One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 3, 2006 on OLTL

Todd offered David two million dollars to obtain evidence against Spencer. David warned Blair about Spencer, but Blair trusted Spencer. Cristian was ordered to stay away from boxing to allow his hand to heal, but he didn't listen. Marcie and Michael set a wedding date. Michael and John pursued information on their father's case. Bo had Todd surrounded. Margaret hid in Bangkok.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 3, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, April 3, 2006

Desperate to keep her own identity and the man she loves, Tess destroys the incriminating video so that Jessica will never be able to see it. Unfortunately, Viki and Clint inform her that they have already turned over copies to the police and to Dr. Jamison so eventually Jessica will have to face the truth. Viki and Clint along with Antonio (that's right he's back) feel that Jessica's molester should be arrested for what he did but Nash reminds them that he was convicted for molesting another girl and judging by his failing health, he will pay again when he goes to hell. Tess says that it is time to stop thinking about what happened and start concentrating on the baby which Viki agrees with. Tess also taunts them by stating how much stronger she is beginning to feel leading her to believe that Jessica is gone. Viki suggests that Tess gets some sleep after her emotional day. Tess agrees and asks Nash to go upstairs with her.

Upstairs, Tess suggests Mary as a name if their baby is a girl. Nash says that Mary is such a normal name and that he thought she was leaning towards Grape. Tess says that all she wants is for her baby to have a normal life. Nash tells Tess that he never thought he would hear he say that she wanted normalcy. Tess falls asleep in Nash's arms as he vows to always love and protect her and their baby.

Antonio asks Viki if it could be true that Jessica is truly lost. Viki informs him that since Jessica is the host personality she is still there but lost very deep inside her own mind. Antonio blames himself for being out of commission for so long when Jessica really needed him. Clint tells him that it's not too late and that he and Viki are counting on Jessica and Antonio's love to help bring their daughter back to them. Antonio questions whether the integration will work and Clint tells him it has to. Viki reminds them that integration is a long and hard process. Antonio still has a problem acknowledging that Tess is a real person with real feelings and keeps referring to what she and Nash has as make-believe. Clint responds by telling him that he never could see the big picture and that he needs to grow up and accept the fact that what Nash and Tess have is as real and passionate as anything Antonio shared with Jessica. In fact, Clint feels sorry for Nash and Tess because their love will end once Jessica is integrated (maybe, maybe not).

David awakes to find himself tied to a chair with Todd standing over him. Todd tries to reason with David that if they work together they can bring Spencer down but David is hesitant. Todd accuses David of being too much of a coward to stand up to Spencer even if it means that an innocent man will die for a crime he didn't commit to which David agrees that Todd's statement pretty much sums up the situation. However, David does confess to knowing that Todd didn't kill Margaret because Spencer did (almost there Davey but not quite). David adds that he never thought Spencer could cross that line as a healer but ever since he met Blair, he will do anything to have her. Todd is relieved to have his suspicions about Spencer confirmed. He asks David if he has any proof that Todd killed Margaret but David says he doesn't. Todd tells him to do anything he can to get proof of Spencer's involvement with Margaret's "death." David tells him that after discovering what Spencer is capable of, he wouldn't go up against him not even for a million dollars. "How about two million," Todd replies. David changes his tune and agrees to team up with Todd to bring Spencer down.

Meanwhile back at Angel Square, Starr's new friend comes to her defense when she is being taunted by some of her peers regarding her murderous father and slutty mother. After chasing the kids away (there was some mild violence involved), Ricky introduces himself to Starr. When she tells him her name he informs her that he already knows who she is. Starr asks him if it's because of all the horrible things the papers are saying about her father but he assures her that he only reads the sports section. Ricky tells her that he asked his friends at school about her because he thought she was cute. Starr thanks him for defending her but tells him that she doesn't need a hero. Ricky informs her that he is no one's hero so that shouldn't be a problem. He gives her his bandana so that she can wipe her dirty hands and when she tries to give it back, he tells her to keep it as a reminder of him.

Starr goes home and arrives just in time to interrupt another moment between her mother and Spencer, who have been discussing how they are going to keep their romance in the background for a little while longer until her kids can accept him as the man in their mother's life. Spencer abruptly leaves and Blair tells Starr how she tried to reach her on her cell phone but couldn't reach her. Starr goes over the events that transpired in Angel Square and Blair apologizes for all the agony that Todd has caused her. Blair adds that all she wants is for Starr to be happy and that she hopes that one day they will be able to talk about all that has happened with Todd. Starr asks her mother if she has a new man in her life. Blair reiterates how much she loves Starr and Jack but doesn't say anything about Spencer. Blair finds the scarf that Ricky gave to Starr and hands it to her. She asks Starr if there is anything she should know. No, but the sly smile on Starr's face makes Blair think there is.

Michael advises Cristian that he has aggravated an old wound in his wrist and that he must wear a sling to prevent further injury. Cristian wants to know how long he has to keep the sling on. Michael strongly suggests that he keep it on for at least a month which means no boxing. Cristian balks at Michael's instructions saying that boxing is how he pays his bills. Michael reminds him how lucky he is that the injury wasn't permanent and should he try to push his luck without giving his wrist time to heal, he is sure to sustain permanent damage.

Natalie co-signs on Michael's advice to Cristian. She excuses herself from the room for a moment to make a phone call. John apologizes for what happened to Cristian saying he knows Cristian was distracted by what was going on between John and Natalie's informant. He tells Cristian that he and Natalie have talked about the dangers of her involvement in John's investigation and Natalie has agreed to back off. Cristian wants to know if John really believes that Natalie will let this go since once she decides to do something she can't be talked down. John tells him that he doesn't believe her but that just means that he has to step up his investigation to prevent Natalie from getting in too deep.

Too late for that since Natalie is in the hallway making calls, trying to find a new informant. When John confronts her she gets snippy and asks if he thinks that everything is about him (c'mon Natalie, denial isn't pretty). She walks away leaving him confused by her statement. Natalie narrowly misses Cristian on the phone letting his "manager" know that his wrist isn't broken and that he is ready for another fight.

John asks for Michael's help with the investigation and Michael agrees to assist him. They arrive at a bar where Dr. Snyder, the doctor who they believe operated on their father while intoxicated, frequents on a regular basis. John prepares to confront the good doctor about his role in their father's death.

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Cristian's new friend, Ricky, stops by to talk about the fight. Cris assumes that he is talking about Cris's latest boxing match but Ricky is actually talking about the fight he got into in Angel Square. He proudly displays his own bruised knuckles and gets a disapproving lecture from Cris. Ricky explains how he was defending a girl's honor "who was so worth it." Cris calms down as Ricky spies his paintings. Ricky admires Cris's work but is more impressed with his abilities in the boxing ring.

Natalie is visiting with Roxy who is doing a happy dance since she won $2500 betting on Cristian's match. Natalie doesn't share Roxy's enthusiasm and wishes instead that Cristian was still painting. Roxy tells her that when Cristian lost Natalie, he also lost his schmooze. Natalie corrects her by telling her the word is muse. Natalie and Roxy begin a discussion about how no one wants Natalie's help. Natalie fills Roxy in on her encounter with Rocco Lasardo Jr. and how John stopped her from being able to find out who shot his father. Natalie says that John won't let her help him because he is a stubborn a**.

Roxy believes that Natalie's real problem is that she doesn't know which man she wants to be with and so she just keeps going back and forth between the two men in her life. Natalie counters with she just wants to be taken seriously and that she wants John to want her the way she needs to be wanted (sounds like words Evangeline once uttered).

John and Michael are waiting in the bar for Dr. Snyder. John needs Michael there to keep him calm while Michael starts to have second thoughts about confronting Snyder. John tells him that all he has to do is follow his lead. They approach Snyder and address him as Dr. Snyder. He tells them that it has been a long time since he was called a doctor. John asks him if the last time was the night he operated on Thomas McBain while intoxicated. When Snyder wants to know who he is, John introduces himself as Thomas McBain's son.

Snyder tries to make a beeline for the door but his exit is blocked by John and Michael. John explains that his brother Michael is a doctor and they want to know how he managed, while intoxicated, to do the hardest part which was to stop the bleeding but then botch the easy part which ultimately caused their father's death. Snyder alludes to the fact that maybe he hadn't been drinking but doesn't confirm nor deny what happened that night. He does throw them a bone by telling them he regrets the decision he made that night and that there were six of them in the OR. John senses that Snyder is hiding something.

Tess and Nash confront Clint and Antonio with their concerns that the Buchanans are making decisions for Tess' future without her consent. Tess declares that although she is far from kicking off her farewell tour, she has decided to begin the integration process for the baby's sake but Nash must be allowed to be by her side while she is being integrated. Clint agrees. He tells them that during the process Tess will be hypnotized; Jessica will be coaxed out so that the doctors can slowly reveal to her what happened. Tess goes back upstairs but not before asking Antonio to think about how he will feel should he get Jessica back and then discover that the baby is Nash's.

Antonio and Nash have it out (yet again) about Tess vs. Jessica. Antonio is frustrated because he feels that Nash has taken advantage of the situation and since Jessica is unable to fight for herself he will continue to fight for her. Antonio turns a deaf ear to Nash when he defends Tess' right to exist. Nash leaves to join Tess who is talking to "Grape" about how much she loves him or her and bemoaning the fact that she will never get the chance to be a mother to her child. Nash promises Tess that he will tell their child all about her (the G rated version) and that no matter what happens tomorrow, she will live on forever in his heart and in their baby who was made out of love.

Clint seeks solace at Dorian's who just happens to have homemade pot roast sitting in the oven. As she and Clint break bread together, he reveals to her how tired he feels then goes on to reveal the painful details surrounding Jessica's sexual molestation as a child. He feels that he failed to protect his little girl. Dorian tries to reassure him that he was a good father and protected Jessica to the best of his ability. Clint is amazed that given their history that he and Dorian can be friends. Dorian agrees and lets Clint know that she will be there for him. Clint gives her a hug then returns to Llanfair.

Antonio turns to Cris for emotional support revealing how he is terrified about the integration process. Antonio is afraid that once Tess and Jessica are integrated, Jessica will still have memories and feelings from her time with Nash. Antonio doesn't like the fact that Cris feels sorry for Nash and Tess' doomed relationship but Cris feels that Antonio should be more understanding since after tomorrow Nash will be out of the picture. After chatting with Cris, Antonio also returns to Llanfair.

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Michael and John talk about what seems like an obvious OR cover-up occurring the night their dad died after being shot. They realize that there is still something strange going on and though Michael should be involved with his wedding plans, he won't settle for John working on the cold case himself. They each decide to pursue one of the two leads; Michael will follow up on Dr. Snyder who lost it all but is still hiding something while Michael will try to find out about the teenager seen lurking around and then disappearing after their father's death was made known. Big brother John, who hardly seems capable, gives Michael advice. He thinks it wise that he help his bride-to-be and not just show up on the wedding day. They do feel it would be a big help to solve the case and make it seem like their dad was there with them. John can't believe that the couple hasn't set a date yet.

At the hospital, Marcie tries in vain to get Lindsay to visit with Nora. She confides how difficult it is to plan her wedding between not having a mom or Jen around and the fact that she and Michael are not able to agree on anything. Lindsay is convinced that Jen is there with them and she offers to help out. Marcie asks her to be her maid of honor and though it takes some extra effort to persuade her, Lindsay agrees. She takes over many of the tasks from Marcie, not believing that a May wedding date is what Marcie is thinking of. When Michael shows up and asks Marcie to marry on May 4, Marcie's mom's birthday, she readily accepts.

According to Rex, Natalie is a mess because of John, despite her speed to deny it. She doesn't want to hear Rex preach because he's so happy. When she mentions that she has a lead in John's case, Rex immediately recognizes the man's name and states that Vincent Jones is involved in the mob. In light of the fact that Natalie doesn't know how to pursue her lead, Rex willingly volunteers to take over. John arrives and seemingly overhears the conversation, even though brother and sister hurriedly change the subject. Rex takes off and Natalie tells John that she's just stressed between her classes and Cris' hand. He knows she can handle it, he replies, as he heads to his office.

Adriana and Cris compare their fame. There's an article on him in the Sun while she is on a magazine cover. Their talk revolves around current events in their lives. Cris is convinced that he will have to go it alone as Nat doesn't want what he does. Rex stops by for Adriana.

As a nervous Tess and Nash head downstairs there's a welcoming committee to greet them in the study. Feeling ambushed, Nash challenges the group as he calms Tess down. As Viki, Clint, Antonio and Dr. Crosby all attempt to explain that they're there to help with the beginning of integration for Jess/Tess, Tess cries that she doesn't want to die. She's afraid of disappearing for good and feels unable to go through with it. After a private talk with Nash, she changes her mind but reminds him that she loves him. He promises that he won't let her disappear. The doctor urges the others to remain quiet even as Clint offers to toss Antonio out for becoming agitated. The couple returns and the doctor asks to speak to Jess. He takes her back in time, to when she was going out with Niki as a little girl. She recalls meeting the man who molested her.

Thursday, April 6, 2006

Under hypnosis, Jessica remembers another little girl being in the room with her. When Dr. Crosby asks her who it is, Jessica says, "she's not scared...she says her name is Tess." She can't handle being "in that room" and Dr. Crosby coaxes her to go back home. Still under, Jessica says she needs to talk to Tess. Jessica asks Tess to let her remember what she has been protected from. Jessica then says she's ready to remember everything, but can't get very far as the situation progresses. Tess emerges, triumphantly saying she knew Jessica couldn't handle it, and now she's here to stay. Tess and Nash go outside together for some privacy. Antonio is angry with Dr. Crosby for reaching Jessica and then letting her slip away, but Viki says that the session was actually very successful; Jessica remembered more than she ever has.

Rex tells Bo that he's worried about Natalie working too hard. Bo tells him he's a good brother, and not to accuse Natalie of going to school just to be near John. As Rex leaves, Hugh comes in to ask Bo about Nora's status, and confesses that he is worried about letting her down. Bo tells Hugh not to give up hope, because he thinks Todd is still nearby.

Evangeline is angry when Todd tells her he enlisted David's help. As the two talk, she tells him that wanting Blair isn't a strong enough motive for Spencer to kill Margaret. As Todd describes how Spencer probably feels about Blair, Evangeline subtly notes that Todd is also speaking about himself. She later tells Todd that she tracked Denton to a hotel in Boston, and that he used cash for every transaction while he was there. It was obvious that Spencer paid him off, but they have to find a way to prove it. Later, Evangeline regretfully tells Todd that she can't come back to the mansion anymore, because once the police realize she's back in town, they will start tailing her.

David sneaks into Spencer's hotel room. He listens to his messages and learns that Spencer took a humanitarian trip to Thailand. The doctor speaking thanked him for all of his amazing work. Knowing his brother's pension for "tooting his own horn," David wonders why it was never mentioned. Meanwhile, Margaret sits alone, writing a letter, and it is revealed that she is in Bangkok. She says it would be a fabulous place to raise a child, but can't picture herself staying there forever.

Blair overhears Spencer talking to an unconscious Asa about unfinished business. When she asks about it, Spencer says there is "bad blood" between the Truman and Buchanan families. He says that presently, it is mostly because of David, but he probably exacerbated the situation because of his initial interest in Kelly, and the fact that he was once married to Paige. Blair believes Spencer. Later, she tells him that she thinks she has always had an addiction to "dangerous" men, and thanks him for being the first man to not fit that profile. He tells her to go to his hotel room and he will meet her there in an hour. The couple plans to have some quality time. After she leaves, he returns to Asa's room and tells him that he is going to feel pain-both at his hands and the hands of Todd.

A woman comes to the police station because she thinks she has seen Todd and has a photograph of him running through the woods. Bo and Hugh look at it. They cannot positively identify him, but feel it is enough to investigate. They identify the area on a map, and Bo tells Hugh about Victor Lord's mansion. Bo sends all his men out to search the area surrounding Victor Lord's mansion for Todd.

Friday, April 7, 2006

Natalie switches her shift at the station so that she can take off for Atlantic City to help John behind his back. Rex comes through with information on the contact Vincent Jones, but the siblings squabble about Nat's hatred of Evangeline and her annoyance that Rex is endangering himself to help Todd. Eventually, Natalie calls Vincent Jones and speaks to one of his "employees," then takes off for Atlantic City.

Cristian is also annoyed that Evangeline is risking her life to help "scum" like Manning, and he witnesses her take a call from Rex, warning her that the police are approaching Lion's Heart. Cris physically prevents Van from warning Todd, first by grabbing her cell phone, then by standing in front of the door. When she punches him in the stomach and tries to get away, Cris picks her up and carries her off as she flails in vain.

Meanwhile, Bo warns his officers that no one is to shoot unless it's under his command. He remembers the promise he made to Todd to look after his kids, and this causes him to want to ensure Manning's safety as long as he possibly can. The police close in on Lion's Heart as Todd handles a loaded gun. Rex follows the cops to Todd's hideaway and waits in vain for Evangeline to show up. Todd spots Bo through the window, and when the cops break in to the mansion, he hides behind some boxes, clutching his own weapon in his hands.

Blair walks into Spencer's suite and discovers David, who is searching for information on Spencer's reasons for being in Thailand. David rips into Blair for letting Spencer charm her into his bed, but she continues to defend Dr. Truman. David says that if anything he said to her got through, then Blair will not tell Spencer he was there. He leaves, and Blair hears Spencer at the door. Thinking it's David coming back, she blurts something out, which causes Spencer to ask her if David was in his room. Blair tells the truth, and Spencer is livid that his brother violated his personal space and, worse, that he tried to poison Blair's mind against him. Blair tells Spencer that she doesn't believe anything bad about him ... she continues to reveal her true feelings, telling him that he came through for her like nobody else ever has. They draw close.

At the hospital, Starr overhears her new defender Ricky telling the doctor that he needs pills for his sister. The doctor refuses to provide any medication since Ricky's family doesn't have insurance. Starr offers to help Ricky, but the teenager grows defensive and tries to pretend that his family really isn't poor. Starr tells him that it's okay to be poor, and that she would like to pay him back for helping her out with the bullies. Ricky is embarrassed and takes off, and Starr takes off for Spencer's hotel suite. Imagine her surprise, when she walks in on Dr. Truman and her mother making love!

John opens up a bit more to Dr. Crosby, telling him about his father's final moments on the stretcher as he was wheeled in to surgery. Dr. Crosby firmly tells John that he is NOT to blame for his father's death. He also realizes that John is scared that Natalie will get hurt trying to help him solve the case of his father's death ... Dr. Crosby wants to know what it would do to John to lose Natalie.

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