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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 14, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Jackson went to Krystal's restaurant to ask Krystal to cater Greenlee and Ryan's reception. Krystal didn't seem surprised when Jack admitted that Erica had decided not to attend the wedding.

At ConFusion, Ryan was stunned to learn that Madison was pregnant. Ryan immediately assumed that he was the father of the baby, but Madison refused to confirm anything. Scott, who had been standing nearby, sensed that Madison was in trouble, so he approached her to find out what was going on. Madison revealed to Scott that Ryan knew about the pregnancy. Ryan was hurt that Madison had told Scott about the pregnancy, but not Ryan.

Scott surprised everyone by explaining that the pregnancy hadn't been any of Ryan's business because Scott, not Ryan, was the father of Madison's baby. "You're the baby's father?" Greenlee blurted out while Ryan stared at Scott with shock. Madison didn't say a word as Scott claimed that Madison had gotten pregnant after Scott had been released from jail. Scott admitted that the pregnancy hadn't been planned, but that he was determined to be a part of the child's life. Ryan seemed a little taken aback to learn about the affair, but he was more concerned about the cramps that Madison had experienced just moments before.

Madison quickly assured everyone that she was fine and that the pain had passed. Scott decided to take Madison home, so they left. Afterwards, Greenlee wondered how Ryan felt about the news of Madison's pregnancy. Ryan assured Greenlee that he was fine, but surprised. Ryan felt foolish that he hadn't realized sooner that Madison was expecting because the signs had been there.

Greenlee relaxed when Ryan remarked, "So, Scott and Madison." Greenlee insisted that she thought that Scott and Madison made a cute couple. Ryan conceded that Scott was a good guy, but he confessed that they had seemed somewhat awkward around each other, so it was difficult to believe that they were having a baby together. Greenlee suggested that Scott and Madison might end up having an "epic love story" like Ryan and Greenlee's. Ryan chuckled as he wondered if the town could handle two epic romances.

Greenlee turned serious as she asked Ryan if he were ready to get married. "Yes," Ryan answered without hesitation. A short time later, Jack arrived at ConFusion to let Greenlee know that Krystal had agreed to cater the reception. Greenlee was delighted that she would have a perfect wedding day. After Reverend Ricky arrived, everyone quickly took their places.

Just before the ceremony started, Ryan leaned down to let Spike and Emma know that he loved them. The children smiled with joy. Moments later, Jack walked his daughter down the aisle to be married to Ryan. Ricky began the ceremony by acknowledging that Ryan and Greenlee had been married before. Ricky believed that their new union was based on unconditional love, so Ryan and Greenlee's moment had finally arrived.

Ricky looked at Jack to officially ask if Jack gave his daughter's hand in marriage to Ryan. "Yes," Jack answered. Jack then the took the opportunity to tell Ryan and Greenlee that their marriage was meant to be. Jack wished his daughter all the happiness in the world. Ryan and Greenlee joined hands as Ricky invited them to recite their own vows. Ryan spoke first.

Ryan talked about healing and how Ryan and Greenlee were strongest when they were together. Greenlee declared that Ryan was everything that she had ever wanted: her best friend, her "partner in crime," and the man that she couldn't wait to spend the rest of her life with. Greenlee promised to be by Ryan's side, whether he wanted it or not. She admitted that she was no longer afraid and that she was free because of him. After Ryan and Greenlee exchanged rings, Ricky pronounced them to be man and wife.

Ryan and Greenlee kissed while Spike, Emma, and Jack showered the happy couple with flower petals. Krystal popped in to let everyone know that the reception was ready. Ryan and Greenlee were touched when they saw the elegantly decorated reception area at ConFusion. Greenlee thanked Krystal for all the trouble that she had gone to in order to make their day special. Glasses of champagne were passed around and then Jack offered a toast to Ryan and Greenlee.

After Scott and Madison walked away, Scott insisted that Madison drink some water. He suspected that her cramps had been a result of dehydration. Madison sipped on the water while she confessed that she had panicked when Ryan had correctly guessed the baby's paternity. Scott wasn't surprised when Madison revealed that Greenlee had known about the pregnancy for a while and that she had been aware that Ryan was the baby's father. He realized that Greenlee had kept Madison's secret to safeguard Greenlee's relationship with Ryan.

Madison thanked Scott for claiming to be the baby's father, but she assured Scott that he was free to back out. Scott appreciated the offer, but declined. Scott decided to take Madison back to his place after Madison had finished her water. After they arrived at Scott's apartment, he insisted that Madison rest, so he guided her to the bed. Madison confessed that she was starving, so Scott rummaged through his cabinets to find something for her to eat.

Scott found some crackers, but nothing else. He apologized for not being prepared for guests. Madison admitted that she had a craving for a juicy apple and some lemonade, so Scott decided to run to the store to fetch the items. Madison assured Scott that he didn't have to, but Scott insisted on getting one thing straight. He explained that her "baby daddy ain't no slouch." Scott was all smiles until he left the apartment.

In the hallway, Scott sighed deeply, rubbed his forehead, and then slowly made his way to the store. A short time later, Scott returned to the apartment with apples and lemonade. Madison gratefully took a bite of an apple and then a deep drink of the lemonade. She thanked Scott for everything that he had done, including claiming to be the baby's father. She revealed that while he had been gone, she'd decided that she could tell everyone that the baby had been born prematurely to make certain that Ryan didn't learn the truth.

Scott advised Madison not to worry about what would happen down the road; instead, she should focus on the positive aspects of finally having her pregnancy out in the open. Scott reminded her that she no longer had to hide her baby bump. Madison immediately jumped up to undo the top button of her slacks and then sat back down on the bed. Madison confided that she finally felt relaxed for the first time in a long while because she didn't have to keep her baby a secret. She also admitted that she had been able to let go of Ryan. Scott smiled as he wished her a happy Valentine's Day.

At the police station, JR insisted on being released from police custody. Brot made it clear that JR wouldn't be going anywhere because JR's car had been identified as the vehicle responsible for causing the ambulance carrying Kendall to crash. JR continued to argue with Brot until Tad asked to have a private word with JR. Brot nodded, so Tad pulled JR aside. Tad warned JR to calm down, or no one would be willing to work with JR.

JR agreed to tone it down, but the promise flew out the window when JR spotted Jesse. JR demanded that Jesse release him or they would all regret it. Tad and Jesse went to Jesse's office to speak privately. Tad calmly explained that JR hadn't been responsible for the accident, but JR knew who had been driving the car. Tad promised that JR would identify the driver, but that JR needed to do it his own way. Jesse was reluctant to release JR, but Tad managed to persuade Jesse that it was for the best.

Jesse agreed to release JR if JR promised to provide them with a statement. JR readily agreed; however, he insisted that he do it later because it was urgent that he leave. Jesse made it clear that he would hold JR and Tad responsible if anything went wrong. Jesse then ordered Brot to remove JR's handcuffs. JR promised to call Tad as soon as JR had everything handled and then left.

Later, Brot wondered if it were okay to leave early because Brot had plans to see Natalia for Valentine's Day. Jesse agreed and then handed a present to Brot to give to Natalia. After Brot left, Tad wondered how Angie was doing. Jesse confessed that he wished that he could spend Valentine's Day with Angie, but he had decided to save his vacation time for when the baby was born. Tad envied Jesse because Jesse had someone special in his life.

Jesse found it ironic that "Thaddeus the Caddiest" was alone on the most romantic day of the year. Just then, an officer let Jesse know that Angie was on the phone. Tad quickly snatched up the phone and then pretended to be Jesse as he talked to Angie. Angie wasn't fooled, so Jesse smiled indulgently as he pulled the phone away from Tad and then greeted Angie.

In the attic at the Chandler mansion, Annie regretted that she hadn't gotten rid of Marissa a long time before. Annie blamed Marissa for everything that had gone wrong between Annie and JR. Marissa was weak from being knocked unconscious and the fumes leaking into the attic from the broken gas pipe, so she begged Annie to help her up. Annie ignored Marissa's pleas as Annie continued to rant about Marissa. Marissa realized that Annie had snapped. Annie took offense, so she advised Marissa to take a deep breath of the gas and then go to sleep.

Marissa cried out for help as Annie marched out of the attic. Within moments, Marissa passed out. A short time later, Marissa woke up and then slowly crawled to the door, but she lacked the strength to stand up or to open the door. She decided to make her way to a box filled with clothing. After Marissa found a piece of cloth, she crawled to the broken gas pipe and then managed to put the broken ends together.

Afterwards, Marissa tightly wrapped the cloth she had found in the box around the damaged section of the gas pipe to reduce the amount of gas leaking into the attic. Seconds later, Marissa collapsed.

Meanwhile, Annie reached the foyer just as JR arrived home. Annie happily greeted JR, who immediately led her to the parlor for a talk. Annie's good mood fled when JR admitted that he had noticed that she had been spiraling out of control. She tried to deny it, but JR confessed that he knew what she had done to Colby. JR promised that he would help Annie, but Annie insisted that she was fine.

Annie began to complain because the evening had not gone as she had hoped. She confessed that she had expected JR to propose marriage. JR apologized for hurting Annie, but she argued that everything would have been fine if he had just loved her enough. JR assured Annie that he loved her and that he wanted to help her, but Annie didn't believe him. JR held Annie in his arms as he gently suggested that she voluntarily check herself into Oak Haven.

Annie was stunned that JR would want her to seek treatment at a sanitarium, but JR insisted that it would be best for their relationship. JR calmly explained that he didn't want Annie to do anything that she didn't want to, but he felt that it was important for her to go to Oak Haven for treatment. Annie was certain that JR intended to dump her at the sanitarium and then leave her. She refused to be sent back to Oak Haven because it had been a horrible experience for her the last time that she had spent time in the sanitarium. JR vowed to visit Annie every day and to take Emma for visits.

Annie was certain that Marissa was behind JR's suggestion for Annie to go to Oak Haven. JR had no idea what Marissa had to do with anything, so Annie grabbed the commitment papers that she had found and then showed them to JR. According to Annie, Marissa had signed the papers. JR glanced down and then slowly clarified that Dr. Burke's signature was on the papers, not Marissa's. Annie refused to believe him. JR became uneasy when Annie continued to rant about Marissa and how Marissa had made Annie's skin crawl.

JR wondered what Annie had done to Marissa. At first Annie refused to tell him anything, but she eventually revealed that she had lured Marissa to the attic. JR raced to the attic to check on Marissa. Annie lingered in the parlor, begging JR not to hate her. JR reached the attic door moments later. He called out to Marissa, but she didn't respond, so JR was forced to kick in the door.

Later, Annie slipped into ConFusion as Jack suggested that Greenlee and Ryan pose for wedding pictures. Greenlee wanted to spruce up, so Greenlee sent Emma to fetch the makeup bag. Emma skipped off to do Greenlee's bidding, but stopped short when she saw Annie standing on the other side of the curtain that separated the reception area from the rest of ConFusion. Annie held her finger to her lips to warn Emma to be quiet and then waved Emma over.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Asher refused to let Colby leave the beach cottage, because JR had instructed Asher to keep her safe. Colby resented that JR had made Annie his priority, and she complained that she was bored. Asher said he knew of a way to pass the time.

Asher whipped out some cards, and Colby asked if poker was the answer to all of his problems. She angrily said that she had a life and didn't have time to play. She inquired whether he'd let her go if she played a hand with him, but he refused. She was eager to return to Pine Valley to seek revenge on Annie, but he wasn't persuaded to release her. She finally agreed to play and asked what the stakes were. He suggested chocolates or cash, but she preferred strip poker.

After several hands, Asher and Colby were both partially undressed. Colby won the next hand, and Asher stripped down to his boxers. He joked that she had cheated. She offered to let him quit. He refused, and won the next hand. She offered to remove her shirt instead of a sock, if he closed his eyes. He agreed, and she pretended to be taking off her shirt, but instead, she quietly took his car keys and ran out the door.

At the police station, Liza asked an officer whether any car accidents had been reported that evening. David remarked that he'd never considered Liza to be an ambulance chaser, but she explained that she was worried because Colby hadn't returned her calls. David surmised that Colby was probably having a romantic dinner, and he reminded Liza that it was Valentine's Day.

Liza realized that Greenlee's wedding was that day. David wished Greenlee happiness and said he was focused on his future. Liza wondered how he had obtained a pardon, because David didn't have that much power, but she noted that Erica did. David invited Liza out for a drink, unless she had better plans. She put her face close to his and whispered, "You'll never know."

Later, Liza entered Krystal's restaurant, followed shortly thereafter by David. She was irritated when he sat next to her at the bar. Liza was surprised that he wasn't focused on ruining Greenlee's wedding. He insisted that he was a changed man, and she snickered in disbelief. She suspected that he was trying to lull Greenlee and Ryan into a false sense of security. David swore that he was done pursuing people who'd moved on. He wished her a happy Valentine's Day, and he left.

Colby arrived at Krystal's and rushed into Liza's arms. Liza asked where she'd been, and Colby briefly relayed how Annie had held her hostage. Colby requested Liza's help to press charges against Annie. Liza firmly agreed and invited Colby to stay with her. Colby decided that she needed to get out of Pine Valley for a while and wanted to visit Damon. Liza advised against it because of Colby's recent ordeal. Asher arrived and opined that it would be a huge mistake for Colby to see Damon.

Liza noted that Asher wasn't wearing a shirt, and Asher said that Colby could explain why. Colby left to make a phone call, and Asher confronted Liza. He reminded her of their deal -- he wouldn't spill Liza's secret as long as Colby didn't get hurt. Liza said Colby's decision to visit Damon had been sudden, and she believed her daughter would realize that seeing Damon wouldn't do any good. Colby returned, and Liza insisted that Colby remain in town for at least a week to ensure that charges were filed against Annie. Colby agreed and hugged her mom, and Liza left.

Colby informed Asher that despite what she had told Liza, she had booked a flight to L.A. Asher called Damon a jerk who had lied and had cheated on Colby. Colby recalled that she'd done the same thing to Damon, but Asher said her actions hadn't been the same as "what he did with her." Colby suspected that Asher knew who Damon had slept with.

Asher clarified that he had simply meant that Damon had slept with someone else, but that Colby hadn't done anything more than kiss Asher. Asher declared that Damon's infidelity wasn't the only reason she shouldn't see Damon -- he didn't want her to leave town for his own sake. Colby thought that he'd forget her as soon as JR assigned him to another project. He insisted that he couldn't get her out of his mind and pulled her into a kiss, but she pushed him away and rushed off.

Outside the Chandler attic, JR yelled out Marissa's name. He broke down the door to find her passed out from the gas leak. He carried her out of the attic and was relieved to see that she was breathing. He begged her to wake up. Marissa coughed, and JR asked her what had happened. Marissa said that Annie had tried to kill her.

Marissa swore that she was fine. JR phoned the groundskeeper to shut off the gas lines. He wanted to take Marissa to the hospital, but she was concerned about Annie's whereabouts. JR left a message asking Annie to call him back. Marissa implored him to call the police, and she realized that Annie might target AJ. She called Opal to warn her to lock the door and not to let anyone in, especially Annie. JR left a message for Ryan to keep an eye on Emma. JR had a hunch where Annie was and began to leave, and Marissa insisted on accompanying him.

As Greenlee and Ryan took wedding photos, Annie begged Emma to leave with her. Emma resisted and wanted to stay at the wedding. Ryan asked where Emma was, but Greenlee assured him that the girl was playing with Greenlee's makeup bag. Greenlee handed Jackson her bouquet to give to Erica, since she believed Erica would be the next bride.

Krystal presented the wedding cake, and Emma whined that she wanted to return to the festivities. Annie promised that Emma would have cake later and told the girl that Greenlee wanted Ryan all to herself on her wedding day. Annie dragged a reluctant Emma away.

Krystal saw that despite Jackson's insistence that he was happy for Greenlee, he missed Erica. Jackson and Krystal congratulated Ryan and Greenlee. Jackson advised Ryan to take care of his daughter. Krystal and Jackson left, and Greenlee marveled to Ryan that they'd finally had their perfect day. Spike entered, and Ryan wanted to take a photo with his kids. Spike said he didn't know where Emma was. Ryan worriedly called out for his daughter.

Ryan thought Emma might be hiding. He left to look around while Greenlee stayed with Spike. When Emma didn't turn up, Greenlee and Ryan frantically searched for Emma. Ryan was certain that Emma hadn't run off. Greenlee suggested that he try calling Annie, and when he pulled out his phone, he listened to JR's message. Ryan blamed JR for not keeping Annie under control, and he called the cops.

Erica arrived at the Slater home with a gift for Reese, but Bianca explained that Reese's flight had been delayed. Bianca asked whether Erica and Caleb had worked out their differences. Erica insisted that Caleb wanted nothing to do with her and that she didn't care about Caleb, but Bianca didn't believe her.

Bianca asked Erica why she had chosen to hang out with Caleb rather than to attend the wedding with Jackson. Erica reiterated that her absence had been her gift to Greenlee. Bianca inquired about Jackson's feelings, and Erica swore that Jackson was fine with her decision. Erica clarified that she had been trying to help Caleb, but he wouldn't let her. Bianca asked what she meant. Erica said that she had considered Caleb a friend, but the sentiment didn't go both ways. Bianca thought Caleb had become tired of Erica's games.

Bianca handed Erica a picture that Miranda had drawn, but Erica refused to drop the subject of Caleb. Erica admitted that she had played games with other men before, but not with Caleb. Bianca asked why Erica had continued to postpone her wedding, and Erica reminded her daughter that their lives had been chaotic recently. Bianca wondered why they just didn't cancel their plans, because Erica always found a reason to delay moving forward. Bianca pointed out that Erica should be grateful that Jackson wanted to be with her all the time and was always there for her, but Erica realized that Bianca was talking about her own relationship with Reese.

Erica remarked that it was an important day for Bianca and Reese, and she understood how much Bianca wanted to see her wife. Erica assured Bianca that Reese would be there in a few hours, and they could finally work things out in person. Bianca broke down in tears and admitted that Reese had never gotten on the plane. Bianca stressed that her own relationship was why she had been pushing Erica and Jackson together. Bianca begged Erica to talk to Jackson before it was too late.

At Krystal's restaurant, Jackson called Krystal a lifesaver for her last-minute catering efforts. He was relieved that David hadn't done anything to wreck the ceremony. Jackson thanked her not just for the food, but for making him laugh. Krystal commented that the wedding had been beautiful and pointedly said that Greenlee and Ryan weren't taking one another for granted. She left to get them some more cake.

Erica entered and sat at Jackson's table. Erica asked about the wedding, and Jackson said it hadn't been easy to give his daughter away, but it helped that it had been to a man who obviously loved her. Erica apologized for not attending the wedding, because she realized she should have been there for him. Krystal returned with two plates of cake, and Erica concluded that Krystal and Jackson had attended the wedding together.

Noting the tension between Erica and Jackson, Krystal dropped off the cake and left to fetch coffee. Erica confronted Jackson about taking a date to the wedding. Jackson said that Greenlee's wishes hadn't been the only reason Erica had declined to attend. He announced that he had been enjoying a drama-free evening and didn't want to fight. He called out to Krystal that he'd take a rain check and handed Erica the bouquet, and he abruptly left. Erica handed the flowers to Krystal and sniped that Krystal needed them more than she did.

In the park, Annie attempted to rush Emma along, but Emma pouted and said that she wanted to go back to the wedding. Annie tried to convince her daughter that she wouldn't want to miss their big adventure. Emma complained that she was tired, so Annie agreed to let her rest for a few minutes.

Annie tried to get Emma to leave, but she whined in protest. David passed by and found the situation to be strange. Annie pulled him aside and explained that she hadn't spent much time with Emma and wanted to take her on a little trip, but she was afraid that Ryan wouldn't approve. Annie commented that she and David had both been deceived by people who had pretended to want to be with them. David wondered what that had to do with Emma. Annie said that Emma was all she had left, and she feared that Ryan would try to take Emma away from her. David stated that he suddenly saw things from a different vantage point, and he assured Annie that he'd take care of everything.

Later, Liza found a smirking David in the park. She suspected that he was up to something, and he crowed that he'd accomplished his first good deed as a free man. He mused that the saying "what goes around, comes around" was absolutely true.

JR and Marissa arrived at his Yacht Club room. JR fibbed that Annie had used the room for work, and he had thought Annie might have returned there. Marissa insisted they call the police, but JR spotted Annie's red dress next to the bed and suggested that he take Marissa to the hospital. She spied a photo of JR on the desk and considered it to be another sign of Annie's delusional state. Marissa then noticed a tie on the floor and asked whose it was. JR claimed to have no idea, but Marissa confronted him with the fact that she had purchased it for him.

Marissa demanded to know why JR's clothing was in Annie's room. He claimed that it was just one tie that he had needed for work. Marissa realized that the room had been JR and Annie's "sex den" and that Annie hadn't imagined her relationship with JR. A defeated JR admitted that she was right.

Marissa confronted JR about deceiving her. He offered to explain, but she called him out on his lie that Annie had just been an employee. Marissa demanded to know whether JR was in love with Annie and if he had proposed to her. He swore that he hadn't. Marissa finally realized that JR had hidden his relationship with Annie in an effort to get Marissa to agree to joint custody of AJ. He swore that he wouldn't lose his son and confessed that he had made a mistake by trying to help Annie. Marissa yelled that Annie had almost killed her.

While driving, Annie called JR to inform him that she was leaving and that he had to let her go. He tried to find out where she was, but she vowed that she'd never let Marissa lock her up, and she hung up on him. JR and Marissa returned to the Chandler mansion. Marissa refused to rest until she knew Annie couldn't get to AJ. Ryan entered and demanded to know where Annie was.

"Bye-bye, Pine Valley," Annie murmured to herself. From the back seat, Emma asked where they were going. Annie said that they were embarking upon a long, exciting adventure, with just the two of them and the open road.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

At Krystal's restaurant, Caleb asked Asher to help figure out how to work a new phone that Caleb had bought. Asher noticed that Caleb already had text messages. Caleb checked them and murmured that JR was a "son of a bitch." Caleb told Asher about Marissa's brush with Annie, and Asher revealed that Annie had attacked Colby, too.

Caleb said the Chandlers were poison, and Asher needed to move in with his father. Asher asked why Caleb kept pushing it, and Caleb said JR wasn't the answer to Asher's past pain. Asher claimed JR had supported Asher, and Asher intended to support JR, who was family.

At the mansion, Ryan and Greenlee demanded to know where Annie was. As JR played it cool, Marissa revealed that Annie had locked Colby up and had almost killed Marissa. Ryan raged at JR for letting Annie spin out of control. JR said he'd tried to get Annie to commit herself. Ryan roared that if anything happened to Emma, it would be on JR's head.

Ryan and Greenlee left, and JR took Marissa to the hospital. While waiting for a doctor, Marissa berated JR for his deception regarding Annie. JR said the last weeks hadn't been a lie, and he and Marissa were in a better place. "Just get away from me!" Marissa yelled, and he left.

JR returned home, and Asher arrived to lend his support. JR complained about Colby locking herself in her room, and Asher explained that she'd escaped him at the cottage. JR figured that Adam would have a field day with the news, but Asher said "to hell" with JR's father. Asher stated that JR was in control, not Adam. JR was surprised to hear the encouragement. Asher said that JR had been good to him, and Asher wanted to help JR in return.

Later, Ryan and Greenlee combed the beach cottage for clues, and Ryan found a child's drawing on the table. Greenlee consoled him, and he spotted a spiral notebook under the sofa. As Greenlee leafed through it, Ryan explained that Annie liked to make fairytale books for Emma. Greenlee called it a horror novel about the evil Marissa toppling JR and Annie's kingdom. Ryan grew worried about Emma, but Greenlee promised that they'd get the girl home.

The couple returned home, and Ryan suspected that Annie and Emma had been there. He discovered that Emma's clothes were missing, and Greenlee played a voicemail from Annie. In the message, Annie said Emma was fine, and nothing bad would happen to her. "I love you, Daddy," Emma said when Annie briefly handed the girl the phone.

At Kendall's, Griffin arrived with Valentine's Day candy for his sister. She griped that he'd probably regifted the candy after receiving it from one of his admirers. Griffin took offense, and Cara said she was grouchy. He asked about Jake, and she tearfully admitted that her heart still hurt just as badly as it had the day she'd walked out on Jake.

Griffin gave Cara a knowing look, and she ordered him to stop it, because she wouldn't act on her feelings for Jake. She shared her candy and was disgusted when Griffin poked his finger into each piece in search of ones with caramel filling. Realizing he hadn't changed one bit, Cara said she was glad they'd found each other again.

Cara noted it was the first Valentine's Day that he hadn't had a date, and she asked when he'd last checked on Kendall's heart. Griffin summarized Kendall's progress, but Cara stated that he'd broken the cardinal rule by promising to save Kendall. He said there was no chance that he'd turn into a love-sick idiot over one of his patients. Griffin decided to head to the hospital, and Cara grabbed her coat, so she could accompany him.

In Kendall's room, Bianca called Griffin a hero for saving her sister. Kendall said Griffin's promise had been the only thing to keep her going during the precarious surgery. Bianca guessed he'd made an exception, because he'd told Erica that he never made promises. Bianca figured that Griffin really cared about Kendall. Kendall dismissed it as a doctor calming his patient during a crisis.

Turning the topic to Reese, Kendall asked if Bianca even still loved her wife. Bianca said she did, but all she could do was to wait. Kendall reasoned that all the waiting was only making the couple grow farther apart. Bianca confided that she loved and missed Reese. Bianca was angry about what the distance was doing to the girls; however, Bianca feared that pressing too hard would end it all. Bianca didn't want that to happen, because she loved Reese.

Kendall urged Bianca to say those exact things to her wife. Bianca called Reese, who suggested that Bianca return to Paris. Bianca said it wasn't possible, because she had to be there for her sister and their family. Bianca said she and the girls missed Reese, and the couple couldn't work things out while living a thousand miles apart.

Reese abruptly ended the call to get to a meeting. Kendall guessed Bianca hated her for pushing. Bianca, however, had figured the call would go that way. Bianca decided that if she didn't hear from Reese that evening, then there was nothing left. As a tearful Bianca departed, she brushed by Griffin. He entered, and Kendall told him that love "sucked" sometimes.

Kendall teased Griffin about some candy and cards that a nurse dropped off for him. He mentioned that David had been freed, and she promised that she wouldn't go gunning for David again. Kendall brought up seeing Zach in the ambulance, but Griffin distracted her with dark chocolate. She noted the ploy as she poked holes in the candy to find the caramel-filled ones.

Kendall amused herself by snatching his stack of Valentine's Day cards and reading them aloud. She blushed, realizing that he was "Dr. McLove" around the hospital. She caught him piercing chocolates, too, and then she asked why he was risking everything to smuggle drugs. He claimed that it was worth it; however, he didn't want her thinking about it or involved in it in any way. He felt that her only concern should be getting stronger.

At the Yacht Club, Jake surprised Amanda with a romantic hotel room. Amanda appreciated his efforts, but sensed that something was bothering him. Jake admitted that he'd been putting up a front, and he opened up about the conversation he'd had with Cara after Kendall's surgery. He also informed his wife that Cara wore her old wedding ring around her neck. Jake apologized for keeping silent, but said he'd thought he was protecting Amanda.

Amanda was threatened by the news, because she knew that Jake was only with her because Cara had abandoned him. Jake claimed that his whole world had changed upon meeting Amanda, and what Cara had said didn't mean anything. Amanda figured that Cara had arrived in town to see if Jake still loved her, and Amanda asked how hearing the truth had made Jake feel.

Jake claimed that he'd felt as if he'd been kicked in the head, because he hadn't known how to explain it to his wife. He added that he felt confused and betrayed. He wished the past could stay in the past. Just then, the hospital called Jake in to work. Before leaving, he promised Amanda that Cara's revelation wouldn't affect their marriage.

At the hospital, Jake and Tad conferred about the missing drugs case, and Jake said that he'd talked to Amanda about Cara. Tad asked if Jake still had feelings for Cara. Revisiting the past was puzzling for Jake, who'd made a perfect life for himself. He wasn't sure what he was supposed to do with Cara's revelations.

Tad advised Jake to keep it simple and stay close to his wife. Jake said he was worried about Cara; however, Tad said Jake couldn't be and should never admit to it again, because Jake couldn't afford to be pulled in two directions. Jake began to worry that the drug lords were still after Cara, but Tad insisted that he'd take care of things, if that were the case.

At the nurses' station, Amanda marched up to Cara and demanded to "see it." Cara didn't know what Amanda was talking about, so Amanda reached for the ring around Cara's neck. "Take it off - now!" Amanda ordered. Cara snatched the ring back and strode off. Amanda followed Cara to the lounge to confront her about wanting Jake. Cara admitted that she'd had hopes, but after seeing Jake with Amanda, Cara had figured that she hadn't had a chance.

Amanda wondered why Cara had even told Jake anything at all, then. Cara explained that Jake had seen the ring. Amanda asserted that Cara shouldn't even have been wearing the ring. Cara said it had gotten her through very tough times. "You mean your love for Jake got you through those times," Amanda corrected. Cara shamelessly replied, "Yes, it did."

Amanda told Cara to leave town, but Cara claimed that she was there for Griffin, not Jake. Amanda insisted that Cara would leave if she cared about how her presence affected Jake. Cara didn't think it should be a problem if the Martin marriage was as strong as everyone claimed. Cara stated that she had to live with the fact that she'd lost Jake, and Amanda had to live with the fact that she wasn't the only woman he'd ever loved.

Later, Jake and Amanda returned to the hotel room. Jake assured his wife that he loved only her. "More than ever," he uttered, and they started to make love on the bed.

Tad found Cara sulking as she sat on an ambulance bumper. She asked if Tad hated her, but he said he couldn't feel that way about the woman who'd saved his brother's life.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Madison slowly woke up and realized that she'd fallen asleep at Scott's apartment. She asked Scott if panic had set in yet, since he had claimed to be her baby's father. She was grateful for his fib, but she felt that she had a lot to figure out regarding the baby. He remarked that the situation had become much more complicated, and handed her a newspaper.

Madison read that Emma was missing and thought she should call Ryan to offer her help. Scott inquired whether Madison had changed her mind about telling Ryan the truth about the baby. She didn't believe that would help the situation with Emma. She recalled the night that Scott had rebuffed her advances, and she was grateful that he had insisted they wait to get to know one another better. Scott commented that neither of them had anticipated him becoming an instant father.

Scott told Madison that they had time to figure things out and that Emma was everyone's priority at that moment, so they didn't have to worry about anything except what Madison wanted for breakfast. He offered to take her out to eat and see if there was anything they could do to help Ryan. Madison agreed, but wanted to stop for a change of clothes on the way.

In the Yacht Club honeymoon suite, a towel-clad Amanda greeted Jake, who was getting dressed. He explained that Tad had a lead regarding the drug thefts at the hospital. Amanda was disappointed that Jake didn't plan to stay for breakfast. He assured her that she was the only woman he loved and that his relationship with Cara was in the past. "Cara who?" Amanda asked, as she dropped her towel to the floor. Jake declared that business could wait, and they tumbled into bed.

Ryan and Greenlee met Jesse at Krystal's restaurant. Ryan said that Annie had stolen Marissa's car, and Jesse put out an APB. Greenlee suggested that Ryan get some rest, but he refused to give up until they found Emma. Greenlee assured him that despite all the bad things Annie had done, Annie would take good care of Emma.

Amanda arrived at Krystal's and offered her support to Greenlee. Ryan quizzed Amanda about whether she had spoken to Annie, and Amanda disclosed that she had kept her distance from Annie recently because of Annie's clingy behavior. Ryan started to scold Amanda for not telling him that something about Annie had seemed off, but he quickly turned the blame to himself.

Ryan questioned whether Amanda knew of any clues that could lead them to Annie, but she couldn't think of anything. Jesse announced that a car matching a description of Marissa's vehicle had been found a few miles outside of town. Ryan kissed Greenlee goodbye and left with Jesse to check out the lead.

Madison and Scott entered and asked what they could do to help. Greenlee suggested that Madison field calls from the media at Fusion. Madison went to the counter to get some breakfast to go, and Greenlee expressed her gratitude to Scott for claiming to be the baby's dad. He said he hadn't done it for Greenlee's sake.

Scott told Greenlee that she should thank Madison. He said that Madison was nothing like Greenlee had described. He felt that Madison had been knocked down throughout her life and that she was determined to fight for a good life for her baby. Scott wondered why Greenlee felt threatened by Madison, because Madison only wanted her independence. Greenlee claimed that her only concern was finding Emma.

Meanwhile, Jesse and Ryan spotted Marissa's car, and Ryan bolted toward it. Jesse called after him to warn that Annie could be armed. A few minutes later, Ryan returned to the car, holding Emma's stuffed animal. Jesse called the station to confirm that the car had been abandoned. Ryan surmised that Annie had suspected they'd look for Marissa's car, so she had dumped it and found another one.

Greenlee's cell phone rang, and Scott left. Ryan informed Greenlee about the abandoned car. Ryan vowed that he wouldn't stop looking until he found his daughter. Greenlee begged him to return home, but she realized he couldn't. She said she planned to go to the hospital to update Kendall about the situation, and Ryan said he'd see her there because he wanted to see if Dr. Burke had any insight regarding Annie.

Scott arrived to see Madison at Fusion, but he didn't have any news about Emma. He said that while he had been in prison, he had tried to formulate a plan to get his life back on track. She thought he meant that he regretted claiming to be the father of her baby. He explained that he had been improvising his plan, but he liked how things had turned out so far.

Scott told Madison that he'd go along with the ruse until Madison was ready to tell Ryan the truth. Madison thought Scott's life could get messy, but he joked that she'd get more baby gifts if his friends and family thought he was the dad. He jested that she should worry about her reputation if everyone believed she was having an ex-con's baby. They bantered about their "one-night stand," and he said it wouldn't be one if she went out with him again.

At ConFusion, Jake met Tad and inquired about the information regarding the drug thefts. Tad said that he hadn't summoned Jake about the drugs, but about Cara. Tad informed Jake that Cara was still in danger from the drug cartel. Jake was shocked, since Cara had made it seem like the threat had been in the past. Tad called Cara a marked woman who was in a lot of trouble.

Tad asked Jake to tell him everything about the man who had died. Jake recalled that the man had been a heroin dealer from Mexico and had owned the town where Jake and Cara had worked in Africa. Tad had verified that the man had been part of a Mexican drug cartel and that his brother had put a contract on Cara's head. Tad explained that she'd escaped harm because she had changed her name and had kept a low profile. Tad warned that if Cara went anywhere near Mexico, she would never return. Jake fretted that Cara was determined to return to Doctors Without Borders.

In her hospital room, a sleeping Kendall cried out, "Don't go!" She awakened to find Ricky sitting at her bedside. He asked whether she'd had a bad dream, and she said it had been a frustrating one. She compared it to being at the bottom of a pool and seeing Zach's face above the water, but not being able to tell what he was saying. Ricky thought that perhaps Zach was trying to declare his love. Kendall begged Ricky to get her out of there.

At the hospital, Cara fondled the chain with her wedding ring and tucked it under her shirt. Griffin noticed and advised her to take it off and put it in a box. Cara claimed that it had gotten her through tough times, but Griffin said she had done that herself. Cara mentioned that Amanda had tried to rip the ring off Cara's neck the night before, and Griffin thought that proved his point. Cara changed the subject to Griffin's interest in Kendall.

Cara jokingly warned Griffin not to harass Kendall. Griffin was concerned that Kendall wasn't doing the right thing for her recovery, but Cara assured him that Kendall knew what to do. They entered Kendall's room to find the bed empty, other than a note that stated that Kendall had gone home for something important. A perturbed Griffin vowed not to get personally involved, but Cara reminded him that he already was, and she counseled him to go easy on Kendall.

Ricky and Kendall arrived at her home, and he wondered how she had talked him into it. She thanked him for arranging her trip home so she could be near Zach's things and try to figure out her dream. They entered her home to find the living room in disarray. Kendall pondered who could have trashed her home. She speculated whether it had something to do with her dream. Ricky was grateful that everyone was safe. Griffin entered and said they had different definitions of what "safe" meant.

Griffin berated Ricky, but Kendall said that it wasn't Ricky's fault. Kendall implored Griffin to look around, because her home had been ransacked. Griffin wanted her to return to the hospital. Kendall preferred to wait for the police, but Griffin suggested that Ricky stay and follow up with her later. Ricky agreed, and Kendall and Griffin left. An irritated Ricky watched them exit.

Later, Brot told Ricky that he didn't believe the break-in had been serious and that the damage appeared to be the work of mischievous kids. Ricky said that he'd take a further look around and that he would inform Kendall of the assessment.

As Griffin tucked Kendall back into her hospital bed, he sympathized with her. Kendall admitted that she was a pain as a patient, but she felt that Griffin had become her friend, especially since the surgery. He said he had just been doing his job, but she recalled that he had made an exception to take a personal stake in her case. She took his hand and told him not to stop caring.

Griffin asked why Kendall had left the hospital. She explained that she'd had dreams about Zach and had wanted to figure out what they'd meant. Greenlee arrived and requested to speak with Kendall. Kendall assured Griffin that she wouldn't take off again, and he left. Kendall was surprised to see Greenlee, as she had expected that Greenlee and Ryan would be on their honeymoon.

Greenlee informed Kendall of Emma's kidnapping and lamented that she couldn't do anything to help Ryan. Kendall advised her friend to just to be there for him and keep him going. Kendall inquired about the private investigators Ryan had hired to look into Zach's plane crash. Greenlee said that the case remained closed, but Kendall wanted to speak with them. Greenlee wondered if Kendall was worried about something, but Kendall was simply preoccupied with her dreams of Zach.

Greenlee was surprised that Griffin had allowed Kendall to leave the hospital, but Kendall clarified that Ricky had taken her without Griffin's permission. Greenlee noted that Kendall and Ricky had been spending a lot of time together. Ryan arrived and hugged Kendall, who expressed her concern about Emma. Kendall's phone rang, and Greenlee pulled Ryan aside to advise him to take care of himself. Kendall informed them that Spike had seen the Amber Alert on television.

Later, Spike asked Ryan why Emma had been on television. Ryan explained that Emma and Annie had gone on an adventure, but Annie had wanted it to be a surprise and hadn't told anyone, so people were confused about what was happening. Ryan assured his son that Emma's adventure would end soon.

Jake found Cara at the hospital and asked to have a serious conversation with her. He said that she had told him something about herself that he hadn't known, and it was his turn to share. He admitted that after she had left Sudan, he had been kidnapped and had been lucky to get out alive. Cara was confused about why he had suddenly opened up. Jake explained that he knew what it was like to fear for his life, and he didn't want her to go through the same thing. He declared that she couldn't return to Doctors Without Borders.

Tad approached Griffin and informed him that Cara was going to need their help. Meanwhile, Cara admitted to Jake that she'd known that she was still in danger. She assured Jake that she had two names with identification to match. She reminded him of how she'd left her life with him behind because she had understood how serious her situation was. She claimed that she'd known the risks when she had accepted the job, but he felt that she couldn't have anticipated having a price on her head.

Cara scoffed and walked away, and Jake followed. She confessed that she was scared, but she didn't want to change the way she lived. Amanda eavesdropped as Cara sarcastically declared that she'd just quit her job and live a quiet life in Pine Valley because that's what Jake wanted. Cara said that she'd missed out on a lot in life because the people in her life had been scared. She refused to let the bad guys get in the way of her choices. Tad and Griffin arrived to convince Cara that the men after her were dangerous. Jake left, and Tad announced that he had an idea.

Cara insisted that she wanted to return to Doctors Without Borders and that she would travel as Cara Castillo. Griffin protested, but Tad interrupted and said that the cartel wanted Cara dead, so the plan would be to give them what they wanted. Meanwhile, Amanda called immigration to report that Cara was traveling with a phony passport. As she agreed to hold, she didn't notice Jake return home.

Ricky reported to Kendall that Brot had thought the break-in had been a prank. Ricky claimed that he'd heard kids at the parish make similar dares. She hoped he was right. He handed her a photo album he'd retrieved from her home. She thanked him again for always knowing what she needed. He said it was part of his job. Ricky left, and Kendall looked through the album.

Ricky made a call and blasted someone for their actions. He griped that he'd spent months getting Kendall to trust him and that Kendall was a smart woman who already had questions. He was determined to find what he was looking for, and for that to happen, Kendall needed to think of Ricky as her friendly minister, not the man who'd killed her husband.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Tad suggested that Cara and Griffin work with him to stage the death of Carolyn Finn. Cara wanted to know how Tad planned to pull off the ruse. Tad was unsure of the details, but he thought the plan would solve a lot of Cara's problems. Cara asked how they would get their hands on an official death certificate. Tad suggested that Griffin sign it. Griffin piped up and said that the idea was stupid.

The more the idea was discussed, the more Griffin opposed it. Cara said that Griffin never liked it when someone else in the world wanted to help her out. Griffin didn't think he was the problem, but Cara made her beliefs clear. She thanked Griffin for how he'd taken care of her so well over the years, but said he needed to let go a little. Reluctantly, Griffin thanked Tad for his willingness to help Cara.

Tad said that he would get to work on determining what was needed to pull off Cara Finn's death. Griffin noted that the plan would have to be airtight before Griffin agreed to it. Tad said he wouldn't expect anything less. Griffin walked away, and Cara offered her heartfelt thanks to Tad.

Amanda called the immigration office and told them that Cara was a Mexican National traveling under an assumed name and working at Pine Valley Hospital. When she hung up the phone, she realized that Jake had retuned home. She was worried that Jake had overheard the conversation, but his oblivious demeanor soon laid her fears to rest.

Amanda made up a story about who she'd been on the phone with. Jake accepted the story without question. He left the room briefly when Trevor began to cry. Jake returned a few moments later with their son in his arms. At that moment, Amanda decided to tell Jake that she'd had a fight with Cara.

Amanda gave Jake a sketch of her confrontation with Cara. Jake apologized because he didn't think that Amanda needed to deal with his past. Amanda said that Jake had nothing to be sorry for. Amanda knew that Jake hadn't asked Cara to set up her life in Pine Valley -- Cara had done that of her own accord.

Jake asked what Cara's response had been to the argument. Amanda said that Cara understood that Cara needed to deal with her feelings about Jake on her own. Jake asked if Amanda believed what Cara had said. Amanda said that she believed in the love she shared with Jake and the future of their family.

Jake and Amanda went to the hospital. Jake mentioned that there was likely a pile of work waiting for him in Angie's office. Amanda said that she wanted to visit Kendall. They kissed and went their separate ways. Moments later, Amanda ran into Cara. Cara thought that Amanda wanted another fight, but Amanda remained calm. Amanda realized that Cara was anxious to get back to Doctors Without Borders.

Cara said that she wasn't sure what Jake had told Amanda, and wanted to keep Amanda in the loop. Amanda, however, wasn't interested in hearing anything except Cara's plans for leaving town. Taken aback, Cara realized that trying to be friendly toward Amanda was useless, and walked away.

Tad found Jake in one of the hospital hallways. Tad said that he wanted to update Jake about his plans to help Cara. Jake was hesitant, and Tad realized that Jake needed to make his marriage a priority. Tad forged ahead and told Jake that the plan was to fake Cara's death.

A short time later, Amanda overheard Tad on the phone, asking about a death certificate. When he ended the call, Amanda asked who was sick. Tad revealed that the people who were after Cara while she was in Doctors Without Borders were still after her and wanted her dead. Amanda was shocked at the news. Tad said that he needed Amanda's support to pull the scheme off. Amanda realized that her call to immigration had jeopardized Cara's safety. A short time later, after she parted company with Tad, she tried to call the office back to expunge her report, but was unsuccessful.

Jake found Cara and told her that Tad had filled him in on the plan. Jake said that although he'd said goodbye to Carolyn Finn long before, he never thought he'd be going to her funeral. They bantered back and forth about Carolyn's strong points, before Jake said it was just a name. Before he walked off, Jake told Cara that she was everything that Carolyn was -- and more.

Cara lamented that she wouldn't be able to go back to Doctors Without Borders. Jake was sure that Cara would be able to find other organizations to become involved with. Tad found them again, and said that they needed to find Griffin. Tad wanted to discuss some ideas of how to get Carolyn Finn's information into Mexico without it looking like a plant. Before they could make a move, immigration officials arrived. They told Cara that charges had been leveled against her and that she was under federal arrest for being in the United States illegally. Amanda helplessly heard the confrontation from the hall.

Ryan settled Spike in with a movie in his room, and then returned to the living room to talk with Greenlee. Greenlee was certain that Annie would never let anything harm Emma. Ryan was still worried and said that he needed to return to the search. Before he could leave, Jesse knocked on their door. Ryan flung the door open. Jesse walked in with a stack of papers and said that the police were still working on leads.

Jesse pulled out a map and explained to Ryan and Greenlee what the federal agents were doing to track Annie down. Ryan was dismayed that despite surveillance of the area, none of it was good enough to figure out where Annie was headed. Ryan was struck with a thought. He mentioned that perhaps Annie's motivation and destination could be found in clues in Pine Valley.

Ryan used the information they did know to try to determine what path Annie would have taken with Emma. With Greenlee's help, they posited that Annie stopped at the park. Greenlee questioned whether Annie had run into someone. Jesse said that they had security cameras covering the park, and dashed off to get the recordings. After Jesse left, Greenlee asked Ryan to relax and said she would make him something to eat. Ryan said that he couldn't sit around and wait. He grabbed his coat, and before leaving, told Greenlee he would call her soon.

Ryan sat in his car and wrapped up a phone call. He was surprised when the passenger door opened and Greenlee got in. Greenlee mildly chastised Ryan for thinking she would let him search for Emma on his own. Greenlee told him that she'd left Spike with Miranda and her babysitter, and used what Ryan had told her long before to find him.

Ryan couldn't put his gratitude into words. Greenlee said that she couldn't sit around and wait either. Greenlee also wanted to reassure Ryan that Emma would return. Greenlee felt that Emma's love for her father would help Emma find a way to get in touch with Ryan. Then, Greenlee held out a box and told Ryan that it was his wedding present. Ryan was in awe when he opened the box and saw the watch Greenlee had given him.

Greenlee said that Ryan should view the gift as a promise that everything would work out. She added that every second that ticked off the watch meant that Ryan was a second closer to seeing Emma again. Ryan was grateful that Greenlee was with him, and said he wouldn't know what to do without her. Ryan told Greenlee that they should go home, as they weren't really able to help with the investigation.

Shortly after Ryan and Greenlee got home, there was a knock at their door. Ryan leaped up and quickly opened the door. Jesse triumphantly held up a shot from one of the park surveillance cameras. Ryan snatched the picture from Jesse's hands and was angered when he saw David and Annie together.

Kendall gently held the photo album that Ricky had found at the house. Kendall claimed that Zach's message to her from beyond was simply to calm down, and that no one was out to get her. Bianca showed up a few moments later. Kendall told Bianca that she wanted to believe she was safe, but had a bad feeling.

Kendall tried to distract herself by asking about Reese. Uncomfortable, Bianca said that although she and Reese kept missing each other's phone calls, they would eventually work things out. Bianca shifted the conversation back to Kendall and asked why Kendall had left the hospital. Kendall said that she needed to be near Zach, not just because she missed him, but also because she'd been having weird dreams.

Kendall told Bianca that when Ricky took her home, they'd found that someone had broken in. Bianca was worried, but Kendall said that nothing had been stolen, and the police were leaning towards a prank. Kendall said she wasn't sure what to think. Kendall said she had a lot of strange thoughts in her head, and she was still on medication from the surgery. Bianca asked what Ricky had to say about what had happened. Kendall said that Ricky had been kind and reassuring through the ordeal.

Kendall admitted that she hadn't really moved forward in her grieving for Zach. She knew that Zach had wanted to sell the casinos, but Kendall hadn't been able to face that daunting task. Bianca grew teary-eyed and said that Kendall was finding it hard to let go. Kendall asked why Bianca was so upset. Bianca claimed that she was thinking about everything that Kendall was going through, and Ryan dealing with Emma being missing.

Kendall had a feeling that something else was going on and asked Bianca to be honest. Before Bianca could find the words, Marissa showed up and said she would wait in the hall until Bianca was ready. When Marissa left the room, Kendall realized that Bianca didn't want Kendall to know about her appointment with Marissa. Bianca finally confessed that she'd talked to Reese and that they were getting a divorce.

In the hallway, Ricky spoke harshly to someone on the phone. He told the person on the other end of the line that he needed Kendall to believe he was a harmless priest instead of the man who killed Zach. Ricky demanded that the person he was talking to meet him in the park as soon as possible.

When Ricky got to the park, a mysterious woman was waiting for him. Ricky said that she and the others needed to let him do his job. The woman tried to question the moves Ricky had chosen to make, given that they had been stealing from Zach. Ricky told her that killing Zach was easy but keeping them out of jail would be difficult.

Ricky promised that he and Kendall would be spending a lot of time together. Ricky also said that he would keep Kendall from selling the casinos. The woman asked what Ricky would do if Kendall figured out who he really was. Ricky didn't think it would happen, but said that if he were wrong, he would do what he had to do. Just then, Opal crossed their path and asked what Ricky was doing in the park.

Opal reminded Ricky that he was supposed to visit her and Erica to talk about Kendall. Ricky excused himself briefly and bid farewell to the mysterious woman. Ricky turned back to Opal and assured her that he'd been faithfully visiting Kendall. Ricky said that Kendall was improving, both health-wise and emotionally. Ricky said that he would continue to support Kendall as much as she needed him. Opal was grateful and said that Kendall was special.

Bianca told Kendall that she had been putting off the inevitable by not calling Reese. Kendall said that she'd hoped for a better outcome. Bianca said that Kendall's insistence had given Bianca the courage to say the things that she and Reese had both been avoiding. Bianca finally let the tears she'd been holding back flow, and talked about how much the split would affect Miranda and Gabby.

Bianca tried to compose herself and said that she didn't want to keep Marissa waiting any longer. Ricky showed up, but when he saw Bianca's face, he offered to return later so that the sisters could continue to talk. Bianca told Ricky that she was leaving. Bianca hugged Ricky, and thanked him for taking care of Kendall.

Ricky asked Bianca if she was okay. Bianca wasn't able to speak beyond her tears, so Kendall told Ricky that Bianca's marriage was ending. Appropriately concerned, Ricky asked Bianca if there was anything he could do. Bianca said that she would be okay. Ricky made Bianca promise to call if she needed anything, and Bianca agreed. After Bianca left, Kendall and Ricky talked a little bit about Kendall's recovery and how soon she would get out of the hospital.

Ricky told Kendall that after talking with one of his parishioners, he was offered a personally catered meal. Ricky said he planned to save it for Kendall's first night home. Kendall tried to protest, but Ricky wouldn't take no for an answer. Kendall acquiesced, and said that Griffin had to make the call on her release. Ricky noted that Griffin had made the case personal, and wondered how that made Kendall feel.

Griffin checked Opal's heart and said that she was in great health. Opal, ever the meddler, asked why Griffin was still single. Griffin skirted the question, so Opal suggested that Kendall might be a viable candidate for Griffin's affections. Opal thought that Griffin and Kendall were likely bonded after the emergency surgery Griffin had performed in the ambulance. Griffin made it clear that Kendall was his patient -- and nothing more.

Ricky suggested that Griffin might be interested in Kendall. Kendall swore that she hadn't been giving any signals. Ricky understood that, and said that perhaps they shouldn't talk about Kendall's connection to Griffin. Kendall said that Griffin was her doctor, and that she was grateful for what Griffin had done to save her life. Ricky said that anyone who helped Kendall stay alive and healthy was a hero in his book.

Griffin walked in and was grateful for Ricky's comment. Ricky knew it would be best if he made a quick exit, and told Kendall he would see her once she was released. After Ricky left, Kendall pointed out that all of her tests were showing that her health was improving. Kendall asked if she was ready to go home. Griffin said that she was ready.

Kendall and Griffin agreed that they would be glad to be rid of each other. Kendall admitted that she was a horrible patient, and Griffin said that he was overly attentive. Griffin told Kendall that she wouldn't get rid of him upon release from the hospital. Kendall knew that Griffin would make sure to honor his promise to take care of her. As they toasted to their friendship, Ricky looked in on them from the hall.

When Bianca and Marissa first sat down, Marissa offered to find Bianca a more experienced lawyer. Bianca said that she wasn't looking for a shark -- just a friend to help her get through the divorce process. Marissa asked about custody issues, but Bianca was sure that she and Reese would be able to work things out. Marissa said that many people started the divorce, thinking that things would remain amicable. However, Marissa warned Bianca that Reese's attitude might change once she was faced with losing her rights to the children.



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