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Passions Recaps: The week of April 3, 2006 on PS
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Monday, April 3, 2006

Sam and Fancy walk into to Noah's bedroom to find Noah and Maya in bed together. They convince Sam and Fancy that they are still in love and Noah tells Fancy that she was just a fling. He then tells Sam he learned to use a rich girl from Sam's own past. When Sam and Fancy leave he wants to follow and explain that it was just a set up to keep Fancy safe but Maya reminds him of the deal he made with the FBI to break it off with Fancy for her own safety.

Luis celebrates his homecoming with his family at the cottage. Ethan and Gwen show up and are shocked to see him alive. Katherine and Rachel watch from outside the window before going in. They ponder about what will happen to Chris now that Luis is back.

Theresa breaks the news to Luis about her marriage to Alistair and then recounts the events of New Year's Eve and how he is in a coma.

Chris and Sheridan tell Katherine, Rachel, Gwen and Theresa that they are really the married couple and Sheridan explains how she didn't want to hurt Luis' chance of recovery with the truth. To everyone's surprise Rachel asks her in front of Chris who she'll stay with. Sheridan replies that she will stay with Chris because their marriage vows are sacred.

Katherine tells Sheridan that Martin and Pilar's vow renewal was called off due to her.

Theresa decides she was hasty to give up on her love with Ethan after seeing Luis and Sheridan together. She tells Chris that Sheridan will eventually leave him to be with Luis. She tells Ethan the same thing but adds that he will sooner or later leave Gwen to be with her because true love always wins.

Martin takes Miguel outside to try to bond with him. Miguel shows much hostility until Martin points out that he also abandoned his own daughter for a time but now wants to be a part of her life.

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

At the convent, Whitney answered "God's" voice to go on his mission to Europe to stop his secrets from coming out as she knelt next to an Omega symbol. As Whitney prayed the Hail Mary, Chad entered and told her that she needed to rest in her room. She wanted to stay and wait for God to come back and Chad told her that he was sure that God would understand. After Chad carried Whitney away, the wall opened up with the cross of light and a monk emerged. He walked over to the floor where Whitney had been kneeling and wiped the omega symbol off of the floor with a cloth. Chad took Whitney back to bed and asked her if she was in pain. She told him that pain was her penance. Chad asked to take her home so he could take care of her. She said that the convent was her home and it would be a sin for them to be together. She cried as she said that this is her world now and that was how it had to be. Chad asked her how it could be right if it made her cry. He asked her again and she told him it was her decision to stay. She reminded him that if she was with him she wouldn't be able to help herself and it would be a sin. He kissed her and as he left told her that he wished that she'd change her mind. He told her he was there for her. After he left Whitney said she knew God was there for her too. She decided she had to do her penance and she's help save the church and God would take care of her.

On the waterfront Spike and Jessica talked about the tattoo he got her. She was excited that he thought the omega symbol was beautiful and he lifted her shirt to admire it on the small of her back. She still didn't even know what it looked like so she asked him and he said it was a symbol of his love for her. He wanted her to turn tricks in order to pay for the tattoo. He said he had to do all the work-lining up customers, negotiating price, getting paid yada yada-and all she had to do was close her eyes for a few minutes and be nice. She also worried about the johns who had died and he told her that it wouldn't happen again. He gave her drugs to take so she would be ready when he brought her a customer. Kay slept and remembered her john in her dreams and how rough he'd been. She woke up and told him that his time was up and then saw that he was dead and had been stabbed. She picked up her cell phone and called Spike. She hysterically told him that she'd done it again; he was dead and there was blood everywhere. Spike got there and Jessica told him that she didn't remember doing it, but he was dead. She said he had to help her. She wanted to go to the police. He told her she'd go to the gas chamber. He told her he'd take her home to get cleaned up. She was so glad that he loved her and he told her that he was the only one who could love her. Spike was standing on the waterfront when the monk arrived. Spike gasped "oh no" and the monk nodded. Spike said, "Oh my God! It's you! Please don't sneak up on me like that. Where have been? I've been waiting for you."

At the Book Café' Paloma and Simone discussed Alistair's papers that Paloma found in the basement. Simone warned her to watch out for Alistair. Paloma said she found a clue-an omega symbol on a piece of paper. She said the symbol was on all of the stolen paintings. Simone asked her if she knew what the symbol meant. Paloma showed her the symbol in the artwork. Simone asked her if all the artists put it there for the same reason. Paloma said she'd scanned in the symbol and was doing an internet search for information about it. Jessica instead of going with Spike went walking and went in to the Book Café'. Jessica asked about the pictures and Paloma pulled Simone away with the pictures, Simone wanted to know why they couldn't tell Jessica and Paloma said she wasn't afraid of Jessica, but Spike. She wasn't sure what Spike would do. They took coffee back to the table and asked Jessica if she was okay. She said she was fine and then reached to the next table for some sugar. The girls saw Jessica's tattoo and asked her what it was. She said she didn't know, Spike got it for her as a present had told her it was a symbol of his love. They asked if they had the symbol at the tattoo parlor and Jess told them that Spike took in a picture for the guy to copy. Paloma and Simone looked at each other with a bit of fear and bewilderment.

At Tabitha's house she watched Kay in her bowl of water. Tabitha sent a bell to ring over Fox's ear to wake him up so he could see that Kay was up. Just then Miguel came home from Sheridan's cottage and told Kay that Luis was alive. Fox walked in to see Kay hugging Miguel on his good fortune. Fox was amazed at Miguel's news that Sheridan found Luis in Hawaii. Fox apologized for overreacting and Miguel said it was no problem Fox said that Sheridan was probably excited. Miguel then told them that Sheridan had gotten married to Chris and Sheridan hadn't told Luis yet. (Tabitha cluck-clucked about all the heartache Sheridan, Chris and Luis had in store.) Tabitha came into the room and expressed her astonishment as if she didn't know any of it. They all talked about Luis and then Miguel told them that Luis had been so excited to be back with Sheridan that he'd married her in the hospital. For Fox's benefit, Tabitha went on about first loves and that it would hard for Chris because Sheridan and Luis had a child together and how women don't just get over the love of their life, especially if they are the father of their child. Tabitha said it was such a tragic situation with a long lost love coming back and all those emotions coming forth. Kay could see what she was doing and pulled her to the kitchen to talk. She accused Tabby of trying to make Fox feel insecure. Tab denied talking about them and she said she was just talking about Sheridan and Luis. Tabitha quizzed her about which of the two men she really wanted-Fox or Miguel. Maria started crying and both guys stood up to go to her. Miguel told Fox not to worry; he'd go take care of his daughter. Fox slumped back on the couch. Fox walked into the kitchen asking about the tea that the gals were supposedly making. Then Miguel walked in to get a bottle for Maria and the kitchen was suddenly very full of awkwardness.

At Sheridan's cottage Luis embraced her as she stood at the bed. She told him she had to go luck up and when she left, Chris accosted her saying that he wasn't going to let his wife sleep in the same bed as the man who wanted to make love with her. They argued because Sheridan wanted to lie down next to Luis until he fell asleep. Chris didn't like it, but Sheridan didn't want Luis to get upset and sick. Chris finally agreed as long as Sheridan came back as soon as possible. She went back to Luis and he told her that when he was being tortured he swore he'd never spend a night without her if he ever got back home. Luis fell asleep and Sheridan wondered how she'd gotten into such a mess. Sheridan left to be with Chris and Luis slept, dreaming of Sheridan and being on their honeymoon. He was excited in his dream about being married and they kissed. Chris and Sheridan discussed the situation in the living room. He expressed his anger at watching how Sheridan and Luis had kissed and embraced. He asked Sheridan who she really wanted to be with-him or Luis. Luis woke up and yelled out for Sheridan. Sheridan called out that she'd be right there. Chris asked if that was her answer and she said that he just had to be patient. She'd tell Luis as soon as she could. Then Sheridan went to be with Luis and Chris swore aloud.

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Eve gives Fancy good news about her eye and the eye patch finally comes off.

Theresa has Valerie checking all the tabloids for information to confirm it was Gwen and Rebecca who sold them the story about Ethan. She tells Valerie to do whatever it takes to get the information and she will make it very worthwhile for her.

Noah agonizes over what he had to do to Fancy. He accuses Maya of being happy over the outcome. Maya denies it but he doesn't believe her since she has lied about everything since coming to town. The Dragon Lady calls during their conversation and congratulates Maya on getting back into Noah's bed.

Little Ethan calls and asks Ethan to be his ball coach. Gwen accuses Theresa of using him to get to Ethan. Ethan defends Theresa's love for her children and Gwen gets upset and says the Little Ethan is Theresa's only child and that she is Jane's mother. Ethan tries to calm her before going off to job interviews. Rebecca warns Gwen that she will lose Ethan if she continues working.

Fancy confides in Theresa about Noah and Maya. Theresa urges her not to give up on their relationship.

Chris wakes up alone on the couch while Sheridan sleeps by Luis' side.

Chris warns her that this will not happen again. Eve shows up to examine Luis and she and Chris catch Sheridan and Luis in a passionate kiss.

At the Book Cafe Ethan receives one rejection email after another and gets discouraged.

Thursday, April 6, 2006

At Tabitha's house, Kay and Fox left for work as Pilar arrived to see Miguel and Maria. Pilar said how excited she was to see her son and granddaughter together. She said there'd be only one thing better - talking Kay into breaking up Kay and Fox and him marrying Kay instead so they can raise Maria. Miguel was astonished that his mother wanted to break up Kay and Fox. Pilar said she just wanted what was best for the baby. She said it wasn't like he was breaking up a marriage because they were only engaged. She said the baby deserved to be raised by both parents, not like Paloma being raised by her father and Katherine. Then Miguel understood that his mother was equating his relationship with hers. He couldn't believe she'd push him to be wit Kay. Pilar gave him all the reasons why he should be with Kay. He said he didn't want to wreck lives like Theresa. He picked up Maria and realized that she had a fever and started to freak out about her being sick. Pilar told him he needed to call Maria's mother and have her help him take care of their baby.

At a restaurant on the waterfront, Lina met with Noah and Maya. She commented on the fact that they were together and asked about Fancy. Noah emphatically told her that he was over Fancy, didn't care a bit about her and was with Maya now. She asked if he was sure and he said that he was ever since his life had been threatened. She gave them written instructions to carry out their mission. Noah got agitated about having to lie to Fancy and worried that she'd already moved on with another guy.

At Crane Industries Fancy and Theresa talked about Fancy's new clothing line - Fancy asked Theresa how she managed to get in a full day of work with all her exploits to get Ethan. Theresa told her how busy she was and then commented that she was surprised about Noah being with Maya. She thought that it wasn't like him and there had to be something else to the story. Fox and Kay came in and commented on Fancy's lack of eye patch. Fancy was sad and didn't want to talk. Theresa told them to just let her alone, but Fancy spilled that she'd found Noah and Maya in bed together. Kay was astonished that her brother would cheat like that and was sure that there had to be a reason. Fox went to get Fancy some water and Theresa and Kay started whispering together about getting Noah back together with Fancy. Theresa got a call from the Crane chauffer telling her that he took the car in and found that Ethan was working at the garage. Theresa ran out of the office to go deal with this new development on her own. Kay called Noah and asked him to come by the office because she needed to talk to him. Fancy tried to leave the office, but they told her to wait. Noah walked in to see Kay and he brought Maya with him. Fancy was upset and Kay said she didn't know that he'd be bringing Maya. Everybody else left. Noah told her that he was glad that she got her eye patch off. He started to tell her about the FBI plan and she got a call on her cell phone from Lina. She asked Fancy if Noah and his girlfriend were there. Fancy said they were and wanted to know who she was. Lina told her that she had something to tell her that would change her life. She played a tape of what Noah had said earlier at the restaurant about Fancy not mattering to him. Noah asked her who was on the phone and Lina asked her if she wanted her to replay the tape. Fancy told her that she didn't need to hear it again. She told Noah to leave and that she never wanted to see him again.

Kay and Fox went to their office and dithered about Fancy and Noah. Kay asked Fox if that was why he'd gotten upset when he saw her hugging Miguel the night before. He said he understood that Miguel had just heard about Luis. Kay's cell phone rang with a call from Miguel telling her that Maria had a fever. Pilar told him to be the boss and demand that she leave work to be the mom. Kay put him off and told him not to worry; besides his mother was there. Pilar told him to tell Kay that she'd gone to the church to work on the spring bake sale. Kay asked Fox if she could go home to take care of Maria and Fox sent her on her way. Then Fox worried that she'd gone home to be with Miguel instead of Maria.

At an auto shop, Ethan asked the owner to let him work on a car. Ethan goes to work with Jerry as a hobby that nobody else knows about. Jerry asked him about his job search and Ethan explained how Theresa had blackballed him. Jerry offered to give him a job in the shop. He told him to make his hobby into his profession. Ethan grabbed the opportunity to have a job even though it doesn't pay lawyer money. Jerry called him to get out from under a car to meet with a customer. Theresa was there and confronted him about wasting his life and talent working in a garage. Jerry asked her where she got off offending his new mechanic and Theresa extolled Ethan's attorney virtues. Jerry told her that Ethan was only working there because some "rich bitch" kept him locked out of attorney work. Jerry stepped out to let them talk. Ethan told her that she'd driven him to work there. Theresa told him he could go back to Crane whenever he wanted but that he wasn't doing it because he was afraid he'd give in to his true feelings for her working beside her day after day. He said he couldn't go back to Crane because she was relentless in pursuing him. As she acted seductively around him, Theresa said that she was right-he couldn't resist the temptation. Ethan asked her if she thought he was some teenage boy who couldn't control himself and then Theresa pulled her coat open to reveal what she wasn't wearing.

At Sheridan's cottage, Eve and Chris walked in to the bedroom to find Luis smooching with Sheridan on the bed. Chris cried out that it had to stop. Luis wondered why Chris had stopped them and what right Chris had to stop them. Eve tried to cover by saying that it was her opinion that Luis conserve his energy. She asked Sheridan to leave so that she could examine Luis and as Sheridan left she whispered to her to go ease Chris's mind. Luis wanted to know what they were whispering about and Eve told him to just lay back down. As Eve examined him, he asked her what was going on with Sheridan and Chris. He told her how good it was to be back around Sheridan. Eve found scars on Luis's scalp and he said he'd been beaten. She said it looked more like he was tortured. He didn't want to talk about it. In the living room, Chris berated Sheridan for not telling Luis that they were married and asked about the kissing. He angrily told her that she had to tell Luis or their marriage was over. Sheridan said it wasn't fair and Chris said that he'd been more than fair. Eve came out and Chris asked her if Luis was strong enough to hear the truth. Eve said that in her medical opinion, he was. Chris told Sheridan to go in and tell him and she cowardly couldn't do it. Chris got angry and as he stormed out told her that he was going for a walk and when he got back she better be ready to tell him whether she was ready to be his wife and tell Luis. Luis lay in bed thinking about Sheridan. Sheridan talked to Eve in the living room about her dilemma. Eve could empathize because she'd been in the same boat with Julian and T.C. She told Sheridan that no matter what she did one of the men would be hurt. She told her to do what was best for her and asked her who she loved more. Sheridan thought about all the good times with Luis over the years. Chris walked back in. Sheridan told him that it was fast. He said that he got to the gate and had to turn back. He said he had to know now what she'd decided. Sheridan said that she'd decided who she would spend the rest of her life with.

Friday, April 7, 2006

Maria is sick, and Miguel is trying his best to take care of her. Kay comes home in time to help because Miguel is still learning. Miguel is considering what Pilar tells him about breaking up Fox and Kay in order to be with her and Maria. Kay shows Miguel how to use the Ear thermometer and gives Miguel instructions for Maria's medicine so that she can go back to work and help Fox. Miguel gets Kay to stay a little longer. Kay clowns around with Maria so that she can get her to take her medicine. Miguel is curious as to how Kay is able to get Maria to take her medicine, and Kay tells Miguel that Fox is responsible for getting Maria to take her medicine. Miguel thinks it's all good, but he is back in Harmony now, so he is perfectly capable of taking care of Maria with Kay. Kay is ready to go back to work, but Miguel convinces her to show him how the thermometer works. Kay demonstrates on Maria once more but discovers that she really has a high fever. Miguel and Kay are worried that Maria's fever hasn't gone down and decide to call Dr. Russell. Eve tells Kay to give Maria a rubdown with some tepid water and tells Kay not to worry because little kids run high fever sometimes.

Whitney prays to God asking that Chad and Miles be taken out of her mind & heart. She wants to devote herself completely to God. Chad brings Miles to see Whitney, but Whitney is not pleased at all. Chad wants Whitney to come home with him and Miles, but Whitney is not having it. Chad is upset that Whitney is being selfish and not trying to understand what he and Miles are going through without her in their lives. Whitney accuses Chad of being cruel and Chad accuses Whitney of being a hypocrite. Chad explains to Whitney how tough it is to deal with people who know Miles' identity; for example, people make excuses when it's time to set up a play date for Miles. They whisper behind his back, and Chad thinks that one day Miles will notice it and knows that something is wrong. Chad sites Whitney as an example of what Miles is picking up. He senses that Whitney does not want to be around him, his own mother. Chad tells Whitney that it's not Miles' fault that they are related so he shouldn't have to suffer. Whitney cries and apologizes to Miles and tells him that she loves him. Whitney tells Chad that it's all her fault, and Chad wants to know if Whitney will come home to him and Miles. Whitney refuses to go back to the temptation, and tells Chad no. She is afraid that she'll give in to Chad and get pregnant again if she goes back to live with him and Miles. Whitney insists that she will not go to live with Chad and Miles, and there is nothing Chad can do about it. Mother Superior walks in and Whitney uses that opportunity to tell Chad to leave and reinforces it by asking Mother Superior to tell Chad to leave. Mother Superior tells Whitney that she should not spend so much time alone because she will see things that aren't really there. Whitney agrees and leaves with Mother Superior.

Chris wants to know if Sheridan is ready to choose between him and Luis. Luis gets out of bed and Eve orders him back to bed. Luis prefers to make up time with Sheridan instead. Luis asks Sheridan if she has something to tell him, and Chris insists that Sheridan responds. Sheridan is saved by the bell! Mrs. Henderson brings James by because he wanted to see his daddy. Eve tells herself that Sheridan should tell Luis about Chris before he figures it out all by himself. Luis thinks he knows what Sheridan is about to tell him. He thinks Sheridan has grown attached to James because she loves children so much. Sheridan agrees with Luis without telling him the truth about Chris. Sheridan tells Luis that James' mom died in the Tsunami. Luis is not mad about James being in Sheridan's life at all. As a matter of fact, he wants James to be friends with Marty when he and Sheridan get him back. Eve tells Luis to get back in bed and Sheridan agrees. Chris is urging Sheridan to tell him what she has decided because Marty thinks of her as a mother and it's not fair to him or Chris. Sheridan tells Luis that she knows that he is thinking about Marty, and Luis tells Sheridan that he almost found him because he was so close. Sheridan tells Luis to hush because she knows that Marty was happy in Hawaii. Luis tells Sheridan that he'll find Marty, but Sheridan tells him to get better first. Chris interrupts Luis and Sheridan kissing, and Luis tells Chris that he is making it too much of a habit interrupting him and his wife. Sheridan tells Luis that Eve wants him to rest because he looks exhausted, and Luis tells Sheridan to come back soon. Chris demands to know why Sheridan is always kissing Luis each time his back is turned. Chris wants to know what has Sheridan decided but Sheridan changes the subject to James. Chris is tired of waiting and wants Sheridan to tell him if she has chosen Luis or him. Sheridan sighs.

Theresa is insisting that Ethan is tempted by her feminine wilds. She continues parading her naked body in front of Ethan. She pulls Ethan into a kiss, and he responds but eventually pulls himself back. Ethan tells Theresa that it's over, and Theresa tells him that he is the only man in her heart and is willing to be his mistress. Ethan reminds Theresa that he has a wife. In addition, Ethan tells Theresa to stop lowering herself by offering herself up as a mistress, and Theresa tells him that she cannot get any lower than offering up her naked body to him in a garage and that she would do anything for Ethan's love. Theresa keeps pestering Ethan and he basically tells her that she is a beautiful woman and there are plenty men out there that would want her. He will not cheat on Gwen. Well, of course, Theresa won't listen, and Ethan is not giving into temptation either. He tells Theresa that he loves Gwen. Ethan tells Theresa to leave or he will. Theresa did not leave so Ethan decides to leave, but the door is locked. Theresa refuses to give the key to Ethan and tells him to search her and at the same time, she wants Ethan to make love to her. Theresa pulls Ethan into a kiss, but Ethan did not pull away this time.

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