One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 7, 2011 on OLTL

Clint's lies were revealed, leading to heartbreak for many. Charlie learned that he wasn't Rex's biological father, but Clint was. Charlie headed to Rodi's to drink. Jessica and John were devastated to hear about Brody and Natalie having a one-night stand. Brody was shocked to hear that Ford was really Ryder's father. Kelly continued to spy on Cutter and Aubrey, which angered Joey. Starr broke up with Cole.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 7, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Blair was shocked to find Tomas standing on the other side of the front door at La Boulaie. Tomas revealed the bottle of wine that he'd had difficulty in carrying all the way from Paris, and Blair recognized it as the same brand she'd sampled while visiting Tomas. The artist claimed that he'd traded a painting for the bottle. Blair wondered why Tomas was there, and she was curious as to how he could afford the plane when he couldn't pay his rent. Tomas declared that he had airplane miles, and when he gave her various excuses for his appearance in Llanview, Blair accused him of lying. He admitted that he was.

At the Palace, Aubrey pleaded with Cutter to allow them to stay in Llanview. She knew that she would be able to blackmail Clint if he were the one responsible for setting up the hidden camera in her hotel room. Cutter disclosed that he had a plan if the perpetrator turned out to be Kelly.

Natalie and Jessica continued to get ready for their wedding ceremony. Jessica pointed out that their sons looked like twins. As happy as she was, Jessica was still concerned about Brody's appearance, and she wondered if the wedding would be jinxed.

Viki asked whether Charlie planned on rescuing Echo or attending the girls' wedding with his wife. Charlie was irritated and advised her that, of course, he intended to accompany her to the wedding. He cared about Viki's daughters. Viki thought that it had been difficult to pinpoint where Charlie's loyalty had been lately, because she was aware that Charlie had been furious with her. Charlie assured Viki that he loved her, but Viki still wondered whether Charlie would enjoy the wedding, or if he would be thinking about Echo.

Charlie ordered Viki to stop her pursuit of Echo, and allow him to keep his son. Viki promised that she wasn't trying to take Charlie's son, but Charlie thought that Dorian might want to take Rex away, too, because of Dorian's accusations about Clint really being Rex's father. Viki emphasized that she merely wanted Echo out of their lives, because Echo had done nothing but cause trouble. The couple agreed that they loved each other, but while Charlie left to get dressed, Viki was steaming.

Rex and Gigi quietly talked about Rex's fake DNA test, because he admitted he hated having to lie to Charlie. They briefly mentioned the other baby issues, but Brody found them as he descended the stairs. They claimed to be discussing how happy they were for Brody and Jessica, but Gigi demanded to know what Brody was doing there. Brody confessed that he had returned to the house to see his son, but he believed that he had ruined the brides' schedule with his visit. He assured Gigi that he hadn't seen Jessica's dress, and Jessica was far from ready.

Gigi ran upstairs to help the brides get ready, while Rex advised Brody that Brody looked "shaky." Brody admitted that he had a lot going on, and Rex confessed that he was aware of everything. He quickly offered to accompany Brody to the church. Gigi found the girls not close to being ready, and she offered to help them out. Jessica ran out of the room to get some "hair product," and Natalie advised Gigi, "I can't do it." Natalie explained that Marty was getting better, but Natalie was unable to tell Jessica the truth about Brody and Natalie sleeping together. Natalie was concerned that if Brody didn't say anything, Marty would.

Gigi made a quick phone call and declared that Marty was at St. Ann's with no phone privileges. Natalie was beside herself with worry for Jessica, but Gigi ordered her to stop. Natalie also reminded her of John not being Liam's father. Gigi thought that maybe one day John would hear about it, or Natalie would tell him. Maybe Marty would decide not to disclose anything, Gigi proposed. She just wanted Natalie to be happy, and she stated that John loved Natalie.

Jessica found her mother and asked Viki if things were okay, because she had heard loud voices. Viki promised that she was fine. Jessica was ecstatic that she was able to enjoy her own wedding day without any worries, thanks to Viki and the paternity test. Viki praised her daughter for working hard. They were in high spirits when Bree walked into the room, dressed and ready for her part in her mother's wedding.

Viki, Bree, and Jessica found Gigi and Natalie upstairs. Bree noticed that her grandmother was crying, but Viki assured the little girl that they were "happy tears." Gigi took a photo of the three generations of Buchanan women. Jessica ran to check on the boys, and she mentioned that the infants looked more like twins than she and Natalie did. Bree wondered if Brody were her father, and Jessica mentioned Bree's daddy in heaven. Jessica added that after the wedding, Brody would sign papers to make him officially Bree's daddy. The little girl was excited and announced that she wanted to call him "Daddy."

Charlie was dressed and found Gigi in the foyer. They reminisced about their time in Texas. He pointed out that they never would have believed that Charlie would turn out to be Gigi's son's grandfather. Gigi declared that if given the choice, she would have picked Charlie to have that role. He was touched, and the pair left for the church together.

At the church, Clint fell into a pew after Bo slugged him. Clint wasn't one to cower from a fight, and he retaliated. The brothers fell into a full-blown fight as a horrified Nora called out for them to stop.

Joey arrived at the church, and the first person he saw in the lobby was Kelly. The meeting was awkward after their all-nighter in Rodi's storage room, and the couple attempted to make some small talk. They were interrupted when Nora found them and pleaded for Joey's help. She pulled him into the church. Joey broke the men apart, and Bo explained that they'd had a disagreement. Clint admitted that he was feeling "edgy" with both of his daughters about to be married. Joey ordered the brothers to shake hands.

Rama continued to insist that Vimal set things right with the Buchanan family, and they continued to hide as the family members began to arrive. They accidentally allowed themselves to be seen when Rex and Brody showed up, and Rama made up an excuse for their hiding. Rex noted that Vimal worked for Clint, and he pointed out how much Clint cared for Brody.

Brody wondered how Rex could be so nice to him after all he'd done to Rex. Brody was able to relate to what it had been like to claim Shane as his own son, and he had even shot Rex to keep him away from Shane. Rex assured Brody that he understood, and Brody hadn't been himself at the time. Rex promised that he had healed from the event. Brody confessed that he would do anything to keep from losing his new son. "That's fatherhood," Rex replied.

Joey left the brothers and wandered away with Kelly again. They were stunned, and Joey believed that the fight hadn't just started that day. He wanted to discuss things that had happened between himself and Kelly, but Kelly advised him that she was tired of it and wanted to let things go. Joey reminded her that they'd almost kissed, but they were interrupted when Aubrey and Cutter walked in. Brody wondered where John could be.

Bo advised Clint that he hadn't told anyone what Clint had done, but he was ready to reveal everything at the wedding. Clint wandered into the outer lobby, and Kelly noticed that he was fiddling with something. It was the tape from the hidden camera in Aubrey's room. Nora assured Bo that Clint had lied about all that Asa had said. She knew that Asa had loved and respected Bo.

Vimal reminded his wife that if he were to disclose all of Clint's actions, he'd be incriminating himself as well. He'd been the one to perform the deeds. Rama was convinced that because Vimal had been ordered to do so, Vimal wouldn't be in trouble. Vimal wondered if he'd changed the wrong daughter's test.

John was surprised when his old friend Pete paid him a visit. Pete announced that he'd wanted to check on John's son, and he was disappointed to learn that the infant wasn't there. John announced that he was about to get married, and Pete, who was blind, wondered why his friend didn't sound happy. The men talked about the people John had lost in his life, and Pete mentioned John's parents, who were known as "fire and ice." John noted that he and Natalie had the same traits, and Pete decided that John finally sounded cheery.

Pete suggested that John was taking a big step, but John insisted that something wasn't right. "I have some doubts about Natalie," John admitted. He related that Marty had visited and revealed that she'd had something to say about Natalie and Brody. "I can't put my finger on it, but I think Natalie's been lying to me," John revealed. "Bottom line, John. You love her," Pete replied. John stated that Natalie hadn't always been honest about everything, but Pete was certain that John had hidden things from Natalie as well.

John declared that he had kept things from Natalie so as not to hurt her, but Pete thought that John was looking for ways to not be happy. John still thought that there was something wrong, and Pete thought that John was afraid that his life would change. He wanted to know if John would go through with the wedding. John admitted that he wasn't sure what to do, and Pete sarcastically suggested that John cancel the wedding and begin an investigation. Pete asked what the big deal was if Natalie had a secret, because all women had secrets.

He thought that John should marry Natalie if he loved her. Pete noted that things were not always black and white, and they were shades of grey. He believed that John had "cold feet," though John thought that Pete just made things sound too simple. Pete revealed that John's father had done the same thing, and Pete had been forced to drag John's father back to the wedding. John's father had decided he would be happy, and he had been, Pete continued. "You'll figure it out John," Pete concluded.

Back at the church, Clint wanted to have some words with Joey. Kelly was curious, and Cutter and Aubrey were nervous. Clint said that he loved Joey, even though he didn't always show it. He thought that Joey deserved better. Suddenly, Clint saw Vimal and Rama reveal themselves. "What the hell are you doing here?" Clint demanded. He threatened to toss them out, but he didn't get the chance. The brides had arrived, and they wanted Clint to get ready to walk them down the aisle.

Rex was surprised when he saw Bo after the fight. Nora was insistent that Clint had provoked Bo into it. "What a surprise," Rex said. John finally arrived, and he explained to Brody that Marty had shown up at the apartment. She had wanted to tell him something about Natalie. John admitted that he had understood most of what Marty had said to him, though she was not clear some of the time. He wondered if Brody had any idea of what Marty might have wanted to say. Brody assured John that he had no clue.

Joey returned to Aubrey, but before she could learn what Clint had been talking to Joey about, Bree reached her uncle. Joey was needed for the ceremony. Cutter advised Kelly that he had been having an argument with his sister, but Cutter claimed he couldn't remember what it was about, because Kelly had distracted him.

The wedding ceremony began as Joey escorted Viki down the aisle. Bree followed her uncle, and she tossed flower petals in her role as flower girl. The brides entered, each on either side of Clint, and they began to walk down the aisle, full of smiles. The beaming grooms waited at the altar. The priest began the ceremony and asked whether anyone objected to either of the marriages.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

As the Buchanan wedding got underway, Starr told Langston all about the fairy tale wedding she'd looked forward to as a little girl. Starr recalled how her version had always had snakes wrapped around her arms, but she didn't think James would go for that. The young women had just arrived at Statesville, and Starr was dreading having a conversation with Cole, so that she could tell him that she was breaking up with him. Langston suggested that James might be Starr's Prince Charming.

Starr advised Langston that she really hadn't planned on breaking up with Cole prior to Eli's murder, even though there were problems in their relationship. Starr was aware that all relationships had problems at one time or another. Starr felt guilty, and she thought that Statesville was depressing. "He killed someone," Langston reminded Starr about Cole's reason for being there. Starr was concerned that Cole wouldn't have a reason to keep going if she were to break up with him, and he'd killed Eli because of Hope and Starr. Langston thought that Starr and Cole would always be friends.

Starr believed that there was no such thing as a fairy tale ending, and she didn't think that Cole would want to see her after he got out of prison. She wondered if she were doing the right thing, or if Hope might hate her mother when she got older. Langston thought quite the opposite, and that Hope would have respect for Starr if Starr continued to help Cole out. Langston added that Cole was a grown man, and Starr hadn't been responsible for his actions.

Starr thought that Langston wanted to go back to old times, when they dated Cole and Markko, but she advised her friend that things would never be the same again. Langston believed that Starr owed Cole the truth, along with honesty and respect. She couldn't allow Starr to sacrifice herself, and she knew that Starr wanted to be with James. Langston pointed out that Cole had already let Starr go. Starr was happy that Langston was able to talk to her as she did, and Langston promised to always be honest too. She was certain that Cole only wanted what was best for Starr.

Starr was nervous, and they talked about Starr waiting for another chance to tell Cole the truth. Starr's name was called, and she was a wreck. Langston comforted her, and Starr headed off to talk to Cole. Shortly after, Starr returned in tears. "Did you tell him?" Langston asked. Starr admitted that she hadn't had to say anything, and Cole just knew. She had cried, and Cole had comforted her. Starr insisted that she still loved him, and she didn't think she was strong enough to do what she'd thought she could do. Langston felt that Starr was the strongest person she knew.

Starr emphasized that she and Cole would raise Hope together. She would always love him and want him in her life. Cole was okay with her decision to move on. Starr cried on Langston's shoulder. Langston wanted Starr to tell James that she was free.

Michelle and James continued to kiss, and they began to remove articles of clothing. "What's this?" Michelle asked when she spotted the bullet around James's neck. James explained that it was a souvenir. Just then, he jumped up and asked Michelle if she wanted a drink. Michelle wondered why James wanted to stop, but he denied that was his motive. His mouth was dry, he explained, and he'd enjoyed their hours on his couch. He grabbed a water bottle, and the couple resumed kissing.

Michelle looked at the bullet, and James explained how it had been dug out of him. He'd wanted it so that he could remember that he'd almost died, and it reminded him of what was important. Michelle removed the necklace from James's neck. "I think you know what's important," she told him. The couple removed additional pieces of clothing and headed to the bedroom.

As the priest asked the congregation about objections to either of the marriages, he noticed Rama whispering to Vimal. "Sir, is there something you wanted to say?" the priest called out. When he didn't get a response, the priest turned back to the couples to continue the ceremony. "Wait," Rama jumped up and called out. Vimal urged his wife to sit back down, as everyone wondered what was going on. Aubrey tried to stop her old friend from talking, without success. Rex recognized Vimal from seeing him at Buchanan Enterprises, and Jessica wanted to continue with her ceremony.

Clint remarked that the colorfully dressed couple had no business being there, and he wanted them to leave. Rama asked if Clint would send thugs to handle it the way he always did. Nora and Bo looked at each other, but Clint clarified that the couple was causing trouble because Vimal had been fired. Vimal apologized to the filled church and explained that Clint had made him do something. Bo wanted to know what it was, but Clint promised that it had nothing to do with either Jessica or Natalie. "Oh yes it does," Rama confirmed.

Jessica was confused, because she hadn't been to the family business in a long time. Rama noted that it involved Clint's efforts to protect his family legacy. Vimal added that he'd broken into the lab to access several DNA test results. Several of the family members voiced concerns and tossed out questions. Jessica thought it was all entirely crazy. Rex offered to escort the unwelcome guests outside, and Viki thought that was a great idea. She thanked him and mouthed that Rex should speak to the couple privately.

Rama stood her ground and announced that it all concerned Rex. Clint put his hand on Vimal and tried to get the couple to leave. "Don't you touch me," Vimal ordered. Brody thought the couple should be taken to the station, but John wanted to hear what the couple had to say. Charlie was upset that his son was involved. "Rex Balsom is not your son, Mr. Banks. He's Clint Buchanan's," Vimal proclaimed.

Charlie felt that the announcement was impossible, and he explained how Rex was really his son and had even taken another DNA test. "Tell them, Rex," Charlie begged. Rex quietly admitted that he'd lied, and he hadn't really taken another test. Rex noted that he'd looked for his father all of his life, and he'd lied because he was finally happy. He liked and respected Charlie, and he'd wanted Charlie to be his father. "I sure as hell don't want anything to do with Clint Buchanan," Rex added. It was Viki's turn to comfort Charlie.

Jessica was tearful, and Bree wondered why her mother was crying. Jessica reassured the little girl, and Aubrey offered to take Bree to find some cookies. Cutter quickly followed Aubrey out. Joey wanted to press charges, but Vimal repeated that Clint had forced Vimal to change the DNA results. Rex was quiet and in shock upon hearing the proclamation. "Rex, you're still you," Gigi assured him. She told him she loved him, but Rex was stunned and feeling sick.

Viki tore into her ex-husband. She thought he'd been cruel, and he'd denied a member of his family when he'd asked Vimal to erase the test results. Natalie was hurt if Clint had hidden the fact that Rex was really her brother. Joey was disgusted, too, and he walked out to look for Aubrey. Kelly interrupted and offered to call a babysitter for Bree until things were sorted out.

Aubrey led the little girl to the playroom, but she was concerned that her blackmail plan had just been ruined, and Clint would show everyone his tape. Cutter assured her that he had a Plan B. Joey found Aubrey, and they began to kiss. Kelly saw the couple kissing, but Cutter turned his attention to Kelly.

Jessica was still insistent that a person couldn't just walk into a lab and gain access to a secure system, and she continued to want to defend her father. Rex pointed out that Clint was proud of what he'd done. Clint reminded Jessica how Rex had arrived in town and had tried to steal her money. Rex was a con artist who would bleed them dry, Clint persisted. Joey returned with Aubrey and challenged his father's belief that any new family member was merely a gold digger. Bo chimed in that Rex had changed, and Gigi added that Rex was an amazing man and father. Gigi emphasized that perhaps Rex had been the way he was because of the way he'd grown up.

Clint growled that Rex never should have happened. Roxy had pawned him off, and Echo had deserted Rex, because he had been a mistake. Rex was just a worthless bastard, Clint snapped. Charlie took off after Clint, and the men had to be separated. Clint advised Charlie, "If you want him, you can have him." Charlie called Clint a coward just because he wanted to protect his money and material things. Clint had lied to everyone. Gigi noted that Clint had ruined his daughters' wedding. Charlie was sorry that Rex wasn't really his son, because Rex was everything he would have wanted. "Me too," Rex replied.

Charlie apologized to everyone, but he couldn't stay. He ran out of the church. Gigi and Rex decided to go after him. "Who are you?" Viki asked Clint. "How could you do this?" She continued to go off on Clint, and Bo muttered that Viki didn't know "the half of it." Bo raged that Clint would stop at nothing until he got what he wanted. "At least I'm not a sanctimonious ass," Clint replied to his brother. Bo considered Clint to be a lost cause, and Bo had lost his respect, affection, and loyalty for his brother.

Bo pointed out that even Asa had never tossed anyone out of the family, and Asa had even left David some money in his will. Bo didn't believe that Clint would stop until he was all alone. Clint retorted that someone had to protect the family. "From itself?" Bo asked, and added, "Rex is your son."

"Well I'm not claiming him. So if you want him, be my guest," Clint responded. Clint apologized for spoiling the wedding. Natalie couldn't believe that was the only thing her father had apologized for. Bo wanted to arrest Clint, but Jessica couldn't bear it. It was her wedding, and she wanted it to continue.

Jessica noted that the commotion had nothing to do with anyone in the wedding party, but Vimal spoke up again. "You're wrong, Ms. Brennan. It has everything to do with you." John inquired what Vimal meant, but Clint wanted Vimal arrested. Rama wanted everyone to be aware of all that had happened. Vimal announced that he had changed another test.

At La Boulaie, Tomas admitted that he'd wanted to see Blair again, because he had been inspired with her journey to get to the truth. He had been thinking about her also. "Have you been thinking about me?" he asked her. Blair stuttered and finally advised him, "I've been busy." He noticed that she had been drinking the same wine they'd enjoyed in Paris. Blair claimed that she'd found it in her aunt's wine cellar, but then she admitted to having liked it, and she'd wanted more.

Tomas wondered if Blair had learned anything more about her wedding photo ending up in the Paris flea market, but Blair advised him that she'd stopped looking for information. She suddenly thought that it was odd that Tomas was standing in her home, and after all she'd been through, she needed to be cautious. She extended her hand to shake, but Tomas grabbed her hand instead and looked at her palm.

He stared at it and told her she had a journey in her future. He only wished he could be a part of it. He asked Blair about a hotel, and she suggested Angel Square. She told him it was full of "artistic types."

Rex and Gigi were unable to locate Charlie, but Gigi wanted to continue the search for him. Rex was sorry that he'd found his father. Gigi reminded him that both Jessica and Natalie were his sisters, and she noted that Bo was his uncle. "Uncle Bo," Rex repeated incredulously.

Charlie found himself at Rodi's and ordered himself a double vodka.

Starr arrived at James's place and started to knock, but she changed her mind. Inside, James's and Michelle's clothes were strewn along the floor. So was the bullet necklace.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

At Foxy Roxy's, Shaun was enjoying a hot dog from Man Bites Dog while getting a manicure. He told Anita the manicurist that he had big plans for his Valentine's date that night with Vivian, and bragged that his girlfriend was an obstetrician who had delivered Jessica Brennan's son. Anita seemed less than impressed, and refused a bite of his dog, as she was a vegetarian.

Shaun told Anita that he had planned to attend the Buchanan twins' double wedding, but was still too hungover from the grooms' bachelor party at Rodi's. Anita commented that Roxy had planned to go, as well, but was still in bed, recovering from her wild night. Shaun said he already had his hangover cure -- his delicious frankfurter. Just then, Destiny arrived with her own dog. Shaun introduced her as his sister, then corrected himself and said that Destiny was his niece.

Destiny was irritated by Shaun's slip-up, and explained that she was in a foul mood because Darren had sent her flowers for Valentine's Day. Shaun told her that Darren missed her, but Destiny reminded him that Darren was the one who had ended their relationship. When Shaun needled her about giving Darren another chance, Destiny blurted out that she had kissed Matthew. Shaun did a double take as Destiny recounted her unexpected buss with her former crush.

Destiny told Shaun that she and Matthew hadn't talked about their kiss, and said the situation was awkward and strange. She didn't know how she felt about it, or about anything since she had learned the truth about her parents -- she told Shaun she felt like a totally different person. Shaun said that nothing in her life had to change, and added that the people who had loved her before loved her just the same. He asked Destiny if she wanted to talk about Matthew and Darren, but Destiny preferred a different topic: her mother, Charlene, Shaun's first love. After a moment's hesitation, Shaun agreed, but said he couldn't do it on an empty stomach and escorted Destiny back to Man Bites Dog for another round of hot dogs.

Across town, Starr knocked on the Ford brothers' door as James and Michelle got down to business in his bedroom. Starr was anxious to tell James she was free and ready for them to be together, but James couldn't hear a thing over the loud music in his apartment. He half-heard a knock at the door, but Michelle quickly pulled him back into her arms. When Starr called him, the stereo drowned out his phone. Starr attempted to leave him a note, then decided it was pointless and resolved to speak to him the next time she saw him.

Before Starr could leave the building, James and Michelle stumbled out into the corridor, with Michelle dressed and James still shirtless. Shocked, Starr hid around the corner and listened in on their small talk. Her spirits fell as she heard James apologize to Michelle and watched the couple embrace. After Michelle headed down the other corridor, James spotted Starr and asked what she was doing there.

Feeling awkward and out of place, Starr told James she had knocked and called but had gotten no answer. She quickly changed the subject to Ford and Langston's big Valentine's date, but soon found there was little to say. She turned to leave, and James asked her what was wrong -- she seemed different. "I'm not different," Starr muttered. "I'm exactly the same." With that, she walked out, leaving James befuddled.

At La Boulaie, Langston babysat for Hope, and told the little girl that Starr and James would soon be together and would give her a new family. She went to answer the door and found none other than Ford, wearing a giant hot dog costume as the new mascot for Man Bites Dog. Langston and Hope watched with a mixture of terror and delight as Ford delivered a painful rap about the wonders of Man Bites Dog hot dogs. "From film professor to pork peddler!" Ford proclaimed. "Wow," Langston mumbled, "um, I love it."

Ford told Langston his new job wasn't so bad -- he enjoyed being a mascot at the shopping mall and entertaining the passing children. He glossed over Clint's role in his losing his position at Llanview University, and said he couldn't blame Clint for hating him after what had happened with the brain-damaged Jessica; after all, "it was kind of a bad thing!" As he played with Hope, Ford told Langston he didn't want to talk about Clint, or his employment situation -- he wanted to focus on them, and their Valentine's Day plans. "This is it tonight," he said. "You and me, together." Langston couldn't believe their "big day" was finally upon them, and Ford promised that everything would be perfect.

Ford asked after Starr, and Langston explained that Starr was off to see James after ending things with Cole. Ford couldn't believe it, but Langston said that Starr and Cole's breakup had been in the works long before Cole killed Eli. Ford cracked that he had pushed James to move on, just as Langston had pushed Starr -- only he had pushed James to move on with Michelle, thinking Starr would leave his little brother hanging forever. He realized that was why his ladylove had grilled him about James and Michelle, and Langston admitted that she hadn't wanted James to break Starr's heart. "James would wait forever for Starr," Ford declared, and thanked Langston for saving Starr and James from their self-induced misery.

Langston went to get Hope a snack, leaving Ford in charge of the toddler. She assured the nervous ladies' man he would do fine with the child, and Ford improvised by entertaining Hope with his giant mascot gloves and a rubber ball. When Langston returned, she was touched to find Ford flying Hope around the room in his arms. She told Ford he was good with kids, but he replied that he was merely a big kid himself. He explained that he had taken care of James as a child, using Eddie's belts as a makeshift swing on their house porch back in Ohio; a fantasy life had kept James from living in fear of Eddie, and taking Eddie's belts had kept their father from beating them -- most of the time.

Langston was struck by Ford's story. Ford mentioned that he had seen Brody and Jessica's son at the hospital, and hadn't been able to help wondering what would have happened if the boy had turned out to be his. "How would you have felt?" Langston asked. "I don't know," Ford admitted, but said it didn't matter -- Ryder was Brody's child, Jessica wanted nothing to do with him, and as far as he was concerned, their night together was simply a bad memory.

Ford and Langston put Hope to bed and returned to the foyer as Starr returned home. While Ford headed into the living room to pick up Hope's toys, Langston asked her friend how things had gone with James, and if he and Starr would be making a Valentine's date like her and Ford. Starr said she and James weren't going out that night, or ever; she had been too late, and he was already committed to Michelle. She told Langston that James and Michelle were sleeping together.

In the living room, Ford picked up after Hope, and studied one of her storybooks. "Maybe I wouldn't have sucked as a dad," he mused aloud.

Back at the Fords' apartment, James called Michelle to check on her, but Michelle wasn't interested in talking. She reminded him that he had been the one who had stopped their romantic tryst before they could make love, and said she didn't want to get hurt by someone whose heart belonged to another woman.

Meanwhile, at St. James' Church, the Buchanan twins' double wedding went from bad to worse. Vimal continued to hold court before the stunned crowd, and said that Clint had been playing God with children's lives. Clint ordered Vimal to shut up, but Bo and Viki asked him to continue with his testimony. Vimal explained that Clint had asked him to change the paternity of one of his grandchildren, and as Clint continued to snarl threats, Rama urged her husband on and said that it was important the child knew who his real father was. Finally, Vimal said that Clint had wanted to make sure his daughter's paternity test showed Brody Lovett to be the child's father. "It didn't," he said, "so I changed it."

"You mean you changed mine?" Jessica cried, shocked. Natalie looked on in consternation as Jessica said that Vimal had to have changed her test results -- after all, Natalie had never had a paternity test done. Suspicious, John watched Natalie's face as she flashed back to her own test results regarding Liam's father. As Natalie processed the information and grew more and more visibly stricken, John advanced on her.

Vimal explained that he had gotten to the DNA lab only to find both Clint's daughters' names in the computer; both women had run paternity tests, and he had no longer known which one to change. Clint was shocked by the news, and Vimal added that he hadn't been able to call Clint; therefore, he had flipped a coin. "Dammit, whose test did you change?" Brody growled. "Natalie's or Jessica's?" "I'm very sorry to tell you this," Vimal told him. "I'm sorry for my part in your pain...but the test I changed was Jessica's."

Natalie and Viki struggled to comfort Jessica as she broke down, while Bo and Nora lashed out at Clint for his machinations. In the congregation, Joey relayed his shock to Aubrey and said he no longer knew what his father was capable of. Vimal explained that Ryder's real father was a man Clint hated: Robert Ford. Clint vowed to press charges, while John asked Vimal for proof of his claims. Vimal immediately produced the original record of the test and handed it to John, who handed it to Brody.

Brody was heartbroken as he examined the test results, and silently handed them to Jessica. "It says right here," he mumbled. "I'm not Ryder's father." He stalked off into the vestibule as Jessica stared at the document and burst into a fresh spate of tears. Clint begged for her forgiveness, and said everything he had done was to give her a happy life with Brody, the father Ryder deserved. "This is all I ever wanted for you," he said. "I love you so much." Disgusted, Jessica headed for the vestibule to track Brody down.

Off in a corner of the chapel, Natalie watched the chaos with numb detachment. Seething, John walked over to her, and they shared a heavy glance. "Not here," he murmured to her. "But you're gonna tell me why your name's in that computer. The truth this time." With that, he quietly walked her out of the chapel towards the vestibule.

Amidst the congregation, Kelly and Joey struggled to process Vimal's revelations. Kelly couldn't believe that Jessica's happiness with Brody had been destroyed, and that Ryder was Bobby Ford's son. Noticing the exes' distraction, Aubrey hurried to Cutter's side. Cutter was still worried about Clint's surveillance tape, but Aubrey gloated that the tape was surely the last thing on Clint's mind at that moment.

At the altar, Bo, Nora, and Viki assailed Clint. "What the hell were you thinking?" Viki snapped. Clint explained that Jessica had needed Ryder to be Brody's son. "No, you needed it," Viki shot back -- Jessica and Brody had prepared for the worst months before, and Clint's "stunt" had only prolonged and aggravated their heartbreak.

Clint reminded Viki that regardless of everything he had done, she knew how much he loved his daughter. "No, I don't know you at all," Viki said. "The man that I married would not have denied his own son." "Rex is not truly mine," Clint insisted. "No, because it's all about you, isn't it?" Viki asked sarcastically, before continuing, "It's just what matters to you. What about everybody else?" She railed against him for playing with Charlie and Rex's lives, and poisoning everyone and everything he had touched. Clint moved to leave, but Joey stood in his path and said that his loved ones weren't finished with him yet.

Nearby, Bo and Nora began enumerating Clint's seemingly endless dirty deeds. Bo concluded that they could arrest Clint for conspiracy and medical tampering, but Nora warned him the case was still very thin. Bo said it would be enough to get Clint in lockup while Bo worked on nailing his brother for something concrete -- like Eddie Ford's murder. Bo promptly approached Clint and began reading him his rights.

Vimal and Rama apologized to Viki and the Buchanans for their unexpected behavior, but Rama insisted the family had deserved the truth. They prepared to leave the church, but Bo stopped the couple and said they were heading downtown with him and Clint. As Bo and Nora marched Clint and the Patels down the aisle, Clint passed Kelly his copy of the Palace Hotel surveillance tape. "If you care about Joey," he whispered to her, "make sure he sees this, and soon." Stunned, Kelly watched as Clint was hauled out of St. James.

Across the chapel, Cutter and Aubrey gloated over their good fortune, and Aubrey said they had dodged a bullet. Meanwhile, Kelly clutched the surveillance tape, and stared at Joey as he comforted Viki.

In a secluded room in the church vestibule, Jessica found Brody alone with his grief. Brody was heartbroken by the news about Ryder, but Jessica insisted that the baby was still his son, and reminded her fiancé that he had promised to love the boy no matter what. Desperate and in hysterics, Jessica told him she didn't want Ford, she never had -- Brody was the only man she wanted, and she still believed that they could get married and make a family together. "We can't pretend," Brody muttered, his mind racing. "I don't want to pretend!" Jessica replied, sobbing.

Brody chafed as Jessica called him a wonderful man full of love to give to their children; she said he and Ryder loved each other already as father and son. She claimed that Ryder might have someone else's blood, but he had Brody's heart and soul. Unable to handle her praise, the guilt-ridden groom told Jessica he wasn't the man she wished he was -- Brody wanted to be that man, that great father and perfect husband, but he couldn't be because none of what she said about him was true. Jessica blamed herself for everything, but Brody stopped her. "This isn't about you," he said. "This is my fault. Listen to me, this has nothing to do with Ford, this is about me. I am not a good guy."

Brody told Jessica he couldn't be the man she and Ryder deserved. Confused, Jessica listened as he told her he had lied to her in front of God and everyone. "I don't understand," she said softly. "What do you mean?" Brody said he and Natalie had talked about it over and over, and he knew he had been wrong to keep their secret. "What does this have to do with Natalie?" Jessica asked. "I'm sorry," Brody muttered. "I wish this hadn't happened, and so does your sister. I slept with Natalie."

In another chamber of the vestibule, John confronted Natalie about her paternity test. Struggling to develop a cover story, Natalie claimed she had only had an amniocentesis, but John wasn't buying it -- he had seen her terror as Vimal had spoken of the two tests. "I was worried about Jessica," she mumbled, and said she feared they wouldn't be able to get married on Valentine's Day. "Anything else?" John snapped. Natalie remained silent, petrified.

John told Natalie that Marty had visited him that morning. Natalie attempted to shift the subject to Marty's psychosis and her obsession with Liam, but John wasn't having it. He realized Natalie had already known about Marty's breakout, and Natalie admitted that Brody had told her. "She seemed very sane," John said coolly. "Marty broke out to tell me about you and Brody, now it's your chance. You wanna tell me about you and Brody?"

Fumbling for a lifeline, Natalie asked John what Marty had told him. As John grew angrier and angrier, Natalie babbled that Marty was insane and hated her, and would say anything to poison John against her and their love. "You really wanna keep doing this?" John asked, losing his temper. "Stop lying to me!" Natalie stonewalled as John recounted Marty's arrival at the courthouse on New Year's Eve, how she had wanted to speak to Jessica about Natalie and Brody, how Natalie had frozen as Vimal had spoken about the paternity tests. "Talk to me, Natalie," he growled. "Because you know what? Lying ain't working anymore!"

Out of options, Natalie swallowed hard and told John the awful truth: "I slept with Brody."

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Langston asked how Starr knew that James and Michelle were sleeping together. Starr answered that she had seen Michelle leave James's apartment, buttoning her shirt, and James standing shirtless in the doorway. Langston couldn't believe it, and lamented the terrible timing. Starr agreed, but also thought that breaking up with Cole had been the right thing to do. However, she had hoped to move on from Cole with James.

Starr and Langston walked back into the living room and found Ford holding a book entitled My Daddy. He told the girls that he was cleaning up, and Starr thanked him for helping Langston with Hope. Starr left to tuck Hope in, and Langston related how good Ford had been with Hope. Ford wondered why Starr had returned so early -- he had expected her and James to be out celebrating Valentine's Day. Langston informed Ford that it was his fault that Starr and James hadn't gone out, because Ford had told James to move on from Starr.

Ford reasoned that "a guy's got needs." Ford had put his "needs" on hold for three months, and it had been one of the hardest things he'd done. Langston thought Ford should tell James that Starr had broken up with Cole, but Starr returned and forbade Ford and Langston from telling James anything. Starr didn't want James to feel responsible for Starr's decision, and Starr didn't want to mess things up between James and Michelle.

Starr related that she was fine with it, and made Ford and Langston promise not to say anything to James. Ford didn't understand why, but he respected Starr's decision, and promised. Ford left to get ready for his date with Langston, which gave Langston the chance to tell Starr that she agreed with Ford. Langston thought that withholding the information from James wasn't fair to him, but Starr thought it was for the best.

Starr changed the subject to Langston's date, and expressed her disbelief that Ford had lasted so long without sex. Starr thought that he had stepped up, and it had been nice for him to help out with Hope. Starr was happy for Langston and Ford because she thought that they were the only ones with a normal relationship.

Later, Langston walked down the stairs, holding up the dress she was going to wear that night. Starr said that with the dress, Langston and Ford wouldn't make it past the appetizers. "That's the plan," Langston replied gleefully. Langston expressed her regret that Starr's night wouldn't turn out like they had thought it would, and her disbelief that things were serious between James and Michelle. Starr didn't want to get between the two. She only wanted to get them out of her head.

Todd, Téa, and Dani walked into the Buenos Dias Café. Téa sadly imagined the dinner she would have been having at Jessica and Natalie's reception had Todd not wanted to boycott his nieces' wedding. As the three sat in a booth, Todd related that, "Once you've been to one wedding, you've been to all of them." However, the only superior wedding was his and Téa's.

As Todd asked about the stripper at the bachelorette party, his phone rang. He walked away to answer it, so Téa took the opportunity to ask Dani about her Valentine's Day plans. Dani only knew that she and Nate would be together. Todd, off the phone, returned and apologized to Téa and Dani. He informed them that the wedding had been "anything but boring."

Todd explained to his shocked family that an ex-employee of Clint's had "caused a stir" at the wedding. The man had given proof that Clint had more than one paternity test changed. Rex was actually Clint's son and not Charlie's, and Ford, not Brody, was the father of Jessica's baby. Téa and Dani expressed their shock and sympathy for those involved.

Later, it was just Todd and Téa. Todd told Téa to call Dani and find out where she and Nate were going for Valentine's Day. Todd wanted to make reservations wherever that place was. Téa related that Dani didn't need a chaperon anymore. Téa trusted her daughter. Todd related that he trusted his daughters, just not the guys they were involved with.

Todd didn't trust the Ford boys, especially after what the eldest Ford brother had done to Jessica. Téa again expressed her sorrow for everyone involved in the "horrible situation." Todd's phone rang again, and he answered it against Téa's wishes. After talking for a minute, he hung up looking stunned. Shaking it off, he told Téa that they should go to New York and "be romantic." Téa liked the idea and exited the diner as a bewildered Todd put money on the table.

James excitedly opened the apartment door, but his face fell when he saw that it was Nate. James apologized to his brother for the reaction, but he had been hoping that Starr would return. James wished that he knew how to move on from Starr, because she was committed to Cole, and would never be with James. Changing the subject, Nate admitted that he and Dani hadn't yet "done it." James could believe that it would be hard to get alone time with Dani, considering her overprotective father.

Nate continued that Dani wasn't ready yet because she was a virgin. "And you aren't?" James asked jokingly. Nate confessed that he wasn't, and it had happened long before he had arrived in Llanview. Nate divulged that he was all right with Dani's decision, but it was "still tough." Nate admitted that he was at the apartment to ask Ford for advice, since Ford had "a serious track record."

Nate thought that Ford could tell Nate what to do if Dani was ready but nervous. Ford entered the apartment and asked why his brothers had been discussing his sex life. "Or lack thereof," added Nate. Ford had learned it "the hard way," but his only advice was that, if something was worth having, it was worth waiting for. Ford was excited that his "wait" would be ending later that night.

Remembering Starr's message for Ford, James informed his confused brother that Starr had succeeded in helping Ford with getting a reservation at Capricorn. Ford replied with the news that Starr had seen Cole earlier that day. James realized that was probably why Starr had looked upset earlier -- because saying goodbye to Cole was hard. "This time was probably harder from the others," Ford replied, and said that "maybe" Starr would tell James about it.

Ford excused himself to get ready for his date. Nate tipped his glass to Ford and said, "At least someone's getting lucky tonight!" Nate said that he had been thinking about teaching himself poker. James knew the reasoning behind it -- Nate wanted to distract himself from Dani. Nate asked what plans James had for Valentine's Day. He began to answer that he had originally made plans with Michelle, but Ford entered and asked for his brothers' opinion on what shirt to wear.

As Ford walked away, there was a knock on the door. James answered the door to Dani, who was glad to see Nate. James left to give the couple privacy. Dani asked Nate if Ford was there, because she had just found out that he was the father of Jessica's baby. A confused Nate argued that there had been a paternity test, but Dani informed him that it had been doctored. Dani said it would be all over the news the next day if Todd had anything to do with it.

Ford exited the bathroom in a towel and yelled at James for using all the body wash. He saw Dani and asked, "What's up?"

In his room, James sat on his bed and looked longingly at his bullet necklace.

Still at the church, Kelly looked at Clint's note to Joey that Clint had given Kelly, along with the flash drive. It said that Joey needed to know the truth, even though he wouldn't listen to Clint. The note said that Joey could "see for himself" what was on the flash drive.

Cutter declared that, if that were how weddings were done in Llanview, he'd hate to see a funeral. Aubrey and Joey expressed how bad they felt for Joey's sisters. Cutter said that, on the bright side, nothing worse could happen. Aubrey asked if Joey wanted to go help Clint at the police station, but Joey didn't want to hear anything that Clint had to say. As the three turned to leave, Kelly stopped them, and handed Joey the flash drive.

Joey asked Kelly what was on the flash drive, but she only urged him to go home and watch it. Cutter offered his laptop, which was in his car, so they could all watch what was on the flash drive together. Nervous, Aubrey thought that the priests wouldn't want the four to be hanging out in the church. However, Kelly said there were no services that night, so no one would mind. Cutter returned with his laptop, and said they could put it on a table that was in the hall.

Kelly and Joey went out into the hallway. Aubrey asked Cutter what he was thinking. Cutter told her not to worry. As the two walked into the hallway, Cutter put Clint's flash drive in his pocket, and took out a different flash drive. Cutter set up his laptop and inserted the flash drive. A video of Aubrey began to play. She had been leaving a worried message for Joey when Cutter had knocked on the door. Joey asked how Kelly had gotten the flash drive.

The video continued with Aubrey expressing her worry to her "brother" about how Kelly had been in love with Joey. Aubrey had said that she almost wanted to let Joey have another chance with Kelly, but Kelly had hurt him so badly in the past that it probably wouldn't work out. She had continued that she had been "almost glad" when Clint had disinherited Joey because then, it would just be Aubrey and Joey.

Feigning shocked anger, Aubrey couldn't believe that Kelly had been filming her. When Kelly tried to explain, Joey interrupted her and expressed his disbelief in how manipulative and fake she had become. He accused Rex of putting the camera in the room, and Kelly of luring Joey to the storage room the night before. Joey admitted that the things Kelly had said in the storage room had gotten to him. However, after seeing the video, he remembered how Kelly had hurt him, and why he would never feel the same way about her again. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with Aubrey.

Joey yelled that Kelly wasn't the person he had thought she was. Kelly tried to give Clint's note to Joey, but he didn't want it. She tried to tell him that she hadn't done what he thought she did, and that there was something he needed to see.

An amazed Aubrey asked Cutter how he pulled off the stunt of switching the flash drives. Cutter explained that he had been carrying the second flash drive around for "damage control," even though he had known it was a long shot. The two realized that it had been Clint taping them. The two knew that Clint knew their secret and that, once he cleaned up his own mess, he would be after them.

Aubrey found Joey and told him that she had "the greatest idea" -- they should get married "now!"

Brody admitted to Jessica that he had slept with Natalie. Jessica asked if he was just saying that to punish her for sleeping with Ford. Brody didn't want to hurt her, and he wished that it had never happened. He wanted to make her understand the situation, but she couldn't because she believed he had cheated on her with her own sister. He maintained that he had never cheated, and it wasn't an affair -- it was only a "one-time" thing.

Brody continued that he had thought he'd lost Jessica forever. It had been the night of prom, and Jessica had been chasing after Cristian. Brody had pressured Jessica to remember what Mitch had done to her, but she instead became furious with him, and never wanted to see Brody again. Brody had been drinking "a lot" when Natalie had shown up at his door to say goodbye. The two had thought they would never see each other again.

Brody went on to say that he had been the "happiest man in the world" when Jessica had shown up at his door. Jessica related that it had been the same day she and Ford had conceived Ryder. A horrified Jessica continued that she and Natalie had found out on the same day that they were pregnant, and they had the same due dates. She hysterically wondered if Natalie had conceived Liam that night as well.

Brody assured Jessica that Natalie's paternity test showed John to be the father of Liam. He related that he had tried to tell her. Jessica yelled that she had a right to know, and that it had killed her to tell Brody about Ford. However, she couldn't keep the secret. Brody hadn't wanted to keep his secret, but it would have affected more than just his relationship with Jessica -- Jessica's relationship with Natalie, and Natalie's relationship with John. Natalie had been afraid that Jessica would never forgive her.

Thinking of Brody and Natalie together made Jessica sick. Brody tried to convince Jessica that he had wanted to be the one to tell her, not Marty. He was upset to have been a father, and then suddenly not being one. Jessica couldn't think straight, so she decided to go home to "my baby." "Your baby," Brody sadly replied as he followed her out of the room.

When Natalie admitted to John that she had slept with Brody, John realized that was what Marty had wanted to tell him. Natalie said that Marty had known that Natalie had wanted to tell John "everything." "Everything? What else is there?" John asked. Natalie tried to explain that she and John hadn't gotten back together yet when it happened. It had been the night that she'd written him the note to meet with her, but he hadn't shown up. She had thought that there was no chance for her and John, so she'd decided to leave Llanview.

Natalie had gotten drunk, and then had gone to say goodbye to Brody, who'd also been drinking. Both had wanted to "make the pain stop," and it had resulted in "a horrible mistake." Later, when John had shown up at the airport, Natalie believed that everything had changed. John asked how Marty fit in. Natalie explained that Marty blamed Natalie for Cole going to prison, and for stealing John. Marty had kept digging until she had finally put the pieces together.

John asked for the truth about Liam. Natalie began by saying that she had never wanted to hurt Marty when she had taken the woman up to the cabin. Natalie had just wanted to tell John the truth herself. John demanded to hear her "say the words." Crying, she eventually said, "You're not the father of my baby. Brody is." Natalie hadn't wanted to upset Jessica, so Brody didn't know that he was the father. John yelled that he had fallen for Natalie's stories "like an idiot," and that she and Clint had been trying to play God.

Natalie had wanted to tell John, but she had known that he wouldn't have accepted Liam if he were the son of another man. He accused her of trying to push blame onto him, but she informed him about how scared she had been. She had considered having an abortion, but she'd known that John had wanted a child. Natalie insisted that Liam was Brody's "by blood," but he was John's son. John corrected her and said that Liam was only her son. "I don't have a son," he said, and left the room.

A crying Natalie followed John into the hallway where she also found Jessica and Brody. The four stared at each other.

Friday, February 11, 2011

In advance of the Valentine's Day holiday, ABC aired a selective of its "Greatest Weddings" instead of original episodes of its daytime lineup. As a result, no new episodes of All My Children, One Life to Live, or General Hospital aired. This programming change was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, February 14, and pick up where the Thursday, February 10 episode concluded.

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