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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 24, 2006 on ATWT
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Monday, April 24, 2006

Jack calls a forensic team in to examine the body Mike and Katie led him to in the basement. Carly wants to know how Mike, who once lived in this house with Carly, neglected to mention this aspect of his past to her. Mike swears he thought it was all dead and buried, until "Oakdale Confidential" brought up his criminal record. Besides, all Mike knew was that he'd hidden hot rubies in the basement he knew nothing about the body. Jack finds a small coin purse with the body. He departs to have the evidence examined, leaving a very spooked Carly all alone in the house. Henry, off a roughing up by Paul, tries to reach Emily, but is caught by Susan, while Jennifer searches the farmhouse for Dusty unaware that Emily is holding him at gunpoint in the basement. Jen calls Paul and begs him to come to the farmhouse, but Paul is a little indisposed, having been arrested for assaulting Henry. Meg stages a diversion and helps him escape, later telling Hal that Paul didn't kidnap Dusty Emily did. Meanwhile, Emily marches Dusty into the woods, intending to shoot him. Dusty jumps her and a shot rings out. That Jennifer hears. Emily drops her gun, which Dusty picks up, and rushes back to the farmhouse, only to come face to face with Jennifer. Dusty follows Emily, but comes upon Paul....

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


At the police station, Hal is skeptical of Meg's story about Emily. She tells him that Emily shot Paul and asks him if he noticed her acting strange recently. He continues to defend Emily, blaming her erratic behavior on Paul but he is starting to have doubts. When Tom tells him he just spoke to Emily, he asks Tom if he thinks she has anything to do with Dusty's disappearance. Tom tells him that she was very edgy in their meeting and that he's suspicious but he doesn't think Paul is involved this time. Hal maintains that anything Emily has done is because of Paul. Just then he gets word that Paul's car has been found and he leaves. Meanwhile, at the farmhouse, Emily is telling Jennifer that she followed her to the farmhouse afraid that she would get hurt trying to save Dusty. Jennifer, of course, knows that's a lie and tells Emily that the phone call was a setup by her and Paul. Emily breaks down and admits she kidnapped Dusty but tells Jennifer he escaped and ran into the woods. Jennifer forces her outside and demands to know where he went. Emily shouts that she sees him and then pushes Jenn and runs away. Jenn gets up and follows her. Outside, Dusty has the gun pointed at Paul. Paul insists they find Jennifer before Emily does or she will be in danger. Dusty thinks he's lying and that he was the mastermind behind the kidnapping. He tells Paul he should have killed him when he had the chance and that he's going to now. Jennifer runs up to him just as he pulls the trigger. She goes to Paul who says he's fine and then she runs to Dusty. As they reunite, Paul tries to grab the gun, but Dusty stops him. Jennifer tries to explain that Paul had nothing to do with the kidnapping, that he helped her find Dusty but Dusty doesn't believe it. Just as Paul is shouting that they need to find Emily, Hal comes up and has Paul cuffed. Jenn again protests that Paul is innocent but Hal doesn't want to hear it. Jennifer and Dusty head off to the hospital. Paul demands that Hal let Meg go now that Dusty has confirmed Emily as the kidnapper, saying that's all he cares about. Hal has him hauled off and starts a search for Emily. Meanwhile, she has been hiding at the scene and has heard everything.

At Carly and Jack's house, Carly is visibly spooked by the skeleton. JJ comes home to grab a game for his friend next door but Carly won't let him go into the basement to get it. When she goes into the kitchen, JJ calls Jack and tells him that Carly needs him. When she comes back, he tells her that he called Jack but he doesn't think he'll come. He says he doesn't want to go back next door, he wants to stay with Carly. She convinces him to go back, and right after he leaves Jack walks in. He tells Carly that he knows she is spooked and she and the kids should stay at the farm with him for the night, but when they're there, and Jack is telling the kids silly stories, Carly goes out to the porch to cry because things will never be the way they used to be. She falls asleep on the porch. Jack comes out and puts a blanket over her and she snuggles up to him in her sleep. He puts his arms around her.

At the Lakeview, Will calls Gwen to arrange a night together. Gwen promises to meet him in half an hour but ends up having to help Casey a bit first. He and Maddie commiserate about how buy Casey and Gwen have been lately and she warns him that if he doesn't focus on calculus, he won't pass the exam and he won't graduate. Just as she says this, Barbara walks up and threatens Will with access to his trust fund. Maddie assures her Will is trying very hard in school. When she leaves, Will tells Maddie it's their 2-month anniversary and shows her a guitar strap he got for Gwen. Meanwhile, at Crash, Casey asks Gwen to do a soundcheck with her guitar. She reluctantly agrees and sings a very beautiful song. Casey watches her sing with awe and admiration. Barbara walks in as this is going on and leaves before they see her. Casey asks Gwen to play at the opening but she declines, thinking that she's not good enough. After she leaves, Barbara comes back with a plant for Lisa. She feigns interest in Casey's talent search and offers to get he and Gwen tickets to a rock show in Chicago. Back at the Lakeview, Gwen arrives very late for her date with Will only to find that he has left.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

In the hall at Oakdale Memorial, Gwen arrives to see Will. She tries to apologize for missing their date, but he says he understands, although he isn't being very nice. Hal arrives and informs Will, that Dusty has been found. Hal goes to see Dusty. In Dusty's room, Dusty asks Jennifer to take him home, but Bob objects. He says Dusty needs to stay in the hospital for a few days. Dusty says after all he's been through, he wants to go home. Bob finally agrees and says he'll send a wheelchair for Dusty Hal goes to see Dusty to get his statement. Dusty says the only person he ever saw was Emily. Susan enters the room, and is happy to see Dusty. Susan wants to know what happened to him. Jennifer tells her he's been through a lot and that they need to get going. Dusty and Jennifer make a bee-line for the door. Susan notes that they were in a hurry to get out the door. Hal then informs her about Emily's actions. Susan says Emily needs a doctor not cops. Hal says nobody will hurt Emily, and if Emily contacts Susan, she needs to phone the police. Susan is doubtful Emily will contact her. In the hall, Will is excited that Dusty is alright. Gwen tries to say how Johnny has been doing, but every time she tries to speak, Will cuts her off. Gwen invites Jennifer and Dusty to the crash opening. Then she leaves. Dusty then excuses himself. Jennifer tells her brother, this could've been the last time he sees Gwen. She says anything can happen without notice. Jennifer and Dusty leave to go home. Johnny is asleep, but Dusty is still relieved to have seen him. Dusty tells Jennifer Paul was behind every bad thing that has happened to him. Jennifer doesn't want to talk about her brother.

At Crash, Gwen and Casey discuss plans for opening night. Casey mentions the tickets to the concert. Gwen realizes the tickets came from Barbara, and she doesn't want to go. She says the club is taking more of her time than she thought. She tells Casey she missed a date with Will. Will arrives and apologizes. He gives his wife her two month anniversary gift. He tells her he's taken the rest of the day off, and he is going to stay and help her.

At the jail, Meg questions an officer about Paul. Paul arrives and tells Meg that Dusty is safe and that Emily is missing. The two embrace. Paul wants to make sure Meg will be safe, with Emily on the loose. Meg wants to go home, to the farm. At the farm, Carly and Jack awake on the porch, in each other's arms. They hear the kids and Emma and go inside. Inside, Emma, Carly, Sage and JJ have breakfast; Jack excuses himself to make a call. Jack tells Carly, she can go home now because the skeleton has been removed. Carly tells the kids they will be leaving soon. Then, Jack announces Meg will be home soon. Upon hearing this, JJ wants to know if they can stay. Carly agrees. Jack tells Carly she's putting on a brave front, she says it is to protect JJ. Meg and Paul arrive at the farm. He tells her he wants her to be safe. They kiss and JJ spots them. Emma is planning a big breakfast to celebrate Meg's release from jail. Carly tells JJ that since he's seen Meg, it's now time to go. Jack tells Meg and Paul, Emily has been spotted in town. Paul abruptly leaves for a "walk". Carly, JJ and Sage arrive back at their house. Carly continues to smile and make things seem better than they are. JJ tells her she has a funny smile. She tells him things will be better soon.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Paul asks Susan if she's seen Emily. Susan lies and says she hasn't. Susan begs Emily not to run away but to get the help she so obviously needs, if not for her own sake, then for Daniel's. But Emily won't hear of it and, when she realizes that Susan was about to call Hal and turn her in, Emily runs off. Meanwhile, when Meg presses and over Dusty's objections Jennifer calls Hal with her concerns about Paul being missing. Meg, however, finds Paul on her own. Paul has just been interrogating Henry and Coleman makes a comment that gives Paul an idea of where his wife might be. He's right. Emily is standing on the edge of the cliff where she shot Paul in the back, screaming, "What have I done?" Nick promises Mike that he'll look into the case of the skeleton. Jack orders Nick to butt out and later, Mike tells Katie he would understand if she wanted to postpone their wedding. Gwen agrees to sing at CRASH's opening, but only if Casey will stop ignoring Maddie. Casey, as usual, didn't realize he was being a jerk. Carly is freaking out to be home alone, until Will stops by and suggests she go to the opening of CRASH and support Gwen. Carly agrees but once there, can't stop drinking. Nick offers her a ride home.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Paul tells Meg he thinks he knows where Emily may have gone: back to the bluff where she shot him on New Year's Eve. Meg wants to call Hal and tell him, but Paul says it's his responsibility to try to bring Emily back. As they leave, they run into Dusty and Jennifer; Dusty thinks Paul knows where Emily is and demands that he tell him, but when Dusty asks where they're going, Paul says they're going to see Hal to find out if there's been any news about Emily. Dusty doesn't believe Paul, so he and Jennifer try to follow Paul and Meg after they leave. Dusty thinks Paul was behind his kidnapping, but Jennifer insists that in her opinion, Paul has changed since the baby switch, and she doesn't want anything to happen to him. She asks Dusty what he did with Emily's gun, and he says it's in his pocket.

In the woods, on the bluff, Emily hallucinates and "sees" first Paul, who tells her, "Tonight, you face everyone you ever hurt," and then she "sees" Jennifer, Dusty, Henry, Meg, and even Daniel, but Daniel is the only one who can't see Emily. Tom and Margo appear and tell Emily she's dead to Daniel now. Barbara appears, and Emily blames her for twisting Paul and making him incapable of loving a woman. Hal appears, and Emily tells him he kept her grounded, but he says it's too late for her now and brings out some handcuffs.

At the police station, Tom arrives and tells Susan and Hal that there was a package for Daniel on his doorstep earlier, with a note from Emily saying she wished she had more to leave him. Susan says the item is an heirloom that belonged to Emily's grandfather and that Emily had intended to give it to Daniel when he turned 13. Tom says this means Emily has definitely decided to leave town, and he wants the Feds brought in to help find her. Susan objects, worrying about her daughter's safety. An officer arrives and tells Hal that a chopper has spotted Emily's car near the woods, so Hal leaves to go find her, with Susan begging him to keep her daughter safe. Tom apologizes to Susan for some of the things he's said about Emily at the station, and Susan says she just wants a second chance with Emily.

On the bluff, Paul arrives and finds Emily; she tells him about all the people that were there to condemn her, and he tells her it was just a dream, that they're not there now. He holds her and tells her he's there to help her; when she asks why he wants to help, he says, "I owe you at least that much. You're only here because you loved me." She agrees and then begs him to help get her out of the country. Paul refuses, telling her it's not possible at this point, and just when he gets her to trust him, Meg rushes up, saying she'd gotten worried about Paul. That makes Emily back off again, and she accuses Paul and Meg of wanting to get rid of her so they can be happy together, noting that Paul has even taken off his wedding ring. Emily tries to run, but Paul asks her, "What about Daniel? What about your mother?" She says Susan doesn't love her anymore, but Paul assures her that's not true and says again that he'll help Emily. At that moment, Dusty and Jennifer arrive, and Dusty tells Paul he's not going to be helping anyone. Emily moves to the edge of the bluff, and Paul reaches out to her, begging her to take his hand and take a step away from the edge, to trust him one more time, telling her he'll make sure everyone knows that everything was all his fault, not hers. Emily says, "If I do that --- if I trust you one more time, if I take your hand --- I'll never be able to forgive myself," and then she turns and jumps off the bluff!


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