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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 7, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, February 7, 2011

On the road, Annie was distraught and agitated as she raced toward the mansion after leaving Colby handcuffed to a table at the beach cottage. Annie hallucinated that Marissa sat in the passenger seat of the car, taunting Annie. The vision of Marissa advised Annie to turn the car around and then head west to get out of town before Annie's wrongdoings were discovered. Annie refused, so the imaginary Marissa lunged for the steering wheel. Annie struggled to regain control of the car, but she began to scream when she looked up in time to see an ambulance, with lights and sirens blaring, bearing down on her.

In the ambulance, Griffin swerved to avoid colliding with a car that had drifted into his path. The ambulance skidded off the road and then crashed to a stop while the car plowed into a nearby snowdrift. Griffin slowly made his way to the back of the ambulance to check on Jake, Cara, and Kendall. Meanwhile, Annie panicked when she saw the flashing lights of the ambulance tucked behind some downed tree limbs. Annie blamed Marissa for the accident, so she quickly started her car and then sped away.

Griffin was stunned when he heard the car take off, but he didn't have time to dwell on it. Jake slowly crawled his way out of the wreckage, as did Cara, but Kendall remained strapped to the gurney inside the ambulance, in critical condition. Jake decided to see if he could drive the ambulance onto the road, but the engine didn't turn over. A check of the radio revealed that it, too, had been damaged, so Cara used her cell phone to call 9-1-1.

At the hospital, Erica was horrified when Jesse informed her that Kendall was missing. Jesse assured Erica that everyone was looking for Kendall. Later, Jesse returned to let Erica know that Kendall had been found, but that the ambulance had crashed on the way to the hospital. Erica decided to race to Kendall's side, but Bianca tried to stop her mother. Eventually, Caleb managed to get through to Erica just as Jackson arrived at the hospital.

At the crash site, Griffin and Cara checked Kendall's vitals, which weren't good. Kendall cried out in pain, so they immediately tried to calm her down. Help finally arrived, but the rescue workers explained to Jake that they couldn't use the "jaws of life" to free Kendall until the gasoline spill on the road had been cleared. The firefighters feared that one spark from the rescue equipment might ignite the entire area. Jake delivered the news to Griffin and Cara.

Griffin explained that they were out of time because Kendall's aorta had begun to rupture. According to Griffin, they would have to operate in the ambulance. Griffin, Cara, and Jake discussed what they would need to do, in order to give Kendall a fighting chance. Afterwards, Jake let the other rescue workers know about the operation and what the doctors would need for the roadside surgery. Cara made it clear that she intended to assist her brother with the operation, but Griffin refused to consider it.

Cara received an endorsement from Jake, so Griffin finally relented. Jake advised Griffin to explain to Kendall what would happen. Jake and Cara slipped out of the ambulance as Griffin gently explained that they needed to repair Kendall's aorta, but they couldn't wait until they had reached the hospital. Griffin assured Kendall that they would use a local anesthetic to numb the area and then give her pain medication to minimize the discomfort. Griffin then explained that he would insert a stent to fix the aorta.

Kendall wondered if Griffin could operate successfully under the circumstances. Griffin admitted that he had worked in difficult situations before, but never any quite like the one that they were in. However, he spoke with confidence, so Kendall agreed to the surgery because she was desperate to see her boys again. Griffin promised Kendall that she would reunite with her children. Kendall begged Griffin to promise her that he would tell the police the truth about David's shooting if anything happened to her; Kendall didn't want Erica to pay for a crime that Kendall had committed.

Griffin assured her that he would make certain that the police knew the truth, but he wanted Kendall to focus on being strong. Kendall confessed that she was scared. Griffin promised to remain at her side. Nearby, Cara took the opportunity to thank Jake for sticking up for her when Griffin had objected to Cara assisting with Kendall's surgery. Jake tried to shrug it off, and then returned to the ambulance to let Griffin know that an ambulance was on standby and that the rescue workers were setting up generators to provide them with sufficient power to operate.

A short time later, Griffin promised Kendall that he would not let her die on his watch. Griffin wondered if Kendall trusted him. "Yes," Kendall quietly answered. The lights inside the ambulance flared to life, so Jake, Cara, and Griffin prepared to operate. However, seconds later, a fuse blew because of the heater that had been hooked up to keep Kendall warm.

Cara revealed that the monitor that would help guide Griffin as he inserted the stint, had short-circuited, so it had been ruined. Jake suggested that they operate without the heater, which Griffin explained would be better for Kendall because it would slow down her blood flow. Jake also thought that they would be able to uplink to the hospital, so that a doctor on staff could be Griffin's eyes as the stent was put in place. Griffin agreed with Jake, but Griffin had one demand; he wanted David to walk Griffin through the surgery.

At the hospital, Jack told Caleb about the phone call that Jack had received from the disciplinary board to discuss Jack's reinstatement. Jack was certain that Caleb had been behind it. Caleb didn't deny it, so Jack asked Caleb to do him a favor in the future; Jack wanted Caleb to stay out of his business. Later, Jesse approached Kendall's family to let them know what Griffin planned to operate on Kendall in the ambulance. Jesse also explained that Griffin wanted David to be cleared to help with the surgery.

Erica readily agreed to Griffin's terms. Jesse explained that he couldn't make any promises about David, but he would try to get authorization for David to help. After Jesse left, Jack reminded Erica that David knew that Kendall had been responsible for the shooting. Jack wondered if it were a good idea for David to be part of the surgical team. Erica was certain that David wouldn't harm Kendall because David had helped Kendall when she had collapsed in the jail.

Caleb revealed that Jack had been reinstated as an attorney. Jack looked annoyed as he explained that he had intended to share the news with Erica himself. Erica was thrilled that Jack was in a position to help Kendall by arranging for David to be cleared for the operation. A short time later, Jack returned to the waiting area to let Erica know that David had been granted permission to help Griffin.

David appeared in the doorway to remind everyone that he still had to agree to help. Erica promised to speak to the governor on David's behalf if David helped save Kendall's life, but David appeared reluctant to agree. Erica admitted that she was desperate, so she demanded to know what else David wanted. David confessed that it was a loaded question. He wondered why he should help after Kendall had tried to kill him. Erica reminded David that he was a doctor, so it would be the right thing to do.

David finally relented, so Jesse ordered that David's handcuffed be removed. Afterwards, David sat down at the monitor while Griffin went to work on repairing Kendall's aorta. David talked Griffin through the procedure as the guide-wire was put in place. Afterwards, Griffin inserted the stent. After several tense minutes, during which Kendall nearly died, the procedure was successfully completed. David was furious when he was immediately placed back into custody.

In the hallway, Erica talked to Bianca about how many times Erica had stood in the hospital, worrying about her children. Bianca assured Erica that all of Erica's children were fine and with her. As Bianca hugged her mother, Erica looked up to see that Caleb had been watching them. Erica and Caleb shared a long look before Bianca pulled back from the embrace. After Bianca stepped away, Erica thanked Caleb for helping Jack to get his law license back.

Jack walked up to let Erica know that Kendall's surgery had been a success. Erica was delighted by the news. Jack seemed subdued as he explained that he had promised to let the judge know how everything had gone. Erica watched silently as Jack left to make the phone call. Erica looked up at Caleb as she revealed that he was making things difficult for her and Jack.

Caleb assured Erica that it had not been his intention, but she asked Caleb to walk away nonetheless. Caleb referred to her as Dorothy as he explained that it wasn't that easy for him.

In the ambulance at the crash site, Griffin let Kendall know that she had done very well. Kendall smiled weakly and then tried to speak. Griffin leaned down, so that he could hear Kendall. She whispered, "I love you." Griffin appeared startled by the confession. Outside, Jake was surprised when he noticed that Cara wore the wedding ring that he had given to her on a chain around her neck.

At the Chandler mansion, Dr. Burke was curious what it was about Annie that JR was afraid to face. JR admitted that he was worried that he might be pushing Annie closer to the edge. Dr. Burke wondered why JR felt that way. JR told Dr. Burke about Adam's sordid past with Dixie, including a time that Adam had admitted Dixie to a mental institution. Dr. Burke was curious if JR had manipulated Annie.

"Not intentionally," JR insisted, but he did concede that he had asked Annie to keep their affair a secret. As the talk continued, Dr. Burke observed that it sounded as if JR had manipulated Annie and Marissa. JR denied it; he had just done what he had to, in order to keep his son with him. JR appeared a bit shocked as the meaning of his words sank in. JR insisted that he wasn't like Adam because JR had never set out to hurt people.

Annie rushed into the parlor moments later. She apologized for being late, but JR was more concerned about her frazzled state and the cut on her cheek. Annie claimed that she had slipped on some ice and then revealed that she hadn't been able to call JR because she had misplaced her phone. Annie then took a seat to start the session, to avoid any other uncomfortable question. Unfortunately for Annie, the talk with Dr. Burke didn't ease her discomfort.

Thoughts of her struggle with Colby at the beach cottage continued to plague her as Dr. Burke began to ask questions about Annie's relationship with JR. Annie became frazzled, so she jumped up, apologized, and then explained that she had never meant to hurt anyone. JR and Dr. Burke exchanged a concerned look before Dr. Burke carefully asked Annie whom she had hurt. Annie quickly covered and explained that she had meant JR. JR decided to call an end to the session because he could tell how upset Annie was.

JR walked Annie to the foyer and then tried to make plans with her. Annie surprised JR by insisting that she needed some time alone at the cottage. After Annie left, JR let Asher know that JR intended to head to the cottage for a few days alone with Annie. JR wanted Asher to know where to find him, in case Asher needed to get in touch with JR.

At the beach cottage, Colby reached for a paperclip and then used it to try to pick the lock on the handcuffs that kept her secured to the table. After several failed attempts to unlock the cuffs, Colby spotted Annie's cell phone on a nearby table. Colby struggled to drag the heavy table that she was handcuffed to across the room to the phone. Eventually, Colby managed to get her hands on the phone. Colby quickly sent JR a text message just as Annie entered.

JR was surprised when he received a strange text message from Annie. The message read, "Cuffed at cottage." Asher wondered if everything were okay. JR recalled Annie showing him the handcuffs that she had at the cottage, so he told Asher that the text message had been a reminder from Annie. JR went to pack, but Asher stopped him to find out if JR had heard from Colby. "No," JR admitted without a hint of concern.

Annie snatched the phone out of Colby's hand and then looked at the message. Annie guessed that it was true what everyone said about blondes. "You stupid little girl," Annie informed Colby. Colby tried desperately to persuade Annie to release her by admitting that she had never intended to go to the police or to JR with the recording. Colby confessed that she had actually been on her way out of town to see Adam.

Annie was curious who knew about Colby's plans. Colby assured Annie that everyone had known. Colby realized her mistake too late when Annie observed, "So, no one will know you're missing."

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

At the crash site, Kendall declared her love to Zach as she touched Griffin's face. Griffin tried to give her oxygen, but she became extremely agitated and struggled against him. Griffin insisted that she needed it to help her breathe, but she was adamant that she wanted to talk to Zach. She realized that Zach wasn't there, and she began to cry. She allowed Griffin to place the oxygen mask over her face.

A flustered Cara tried to explain to Jake that she was simply a girl who liked jewelry and that she hadn't realized that she'd put on her old wedding ring. He wondered why she was fibbing and demanded to know how long she'd worn the ring, but EMTs interrupted when they arrived to transport Kendall to the hospital. Cara rushed off to help them.

Cara asked if Kendall and Griffin were ready to go, and Griffin assured Kendall that she'd pulled through. She tried to remove the mask to tell him something, but he told her to keep it on. She thanked him. A concerned Griffin called out orders as the EMTs took Kendall away. He appeared visibly affected as he observed the crash scene. After a moment, he followed the ambulance.

At the hospital, Jesse pressed for David to be transported to prison, but David declared that Kendall would be dead if it weren't for him. Jesse spat that she could visit him in prison. Meanwhile, Bianca rejoiced that Kendall would be okay, but she wondered why Jackson didn't seem happier. Jackson claimed that it had been a long night and that they needed to focus on the positive, like Kendall's recovery and David's comeuppance.

Caleb refused to leave Erica's side. He recalled how she had forced him to deal with things he'd wanted to shut out, like Asher. He said that she had helped him, and it was his turn to be there for her. "Don't do this, Caleb. Not now," she warned him, and walked away. Erica ran into Jackson and Bianca, and they noticed that she seemed upset. David and Jesse passed by them, and Erica urged Jesse not to take David away.

Jesse was surprised that Erica wanted to delay David's transport to prison. She was worried that Kendall's crisis might not be over. Jesse refused to allow David to go to the crash site. Erica explained that David had guided the surgery and had performed Kendall's heart transplant, so she wanted David there to ensure Kendall was all right. Jesse reluctantly agreed, but he was adamant that there were to be no more excuses once David examined Kendall.

Jackson disagreed with Erica's decision to keep David around, but Erica defended her decision and insisted that she had put Kendall first, as Kendall needed the best doctor possible. An irritated Jackson left to pick up food from Krystal's. Bianca asked Caleb to give her a ride to the Slater home so she could check on Kendall's kids, and they left.

Erica asked Jesse for a moment alone with David. Jesse reminded her that David didn't have a license to practice medicine, but Erica insisted that David had saved Kendall's life. Jesse exited. David understood Erica's concern and reminded her that he was a parent, too. He professed that he really cared what happened to Kendall, and she believed him. Jesse returned to report that Kendall was being transferred to the ambulance.

Jesse removed David's handcuffs so David could tend to Kendall. Jake cleared a path for Kendall to be wheeled in. Griffin instructed Erica to wait outside. Erica begged David to take care of Kendall, and he promised that he would. As David and Griffin examined Kendall, Griffin thanked David for assisting with the surgery. David remarked that it hadn't been how he had expected to work with Griffin again. He instructed Griffin to take a breath, because the worst was over.

Griffin informed Erica that Kendall was fine, but needed rest. Erica visited Kendall. Kendall weakly started to talk, but Erica wanted her to save her strength. Kendall said that Erica needed to know that Kendall remembered that she herself had shot David.

Kendall asked why Erica had chosen to take the blame to protect her. Erica explained that Kendall had blocked the memory for a reason, but everything had worked out because the charges had been dropped. Erica swore that she wasn't going to let Kendall lose anything else. Kendall revealed that she'd seen Zach after her surgery, and she thought that he had been trying to tell her something, but she didn't know what.

Reverend Ricky arrived to visit Kendall and mentioned that he'd overheard her comment about her vision of Zach. A nurse interrupted and instructed that Kendall needed her rest. Erica wished her daughter goodnight, and she departed. The nurse left to get some test results. Kendall told Ricky that he didn't have to pretend that her vision was normal.

Ricky claimed that he believed her, and asked what Zach had said. She lamented that she hadn't been able to hear Zach. Ricky guessed that Zach would have told her to be strong and healthy for her sons. He took her hand and assured her that she'd be better in no time.

Jesse asked David if Kendall's examination was complete, and David complained that he'd finish the paperwork faster if he weren't in handcuffs. Jesse snapped at David to hurry, and he walked away. Erica approached David and inquired whether he intended to hold up his end of their bargain, if she convinced the governor to free him. He gave her his word that he would.

Jesse prepared to escort David to the prison transport vehicle, but his cell phone rang. David smirked when Jesse agreed to hold for the governor. After he received instructions from the governor, a stunned Jesse said there had to be a mistake, but he had no choice but to follow the governor's orders. Jesse informed David that David had an appointment with the governor in the morning. Jackson overheard and was shocked to hear the news. He realized that Erica was behind the change of plans.

David crowed that he was ready to leave because he wanted to be well-rested for the governor. Jesse hoped the governor changed his mind. After they left, Jackson blasted Erica for orchestrating David's freedom. She suggested that they speak privately, but he wanted to have it out right there. She admitted that she had called the governor. He asked if she had lost her mind and demanded answers.

Erica explained that she had done what she had to do for her daughter. "What about my daughter?" Jackson retorted. Jackson questioned whether Erica had considered the consequences of her actions. He argued that Greenlee had finally been about to enjoy some peace, but instead, she'd be wondering when David would make his next move. Erica was speechless. Jackson wanted Erica to acknowledge that she understood the impact of what she'd done.

Erica swore that she'd had no choice because she had owed David for saving Kendall. Jackson barked that Erica had crossed a line and had put lives at risk, but he felt that she didn't care because she'd gotten what she wanted. Jackson was angry that Erica hadn't consulted him before making a deal with David, and he believed they were all in danger as a result. She tried to keep him from leaving and requested his support to deal with the evening's traumatic events.

Jackson accused Erica of making a selfish, momentous decision without considering anyone else, yet she expected him to be there when she needed a shoulder to cry on. He snapped that her "mountain man" was there for her and proclaimed he was done. Jackson stalked off, and Caleb tried to comfort Erica, but she rushed out. Bianca advised Caleb to let Erica go.

Jake caught Cara crying and inquired whether she was ready to talk. She asked what he wanted from her. He thought they had agreed that their marriage was a distant memory, because he had a wife and child he loved. She claimed she understood. He wondered whether her presence in Pine Valley was solely job-related, as she had claimed. She swore that she wasn't trying to mess up his life. He asked what her intentions really were.

Cara said that her relationship with Jake didn't matter, because he had moved on. He pointed out that she had re-entered his life and had gotten to know his family, and he wanted to know what was really going on. He recounted that it had taken him years to deal with the "fact" that she had been in love with someone else, only to learn it hadn't been true. He didn't know whether to believe her story that she had felt that he had been holding her back, and he asked for her honesty.

Cara confessed that she had left Jake to protect him, and to do so, she'd had to make him believe that she hadn't loved him. She blurted out that she had loved him and that she still did. Amanda arrived and rushed into Jake's arms, grateful that he was all right after the crash, as Cara quietly departed. Jake whispered that he loved Amanda.

Jake recalled how they'd operated on Kendall in the ambulance. Amanda commented that it had been an intense night, and he agreed, obviously shaken by Cara's declaration. Amanda told Jake never to scare her like that again. She said that since she knew he was all right, she had something important to take care of. She promised she'd be right back and hurried off. He seemed dismayed that she'd left.

Cara found a private spot and sank to the floor. Griffin discovered her, and she invited him to join her. They reflected back on the evening's events and speculated about crazier surgical situations they could have been in. She couldn't believe that she'd overheard Griffin promise Kendall that she'd pull through. Griffin believed that if he hadn't made his promise, Kendall wouldn't have survived. Cara was surprised that Griffin had finally been personally affected by a patient. She called him "officially involved," and he admitted that he was.

Cara asked how Griffin had won Kendall's trust. He said he'd needed to trust Kendall first, so he'd told Kendall a secret. Cara smiled and declared that she was proud of him for making a human connection. He warned Cara not to turn it into something more than it was. She revealed that she'd also broken a rule that day, because Jake had seen the ring. Griffin asked how Jake had reacted, but she remained vague. He told her that she couldn't go back, and she assured him she'd be fine and advised him to check on Kendall.

Cara ran into Jake and said they needed to talk, and they found an empty hospital room. He asked what she had needed to protect him from. Cara recalled the political nightmares and rebel groups when they had worked in Sudan. She said that the leader of a drug cartel had held her responsible for his brother's death. She had tended to a young boy who had been injured, and she had refused to leave the boy's side until she knew he'd be fine. Meanwhile, the brother had died while he had waited for treatment. Afterward, Cara had been threatened by the cartel, and she had been sure that they'd go after anyone close to her. She claimed she had left for her own safety as well as for Jake's.

Jake inquired about the "Dear John" letter Cara had written. She held back tears as she explained that she'd known he'd never let her go if she hadn't written it. She'd hated thinking about the hurt look on his face when he had read it. She had wanted to return to him to explain everything, but she had dealt with being apart from him, because she couldn't have handled it if anything had happened to him.

Jake asked what had happened after Griffin had taken Cara away. She said she'd tried to forget Jake, but memories of him had been everywhere, because he had been in her head and heart. He asked why she was in Pine Valley. She admitted that she had missed him and had needed to see him, but she realized that it had been a mistake, because he was happy and in love. She understood that they could never go back.

Jake turned away, and Cara asked if he was sorry that he knew everything. He didn't know how to feel. She regretted hurting him and not being honest earlier, but she said she wouldn't have changed her actions, because he was safe and that's what she cared about. She walked away.

During a musical montage, Erica broke down in tears. Jesse locked David in his cell, and a wicked smile crossed David's face. Cara gazed reflectively at her wedding ring. Jake appeared despondent, but he perked up when Amanda and Trevor arrived. Amanda explained that fetching Trevor had been the reason she'd left. She said she'd allowed Trevor to stay up late to see his dad, because Jake was a real-life hero and the best husband and father in the world.

Griffin gazed at a sleeping Kendall. He started to leave, but he stopped and pulled up a chair instead. Griffin reached out to take Kendall's hand, and she slowly awakened. She smiled, and mused that she knew his secret. He looked startled. "I know you care," she said.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In the morning, at the mansion Asher received a text message that said Colby was in New York. He left Colby a voicemail that said he'd thought she was in Chicago.

In the foyer, JR wheeled his bag to the door, but Tad arrived to explain that the police had traced the car involved in Kendall's ambulance accident back to JR. Tad advised JR to go to the cops before they went looking for him. A confused JR mumbled that he hadn't been driving, and she couldn't have meant it. "She?" Tad repeated and realized that JR meant Annie.

Tad yelled that JR couldn't keep protecting Annie, who could have killed Jake and Kendall. JR insisted that he'd fix it, because he'd forced Annie down that path. Deeming Annie a "fruit loop," Tad asked who was to blame for her going off the deep end before. JR implored Tad not to doing anything until JR had gotten a chance to talk to Annie.

At the cottage, Colby begged Annie to let her go. Annie said she'd used Colby's phone to text-message everyone about Colby's trip to see Adam. Annie had then text-messaged Adam to cancel Colby's trip to see him. Annie was sure no one would know Colby was missing.

Annie offered Colby some tea or water. Guessing the tea was poisoned, Colby reluctantly accepted the water. Annie claimed she'd tried her best with Colby; however, Colby had ruined everything. Annie figured that Colby would never give Annie a chance because Colby loved Marissa too much. "And that's a big problem for me!" Annie roared.

Colby pretended to sympathize with Annie, but then grabbed Annie's leg and yanked her to the floor. As they tussled, Annie's phone rang. Covering Colby's mouth, Annie answered the phone to hear JR say he was headed there to talk. Colby bit Annie's hand, and Annie screamed.

Annie claimed she'd screamed because she'd spilled hot coffee on her hand, and she told JR that she'd meet him at his house. After the call, Annie hoped a few days without food would change Colby's attitude. "Oh, and by the way, you should have had the tea. I ground up sleeping pills in the bottled water," Annie said and left the handcuffed Colby screaming on the floor.

At the mansion, Asher, who'd eavesdropped on JR's speakerphone conversation with Annie, took off from the house. He rushed to the cottage to find a drugged Colby on the floor.

Annie arrived at JR's house, and JR mentioned that she'd been late to the counseling meeting the previous night. Just then, Asher called to say he'd found Colby, whom Annie had left handcuffed to a table at the cottage. "She's crazy, JR! She's crazy!" Colby yelled into the phone. JR said he understood everything, and he'd take care of it.

Once the call ended, Annie asked if everything were okay. "It's nothing I can't handle," JR responded. Annie sensed that something wasn't right, but a smiling JR suggested that they spend the day together. He said he wanted to make her feel secure and happy. Annie leapt into his arms, and as he hugged her, he looked worried.

JR went to the foyer, where he called Tad to say that Tad was right about Annie. Tad guessed JR would turn Annie in, but JR said she needed medical help. Tad asked if JR would have her committed. "I'm hoping I can get her to commit herself," JR responded.

At home, Greenlee and Ryan decided to postpone their wedding until Kendall recovered. Greenlee received a call from David, who announced that the governor had given him a full pardon. She was shocked, and he invited her to the police station to hear all about it.

When Ryan and Greenlee arrived at the police station, David said that part of his pardon involved making restitution. He wanted to start by selling his interest in the hospital to her. He also requested that Greenlee recommend that his medical license be reinstated. Ryan asked "why the hell" she'd do that, and David replied that he was a good doctor who'd saved her best friend's life. "After you destroyed it," Greenlee seethed.

David claimed that he just wanted to be a doctor again, not an administrator or a man hopelessly pining away for a woman who'd rejected him. The bullet in David's back had caused him to realize that he didn't want to be in jail or dead, so he had to let her go. Greenlee thanked David, because setting her free was the best wedding gift she could have gotten.

David said he'd only wanted Greenlee's happiness. She claimed that was a lie, but she said she was happy anyway. David exited, and Ryan warned that the man was still trouble. Greenlee said it was over because she finally felt as if she'd repaid David for saving her life.

Ryan and Greenlee left, and Liza arrived to complete David's paperwork. She'd assumed that David would be happy about gaining his freedom, but noted that he seemed depressed. "I don't think I'll ever be free," he replied. David actually hated that Greenlee was getting married, and he hoped she'd be miserable without him. Liza asked why he'd wished his ex-wife well, and David said that even he had pride and knew when he'd been beaten.

At the hospital, Cara tried to avoid Jake in the corridor, to no avail. She called the situation weird, but he said it wasn't as weird as learning that his past was a lie. Cara claimed that nothing had changed. Jake said he just had to learn to live with the truth and still be her boss.

Later, Tad found Jake in the break room. Tad asked if hearing the truth about Africa had changed anything. Jake claimed that the revelation had changed nothing about his life. Becoming flustered, Jake strode off. Cara entered, and Tad thanked for her for looking out for his baby brother in Africa. She said she'd do it again, and Tad replied that he knew so.

In her room, Kendall told Griffin that he didn't fool her anymore. The promise he'd made before the surgery had proven that he could make a personal connection. Griffin claimed it was just her medications talking, but Kendall thanked him for his talent, his training, and the thing he insisted hadn't existed, because that thing had saved her life.

Ricky arrived, and Griffin exited. Griffin met Cara and Jake in the hall and noted that Jake knew the truth about Africa. "Yep," Jake replied. Griffin asked if they were all good. "Yep," Jake answered. Griffin returned to Kendall's room and heard Ricky making a dinner date with Kendall, for when she was well. Griffin abruptly ended the visit, so he could run tests.

Later, Griffin encountered Ricky at Krystal's restaurant and said God wouldn't approve of Ricky using his office to hit on Kendall. Ricky claimed that he hadn't been hitting on anyone, but wondered why Griffin cared. Griffin claimed that he was concerned about a patient who'd almost died. Ricky said Kendall needed someone to look after her. "You taking the job?" Ricky asked. Griffin said nothing, and Ricky concluded, "That's what I thought."

In the hospital copy room, Scott was angry with the copier. He told Madison he was grateful to be out of jail, but longed to make real money. Jake entered and hoped Scott wouldn't make it "the easy way." Jake asked if Scott knew anything about the stolen hospital drugs.

Scott figured it was routine to question the felon first, and Jake asked where Scott had been the night the drugs had gone missing. Madison claimed that she and Scott had been together, watching a movie. Jake took off, and Scott asked why Madison had lied for him. Madison said she knew Scott hadn't stolen any drugs, and a drug dealer wouldn't live in his awful apartment.

Later, Greenlee and Ryan visited Kendall and told her about the wedding postponement. Kendall, however, refused to let the couple waste another minute, because no one knew how much time they had left. Kendall gave them her and Zach's blessing to get married on Valentine's Day and said she'd throw a big post-wedding bash once she was well.

Madison stood in the hallway, listening. She entered, and Greenlee asked if Fusion business could wait. An upset Madison said it could, and she rushed out. Greenlee followed Madison, but encountered Scott in the hallway. Expressing concern for Madison, Greenlee suggested that he take Madison some place nice on Greenlee's wedding day. Scott figured the suggestion was self-serving, but agreed to keep Madison occupied.

Greenlee and Ryan left to prepare for the wedding, and Griffin returned to Kendall's room to find her crying. She said she was happy about her friends' wedding, but sad about Zach. Griffin offered to call Bianca to sit with Kendall, but Kendall asked him to stay with her instead.

Later, Scott found Madison at ConFusion and guessed she'd seen Ryan and Greenlee at the hospital. Madison claimed she always saw them, but she knew where she stood. Scott suggested that she spend the next day, which was her day off, with him. Madison asked how he'd known she had the day off, but then figured he'd spoken to Greenlee.

Scott said no one, not even Greenlee, had to convince him to spend time with Madison. She warned that the next day was Valentine's Day, and a Valentine's date was a type of commitment. Scott said he was definitely committed to a date with a beautiful girl.

Later, Scott stared at a Valentine's Day greeting card he'd bought. Elsewhere, Madison called work to cancel her day off.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jackson and Erica encountered one another in the park. He explained that he had wanted some time alone, and she remarked that it was Greenlee's big day and that he looked handsome. He noticed that she wasn't dressed for the wedding, and she informed him that she wasn't going.

Erica explained that Greenlee and Ryan wanted a small, intimate ceremony with only family. Jackson thought that Erica was family. Erica pointed out that Greenlee hadn't even invited her closest friends, but Jackson noted that Greenlee had invited Erica. Erica felt that it was best for everyone if she didn't attend and that Greenlee would appreciate her absence. Jackson gave up trying to convince her to go.

Erica handed a wedding present to Jackson to give to Greenlee and Ryan. Jackson started to leave, but Reverend Ricky stopped them and innocently commented that Erica and Jackson would soon be participating in their own wedding. After Ricky left, Erica told Jackson that they'd gotten through tough times before and they would again, because they loved one another. She wished him a good time at the wedding.

Caleb ran into Bianca at Krystal's. Bianca picked up a cake to celebrate her anniversary with Reese, who was flying in that evening. Bianca excitedly anticipated seeing Reese and spending time together with their children. Bianca looked forward to introducing Reese to Caleb, and she invited him to a family dinner.

Caleb declined Bianca's invitation, but she pressed him to attend and offered to invite Asher, as well. Caleb knew she meant well, but he didn't consider himself part of her family. Erica entered and locked eyes with Caleb. Bianca wondered why Erica wasn't at the wedding. Erica claimed that Greenlee would be grateful for Erica's absence and that Jackson understood. Bianca left to meet Reese.

Caleb started to leave, but Erica stopped him. She said she hadn't thanked him properly for helping her to protect Kendall, and she wanted to show her gratitude. He said she'd thanked him enough. Erica didn't want there to be any tension between her and Caleb. He asked if she knew what she really wanted. He told her to live her life and to be happy with Jackson.

Erica admitted that she hadn't handled things well. She claimed it had been a hard day, and she needed a friend. He wasn't about to play the role of a girlfriend and listen to her problems with Jackson. He was willing to talk about what was really going on, and asked if she knew what he meant. She remained silent. "I thought so," he said.

Greenlee called Ryan and said she'd hardly slept. She wondered if it was bad luck to talk to him before the wedding, but he promised that she'd have her perfect day and that things would continue to get better and better. She was thrilled that their wedding day had finally arrived.

Amanda and Jake prepared to visit Greenlee and Ryan, respectively. As Jake showed Amanda the wedding rings, he flashed back to Cara's admission that she still loved him. Amanda noted that Jake seemed distant, and she inquired about what his wedding had been like. He reminded her that she had also been at both of their weddings, but she clarified that she had meant his wedding to Cara. He tersely described it as quick, then insisted that they were running late and had to leave.

Greenlee was surprised when Amanda showed up to see her. Amanda announced that she was there upon Kendall's request to provide Greenlee with the traditional something old, new, borrowed, and blue. Amanda presented Greenlee with Fusion's first lipstick as something old, and Greenlee fondly recalled making it in Kendall's kitchen. Amanda handed Greenlee something new -- a moonstone bracelet from Ryan -- and borrowed earrings that Zach had given to Kendall. Greenlee was speechless upon seeing that her "something blue" was a gumball, but Amanda explained that it was from Spike.

Spike wished to Ryan that his mom could attend the wedding. Jake arrived to drop off the rings. As Spike snapped photos of Jake and Ryan, they told the boy that he had a big responsibility as the ring bearer. Emma entered and twirled around in her dress. She couldn't wait to see Greenlee in her wedding gown.

Later, Amanda told Jake that while she had wanted to attend the wedding, she was glad she had Jake all to herself. She presented Jake with an album of pictures of their son's firsts. Jake loved it, and he gave Amanda a key to the honeymoon suite at the Yacht Club. He asked her to be his Valentine. "Forever, and ever," she said, and she pulled him into a kiss.

Meanwhile, Greenlee modeled her wedding dress for Jackson, and he said she took his breath away. She asked whether Erica was meeting them at the wedding, and Jackson revealed that Erica wouldn't be attending. Greenlee was sorry, because she wanted Jackson to be as happy as she was. He swore that he was happy, because Greenlee was about to marry the man she loved.

Greenlee proclaimed that she'd worked too hard for the day not to be perfect. Her cell phone rang, and she was distraught to learn that the caterer had food poisoning. Jackson offered to take care of the issue. He said he'd see her at the wedding, and he left.

Madison arrived at Fusion and complimented the Valentine's Day flowers that Frankie had sent to Randi. Randi wondered whether it was a good idea for Madison to be at work, but Madison thought it would keep her mind off Greenlee and Ryan's wedding. Scott arrived and said he'd received Madison's message. He jokingly chided her for choosing work over him. He suggested that it would be easier to be as far away from the wedding as possible. She admitted that work couldn't really get her mind off the ceremony.

Madison thanked Scott for offering to spend time with her. She said she needed her job because she was pregnant and single. She felt that she needed to face reality, but he thought that sounded awful. He compromised and suggested that they go out after work, but she asked for a rain check. He agreed.

Randi noticed Madison's depressed expression and invited Madison over for dinner that evening, but Madison didn't want to impose on Randi and Frankie on Valentine's Day. Madison said she'd figure out something to do, and she wished the Hubbards a good time.

Madison entered ConFusion, where she spotted Greenlee's bouquet on the bar. She smelled the flowers and looked forlorn. Greenlee arrived and locked eyes with Madison. Madison apologized, and Greenlee asked what Madison was doing there and if she was feeling okay. A flustered Madison wished Greenlee a happy wedding and rushed off, accidentally leaving her cell phone behind.

Later, Ryan, Emma, and Spike arrived at an empty ConFusion. Scott entered, and Emma hugged him. Ryan thanked Scott for spending time with his kids and called him a "dad in the making." Ryan was surprised when Scott asked if Ryan had seen Madison, but Scott quickly backtracked and simply congratulated Ryan.

Emma asked Ryan whether the wedding meant they were going to live happily ever after. Ryan promised her that they were. Meanwhile, a frazzled Madison returned to ConFusion and explained to Scott that she had lost her phone. He asked if he could help, but she felt guilty that she'd blown him off earlier. Scott called Madison's phone to see if they heard it ring. Emma answered the phone and stated that she was at her daddy's wedding.

Scott offered to retrieve the phone, but Madison insisted on doing so herself. As Ricky instructed Ryan and his kids what to do during the ceremony, Madison got Emma's attention. Emma ran over and asked whether Madison was there to attend the wedding. Madison explained that she just needed her phone. Suddenly, Madison cried out in pain as she grabbed her stomach. A startled Ryan turned around and asked whether she was okay.

Madison insisted that she just had a stitch in her side and fibbed that she'd eaten something bad for lunch. She tried to pretend that she was fine, but she was hit with another wave of pain. "It's too soon," she blurted. Ryan asked what she meant. Greenlee appeared in the doorway and announced, "She's pregnant."

At the Chandler mansion, Annie happily anticipated her Valentine's Day dinner with JR that evening. JR wanted to talk to her, but she ran upstairs to get dressed. The doorbell rang, and JR answered it to Tad. JR informed Tad that he hadn't approached Annie yet because he hadn't wanted Annie to feel like he had turned on her. Tad reminded JR that Annie had done violent things, but JR wanted to share a nice Valentine's dinner with her first. Tad called JR even crazier than Annie.

Tad reiterated that Annie had already gone over the edge, and he didn't think JR's efforts would change anything. JR refused to turn his back on Annie, like Adam had done to Dixie. Tad thought the situations were totally different. JR felt responsible for Annie's state of mind, but Tad insisted that it wasn't JR's fault. JR begged Tad to let him deal with Annie his own way. Tad advised that JR should have a "Plan B" in place if things didn't go as expected.

Annie admired earrings in Dixie's jewelry box. In Annie's head, Marissa taunted that JR would never marry Annie and that he was only with Annie because she had pressured him. Marissa declared that JR would dump Annie once he learned about the car accident and Annie holding Colby hostage. Annie confidently proclaimed that she'd get an engagement ring that night and that there was nothing Marissa could do to stop her. The vision vanished.

Tad returned to the mansion with papers signed by Dr. Burke and a judge to commit Annie against her will if necessary. JR assured Tad that he had everything under control. Tad wanted to stick around, but JR insisted that he handle Annie alone. Annie called out for JR, and Tad counseled JR not to be too proud to ask for help if things got out of control. Tad departed, and Annie descended the stairs in a sexy red dress. He told her she looked amazing. She was thrilled to finally be alone with JR and couldn't wait to hear what he had wanted to tell her.

JR recalled the first time he'd really seen who Annie was, when they had traveled to Washington, DC, together. He had realized how much they were alike -- they both saw what they wanted and wouldn't stop until they got it. Annie excitedly agreed and believed JR was leading up to a proposal. He declared that she had saved his life and that it was his turn to help her. She suddenly looked bewildered.

JR recounted how Annie had admitted what she'd done to Marissa, and how he hadn't told anyone. He revealed that he knew about her car accident with the ambulance. She didn't want to discuss unpleasant matters on Valentine's Day, but he informed her that the police had identified the car she had been driving. She tried again to shift focus to celebrating their evening together, but he acknowledged that he'd put a lot of pressure on her and refused to let anything bad happen to her. There was a knock at the door, and police officers called out to identify themselves.

A panicked Annie asked whether JR had called the police, and he swore he hadn't. He assured her that the police were there because the car was registered in his name. JR answered the door to Brot and another officer. Brot said he had to escort JR to the police station for questioning. JR inquired whether the interrogation could wait, but Brot was insistent. JR asked Annie to wait for him, and she agreed. JR left a message for Tad to meet JR at the station.

Annie searched for the engagement ring she anticipated receiving from JR. Instead, she found the papers that Tad had given to JR. She hallucinated seeing Marissa's name instead of Dr. Burke's as the authorized signature. Annie frantically tried to reach JR and screamed that Marissa wouldn't get away with ruining her engagement night.

The doorbell rang, and Annie regained her composure before she answered the door to Marissa, who asked what Annie was doing there. Annie claimed she was there on business, but Marissa noted Annie's dressy attire. Marissa asked to speak to JR, and Annie lied that he was in the attic. Marissa headed upstairs, and after a moment, Annie followed. In the attic, Marissa called JR's name. Annie entered and closed the door. The women faced off.

Marissa informed Annie that she knew about Annie holding Colby at the cabin, as Colby had called to warn Marissa that Annie was unhinged. Annie claimed that she had only been protecting herself because Marissa was trying to ruin her life. Marissa started to go downstairs to wait for JR, but Annie stepped into her path and grabbed a candlestick. The women struggled, but Marissa lost her grip and went flying across the room. Annie watched in horror as Marissa collapsed to the floor, unconscious.

At the police station, Brot told JR that JR's car had been involved in the accident, and he speculated that JR had been drunk behind the wheel. JR insisted that he hadn't been the driver and was adamant that he had an urgent matter to tend to. Tad arrived, and JR begged Tad to get him out of there. JR believed that he himself was the only person Annie trusted, and he worried that she would blow sky-high if he didn't return to the mansion. JR attempted to leave, but the cops restrained and handcuffed him.

Friday, February 11, 2011

In advance of the Valentine's Day holiday, ABC aired a selective of its "Greatest Weddings" instead of original episodes of its daytime lineup. As a result, no new episodes of All My Children, One Life to Live, or General Hospital aired. This programming change was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, February 14, and pick up where the Thursday, February 10 episode concluded.



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