One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 14, 2011 on OLTL

Ford was stunned to learn that he was a father. Brody was revealed to be the father of Natalie's son. Tess returned. Aubrey and Joey were married. John and Kelly got drunk and slept together. They agreed it was to get back at Joey and Natalie. Charlie felt bad about cheating on Viki, and he returned home.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 14, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Gigi, Rex, and Viki ran into each other at Rodi's as they continued to search for Charlie. Viki admitted that she'd looked everywhere she could think of, but Gigi and Rex disclosed that Charlie had been seen at Rodi's. Gigi revealed that Charlie had ordered a vodka, and Viki was concerned. Gigi thought that Charlie merely needed time to think, and they shouldn't jump to conclusions. Rex vowed to help Charlie out, especially if he'd had something to drink. He wouldn't abandon Charlie. "The way Clint abandoned you," Viki uttered.

Rex declared, "Charlie doesn't deserve someone playing God with his life." "Unfortunately, Clint played with more lives than yours," Viki informed Rex. She was livid as she proceeded to update Rex and Gigi on the tampering of Jessica's DNA test also. The young couple was shocked. Viki explained that the men in the Buchanan family had always felt it necessary to rule the family, but Clint had changed. The trio pledged to continue their search for Charlie, and they all agreed to stay in touch.

Later, and well after Viki was gone, Rex and Gigi touched base. They had called everywhere they could think of, from bars to hospitals to police stations, but no Charlie. They both thought of Echo at the same time, and Rex declared that Charlie had to be safe. Rex decided that it was best to see Shane first, and try to explain things to his son. He wondered how to tell Shane about a father who hated his son.

Echo was surprised to see Charlie when she answered her door at the Minute Man Motel. He advised her that there had not been a wedding. He saw the framed photo of Shane and Rex on Echo's nightstand and, picking it up, he sank onto the bed. His cell phone began to ring, but he advised Echo that it was probably Viki, and he didn't want to talk to her. Finally, he blurted out, " We don't have a son. I'm not Rex's father. Clint is." Echo was confused, citing the DNA test that they'd taken, but Charlie explained that Clint had tampered with the test.

The news had been revealed at the wedding, Charlie continued, and Clint hated Rex. Charlie was sorry that he was the one to tell Echo the news. Charlie had left the church as soon as he'd heard, and his first stop had been Rodi's. "Did you fall off the wagon?" Echo asked. Charlie admitted that he hadn't had anything to drink, though he'd ordered a vodka, picked it up, and inhaled deeply. He had then put the drink down and run for the door. He hadn't known where to go, and he couldn't face Rex or Shane.

Charlie felt like he'd made a fool of himself. He'd bought what Clint was selling because of the hole in his heart due to Jared's death. Charlie had been eager to have another family, including Echo. Echo assured Charlie that nothing was his fault, and he hadn't been a fool. She felt sorrow for all that he had lost, and she'd wanted him to have a family. Charlie stated that Viki had never stood up for him, and Viki and Dorian had both been waiting for Echo to "screw up."

He explained that the women believed that Echo had been "playing" him. "I was being played, just not by you," Charlie declared. He knew that Echo wasn't a bad person. Echo began to get upset. "Viki and Dorian are right," Echo replied. She had arrived in town to look for her son, and she'd caused Charlie much pain, Echo continued. She should have stayed away, but she'd wanted to give him a gift.

Charlie and Echo began to kiss. Charlie advised her that she had given him a gift, because she was back in his life. Echo backed away suddenly and apologized. Instead, Charlie leaned over for another kiss, and this time the kiss was more passionate. The couple fell down on the bed.

Still at the church, Kelly advised Joey that she'd done nothing wrong after he'd watched the tape of Aubrey and Cutter. Aubrey announced that she wanted to get married as soon as possible, and Cutter noted that Aubrey and Joey were a couple without secrets. Aubrey was sorry about the other wedding, but she thought that someone should take advantage of all of the wedding decorations, as well as the minister who was still there. She and Joey already had their wedding license on hand.

Joey was surprised, but Aubrey reminded him of how they'd always liked to do things spontaneously, and she claimed that she no longer wanted a big wedding. She did her best to try to convince him. "Are you afraid of something or that someone will stop you?" a suspicious Kelly asked. Aubrey replied that she was, after seeing what had happened to Joey's sisters. Kelly repeated that Aubrey and Joey didn't have secrets, but Aubrey stated that there were always crazy things happening in Joey's family.

Kelly held a piece of paper and proclaimed that she had something for Joey to read. It was from Clint, and it mentioned how important the tape was for Joey to view. Joey was incensed that Kelly was working with Clint, but she advised him that it wasn't the case. Kelly emphasized that there must have been something else in the tape for Joey to see, other than the innocent scene between Aubrey and Cutter. Joey declared that he wouldn't let anything get in the way of his marriage, and even Cutter was excited.

Cutter located the minister, but Kelly passed on Aubrey's request that Kelly be a witness. Kelly turned to leave, and Joey rushed after her. He did his best to change her mind, but Kelly refused. The wedding began without Kelly, and Cutter pointed out that he was the maid of honor, best man, and witness all rolled into one. The minister thought that the ceremony was unorthodox, but Joey thought it was perfect. Kelly watched from the doorway.

Later, as Joey settled things up with the minister, Cutter and Aubrey exchanged a kiss. "We did it," Aubrey said happily. "Now, let the fleecing of Buchanan Enterprises begin," Cutter replied.

John, Brody, Jessica, and Natalie all encountered each other in the hallway after all of the damaging news had been exposed. John didn't want to hear how sorry Brody was about sleeping with Natalie, and he announced that Brody didn't even know everything. "Natalie does," John added. Natalie tried to talk to John. "We have nothing to say to each other," he advised her. Brody repeated that he and Natalie had been drunk and alone, and they hadn't meant to hurt anyone when they'd slept together. It hadn't meant anything, he added.

Brody also added that he no longer had a son to go home to. Jessica wondered what more there was for Natalie to say, and Natalie announced that she'd lied to Brody, also, not just to John and Jessica. Natalie apologized, and explained that she and Brody had regretted their night together as soon as it was over. Jessica pointedly suggested that perhaps if the truth had been revealed earlier, she might have understood. Natalie hadn't wanted to lose Jessica or destroy the others, because everyone had been happy, Natalie declared.

Natalie stressed that it wasn't the same situation as Jessica sleeping with Ford, and then both women had been pregnant. Natalie had wanted to protect the babies. Jessica responded that Natalie and John still had their own baby. "No, we don't have anything," John spoke up. "Liam isn't my son. He's Brody's." Jessica began to cry harder than before, while Brody stood still, his eyes widening in shock.

"What did you just say?" Jessica asked her sister. John urged Natalie to complete the news. "It's true; the baby is Brody's," Natalie stated. She hadn't planned to lie to Brody, but whatever she'd said previously had just stuck. Brody had his baby with Jessica, and Natalie just wanted all parties to be happy. Jessica realized that had been the news that Marty had wanted to divulge. Jessica began to scream at the top of her lungs with a vengeance. She accused Natalie of caring for no one but herself, and she called her sister a "selfish, lying whore."

Suddenly, Jessica calmed down and asked to speak to Natalie alone. Jessica and John each asked the other if they'd be okay. John left, and Jessica remembered how many times she'd confided in Natalie. They'd gone through the christening together and the wedding plans, and still Natalie had continued to lie, Jessica said. She accused Natalie of always trying to steal Jessica's life and family. Natalie maintained that she wasn't the same person as she was when she first arrived in Llanview, but Jessica didn't listen.

Jessica began to scream that she no longer had a baby with Brody, but Natalie did. "Job well done," Jessica yelled. Natalie cried that she loved Jessica, and they were sisters. Jessica ripped the necklace from around Natalie's neck. "This was a gift for my sister. I don't know what you are. You're not my sister," Jessica said coldly before she stormed out.

John advised Brody that he didn't know Brody, and he recalled when Brody had announced that he had John's back. John hadn't realized exactly what Brody had in mind. John no longer believed anything that Brody had to say. "Take care of your kid, Brody," John stated. He noted that with parents like Natalie and Brody, the boy would need all the help he could get.

Jessica found Brody out in the hallway, but she refused to speak to him and rushed out. Natalie followed behind and tried to apologize to Brody, but it was his turn to walk out. Natalie stayed behind, and all she could do was cry.

Ford was eager to start getting ready for his date with Langston. He found Dani and Nate standing around before he jumped into the shower, and he casually asked them, "What's up?" The young couple assured him nothing was up, but their behavior aroused Ford's suspicions. He wondered what they might be hiding. "Baby," Dani uttered. Ford panicked. "Oh, my God. Oh, my God. You're pregnant!" Ford gasped. The couple reassured him that it wasn't so, but they tripped over their words as they tried to explain.

"You have," Dani began, but Nate quickly jumped in and finished her sentence instead. " soft skin," Nate told his brother. The guys discussed Ford's method for having smooth skin briefly, but Ford had to get ready. "They're weird," he muttered to himself. Dani advised Nate how she'd learned of the news that Ford was the father of Jessica's baby. Dani and Nate were frantic as they tried to figure out how to tell Ford the news. Dani was positive that Ford would be happy about it, but Nate wasn't too sure.

Ford asked for Dani's help in choosing a shirt for his celebration date with Langston, though he noted that he wouldn't be wearing it for long. Nate asked if Dani thought that Ford sounded like a father. Dani still thought that Ford should be aware of the truth, and when Ford returned from getting dressed, Nate sighed. "We have to talk," Nate told his brother, and then continued, "It's about you. And Jessica Brennan. You're the father of her baby."

A stunned Ford began to have trouble breathing. "Holy crap," he said multiple times, then said, "Oh, my God, I'm a father." Dani revealed that there was proof, courtesy of Vimal. Ford was barely able to collect himself as he announced that he had somewhere to go. Dani offered to call Langston, but Ford refused her offer. Once Ford was gone, Dani and Nate talked about their own Valentine's Day plans. Nate had a surprise in store for Dani, and he wanted it to be perfect. Dani had a surprise too. She wanted to go somewhere private so that they could have sex.

At Llanfair, Viki spent some time in the nursery. She rocked Liam to sleep and told him that his parents would be there soon. She only hoped that Ryder's parents, Jessica and Brody, would show up too.

Ford crept into the nursery and leaned down to look at one of the babies. "My son," he said. Later, Brody walked in and found Ford holding the baby.

Kelly sat at the bar in Rodi's and had a drink. "To Aubs and Joe," she toasted.

Jessica broke into Foxy Roxy's and plopped down into one of the chairs. She looked at herself in the mirror, but a different person was looking back at her. It was Tess.

A teary-eyed John sat alone in the dark church. After several moments, he arose and walked out.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Natalie returned to Llanfair in tears. Viki was watching Liam, and Natalie rushed over to pick him up. "Where's John?" Viki asked her weeping daughter. Natalie divulged that her baby was Brody's and not John's. Viki was speechless, as Natalie confessed that she'd lied to everyone. A somber Viki only listened as Natalie maintained that John would never speak to her again. They'd had a huge fight.

Natalie had wanted Liam to be John's, and he hated her after finding out about the baby. Viki pointed out that John was angry, and she wondered why her daughter had kept it a secret. Natalie explained how she and Brody had been single when they'd gotten together, and she'd wanted to protect Jessica. Viki was certain that John loved Natalie and Liam, and he would understand. John wanted nothing to do with her or the baby, Natalie replied. She'd destroyed him and lost both her sister and fiancé in the process.

Viki believed that Jessica would always love her sister. Natalie suggested that Viki spend her time looking for Charlie instead, but Viki explained that Rex and Gigi were searching for Charlie. They would call if there were any news. Natalie assumed that Brody was with Jessica, because he'd followed her out of the church.

Upstairs, Brody was outraged when he found Ford in the nursery holding Ryder. Brody wondered what Ford was doing with the infant, and Ford sheepishly confessed that he'd just found himself there. Brody accused Ford of breaking and entering and trespassing, but Ford stated that he was with his son. Brody quickly corrected Ford and reminded Ford that the baby was Brody's. Brody grabbed the infant from Ford's arms.

Ford insisted that he had rights, but Brody disagreed. He informed Ford that Ford meant nothing to the baby, and he wanted Ford out of the house. Brody grabbed Ford and began to drag him out. Ford reminded Brody that the DNA test proved that Ryder was Ford's son, but Brody was livid. He'd been there when the baby, named for Brody's grandfather, was christened. Brody had been there through Jessica's pregnancy and had taken care of her. He'd been there when there was a danger of losing Jessica and the baby. He forbade Ford from saying that Brody wasn't the father.

Ford vowed to talk to Jessica, and Brody threw him up against the wall. Brody accused him of "practically raping Jessica," and insisted the baby was not Ford's. He advised Ford not to go near either Jessica or their son. Brody grabbed Ford again and dragged him down the stairs. There was shouting and yelling, and Viki and Natalie ran to see what was going on. Brody maintained that Ford had broken in, and Brody was tossing him out.

Viki asked Brody if that were the right thing to do. She suddenly realized that Jessica wasn't with Brody, and she panicked. Brody mentioned that he had been looking for Jessica, but he'd found Ford instead. Viki went upstairs to check on Ryder, and Natalie advised Brody that she'd told Viki everything. Brody had to look for Jessica, but Natalie turned when she heard her son fussing. She ran over to him, and Brody followed. Natalie comforted the baby, as Brody looked on. "That's my son," he said.

John stormed into Rodi's and turned off the jukebox. In a loud voice, he announced, "The bar is closed. Get out!" The crowd rushed out, and John was alone. He began to knock Valentine's decorations off of the tables and counters. He settled at the bar with a bottle and poured himself a drink. Kelly walked over. "Holy crap. Looks like a bomb went off," she said. "Get out," John replied. She noted that she'd been in the ladies' room, and she had walked out into a destroyed bar.

John wanted her out of his place, but Kelly insisted that she'd had too much to drink, and John would have to order her a cab. John snapped that she'd have to call herself. "I had a crappy day too," Kelly informed him. She wondered why he was drinking alone. John thought that his day had to have been worse than Kelly's.

Kelly recounted how the guy she'd loved since she was young had married someone else. To make matters worse, she could have also been a witness at the wedding, Kelly announced. She'd been the one responsible for pushing them together, and Joey hated her after the flash drive incident. She tried to take John's bottle, but he refused to give it up. She marched herself behind the bar and grabbed another bottle. John didn't think they could compare stupidity. He'd been blind for nine months, he acknowledged.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Kelly asked him. John informed Kelly that Liam wasn't his son, but Kelly laughed. John advised her that he wasn't joking. Kelly was stunned. John described how Natalie had undergone an amniocentesis, and Marty had tried to tell him the news. He'd felt sorry for Brody when Brody had been caught in the same situation. Kelly maintained that she was as stupid as John. Joey didn't want her, but she'd never seen it, because she hadn't wanted to, and instead she'd wanted to unmask Aubrey as a con artist.

John began to talk about the baby who turned out not to be his, and how much he'd wanted to have a baby. Kelly believed that was the reason that Natalie hadn't told him the truth. John revealed that having a child had felt right, especially after Marty had been pregnant, lost the baby, and then Natalie turned out to be pregnant as well. The baby had changed his life, but he couldn't do anything about it. He also had believed that he could trust Brody. Kelly suggested that they have some whiskey, while John envisioned Natalie playing pool. He turned to Kelly and proposed that they go elsewhere. "Anywhere it's not Valentine's Day," he clarified.

Sitting in his brothers' apartment, Nate advised Dani that he wanted to give her a "perfect surprise" for Valentine's Day. Dani shocked him when she suggested that they go somewhere after his surprise, because she wanted to have sex. Nate informed her that he only wanted to do it if she wanted to. "I'm ready," Dani replied. James, who had been having a dream about Starr, woke up and found the young couple in the apartment. James offered to leave, because he had nowhere special to be.

James admitted that he wasn't going to the dance with Michelle, but he had only been "kidding himself" that Starr would be around for him. She was unavailable. Nate asked how Starr and James had met, and James recalled several of the meetings and escapades he'd had with Starr. He noted that they'd had "one disaster after another." He'd always thought that things would work out between them, but Starr was always thinking about Cole.

James believed he'd had an "intense connection" with Starr, but she'd always ended back with Cole. Dani thought that one day Starr would realize that she couldn't be with Cole, because Cole was in prison. James felt that Starr's heart would always belong to Cole. James wanted the couple to get going so they could start on their date, but the couple stood and looked into each other's eyes without moving. James asked if they wanted to stay in the apartment instead.

Dani dashed off to get ready to go, and James asked his brother what the looks had been about. Nate informed his brother that Dani wanted the evening to be "the night." James sighed. He was convinced he'd be the only unlucky Ford brother for Valentine's Day. James announced that he would spend the evening with pizza and a movie. Dani suggested that she and Nate head to her parents' place, and Nate considered that a "death wish." Dani explained that she'd heard from her mother, and her parents would be spending the night in New York.

Dani declared that she was ready, and she knew what she was doing. She considered herself to be grown up. Nate complimented her, and they headed out of the apartment. James decided to get dressed, so that he could look for Starr.

Starr stopped at Capricorn to give Blair some sheet music that Blair had forgotten to take to the club. Blair suggested that Starr stick around and perform some of the songs with her, but Starr was appalled. Starr thought that it would only reinforce the idea that she was a "loser" on Valentine's Day, and Starr thought that a sign could just be hung around her neck. Blair disagreed that her only daughter was a loser, but Starr reminded her mother that she was an unwed mother, and her baby's father was in prison for murder.

Blair explained that Starr was merely going through a "bad stretch," and she was certain that things would get better for Starr eventually. Nearby, Langston was sitting at the bar and waiting for Ford. Langston was annoyed when another guy hit on her, and she advised him that she was waiting for someone. Langston quickly called Starr over to save her. Cristian had overheard Blair's advice to her daughter, and he thought it was some good advice that Blair herself should follow.

Blair revealed that Tomas had arrived in Llanview for many reasons, but presumably to see her. She'd sent him over to the Angel Square Hotel, because she was finished being a "psycho magnet." She didn't want another mystery man in her life.

Starr wondered where Ford was, and she admitted sadly that James was probably at the sorority dance with Michelle. Starr reminisced about her meeting with James, along with several of the times that she'd spent with him. She should have "steered clear" of him, because they'd only had "one disaster after another," she confided to Langston. She'd always thought that things would work out with James, but he was with Michelle.

Langston ordered Starr to look for James, so that Starr could tell him she wanted to be with him. "Let him decide who he wants to be with," Langston told her friend. Starr insisted that she and James were just friends. Langston grew worried about Ford, but Starr assumed that he'd just been out shopping for a gift for Langston. There was another side of Ford, Langston revealed, and he was really good with kids. He'd also risen to the challenge she'd presented him over the past six months. Starr decided that she would go out and look for Ford.

Jessica broke into Foxy Roxy's and found another face peering at her from inside the mirror. "Hey Jessica. Miss me?" Tess asked. Jessica told her to go away. Tess indicated that Jessica looked like a "used tissue" in her wedding gown and smudged make-up. She wondered how Jessica's day had gone. Tess couldn't believe that she'd turned her back for so brief a time, and Jessica had made such a mess of things. She didn't believe that Jessica really wanted her to leave.

Jessica called Tess a psycho, but it was Tess's opinion that Jessica needed her, because Jessica wouldn't be able to handle things on her own. Tess wanted to help Jessica, and she taunted Jessica about her state of affairs. She'd noticed that Jessica had never realized that Natalie had not only been lying to her, but having Brody's baby. "I can handle that bitch," Tess asserted. Tess had handled Natalie in the past.

Tess knew that Jessica wanted to give Natalie what she deserved, but Jessica denied it. Tess began her taunting again, and she referred to the probably steamy night when Brody and Natalie had made love. Tess was more than explicit, and Jessica didn't want to hear it. Tess suggested that perhaps the couple had even been together more than once. Jessica finally reached her boiling point and threw something at the mirror. The glass cracked.

Tess announced that she wasn't really in the mirror, but inside of Jessica, but Jessica refused to allow Tess to take over. Tess pointed out that Jessica didn't have a life, and she continued her taunting. Tess declared that Brody would look at Liam in a new way, and then he would look at Natalie. "Why would he want Ford's little bastard?" Tess asked. Jessica's life was a disaster, and she needed Tess, Tess insisted.

Jessica proclaimed that she wanted to face things on her own, but Tess was certain that Brody would want to be with Natalie and his son. Jessica couldn't change that, Tess said. Jessica screamed for Tess to go away, and she picked up a pair of scissors that were sitting on the counter.

Roxy's shop was empty and in shambles. "I'm back" was written across the mirror in lipstick, with a pair of lips displayed prominently underneath.

James was ready to leave the apartment when there was a loud knocking at the front door. "What's your problem?" he asked as he opened the door. It was Starr. "What's your problem?" she replied.

Langston was anxious as she waited for Ford, and the creepy guy hit on her again. "Ford, where are you?" she wondered. Blair was surprised to see Tomas show up at Capricorn. Ford finally arrived at the club and stood outside. He pulled Langston's gift from his pocket, but just then he saw Jessica rush by in her shortened and altered wedding gown. "Jessica?" he called. "Hey, what the hell are you looking at?" Tess asked.

Wednesday, February 17, 2011

by Mike

John and Kelly tried to forget about Valentine's Day and their respective problems by going to a local biker bar. While John was purchasing drinks at the bar, one of the male customers tried to hit on Kelly. The man's girlfriend caught him and warned Kelly that he was taken. Kelly assured the woman -- whose name was Kris -- that Kelly was not interested in Kris's boyfriend. Kelly then added, "You know what? Maybe that's what I should do -- take up with the first person I meet. You know, go completely gaga over him like he did and then get married."

When John went back to the bar to order another round of drinks, the biker who had hit on Kelly earlier returned. "Do I know you?" Kelly asked. The man reminded Kelly, "A minute ago, you said you were going to spend the rest of your life with me. What'd you say? You said you were gaga over me? Let's get the hell out of here." John returned and told the man to leave, but Kelly assured John that she was all right.

Before Kelly could say anything to the man, his girlfriend, Kris, returned. Kris called Kelly a bitch, and Kelly retorted, "Oh, 'bitch.' Okay. Well, you know what? This bitch has some advice for you. You need to drop this loser like a bad habit." The man told Kris to ignore Kelly, then he turned his attention to John. "Leave him alone. He has nothing to do with this," Kelly said. John ignored the man and asked the bartender for another drink.

As John continued to drink, Kelly warned Kris that her boyfriend didn't have any respect for women. The biker threatened Kelly, but when Kelly refused to back down, the man turned his attention back to John. "What the hell kind of man are you, anyway? Letting this woman run the whole show, huh?" The man continued to taunt John. "No wonder she wants to cheat on you with another dude. She's probably done it before when your back was turned, huh?" The man shoved John and added, "Or maybe she did it right in front of your face."

John finished his drink, then calmly turned and punched the man in the face. After the man recovered, he accused John of being crazy. "I am tonight," John agreed, "so I suggest you and your girlfriend get the hell out of here before you find out just how crazy I am." After Kris and her boyfriend left, Kelly apologized to John for antagonizing the couple. Kelly explained that the things that the couple had said had reminded her of her relationship with Joey.

"We're quite a pair, aren't we?" Kelly sighed, then added, "I got rejected, and you were betrayed." John responded, "Bartender, we'll have two more." Later, Kelly turned toward the entrance and saw that Kris and her boyfriend had returned -- along with reinforcements. "Oh, no," Kelly said with a groan.

At Llanfair, Brody struggled to process the fact that he had lost one son and gained another in the span of one night. Natalie admitted that she was worried about Jessica. Brody agreed and said that he had left Jessica "a ton of messages," but he had not heard back from her. "I know she wanted some time and space to think, but I just want her to come home. We have a lot to talk about," Brody said. Brody looked at Natalie and added, "So do we."

Natalie insisted that she had not learned that Brody was the father of her baby until she had received the results of the amniocentesis. Natalie explained that she had convinced herself that the amnio results were wrong. "And you thought by saying it was John's, you were going to make it true?" Brody wondered. "And you were just going to go on that way forever, keeping the secret and never telling me that I had a son," Brody added. Natalie confirmed that she had been prepared to take the truth about Liam's paternity to her grave.

Natalie explained that she had kept Liam's paternity a secret for the sake of everyone involved. "I never planned on lying to you, or to anyone," Natalie insisted. Natalie sighed and continued, "And then I came home, and you had just gotten your own results with Jessica, and you were so happy. And then you asked me what my results said, and I knew what you wanted to hear." Natalie recalled that she had impulsively blurted out that John was the father, and that Brody had been relieved.

"It was exactly what you wanted to hear, and you were happy because Jessica was carrying your baby," Natalie added. Brody reminded Natalie that Ryder wasn't his son. Natalie insisted that Brody was wrong. "John might not think that Liam is his, but Ryder is your son. He is the baby that you and Jessica were meant to have, and it doesn't matter what the paternity test says," she said.

"I know that Jessica thinks that I just did this because I'm selfish, but I swear, I wasn't just thinking of me," Natalie explained. "I didn't want to destroy the happiness that you and Jess had," she added, and continued, "And John, he was so invested in this child, and -- I don't know -- I just thought I could give him this gift, you know? Show him something that could bring him more happiness than he ever thought he could have." Natalie tearfully admitted, "It seems now that I've hurt everyone I was trying to protect. So I don't blame you for hating me."

Brody assured Natalie that he didn't hate her. Brody reminded Natalie that they had both made mistakes. Brody said that he understood why Natalie had lied about Liam's paternity. "When I think back to the day when we all got our paternity test results and I asked you about yours, there was only one answer that I wanted to hear," Brody admitted. He continued, "And now that I think about it, I don't know what I would have done with the truth, either."

Natalie started to sob and said that Brody was probably the only person that understood. "God, Brody, what have I done?" she asked. As Brody comforted Natalie, Liam woke up and started to cry. "It's okay," Brody assured Natalie, and added, "I'll get it." Natalie watched as Brody rocked Liam in his arms.

"I remember holding him at the hospital, and Roxy thought he was mine," Brody recalled. Natalie admitted that her heart had stopped at that moment. Brody wondered if John and Jessica would ever be able to accept everything that had happened. Later, Natalie tried to call John, and Brody tried to call Jessica; both of their calls were ignored.

Inside Capricorn, Langston anxiously waited for Ford to arrive. Blair was worried that Ford had stood Langston up. "He's coming," Langston assured Blair, but Blair wasn't convinced. Langston insisted that Ford had changed. "He's not that Ford, not anymore. Starr went to go find him, and I'm sure he'll be here soon," Langston said.

"It's a special night for us," Langston explained. "Special as prom night, when he invited you over and you found him in bed with another girl?" Blair wondered. Langston insisted that Ford was not cheating on her. "No matter what you think, not every guy is out to hurt us," Langston added. Blair glanced at Tomas and said, "I hope you're right."

Blair was surprised to see Tomas at Capricorn. Tomas told Blair that he was there to see her. Tomas added, "The rather colorful woman who runs the hotel you recommended, she told me you sing here." Blair informed Tomas that she wouldn't be able to sing because her piano player had unexpectedly cancelled. "Well, then tonight is your lucky night," Tomas assured Blair.

"I happen to play the piano," Tomas explained. Blair was skeptical, but she pointed Tomas in the direction of the piano. Tomas jokingly started to play "Chopsticks," then moved on to more difficult chords. Blair admitted that she was impressed. When Blair wondered what Tomas' fee would be, Tomas offered, "How about if I play for a glass of wine with the boss?"

Blair agreed and handed Tomas some sheet music so that he could look over it. Later, Blair and Tomas performed together. After their performance, Blair kept up her end of the bargain and shared a glass of wine with Tomas. Blair wondered where Tomas had learned to play the piano. Tomas told her that he had studied at Juilliard. Blair scoffed and said, "Only the most prestigious music school in the whole country, huh?"

Tomas explained that music had been his passion. "Along with art, wine, and foreign languages," Blair added. Tomas changed the subject and asked where Blair had learned to sing. "Oh, very prestigious school -- I'm sure you've heard of it -- the shower," Blair joked. "I just kind of sing from the heart and go where it leads me," she added.

Tomas advised Blair to never stop following her heart. "It's the mind that gets us in trouble," Tomas added. Blair wondered if Tomas was speaking from experience. Tomas explained, "All I know is, you can tell yourself all the lies you want. The heart is always honest."

Blair hinted that she would be looking for a new piano player. "You should stick around. You are leaving tomorrow, right?" Blair asked. Tomas confirmed that he was going to be leaving Llanview and sighed, then added, "Guess I better be going." Blair nodded and said, "Yeah. I've got a bunch of stuff to be doing here, too."

Dani and Nate returned to Todd and Tea's empty house with a bag of condoms that they had just purchased. "I haven't been that embarrassed in a store since -- I don't know, since my mom dragged me out to buy my first training bra," Dani admitted. Nate quickly changed the subject and asked if Dani was certain that her parents would be gone all night. Dani assured Nate that her parents were in New York for the night. Dani added, "And I said that we decided to watch a movie, but then I'm staying over at Destiny's. We have the whole night to ourselves."

Dani admitted that she was nervous about having sex for the first time. Nate told Dani that he wanted her first time to be special. Dani sighed and assured Nate, "This is one Valentine's Day I'll remember forever." Meanwhile, Todd was on the phone with Téa, who had called to tell him that she was going to have to cancel their trip to New York. Todd told Téa that he understood, and suggested that they could spend Valentine's Day at home instead.

"I'm going there now, and Dani's at her friend's, so we'll have the whole house to ourselves," Todd explained. After his conversation with Téa, Todd received another phone call. "Everything is under control," Todd assured the person on the other end of the call. "Oh, really? Is that a threat? That's good, because you don't want to know what happens to people who threaten me," Todd added.

Nate and Dani started making out on the sofa. Dani stopped Nate and suggested that they go upstairs to her room. As the young lovers gathered their clothes, Todd opened the door and startled them. "What's going on here?" Todd asked as he picked up the box of condoms that had fallen on the floor. Todd told Dani to put her clothes back on, and he added that he wanted to talk to Nate privately.

Dani insisted that the romantic tryst had been her idea, while Nate tried to protect Dani by claiming that it was his fault. Todd calmly repeated his request for a moment alone with Nate. Dani refused to leave, but Nate assured her that he would be all right. After Dani was gone, Nate asked, "So you gonna do to me what you did to Cole when you caught him with Starr?"

Starr went to the Ford brothers' apartment looking for Ford, but received an unexpected surprise when James answered the door instead. Starr told James that she was looking for Ford, and added, "He is late for the most important date of Langston's life." James assured Starr that Ford had left to meet Langston at least an hour earlier. "But he might have gotten sidetracked with all the stuff that happened," James realized. James quickly filled Starr in on what she had missed at her cousins' wedding.

Starr was shocked by Clint's actions. "I know what it's like to have a controlling dad, but --" Starr paused, and James agreed that the news was difficult to process. "I'm trying to get used to having a new brother, and now I'm an uncle," James noted. Starr smiled and assured James that he would be a great uncle. "I just hope that with everything that's happened, it won't stop two people who are crazy about each other from being together tonight," Starr said.

James smiled at Starr, but his smile faded when Starr added, "You know, Langston and Ford." Starr started to leave, but James stopped her. "You seemed weird the other day," James said, and added, "I just wanted to make sure you're okay. I was worried about you." Starr told James that she had gone to the prison that day to visit Cole. "I know. Ford told me," James admitted.

Before Starr could get upset at Ford, James added, "It totally explained how you were feeling. I mean, I know how hard it is for you when you have to leave Cole." Starr started to correct James, but instead she changed the subject and asked, "Don't you have a date to get ready for?" James said that he wanted to be honest with Starr about his relationship with Michelle. Starr assured James that he didn't owe her an explanation. Before James could continue, Starr received a frantic phone call from Dani asking for help.

Starr and James rushed over to Todd and Téa's house. As Todd grabbed Nate and threw him against the wall, Starr barged into the room and exclaimed, "Dad, stop! Don't make the same mistake that you made with me!" Starr begged Todd to let Nate go, and James tried to defend his brother. Todd released his grip on Nate, but reminded James that Nate had stolen from Todd and had gotten Todd accused of murder. "Hey, that is not the point," Starr insisted, and explained, "The mistake I made with Cole, I made because of you, because you were against our relationship."

"I will never regret having Hope," Starr continued, "but you drove me to do something that I was not ready to do because you are out of control and irrational and completely overprotective. You made me make decisions that I was not ready to make, and now I am alone and miserable. Is that what you want for your other daughter?" When Starr paused, Nate tried to add something, but James stopped him. "Be quiet, Nate. You've done enough already," James insisted.

Todd told Nate to leave, and James quickly ushered his brother out of the house before Todd could change his mind. After Nate and James were gone, Dani lashed out at Todd. Starr hugged her sister and assured her that everything was going to be all right. Starr thanked Todd for not allowing things to get out of hand. "There's no reason for things to get out of hand since Danielle is never going to see Nate again," Todd said. Todd added, "And that is not a suggestion. That's an order."

Todd calmly walked away, leaving Dani horrified. "What, is he serious?" Dani asked Starr. "I'm not gonna let him get away with this," Dani insisted. "Well, I don't know how you're gonna stop him," Starr said. Dani tearfully insisted, "If two people are meant to be together, nothing can keep them apart."

Back at James's apartment, Nate explained that Todd was supposed to have been in New York. James scoffed and said, "Well, clearly he wasn't, Nate." James warned Nate to stay away from Todd. "Todd Manning can't keep me and Dani apart. I won't let him," Nate vowed. James shrugged and admitted, "Okay, maybe you're right. I mean, he did make their lives a living hell, but he couldn't keep Starr and Cole apart."

Ford encountered Jessica outside Capricorn, unaware that her alter Tess had emerged. Tess, who was still wearing Jessica's wedding dress, accused Ford of staring at her breasts. Ford defended himself and explained that he had been trying to figure out why Jessica was dressed "like that." Tess smirked and said, "What, hot? This is just how I roll, and right now, I'm ready to party." Ford wondered if Jessica was feeling all right.

"Well, I'm freezing," Tess explained, "and thirsty as hell, so I'm going to go inside for a drink." Ford stopped Jessica and reminded her that she couldn't consume alcohol because she had Hepatitis C. "Couple of drinks won't kill me," Tess said. Ford wondered if Jessica was breastfeeding. "Again with the boobs. What is it with you?" Tess asked.

"What is it with you?" Ford wondered. "You're not acting like yourself at all," he added. Tess told Ford to mind his own business. "It is my business, since the two of us have a child together," Ford reminded her. "Yeah, that's right. I know Ryder is our son," Ford added.

"Oh, barf," Tess scoffed. "I thought you smelled familiar. What is that, eau de cheeseball that you're wearing? You're the coward Robert Ford, Jessica's baby daddy," Tess added. Ford wondered why Jessica was referring to herself in the third person. "You're nothing like the Jessica I know," Ford said, then he paused and asked, "Are you seventeen again?"

"Oh, yeah. You'd like that, wouldn't you?" Tess said as she smirked, then she added, "But I'm not, okay? I'm all woman, let me assure you. And the name's not Jessica -- it's Tess." Ford asked if Tess was one of Jessica's alter egos. "Yes, I'm the best and the brightest," Tess proudly announced. "I remember reading something about that in the tabloids a while back," Ford said, then added, "Was it Natalie Banks? You locked her and her husband up and then tried to blow them up or something?"

Tess laughed and said, "Yeah, that was good times." Tess assured Ford that Natalie wasn't in danger this time. "Actually, if it weren't for her and that bonehead Brody, I wouldn't even be here," Tess explained. Ford wondered what had happened to Jessica. "Things got too much for her, so I came out to play," Tess explained, then added, "And this time, nothing is gonna stop me."

Ford suggested that he would be the one to stop Tess. Ford insisted that he was not going to allow the mother of his child to run around Llanview acting like a lunatic. "Correction -- Jessica is the lunatic and the mother," Tess explained, then added, "I'm just here to have fun." Ford grabbed Jessica by the arm and told her that he was going to take her home. Ford warned Tess that he wasn't in the mood for her drama because Langston was inside the club, waiting for him.

"Oh, your little teen queen," Tess smirked, then added, "That's what you're into, right? Seducing young girls." Tess continued to taunt Ford, "You were only interested in Jessica when she thought that she was seventeen. It's easier to get them into bed, right? Talk about chamber of horrors -- no wonder she came screaming for me." Ford was confused, so Tess explained, "Why do you think that she didn't remember whether you had sex or not? Because it was me."

Ford didn't believe Tess, but Tess assured Ford that she was telling the truth. "I was locked up for a year and a half to wake up with this waxed gorilla on top of me. It was the worst thirty seconds of my life," Tess said. Ford reached for his phone and told Tess that he was going to call the Buchanans. "I wouldn't make that call. Not if you ever want to see your kid again," Tess threatened. Tess claimed that the Buchanans would send her to "the loony bin."

"And where is that gonna leave you?" Tess wondered. "On my date with Langston," Ford snapped. Tess reminded Ford that she was the only person who was going to allow Ford to see Ryder. Ford told Tess that he had already seen his son. "How did that go for you, hmm?" Tess asked. Ford admitted that Brody had thrown him out.

"Well, I hope you got a really good, long look because that's the last time you're ever gonna see him," Tess promised Ford. Ford insisted that he had rights because he was Ryder's biological father. "Do you think the Buchanans give a rat's ass about your rights? They own half this town," Tess reminded Ford. "Their team of sharks are gonna make you look like a deadbeat pedophile -- which, to be honest, sweetie, isn't that far from the truth -- and that's gonna be all she wrote," she added.

Ford said that he would hire his own lawyers, but Tess reminded him that he didn't have any money. "Face it. You need me," Tess concluded. Tess told Ford that she had developed a plan that would work for both of them. "You get to see your son. Just gotta play by my rules," Tess warned. Before Tess could elaborate, Ford received a phone call from Langston. "If you tell her about me, I promise you, you will never see your child again," Tess vowed.

Ford apologized to Langston and explained that he had gotten sidetracked. "Well, are you coming or not?" Langston wondered. Before Ford could respond, Langston heard Tess talking in the background. "Are you with someone?" Langston asked incredulously. Ford assured Langston that he was alone and hastily hung up the phone.

Ford was eager to hear what Tess's plan was. "Come with me. I'll explain on the way," Tess said. Ford refused and reminded Tess that Langston was waiting for him. Before Tess could respond, her phone rang. Tess ignored the call from Brody and asked Ford, "Do you want to see your child again, or not?" As Tess dragged Ford away, Langston exited Capricorn and spotted them.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

At the bar, one of the bikers warned John not to start a fight because he was highly outnumbered. Attempting to lighten the mood, Kelly brightly introduced herself to the roomful of fierce-looking bikers. The men closed in tighter on John and Kelly. One of the men broke a beer bottle and threatened John with it. Suddenly, Kelly smashed a bottle on the man's head. "Bad move, bitch," he snarled.

The man threatened John again and told some of his friends to grab Kelly. John attempted to protect Kelly, but two men held her as others taunted her. John was punched, thrown on the floor, and kicked. The man took out a knife and threatened John with it. Suddenly, a shot rang out in the bar. Kelly held John's gun and told everyone to leave John alone. If the men didn't leave the bar, she promised to shoot them all.

Later, John and Kelly stumbled into a room at the Minute Man Motel. John claimed to have had everything under control before she had gone through his glove compartment and grabbed his gun. He reminded Kelly that the gun was the property of the Llanview Police Department, and that he would have to explain the missing bullet. Kelly reasoned that they were still alive, so her plan had worked.

John said that he would "take the couch," and fell asleep. Kelly knelt beside him and began to clean the cuts on his face, but he abruptly woke up at her touch. "You look as bad as I feel," Kelly told him. However, John said that he felt better than he had a few hours before. Kelly continued to clean the cuts on John's face until he grabbed her hand.

Kelly said that she was done playing nurse. She walked to the phone to call the front desk in order to see if there was another room that John could stay in. John grabbed the phone and hung it up. "I don't want to be alone tonight," he told her, and kissed her. John picked Kelly up and carried her to the bed.

Joey carried his new wife into her bedroom. Aubrey looked at her wedding ring and expressed her gratitude that Renee had opened up the jewelry shop just for them. Joey related that he was Renee's "favorite Buchanan," and that she was the only grandmother he had ever really known. Joey laid Aubrey down on the bed, but suddenly had second thoughts.

A surprised Aubrey asked Joey what was wrong. He replied that he didn't want an audience. He walked over to the thermostat and took it apart. Joey again expressed his disbelief that Clint and Kelly could have put a camera in Aubrey's room. Aubrey related that, maybe, Kelly would "pick her battles" more wisely in the future.

At the police station, Nora handed a paper to Clint. She explained it as "acknowledgement" of his changing of the DNA tests. She continued that Clint's admission of guilt would make things easier on him down the road. Clint asked what would happen if he didn't sign the paper. Nora replied that she would "bury" Clint with eyewitness accounts. Nora reminded Clint that she was in possession of incriminating security footage from the hospital, but Clint said the footage only proved that Vimal had been there, not that Clint had been involved.

Nora also knew that Clint had gotten a keycard to the lab doctored. Clint became angry that Bo and Nora were also trying to pin Eddie's murder on him. Clint's lawyer jumped in and said that Bo and Nora could either charge Clint, or let him go immediately. Bo recognized Clint's lawyer as the same lawyer who "sprang" Eddie, and Bo asked Clint if he had known about that.

Clint played dumb, and said that he'd like to see his grandsons if Bo was finished with him. Bo asked what Clint would tell his grandsons when they were old enough to ask questions. Clint replied that he would "make them understand." "From behind bars?" Bo asked. Clint left the office.

Bo and Nora were disappointed that Clint didn't seem shaken up at all. Bo threw a pile of papers in anger. Bo apologized and cleaned the papers up. Nora stated that Clint has started changing when she and Bo had gotten back together. However, Bo no longer considered that an excuse for Clint. He believed that Clint had to "grow up and get over it," and be held accountable for his actions.

Vimal, handcuffed to a desk in the police station, asked Rama if she was satisfied. Rama said that all they needed was an ally. She related that she had found one, as she looked at a nearby Téa. Rama walked up to Téa, who asked if Rama needed legal help. Rama replied that she didn't, but her innocent husband did. Rama briefly explained Vimal's situation, and Téa said that Vimal was lucky that Téa was his lawyer.

Rama asked if she could pay Téa's fees in installments, but Téa apologized, denying the request. Téa advised Vimal not to say anything on record, and walked away. Rama reassured an upset Vimal that she knew someone who could pay, and left. Vimal began to talk to Téa. He said that he wouldn't have even bothered asking Téa for help considering her similarities to Clint. Vimal informed an offended Téa that, thanks to Todd, Vimal knew that Téa had also kept a child from its "rightful father."

As Téa became angry, Vimal assured her that everything else Todd had said about her was "complimentary." She walked away, angry. Just then, Clint exited Bo's office and caught sight of Vimal. Clint grabbed Vimal and warned him that, the next time Vimal opened his mouth, "worse things than prison" would happen to him. Téa warned Clint's lawyer to stop Clint from "intimidating a witness in a police station," so the lawyer pulled Clint away from Vimal.

Vimal thanked Téa, and hoped that Rama would return soon. Téa related that she didn't like bullies. Vimal told Téa that he should have resigned from Buchanan Enterprises, but his parents had been very excited about the good job. They had thought it was like a reward for sending Vimal to college. Nora appeared and told Vimal that it was time for his interview. Despite Téa's protests, Nora ushered Vimal into Bo's office.

In Bo's office, Bo asked Nora to remind him of the length of jail time for a crime like Vimal's. Vimal begged to know what he could do in order to serve no jail time. Nora replied that Vimal would have to cooperate with Clint's prosecution, and issue a formal confession. It would also depend on the "quality" of Vimal's assistance. Vimal said he would have to discuss things with his wife. Bo handed Vimal a pad of paper and a pen, and told him that it was his decision.

Aubrey opened her hotel room door to Rama. Rama explained Vimal's situation to Aubrey. Rama said that, if Aubrey didn't pay for Vimal's lawyer, Rama would tell Joey who Aubrey really was. "Are you blackmailing me?" Aubrey asked. Rama said that, in return for the money, Rama wouldn't tell Joey anything about Aubrey. Joey entered and asked what was going on.

Rama and Aubrey both acted as upset as they could as they explained Vimal's situation to Joey. Rama said that Vimal had just been trying to hold onto his job. The police couldn't get Clint so they were going after Vimal instead. Rama couldn't afford a lawyer, and related that her and Vimal's lives would be over if he went to jail.

Later, Aubrey praised Joey for paying for Vimal's lawyer. Joey replied that he couldn't let Vimal go down for what Joey's own father had done. The couple returned to the bedroom and agreed that there would be no more interruptions. Aubrey unplugged the phone, "just in case Kelly calls."

In Bo's office, Vimal finished writing his statement and prepared to sign it. Before he could, Rama burst into the office with Téa, who warned Vimal not to sign anything. Téa explained that she was the counsel in the case. Vimal wondered where Rama had gotten the money. Rama only said that Vimal deserved the best. Téa told Bo and Nora that they wanted Clint, and that her client could "deliver." Téa offered to start the bargaining at "full immunity" for Vimal.

Langston sat down at Blair and Tomas' table and told them that she had seen Ford leave with another girl. She said that Blair had been right about Ford being "scum." Blair asked who Ford had left with, but Langston didn't know. Tomas got up to get the upset Langston a glass of water. Langston was confused because the relationship had been going great. Blair vowed to make it her "personal challenge" to make Ford regret his decision, but Langston told her stop.

Blair related that "men are dogs" as Tomas returned. He thought it was wrong to label all men "dogs" because not all of them were out to hurt women. Langston wondered who Tomas was, and Blair introduced them. Tomas urged Langston to give Ford a chance to explain himself. As Langston walked away to call Ford, Blair explained to Tomas how difficult Langston's life had been. Langston returned, informing Blair and Tomas that Ford had ignored her call. Tomas told Langston that Valentine's Day wasn't over yet, and gave her a rose.

Tess took Ford's phone away from him. She commanded him to follow her.

At Llanfair, Brody sadly looked out the window. Natalie told Brody that Jessica would return soon, because she would never abandon her children. Natalie wished she could say the same about John. Brody was optimistic about the future of John and Natalie. Brody didn't want to leave Natalie and Viki alone, just in case Ford returned, but he needed to go look for Jessica. Brody put on his coat, opened the door and said, "You."

At the door, Ford said that he just wanted to see his son. Hearing the commotion, Natalie was surprised to find Ford in the doorway. As the three argued about Ryder, Tess walked into the living room through the back door and took something out of a drawer, and left. Out in the hall, Ford said to get Jessica, but Brody claimed that she was asleep. Ford finally relented and left. Brody slammed the door behind Ford, declaring his hatred for the man.

Clint arrived at Llanfair, and he exchanged heated words with Brody. Clint apologized for what had happened, but Brody didn't want to hear it. Clint wanted to see Jessica, but Brody informed Clint that Jessica wasn't there. Natalie and Clint walked into the living for privacy because Natalie needed to talk to her father. Natalie told a very surprised Clint about all of her recent lies.

Ford and Tess entered the same biker bar that John and Kelly had been in earlier, and Ford asked what they were doing there. Tess took a drink off of someone's table, but Ford took it out of her hands and put it down. Tess propositioned a man sitting at the bar, but he said that he'd had enough "crazy blondes" for one night.

"I ditched Langston for this?" Ford asked in disbelief. Tess gave him an envelope and told him that it was his "golden ticket." She told him to look at what it was while she made a phone call.

Brody's phone rang and he saw that it was Jessica. He frantically answered, asking where she was. He offered to pick her up, but she said not to. He offered to send a car to pick her up, but she said that she wasn't going to be home that night. She couldn't see him and Natalie yet. Brody said that Ryder needed his mother, but Tess asked Brody to take care of Ryder, "if you can stand it." She told Brody not to look for her, and hung up.

Tess returned to Ford and explained Ryder's trust fund. She said that with his share of the money, Ford could pay for James's education, make a film if he wanted to, and provide for his son as well. Ford thought she was crazy, but Tess said that the plan was foolproof. She handed Ford's phone back to him.

Ford called Langston and apologized for what had happened. However, he couldn't meet her that night. He promised that he wouldn't have said that if he didn't have to. Ford vowed to a confused Langston that he would make it up to her, and begged her to give him a chance. Langston wished him a happy Valentine's Day, and hung up. Blair asked if Ford was going to show up, and Langston sadly said that he wasn't.

Tess sarcastically expressed her sadness, and told Ford to cheer up. He would be getting access to his son, and a "boatload of cash." Tess said that the two of them were going to get everything they had ever wanted.

Brody returned to the living room of Llanfair, visibly upset. Natalie asked him what was wrong. He informed Natalie and Clint that Jessica had called to say that she wasn't going to be home. Natalie related that it was so late that John probably wouldn't be home either.

Friday, February 18, 2011

In Bo's office at the police station, Téa declared that she would have Vimal sign the immunity papers, and that Bo would then have Clint "dead to rights." Nora asked if Téa was sure that Vimal would sign the papers, since Clint had threatened him, and Téa replied, "All the more reason to put him away." Téa speculated that Bo's reason to jail Clint might be more personal, just as Todd stormed in to drag Téa off.

Bo exclaimed that he, Nora, and Téa were in the middle of a legal negotiation and said that if Todd wanted to talk to Téa, he could knock first. Todd left the room and knocked on the door. Todd walked into Bo's office and insisted that he needed to talk to Téa. When Todd and Téa went into the lobby, Todd announced that Dani was missing.

Todd told Téa that he had found Nate possibly assaulting Dani, as Nora and Bo walked into the lobby. Todd believed that Nate had "killed his old man," however, Nora insisted that they had another suspect. When Téa guessed that Todd had found Nate and Dani kissing, she feared that Todd had beaten Nate, and that Todd would "go to jail" for assault. Téa left to find her daughter, and Todd followed her out.

Nora said to Bo, "I'm so sorry," and Bo responded, "We were this close," as he held up his thumb and first finger together. After they walked back into Bo's office, Nora indicated that they would get Vimal to sign the agreement, so that they could "nail" Clint. When Bo said that he wanted to get Clint for Eddie Ford's murder, also, Nora said, "One step at a time, baby. Okay?"

Aubrey woke up in her room at the Palace and found that Joey was not in bed. Aubrey discovered a note left by Joey that stated that he was telling Clint "the good news." Aubrey leaped up in bed and cried, "No."

At La Boulaie, Dorian saw the headline, "Who's Your Daddy," followed by a picture of Rex and Clint on her computer. Dorian read out loud the article about how Clint had switched the results of Rex's paternity test, and was outraged by Clint's behavior. "Ah, I just knew it." Dorian declared as she laughed.

Dorian decided it was up to her "to bring down Miss Echo DiSavoy," and as she started to leave, she discovered Cutter at her door. Cutter told Dorian that he was looking for Kelly and then announced that Joey had just married Aubrey. Cutter assured Dorian that Aubrey was his sister, and Dorian declared that she would get Kelly to throw Cutter out of La Boulaie. Dorian ran upstairs.

Cutter answered his phone to Aubrey, who told him that Joey had left to tell Clint the news of their marriage. Cutter told Aubrey to "deal with it" and hung up the phone. Dorian ran down the stairs and announced that Kelly had not returned home.

At her room, Echo entered and asked Charlie what was wrong. Charlie answered, "I cheated on my wife," as they heard a knock on the door. After Charlie hid in the closet, Echo opened the door to Rex, who stated that he needed to talk to her. When Rex asked Echo if she had seen Charlie, she said that she had not, but that she was certain that he had not been "out drinking."

Rex asked if Echo had seen the papers and announced that Charlie was not his dad, Clint was. Echo pretended to be shocked and told Rex that she was sorry for what Clint had put him through at the wedding. Rex insisted that he still wanted Charlie to consider himself a part of Rex's family, and that Shane had been disappointed to learn that Charlie was not his grandfather.

Rex exclaimed that Charlie was the kind of person that Rex would want to have as his dad. Echo agreed that Charlie was a wonderful man, and that she was fond of Charlie. Rex reminded Echo that Charlie was married, and that Rex still needed to find him. When Rex left, Charlie walked out of the closet and acknowledged that he had heard everything.

Charlie regretted that he had gone to Echo's place and cried that lying had gotten them into that mess. Echo then pondered that what had happened between them had been because Charlie had been upset about Rex. However, Charlie revealed that had not been the only reason why he had arrived at Echo's. Charlie insisted that he had known exactly what he had done, and that it had not been a mistake. Charlie knew that Viki had thought that he had been "out on a bender," so he had needed to stay away from Llanfair. Echo revealed that what had happened between them had meant something to her too.

After Echo told Charlie that she cared about him, Charlie admitted that he cared about Echo more than he had a right to. Charlie said that he did not know if he would tell Viki about what they had done and left. Echo discovered that Charlie had left his watch and held it to her face. Echo then heard a knock on her door. She opened the door to Dorian.

At Llanfair, Natalie found Viki on the phone, trying to find Charlie. Viki asked why Jessica still had not returned home and yelled that Clint had "done that to his own children." Natalie was relieved to hear that the boys were doing okay but expressed that Jessica needed to return home, since Brody was taking care of Ryder.

When Natalie wished that John would call and let her know that he was fine, Viki explained that John needed time to work through his feelings. Viki considered that John had not understood why Natalie had not trusted John enough to confide in him. However, Viki also realized that Natalie had been afraid of losing John. Viki felt that "in time, he may learn to accept why" Natalie had not been truthful.

Viki said that she would care for Liam, so that Natalie could search for John. After Natalie left, Joey arrived and announced that he and Aubrey had been married. Viki cried that Joey had not been able to have any family at his ceremony, but that she was happy for Joey. Viki and Joey hugged. Rex arrived and announced that he had not found Charlie. However, he told Viki that Echo said that she would call, if she found him. Joey apologized to Rex for his past behavior and said that they were brothers, no matter what their father did.

Later, as Viki looked at a picture of Charlie and Viki when they were happy in Paris, Texas, Charlie walked in. After Charlie said, "Hello, Viki," she threw herself into his arms and cried, "Oh, Charlie. Oh, thank God. Oh, thank God. Oh, my God, you scared me half to death. Darling, where have you been all night?" Charlie indicated that he had felt that he could not call anyone.

Viki told Charlie that Rex had talked to the bartender at Rodi's, who had said that Charlie had ordered a vodka. Charlie informed her that he had not touched it. Viki exclaimed, "After what happened last night, I wouldn't have blamed you, if you had drank a bottle. But I'm very grateful that you didn't. Sweetheart, where were you all night?"

When Kelly's phone rang, Kelly woke up and found herself in a bed at the Minute Man Hotel. Kelly then also discovered that John was in her bed. As she dealt with her hangover, Kelly remembered the bikers at the bar and the gun, and she noticed that John's "face got totally stomped on." Kelly noted that there must have been a reason for her and John to have been in a bar fight, but John refused to talk about it.

As she sat on the bed, Kelly admitted that she felt stupid, because she and John had slept together. Kelly then asked about Natalie. Kelly regretted that John had cheated on Natalie with her. When John mentioned Joey, Kelly pointed out that Joey was married. Kelly claimed that since she and John were friends, she did not want to ruin that relationship. Kelly also realized that John had "a little boy," and that he still loved Natalie. John threw a glass across the room and yelled, "I'm done."

When Kelly told John to grow up, and to deal with it, John told Kelly to "shut up." John noted that Kelly had not been hurt or needy and had just wanted to get back at Joey, just as he had wanted to get back at Natalie. Kelly insisted that they had both been hurt, mad, and drunk and had totally trusted each other. Kelly realized that they had just needed to hang onto each other.

When Kelly asked what John would be doing that day, John announced that he would not work, because he was supposed to be on his honeymoon. John insisted that Kelly not feel guilty about what had happened between them and asked, "What do you think Joey was doing with Aubrey?" Kelly slapped John across the face. When Kelly apologized, John admitted that he had deserved the slap. Kelly announced that she would take a shower, and then she would leave the hotel.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Clint left a message about the flash drive on Kelly's phone. "Get it done, Kelly. Joey needs to see that lying tramp in action." Joey walked through the door and asked if Clint had just been talking to Kelly. Joey commented, "You know, I never thought that she would throw in with the likes of you."

Joey announced that he and Aubrey had just gotten married. Clint asked if Kelly had given the flash drive to Joey, and Joey said that he only saw Aubrey telling her brother that she loved Joey in the footage. Clint realized that the flash drive had been switched. Joey demanded to know why Clint had done everything that had, included tossing his own son, Rex, away. Clint still insisted that Joey needed to see the footage from the flash drive, but Joey refused. Joey said that he was married, and that there was nothing that Clint could do about it. Joey ran out of the mansion, just as Aubrey arrived unseen.

Aubrey demanded to know what Clint had told Joey. Clint admitted that he had tried to tell Joey what was on the flash drive, but that Joey would not listen. Clint then complimented Aubrey on being "a fast worker" to get Joey down the aisle. When Aubrey claimed that Joey was happy, Clint wondered how long that would last.

After Clint insisted that he would still show Joey the footage, Aubrey claimed that she could make all of Clint's "problems go away," as long as Clint did not give Joey the flash drive. Clint denied that he had legal problems, because Vimal had been arrested for the crimes. However, Aubrey insisted that she could get her friend, Rama, to convince Vimal not to testify against Clint.

Aubrey gave Clint the choice to "go to jail," or to "walk away." Clint said that if he went down for the crimes, Joey would get the flash drive. Aubrey replied, "And we wouldn't want that. Later, Dad." Aubrey left with a sly smile on her face.

Clint picked up the Sun off of the sofa and threw it across the room, as Rex walked in and caught it. "Hey, Dad, nice throw." Clint yelled, "What the hell are you doing here?" Rex answered, "Me? I'm home."

Later, in her room, Aubrey told Cutter that she had bought them some time with Clint, just as Joey burst through the door to see his beautiful bride. Cutter wished them well and dashed off. When Joey told Aubrey that Clint had indicated that there had been another flash drive, Aubrey laughed it off. Joey gave Aubrey a hug.

Natalie found Detective Price in the lobby of the police station and asked about John. After Theo told Natalie about the bar fight, she asked the detective to "run his plates," so that she could located John. Later, Detective Price reported that John's car had been impounded at a biker bar near the Minute Man Hotel. Natalie wondered why John's car had been at a biker bar.

In the interrogation room, Natalie showed the owner of the biker bar a picture of John. The owner said, "Yeah, that's the guy who tore up my bar. Why I had him towed." Natalie asked, "Are you sure?" The owner continued, "Of course. The jackass took on a whole biker crew. He was totally hammered. Out of control. And that girl he was with, she fired a gun." Natalie questioned, "A girl. What girl?"

Natalie asked for the girl's name, but the owner did not know it, because he had never seen her before. He did state that he believed that the couple might have left for the Minute Man Hotel. At the hotel, Natalie banged on the door. "John? John, I know that you're in there. Would you please just open the door? I'm not going away. John?" He opened the door.

Natalie pleaded, "Could we please talk? Can I come in? My God, I heard...I heard about the fight. Are you...are you okay?" Natalie reached out to touch his cheek, but John flinched away and said, "I'm fine. What is it?" Natalie cried, "Look, you have every right to be angry with me, but that does not change the fact that we...." Kelly stepped into the room in a towel.

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