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That would be Dr. MADden. This man is slime or vile per Erica's description, yet he is able to convince Kendall to sign adoption papers, as well as twist Julia into believing she doesn't deserve to be a mother because she killed Garret a.k.a 'The Dragon'. I don't get it. When exactly did Julia and Kendall become brain dead?

That would be Dr. MADden. This man is slime or vile per Erica's description, yet he is able to convince Kendall to sign adoption papers, as well as twist Julia into believing she doesn't deserve to be a mother because she killed Garret a.k.a "The Dragon". I don't get it. When exactly did Julia and Kendall become brain dead? I personally don't believe for a second that Kendall would give her child up for adoption after her background. Now she's decided Ryan can't raise the child either. Dr. MADden will "take care of" Ryan. What's up with this? I do wonder if this baby will even be Kendall and Ryan's baby. Dr. MADden has played God one too many times and it seems most viewers are in agreement this man is just asking to be murdered! This week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Susan who writes: "I have a prediction. It seems to be a perfect set-up for a Who-Dunit? I believe Greg Madden will eventually be murdered, with several suspects: Erica, Josh, Dixie, Julia, Kendall, Ryan, Tad and Jack." Oh, I definitely think Dr. MADden's days are numbered too, but I'm not sure who will be the murderer. I do believe the suspects could also include David as he will be enraged when he finds out the truth about Kate.

You Can't Die!

Dixie has been searching for Dr. Madden for soooooo long and now has to get him to tell her where Kate is. Now, I'm not a rocket scientist, but I believe I could have easily located the renowned and famous Dr. Madden without a lot of effort. Dixie is not that stupid. Seems Dixie could get David's help with this now --- he does have lots of medical contacts as well as "shady" resources available. And why is it David is acting as if he's still so much "in love" with Dixie? He definitely was smitten during the Libidizone fiasco, but he stepped aside, fell in love with and married Anna. This re-writing of AMC history is getting very old.

Welcome Back Brooke!

I know Brooke didn't leave, but it's been so long since we've seen and heard her it's great to have her back. She's immediately leapt to the conclusion that Dr. Madden is a great guy based on Amanda's dealings with him. What does he want with Amanda? Perhaps Brooke and Amanda will be suspects in his murder too. I'd love to see Brooke do some investigative work revolving around Madden. Oh, I forgot Tad did some PI work and found basically nothing. I remember when Tad was a competent PI. At least they addressed Trevor's death to some degree, but his death is definitely being "glossed" over. This week's AMC Fan Gripe of the week comes from Laurie who writes: "I too am ticked off at the treatment of Trevor Dillon's murder. Where is Tim in all of this? No mention of him being notified at all or as another watcher stated - no funeral! Let's just throw a hand and funky tie in the freezer and forget about it. I've been watching soaps on ABC since I was 8 years old with my mom and the older I get the more disappointed I'm getting with the shows." Laurie isn't the only one wondering about the lack of notification of Trevor's family. How about Hayley and Mateo? They would definitely mourn Uncle Porkchop as do I.

Welcome Back Jackson!

Okay, so Jackson wasn't seen much but he was seen and heard from this week. He's understandably livid upon finding out Lily is still seeing Jonathan. I don't get this pairing. Lily and Jonathan are not interesting together. Why is Jonathan acting like he's 8 years old? Okay, he had a brain tumor, it was removed, he stutters but the bottom line is he's a grown man and this "act" is not only annoying but also unbelievable.

Head Cases!

Including but not limited to Janet and the Laverys. I'm sick of hearing about "Daddy Lavery" and the abuse. Why don't Ryan, Jonathan & Erin all go into group therapy - perhaps they'll even get family rates. Unfortunately, as much as I like Aidan, I find the Erin and Aidan pairing extremely boring. Why is it Aidan would want to take away Erin's virginity and why would Erin not want to wait until marriage? This was illogical to me. Janet on the other hand is crazy not stupid. She wants to convince JR that Dixie is alive and well. That she is as she listens in on Di and Tad's potential making love. I can understand Dixie being somewhat upset about Di and Tad's engagement, but in the same sense Dixie gave up on Tad and the rest of her family when she played "dead". Of course, Di is going to have to explain her role in all this coverup as soon as Tad finds out Dixie's alive.

Let's Be Pals!

I really like Ryan and Zach teaming up against Dr. Madden. They make a great team. Perhaps we need to just take Kendall out of the equation and have a guy pal storyline. I actually don't much care who Kendall ends up with anymore. They've dragged this out for so long any excitement or enjoyment is about gone.

Instant Aging!

Lot's of talk out there about AMC bringing Colby back to the canvas....this time as a teenager. Oh, give me a break, we don't need anymore teen storylines and Colby was barely able to talk when Liza took off with her. I've also heard rumors that Lily will run off to New York City by herself. I remember when Jenny went to NYC and that was a very enjoyable plot with Jesse in tow. I find it hard to believe the current writers will "re-do" this storyline with much success. I also understand that Reggie and Danielle have been taken off contract but are still on recurring status. They haven't been utilized very much. What a waste of talent.

It seems AMC is consumed by Dr. Madden currently and Erica's poisoning of him. Where exactly did Erica get this undetectable poison? How does she expect to get away with this? I wish the pace of Dr. Madden and his evil deeds would pick up but it doesn't seem that will be the case until May sweeps start gearing up. Spring is in the air in the south with flowers in bloom and lovely weather. Thanks for all the emails. I look forward to them! I'd like to wish everyone a wonderful and blessed Easter and Passover!


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