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Passions Recaps: The week of April 24, 2006 on PS
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Monday, April 24, 2006

As Noah and Fancy kiss and make up at the disco, Lena surprises Maya by showing up in her hotel room. She warns Maya that Noah and Fancy can't get back together because there are forces in Rome that are so powerful and vengeful that if they were to release their wrath, they would all die...not just Noah and Fancy.

Luis tells Sheridan that with Theresa and Ethan's help he located a bank in Rome that has been having money deposited in it. They deduce that must be were Beth has Marty and Luis tells Sheridan he's going to get their son back and they can all be a family again. Sheridan tells him that will never happen and she also fears for his life if he starts his search again.

Theresa and Ethan have a heartfelt conversation in the mansion kitchen about how the whole Lopez-Fitzgerald family seems to be cursed in the love department. Theresa tries to reason with Ethan about why he should leave Gwen. Ethan tells her he will honor his commit to Gwen and Theresa tells him she will honor her commitment to him by not giving up and then kisses him passionately.

Everyone at Tabitha's house speculates on who the blonde woman that saved Miguel is. Tabitha and Endora look to the bowl but the mermaid manages to elude them. Kay frets that it could be Charity. Fox thinks Miguel imagined her completely. Miguel dreams fitfully of her.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

At the waterfront Chad, Simone and Paloma reconnoitered and since they'd had no success, decided to ask Crane security to find Whitney. Chad left to tell them and the girls worried that they should have told Chad about the omega symbol they found under Whitney's mattress. Simone wanted to stay in Harmony and look for Whit, but Paloma insisted that they go to Rome to look for the missing artwork. Chad came back and said that Crane Security turned him down. He thought it was because a half-black Crane didn't have any rank in the family.

Julian took Eve into a room at the mansion where she found a string quartet, champagne, and dinner. She was pleasantly surprised and eagerly agreed to dance with him. She thanked him for diverting her attention from Whitney's troubles. As they ate appetizers, Eve had a premonition that Whitney was in trouble. She wasn't able to eat much and then Alistair sent the musicians away and presented Eve with a diamond necklace. She thanked him profusely, but instead of being amorous, she was still worried about her premonition. He tried to console her and then the gang of three interrupted them to say that Whitney was missing from the convent. They explained that they'd searched the whole town and security wouldn't help. Julian called security and sent everybody to find her wherever she could be in the world. Then he asked who denied help to Chad and fired the guy on the spot. The girls talked to themselves about the omega symbol and wondered if they should tell Julian. Security called to say they had a lead on Whitney's location. Julian didn't want to tell the others until they knew for sure. The girls decided to work online looking for the paintings until they knew Whitney was okay, and then they would go to Rome. Security called Julian back and he was astonished that Whitney could be "there." Downstairs in the library, Luis told Sheridan that he was going to use the money in their joint bank account to go to Rome and search for Marty. Theresa and Ethan walked in and Theresa was excited, but Sheridan was adamant that he stay in Harmony and recover from his injuries. She didn't want him to get hurt again, or killed. She was sure that Alistair's henchman would get him again. He said that she didn't want him to go because she was just afraid to tell Chris that she would leave him. Sheridan reiterated that she wasn't going to leave Chris and then Theresa slapped her for abandoning the one she loves. Everybody was angry with Theresa for harming Sheridan. Theresa went off on a rant about how Sheridan was doing to Luis what Ethan did to her in denying his love for her. Luis reassured Theresa that Sheridan would go back to him when he came home with Marty. He wanted access to their money and Sheridan refused because she was worried about him so Theresa gave him a Crane credit card and her business card to get everything he needed. Sheridan reminded him that he couldn't take that money because it was Crane money-blood money! He stood there glaring at her. She reminded him that he wouldn't touch her father's money. He decided that it mattered more to get Marty back and Theresa was glad to be of assistance. Sheridan declared that she couldn't lose him again. Sheridan hollered at Theresa for helping Luis and asked her if she wasn't worried. Theresa said she was worried, but at least Luis could buy any protection he needed. Theresa said she didn't have any chance at love and she had to give Luis all the chances at love she could. Sheridan asked him what was the point in going and he said he couldn't live without her. Theresa and Ethan wished him good luck and Sheridan implored him to stop or he'd be killed. The stress caused Sheridan to fall to the floor in a faint.

In some catacombs the mystery monk took a made-over Whitney to begin their journey. She still thinks he is God and when she continued to babble with questions he chastised her and told her to be patient. He told her a huge sacrifice would have to be made. They got to a dead end and he told her a sacrifice would have to be made. He pulled out a knife and thrust it down as Whitney screamed at the top of her lungs. He stuck this priceless stiletto into a hole in the wall and it was destroyed (sacrificed). He told her she'd have to trust him. They heard footsteps and saw a light down a corridor where he didn't expect to see anybody. He decided nobody was there and they stepped into a candle filled room. The monk told her that he wanted her to stay there and pray for her immortal soul until he returned. He said when she was done praying, he would come back and "it" would begin. The monk started laughing maniacally as Whitney prayed.

At Tabitha's house, Miguel dreamt about the mermaid that saved him from drowning. In the kitchen, Tabitha tried to get the scoop from Endora about the blonde bombshell that's got Miguel hot and bothered. Tabitha tried to explain that Fox and Kay's love was doomed anyway since they got engaged before the stars were in the right alignment. Kay and Fox got ready for bed and talked about who Miguel was talking about. Kay told Fox she wasn't sure who Miguel saw and then thought about Miguel asking her to dump Fox and marry him. Fox was happy to lie in bed with his love and just enjoy talking about the day. Tabitha and Endora watched Kay and Fox and Tabby told her that Kay still thought about Miguel. Endora conjured up the mermaid to get into bed, naked, with Miguel-in his dreams. They kissed passionately and he asked her who she was, but she didn't speak. In the next installment of his dream, he saw her in the water and she told him to go to her. He got up out of bed and got dressed. When he left his room, Kay got up to see what he was doing. She followed him without telling Fox. That wasn't what Endora expected to happen. Miguel went to the waterfront and got in a boat. Endora decided to wake up Fox sp she sent a charm to wake him up. At the waterfront, Kay was able to vault into Miguel's boat. Endora denied helping her with magic. Tabitha thought someone else was hijacking the magic they had started.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

After reviving Sheridan from her fainting spell, Ethan takes her into the kitchen for a snack and gives her advice on being sure she picks the person she truly loves and not the person she feels obligated to. Sheridan then turns the question back on him and wants to know if that is how he feels about his marriage to Gwen. He replies that he wishes they had a magic wand like Harry Potter and could wave it and be with the people they truly love.

Meanwhile in the library Theresa is trying to pay Chris off to get him to divorce Sheridan. Chris tells her money isn't an object with him and no amount will get him to leave his wife.

Julian, Eve, Chad, Paloma and Simone try to figure out why Whitney is in Italy. Chad decides to go find her and since Simone and Paloma were already secretly planning to go to Rome they say they'll go with him. Julian thinks their jumping at the chance to go with him is a little suspicious but doesn't want to worry Eve with it.

Pilar tries to talk Luis into not going to Rome. She takes him to the church to pray for forgiveness for wanting to break up Sheridan's marriage. He refuses and blames the situation on Chris being in the way. As soon as he says this, the heavy church doors fly open and the wind extinguishes all the candles.

Miguel searches the ocean for the blonde woman he hears calling to him. Kay is by his side thinking he has lost his mind. They get engulfed in heavy fog which takes the shape of a skeletal hand and swarmed by firefly fairies.

Endora works her magic to make sure Fox awakens in time to find Kay missing by putting a raincloud over his bed. Then she makes him think he hears Kay's voice calling to him so he'll follow her trail and try to catch her. In a trance like state he makes his way to the docks and then wonders how and why he's there.

Luis and Chad sit next to each other on their plane to Rome.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

In the catacombs under Rome, Whitney prayed for guidance and in the background the monk noted that all of the players weren't there yet. Te monk came back and told her was pleased that she was praying so fervently. She wanted to know when her mission would start and he told her she shouldn't question him. She wanted to pray somewhere warm and not so lonely. She said she sensed evil and he told her it couldn't be in his presence. He told her she had to stay in the catacombs and after he left an ill wind blew out all of the candles. Whitney was sure evil was there. She kept trying to light the candles and then fearing the dark, fled the room. When the monk came back he couldn't find her and said that he'd kill her before he allowed her to escape from him.

In Italy, Noah and Fancy danced in a nightclub and he tried to apologize for hurting her. Gianni and Esme fought about him spending her money and not being under Fancy's spell instead of Noah. Esme got more irate that Noah was still with Fancy and Gianni was sure his gigolo rate would go down if word got out he'd lost a girl. Gianni tried to cut in and Noah decked him. Esme was upset, so Noah kissed her and while she was enthralled, Noah and Fancy slipped out. When she realized they were gone, she put Gianni "back on the clock." Noah and Fancy explored Rome and ran across some little boys selling biscotti and when they went to get espresso, realized that one of the kids had stolen his wallet. They decided to just sit by a fountain and eat the biscotti. Fancy recommended they take coins from the fountain to get espresso. Noah thought they'd get arrested. Whitney saw then from across the square and though she didn't recognize then, she could see that they were in love. She bemoaned the fact that she and Chad would never go to Italy together like they'd dreamed. Fancy and Noah pulled out a bunch of coins and then tossed some in the fountain and wished on them. Whitney was sad that it wasn't her and Chad having fun and kissing in the fountain.

At Spike's apartment, he and Jessica took a break from being out on the street. Her feet were sore and he wanted a beer. She said she was tired and he said he was tired of her excuses and her not earning enough to rebuild his club that her brother burned down. He told her to get out there and turn tricks until her back was as tired as her feet. Jessica whimpered about going out and Spike couldn't understand who hard it was for her to lay there and wriggle about. Spike then threatened to turn her in to Sam for all of the john murders. She balked at going to prison and he said she'd only have to do it for a few more weeks and he'd have enough to restart the club. In fact, they'd only have to do one more and they'd call it a night. She agreed and he told her to redo her lipstick while he got some more smiley stickers. She looked in the mirror and realized she didn't want to do this anymore so she left quietly.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Paloma packed while Simone searched online for tickets to Rome. They were glad that Chad was already on his way to find Whitney and they wondered if she was connected to the missing art. As they got ready to leave, Jessica with her omega symbol tattoo ran in and told them that they had to rescue her from Spike. She cried about how many tricks she turned and how he abused and then threatened her about the murders. She said she wanted to stop and needed their help to hide. Simone said that they should take her with them to Italy. She said she couldn't pay for it and said it was okay, because they could cover it. They decided to drop off a note at Paloma's house and get clothes and passport at Jessica's house. Spike broke in to the bedroom through the window just as the girls left. His cell phone and it was the monk telling him that he needed his help immediately.

At Tabitha's house, she watched Kay, Miguel and Fox lost in the fog. Fox needed a boat, so Tabitha magically led him to one so he could find Kay. Endora wanted to know what was happening so Tabby narrated the adventure for her. Tabitha decided that there were too many spells on the trio so she got a bottle of "Spell-be-gone," covered Endora with a bubble and then sprayed away the spell to make Fox successful. She popped the bubble over Endora and Tabitha sprayed each of the spells and Endora sucked them up in a Roomba. They were each a different color fog and dropped sprinkles on the floor. Tabitha tricked Endora into casting a spell to get Fox to Kay and finding her naked with Miguel so Fox would break up. Endora was upset when she found out.

Out on the ocean, Miguel heard the siren's voice calling to him in the fog even though Kay couldn't. Fox rowed after them magically helped by Endora. Kay wondered why all these weird things were happening. Miguel thought he saw land and they stepped of the boat into the water. Kay screamed and Fox heard and rowed to the rescue. Miguel woke up on some sand when Siren called to him. He tried to wake Kay up and she was cold and wet. Miguel said he'd build a fire. He didn't have anything with which to light it, but it started blazing on its own. This scared Kay and Miguel said he'd protect her. In order to get warm, they took off their wet clothes. Kay was overcome by her desire for Miguel. Fox kept looking and finally the fog lifted and he could see the fire on the beach. Kay and Miguel were all tangled up and Kay wondered how they'd explain it to Fox. The smoke from the fore got thick and black and covered them up. Kay and Miguel started reminiscing about a beach bonfire they'd had back in the simpler days of high school. They started kissing passionately and Kay said they shouldn't be doing that. Fox could see Miguel with a woman from his boat, but couldn't tell that it was Kay.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Lena grills Maya about finding Fancy and Noah because she wants them apart pronto. Maya tells Lena that it's difficult to keep them apart because their love is so strong. Lena could care less. She has too much at stake, plus her boss is breathing down her neck. Lena finds out that Noah is faking being in love with Maya. Maya also fills her in on the deal Noah made with the FBI, and Lena thinks Noah is foolish. Lena tells Maya to keep the secret of her finding out what Noah did. Maya is quite the double agent: She is working for Lena and letting Noah thinks that she is really on his side 100%. Maya hates double crossing Noah though.

Noah and Fancy are having a little interference with their romantic moment. An officer finds out that they stole money from the fountain and tells them to put the coins back. He also calls then "Crazy Americans" and "Lovesick fools." Could it get any worse? Fancy's car was also towed for being illegally parked. Noah made Fancy a promise that he won't let anything come between them again. Soon after making that deal with Fancy, May a drops by to pay Noah a visit. Maya tells Noah that he can't be with Fancy because he will ruin everything. She also tells Noah that Lena is in Rome but didn't fill him in on her and Lena's little secret. Noah doesn't want to do anything to hurt Fancy because she is the love of his life. Maya convinces Noah to go with her, so Noah tells the fully asleep Fancy good bye and leaves with Maya.

Lena tells her boss that Maya is making sure that Noah sticks to the plan. If it doesn't work, Noah and or Fancy will die.

Tabitha thinks that when Fox catches Miguel and Kay together, it will be all over for the duo. Endora is using more magic, and Tabitha warns her that it will only make things worse. Tabitha wants Fox to find Kay in Miguel's arms, but Endora doesn't want to break up Fox and Kay at all. Tabitha finds out that Endora is recreating the story of "The Little Mermaid," and she tells Endora that it isn't real; besides, they only cause chaos and mayhem. They also ruin spells and cause a lot of confusion. Tabitha is very unhappy with Endora and wants to get rid of the mermaid. Tabitha traps the mermaid, and the mermaid wonders why she is there in Tabitha's house. Tabitha explains that Endora conjured her up, but she wants the mermaid gone. The mermaid doesn't want to leave just yet because she is enjoying life. She has been locked away so long and doesn't want to go back to the children's book. Tabitha tells the mermaid to scram, but to no avail. She calls in reinforcement.....none other than Fluffy. Fluffy growls. The mermaid screams and begs Tabitha to spare her.

Fox sees Miguel and a woman at a distance and wishes that it's not Kay. If it is, he'll make Miguel pay. Fox's view is obstructed by the sudden fog that appears and hopes that Kay is not the woman with Miguel on the beach.

Miguel gets real close to Kay and wants to make love to her, and Kay reminds him of her engagement to Fox. Miguel keeps hearing the voice calling out to him and thinks it's coming from the water. Kay doesn't hear it and thinks Miguel was imagining the whole thing. Miguel tells Kay that the woman is very real but wishes he knows her identity. Kay thinks this entire night is like a dream, and Miguel wishes that he never wakes up from this dream.

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