All My Children Recaps: The week of April 10, 2006 on AMC

Erica made a painful confession to Ryan. Zach threatened Greg. Kendall was furious when Ryan formally declared his intention to seek custody of their unborn child. Lily regressed and Jack blamed Jonathan. Babe and Krystal's husbands started talking about babies. Tad saw Dixie for the first time.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 10, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, April 10, 2006

When Jack finds Lily and Jonathan in the treehouse, he is not amused. He expresses his displeasure with Lily, feeling betrayed because she broke her promise to not see Jonathan. Lily adamantly denies the accusation. She tells Jack that she never promised any such thing. Lily feels that Jack is the one who broke a promise, when he swore that he wouldn't make her miserable. She tells Jack that Jonathan makes her happy and that she is not going to stop seeing him. Furthermore, in just a month she will be turning 18 years old at which time she will be independent and free to do whatever she pleases. That includes marrying Jonathan if she wants to. Jack disagrees. He tells her that in her case, turning 18 years old will not make a difference. Lily will continue to need supervision because of her disorder. Things go downhill when Jack threatens Jonathan with a restraining order if he doesn't stay away from Lily. When Jack warns Lily he intends to burn down the treehouse, Lily reaches her limits. Frustrated with Jack and her disorder always holding her back, Lily runs away in tears. Her parting words to Jack are about not wanting him as a father anymore.

Babe leaves the room to make the final preparations to go to the beach with JR and little Adam. JR is interrupted by a text message. It's from Janet and it reads 'Has Babe pulled the rug out from under you yet?' Babe returns to the bedroom to find JR sitting and deep in thought. When she asks him what he's thinking about, JR dismisses it as work related and promises not to let it interfere with their day.

Tad is shocked when Di turns down his proposal. When she explains that she decided she can't marry him because there is still so much he doesn't know, Tad misunderstands her meaning. He thinks that she's talking about her past. Di tries to tell Tad about Dixie but can't seem to get the words past her lips. Tad meanwhile manages to convince Di to accept his proposal. Shortly afterwards they are joined by Babe, little Adam and JR. Seizing the moment and taking advantage of Di's acceptance, Tad suggests that they plan for a summer wedding on the beach. Di happily agrees to the suggestion. Later, Dixie watches Tad and JR from nearby, carefully hidden behind some bushes.

Dixie is alarmed when she sees Greg collapse on the set of New Beginnings. In the horror of watching the scene unfold on her television screen, Dixie speaks aloud her thoughts, unaware that she is doing so. Zach realizes that Kate is still very much alive and confronts Dixie with the knowledge. She is horrified that she revealed so much. Zach encourages Dixie to trust him with the full story. Dixie agrees, but only if he will promise her that he will not tell anyone that she is alive. He vows that no one will learn the truth from him. She confirms that Kate is alive and that Greg Madden is the only person who knows where she is. He asks Dixie why Greg has never told her where Kate was. Dixie shrugs his shoulder and suggests that it's because he can. Zach is disgusted with Greg and sympathetic with Dixie's predicament because of his own situation with Ethan. He tries to comfort Dixie with the knowledge that she at least got to know Kate long enough to give her a name. Dixie blinks away the tears as she tells him that she named Kate long before she was born. Zach isn't unaffected. He suddenly gets up, telling Dixie more than suggesting, that she let him handle Greg Madden for her.

Josh fights to save Greg's life by giving him CPR. When Greg doesn't respond, Josh orders Ryan to bring him the emergency heart defibrillator. Kendall walks in just as Ryan returns with the life saving device. Stunned by what is unfolding, Kendall demands answers from her mother, specifically why Erica put Greg through the stress of the interview so soon after getting out of the hospital. Erica denies that she is in any way responsible for Greg's current condition. She insists that Greg wanted to do the interview and refused to consider any other option. When Josh manages to get Greg's pulse back, Erica pretends to be elated at the good news and rushes to make an onscreen announcement to her audience that Greg has been successfully resuscitated. As Greg is taken to the hospital and Josh joins Kendall in accusing Erica of pushing Greg too far and causing his relapse, Ryan studies Erica closely. After Josh and Kendall leave to follow the ambulance to the hospital, Erica rushes to her office. Ryan is close behind her. He catches up with her in her office and demands to know where the poison that she used to cause Greg's cardiac arrests was hidden. Erica pretends to be offended at the implication and claims she has no idea what he is talking about. Ryan doesn't believe her for a moment. He outlines the proof that he has including watching Erica during the interview and reading her expressions. Erica steadfastly maintains her innocence. Ryan gives up trying to get answers from Erica and resorts to searching her office. Erica tries to casually pick up her purse but Ryan notices. He quickly snatches it out of her hand and searches it. Within seconds he uncovers the poison. Faced with irrefutable proof, Erica decides to finally tell the truth. She shows no remorse as she admits that she poisoned Greg. Ryan is shocked and asks her why she would do such a thing. Erica tells him that Greg experimented on her and violated her body. Ryan listens as Erica tells him that when she went to Greg to have an abortion, Greg instead took her embryo and implanted it in his own wife. That pregnancy led to a baby boy. Josh. Ryan is momentarily speechless as he realizes that Josh is Kendall and Bianca's brother. When he recovers from the astounding revelation, Ryan tries to talk some sense into Erica. He tells promises her that he will do whatever is necessary to get Kendall away from Greg and he will make sure Greg pays for what he did but killing him isn't the answer. Erica belligerently asks her how he's going to stop her. Rather than answer her, Ryan reminds Erica that she owes it to her daughters and grandchildren including his unborn son to stay out of jail. He is eventually able to convince Erica to drop her homicidal intentions toward Greg.

At the hospital, Kendall keeps Josh company as they await news on Greg's condition. Josh doesn't understand why Kendall is keeping him company given that Erica thinks he poisoned her and hates him. Kendall points out that they have their concern for Greg in common and that she does not necessarily feel the same about Josh as Erica does. Josh appreciates her honesty. Worried about his father, Josh tells Kendall a story about how his mother believed that anything in a can was junk and would rot your insides. She refused to let Josh have any junk. This of course made him crave junk all the more. Josh thought his father supported his mother's edict until one day Greg took him for a root beer float. Afraid something terrible will befall Greg, Josh confesses that he's not sure his dad realizes how much he loves him. Kendall is sympathetic and tries to comfort him with encouraging words. Shortly afterwards, David comes out of Greg's room to give Josh an update on his father's condition. Moments later, Josh goes in to see his father. Greg thanks him for saving his life. Josh shrugs it off and offers his father something to drink. As he is drinking, Josh suddenly looks at the cup suspiciously. He quickly steps out of the room and orders up a tox screen on his father with specific orders that the results be given to him personally and no one else.

Kendall returns from the cafeteria with drinks for her and Josh when she sees Zach walk into Greg's room. Inside, Zach asks Greg" Where is Dixie Martin's child?" Greg's eyes widen in shock.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Jonathan found Aidan and Erin at his office and told them about Jack finding he and Lily in the treehouse and how Lily had run off. Jonathan explained to Erin that he and Lily being together hurt no one and that he was frantic to find her. Just then, Lily came down the stairs and announced that she was on the lam. Lily said if she went home her dad would not let her see Jonathan and he would treat her like a little girl and that was unacceptable. Aidan called Jack and when he hung up the phone, he told her he had to take her back. Lily said she would not go back and she would run again. Erin told Lily and Jonathan to say goodbye to each other. Lily left with Aidan with tears in her eyes.

As Krystal laid on the sofa with a wet washcloth on her head, Adam asked her if she was pregnant. Krystal told him she wasn't pregnant. Adam talked about how wonderful it would be to have "their" baby. Krystal said no way, but Adam continued on and tried to talk her into it.

J.R. told Babe that he went to see Janet. He told Babe that Janet said that Babe was only with him to be close to Little Adam. J.R. said he wanted to trust her but wondered why she would say something like that to Janet. Babe told J.R. that she talked and blabbed the whole time to keep their son out of Janet's hands. She said that she told Janet that she wanted to be her daughter and they would raise Little Adam together. Babe told him that she said anything she had to so she could stay alive. Babe told J.R. that it was up to him to either believe what she told Janet or to believe in their love. He told her that if he blew it because of Janet, he was a lost cause.

Amanda went to the hospital to see Greg Madden. She ran into Josh and after a few ugly remarks Amanda told Josh that his dad had offered her a job. He told her there was no job and to stay away from his dad. Amanda told Jamie that Dr. Madden's offer meant someone trusted her. Josh looked at the toxicology report on Greg and couldn't believe what he saw.

In Dr. Madden's hospital room (as Kendall watched through the window) Zach asked where Dixie's daughter was. Obviously getting nowhere, Zach threatened Madden and told him he would get the truth out of him one way or another. Madden told Zach that to all the world Dixie was dead so if he knows otherwise he must be special. Again Zach asked about the baby and Madden told him he had no idea. He said that he connected families not tore them apart. Madden then asked Zach why he cared. Zach asked what he had planned for Kendall's baby just as she opened the door ever so slightly. Zach told him that if he hurt Kendall nothing would save him. Zach left and Kendall was waiting for him. Kendall attacked Zach for going to see Madden. She told Zach that he couldn't control her and that Madden had been with her from the beginning of her pregnancy and she would not switch doctors. She then went on a tirade about Julia wanting to adopt her baby and how that would never happen because no one tells her what to do. Zach figured out that she had already decided to give up her baby.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

JR tires to introduce on-site daycare services and job sharing to the board of Chandler Enterprises. The reaction is less than enthusiastic. Adam is worried that Babe's influence is prompting JR to make an unsound business decision but Krystal disagrees. She supports JR's proposal and eventually manages to convince Adam to give it a try. JR immediately calls for a vote and the proposal is passed. As Adam and Krystal are talking to JR, he is interrupted by another text message from Janet. Annoyed, he grumbles aloud that he wishes Janet would leave him alone. JR shows Adam and Krystal the text message. It's more of the same. Janet is taunting JR by asking him if Babe has taken little Adam from him yet. Adam suggests that JR change his number to stop the harassment. JR doesn't think that would stop Janet. Krystal senses JR's doubt and tries to point out that Janet is just trying to drive JR into self destructing and ruining his marriage with Babe. Adam agrees. He advises JR to hold onto Babe and what he has with her and then surprises JR by suggesting he have another child with Babe. JR asks him what prompted that idea. Adam admits that he and Krystal are in the midst of trying to decide if they will have a baby or not. After they leave, Babe walks in. She asks JR how his meeting went and JR tells her that it was difficult but they managed to convince the board to accept his proposal. He then changes the topic and asks Babe if she would like to have another baby.

Ryan goes to the hospital to check on Greg's condition. As he is about to enter Greg's room, Josh stops him. He makes it clear that he doesn't want Ryan anywhere near his father and orders him to leave him alone. Ryan tries to tell Josh that he just wants to talk to Greg about Kendall's pregnancy but Josh refuses to let him in to visit Greg. Ryan decides to back off and leaves the hospital.

Babe gives Simone a gift. It's a picture of Simone and Ethan at the ball. Simone is touched by the gift and is receptive when Babe follows up the present with an apology for trying to hire Amanda. As the women are talking, Kendall walks in. Her aggravation is quite apparent as she starts barking orders. Things get worse when Erin strolls in a few minutes later and Simone announces that she's hired Erin to head their marketing department. Babe thinks it is a wonderful idea but Kendall refuses to even consider it even when Simone shows her Erin's impressive resume. Erin asks to speak to Kendall alone. Once they are alone, Erin tries to convince Kendall that she is well suited for the position but Kendall is certain that the only reason Erin wants the job is so that she can spy on Kendall for Ryan. Erin flatly denies any such thing. She admits that she hates the position that her nephew is in but that her only interest at Fusion is work related. Kendall doesn't believe Erin. She is convinced that Erin is there to help Ryan because Kendall has made it clear that she has no intention of allowing Ryan to raise his son. Erin is surprised at the news but maintains that she doesn't want the job for Ryan's sake. When Simone and Babe return, Simone puts Erin's hiring to a vote. Since Babe and Simone are in support of it and Kendall is the only one who isn't, Erin is hired despite Kendall's loud objections. Ryan happens to walk in just at that moment and after congratulating his sister on her new job, Ryan speaks to Kendall alone. He tells her that he wants to discuss Greg Madden with her. Kendall refuses to listen to anything he has to say. Reluctantly, Ryan stands up and hands Kendall a piece of paper as he tells her that he hates that he has to do what he's about to but she has given him no choice. Kendall reads the paper and is furious. She looks up and calls him a son of a bitch.

Erica watches TV in the hopes of getting an update on Greg's condition. Jack walks in and happens to catch the tail end of the news update about Greg. He starts to question her about why she invited Greg to be a guest on her show but they are interrupted by Reggie. Reggie is concerned about Lily. Lily has apparently reverted back to her old behavior. She refuses to acknowledge anyone talking to her and just rocks herself back and forth. Everyone tries to get through to her, but Lily doesn't respond. Angry, Jack is convinced that Lily's behavior is because of Jonathan. When Ryan stops by to let Erica know that Greg is recovering, Jack takes the opportunity to tell Ryan about Lily's regression and accuses Jonathan of putting her in that state. Ryan is quite concerned when he sees Lily. He promises to talk to Jonathan about it but tries to calm Jack down by telling him that he is certain that Jonathan didn't deliberately do anything to cause Lily to behave the way that she is. Jack is disgusted at Ryan's continued defense of his brother. After Ryan leaves, Jack continues to gripe about Jonathan. Lily becomes quite agitated and leaves the living room. Reggie assures Jack that he'll follow Lily and take care of her. Erica takes advantage of the opportunity to try to reason with Jack. She gently suggests that maybe he is wrong about Jonathan and Lily and then reminds Jack that, like it or not, Jonathan will be a part of their lives because Kendall is carrying his nephew. Jack is taken aback when Erica goes on to suggest that Jack allow Jonathan and Lily to see each other in public places in their home under supervision. Jack rejects the suggestion without hesitation. He then turns the tables on Erica and begins questioning her about Greg Madden again, specifically why she didn't tell Jack about the interview.

Aida tries to give Jonathan advice about Lily. He feels that Jonathan should stay away from her for the time being. When Jonathan pushes him to tell him how long he should stay away, Aidan suggests six months, one year, or however long it takes. Jonathan doesn't like the sound of that and tells Aidan that he needs Lily. Lily's faith in him is part of the reason Jonathan feels that he is doing so well. He is terrified of what may happen to him if Lily isn't around to believe in him. Aidan listens and tries to make Jonathan understand that Lily has special needs because of her disorder and that she will always have those needs. Aidan isn't certain that Jonathan is capable of adequately taking care of Lily. He gently tries to advise Jonathan to consider dating other women but Jonathan dismisses the idea entirely. He loves Lily and doesn't want to be with anyone else but her. As they are talking, Jonathan comes to the conclusion that the reason he came out of the brain surgery the way that he did is because he was meant to be with Lily. He explains that before the surgery, he would never have looked twice at Lily much less gotten to know her. The more he talks the more certain Jonathan becomes that he was meant to be with Lily.

Josh goes in to see Greg. He tells him that he decided to order a tox screen shortly after Greg was admitted. Greg is surprised and asks Josh why he would do such a thing. Josh explains that it's because he feared Greg was poisoned and the tests confirm that he was. He goes on to tell Greg that he is positive that the person responsible for poisoning him is Erica.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Babe wonders where JR's desire to have another baby has stemmed from. He even locks the doors to the office so they can get the ball rolling, but Babe wants to give the idea some more thought. JR thinks there is nothing to even contemplate - they are in love, married and already have one child. Even JR's kisses and hugs don't do the trick on Babe. She can see JR is trying to test her because he letting Janet manipulate him, giving her a reason to mistrust him. She tells him she can't be with him if he is going to give into the fear Janet has implanted in his mind. JR claims he wants to trust her and promises to ignore any more weird messages from Janet.

Erica admits to Jackson that she is being nice to Greg to keep an eye out for Kendall. Jackson presses Erica further about why the man she hates came on her show, so Erica claims she did have some plans, but Ryan made her come to her senses. Jackson is upset that Erica kept secrets from him and did not seek his advice on how to handle Greg. Erica claims her actions have also been a way to make Josh a better person, but Jackson still sees him as a spotlight hog. Erica knows Josh did some terrible things to her, but she wants to get past that. Jackson lets Erica know he could get Josh's medical license revoked and lock him in jail, if she wanted him to. Erica tells Jackson she does not want to wallow in the past, like has done with Lily and Jonathan. Erica reminds him that Lily is withdrawn because of the way Jackson treats her, not because she was with Jonathan. Erica says the turmoil the family has gone through over the past few months is all his fault, then walks out.

Greg remembers all of the times Erica offered him something to drink as Josh tries to figure out a way to punish her. He refuses to believe Erica is the one who drugged him, but Josh points out all of circumstantial evidence that ties Erica to the crime. Josh claims Erica tried to kill him as a way to seek revenge for Kendall, but Greg admits that her actions have nothing to do with Kendall - maybe it is Josh. Josh gets upset that Greg continues to defend Erica, so Greg begins to tell him the truth about his paternity. Josh tells his father that despite their disagreements, he loves is father unconditionally and does not want to lose him. Josh wants his father to be open with him and asks him what he is hiding. Greg claims that he took the medicines himself because his heart has been having problems for the past several months. Erica has nothing to do with his condition, Greg adds. Josh thinks his father is lying because he has such strong feelings for Erica and threatens to tell David about the drugs. Greg tells him he will stop taking the drugs and listen to David's orders from now on. Josh gets paged and rushes off. As it hits Greg that Erica knows the truth about Josh, she walks into his room with a basket of flowers.

Kendall hands Ryan the paper back and tells him to get out of the Fusion office. When Zach walks in, Kendall accuses him of plotting with Ryan, but Zach only came to see Simone. Ryan tells Kendall he is suing her for custody of their unborn child to protect him from Greg. Since Kendall is making all of the decisions herself, Ryan has decided to take action into his own hands. Ryan is confident Greg has some plot to take their child away, but Kendall is not dropping her doctor until they can provide proof. Ryan slips up by saying he won't let Greg redo what he did to Erica, giving Kendall the chance to realize he is not talking about the abortion. Ryan says he just means that Greg hid the fact he performed the abortion, but that is not old news to Kendall. Ryan begs for Kendall to trust his instincts about Greg, but she says, "What do you think Greg is going to do? Steal this baby from my womb?" Ryan tries to work out a deal with Kendall - if she signs their son over to him, he'll drop the lawsuit. When Kendall blurts out that Ryan only wants their son to have as a possession, Ryan can see that Greg planted those ideas in her head.

Zach finds Simone up on the roof of Fusion, crying over Ethan's death. He hands her a copy of Ethan's birth certificate to prove he is acknowledging his son, but Simone thinks it's too late. When Zach begins to walk away, Simone tells him that for one second, she thought she was pregnant with Ethan's child. Her hopes were shattered when her menstrual cycle resumed after being a few days late. Simone breaks down into tears as Zach embraces her. She pushes away and claims she does not know how to be happy without Ethan. Zach asks Simone to remember her most special moment with Ethan to make her see that Ethan is not really that far away.

Zach comes back into the Fusion office, where Kendall tells both of them she will fight anything they try to pull on her. She runs to Jackson to seek his advice on how to handle Ryan. Back at Fusion, Ryan asks Zach about teaming up to help Kendall, but Zach wants to know what dirt he has on Greg first.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Just as Dixie breaks into Dr. Madden's office in search of information on her daughter, she hears a noise out in the lobby. She is able to hide quickly before Tad enters the office in similar fashion. Tad is puzzled that the office seems deserted and calls out to see if he can elicit any response. After peering into a room without noticing Dixie behind the door, he is interrupted by Hazel. He tells her that all he wants is an update on Greg's condition - but Hazel refuses to comment. While Dixie listens in, Hazel throws Tad out.

Kendall frantically tries to convince Jack that he needs to somehow make Ryan's connection to their baby less than what it is. Jack reminds her that she gave him parental rights, and undoing something like that is nearly impossible. Kendall insists that Ryan was nothing more than a sperm donor - and reminds Jack that Ryan was "dead" when the child was conceived. Kendall begs Jack to go to court and find a way for her to take the baby from Ryan before the opposite becomes the truth. Jack asks if Ryan told her he wants to take the baby away, and Kendall fills him in about the papers that Ryan served her with. Kendall is incensed that with the court order, Ryan will have control over her body - as if she is solely the incubator for his son. Jack asks what changed, as the last he knew, Ryan wanted to raise the baby with Kendall. Kendall falls silent, causing Jack to realize that he has missed out on something major. She tries to explain that the explosion of Ryan's ego is what changed her mind but Jack isn't buying it. Backed into a corner, Kendall finally admits that her plan is to give the child up for adoption. She says that the decision was hers to make, and now that she has made it, Ryan is doing whatever he can to stop her. Jack takes in this latest information, and then tells her that she has a huge problem. Jack cautions her that trying a case like this will be difficult because the court favors the biological parents. Kendall thinks she has hit upon something, but Jack reminds her that Ryan has the same rights. In addition, it's very unlikely that the courts would award in her favor when her intention is simply to put the child up for adoption. Kendall believes there has to be a way to tip the scales in her favor, and suggests the unfit parent angle. Jack isn't certain it will work, but she reminds him that Ryan went over a cliff to avoid being a parent. In addition, Kendall notes that the presence of Jonathan, a known killer, in Ryan's life should add insult to injury. Jack tells her that more horrible acts have been committed where the guilty party ended up with custody of their children so she will see that it is possible that she can't win. Jack then tells her that as parents, people constantly try to reinvent themselves by learning from their mistakes. He then informs Kendall that Ryan approached him to find out ways to be a good father, and remarks that doing so had to be difficult for him. He compares the current situation to the one where Lily's mother, Laurel, trusted him enough to let him raise his daughter. He offers that perhaps Ryan deserves the same chance. Kendall is almost offended that it seems Ryan was able to lure Jack to his side by just sucking up to his daddy side, and that's the last straw for Jack. He reminds Kendall that the reason she is pregnant with Ryan's baby is because she deceived her best friend. He tells her that it's too late now to play the victim. Kendall starts to storm out but Jack stops her, unwilling to leave things up in the air. Kendall says, much to Jack's surprise, that she doesn't understand why this baby is causing such uproar. Starting to get a real look at what's going on inside Kendall's head, Jack asks her how long it took her to get over the fact that Erica gave her up. Kendall thinks that her situation is completely different from than that of her son. Jack takes this in, and admits that he was actually looking forward to a grandson. Kendall begs him not to pile on anymore guilt, and Jack tells her that to do so is not his intention. He asks her if she'd talked over her feelings with Erica, but the question does nothing to soothe her. She thinks that Erica is the one person left that isn't looking at her like there is something wrong with her for not loving her own child. Jack begs her to calm down and just talk to him - because he really does want to try to understand why she believes that giving up her child is the best case scenario. Kendall is immediately defensive again, and says that her reasons are her own and that she doesn't need to answer to anyone when it comes to her son. Jack reminds her that she has to answer to the baby's father and the courts if she wants a real shot at revoking Ryan's parental rights. Kendall insists that Jack is trying to bully her just like everyone else, but Jack denies it. She doesn't think Jack really cares, and starts to storm out of the house. Jack calls her back again and says that he took her as his daughter when he married Erica, and he really does only have her best interests at heart. He wants to make sure that she doesn't live a life of regrets, and beseeches her to carefully think about and weigh out her options. Should she decide that she really wants to fight Ryan, he promises that he will be by her side every step of the way.

Ryan admits that he believes Zach knows more damaging information about Greg Madden than he is letting on, and implores him to share. Zach is hesitant to say the least, if only because he won't be getting anything in return. Ryan tries to work the angle of how trading tidbits will only help Kendall in the long run, but Zach isn't so easily fooled. He knows that Ryan has an Ace up his sleeve as well, and questions why Ryan won't be as forthcoming as he would like Zach to be. Zach notes that what Ryan knows probably has something to do with what Erica has on Greg. Ryan sidesteps the inquiry by noting that Zach's refusal to help must mean that at some point, he fell out of love with Kendall. Amused by his tactics, Zach tells Ryan that he can't get to him with some heartfelt notion because he has no heart. He tells Ryan that if he won't divulge what he knows, they have nothing else to talk about. He assures Ryan that he will see the investigation through, and he will help Ryan when he can. With that, he takes his leave.

Josh approaches David at the hospital, penitent over his previous behavior towards his colleague. He smoothes the ruffled feathers by first expressing his gratitude that David saved his father's life. He then offers up that his father didn't provide an accurate medical history. Interest piqued, David listens intently as Josh tells him that his father admitted he had self-medicated for his arrhythmia and that he took the blame on himself for his recent attacks. Josh also confesses that he ran a toxicology screen on his father without anyone knowing - and that the results were troubling. David takes a look at the report, and then asks Josh who he thinks medicated his father, if not Greg himself? Josh isn't certain but he thinks that the kind of medications and the amounts that showed up in his father's bloodstream aren't consistent with someone trying to medicate themselves. David tells him that while the drug combination Greg chose wouldn't be his first choice, the differences could be attributed to the fact that they specialize in two different fields and that what shows up in the lab report doesn't necessarily prove that foul play was involved. He tells Josh that he has an appointment to keep but to make sure his father understands that he is not to treat himself again.

Erica stops by and visits Greg in the hospital again, insisting that she was worried about him. Erica insists that she wasn't doing the interview for the ratings, but Greg notes aloud that he believes she planned it that way. Erica asks if Greg thinks she's a killer, and he avoids the implication by complimenting her on her eyes. Greg notes that she looks flushed, but Erica simply brushes his commentary off as physician's humor. They talk briefly about what happened in the studio, and why Josh was still there when Greg collapsed. Erica tells Greg that was just curious as to why he would be somewhere that he was clearly not wanted. Greg reminded her that Josh said he was there to support his father, and to make sure that he was okay so soon after being released from the hospital. Erica thinks it's strange that Josh would be so kind to his father, especially given the way he had been acting as of late. Greg informs her that his relationship with his son had started to change once the heart episodes began to show up. He also reveals that the doctors discovered that his heart episodes were induced. Without missing a beat, Erica feigns shock at the fact that they both had been drugged. She starts to wonder who could do such a thing, but Greg tells her that Josh suspects her. Erica thinks that Josh would blame her for anything - and denies that any proof he may have come up with would be meaningful. They then begin to talk about what happened between them at the clinic all those years ago, and Greg asks Erica if she regrets the decision that she made. Without answering, she asks him if he regrets what he did to her. He tells her that he knew at the time, her future didn't include children - and therefore, he had no regrets about what he did. He then asks again if she had regrets about not seeing the child she could have had grow up but she makes sure to note that she already knows the kind of love he had for Josh because she had the same with her daughters. They continue to speak cryptically, talking at once about both the fact that Greg raised Erica's biological son and that Erica poisoned him. Greg then speaks of a dream he had - one in which the three of them were family. He tells her that he can change Josh's mind about her and make him trust her like a mother if she agrees to become intimate and to make the dream a reality. Offended, Erica makes it very clear that her reality will remain her married to the man that she loves. Greg snidely notes that he is worried about Erica, and says that if he can't convince Josh to sway his thinking, he is afraid that she might end up in jail. Erica tells him that she is far more worried about Josh than she is about herself. She also notes that trials have a way of bringing to light information hidden long ago - and asks how Greg would feel is something was revealed that made his son completely change his view of the world and all of the people he has ever known and loved. On cue, Josh enters the room and demands to know why Erica is there. She tells Josh that it would be best if he excused himself, as he really didn't want to be privy to the current conversation. Angry that she defied his directive once again, Josh refuses to leave - and is backed by his father, who asks him to stay. Greg says that he has information to share with him about Erica just as Kendall walks into the room. She demands to know everything that Greg has been has been hiding about her mother.

As Dixie looks through the files on Greg's desk, she has a moment of panic when she hears someone at the door again. This time, to her relief, it's Zach - wondering if she had managed to turn up any new leads. She doesn't have any information to share, and Zach thinks it's a long shot to believe Madden would keep such damning evidence in his office. Dixie tells him that she is unwilling to leave any stone unturned when it comes to searching for her daughter. Before they can discuss much more, a call from David comes through on Dixie's cell phone. David is at their meeting place and wondering if she planned to hold up her end of the bargain. Dixie vaguely tells him that she is running late, and David inquires as to whether Dixie is now backing out on their deal. She denies as much, and says that there are just some things that she needs to take care of. David offers to help, but she refuses. She balks at his insistence, and Zach quietly urges her to abruptly end the call. David thinks that he hears someone in the background, but before he can probe further, Dixie tells him that she will meet with him soon and hangs up the phone.

At Fusion, Ryan places a call to Erica and leaves a message for her to call him back. Just then, Tad shows up and runs through what happened at the New Beginnings studio, and tries to figure out exactly what happened and who could be behind it. Ryan, taking in all of Tad's theories, finally offers up that he knows where Tad is going with his train of thought - and he also knows why. He confesses that Erica filled him in on what Greg did to Erica and her connection to Josh. He tells Tad that he can't imagine the state of mind that Erica must be in, knowing how Greg betrayed her. From that vantage point, it's easy to see that Erica could be the one that has it out for Greg. Flabbergasted, Tad notes that neither one of them could find anything unbecoming in his medical records. Ryan tells him that he can't betray a confidence but Tad, as a detective, has more leeway with the investigation than he does. Tad thinks that Erica has snapped, and can't imagine what she was thinking to pull such a stunt. Ryan admits that he agrees with Erica - Greg Madden has to be stopped. Tad is worried about what she will try next seeing as how Greg survived her latest attack, but Ryan confesses that he got Erica's word that she wouldn't try again. Tad doesn't think her word means much, as she tried to kill a man on national TV. Ryan tells him that he got her agreement in trade, and then quickly assures Tad that while he won't be the one trying to kill Greg now, he doesn't have a solid plan in place. Dropping that line of discussion for a moment, Ryan admits that he can't fault Erica for what she did - which makes the fact that Kendall trusts him worse. Tad reminds him that Kendall only feels the way that she does because she doesn't have all of the facts. Knowing that much, Ryan declares that he will do whatever it takes to make sure that Kendall and his son are not Madden's next victims. Ryan thinks that the answer is to get Erica to expose what Madden did to her. Tad disagrees, reminding Ryan that lives will explode if this secret comes out. Ryan then says that with Tad's father at the helm of the hospital, it should be easy to find out if people are suspecting that Greg's attacks are anything but natural. Tad says that he will do what he can, but that he won't involve his father. He tells Ryan that his sole job is to protect Kendall and the baby. In the meantime, Tad notes that he has an idea where Erica could have procured the drugs she used, and he makes a beeline to confirm his idea.

Dixie shows up at the boathouse to find that David decorated with candles and flowers. She thinks that the gesture is sweet, but David notes that there was never anything sweet about their relationship. He tells her that passion, risk and love defined their union - and that nothing had changed. He tells her how much he missed her and then tries to kiss her. Dixie lets him in for a second before breaking away and telling him to stop. He tells her that Death himself couldn't stop them, so the best that she can hope for is them slowing down. She seizes that notion, and tells him that they can't just pick up where they left off - especially since they weren't together when she left. David takes her on a stroll down memory lane - a dinner at a Moroccan restaurant, and how they couldn't keep their hands off of each other. He reminds her of their stroll after dinner, and how she saw a candleholder, much like the centerpiece of his boathouse decorations, and how much she loved it. He tells her that he had someone track down another candle holder specifically for her. Dixie is taken aback at the lengths David is willing to go to - and admits that perhaps he hadn't changed as much as she thought. He tells her that they should seize this second chance they have been given. Dixie thinks that too much has changed but David refuses to give up on her. Just then, Tad enters the boathouse and spots Dixie for the first time since she came back to town.

In Greg's office, Zach continues to go through the files, and comes across a brochure for a Regeneration Spa.



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