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I'm glad that little Adam didn't die and now AMC is definitely on the road of redeeming Babe.

I'm glad that little Adam didn't die and now AMC is definitely on the road of redeeming Babe. JR didn't bother to keep an eye on little Adam, so he ended up face down in the pool and without Babe acting quickly there would be another PV child tragedy. It's only a matter of time before JR is actually "in love" with Babe again which should result in marriage. Now the rue comes....will Babe fall in love with JR in the process? I predict "No." My reasoning --- she never could have loved JR in the first place as she immediately bedded another as soon as she landed in PV as JR's wife. It's not like JR was mean to her back then as he appeared to want their marriage to work, although I do believe JR originally married Babe to spite dear old Dad. Now I have said it before and it deserves being said again - Alexa Havins is one fine actress. Even though I don't care for the character of Babe, the actress is outstanding.

Di is about to break everyone's heart - Tad, JR and anyone else that truly loved Dixie. She must make a decision to either come clean about her background or continue to put Julia in danger. Goodness one wonders how Di became involved in this convoluted story. I don't believe Julia would have returned to PV to put her family in danger as she didn't know at the time the family had moved away. Julia stated she came back to PV to avenge Noah's murderer as he was/is the love of her life. This I would believe but the next thing you know, Julia is telling Sam that her love faded with Noah. Do the writers not remember what they wrote only a week ago? Next Julia is lamenting about the hardship of being in the Witness Protection Program yet when she came to visit a couple of Christmas' ago, she seemed just fine. Also, perhaps she should have just stayed in PV and been blown away instead of having to endure the hardships of Witness Protection. What about Julia's mother? Hasn't she heard about Julia being in PV? Everyone else has. That was one recast that didn't take. Speaking of recasts, it's going to take some time to get used to the new Derek. I always liked the original Derek and will miss him.

Ryan and Erin are taking Jonathan to the hospital as he complains of head pains. The doctor tells them Jonathan is as sane as Ryan is. That's debatable as I doubt the doctor would think Ryan was all that sane considering he faked his own death. Speculation about the head pains anyone? How about a brain tumor? This could explain his erratic and criminal behavior but would not get him a free pass on murder charges. He'd still have a trial in the real world. This isn't the real world so he'll probably go back to PV with Ryan to face his demons. Ryan should be able to abandon his "family abuse" theory since Jonathan's behavior will be medically explained instead of a product of his environment. However, there certainly is medical evidence that children of abuse are much more likely to abuse than children of loving families.

Now that Greenlee has been assured Ryan is "dead" courtesy of Kendall, she proceeds to try to run Kendall's life. Kendall has offered to be a surrogate for her, something way above just normal friendship yet Greenlee tells Kendall she has to divorce Zach, can't get together with Del, etc. This is none of Greenlee's business. Yes, Greenlee has a right to be concerned about Kendall's health and well-being during the pregnancy but beyond that Greenlee needs to butt out. I for one don't care for Kendall and Greenlee's undying friendship that has happened rather quickly. Too quickly actually. These two were NEVER friends, but now Kendall is willing to give her life for Greenlee. Where did this come from? The whole surrogacy storyline is rather disturbing. This week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Clark who writes: "I for one do not appreciate the surrogacy baby plot going on. There are a lot of women out there that hope month after month that they will get the good news and even though I know this is soap TV. I resent the way they make babies come to be with the jab of a needle. To me it is a joke and a slap in the face to the poor women who have gone through months and months and even years trying to get pregnant. To portray that it is as simple as they made it look on the show is ludicrous."

Speaking of sick that would be Garret. Why isn't Danielle going to Derek for support? Are we being setup to see yet another rape and then Mimi not believing her daughter? It would give Mimi a meaty story but would also show her in a bad light. Lots of mail on the prospect of Garret being the Dragon. I can see why as he was at the police station when Kendall was telling where Julia was and he IS scum. But he is too convenient and obvious to be the Dragon. AMC wants a mystery on its hands, then mix it up have someone we'd never expect as the Dragon. Ideas anyone ---- how about Maria, Di, Krystal (anything to get rid of her), even Palmer ---- the list goes on. Write me with your ideas of a great twist to the Dragon story and I'll let others in on the plots we could come up with if we were writing for AMC!!

Don't you wonder why AMC has Aidan and Ethan around as they are always on the back burner? Another week of nothingness for Brooke. In SOD it was stated that Brooke would be involved with Tad and Jamie, but I'm thinking it will be very little. Since AMC seems unwilling to pair Brooke back with Adam how about another love interest. My number one choice (other than Adam) has been David. They definitely generated chemistry during Laura's heart operation and David has been absent for quite some time as well. My next choice --- Aidan or Zach as Brooke could definitely spar with either of them. Considering the state of the ratings at AMC, one would think TPTB would try another path for getting viewers interested again. Why not try utilizing the veterans? Erica and Jackson have basically no scenes together now that they are married. Why not as these two are romance incorporated - let's heat up the screen some. Lots of mail on Jackson and Erica as well.

Adam and Krystal did some bantering and while it's always great to see Adam, I don't like the pairing of the two. One other rambling --- why exactly with all Adam's money can't he get a real PI to find out about Del's family tree?

My prayers are with those (human and animals) affected by the hurricane. Let's get rid of the looters and those out to take advantage of this disaster and turnaround the situation. See you next time.


Mary Page
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