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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 24, 2006 on GL
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Monday, April 24, 2006

Harley follows Gus to Cedars where he says he's there to get a deposition from a nurse. While they two hug, Gus pockets a prescription pad from the counter. After Harley leaves, Gus, it appears, has illegally had a pain killer prescription filled and takes one. Mallet calls him, telling him the two of them have to get to work immediately completing paperwork for the commissioner. Gus tries to beg off but Mallet insists. As Gus gets up to go to the station, he stumbles.

Meanwhile, Mallet has been outside of Company with Dinah where they discuss their vacation plans. Dinah is suspicious of why Harley wants her out of town. Mallet reassures her that she contributed a lot as interim CEO at Spaulding and that Harley is aware of all Dinah did for her. Mallet leaves and Harley shows up. Dinah tries to talk to Harley about her concerns, but Harley, on her cell phone trying to track down Gus, keeps putting her off. Harley learns that Gus was not at Cedars for an interview with the nurse and starts to leave, telling Dinah she can't deal with her right now. Dinah grabs Harley's arm and says, "No, you don't walk away from me." Harley is shocked as Dinah tears into her saying that Harley is the one who needs a break and Dinah will cover for her just as she has always done, every step of the way, just as a corporate doormat should-throwing in the fact that Harley slept with Mallet in her face. While Harley is trying to assure Dinah how much she is valued and how sorry Harley and Mallet are about sleeping together, Harley gets a call from the police station telling her that someone was shot.

Gus goes to the station to do the paperwork. His vision is out of focus and his movements are awkward. As he and Mallet are about to settle into their desk work, a tip comes in that the mechanic for Ross's plane is in town. Mallet insists that he and Gus go confront him. Gus, knowing he is in no shape to go, tries to convince Mallet to go alone and let Gus handle the paperwork. Mallet, oblivious to Gus's condition, insists that Gus go with him. At the stakeout, Mallet tells Gus to stop dozing off, what if they have to chase the guy. Just as Gus is telling Mallet that the guy isn't going to show so they should leave, the mechanic shows up. As Mallet and Gus leave the car and approach the mechanic, the mechanic draws a gun. Mallet yells for Gus to take cover when a shot is fired. Gus, losing his balance against the car door, drops his gun and grabs his chest, sinking to the ground.

Inside Company, Coop confesses to Ava that Lizzie is pregnant. After dropping her tub of dishes, Ava says that Lizzie is lying-that she just wants attention and it's a ploy to hold onto Coop. While Coop admits that could be a possibility, he also notes that she could actually be telling the truth. Coop leaves a message with Lizzie's voicemail to give him a call as he needs some answers. Just then, a representative from Oxford arrives for an interview with Coop that Coop had forgotten about. Coop almost bungles the interview, but Ava intervenes, assuring the rep that Coop lives and breathes for the opportunity to be a part of the Oxford program. When the rep leaves, Coop thanks Ava for bailing him out and tells her that Oxford isn't all he wants. The two kiss.

While Tammy is at the police station having the restraining order against Jonathan dropped (after a mini-lecture from Remy), Jonathan goes to Lizzie's room to confront her about her pregnancy. She admits that she is pregnant but eventually makes it clear that it's Coop's baby and not his. She tells him that she already knew she was pregnant when she slept with Jonathan. After some convincing on Lizzie's part, Jonathan accepts that he is not the father and looks relieved. As he leaves he tells her, "Good luck, you're gonna need it." After he leaves, Lizzie no longer looks so convinced that Coop is definitely the father, but later fantasizes to Roxie the Dog that they will all live happily together in a big house one day-her, Henry, Roxie, and Roxie's new baby brother or sister.

Jon returns to Outskirts to find a tank top and boxer shorts clad Tammy lighting candles and putting on music. She tells him she has done this to celebrate the end of the restraining order. In a symbolic gesture she burns the document and the two celebrate smooth sailing from now on.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Harley and Dinah rush to the hospital and learn Mallet has been shot in the shoulder. He insists he's okay, while Harley realizes that Gus is high. Frank, who left Olivia with Buzz to rush to the hospital, arrives and demands to know what happened. Gus is about to confess when Harley stops him. Instead, she checks him into rehab. Lizzie enlists a girl named Ashlee, whose uncle runs a clinic, to fake records showing her as having been a patient for over a month, in order to fudge her baby's true conception date. Ashlee goes along and shows Coop Lizzie's "records." But she makes it clear to Lizzie that she expects something back in return. Later, Lizzie proudly announces her big news to Alan, Beth, Buzz, Olivia and Ava. Naturally, Alan tries to throttle Coop. Coop takes off. Cassie helps Josh fulfill HB's dream of building a veteran's hospital next to Cross Creek. Josh hires her to work on the project.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

After taking Gus to the Greentop Rehabilitation Center, Harley is furious to hear that Gus slipped out of the place. Later, Gus reappears outside Company and promises to beat his addiction but explains that he wants to do this on his own. He asks her to go back to the cabin where he was held captive so he can "face his demons." There, Gus struggles as he goes through withdrawal. He tries to make his way out of the cabin but Harley forces him back inside the cabin. Meanwhile, blaming Gus' troubles with drugs for Mallet's shooting, Alan-Michael suggests to Dinah that they leak this story to the press to oust Harley from Spaulding. He also asks her to consider keeping Gus on drugs by insisting Mallet will be in further danger if Gus doesn't keep taking his pills. As she considers this, he pulls out a gun which makes her nervous. However, he convinces her to go forward with his scheme. Alan-Michael snaps photos of Harley and Gus from outside the cabin. Dinah then calls Harley and lies that there's trouble with the kids at Company. Gus sends her to Company and is surprised to find Alan-Michael at the door. He guesses Alan sent him. Alan- Michael puts some pills on a table for him but Gus runs from the cabin and the temptation. He follows Gus and offers him pills again but Gus runs off. At Company Dinah assures Harley the boys are fine so Harley rushes back to the cabin. Gus asks her to lock him in the bedroom and after she does, Gus cries out in agonizing pain. She helps both of them get through this by reading aloud a story Zach wrote. Two days later, Harley takes Gus back to Company and the boys.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Cassie and Josh are pulled into an impromptu mayoral debate between Blake and Jeffrey. Cassie says, for the record, that she doesn't know whom she will be voting for. Later, she and Jeffrey agree that the time they spent together wasn't a waste, while Josh asks Jonathan if he's done making Reva's life miserable. Jonathan says he's done. Later, Jeffrey learns that the Private Investigator who died with Ross was hired by...Ross. And she probably wasn't sleeping with him, as she was in a long-term lesbian relationship. But Jeffrey gets an even bigger surprise when Blake pulls him into a kiss. Blake tells Jeffrey she wants to even the score with a cheating Ross. Is he in or out? Jeffrey is in. Alan is talking to Buzz about how to get Coop out of Lizzie's life, just as Lizzie decides Ava is her key to getting back into it. Buzz rushes to the airport, thinking Coop is leaving the country, but he is just there to see if he can get a refund on his ticket. Meanwhile, Lizzie and Ava almost come to blows again. Tammy wants to step in, but Jonathan warns her to stay away from that mess. Coop eventually returns and asks to speak to Ava first. He offers to let her go, but Ava refuses to go anywhere. Reva returns home from France, only to pass out at the airport.

Friday, April 28, 2006


Reva arrives at the airport fresh from her trip to Paris. Suddenly she gets dizzy and faints. At Cedars, she recovers and tries to tell the doctor that it was probably just because she hadn't eaten all day. The doctor orders blood work and an EKG anyway and then leaves. At that point, Josh arrives. Reva assures him that she's find and tries to persuade him to help her leave but he insists that they need to wait for the doctor to return. To pass the time, Josh tells Reva the big news--Tammy and Jonathan are back together. Suddenly, he steps out for something. Billy then arrives. He's anxious to leave though when he learns that josh is at the hospital since he doesn't want to make things uncomfortable for him. Reva insists that Billy stay. She asks him how he's doing and he tells her he's sober. They then discuss her marriage to Josh and what could have been with Billy. Reva assures Billy that she loves him--he's the best friend a girl could ask for. At that point, Josh comes back. Billy's eager to make a quick exit but Josh asks to talk to him first. They go out in the hall and Josh tells Billy that he has a job for him. After informing Billy that he owns Cross Creek again and hells him that he's working on building the veteran's rehab hospital that H.B. was working on before he died. Billy thinks that's a great idea but wonders if Josh is sure about them working together. Josh tells him that H.B. would have wanted it that way, and besides he misses his brother. Afterwards, Josh goes back to Reva's room where the doctor is telling her she'll have to stay the night since the lab results haven't' come back yet.

Tammy and Jonathan are at the Lewis house putting up decorations for Reva's arrival. However, they get a call from Josh telling them to go home since Reva's arrival has been postponed. As he's getting ready to leave, Jonathan accidentally sees a paper that's in Tammy's book. Later, while out for a stroll, the pair see Lizzie on her way to her sonogram. After a brief exchange, Tammy and Jonathan go home. At Outskirts, Tammy talks about how weird it is hearing Lizzie talk about becoming a mom. Jonathan's quiet throughout since he's wondering whether the baby Lizzie is carrying is his. Tammy though thinks his problem is that he saw the medical records in her book.. She tells him that she just wanted some information on the impact of them being half-cousins. She tells him that the risk of their child having a birth defect is no higher than any other couple's. Tammy can see Jonathan's uncomfortable with the conversation and thinks it's because she's freaking him out about talking about children already. She assures him she's just thinking about the future, far into the future. She then asks him if he's ever thought about becoming a father. Jonathan suddenly gets rattled and asks why everyone's talking about babies--her, Lizzie. Tammy thinks she knows the problem--Jonathan doesn't want to be a dad. Jonathan says he doesn't know--with his life? Tammy admits to her that she does want to have a family but assures him that it's WAY too early to be thinking about this and drops the subject. Later, Jonathan snuggles up to Tammy as she's studying. She tells him how impressed she is that she didn't scare him away. She then tells him that even though he had a terrible childhood, she thinks if he really wanted to, he'd be a great dad someday. Jonathan hen carries her off to bed.

At Company, Marina and Ava are discussing Lizzie and Coop. Ava thinks it was a mistake for Coop to turn down Oxford but Marina tells her he has an obligation to his baby. Marina tells Ava from experience that Coop and Lizzie are going to stay connected because of that baby and Ava needs to get used to that. Ava's still worried about Lizzie's hold on Coop. and likens Coop to Danny. Marina reassures her that they aren't the same: Michelle and Danny were destiny; Coop is NOT destined to be with Lizzie.

Coop sees Lizzie downtown and confronts her about telling their families about her pregnancy - he wasn't ready for that. Coop tells Lizzie that he just wants to take things one day at a time and reminds her that they aren't together anymore. Lizzie assures Coop that she knows that but tells him that they still need to be supportive of one another for the baby's sake. Coop agrees but Lizzie wonders if that includes Oxford. Coop assures Lizzie that Oxford is on hold. However that doesn't mean his life is. Lizzie isn't sure what that means and he informs her that he's going to have a career and a relationship. With Ava. Lizzie announces that she's okay with that. Suddenly Beth arrives and Coop learns that she's going with Lizzie to get her sonogram done. Suddenly they start telling Coop about all the baby stuff they'll have to buy. Coop looks like he's ready to freak out but keeps his cool and offers to pay for half that stuff. since it's only right. They wonder how he'll pay for it but he says he'll work something out. He then offers to take Lizzie to her appointment. When he walks off for a second, Beth encourages Lizzie to keep applying pressure to Coop. He needs to know how daunting raising the baby will be and he has to fall in love with it. Coop and Lizzie later go to Cedars for her sonogram. Lizzie is clearly excited while Coop feels extremely nervous. He tells her to check in so he can call his dad but ends up calling Ava and telling her where he is. A little later, he's with Lizzie and they see the baby's heartbeat in the sonogram. Coop then leaves so Lizzie can get dressed and he runs into Ava. He's glad to see her. Inside the other room, Lizzie asks Mel (who's filling in for Dr. Sedgwick) if they can tell when the baby was conceived. Mel says yes and starts to give Lizzie the answer just as Coop is about to re-enter the room.

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