. Cutter left, and after Joey finished up his shower, he noticed that something appeared to be wrong with Aubrey. She denied it. "You're a great guy, Joey Buchanan," she said tearfully. "You're pretty amazing yourself," Joey responded. He was dressed and off to the wedding, and said he'd meet Aubrey and Cutter at the church. Cutter returned to the room, and Aubrey pleaded that they be able to stay.

"Smile, Aubrey Wentworth. You're on candid camera," Clint laughed as he fiddled with his camera before entering the church. Bo and Nora waited inside of the church nervously, because they were worried about a confrontation with Clint. They were happy not to have enough evidence to arrest Clint on his daughters' wedding day. "How will we handle Clint today?" Bo wondered. "Little brother, I think the question is how will I handle you?" Clint asked as he walked up behind the couple.

Clint reminisced about the last time he'd seen the couple at the altar, and he sarcastically joked that he merely had a flash drive with him and not a shotgun like the last time. He also noted that they had no evidence with which to arrest him. Bo thought that they should have a truce, if only for the day, and he extended his right hand to his brother. "I say, 'go to hell,'" Clint remarked.

Bo and Nora planned on telling the world about Clint's reprehensible deeds after the wedding. They noted that the family would lose respect for Clint, but Clint didn't really care. Clint remembered how upset Bo had been when Asa had passed away. Bo hadn't thought that Asa had respected him, but Clint had assured Bo that Asa really had. Clint had news for Bo. "It was a crock. Pa never respected you. And he thought your police work was a joke. So do I," Clint coldly pronounced.

He'd merely lied because Bo had been whining, Clint continued. Asa never wanted to be a good man, and Bo had never made Asa proud. Nora accused Clint of rewriting history and lying, but Clint shouted that it was the truth. He added that Asa would be "choking on shame" if he saw what Bo was doing to Clint. He'd hate Bo for it, Clint snarled. Bo looked at his brother and wordlessly, slugged him in the stomach. Clint fell to the pew behind him.

Nearby, Vimal and Rama, dressed in full Indian regalia, remained hidden until Clint walked inside. Rama couldn't wait to make Clint pay, although Vimal was adamantly against it. He was certain that Clint would seek revenge, especially because he believed that Vimal had been the one to expose Clint's deeds to a blackmailer. Rama reminded her husband that Clint was the guilty one.

Vimal felt that it was too dangerous to go against Clint, but Rama insisted that Clint's family would be grateful for the truth. She wanted Vimal to do the right thing and tell about the altered DNA tests. She thought that Vimal might even be rewarded, as she continued to do her best to goad him into exposing the truth. Vimal countered that it would be suicide to stand up in front of the church, and he couldn't do it.

Viki had bad news for Jessica. Todd had called to decline the wedding invitation, noting that he hated to see John happy. Roxy had a hangover and Charlie was ill, so they would be unable to make it either. Just then, Charlie walked into the room, still in his bathrobe. He wanted to talk to Viki alone, and Jessica headed upstairs to continue her wedding preparation.

Charlie inquired about Echo's things, as he'd noticed that they were missing. Viki confessed that she'd thrown Echo out of the house. "Echo has been pushing me to the limits for weeks on end," Viki proclaimed. Echo had also taunted her about how close Echo had gotten to Charlie, and Echo had baited her, Viki complained. Charlie was annoyed, and he reminded Viki that it was his house, too, and they should have made the decision together. He felt that Viki's action would affect too many other people.

Rex and Gigi walked into Llanfair and found Viki and Charlie having a loud discussion. Viki clarified that she'd reached her breaking point after she'd learned about Rex's subsequent DNA test from Dorian. Apparently, Rex had been suspicious and had believed that Clint had tampered with the first test. Rex agreed that he would never put it past Clint to do something immoral, and the man had acted strangely. Rex had taken Charlie's spoon and had it tested with Rex's own DNA.

Rex announced that he'd received the results, and it was good news. "The first test was right. You really are my father," he said to Charlie. Charlie was thrilled, and Viki stood behind her husband, sadly shaking her head. Charlie noted that it all meant the world to both him and Rex's mother. Viki rolled her eyes. Charlie advised his son that he had no idea where Echo might be, but just then, Rex received a call from his mother. She was living at the Minute Man Motel.

Charlie was horrified that the mother of his son was living in a place where someone had just been murdered. Rex and Gigi decided to leave and check on the brides. Charlie hoped that Viki was happy about it. Viki remarked that she hadn't been happy since Charlie had invited Echo to live with them. The couple began to argue again, and Charlie was anguished that Echo was fighting such a tough battle all alone. She was probably fighting the urge to drink, and Viki had torn her away from her family.

Viki thought that she'd like to be happy just for the day, and it would do them a lot of good. Charlie couldn't forget that Echo was staying at the Minute Man Motel. Viki wondered if Charlie would go to the wedding with his wife or rescue Echo. She recalled that Charlie had made the decision on his own to invite Echo to live with them.

Rex felt sick. He was sorry he'd lied to Charlie about the test, but he was happy that he hadn't really taken the second test. Charlie might really have proven to be his father, but then again, maybe not. "It would have killed him," Rex told Gigi. "You too," she said.

Brody and Natalie were upstairs, conferring about Marty and the decision of whether to tell John and Jessica the truth about their one-night stand. They were concerned, and Brody pointed out that it hadn't been a crime, because neither of them had been together with their partners at the time. Natalie thought that they'd already kept the secret for a long time, but Brody didn't want to risk Jessica finding out from Marty.

Just then, Jessica walked in. "Brody, how can you do this to me?" she asked, aghast that her future husband had seen her on their wedding day. Natalie quickly pointed out that it didn't matter, because Jessica wasn't wearing her wedding dress yet, and Jessica was relieved. Jessica confessed that she'd had a nightmare about the wedding, and she was more worried than she should be. She was afraid that something bad would happen.

Natalie made light of it and suggested that it was just nerves. Natalie pulled Brody out into the hallway and begged him to let it go. She was positive that Marty wouldn't show up at the wedding, and Natalie didn't want Brody to hurt Jessica. Just then, the nurse walked over with Ryder, and Brody took his son from her arms. He, Jessica, and Ryder spent more time together in the bedroom. Natalie remarked on how beautiful the family looked together, and Jessica responded that Natalie's family would look the same.

Natalie was happy that the new year had gotten off to a good start. The baby gurgled, and everyone laughed. Jessica looked at her son and noted that he didn't have a care in the world. "Right, Brody?" she asked. Jessica declared that she'd always dreamed of a family like the one she had, and it was all thanks to Brody. She finally left with the baby. Natalie remained with Brody and asked if he planned on telling Jessica the truth. Brody agreed that he wouldn't tell. He only hoped that it wasn't a mistake.

Marty arrived as John was on the phone with St. Ann's. He had just learned that Marty was missing. Marty explained that she'd had to see John. She was aware that the baby was Natalie's, and not her own, but she had something else to tell him. Suddenly, she noticed that John was wearing a tuxedo, and she asked him where he was going. She realized it was his own wedding, and she recalled stopping the last one. John advised her that he wouldn't allow it to happen again.

He mentioned the previous wedding night, and how she'd had a gun and had driven Natalie to the lodge. Marty seemed confused and thought about it briefly. She corrected John and maintained that he had it reversed. Natalie was the one with the gun, and she had knocked Marty out. Natalie hadn't wanted Marty to tell about the baby. John shook his head, uncertainly. He believed that Marty had it wrong.

Marty was persistent. She was certain that Natalie was hiding something about the baby, but John thought that it might just be difficult for Marty to differentiate between what was real and what wasn't. Marty admitted that she had recalled what she had to say, but then she'd forgotten it. She knew it was important. John assured her that she'd remember eventually. He thought that she should get back to St. Ann's before she got into trouble, and he quickly called the staff to let them know that Marty was there.

Marty looked down at the table and spotted the wedding invitation. The way that the names were aligned, Natalie's and Brody's names were close to each other. She recalled that what she'd had to say had something to do with Brody and Natalie. John made it clear that Brody was with Jessica, and Natalie was with John, but Marty was unrelenting. She repeated that it was something about the baby, and she needed time. She couldn't go back to St. Ann's until she remembered. She added that John always helped her to see things more clearly.

John was firm, and he advised Marty that she could not stay at his place. Marty continued to plead with him until there was a knock at the door. It was one of the nuns from St. Ann's along with an orderly, and they were there to return Marty to where she belonged. Marty insisted that it would be too late for John after he was married, and she begged him to put off his wedding. It was something about the baby, she repeated. John looked at the wedding invitation thoughtfully after Marty had gone. He saw Brody's and Natalie's names appear to be together.

Kelly showered and changed for the wedding. Blair declared that her cousin looked beautiful, and she thought that Cutter would love the way she looked, while Joey would probably "kick himself." After Kelly left, Blair continued to look at the wedding photo. "Give it up," she told herself. She recalled being with Tomás in Paris, and just then, the doorbell rang. She was surprised to see Tomás standing there.

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