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Passions Recaps: The week of April 10, 2006 on PS
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Monday, April 10, 2006

Tabitha conjures up ways to keep Fox busy at the office so Kay and Miguel can be alone together in hopes that sparks will ignite. When Fox does manage to get home he and Miguel clear the air about the real reason Miguel is staying in Harmony. Fox asks if it is just for Maria or because of Kay too.

Kay figures out that Tabitha is the reason that Miguel could never find Charity. Tabitha asks Kay who she would rather be with, Fox or Miguel.

Theresa almost seduces Ethan in the mechanic's garage. Ethan puts a stop to it and then they talk about how they wish their life could be. Theresa wants to rebuild the bridges that their actions have destroyed. She also begs him to not let her turn into another Alistair. She tells him that his love is the only thing that can stop her from doing so.

Sheridan makes a decision and wants to tell Luis and Chris together. Eve comes along in case anyone needs her. Sheridan faints before she reveals to Luis her relationship with Chris. Eve does a blood test and sends it to the lab. Luis give his condolences for the loss of Chris' wife Marie and wants Chris to know that any friend of Sheridan's is a friend of his. Sheridan tries again to talk to the both of them when Eve gets a call about her blood test.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

At the Book Café' Simone searched the web for the omega symbol, but every time she got close her computer crashed. They talked about the coincidence of Jessica getting a tattoo of the same symbol. Gwen arrived from work and bought a goodie basket to take to Sheridan. She called Ethan and left a voicemail telling him where she was going, and then wondered if he'd gotten a job to stay out of Theresa's clutches. After the café' closed, Paloma continued Simone's search and kept finding web pages that were down. They discussed going to the library, but decided that Alistair controlled all of the libraries in town, and then they remembered the one at the convent.

At Sheridan's cottage Eve talked on her cell phone to the hospital lab about Sheridan's blood test results. Luis asked Sheridan what it was she wanted to tell him as Chris looked on and Sheridan anguished over what to say. He said it looked like she had something bad to tell him and Eve barged in to ask Sheridan to talk to her. Luis asked her to tell him before she talked to Eve, but she didn't. After she left the room, Luis asked Chris what the news was and he could tell from Chris's look that he knew what Sheridan wanted to tell him. Sheridan wanted to know what the earth shattering news Eve had that she had to interrupt her when she finally got her nerve up to tell Luis. Eve told her that it could be good news, but it depended on the timing - Sheridan is pregnant. Sheridan was shocked. Luis interrogated Chris. He asked Chris if Sheridan was with someone else after she found out Luis was dead. Luis said whoever it was, would be history now that he was back. Chris told him that Luis's doubts about Marty really hurt Sheridan. Luis said it didn't matter because once they made love, she'd forget all about anybody else. Sheridan was flabbergasted and Eve kept reassuring her that she'd be fine. Sheridan exclaimed that of course it would be fine-she was having a baby! The both laughed with relief. Gwen showed up at the bedroom door with her gifts. Luis asked her about Ethan and Gwen spilled her guts about all the malicious things Theresa had done to get between her and Ethan. Luis was very upset and then went off on how nobody better come between him and Sheridan. Chris went outside to get some fresh air. Luis asked Gwen if she knew what Sheridan wanted to tell him and she cowered as she said she didn't know. Eve and Sheridan discussed having a baby and just as Eve asked her if it changed which of the men she'd chosen to be with, Chris came in the front door and angrily asked what she meant. Sheridan had a look of terror on her face. Luis decided that Gwen did know what Sheridan was going to say and she told him to be patient. She decided to check her messages and heard one from Ethan saying that he got a job at Jerry's garage. She decided to go surprise him at the garage. Luis got even more antsy. Chris wanted to know what was going on and Eve asked him to give them a few more minutes. He went back outside after complaining that Luis was getting very upset at not knowing what she had to tell him. Knowing about her baby now, Sheridan weighed the pros and cons of each man with Eve. Chris finally managed to send Eve on her way to check on Maria. Sheridan told him that she had good news and he asked if she'd decided to stay with him. She said "No, I mean, that's not the news I have to share. I have news that will change our lives forever." Chris stood there not knowing whether to be happy or not. She told him that Eve found out why she'd fainted and been so emotional lately and he said he was having a hard time following her. She told him that they were going to have a baby and a smile spread across his face as he shook his head in disbelief. Luis finally got tired of waiting in bed and got up to find Chris and Sheridan.

At the auto repair shop Theresa and Ethan remained locked in by Theresa-her in her raincoat, him stripped of his coveralls, as she begged him to love her and leave Gwen. He begged her to open the door and Theresa refused. She told her version of the "white picket fence" story of their future life while touching him and putting his hands on her. She kissed him and he responded by kissing her back passionately. He pulled away and said he had to stop. He said he couldn't save her but he could save his marriage. He asked her to unlock the door and she accused him of just running away from his love for her. She accused him of just pretending to love Gwen but really loving her. He told her that he wasn't pretending to love Gwen. He asked her again for the keys and Theresa said he'd have to frisk her for them. He refused and went for the bolt cutters. He tried cutting the locks off and she asked if there was anything she could do, he turned around to see her standing there without clothing and she started wrapping herself around him and begged him to make love to her. Just then Gwen entered the Garage office and angrily watched them through a window. Gwen decided that "that bitch is roadkill!"

At the convent Whitney went to the chapel to tell "God" she wanted to serve him. An Omega symbol blazed on the wall first in red then white. She asked him to reveal himself so she could prove to herself that she wasn't delusional. She prayed that he show himself because everybody doubted her. Simone and Paloma arrived to search the library and went to the chapel to tell Whitney. They didn't see the symbol, but were shocked at how weak Whitney looked. They wanted to call Eve, but Whitney said that she'd been there just the previous night. Whitney asked why they were there and they lied saying that they were there to see her. Whitney went back to praying and the wall began to glow. The girls searched through books in the library for information on the omega symbol or the paintings. They thought Alistair might have had the books removed. In the chapel, the cross glowed and the wall opened to reveal "God" on a flying throne. She was awed that he was there. The girls realized that pages had been cut out of the books. They heard music coming from the chapel. Simone wanted to check it out, but Paloma held her back because she was afraid. She felt like there was evil at the convent. Simone decided that it was all the more reason to check on Whit so they grabbed up there stuff and went off toward the chapel. The "mystery monk" walked out into the chapel near Whitney. She told him he was magnificent and he told her to take care because there was danger coming. He said that there were people looking for their secrets and if they discovered the secrets, he'd have to destroy them. Whitney asked who they were.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

At the garage, Theresa drops her trench coat in a last ditch effort to seduce Ethan. Ethan takes the bait until Gwen stops them by throwing a barrel through the window and verbally and almost physically attacks Theresa. She and Theresa have a war with words and much nasty name calling while Ethan moves Gwen's car. As Gwen walks away she slips in oil and knocks a pan of more oil all over herself. Ethan returns and Gwen demands he choose once and for all and he tells her she is the one he wants and tells Theresa to leave him alone.

Sheridan tells Chris that she is pregnant and they are both ecstatically happy. Chris tells her she must tell Luis the truth. While Luis waits in the bedroom wondering where they both are Mrs. Henderson comes through the outside bedroom door with James. James is looking to show Mommy and Daddy his birdfeeder. Luis is confused as to why he calls Sheridan Mommy. Mrs. Henderson explains the close relationship James has with Sheridan and hints at how happy Mr. Booth is with his new love. Luis starts to put two and two together in his mind but then thinks it's too crazy and can't be. While Sheridan and Mrs. Henderson take James to the kitchen for Sheridan's homemade chicken soup Luis questions Chris about his new love and keeps remarking how he and Sheridan are meant to be together and no one will ever come between them. Chris looks extremely uncomfortable.

Paloma and Simone find Whitney in the convent chapel while doing research for the stolen paintings. They think she looks terrible but Whitney orders them to leave and Simone takes offense and they do.

Later in the convent library, the two girls hear spooky organ music and go to investigate. They find it coming from the chapel along with a bright light that is coming through the cracks in the door. When they gather enough courage to go in all is normal except Whitney is not there. They go back out and a senior nun tells them there is no way Whitney could not be in there because she would have seen her leave. After much discussion they all go in and see Whitney kneeling in prayer.

While praying for God to come to her again, Whitney is visited by the monk who takes her down into the hidden catacombs under the convent. That is where she was when the girls couldn't find her. The monk shows her the paintings and says there are clues in each one and put together could bring ruin for the church. He tells Whitney it is her penance to keep the secret from coming out.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

At Tabitha's house, she drank martimmies and asked Kay which of the two men she loved more. Kay said she was engaged to Fox and wondered why Tabs was pushing her toward Miguel. Kay admitted that if Miguel had picked her before she'd have been with him, but he loves Charity and Tabby told her that he just said he doesn't love her anymore. Kay said that just because he didn't love Charity didn't mean he was in love with Kay. She went to the kitchen to make a snack for the guys.

In the yard between the Bennetts and Tabitha, Miguel and Fox put together a swing set for the girls. Fox asked him about why he decided to stay in Harmony and Miguel said he didn't think he loved Charity anymore. Fox pressed him about Miguel's great love of his life. Miguel explained that he thought he was making love to Charity when he made love to Kay. He said that Charity must not love him, but Maria did, so he was going to stay with her. Fox said he didn't think those feelings of love don't just go away overnight. Fox swore that he loves Kay so much that nothing could ever stop him from loving Kay and he'd go after her until he found her. When they were done, Fox went in to clean up. Kay came out with sandwiches and started to go after Fox when she found he'd left. Miguel stopped her and told her that he'd been selfish to go off searching for Charity. He said he'd just been running away from responsibility to go after Charity. He told her that he realized that he's in love with her.

At the waterfront, May a and Noah waited for a meeting with Lina. He worried about Fancy not loving him. When Lina showed up, he demanded to know what she wanted. She insisted that she wanted her partner's killer and what he took out of that trunk. Noah asked what they could do about it and she told them to go home, pack, make sure their passports were in order and be ready to go at a moment's notice, He pressed her for details and she grabbed his arm up behind his back and then threatened him, May a and Fancy if he didn't do as she told him.

At Crane Industries, Theresa arrived at her office to find Fancy there with the portion of the quarterly report. She commented on Theresa's lack of clothing under her trench coat. Theresa admitted that it didn't work on Ethan. Fancy defended Gwen and Ethan's marriage and tried to counsel her. She said that they probably shouldn't chase after guys who didn't put them first. Theresa pointed out that if a person really loves somebody then it's worth fighting for them. Theresa told her that she didn't understand why Noah would dump her. Fancy said she'd never had a guy dump her before. Theresa asked her if she'd ever wished she could be a witch so she could cast a spell on her guy that wipe out all the obstacles. Fancy said that she didn't want to trick a guy into loving her. Fancy gave Theresa mad props for being focused, but she didn't want to get a guy with trickery. Fancy said that at least Theresa had Crane to keep her busy in the meantime. Fancy said she really missed being with Noah. Theresa told her that she should get out of Harmony and clear her mind and then decided to send Fancy to Italy to sell the line and work at the Crane office there.

At the Bed and Breakfast, Gwen got out of the shower after cleaning off all of the motor oil that she'd gotten on her when she fell at Jerry's Garage. She confronted Ethan about kissing Theresa and he tried to explain that he'd been pulling away. Gwen had seen that he was unwillingly pulling away, so asked him to explain why he hadn't electrocuted Theresa with jumper cables and beaten her with a tire iron. She listed all the ways that he could have gotten out of the garage and Ethan tried to defend himself by saying he hadn't given in to Theresa. Gwen demanded to know if he still loved Theresa. He still tried to defend himself but Gwen called him on the kissing that didn't look at all like he was being forced. He said he wasn't the least bit sorry he was married to her and even though it wasn't the first time she'd thrown herself at him. Gwen asked him how many times she had to hear this. Ethan said he was one step closer to taking care of her and Jane by getting a job at Jerry's. He promised her that nothing would ever pull them apart. Gwen thought that Theresa might be able to if she ever proves that she and Rebecca sold his story to the tabloid.

At Sheridan's cottage, a clueless Luis said he'd figured everything out and then explained all the factors and his incorrect conclusion that Sheridan was going to talk about being married to himself. Sheridan grimaced in pain as she realized that he still didn't know. Luis went on to say that he'd figured out that Chris's new love must be Sheridan's friend Dottie (from the DNA lab). Sheridan and Chris were astonished at his bumbling detecting and even though Chris and Sheridan tried to get him to sit down and listen, he still denied the obvious. He pulled out a date book and told her that he thought May would be a good time for them to get married. He blathered on about the wedding as if he was clinging to the hope that she still wanted to marry him. Sheridan stopped him and he hemmed and Chris told them to stop. Luis hollered at Chris not to holler at his wife. Sheridan was finally able to get a word in edgewise and explained to him that they weren't really married-that it had been an act. He said he didn't understand, because he'd brought in the Justice of the Peace. She explained that he'd just come back from nearly dying and didn't want to hurt him, but Eve said he's strong enough now. He wanted to know why they weren't really married and Sheridan had to spell it out for him that she's already married to somebody else. He told her that she can't be married to somebody else because they love each other. She said she loved her husband too. Luis couldn't believe it and wanted to know who she was married to. Sheridan sighed and told him that she's happily married to her husband Chris.

At the FBI, Noah and Maya told the agent what Lina had told them. Noah said his passport was expired, so the agent told another agent to get his passport renewed ASAP. Noah asked for a pen and paper. He wanted to write a letter to Fancy on FBI stationery to give to Fancy if anything ever happened to him.

Noah and Maya headed back to the waterfront for another meeting with Lina. He complained loudly about how unfair it was that he couldn't tell Fancy the truth and then Lina popped out from where she was listening to him spill the beans. She gave them a packet of instructions and told them she was sending them to Italy.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Kay wants Miguel to repeat himself to be sure she's hearing correctly. Miguel tells Kay that his timing is off, but it's better late than never. Kay tells Miguel that it's all because of Maria and the fact that she is Maria's mother. In addition, Kay tells Miguel that he is missing Charity and is using her as a substitute. She tells Miguel that she will keep it a secret and walks off. Miguel tells Kay that he means every word when he said that he loves her. Tabitha is ecstatic at how things are going between Miguel and Kay since she egged them on. Kay tells Miguel that she spent most of her life trying to get Miguel to love her, and now she doesn't know what to believe. Miguel tells Kay that he was a jerk back then and that he was doing the same thing that Kay was doing: trying to force someone to love you who didn't return the feelings. Miguel wants to know if it's too late for him and Kay. Kay doesn't know the answer to that because she worked very hard to get over Miguel when he went chasing after Charity. She had dreams of Miguel and she even fantasized about him, but now she's with Fox. Miguel wants to know if Kay loves Fox, and Kay said, "Yes." Miguel also loves Kay and doesn't want to lose this opportunity to have a future with her and Maria. Kay tells Miguel to stop because she doesn't want to hear it. She has moved on with her life. She loves Fox and she is marrying him, but Miguel wants Kay to give them a chance. Kay thinks that's crazy. Kay tells Miguel that what she had for him was a crush; it was puppy love because he was the first guy she fell for. Kay begs Miguel to stop because she cannot handle it. When she needed him he was not there. She had to take care of Maria all by herself, and she learned to live with it. Miguel apologizes and promises Kay that he is here now and wants to take care of her and Maria. Miguel wants to get a job and find a place for him, Kay and Maria to stay. Miguel wants to make up for lost time. Kay does not want to hear what Miguel has to say because it's a little too late. Miguel wants to marry Kay, and Kay asks Miguel if he's been drinking. Miguel kept begging and pleading and Kay is trying to tell him that she has moved on. Miguel kisses Kay and she kisses him back but eventually pulls away. Kay wonders to herself why Miguel is telling her those things now. She is getting married and that's all she ever wanted. She has waited years for Miguel to say those things to her. She wants to know what kind of cruel joke God is playing on her. Fox walks in and tells Kay that he has something to tell her. He wants to marry her as soon as possible.

Fancy is packing for Italy and is interrupted by a knock at the door. Fox thinks it's out of the blue that Fancy is going on a business trip to Italy. Fancy doesn't mind the last minute notification from Theresa because it's perfect timing. Fox tells Fancy that she's not one to run away from her problems. Fancy tells Fox that she is not running away and that the business trip is perfectly legitimate. Fox tells Fancy that it's too bad that she and Noah broke up because Italy is romantic in the springtime. Fancy tells Fox to leave it alone, and it's over between her and Noah because she heard a tape of Noah saying that he is through with her. Fox sighs and wants to know what's with the Bennett's and their supposedly past loves. He sighted Sam and Ivy. Fancy is wondering if Fox's behavior has anything to do with Miguel being back in town. Fox acknowledges it and tells Fancy that Miguel being back has put a damper on his and Kay's relationship. Fancy tells Fox to go and tell Kay right now that he doesn't want to wait to marry her. Ivy shows up and wants to know where Fancy is going. Fancy tells her that it's a business trip and Ivy thinks it's all so sudden. Fancy senses that Sam told her about Noah and Maya. She tells Ivy that she is in a rush, and Ivy tells her that there must be an explanation to Noah and Maya. Fancy doesn't care to hear it because she knows what she saw. Ivy pleads with Fancy to stay and work things out with Noah, but Fancy's mind is made up. Ivy tells Fancy that Noah loves her, but Fancy thinks that she and Noah have different definitions of the word. Ivy sighs and wishes there was something that she could do. Fancy tells her that she can help by taking her to the airport and not to tell Noah where she is going.

Maya tells Noah that she knows that he is not pleased with lying to Fancy about his relationship with her. Noah doesn't want to hear it and tells her to go pack instead. Maya apologizes, and Noah tells her that once this is all over, they'll be off the hook and hopes that Fancy takes him back afterwards. Sam asks Noah what the big idea is catching him in bed with Maya. Noah tells Sam that he doesn't want to talk about it. Sam notices Noah's luggage and wonders what's going on. Noah tells him that he's going to Rome, Italy and he has a flight to catch and couldn't stop to talk to him. Sam wants to know if the trip has anything to do with Maya and if Noah is in trouble. Sam wants the truth from Noah. Noah makes up some story about being in love with Maya to shut Sam up. Sam doesn't believe Noah. Sam wants Noah to level with him so that he can help him out of any trouble he's in. Sam takes Noah to the airport. Lena tells Maya that she is handling her duties well. Maya tells her that she doesn't like it one bit. Lena tells Maya that she had the hots for Noah for years so she should be thanking her for getting her and Noah back on track.

Sam tells Ivy how shocked he was to see Noah in bed with Maya. Sam knows that Fancy is crushed. Ivy was happy that Fancy had fallen for a good guy and now it's over. She tells Sam that Noah reminds her of him. Sam is going to have a chat with Noah to figure out the story while Ivy leaves for the mansion to check on Fancy. Sam meets up with Ivy at the airport unexpectedly since they both dropped their kids off. Ivy and Sam realize that Fancy and Noah are headed in the same direction, but Fancy & Noah have no idea that they are both headed for the same destination.

Luis now knows that Sheridan is married to Chris. Sheridan apologizes for not telling Luis earlier. She tells him that she did not want his illness to take a turn for the worse. Luis asks how long Sheridan & Chris have been married & Sheridan tells him. Chris chimes in & tells Luis that Sheridan wanted to tell him. Luis thinks the situation resembles Antonio & Sheridan all over again. He is extremely upset with Sheridan because she ends up marrying someone else when Luis is supposed to be the love of her life. Chris intervenes and tells Luis not to yell at Sheridan. Sheridan doesn't mind because she feels she deserves Luis yelling at her. Luis is angry and wants to know if Sheridan is staying with Chris. Sheridan lashes out and tells Luis that's the very reason she didn't want to tell him of her nuptials with Chris. Luis is acting irrational. Chris reassures Sheridan that he's right here for her. Luis asks Chris who the hell he thinks he is. Chris replies that he's Sheridan's legal husband. Luis tells Chris that his marriage to Sheridan means nothing because the only reason Sheridan married him is because she thinks Luis had died. Chris is trying to reason with Luis logically but Luis doesn't care to hear it. Luis asks Chris if Sheridan fell in love with him because of James since Chris went on and on about the bond between Sheridan and James. Chris explains to Luis that Sheridan was in a dark place and James was a major part of bringing her out of such sadness. Luis doesn't blame Sheridan for forming a bond with James, but he thinks Chris took advantage of Sheridan during her grieving process by using James. In addition, Luis tells Chris that he's a lousy son of a bitch and punches him. Sheridan yells, "No!" Chris tells Sheridan that he will fight if he has to but tells Luis that he is supposed to be recuperating. Luis tells Chris to go to hell and stop pretending as if he cares about his health because he is a lousy hypocrite. He was pretending to be Luis's friend while he was in the hospital all the while being married to Sheridan. Chris shots back telling Luis that it was hard watching Sheridan marrying him in front of the Justice of the Peace since he had just married Sheridan 24 hrs ago. James interrupts the tense moment running into Sheridan's arms. Sheridan sends him to Ms. Henderson so that she could get back to the conversation at hand. She tells Luis that she met James long before Chris was in the picture. Luis thinks that's all fine and dandy but he is back now and he and Sheridan are together so it's over with Chris. Luis wants to call an attorney to start the divorce proceedings between Sheridan & Chris. Sheridan tells Luis that she can't divorce Chris, and of course Luis would like to know the reason. Sheridan tells him that she loves Chris. Luis tells Sheridan that there is no way she can love Chris the way she loves him. Sheridan apologizes. Luis is upset and threw a picture of him and Sheridan at the wall. Sheridan yells "no" and walks towards the sofa. She stumbles. Chris tells Luis to stay away from his wife and that he has to be extra careful with Sheridan because she is pregnant.

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