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Everyone in town knows that Sheridan is a bigamist except Luis. By sheer word of mouth, the entire town has found out in a matter of minutes, and that is in show time.

According to the dictionary, Omega is a noun meaning "the ending of a series or sequence." As many of you know, this new Vendetta storyline revolves around the Omega symbol. Perhaps this symbol alludes to the end of Passions. This train wreck of a show seems headed for disaster.

This show gets more and more unwatchable by the day. How many people have to tell Chris that Sheridan belongs with Luis before he realizes it? How many times does he have to see Sheridan kissing Luis before he realizes he never really had her? If Chris truly believed that Sheridan was his and wanted to be with him, he never would've went looking for her when he woke up without her. And what was with him telling Sheridan he won't "allow his wife to sleep with a man that wants to make love to her." Most husbands don't approve of their wives sleeping with other men period.

Chris was right about one thing. If Luis is so sick, why is he well enough for sex? And Sheridan's lame excuse that Chris stopped them earned her the bad wife award of the year. Eve has given the green light that Luis can hear the truth, yet Sheridan "can't". Why doesn't Chris break the news to Luis himself? What does he have to lose except Sheridan? And he's going to lose her anyway. The four million montages of Luis and Sheridan we were forced to fast-forward through this week is proof Chris and Sheridan will never be together.

Everyone in town knows Sheridan is a bigamist except Luis. By sheer word of mouth, the entire town has found out in a matter of minutes, and that is in show time. However, we the viewers weren't privileged to hear what St. Pilar has to say on the subject. It was perfectly acceptable for Luis and Sheridan to consort behind Antonio's back. Will the same hold true now that Sheridan is a bigamist?

We were privy to hear that Katherine thinks, "marriage is a sacred bond." "So my mother always says KATHERINE," Theresa replies. Love her or hate her, once taken out of the Ethan element, Theresa is a hoot and a half. And she hit the nail on the head with this perfectly. She also was the first to inform Chris his days as Mr. Sheridan Crane were numbered. Of course I was right there with her until she uttered the word "FATE!!!!"

I thought for half a second Theresa was serious about giving Ethan up until I remembered she promised God if he lived she'd give him up. There is no way she will ever give up on Ethan. She even told Fancy that Ethan is her addiction. I don't think its Ethan she's addicted to; I think it's the chase. Theresa won't want Ethan once she has him.

What is up with Ethan suddenly becoming a mechanic? Like I believe that load of bull. However, Ethan did say Jerry and Gwen were the only two people who knew about his "hobby". Theresa showing up naked to seduce Ethan doesn't surprise me at all. He'll kiss her and get into it, then pull away suddenly remembering he's married to Gwen. This is the twenty-four millionth time we've seen this scene.

Martin tries to do the right thing by Miguel and apologizes for running out on him. Miguel goes off on him about deserting his family, until Martin points out that Miguel did the same thing. Of course it's different for Miguel because he loved Charity. I love how these characters can twist anything to make themselves look better.

And who does Pilar think she is to tell Miguel to split up Kay and Fox so they can raise Maria together? Miguel doesn't even have a job. At least Fox can work and take care of Kay and Maria. What exactly can Miguel give them? He can't even give Maria her medication.

How funny was it that Fancy called Maya a "whore" after she caught her in bed with Noah? Apparently she's been listening to Pilar call her grandmother that quite a lot. And was Noah harsh or what? Did he really have to hit so low with Fancy, telling her she was just another one of his conquests? The writers should turn him into a jackass permanently because that is the most interesting he's been in a while.

I was very interested to see Spike knows the monk. Is it Alistair? I hope not. The main problem with this show is that it doesn't have enough characters to fill the time. That is why the characters repeat the same things over and over and storylines drag on forever. New and different characters would help with this problem. But I don't expect much from this storyline or the writers.

I think Paloma may be the smartest person on this show. With a table covered in papers, and a ton of information to process, she managed to keep Jessica from finding anything out for fear she would tell Spike. Keeping things on the down low has now enabled Paloma to continue investigating without having to worry about anyone stopping her. Anyone else on this show wouldn't have been that smart.

Some Random Thoughts:

"You marry the closest thing to Satan on this planet and then tell me not to upset myself!!!!!!!!!!!" - Luis to Theresa upon learning she married Alistair.

It was amazing that when Fancy learned her eye was going to be okay after being hidden behind a patch for months, she had full eye makeup on her hurt eye.

Why is it that the people in charge of Crane Industries have no formal business education or experience running a business? And how does Valerie keep getting roped into helping break these couples up.

We actually got to see Miles this week, and as cute as he is, he could be Brook and Charles child in real life!!!!! Viewer's Voice:

"I am to the point where I can watch an episode in about 10 minutes, thanks to TIVO. I stop briefly to hear the b.s. Sheridan is handing Chris, watch anything with Tabby and Endora, skip Noah and Fancy, skip that jerk Luis, watch Pilar knock over a table, watch Paloma and Simone, skip Whit, skip Theresa, watch Gwen and Ethan until he starts defending Theresa. I was totally offended with Ethan taking care of Jane, and being so helpless. Geez, this is 2006. This shows what a sucky dad he is, if he can't feed a baby. Out of Ethan, Theresa and Gwen, it is so obvious that the good parent is GWEN. Did you ever see Theresa do anything except tell that baby about the 'wonderful life they would eventually have?' Gwen has baby spit on her clothes, feeds her, changes her, and loves her. GO GWEN!" Thanks MJ!!!

"What a stab in the back to Charguel fans? It was bad enough the way that Charity and Miguel exited in 2004. But now from spoilers, it's as if Miguel never loved her. I speak for myself and other Charguel fans when I say: 'WTH!!'" Thanks Galit!!!

SPOILER ALERT: "Who didn't see this one coming? Sheridan is pregnant, (sarcasm). Unless Sheridan and Luis have somehow done the deed and we have completely missed that, then that baby in there is Chris'. Honestly, is it an oxymoron to have Sheridan and Luis together? This is the most repetitive storyline when it comes to these two. Something happens to separate them, then months later they find each other, but oh wait, the two of them are with someone else, and then that third person ends up hurt because they have a mythical love for each other, and then someone dies. Now we are going to have a very mad, yet ever so determined Luis, [trying] to get Sheridan back. And Sheridan will always love Luis but has to think about her baby with Chris, which then leaves Marty out in the rain. Oh well, let see what happens this time..." Thanks Danielle!!!!

To those affected by the storms in Tennessee: may God Bless You and Keep You. All of you are in my prayers.

Until next week friends,

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