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Monday, April 17, 2006

Luis tries to talk Sheridan into reconsidering her decision to be with Chris. He reminds her of all their past lives together but she stays firm and tells him that she loves Chris and though she and Luis have shared many lives together something has always broken them apart and she now has to be the strong one and move on. She calls Pilar so Luis won't have to be alone but to Chris' objections goes to Luis until Pilar gets to the cottage.

Chad goes to see Ethan and apologizes for the fight they had regarding Theresa. He tells Ethan how desperately he needs his help in saving Whitney. Ethan doesn't realize the severity of Whitney's troubles until Chad fills him in on the self beatings, starvation and fainting spell she had. Ethan agrees to read up on how to get legally get her institutionalized to save her life.

Theresa goes to the convent and tries to take Whitney away. Whitney gets agitated and tells Theresa that they are both sinners and that Theresa needs to repent for her temptress and adulterous ways. Theresa is beside herself seeing Whitney like this but leaves because her presence is upsetting Whitney even more. She runs into Chad outside the chapel and tearfully tells him that Whitney has lost her mind.

The monk waits outside the chapel door listening to Theresa try to talk sense into Whitney. He has a wicked looking knife poised to stab Theresa until she concedes to Whitney and leaves. When she is gone he enters the chapel and tells Whitney that she did well and tells her they are going to Rome. The chapel wall opens and they look into swirling mist while Whitney digests what he said about Rome.

On a plane to Italy, Fancy dreams in first class of Noah unknowing that in coach Noah sits with Maya. Noah also drifts off and dreams of being a prince to his Princess Fancy complete with fairytale outfits and setting.

In the Book Cafe basement, Simone and Paloma continue to look for clues in their quest to find the paintings. They come up with a plan to go to Italy but wonder where they can come up with the money. Paloma states that if it is God's will he will make sure it happens and then stumbles upon a lock box filled with money.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

At the convent Chad ran into Paloma and Simone. They were worried about Whitney and Chad wanted to get her out of there. They hoped that Whitney left with him and told him that they were going to Italy. He said that she was in the chapel. He knew that because she'd been with Theresa in there and hadn't come out. In the chapel the mystery monk told Whitney that they needed to leave for Rome and took her out of the chapel through the open wall into the bright light. He took her into a room to get ready for the trip. He told her to do what he asked. He told her to remove her nun's veil and then blindfolded her. Chad and the girls went into the chapel and were utterly surprised that it was empty. They couldn't figure out how Whitney had been able to leave when they were at the door she would have had to exit. The Mother Superior came and they all wondered where Whitney was. Chad decided that they had to search the convent to find her. Simone and Paloma searched Whitney's room and found a paper with the omega symbol on it under the mattress. Simone called out for Chad to tell him and Paloma hushed her up because they didn't know what the symbol means yet. They didn't want him to be in danger. Paloma wanted to make plans to go to Italy, but Simone told her that she couldn't leave now because her sister was missing. Paloma told her that Whitney must be connected The monk took Whitney to meet a woman who would transform Whitney so that nobody would recognize her. The woman held a pair of scissors. When the woman was done, Whitney was put in front of a mirror to see her lighter, short, straight hair. She didn't think anyone would recognize her. They went to the waterfront and the monk asked her to test out her disguise by walking up to Chad. She said he looked so sad. The monk told her that she'd be atoning for hers and Chad's sins by going to Rome. She walked by Chad and he didn't recognize her.

At Sheridan's cabin Theresa and Pilar arrived and were greeted by Chris who let them know they'd told Luis he and Sheridan are married and expecting a baby. He told them that Luis's heart was breaking because they were staying together and Theresa cried out angrily that Sheridan and Luis had to be together and she needed to leave Chris. In the bedroom, Luis told Sheridan that she should have just left him to die in Hawaii because he doesn't want to live if she's married to somebody else and doesn't love him anymore. She assured him that she still loves him and he's still her soul mate. She said that she was going to stay married to Chris. Luis told her that it was a mistake for her to call herself his soul mate if she was going to stay with Chris. Sheridan left when Pilar came in. He told his mother that he couldn't understand why she wouldn't leave Chris for him. Pilar reminded him that they all thought he was dead and now Sheridan had found love and made vows to stay with him and Sheridan was serious about her commitment. Luis wanted to know about her commitment to him and Pilar told him that Sheridan had been lost when they thought he was dead and finally had a reason to live again. Luis wanted to know how she could stay with Chris now that he was back and his mother had no answer. Theresa railed at Chris and Sheridan in the living room for being in an unhappy loveless marriage just like how Ethan only stays married to Gwen out of duty, but doesn't really love her. Just then Ethan and Gwen arrived and Gwen tut-tutted about how Theresa was playing that same old story. Theresa reminded Gwen that she's Sheridan's friend and knows that Sheridan belongs with Luis. Gwen told Theresa to stop trying to make everything about her. Sheridan told her that she still loved Luis but she was going to stay with Chris because she loved him and was going to have his baby. The baby news surprised Ethan and Gwen and they were happy for her. Ethan said that they should all leave and let this be business between Chris, Sheridan and Luis. Luis decided that he'd move out. Theresa asked him to move into the mansion with her and Pilar. He thought he'd go to the B and B. Ethan walked out with him to see how he was doing and Luis told him that he was living in a nightmare because he just lost the love of his life. Ethan said he understood about losing a love. Theresa and Pilar came out and told him to go home with them. He mourned the fact that the cottage used to be his home with Sheridan as he watched Chris and Sheridan through the window. In her mind, Theresa vowed to get Sheridan and Luis back together. Then she vowed to get back with Ethan and prove that true love can win out.

In the yard between the Bennetts and Tabitha's house Fox told Kay that they should get married in May and she remembered Miguel telling her that he loved her. He told her that his mother should be able to pull off a wedding on short order. Inside Tabitha's house, she spied on Fox and Kay in the yard when Miguel walked in on her. She decided to get a closer look so she took some cookies outside and Miguel followed. Fox and Kay shared that they'd set the date for their wedding in a few weeks. Tabitha nearly collapsed, but Miguel said he was happy (even though he wasn't at all happy.) Miguel realized that he'd lost his chance at Kay's love. Fox decided that they should go tell Sam and Ivy. Miguel and Tabitha went back inside for tea and cookies. Miguel confessed that he'd been a fool to follow Charity all those months and he'd realized that he really loved Kay and now it's too late. Tabitha told him that it's never too late. He started getting more hopeful.

At the Bennett house Ivy and Sam wondered why Miguel had decided to stay in Harmony. Ivy thought it was because he wanted to get close to Kay and Sam said that Kay was definitely in love with Fox and she was over Miguel. Sam went to get drinks for them and Ivy thought that Miguel better still have a chance with Sam's witchy daughter if she had any hope of getting Fox out of her clutches. Fox and Kay came in and told them that they wanted to get married the first week of May. Ivy cried that three weeks wasn't enough time to get a wedding ready and asked if they really wanted to rush into it. Fox said that they both wanted it and Kay hemmed and hawed. Fox assumed that Kay meant that she didn't want to marry him. She told him that of course she wanted to get married to him, but she wanted the wedding to be perfect. Fox told her it would be perfect, but Ivy hinted that Kay didn't want to make any choices that she'd regret later.

Kay and Fox walked back across the yard to Tabitha's and talked about getting married. Miguel watched them from the window and Kay thought about if she was doing the right thing.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

In Italy, Noah and Maya check into the same five star hotel that Fancy checks into. Fancy runs into Esme and reminds her that when they last saw each other Esme was chasing her and Noah through a hotel with a shotgun. Fancy tells her of her breakup with Noah and Esme offers condolence as she says under her breath that she wishes it had been her to cause the breakup. The pair spot a well known Italian playboy named Gianni in the lobby and Fancy cringes as she remembers how he tried to come on to her when she had a date with him before. Knowing how Fancy dislikes Gianni and still holding a grudge about losing Noah to Fancy, Esme slyly arranges for the two to have dinner together, telling Gianni that Fancy can't wait to see him again.

Sheridan reassures Chris over and over that she's happy with the choice she made, all the while thinking about her love for Luis. She decides to walk the grounds of the mansion to clear her head while Chris and James go to the bed and breakfast to collect their things. James wants to know if Sheridan is going to leave him like his other mommy did and Chris tells him Sheridan will always be with them.

Theresa tries to talk Luis into letting her use her power and money to win Sheridan away from Chris. Luis and Pilar both agree that they want nothing to do with Alistair's money and that Sheridan has made her discussion and they will respect her marriage to Chris.

Noah and Maya go to dinner in the hotel restaurant and see Fancy for the first time. Fancy, having been set up to be with Gianni for dinner is mortified to see Noah and Maya. Not knowing what to do, she kisses Gianni to make Noah jealous.

In the garden, Sheridan reflects on her life and of Luis not believing her about Marty. Out loud she says what a shame it is to have ended like it has. Luis is nearby and overhears her and tells her it doesn't have to end because they still love each other.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

At the gazebo Luis told Sheridan that they could still be together. She said that too much had happened and Luis told her to leave Chris and go back to her. She looked dismayed and told him that they couldn't change the past. He told her they could change the future. He told her that he didn't mean to put her on the spot. They talked about how the gazebo was being rebuilt, how Alistair had it leveled, how Luis proposed to her there, how Alistair couldn't hurt them,. Luis pointed out some hyacinths that were blooming. Sheridan said she always thought of her mother when she smelled them and he remembered her because of the color of her eyes matched the color of the flowers. She said it seemed like so long since they'd planted the flowers. He said it was like no time and Sheridan said she was sorry. She said she couldn't change anything now that she's married and pregnant. He wanted to ask one thing before he left. He wanted to know who she loved more-him or Chris. She scrunched up her face and blurted out "Chris." She apologized again and Luis said he wouldn't bother her again. He walked off and Sheridan told him not to go. She told him that she couldn't lie to him. She said that the reason she told him that she loved Chris more was to push him away. He asked her again who she loved more and she said she loved him more than Chris. Luis ecstatically embraced her with a huge smile on his face. He thought the nightmare was over and she said that she was still married to Chris, having Chris's baby and couldn't leave James. Luis said that they could take care of James and her baby; they just had to ditch Chris. Luis blathered on about her divorcing Chris and not staying in a marriage she didn't want to be in. Sheridan hemmed and hawed and hugged him.

At the dock Fox checked in with the harbor Master to get profit statements and noticed that Miguel had signed on to a fishing boat. Fox asked Miguel what was up and Miguel said he needed to start paying his way and taking care of Maria. Fox told him that Theresa could get him a job at Crane Industries and Miguel said he didn't believe in getting mixed up with the Cranes. Fox just stared at him wondering how much Miguel hated him. Fox asked him what he was talking about and Miguel started listing all the reasons people were miserable who got involved with the Cranes. Miguel said he liked working with his hands and loved to fish. Fox thanked him for leaving to chase Charity because it gave Kay time to get over Miguel so she could fall in love with him. Miguel agreed that Kay was wonderful. Fox watched as Miguel headed for the boat and wondered how happy Miguel really was that he and Kay were getting married. Miguel was welcomed on the tuna boat by the captain and as he stood there contemplating Kay, a boom swung around and knocked him unconscious into the water. The crew started looking for him and realized he was in the water. The crew went into the water, but couldn't find him. Finally, Miguel's body surfaced away from the boat.

At Tabitha's house Tabitha got the girls ready for bed and Kay showed her a picture of a wedding dress. Tabby told her that witches were more excited about what to wear to funerals. Tabitha told her she belonged with Maria's father. Kay wanted to know why Tabby was pushing her towards Miguel. Tabitha said it was because children deserved to grow up with both parents. Kay asked why she wasn't with Endora's father and by the way, "who is he?" Tabitha said it was different for her. Kay pushed her to find out about Miguel and Tabitha had to remind her about keeping Charity and Miguel apart. Tabitha reminded her that Miguel is the dark shadow over Fox and Kay's wedding. She said it was all her own natural attraction to Miguel that was pushing her. Fox got home and kissed Kay. Kay was glad to hear that he'd gotten on a fishing boat. Fox told her that he'd told Miguel to get a job at Crane and what Miguel's reaction had been. Kay thought that Miguel might have been hurt by Fox telling him he was glad he'd left town to chase Charity. Tabitha started reading "The Little Mermaid' to the girls. Endora zapped a Little Mermaid stuffed doll to play with as they read the story. Fox's cell phone rang and the Harbor Master alerted him that Miguel had fallen overboard and couldn't be found. Fox went to go and Kay wanted to go with him, but Fox convinced her to stay. Kay was very upset that he might be dead and Tabitha worried that her plans would go awry. Kay said that if Miguel didn't come back, she didn't know what she'd do. Tabitha realized that if Miguel died Charity could never make love to him and they were safe.

Fox questioned the Harbor Master and realized that Kay would be devastated if Miguel died. The Coast Guard is on their way, but minutes count and they aren't sure where the boat was when he went overboard.

In Rome Noah saw Fancy kissing Gianni and asked her what she was doing there. She told him that she was there on business. She asked Noah if he was following her and he asked her the same. They left Gianni and Maya to get acquainted as they argued. Fancy cried as she asked him what he was doing in the same hotel as her. She wondered how he could afford to stay in the most expensive hotel in Rome and then jumped to the conclusion that he was up to old habits and running a scam. He told her that when he told her he loved her he wasn't running a scam. She told him that he didn't have enough money for plane fare much less a five star hotel. He couldn't explain and Fancy just got angrier. He said he was there for a good reason and someday he hoped he'd be able to tell her. Fancy assumed that Maya was paying for it all. Fancy told him to go. He said he didn't want to hurt her and she said they were way beyond that point. Back at the table Gianni called one of his friends and crowed that he had his eyes on separating Fancy Crane from some of her money. Maya overheard him, but knew that they had to stay away from Fancy to pull off their mission. Noah came back and the oily Gianni kissed Maya's hand. After Gianni left to look for Fancy, May a confided what she'd heard him say. Gianni found Fancy and they decided to go to a hot nightclub.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Noah is trying to get Fancy away from Gianni because he is after her for her money. Esme sees a chance at Noah, and of course she approaches him. She always gets his name wrong. This time she calls him Jonah. Noah asks Esme's assistance in getting Fancy away from Gianni. Esme almost tips Noah off that Fancy is using Gianni to make him jealous. The focus now turns to Noah. Esme is throwing herself at Noah, but all Noah wants to do is to find Fancy. Esme convinces Noah to dance because they could run into Fancy on the dance floor. Esme is interested in Noah, but Noah is interested in finding Fancy.

Gianni is so busy charming Fancy that he doesn't notice that she has no interest in him whatsoever. Gianni is only after Fancy's money but doesn't mind romancing her in the process. Gianni finally catches on that Fancy's mind is elsewhere, and he asks her if she is thinking of the simple-minded American (Noah). Fancy tells him no, and Gianni thinks that Noah is such a bore for Fancy, plus he is way out of her league. Fancy tells Gianni not to worry because Noah is not in her life anymore. Gianni reminds Fancy that she used to be a wild girl, but Fancy makes it clear that it was ages ago. Noah finds Fancy and asks to speak with her. Fancy tells Noah that she is busy and Noah tells Fancy that it's important and also tells Gianni to get lost. Gianni is not too pleased about that, so he tells Noah to get away from Fancy. Noah and Gianni get into it, and Fancy breaks up the squabble. Noah tells Fancy that Gianni is using her, and Fancy tells Noah that he is no different. Noah clears things up by telling Fancy that he loves her and is not using her. Noah and Fancy kiss passionately.

Theresa stares at a painting of two lovers and rants about having everything except the man that she loves. Theresa runs into Luis and wants to know what's going on. Theresa insists on butting in by offering up Alistair's money to ship Chris off somewhere. Luis tells her to butt out. Theresa just can't help but meddling. She tells Luis that Sheridan is staying with Chris because she is pregnant instead of following her heart. She also equates Luis/Sheridan situation with her and Ethan's. Luis thinks that Theresa might be right about Sheridan feeling torn but still does not want her meddling. Luis thinks that if he finds Marty, that will solve everything between him and Sheridan.

Gwen comes home exhausted and Ethan notices it. He wishes that he could support Gwen so that she doesn't have to work. Ethan brings up going into business for himself, but Theresa is still blackballing him, so he would not get any clients. Gwen wishes that she could have been home earlier to be with Jane and Ethan, but as long as Theresa is in their lives things will be difficult for them. Ethan tells Gwen not to talk about Theresa that much, and Gwen thinks Ethan is defending her. Gwen tells Ethan that it can't be helped because each time she turns around; Ethan is in Theresa's arms. Ethan basically tells Gwen that she should know how much he loves her, but Gwen seems to think that Theresa will always be a part of their lives as long as they are still in Harmony. Ethan wishes that they could be some place far away as well. The conversation turns into something more domestic. Ethan tells Gwen that he made dinner, and Gwen is blown away. Brace yourself for a little humor: Ethan thinks that it's so easy to cook because he followed the directions on the soup can. It was a little joke between Gwen and Ethan. He actually followed a recipe and added a few ingredients to substitute what was lacking. Ethan and Gwen are getting romantic and food is no longer the topic of their conversation. Gwen is hungry but not for food. Ethan seats Gwen down to partake of the meal that he has prepared. It's not the best meal since Ethan doesn't know how to cook. Gwen sure appreciates the initiative and thanked Ethan. Ethan decides to order out next time because he really doesn't know how to cook. Luis calls Ethan to get his help, so he leaves to see Luis.

Luis thinks that because Sheridan tells him that she loves him more than Chris, she is going to leave Chris for him. That's not the case at all. Sheridan tells Luis that she shouldn't have answered him that way because she is staying with Chris. Luis is badgering Sheridan to be with him, but she is insisting that she is a family with Chris, James, and the baby on the way.

Gwen gets a visit from her friend Sheridan. She confides in Gwen that she is torn between Luis and Chris. James considers her as a mom and she is pregnant with Chris' child. She loves Luis but she cannot abandon James, Chris, and the baby on the way. Gwen asks Sheridan about Marty. Sheridan tells Gwen that she doesn't have Marty, and she may never have him. She asks Gwen if she feels that she should stay with Chris because of what Theresa did to her and Ethan. Sheridan insists that she gets an honest answer. Gwen agrees with Sheridan that her opinions maybe influenced by her personal relationship with Ethan, but she does love Luis in any event. Gwen also tells Sheridan that Theresa is a threat in their marriage and that has forced her to be protective of Ethan and Jane. Gwen is not telling Sheridan what she wants to hear, so she is on her own. Sheridan feels that if she leaves Chris and goes to Luis she will be deserting him and the rest of the family, but Gwen pointed out that if Luis brings Marty back what would she do about the situation then?

Tabitha continues to plot to get Kay and Miguel together by working Kay's emotions. She constantly brings up Miguel so that Kay can focus more on him. Kay doesn't want to have any more conversations with Tabitha about loving Miguel. She asks Tabitha to do something to help Miguel instead. Tabitha can't help because she needs to re-energize.

Kay is worried because Fox hasn't called with any news of Miguel. Kay thinks that she should have gone with Fox. Kay is ridden with guilt. She is blaming herself for not responding to Miguel's proposal. She ran off instead. Tabitha is trying to convince Kay that she is still in love with Miguel. Kay tells Tabitha that Fox is her life and her future, and Tabitha tells Kay that Fox is just a safety net. In addition, Tabitha tells Kay the real reason she is hesitating with Miguel is Charity. Miguel still loves her, and if she comes back to town, she'll be a threat. Kay agrees with Tabitha.

Fox wants to help with the search and rescue mission for Miguel, but he's told that he cannot go. It's for Coast guards only. Fox manages to convince the guy, so he gets to go after all. Miguel has been under water for quite some time now, and Fox thinks that he is dead. He wonders how he'll break the news to Kay. Fox tells the man to keep looking, but the current is too strong. If he gets caught in it, he'll be dragged away. Fox tells the man that they are not going back until they find Miguel, dead or alive. Miguel is unconscious, but he is getting assistance from a blond woman in the water. She breathes air into Miguel's mouth. The woman brings Miguel to an island, and he asks her where she came from, but she stares at him and smiles. Fox and the guy found Miguel. The woman disappears into the dark. Miguel asks about the blond woman who saved him. Fox thinks that Miguel is out of it and won't argue with him. The man thinks Miguel hit his head and may have a concussion. Fox brings Miguel back to Tabitha's, and Kay wants to know how Fox found Miguel. Fox tells Kay that they picked up Miguel on a tiny little beach, and it seems as if there was a sand bar in the middle of the water. Miguel keeps asking about the blond girl who saved his life. He thinks it was an angel. Kay is mystified, so Fox tells her about the blond girl Miguel keeps mentioning. Kay thinks Miguel maybe hallucinating, but Tabitha thinks it's interesting and says that Miguel always had a thing for blonds.

Theresa reminds Luis that he almost died looking for Marty before. Luis tells her that he will be more careful this time and the fact that Alistair is in a coma, things will be different. Luis enlists Theresa's help in finding Marty because the Crane machine is at her disposal. Luis tells Ethan that he'll have a better chance with Sheridan if he finds Marty. Ethan wants to know how this time around would be different. He tells Ethan that he has enlisted Theresa's help, but she cannot decipher Alistair's codes. This is where Ethan comes in. Luis thinks that Ethan is the best person to figure out Alistair's codes. Ethan tells Luis that he doesn't know. He may have worked for Alistair and Julian for a couple of years, but he really doesn't know. Theresa interjects herself in the conversation by saying that Ethan would have an idea of the codes because he was groomed to run Crane Industries. Ethan is suspicious of Theresa's involvement. He thinks that she is using Luis to get to him. Luis tells Ethan that Theresa is doing it for him, and he loves Sheridan, so if anything, Ethan can help Luis for Sheridan's sake. Ethan agrees to help Luis. Ethan tries to access Alistair's computer with his old password, but he can't get in. Ethan thinks there's something strange about the way his files are set up. Ethan tries to break the codes and asks Theresa to write the numbers down. Ethan thinks the numbers may tie into a game about number sequence Alistair used to teach him as a child. Ethan is right. He manages to unlock the codes in order to access the files. Ethan finds an expense account, but he doesn't know for whom it was made. It could be for Beth, or it could be someone else. Finally, Ethan pinpoints the location of the bank from which the expense is being dispensed. Well, what do you know? It's Rome, and Luis is headed there because he thinks he will find Marty there.

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