One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 24, 2011 on OLTL

James and Starr drew closer, but Starr told Cole she loved him. Clint attempted to frame Ford for Eddie's murder after a wired Inez tried to get Clint to confess. Natalie and John named their son Liam Asa, and Brody and Jessica named their son Ryder Asa. Téa believed that Todd was a better person after his plastic surgery.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 24, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, January 24, 2011

"Admit it, you guys want to be together," Todd said to Starr and James at the Buenos Dias Café. "Look, Mr. Manning," James began to say before Todd cut him off. "Don't call me Mr. Manning," Todd snapped. "Now I know that you've lost it," Starr said to her father. Todd continued his matchmaking as if he hadn't heard a thing. He'd seen the pair looking at each other, and he only wanted Starr to be happy. Even Cole had told Starr not to wait, Todd pointed out to his daughter. Starr reminded him that she intended to wait for Cole, anyway, but Todd emphasized that life was short.

Starr figured that the only reason Todd wanted her to break things off with Cole was because he hated Cole. Todd agreed that was true, and he admitted he'd probably hate James eventually too. Todd asked Starr if she would like to accompany him to Reptile Roundup to purchase a new snake. Maybe a new jet aircraft would cheer her up, he suggested. He only thought that James might be able to make Starr feel better, Todd said as he walked away, leaving the young couple alone.

James was sorry for the scene, but Starr admitted she'd been jealous to see him with Michelle. James confirmed that he'd rather be with Starr, but just as he thought things might be progressing, Starr received a phone call from Cole. James was obviously frustrated as he listened to Starr's side of the conversation. She explained to Cole that his mother had been taken to St. Ann's, and she assured him that Todd had nothing to do with it. She made it clear that Cole wasn't to blame either.

Todd wandered back and asked James whom Starr was talking to. "Take a wild guess," James muttered. Starr promised to find out all that she could and told Cole that she loved him. She stated that she always would. Starr informed the others that Cole had just learned about Marty, and he needed Starr.

Shaun arrived and looked around for Theo Price. The detective was anxious to talk to his old friend, because Theo wanted his brother, Darren, to get back into Destiny's good graces. Shaun pointed out that everyone had been lying to his sister, and he didn't believe that Darren should have tried to reunite Destiny with her parents. Theo admitted that Darren had been driving him crazy, especially because Destiny had ignored all of Darren's attempts to get in touch with her.

Theo was hoping that Shaun would be able to arrange a face-to-face meeting between the teens. Shaun maintained that Darren hadn't followed Destiny's directions for staying out of her business, and he had overstepped when he'd tried to reunite Destiny with her parents.

"We both know I didn't kill Eddie," Inez said to Clint after she entered his office at Buchanan Enterprises. "Did you rat me out to my little brother?" Clint demanded. Inez admitted that she had told about his attempts to break up his brother's marriage, and she'd announced that Clint had been the one to kill Eddie. Clint blamed Inez and her "big mouth" as the reason that she had gotten out of jail. He wondered if she realized what he could do to her and her sons.

As Inez fiddled with her blouse, she explained that she'd been forced to talk. She accused Clint of being the one behind Nora's kidnapping, as well as using Eddie, shooting Eddie, and then planting the gun in Inez's apartment. Inez advised Clint that there was evidence pointing to Clint as the murderer. She claimed that Bo had received a phone call, and right after that, she'd been set free. "How the devil did he find out?" Clint asked.

At the police station, Bo and Nora were appalled to hear Clint speaking to Inez in his threatening tone. Nora was interrupted when Téa arrived looking for news of Inez. Téa was with Dani and Nate. "I cut her loose," Nora informed the attorney. Téa was confused, but Nora smiled and stated that there hadn't been enough evidence to hold Inez. Téa still seemed puzzled, and she tried to get more information that Nora was unwilling to part with. "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Go celebrate. You won. Yay!" Nora clapped her hands and raced back to listen to Inez's confrontation with Clint.

Clint began to rattle on about blood on his hands and his nightmares. He wondered whether or not he should confess his crimes to Bo. Suddenly, he leaned over and spoke into the microphone that was hidden under Inez's blouse. "Nice try little brother," Clint snarled sarcastically. Bo and Nora were disappointed and pulled their headphones off. Just then Bo's phone rang, and he knew it was Clint.

Clint was irate, and he wondered whether Bo had questioned Inez and threatened her if she didn't do what he wanted. "That'd be your style," Bo noted, and he vowed to get even with Clint. Bo couldn't believe he was speaking to his brother who was "a total stranger to me." Clint threatened that he would go after his brother, if Bo were to continue to go after him.

Clint had a security guard ready to escort Inez out of the office. First, Clint advised Inez that everyday she'd wake up and wonder whether that was the day that Clint would be after her and her sons. "Why are you doing this to me?" Inez wondered.

James was ready to leave the café, but Dani and Nate approached James and Starr and asked them to stay to celebrate Nate's dropped charges. James was happy for Nate, and James admitted that he wouldn't have blamed Nate if Nate had really been the one to kill Eddie. Téa finally arrived. Todd revealed to Téa that he'd tried to get James and Starr together, but he'd been thwarted because Cole had called.

Destiny stopped at Matthew's apartment to find out what he'd been up to. He admitted that he'd resigned from Buchanan Enterprises, because his parents made him do it. Matthew explained that apparently his father had never really gone to bed with Inez, and all Matthew knew was that Clint had been behind it. Destiny thought that Matthew's parents were punishing Matthew instead of Clint, because Matthew loved his job, and Matthew admitted that there were too many confusing details for him to explain.

Destiny received a text message from Dani, regarding the Salinger celebration at the café. Matthew was annoyed, and Destiny offered to stay with him. He urged her to attend, but Destiny was worried that Darren might be there. She made it clear that Matthew had been the only one to really listen to her and help her during her family issues. Matthew hadn't made a point of trying to fix things like Darren had.

In Paris, Cristian confronted Layla, and she admitted that she'd slept with Steffan. Cristian was incredulous, and he was certain that Steffan had forced himself on Layla. She revealed that it had been mutual. "We're engaged," Cristian reminded her as he grabbed her hand with the engagement ring. "And you slept with someone else." Layla thought that she'd probably tried to sabotage her relationship with Cristian, because she realized she hadn't really known what she'd wanted. It wasn't until she'd slept with Steffan that things were clear.

Layla advised Cristian that she still loved him, but she loved her life in Paris and didn't want to leave. She wasn't ready to get married, and she didn't think that Cristian was either. Cristian disagreed and stated that he was ready to be married. He didn't want to call off the wedding, and he'd stated previously that he'd move to Paris.

Layla was certain that Cristian loved his life in Llanview, and he'd kissed Gigi and wound up naked with Blair. Layla wondered if he really wanted to get married. Cristian reminded her that they could have been married already, but Layla doubted they'd have been happy. She'd be miserable if she left Paris, and she was positive that he would feel the same if he left Llanview. Cristian reluctantly agreed. As the tears rolled down Layla's face, the couple hugged.

Blair arrived at the artist's apartment, and he was floored when he saw her. "Do I know you?" Blair asked him. Suddenly, the man heard a sound, grabbed Blair, and shoved her into his apartment. He made a point of locking the door, and he ran to the window. He explained that he owed his landlord money, and he wondered if she would choose to buy paint or pay the rent. "How did you find me? He told you, didn't he?" the artist bombarded Blair with questions.

Blair confessed that she'd arrived in Paris solely to find out about the artist who'd painted her portrait. The artist admitted that he'd been the painter, though he'd been young. He'd grown as an artist, he stated. Blair wanted his name and the man finally stated, "Tomás." He offered Blair some wine, and he put a record on the phonograph. "And you are?" he asked her. "Blair, just Blair," she responded. She'd found it amusing that Tomás hadn't given up his last name. He invited her to sit, but she stressed that she merely wanted information on the painting.

Tomás insisted that he knew Blair, and he asked her how she'd obtained the painting. Blair revealed that she'd received it from her late husband, and she grew annoyed as Tomás didn't answer her questions and instead asked his own. She made her way to the phonograph and turned it off. She wasn't a young girl that he might seduce. She wanted her information. Finally, Tomás gave in. He explained that he'd painted the portrait from a photograph he'd had, but he wasn't sure that he could find it. Blair asked him to look for it.

She started to open a box that was lying nearby. Tomás rushed over to stop her, stating that there were chemicals inside. He put on some music again, and Blair helped herself to a glass of wine. Tomás began to rummage around, and after a short time he found the photo. He showed it to Blair. "Oh, my God," she uttered. It was a wedding photo of her and Todd, except it was a photo of Todd before his facial features had been changed.

Dani and Nate were waiting for the celebration to begin at the café. Dani advised Shaun that Destiny was on her way. Shaun felt as though he didn't belong, but Téa stopped him. She wanted him there because of all he'd done for her.

"Don't do anything like that ever again," Starr advised her father. Todd couldn't believe that Starr would just shut off her life for nine and one half years as she waited for Cole. She explained that she had her family, daughter, and friends. She figured that Todd would eventually try to break her and James up anyway, and he really didn't want them together. She would support Cole.

"You son of a bitch," Nora exclaimed as she made her way into Clint's office. She wondered what he'd done and what kind of person he'd turned into. Clint pointed out that she'd been the one to cheat on him, but Nora snapped that the story was old, and he needed to stop feeling sorry for himself. She'd never slept with Bo while she was still married to Clint. She accused him of telling Matthew about Inez and Bo, and said that had been unnecessary, vicious, and cruel. She didn't have the heart to tell her son that Clint had used him.

Nora laid out all that Clint had done, and how he appeared to have no remorse. Nora wondered if Viki would appreciate Clint's demeanor. She speculated on how Clint's sons and daughters would feel, and whether they'd permit Clint's grandchildren to be with him. Nora was certain that Clint would lose all of them. Clint questioned whether Nora had told the family about him, and Nora admitted that while she'd had the opportunity, she hadn't wanted to hurt them. The family loved and respected Clint, and Nora felt that they'd all learn about him on their own.

Nora realized that Clint had taken it upon himself to protect his family, in the same way that Asa always had. One thing that Nora was sure of was that she and Bo would take over and protect the family in the future. They had to protect them from Clint, she retorted.

Inez arrived back at the police station. She apologized to Bo for being unable to obtain Clint's confession. Bo advised her that he wouldn't charge her with drugging Bo, and he was certain that Clint wouldn't really go after Inez's sons. He wanted her to stay away from both Clint and himself. He was grateful to have his wife back.

One of Bo's police officers arrived with a boxful of evidence that had been gathered from Eddie's murder. Bo began to go through it. Nora returned and found Bo looking at a gun. Nora noted that Eddie had used the very same gun when he'd kidnapped her. She suggested that Clint had given Eddie the gun, and Bo replied that Clint could have murdered Eddie with the same gun.

Everyone gathered at the café to get some cake. The cake read, "Get out of jail free." Theo saw Destiny arrive, and he revealed that Darren wanted to see her. Destiny decided that she couldn't stay, and she turned around and walked away. Inez arrived in time for the celebration, and Shaun wondered what had happened to Destiny. James and Starr looked at each other longingly, and Todd and Téa felt bad for Starr.

Todd was glad that he wasn't "young and stupid" any longer. Téa teased that he was "old and stupid," or maybe "young and wise."

Destiny returned to Matthew's apartment, and she explained that she couldn't go to the party. They began to kiss.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Todd and Téa made love, but afterwards, Téa didn't want to snuggle. She'd received an envelope from Echo, and it contained the wedding photos that Echo had taken. Téa was eager to go through them and create a new photo album, because she was certain that their marriage would last forever. She wanted to protect the photos. Todd compared it to protecting the marriage, but he assured Téa that she couldn't get rid of him.

Téa quickly thumbed through an existing album, and she questioned Todd on why he still had photos of himself with Blair. Todd exclaimed that it was no "big deal," and he recalled that Dani and Starr had been looking through the photos for Téa's memorial. Téa noted wryly that she'd forgotten she'd been dead. She found photos of Todd with his original face, and Todd promised that he was still the same guy. "Except you're not," Téa replied.

She clarified that the past had haunted the old Todd. He'd had nightmares, and he hadn't been able to give his heart to anyone. She began to cry and continued. The new Todd had learned to trust, love, and forgive. "You're the man I love," she said as she pointed to their wedding photo. Todd laughed. He'd thought Téa had lost her memory again. Téa announced that she would be with Todd forever, and she was his "ball and chain."

Téa wanted to look for a frame for their portrait, but Todd pushed everything onto the floor. The couple made love again. The album was on the floor, open to a page of Todd and Blair's wedding photos. There was a space on one page, and a photo was missing.

While Echo spent some time at the carriage house, Shane helped her to create a MyFace page, and he explained how easy it was for Echo to send someone a "tagged" photo. Rex and Gigi returned with dinner, and Echo expressed how grateful she was to have been given the opportunity to spend some time with her grandson. Rex invited Echo to join them for dinner. Gigi went through the day's mail quickly, and demanded an explanation from Shane regarding a letter she'd received.

Gigi announced that Shane had been cutting math class, though Shane retorted that it wasn't important. Echo chimed in that Shane had probably been bored, much to Gigi's dismay. "Your grandmother doesn't know what it means to have the responsibility of dealing with a child's future," Gigi pointed out. Rex suggested that they set up a meeting at school, but Shane promised that he wouldn't cut class again.

Gigi ordered her son to get his missed assignments online, and Shane signed onto his MyFace page. "Missed you in class today, NOT," proclaimed a message that Shane read as soon as he signed on. Echo painfully ignored Gigi's dig and stated that Shane was just going through a phase. "How would you know?" Gigi snapped. Echo declared that she'd better skip dinner due to a business meeting, and Rex walked his mother to the door. He apologized for Gigi's behavior, but Echo replied that Gigi had been right. Echo wished she'd been around for Rex.

Later, Shane announced that he was finished with his homework, and Gigi was surprised that he'd completed it so quickly. Shane wondered if his mom might be a member of the "math police," and he stomped upstairs to study. His parents were taken aback at his attitude. Gigi wondered what had happened to her sweet and innocent son. Rex pointed out that Shane had just needed a "wakeup call."

Dorian was horrified when she received a message on her phone. Viki walked by just as Dorian gaped at the "tagged" photo that Echo had sent her. It was a photo of Dorian in Dorian's disguise at the A.A. meeting. Dorian showed Viki the photo and explained how she'd "infiltrated" the meeting undercover in her pursuit of the truth regarding Echo. Dorian assumed that Echo had stormed out of the meeting, only to sneak back to take the photo. "Oh, my God, Dorian," Viki gasped.

Dorian admitted that she'd wanted to "beat Echo at her own game," but Viki emphasized that she didn't care for some of Dorian's tactics. Dorian reminded Viki that she'd never given Viki details of the methods used during her exploits for that very reason.

Joey ran into Kelly on his way to dinner with Aubrey. He noted that Aubrey had received Kelly's apology, and he wanted to thank Kelly as well. Aubrey was late and was probably spending time with her brother, Joey added. He was happy that he and Kelly had remained friends after their latest argument. They saw Viki and Dorian sitting together, and they wandered over to say hello. Joey and Viki then headed to their table to wait for Aubrey, and Kelly sat to chat with her aunt.

Aubrey and Cutter made love, but Aubrey realized that she had to leave to meet Joey. Cutter was happy that Aubrey wasn't angry at him over his pursuit of Kelly, but he revealed that Kelly had never contacted him anyway. Aubrey suggested that they cancel their normal routine to obtain Joey's money. Cutter reminded her that it was a "big score," and they couldn't back out, but Aubrey insisted that there was no reason to rush. She thought it might be a good idea to actually marry Joey, and then she'd have legal access to Joey's funds.

Cutter wondered if Aubrey were falling for Joey, and he accused her of acting like "the mark," instead of pursuing one. Aubrey ordered him to stick to his own end of the job, and she would handle her portion of it.

Kelly sat with her aunt and revealed that she'd spoken to Ford about Cutter. While Cutter had looked familiar to him, Ford hadn't been able to say whether Cutter was Aubrey's brother or lover. Dorian shared the information that she had learned, and that was the fact that Aubrey had gone after Ford until she'd learned he wasn't rich. Kelly realized that Joey was wealthy, and that was the reason for Aubrey's interest in Joey.

Kelly wanted to rush over to Joey's table and tell him immediately, but Dorian stopped her. She reminded Kelly of what had happened when Kelly had shown Joey the magazine photo of Aubrey. Kelly muttered that Joey had "shot the messenger." Dorian declared that she would have a better plan. After Kelly mentioned that Aubrey had attended the same school in Paris as Kelly, Dorian made a mental note to use the information.

Kelly indicated that she'd met Cutter, and he had been arrogant and had hit on her. Dorian thought that Cutter was probably trying to distract Kelly, and she suggested that Kelly "fight fire with fire." The women agreed that Kelly should go out with Cutter, which in turn would probably incite Aubrey. Just then, Aubrey walked by on her way to Joey's table. Kelly declared that she'd lost her appetite, and she left the dining room.

Viki and Joey chatted, and Joey denied that Kelly was still "holding a torch" for him. He advised his mother that Kelly was with someone else. Viki was surprised, and she informed her son that mothers never stopped worrying about their children. She felt that Joey was always looking for something new, and he committed to the new things too quickly. She thought that he was afraid to see what he already had in his life before moving on and searching for something else.

Aubrey arrived and apologized for being late. She had been talking to Cutter. Joey advised Viki that Aubrey and Cutter had a "complicated relationship." The trio talked about the new babies and wedding plans. Joey asked his mother about a job at the Banner. He was interested in taking photos for the newspaper. Viki was thrilled to have Joey on board, and she asked Aubrey what the young woman intended to do with her time.

Aubrey vaguely referred to charity work she'd done, and Joey jumped in to mention that Aubrey had done lots of traveling. The group was sitting behind Dorian, and Dorian did her best to spy on the group via her compact mirror. She had little success. Suddenly, Dorian had a thought, and she made a phone call to Adriana. She asked her daughter to stop at Kelly's boarding school and pick up an old yearbook. She gave her daughter the dates, but she refused to disclose her reasons.

Kelly knocked on Aubrey's hotel room door, and Cutter answered in his underwear. Kelly advised him that he'd been correct, and it was time for her to move on, because there were "other fish in the sea." "Is this an invitation?" Cutter inquired. He headed over to the bed and began to undress.

Kelly advised him that she'd thought they'd have dinner first, but Cutter asked about her boyfriend. Kelly claimed that her feelings for Kevin had never been real, and she and Cutter began to kiss. She pulled away and advised him that she'd be in touch. She would let him know what time they could have dinner. She walked out of the room and smiled. She was pleased with the results.

Echo showed up at the Palace, and she stopped at Dorian's table. Dorian asked about the photo that Echo had sent. Echo laughed and stated that while she hadn't used it to blackmail Dorian yet, she wanted Dorian to stop checking up on her. If Dorian didn't cease and desist, Echo had plans to show the photograph to all of Llanview. Viki wandered over to join the women momentarily. Echo mentioned that she'd had a special time with her family, and she'd do whatever she had to in order for them to remain in her life.

Echo left, and Dorian advised Viki that Echo had made things personal. Viki was sorry, but Dorian declared that Echo was a "two-bit charlatan" and a slut. Viki didn't think that Dorian would ever be capable of getting the information on Echo that they wanted. "Let it go," Viki urged. Dorian agreed, but once Viki headed back to Joey's table, Dorian muttered, "Not by a long shot." She realized that she'd just gone about everything in the wrong way.

While they were alone, Joey questioned Aubrey about the fact that she seemed distracted. Aubrey stated that she'd been thinking about Cutter, and the fact that he might not be around for her wedding. Cutter needed to find something to do, and he needed to be productive. Joey had an idea, and he suggested that Cutter get involved at the newspaper. Aubrey didn't think Cutter had the background for that, and she thought that a company like Buchanan Enterprises would be more to Cutter's liking. Aubrey was aware that Clint would never hire Cutter though. Joey offered to speak to his father, stating that they got along when they spoke about business.

"How the hell did you get this photograph?" Blair asked Tomás as she stood in his Paris apartment. It was a photo of Blair and Todd at their first wedding, prior to Todd's face being changed. Tomás claimed to have bought it at a flea market. He'd found many photographs that way, and it was cheaper than using live models, he explained. Blair stated that the photo had been taken a long time before, and she'd been happy then.

Tomás was aware of her happiness, because he had seen it "radiating from the photograph." Blair was insistent that the brightness arose from the golden balloons that Todd had obtained. "I wanted to capture that joy for all eternity," Tomás informed her. "You can't freeze time," Blair replied, adding, "Things change." Sadly, Blair would be unable to talk to the vendor, because he had died, Tomás advised her, and suggested that maybe it was meant to be.

Blair wondered if the way things had happened had been a coincidence instead. "Some people would say there are no coincidences," Tomás pronounced. Blair explained that she and Todd had been "outcasts," and they had been destined to be together. They'd had five marriages, but the first one had been the "real deal." "Are you still in love with him?" Tomás asked.

Blair indicated that she was not in love with Todd, who had a new family as well as a new face. "Don't even ask," she told him. She looked at the old photo and declared that she'd forgotten what Todd had looked like. She wondered if she'd ever be happy again like she was in the photo. She continued to go from one terrible relationship to another, Blair advised the artist. Tomás suggested that she might be looking for answers to deeper questions, and Blair thought that he might be right. She never knew where she might find those answers, Tomás declared.

Blair indicated that she was ready to leave, and she asked Tomás whether she might be able to keep the photo. She suggested that he keep his painting. Tomás hoped that Blair would find happiness. He stared at the painting long after Blair had gone.

As Gigi and Rex discussed their son, Rex received a phone call. It was Dorian. "I want to hire you," she told him. While Rex was on the phone, Gigi told herself, "It's just a phase." In the meantime, Shane had carried his laptop upstairs and had signed onto MyFace again. He received an anonymous message that read, "Hey, Loser. You can run but you can't hide."

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cutter opened his Palace Hotel suite door to greet Joey and Aubrey, clad only in his boxers. He urged them to enter, but Aubrey ignored his none-too-subtle advances and told him Joey had an offer for him -- a job at Buchanan Enterprises alongside Clint. Cutter was pleased, and Aubrey shooed Joey away so she could make her "brother" presentable for an interview with the Buchanan patriarch. Once Joey left to speak to Clint, Cutter pulled Aubrey into his arms and complimented her scheming genius. "Inside B.E.," he purred. "The motherlode. We're gonna clean them out!"

Aubrey told Cutter they didn't have time to get horizontal, and ordered him to get dressed and meet her in the hotel restaurant for breakfast. As she left, Cutter headed for the shower, only to be stopped by another knock at the door. Assuming it was Aubrey, he strutted to the door and flung it open, cracking that he knew she couldn't wait. "You're right," Kelly quipped, taking the scantily clad con artist in, adding, "I couldn't wait." Inviting herself into the suite, she told Cutter she was there for their date, and suggested they make it a breakfast affair.

At Buchanan Enterprises, Clint finished a phone conversation with Dean McKenzie at Llanview University as Bo entered Clint's office. Bo produced a search warrant for the Buchanan mansion and grounds, and told his brother that the police force was searching the grounds as they spoke, combing the estate for evidence of Clint's involvement in Eddie Ford's murder. Clint was unfazed and told Bo there was no evidence to find. Bo replied that he had Inez's statement, and wouldn't stop until Clint went down for his dirty deeds.

As Bo spoke, Joey entered the office and asked his uncle what was going on. The Buchanan brothers downplayed their clash as a disagreement between siblings, and Bo wished Joey luck on setting a wedding date then made a quick exit. Clint rebuffed Joey's persistent questions about Clint and Bo's conflict, but perked up when Joey mentioned Cutter and Aubrey's difficult "sibling rivalry." Clint couldn't believe the engagement was still on, but Joey insisted that Clint had to accept Aubrey. Clint promised not to stand in the way of Joey's heart any longer, and instead pulled a document from his desk that he asked his son to look at -- a pre-nuptial agreement.

Joey was shocked that Clint wanted him and Aubrey to sign a pre-nup, but Clint reminded his son that was standard procedure for "families in our position." Joey asked if that meant Clint was going to have John and Brody sign one, but Clint said that Aubrey was the issue -- "I don't know her, and neither do you." Joey insisted that Aubrey had her own wealth, and said he wouldn't insult her by asking her to sign such an agreement. "I want this family intact," Clint said as he sighed, and added, "That's all I want." The elder Buchanan warned that if Joey and Aubrey didn't sign the pre-nup, there would be "consequences."

"This is a risk to all of us," Clint explained, and told Joey that Aubrey represented danger not only to Joey but to all of Joey's nieces, nephews, cousins, and siblings. He had to think of everyone's well-being, and the future of the Buchanan family. Clint declared that if Joey did not sign the pre-nup, he would lose all his shares of B.E. stock, as well as his seat on the board of trustees, and his entire inheritance. "Joey, I'll have to cut you off," Clint said, looking his son in the eye. "Are you willing to give all of that up for a woman?"

At the Llanview University student union, Ford and Langston read the Sun's latest cover story about Nate and Inez being cleared of Eddie's murder. Ford was relieved, but Langston remained pensive and concerned, and told her boyfriend that while she was happy for his family, she was wary that Eddie's killer was still on the loose. She feared that as long as the culprit remained at large, Ford would be a target for the police -- he lacked a good alibi for the night of the murder, and they could still arrest him. Ford promised Langston that nothing would keep him away from their very special Valentine's Day evening of love.

As Ford and Langston kissed, James's noisy arrival in the common area interrupted them. Upset, James informed them that the grant funding his tuition had suddenly been revoked due to "reallocation of funds," and he was unable to continue his college education; he was also being billed for all tuition fees. Ford promised his discouraged little brother they would figure something out, and grabbed Dean McKenzie as she passed by. He began to explain the situation, but the Dean told Ford she had a notice for him, as well, and handed him his pink slip. "You're terminated," Dean McKenzie said.

As Ford, James, and Langston took the shocking news in, Dean McKenzie claimed that the university trustees were complaining about Ford, and explained that his recent legal trouble compounded by his father's high-profile murder case were far too much bad publicity for LU. She confiscated his office keys and identification card and walked away, leaving the teen trio flabbergasted. Langston couldn't believe that both brothers had lost everything on the same day, and rhetorically asked if someone had it in for them. As she spoke, Ford had a flash of recognition.

After Ford left, Langston struggled to raise James's low spirits as he mourned his failed college career. He wondered why he had bothered attempting to get an education, and Langston reminded him that he had done it for his future, as well as to be near Starr. She told him not to give up on either dream, and reminded him of how she and Ford had found their way back to each other -- if Ford and Langston could make it work, Langston figured Starr and James could as well.

Back at the Palace, Cutter was flustered as Kelly eased her way into his suite, but gamely agreed to a breakfast date. As he headed into the bathroom to wash up, Kelly began snooping through the cabinets, engaging him in small talk about how he had gotten his peculiar name. Before Cutter could answer, he walked back into the living room in a towel and found Kelly going through the cupboards. Kelly fibbed that she had only been looking for napkins for their muffins. Cutter shrugged off her excuse, and explained that his name was a term for a type of ship, as well as a certain breed of a stallion -- as he dropped his towel, he told a mortified Kelly he thought the stallion was the reason he was given the name.

As Kelly averted her eyes, Cutter asked her to pick his attire, boxers or briefs. Kelly playfully suggested a sky-blue thong, but Cutter was fresh out of thongs. As he finished dressing, Kelly turned to face him. Cutter mocked her for being prudish about nudity despite her European schooling, and Kelly explained that she had been kicked out of her French boarding school. "I've been kicked out of schools on three different continents," Cutter replied, but said he must have done something right -- after all, Kelly was having breakfast with him.

Downstairs in the Palace restaurant, the Patels enjoyed an unusually pricey breakfast as Rama struggled to calm her twitchy husband. Vimal was concerned about the expense, but Rama reminded him that if they wanted to be rich, they had to act rich. Vimal couldn't stop obsessing over his blind paternity swap, and feared Clint would learn the truth about his flub. Rama ordered him to keep his voice down, and hissed that they had to keep the secret to themselves, be patient, and wait for the right moment to make their move.

Just then, Rama spotted a familiar face entering the dining room: Aubrey. Rama rushed over to her old friend, and the ladies enjoyed a joyous reunion. Rama quickly introduced Vimal, and explained that he worked in research and development at B.E. Aubrey's interest was instantly piqued, but when she cracked a joke about Vimal having access to the Buchanans' corporate secrets, the lab technician grew sick with nerves and fled to the restroom.

Aubrey and Rama sat down together at the Patels' table, and Aubrey explained that she was in town because of her engagement. Rama congratulated her, but Aubrey was more interested in Vimal's anxieties, and asked if he was concerned about layoffs at B.E. Rama said Clint Buchanan could never do without Vimal, and when Aubrey pressed her for details, she confessed that Clint had asked Vimal to do a very bad thing for him -- "a crime against his family!"

Aubrey said she needed to know what Clint and Vimal were up to because she was marrying Clint's son. Rama didn't want to spill the beans and said it wouldn't affect Aubrey's marriage, but Aubrey promised her old friend that her lips would be sealed.

Rama explained the paternity fiasco, leaving Aubrey gobsmacked. Rama feared Clint would "take care" of Vimal if he learned the whole truth, and said that Vimal wanted to confess to the authorities and run for the hills. "No," Aubrey said, and continued, "Sit tight and work it...this could be a huge payday for him." Rama agreed, and told Aubrey she was glad to have another friend on her side who could see the potential riches in the Patels' future. Giggling, she and Aubrey shared a sisterly secret handshake.

As Rama and Aubrey sealed their alliance, Joey walked up to the table and greeted his fiancée, who introduced him to Rama. Noticing Joey's glum demeanor, Aubrey asked him what was wrong. "My father," Joey replied.

Aubrey excused herself from the table and took Joey aside to the Palace bar. Joey explained Clint's ultimatum, and said he had refused to sign the pre-nup, leaving him cut off from the Buchanan fortune. Aubrey was shocked, but mouthed supportive platitudes as she struggled to hide her dismay. Then, noticing Vimal and Rama together back in the dining area, she was struck by inspiration. She promised Joey everything would be okay, and told him she had to meet the wedding caterer.

As Aubrey rushed through the lobby, she called Cutter on her cell phone and informed them there would be a change in their dining plans -- it was time for her to do damage control. Upstairs, Cutter took Aubrey's call in stride and said he had made other arrangements for breakfast. Hanging up, he sat down beside Kelly in the living room. Kelly decided her muffin assortment was far too dry, and suggested they go out to eat instead. "How about room service instead?" Cutter suggested with a twinkle in his eye. Kelly's interest was piqued.

Joey headed upstairs to Cutter's room, ready to inform him that the B.E. job opportunity was off the table. As Cutter answered the door, Joey was stunned to see Kelly inside the suite, and asked her what she was doing there.

Brody and Jessica took their new son home to Llanfair, and Viki surprised Jessica with an all-new nursery room for the baby. Cuddling her grandchild, Viki needled Jessica about picking the boy's name, and reminded her that the babies' christening was not far away. Brody and Jessica admitted they were having trouble settling on the right name. Opening an envelope from Clint, they were floored to realize that Clint had set up a large, irrevocable trust for the baby, just as Asa had always done for every Buchanan heir.

Brody and Jessica led Bree to the nursery to meet her new baby brother. Bree thought the boy was cute, but commented that he didn't look like Brody. The young lovers laughed her "silly" comment off, and presented her with a gift, a giant stuffed koala. When asked about a name for the baby, Bree suggested "Grandpa, because he looks like an old man!"

After Viki took Bree out for a snack, Brody and Jessica enjoyed some private time with their son. They admitted they had to get serious about naming the boy, and Jessica felt she had found something appropriate -- strong, full of love, and rich with family history. She wanted to name their son "Asa."

Across town, John and Natalie returned home to the Angel Square Hotel, where Roxy was waiting with a "nursery" of her own in John's living room, full of stuffed animals and decorations. The couple was touched by Roxy's gesture. As Roxy held her foster grandson, she couldn't help but crack another joke about her "mix-up" of the Buchanan babies at the hospital. "Hey, Natty, did you mix up the babies again?" Roxy joked. "'Cause this kid looks just like Brody!" Irritated, Natalie told Roxy to shut it, and chafed as Roxy recounted her mishap for John's amusement.

John and Natalie were startled to receive their own letter from Clint, who had also given their son a large trust. John was visibly uneasy, but Roxy was thrilled -- "Whoa," she commented, "the kid can barely keep his eyes open and he's already loaded!" Before Natalie could ask John about his discomfort, a visitor interrupted them -- Bo, who wanted to meet their new son. After Bo cooed over the baby, Natalie encouraged him and John to head into the hallway; she knew John was dying to talk cop shop.

With John and Bo gone, Roxy continued to marvel at the size of the trust Clint had set up for the baby and suggested she help the boy manage his money, only to be thwarted when Natalie informed her the boy couldn't access the trust until he was 21. "Damn!" Roxy snapped, "I knew there was a catch!" She urged Natalie to "name the little bugger" already, and added that she could help her adoptive daughter to use inspiration from everyday life, just as she had with Natalie all those years before -- "Natalie was the best dog I ever had!"

"You named me after a dog?" Natalie deadpanned, horrified. Roxy downplayed the circumstances, and claimed her first "Natalie" had been a purebred Irish setter, with big eyes and long red hair, a lifesaver and the best thing that had ever happened to her -- until her daughter. Roxy assured Natalie that she could never go wrong with a family name, but as Natalie put the baby down for a nap in his crib, Natalie was still pondering which name to choose,

Outside the apartment, John and Bo discussed their number one case: taking down Clint. Bo explained that he had served Clint with a search warrant, but they needed a solid link tying Clint to Eddie's murder, and he doubted Inez's testimony was enough. Pondering the baby's trust, John hit on an idea, and asked how much petty cash Clint might have available -- perhaps in the range of fifty thousand dollars. He reminded Bo of the fifty thousand that the Ford brothers had given Eddie to leave town, the same money that had disappeared from Eddie's motel room between the time James had been there and the time Nate had found Eddie dead. John suspected that the money had been Clint's, and that whoever had it was the murderer.

John told Bo that if they could trace the fifty thousand to Clint, they could prove a conspiracy charge against him. "We gotta find that money," Bo concluded, and prepared to begin investigating Clint's accounts. He warned John that they needed to keep the details of their investigation against Clint hidden from Natalie and Jessica for as long as possible.

Over at B.E., a furious Bobby Ford was the next person to interrupt Clint. Ford knew Clint had taken away his job and James's grant, and protested that he had kept his part of their bargain -- he had stayed away from Jessica, and stayed silent about his assault. "Those are reasons you're still breathing," Clint clarified, but said Ford's job and the grant were merely incentives to charm Inez, who he no longer needed. "Fix it!" Ford howled. He threatened to expose Clint's scheme, but Clint laughed in his face. "Son, with all the problems I have, you aren't even on the radar," he said, shaking his head.

As Ford ranted and raved about taking Clint down, Clint merely sighed. "Why is it that young people can't think five moves ahead?" he asked. "And why is it old men think they can get away with everything?" Ford shot back, and claimed, "I have no reason to keep quiet about you now!" "Are you sure about that?" Clint asked, turning on him and continued, "Are you absolutely positive?" Ford was, and said that Clint had taken everything from him -- there was nothing the Buchanan patriarch could do to hurt him.

As Ford stormed out, full of rage and defiance, Clint took to his phone, and asked his secretary to get Dean McKenzie on the phone again.

After leaving Clint's office, Ford called John and said he had information on Clint Buchanan. He needed to see McBain immediately.

After taking Ford's call, John said goodbye to Bo and returned to the apartment to look in on Natalie, Roxy, and the baby. Staring at his son, he told Natalie they had to give their kid a name. Natalie said she had thought carefully about it and found an appropriate family name: "Asa."

Ford waited in the LU Student Union for John, but it was Bo that arrived to meet him instead. Ford clammed up, but Bo said he had no loyalties left to his brother; if Clint had broken the law, Bo would arrest him. Before Ford could detail Clint's crimes, Dean McKenzie interrupted the men and said she had some of Ford's personal belongings. She promptly produced the missing fifty thousand dollars, and asked the stunned Ford if he had returned for his wad of cash. Bo stared impassively at Ford and the blood money.

Back at the Palace Hotel, the Patels finished their breakfast. Rama wanted to celebrate and hit the town on a shopping spree, but Vimal insisted their situation was too precarious. "Don't think like that, baby," Rama cooed, soothing him. "We control our destiny, not Clint Buchanan."

At B.E,. yet another surprise guest interrupted Clint -- Aubrey. Clint realized she knew about the pre-nup. "Ah, yes," Aubrey said with a smirk. "And so much more. It's been an interesting morning..."

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Starr bumped into James at the university, causing him to drop an armful of books. As Starr helped James pick up the books, she asked him why he was carrying all of them. He explained that he was going to sell them back because he had lost his grant. "We can't let them do that!" Starr exclaimed. "We?" James asked.

Starr apologized for assuming that James wanted her help. James said that there was probably nothing he could do anyway, because the letter had arrived out of nowhere. He went on to say that it made no sense because Ford had also lost his job that day. Starr thought that it couldn't be a coincidence, and offered to call Téa for help. James refused, saying that Starr had other priorities. "I still..." Starr began, and then stopped.

James asked Starr what she had been planning to say, but Michelle entered. She hugged James and wondered how the university could take away his grant. Michelle wanted to help, but James didn't think they could do anything about it. Michelle suggested that he could get a hearing through the Student Action Committee that she was a part of. She left to get her student handbook in her dorm room.

Starr started to talk about how smart and nice Michelle was, but James told her to stop pretending that everything was all right. James wanted honesty between him and Starr, but Starr thought that honesty wasn't necessarily the best thing. Starr was just trying to make the best of things because she knew that her relationship with James was not going to change.

Starr apologized for Todd trying to push her and James together, because Todd just wanted to get Cole out of Starr's life. She reasoned that if she and James dated, Todd would just try to break them up anyway. Michelle returned with her handbook and showed James the section with financial aid information. Starr told the two to let her know if there was anything she could do, and left for class.

Bo led Ford into his office and shut the door. Ford asked if Bo was going to arrest him, but Bo only said, "Not yet." Bo wanted to know how the fifty thousand dollars had gotten to Ford's office. Ford explained that he had given Eddie the money to leave town. James had seen the money in Eddie's room the night of the murder, so it had been assumed that the killer had taken the money. Ford was convinced that someone had planted the money in his office.

Ford believed that someone was messing with his family, and begged Bo to believe him. Bo believed Ford, but asked who had given Ford the fifty thousand dollars in the first place. Ford divulged that Clint had given him the money because Ford had known damaging information about Clint. Ford confessed that Clint and two henchmen named Mr. Black and Mr. Blue had been the ones to "beat the crap" out of Ford.

Ford explained that it had been revenge for Ford sleeping with Jessica. He observed that Clint was "big on revenge." Ford had threatened Clint that he would tell the police who had beaten him up if Clint didn't give him the money. Ford informed Bo that James had lost his grant and Ford had been fired that day. Ford wondered if Clint would plant the money to set Ford up. Bo said it would be hard to prove because Clint was good at covering his tracks.

Bo asked if there had been witnesses to Ford's beating, but there hadn't been. Bo expressed his sympathy for all that Clint had put Ford and his family through. Bo said he would call the dean of the university to see what he could do about getting Ford his job back. Ford thanked Bo and left.

Aubrey entered Clint's office. Clint asked if Aubrey was there to tell him not to disinherit Joey. She said that wasn't necessary and asked him why he had insisted on a prenuptial agreement. Aubrey informed Clint that she and Joey were going to get married no matter what, so Clint was seen as the bad guy. Clint didn't mind being the bad guy because he had learned it from Asa. He said that it was the price of doing what was right for his family. However, Aubrey stated that there would be no prenuptial agreement.

Aubrey told Clint it was his choice, but he should give Joey his inheritance back. If he didn't, many people would be unhappy. Clint asked what trap Aubrey had set for him. "Only the trap you set for yourself," she replied. She told Clint to give Joey his inheritance back, or it would fall into the hands of Clint's "other son." Clint asked which son she meant, to which she replied, "Rex Balsom."

Aubrey explained that she knew about the manipulated DNA test, and she wasn't afraid to use the information. Clint thought she was bluffing. Aubrey had obtained the information from a reliable source, and related that Clint had committed a crime. Clint's family would be very disappointed if he was sent to jail. Aubrey warned that if Clint didn't give Joey back his inheritance, Clint should get ready to welcome Rex into his family.

As Aubrey turned to leave, she expressed her excitement for her soon-to-be nephews' christenings. She related that it would be a shame if Clint's daughter found out that her baby's father wasn't who she had thought it was. "Fix this, or I'll fix you," she warned.

Joey demanded to know why Kelly was in Cutter's hotel room. "Waiting for room service," Cutter replied. Cutter asked if it was a problem for him to date Kelly. "Damn right, that's a problem!" Joey exclaimed. Cutter wondered why it was a problem because it was only an "innocent breakfast date." He asked if Joey was jealous, but Joey denied it. "Then why is there steam coming out of your ears?" Cutter questioned.

Joey explained that Kelly was supposed to be with Kevin. Joey asked for privacy, and Cutter left. Joey asked Kelly if she was cheating on Kevin. Kelly confessed that there was nothing between her and Kevin. She didn't believe that Kevin was the one. Joey asked her if she thought her perfect man was still out there. "I believe that with all my heart," she confided.

As Kelly asked if it was all right for her to be with Cutter, there was a knock on the door. Cutter appeared and answered the door to room service. Joey apologized for interrupting Kelly and Cutter's breakfast, and turned to leave. Cutter asked why Joey had visited. Joey confessed that there was no job for Cutter at Buchanan Enterprises. He went on to explain about the prenuptial agreement, and that Clint had disowned him.

Joey assured Kelly and Cutter that he and Aubrey didn't care about the money. He apologized again for interrupting, and left. Cutter asked for a rain check on breakfast and promised to call Kelly soon. Kelly left the room and made a call. She left a message for Kevin, saying that, if anyone, especially Joey, asked about their relationship, they had broken up.

Bo arrived at Clint's office and informed his brother that the fifty thousand dollars had been found. He mentioned Clint planting the money at Ford's office, but Clint claimed to be clueless. Bo promised that, sooner or later, Clint would slip up, and he would lose everything.

At the Palace, Rex sat down at a table with Dorian and asked what kind of investigative work she had for him. He had thought that she hated him. Dorian reasoned that he was good at his job. When Rex asked her who she wanted him to investigate, Dorian's thoughts ran wild. She wanted to tell him to investigate Echo because Rex's paternity test had been tampered with. However, she said that she needed him to investigate Clint.

Rex asked why. "Because he's your father," she thought. Out loud, she said that Clint was a liar and a snake. Rex agreed, and Dorian wondered why. In his head, Rex thought about how Clint had thrown David in jail, and was threatening to throw Rex in jail if he told anyone about David. He replied, "I have my reasons," and asked what Dorian needed to know about Clint.

Dorian informed Rex that Clint had done something terrible to "someone." In his head, Rex thought that Clint had done horrible things to Bo, David, and probably "half of Llanview," but asked who Dorian had meant. Dorian thought that she should tell Rex about Clint being his father, but reminded herself that it didn't concern her. She reverted back to her original thought, and told Rex that Clint had done something to Rex.

Rex demanded to know what Dorian knew about him. In her head, she urged herself to tell Rex. She then thought better of trashing Rex's mother and called a waiter over. Dorian ordered, but Rex ordered her to stop stalling. Dorian told herself to just tell Rex, but then told herself out loud to "shut up and get to it already!"

Standing up, Rex told Dorian that if she decided she wanted to give Rex any information, she had his number. She relented and said that she would tell him what was on her mind, so he sat back down. Dorian told Rex that Clint, not Charlie, was Rex's father.

Rex asked Dorian why she would make up something like that, and wondered if she was still angry at him for leaving Adriana. Dorian urged him to look at the facts -- the necklace, and the trail to his fake parents. She advised Rex to get the DNA test done again, because it had been altered the first time. Rex refused and left the Palace.

Joey entered the restaurant as Dorian was leaving. She noted how terrible he looked, but he just kept walking. Joey found Aubrey and asked if she knew that Cutter and Kelly were dating. Just then, she got a phone call. She excused herself and answered the phone to Cutter. Cutter asked about Joey getting disowned, but Aubrey asked if Cutter was dating Kelly. Aubrey told Cutter not to worry about Joey getting disowned because she had "dirt" on Clint. They would talk about Kelly later.

Back at their table, Aubrey asked Joey if he was all right. He said he had been having a rough day. Aubrey promised to love Joey no matter what, and she knew that his father did as well. She had a feeling that Clint would soon have a change of heart.

At Llanfair, Echo told Charlie that she didn't think she possessed the confidence to follow through with Alcoholics Anonymous. Charlie thought she did, and put his hand on her shoulder as Viki looked into the room. Echo was scared that she would sabotage the real relationships that she was gaining. Charlie told her to focus on the good things and hugged Echo as Viki entered the room.

Charlie explained that he and Echo had been talking about the meeting they had just returned from. Viki wanted to talk to Charlie about the christening. Echo offered to take photographs, but Viki insisted that Joey would be taking them. Sensing that she was unwanted, Echo excused herself to make tea. Viki asked if she was a bad person for not wanting Echo at the christening, but Charlie explained that Echo had just been trying to be nice.

Charlie suggested that Echo was trying to repay Viki for letting her stay at Llanfair, but that Viki was being "ungenerous." Viki insisted that she was being more than generous. She thought that Echo being around would cause people to get hurt.

Out in the hallway, Echo walked past with a tray of tea as Rex entered the house. She said he looked "drawn" and asked if he was all right, but he only wanted to know if Charlie was home. Echo informed him that he was with Viki, so Rex asked if it was a bad time. Echo said it was never a bad time. The two entered the living room, and Viki left, citing a headache.

Later, Rex told his parents that he had no idea why Shane had been skipping school, but he would handle it. Just then, Echo realized she was late for a hair appointment with Roxy. Charlie apologized again to Echo for Viki's behavior, but Echo understood. She left, and Rex decided that he should head out as well.

Rex offered to take care of the tray of tea, and told Charlie to go check on Viki. Charlie promised to be a good father to Rex "for the rest of my days," and left. Rex picked up the spoon Charlie had been using and put it into a plastic bag. He thought about Dorian telling him to get the DNA test again, and hoped that Charlie was his father and not Clint.

Friday, January 28, 2011

As Blair arrived at La Boulaie, Todd greeted her and asked where she had been. Blair responded, "Paris." When Todd questioned why Blair had gone to Paris, Blair replied, "You." Blair reminded Todd of the painting and said that she had tracked down the artist. She revealed that the artist had painted it from a picture. Blair asked, "So, do you have any idea how an old wedding photo ended up in the hands of a complete stranger, Todd?'

As Todd gazed at the picture, he claimed that he did not miss his old face. As she flipped through her wedding album, Blair saw that her photo had been taken from the album. Blair still could not understand who else would have wanted the old wedding photo. When Todd stated that Eli Clarke had probably taken it, Blair stressed that the picture was from 2003, which had been before Eli's time. Todd suggested that Eli had possibly stalked Blair at the time, but Blair felt that Eli had been too busy with his other victims.

Blair told Todd about the artist, who had offered her "wine, paté, some very interesting music." Todd indicated that the artist sounded like a weirdo, but Blair declared, "No, Todd, he was actually quite charming." Blair felt that the artist had painted "the whole person," like he knew what had been in her heart. "It's just like he just knew what this wedding meant to me. The day I married you was the happiest I had ever been."

Todd asked if Blair was "hitting on" him, but Blair flung her arms in the air and denied it. Blair then wondered if that kind of happiness could ever happen again. She believed that the artist had captured something in the portrait that she desired to have back. As Todd started to leave to return to his job, he told Blair that he had been very happy the day of that wedding also. Blair hugged the old wedding picture to her chest.

At apartment number three in Paris, Claude arrived and told Tomas that he had believed that both the "very beautiful madam" and Tomas were looking for something. Claude exclaimed that Tomas was young but had shut himself off from the world. Claude reflected that Tomas had consoled himself with just "a painted image instead of a flesh and blood woman."

After Tomas emphasized that he was fine by himself, Claude guessed that Tomas was lying to himself. Claude voiced that Tomas had not objected to spending time with such a beautiful woman. When Tomas stated that the lady had asked many questions, Claude handed him a piece of paper and said if Tomas wanted to help her find the answers, "here's her address." Once Claude left the apartment, Tomas wadded up the paper and threw it in the garbage. He then removed it from the garbage. Tomas muttered out loud, "Llanview, Pennsylvania."

As Gigi ran down the Carriage House's stairs, she yelled for Rex to get ready for the christening and for Shane not to be late for school. Rex dropped the baggie that contained one of Rex's hairs and Charlie's spoon on the table. Gigi asked if he was taking the evidence to the lab but Rex seemed unsure.

Gigi realized that Rex would not be happy to have Clint as his dad but asked Rex if he could live with a lie for the rest of his life. Rex believed that Dorian had her own reasons for saying that Clint was Rex's dad. However, Gigi believed that Rex needed to check it out, if he ever wanted to have "another decent night's sleep."

Upstairs in his room, Shane read on his computer, "WhoDaMann Wrote: Hey, loser. You can run but you can't hide!" A picture of Shane dressed in a comic book superhero's costume, as he held an inhaler, accompanied the message, "WhoDaMann Wrote: Hey, loser. Working on a new comic book? Adventures of Asthma Boy. Wham! Boom! Wheeze!!!!!!" Disgusted, Shane threw his inhaler across his bed.

At Llanfair, Clint received a call from Aubrey, who asked if he had reconsidered his decision to disinherit Joey. When Clint refused to be blackmailed, Aubrey told Clint that he had until the christening to decide, or she would tell everyone that Rex Balsom was his son.

Outside of the door to Aubrey's hotel room, Joey greeted Aubrey. Joey wondered how he could live knowing that his dad had wanted Aubrey to sign a prenuptial agreement. Aubrey assured Joey that Clint would "come around." Aubrey then explained that Clint loved Joey, so she knew that he would change his mind.

Inside Aubrey's room, Cutter called Kelly and invited her to dinner. Kelly indicated that she would have to check her schedule and get back with him. After Joey left, Aubrey entered her room and kissed Cutter. When Cutter suggested that they get "a new mark," Aubrey revealed that she had dirt on Clint. She insisted that if Clint did not make things right, she would inform his family about the altered DNA test results.

Aubrey explained the paternity results switch for Rex, but Cutter reminded Aubrey that Clint had not yet put Joey back in the will. Cutter then announced that he had a new mark -- Kelly Cramer. Aubrey had not believed that Cutter was serious about dating Kelly. Cutter felt that Aubrey's "blowing Clint out of the water" would not look good in Joey's eyes. Aubrey revealed that she had thought of a way to make it work.

Cutter was certain that if Aubrey told the truth about Clint to Joey, it would backfire. However, Aubrey thought that she could reveal the truth in a way to make Clint look as if he were the only one who cared about the money. Cutter and Aubrey kissed. As Aubrey left for the christening, she demanded that Cutter stop dating Kelly. Immediately after Aubrey walked out, Cutter called and made reservations for two at a restaurant. Cutter then googled the name, Dorian Lord, on his computer.

In Jessica's room, Viki, Jessica, Brody, and Clint prepared Jessica's baby for the christening ceremony. When Jessica announced that they wanted to name the baby, "Asa," Clint exclaimed that "pa" would have been honored. Jessica then wondered what name Natalie had chosen.

At John's apartment, John and Natalie discussed the name for their son, "Asa McBain." John recognized that Asa had been a name for "some sort of royalty," and Natalie explained that it had been for a king. Natalie realized that her dad would be thrilled but then guessed that John still had a problem with the trust.

John indicated that Clint had set up the trust to control Natalie. However, John told Natalie to forget about the trust, because that day was to celebrate the christening of their son and his cousin. John and Natalie kissed.

Back at Llanfair, Charlie told Viki that he felt terrible, and that he had a headache and chills. As Echo listened unseen, Charlie stated that he would be unable to attend the christening. Echo popped out and said, "Nurse Echo will come to the rescue." Viki exclaimed that Echo had not been invited to the christening, and that only family could attend. Viki stormed out of the room. Echo told Charlie that she would stay with him, and that she made "a pretty mean chicken soup."

At Gigi's, Shane ran down the stairs with a thermometer that indicated that he had a fever. Rex called Charlie and told him that Shane was sick. When Rex asked Charlie if he could stay with Shane, Charlie announced that he was sick also. Charlie remarked that he would enjoy spending time with his grandson.

In Jessica's room, when Brody cried that his son was a champ, Clint declared that he knew that Brody would be a good father. Brody exclaimed, "Well, if I turn out to be half as good as you, I'll be a happy man."

When Gigi and Rex arrived at John's apartment, they indicated that they were pleased that they were chosen as the godparents of John and Natalie's baby. After John's took the baby to change his diaper, Gigi, Rex, and Natalie were certain that John would be a terrific father. Gigi tried to warn John about changing the diaper of a baby boy, but it was too late. Rex noted, "The kid's got good aim."

As Natalie held the baby, she wanted to be sure that Gigi and Rex would be fine, when they swore to God in a church. Natalie also wanted their word that they would keep their promise not to tell. Gigi and Rex assured Natalie that they would. Gigi then realized that they had forgotten the gift and needed to return home first. A smiling John took the baby from Natalie. Outside of the door, Rex reflected that he would not be the only person affected, if he found out that Clint was really his dad.

Kelly and Joey arrived at Llanfair and discovered that they both were the godparents of Jessica's baby. They realized that they would be standing up together at the christening. When Viki declared that Joey and Kelly would make wonderful godparents, Jessica agreed and insisted that they worked well as a team. Joey quickly stated that he hoped that Jessica and Brody would return the favor, when he and Aubrey had children. As he looked at Clint, Joey assessed, "There's nothing more important than family. Right, dad?"

Echo knocked on the door of Gigi's place with chicken soup, as Charlie watched Shane work on his homework. Echo admitted that she had bought the soup at the Buenos Dias Café. Shane received another message on his computer, "Llanview's uncoolest freshman #1)Wheezy Morasco. Inhales but definitely does not smoke." Another picture of Shane with his inhaler popped up.

Gigi and Rex arrived to pick up the forgotten gift. Gigi felt Shane's forehead and stated that he did not feel "hot." Charlie regretted that he had not been at Rex's christening, but Rex stressed that Charlie had been there for Rex and Shane, and that he really appreciated it. Rex glanced again at the baggie hidden in his jacket pocket.

After Gigi and Rex left, Charlie coughed and Echo demanded that Charlie "go to bed." Echo insisted that she would wait downstairs for Shane. Echo then opened up Shane's computer and found the messages.

At the church, John and Natalie arrived with the baby. After John left to check on the arrangements, Natalie asked God for his blessing, even though she realized that she did not have the right to. Natalie insisted that she would try to deserve the happiness He had given her.

During the christening service, when the priest asked for the babies' names, John, Natalie, Brody, and Jessica all said, "Asa." Natalie and John expressed surprise that they had chosen the same name for the two boys. In separate areas of the church, first John and Natalie and then Brody and Jessica decided to switch the first and middle names around.

Gigi asked if the christening had helped Rex make a decision and indicated that she would be there for Rex, no matter what. Clint questioned where Aubrey was, and Joey insisted that she was on her way. Natalie announced that the babies' names had been decided, just as Aubrey entered. When Aubrey demanded Clint's decision, he told her to "go to Hell." Aubrey warned Clint that the clock was ticking.

The ceremony finally started, and Liam Asa McBain and Ryder Asa Lovett were christened. Rex held Liam, and Joey held Ryder during the ceremony. After the christening, the babies were placed back into their mothers' arms. Viki congratulated both couples and said that she loved the names.

Gigi realized how similar the situation was with John's baby and Rex "thinking one man is your father, when it might be someone else." Rex sadly stated, "There's a big difference though. John and Brody, they're both good men. For me, it's between a good man and the scum of the earth." Clint glared at Rex.

Joey claimed that he and Ryder would be "best buds." Viki cried, "Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I'm quite ready to celebrate." Brody smiled and cheered, "Ryder's been waiting to hear you say that all day. He's been waiting for the after party." Everyone laughed. Clint yelled, "Well, then, let's get this show on the road then, huh?" Aubrey announced, "Hold on. Before we start the party, there's something I need to tell everyone."

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