One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 24, 2006 on OLTL

Paige admitted her role in the elder McBain's death, though she kept Spencer out of it. Viki convinced Tess to allow Jessica to help her through her labor. Duke pressed charges against Kevin after Kevin punched him. Kelly insisted that Kevin was the man for her. Natalie and John learned that a teenager had shot John's dad. David found Margaret.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 24, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, April 24, 2006

Natalie meets with Vincent at Rodi's to discuss the information that he has discovered about the death of Thomas McBain. After baiting Natalie on for a bit, Vince reveals that he has an eye witness to the shooting and he would be happy to take her to him. Natalie tells Vince that it would be better if the informant spoke directly to John. Vince senses that Natalie wants to help John but she doesn't want John to know about her involvement. He tells Natalie that the informant will not speak to a cop and if she wants to find out anything then she will have to meet him herself. Natalie decides against meeting Vince's informant (for now).

Cris, who has been sitting at the bar watching Natalie and Vince, approaches her after Vince leaves to see if she found out any new information. She tells him that she didn't find out anything. They begin to argue over Natalie getting herself into a dangerous situation to save John. Natalie says that she cannot save John but Cris compares her to Evangeline since they are both willing to put their lives on the line for John and Todd respectively. Natalie is offended by Cris comparing her to Evangeline. She reminds him that she would gladly put her life on the line for anyone she cared about including Cris. Cris tells her to cross him off her list because he would never want her to go out on that much of a limb for him.

John and Bo confront Paige about her involvement in Tom's death. Paige clams up at first causing an argument between John and Bo about whether or not she is protecting Spencer. John believes that Spencer paid off Snyder to take the fall so that Spencer wouldn't be shamed by his boozy wife's actions. Paige finally blurts out that it was all her. She takes full responsibility saying she didn't even know what had happened until she sobered up. She goes on to admit that she didn't even know the man's name.

John is enraged. He tells her how Tom was a husband, a father, someone who punched a clock day in and day out, someone who fought to stay alive after taking a bullet just to have it botched by a drunken Paige. Bo tries to calm John down when he gets in Paige's face with an ominous threat. Both men demand to know from Spencer what he knew about the event. Spencer plays dumb and tells them that he didn't know anything about Paige's error. Neither John nor Bo buy that saying that Spencer was married to Paige so he had to know something.

Realizing that he is not going to get the whole truth from either Paige or Spencer John storms out of Spencer's office. Bo takes Paige into the hallway and pleads for her to tell him the whole truth. Bo tells her that he doesn't believe that she is the type of person to let someone else take the fall. Paige tries to reach out to Bo but he says that he needs some time and warns her to stay away from John before walking away.

Paige returns to her office and calls David to warn him that John and Bo know about her involvement with the dead cop years ago who just happened to be the father of John and Michael McBain. John, who had been lurking in the hall waiting for Paige and Bo to leave, walks back into Spencer's office locking the door behind him. He gets into Spencer's face preparing for a confrontation.

Evangeline brings the tape that Todd gave her to Blair who asks her to stay and watch it with her. On the tape, Todd says that although Blair suggested that he make it for the kids, he is making it for her instead since the kids love him and still believe in him. He tells her that he knows that he has told one too many lies but he insists that he did not kill Margaret or his unborn child. He says that he will fight until his last breath and beyond to prove his innocence and Spencer's guilt. He tells Blair that no matter what she was his life.

After viewing the tape, Blair is incensed that Todd still will not take responsibility for his actions. Evangeline says that he shouldn't since he's innocent and can't understand why Blair can't see that. Blair watches the video again after Evangeline leaves.

Dorian and David run into each other at the airport. David tells Dorian that he is on his way to Thailand and guesses that Dorian has just returned from a business trip to Canada since she is looking somewhat frazzled. Dorian is curious as to why David is going to Thailand. David tells her that he is going to find out about Spencer's mysterious trip there in February and if all goes well in Thailand, he will be rid of Spencer for good. Dorian wants more information but David tells her to trust him since what he is looking for may not please Dorian when the information comes to light.

A last boarding call for a Paris bound flight gets them reminiscing about trips that they had taken to Paris and all the things they enjoyed while there together. David wants to know why they are apart but Dorian reminds him that they can never get back together after David hurt her the way they did. David tries to explain himself but Dorian doesn't want to hear it. She grabs her bags and leaves just as Paige calls to warn David about John and Bo.

Tess goes into labor as Clint and Nash are across town arguing about whether Jessica or Tess should deliver the baby. Clint believes that an experienced Jessica should deliver the baby while Nash believes that it is just another attempt to try to get rid of Tess. With Tess in excruciating pain, Jessica pleads with Tess to let her help her in the delivery but Tess is afraid that if she lets Jessica out she and Antonio will take the baby and then get rid of Tess. Jessica tells her that she wouldn't do that since she needs Tess just as much as Tess needs her especially at this moment. A frightened Tess calls Nash who tries to get her to calm down while he goes for help. Nash arrives at the apartment with Clint just as the paramedics are wheeling Tess away. She makes Nash promise her that he will not let them take her baby away.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

John confronts Spencer with his suspicion that Spencer knows more about his father's death than he is saying but Spencer denies knowing anything more than what was revealed by Paige earlier that evening. Spencer tells John that he is obsessed with his father's death and if someone killed his father, he would be happy. John vows to find out everything he can about the identity of the shooter and Spencer's involvement. Spencer informs John that he won't find out anything and compares him to a puppy chasing its' tail (more like a dog with bone if you ask me). Spencer stops by Paige's office and warns her that John is on the rampage and that she might want to stay out of the way. Paige just smiles and says that all she is going to do is sit back and watch everything blow up in Spencer's face.

Bo walks in on Paige while she is on her cell phone warning David about the evening's revelations. She cuts her conversation short prompting Bo to ask who was on the phone. Of course, Paige lies about who she was talking to. Paige asks Bo if things are over between them and Bo responds by telling Paige that he needs straight answers from her. Paige tells Bo that he knows everything there is to know about her involvement in that man's death and that's as much as she is willing to tell him. When Paige is called to assist Jessica's pediatrician with her labor and delivery, Bo tells her that he doesn't want her treating members of his family.

Dorian stops by Llanfair to return Clint's cufflinks. Viki is the only one there so Dorian begins to gloat about how Clint left his cufflinks behind when he left one morning. Viki instantly becomes annoyed with Dorian telling her that she thought they were way beyond the school playground antics. Their latest go around is interrupted by a call from Clint to Viki letting her know that Tess has gone into labor. After Viki departs, Dorian laments on how Llanfair should be hers and imagines herself as Clint's wife determined to make her dream a reality.

Alone at last, Viki lets Clint know that Dorian stopped by with the cufflinks that he left behind at her house early in the morning. Clint senses that Viki is jealous and begins to share with her the "gory details" of his morning with Dorian. He starts to go on and on until Viki asks him to spare her the details. Clint stops the charade and informs Viki that he and Dorian only had breakfast together.

A depressed Natalie shares with Roxy how she had a chance to get information about Tom McBain's shooter but she didn't do anything about it because the price was too high. Roxy encourages her to not give up and then sends for re-endorsements in the form of Rex. Natalie gets mad when she finds out that Roxy called Rex and told him what happened but her tune quickly changes when she gets the call from Clint that Tess is in labor. When Natalie leaves, Rex confides in Roxy his fear that Adriana has a dangerous stalker and shows her that emails Adriana received as proof.

Meanwhile Adriana is at Craze and walks in on a reporter who was hiding out in her office. Still a little freaked, Adriana agrees to give him an interview. The reporter asks her why she's so jumpy and she tells him about the emails which he tells her goes with the territory. He starts in on her private life by asking how her boyfriend feels about her instant fame. Adriana shares with the reporter how she had a boyfriend but now the relationship is over. After her interview is over, Adriana walks in on a scheming Dorian and Daryl. To cover for what they think Adriana heard, Dorian informs her that she has fired Daryl after learning that he has been moonlighting at Ultraviolet as a DJ.

Kevin, Duke, Kelly, and a few business associates end up at Ultraviolet to celebrate the success of their business meeting. Kevin opens up the bubbly and then ties on one too many. He tries to get affectionate with Kelly who is dismayed to see that Kevin has gotten drunk. Duke sees that Kelly is uncomfortable and embarrassed and grabs Kevin by the arm to take him out of the club. Kevin breaks free and punches Duke in the face.

Bo shows up at Ultraviolet to tell Kevin the good news about his sister being in labor and spies Duke nursing his wound at the bar. He asks Duke how the other guy fared and Duke points to Kevin telling Bo to ask him himself. Bo tells them that Jessica is in labor and that they should get to the hospital. Bo jokingly says that he knows Duke isn't going to press charges but Duke corrects him and tells him that he wants Kevin arrested especially since Kevin is in no condition to go see Jessica in the hospital. Bo tries to talk Duke out of having Kevin arrested but Duke stands by his decision forcing Bo to place Kevin under arrest.

Antonio shows up at the hospital calling out to Jessica. He and Nash are about to go at it when the doctor asks them to leave the room until they grow up. Clint ushers a frustrated and anxious Antonio into the hall. Viki arrives and Clint informs her that it is Tess who is in labor right now. They are all hopeful that the pain of labor will bring Jessica out since Tess can't handle pain. Unless she's on medication which she is given to help ease her pain.

While Nash is preoccupied with Tess' doctor in the hall, Antonio sneaks into Tess' room and tries to make nice with her. He tells her that he loves her for taking care of the baby and protecting Jessica for so many years. A confused and drugged Tess stares at Antonio in disbelief until Nash walks in and breaks up their civil moment. They quarrel once again about who the father of the baby is and how as soon as the baby is born, they are going to have a paternity test done to determine once and for all who has legal rights which will also determine who the mother is.

Natalie bumps into John at the hospital and is shocked when John tells her that Paige is the drunken surgeon who killed his father. Natalie can't believe that Paige could have sat on this for years but John tells her how Paige didn't even know the man's name. Although he now knows what happened after his father was shot, John feels he is still no closer to learning the identity of the shooter. John leaves to go find Michael and Natalie calls Vincent to make a deal with the devil.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Nat shows up at Rodi's with Vincent and his bodyguard, ready to make a new deal to learn the identity of the shooter. He was surprised to hear from her after their last meeting, but she tells him the stakes are too high. She's too concerned about what will happen if John doesn't find out who killed his father. Not wanting to give up her body for the info after realizing what Vincent's intentions are, she tries to break the deal yet again. He knows how the search for justice goes, he whispers into her ear. John is lucky to have her and his own life may have turned out differently if someone had been there for him. He figures they were meant to meet. She follows him out to meet the informant alone.

Evangeline overhears Spencer on the phone as she's outside of his office. He declares that people are trying to convict him for a murder that he didn't commit. Thinking that it's regarding Margaret, Evangeline bursts through the open door and challenges him. She's shocked to learn that it's about John's father instead. She's certain that Spencer was behind both and she's backing John on all of his beliefs. Cris, who is there for his hand to be examined, is fearful when he hears Evangeline threaten the doctor. She accuses Spencer of being a manipulator and sociopath and she intends to make sure that everyone else can see it.

Jack plays the DVD of Todd that he finds near the television. Blair is horrified as Jack asks why his dad doesn't like Spencer. Blair explains that Todd is afraid that he'll think of the doctor as his daddy. Jack states that he likes Dr. Truman but understands his mother not wanting him to play with things that aren't his. Spencer shows up and "confesses" his involvement in McBain's death to Blair. He and Paige were so much in love and they had dreams, he says, almost on the verge of tears. It was an accident and he had to cover up for his wife. He couldn't give up on love, he maintains. He's awfully worried that John is closing in on finding out about him. Blair can't believe he let another man take the blame. He's denied his involvement to John but he promised her that he wouldn't lie so that's why he's telling her all of this. He doesn't want her to turn him in.

John informs Michael on Paige's involvement in their father's death but he refuses to believe it even though John heard her confession. They're confused over Snyder taking the fall. Michael challenges John on his next move and wonders if he's going to shoot someone else now. He accuses his brother of becoming undone even as he himself is confused over his boss and mentor being a killer. The brothers argue. John suggests Michael come find him when he's ready for a reckoning. Marcie returns home to a dejected Michael who tells her the terrible news. She offers to postpone the wedding but he sees it as a diversion and wants to carry on. Poor John has no one to turn to.

Bo is insistent that Kevin deal with the fallout of his public fight with Duke. He's incensed that his nephew had twice the legal alcohol limit in his system. Kelly asks Hugh to drop the charges though and he agrees. Kevin is verbally abusive to Kelly, taunting her and suggesting that she's now flirting with Hugh as well as Duke. Maybe she should go sleep with someone else too, he continues. He stalks out, even as she demands that he not walk away from her. Evangeline arrives looking for John and is confronted by Cris who is concerned about her recent threatening of a killer. She's annoyed that he's followed her and interfered. John catches the end of the conversation and tells her to stay out of the whole situation too. She's perturbed though as all roads lead back to Todd and Spencer's presumed involvement in that. Cris is worried that both women he cares about are going to take a fall for John. Evangeline retorts that she's not Natalie and never will be. John learns that Nat met with someone at Rodi's. Bo leaves early, presumably to check up on Jess at the hospital. He probably won't see Paige, he tells a suspicious Hugh.

Kelly finds Kevin at the carriage house, beer in hand. She demands he show her more respect; she won't tolerate his behavior towards her. He's confused, he says, as he pulls her into a kiss. He only wants to be with her and give her a child and a future, but he can't. It's killing him and he drinks so he won't feel anything. She assures him that she won't let him push her away. He'll find a way to make it work, he replies.

John calls Rodi's and heads over there to look for Natalie. He's too late as she's just left with Vincent.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Blair reminds Spencer that his role in the situation with Paige is eerily similar to what Todd is currently accusing him of. Spencer tells Blair he is going to turn himself in, and dials the Llanview Police Department. He hangs up, though, when Starr enters. Jack comes downstairs soon after, asking Doctor Truman if he will speak at his school's career day. Spencer tells Jack that he won't be able to make it, and might not be seeing him for a while...all the while looking pointedly at Blair. Jack mentions the DVD he found that Todd made, and Starr demands to see it. Later, Blair stops Spencer from turning himself in, and says that he was about to do something Todd never would-confess.

Evangeline tells Todd about Paige's malpractice and Spencer's cover-up. The two are more convinced than ever that Spencer set Todd up. Still, Todd tells Evangeline that the possibility of his death is starting to feel real, and wants to draw up his will. Todd worries what Spencer would do to Blair if she ever turned on him. Evangeline assures Todd that everything will work out, and that his will won't be read for a very long time. Todd tells her he has to see Starr and Jack.

John tracks Natalie, who willingly left Rodi's with Vincent Jones and his bodyguard. Vincent blindfolds her and claims they are going to meet a "friend" who knows who shot Thomas McBain. Natalie is left alone with Vincent's informant, but he is not as forthcoming as she hoped. John bursts in with his gun just after the man removed Natalie's jacket and suggested that she take off the rest of her clothing, as he is not in the habit of giving something for nothing. Instead of being grateful, Natalie appears agitated with John for interrupting when she believed she was going to get information. John makes the man talk, and finds out that his father was shot by a 15- or 16-year-old boy, who walked in on one of his "meetings." The boy said he was there to collect money for his father, and the man assumed that the cop saw him with a gun and followed him, then got caught in the crossfire. John wants to take the man to a sketch artist to describe the teenager, but the man refuses. Natalie says she has an idea of who can do the sketch, and he isn't a cop.

Rex goes to Craze to talk to Dorian about Adriana's stalker, but Adriana makes her mother think the overzealous emails came from Rex. When the two are left alone, Adriana shows Rex a letter she recently received, presumably from the same person. They are relieved when the letter turns out to be from a 10-year-old girl who wants to be a model. Dorian comes back in, and Rex pointedly tells Adriana that he hopes she is not bothered again.

David finds out that Spencer was with a woman while he was in Thailand. While he grills the bartender for information, Margaret calls to place a food delivery. The bartender tells her that the delivery boy has left, and she will have to come downstairs herself.

Later, alone in the office, Dorian finds a box of roses, which she assumes to be from Rex, and throws away. The phone rings, and David is on the other line. He says he meant to call Paige, but makes a point to tell Dorian to keep an eye on Blair. Dorian agrees, and hangs up because the connection is bad. She leaves Craze, and David leaves the restaurant just as Margaret walks in.

Dorian arrives at Blair's just as Spencer is leaving. She tells her niece that David knows something terrible about Spencer, and is off trying to prove it right now.

Rex calls Adriana, again to air his concerns. Adriana is back at work, but instead of brushing her ex off like she has been, she thanks him for being so concerned. At her feet, in the trashcan, is the unnoticed card from the roses, which reads, "Adriana, you belong with me."

Friday, April 28, 2006

In Bangkok, David continues to dig for information about the mysterious American woman who accompanied his brother to Thailand. Meanwhile, Dorian warns an exasperated Blair to get away from Spencer before he's brought down by his own misdeeds. In labor for 24 hours, Tess screams in pain as a worried Nash harangues the doctors to help her. Blair assures her aunt that David is simply jealous of his handsome, more accomplished brother. As she admires Cristian's latest work in progress, Evangeline is touched by his continuing expressions of concern. Certain Tess can't handle childbirth alone, Viki urges the young woman to let Jessica help. Natalie asks Cris for a favor when the witness to the McBain murder agrees to let a sketch artist depict the boy he saw on that fateful night years ago. Clint struggles to keep an agitated Antonio out of the delivery room. Later, Viki finally brokers a truce between Jessica and Tess in order to expedite the birth of her grandchild. David is shocked to come face to face with Margaret.

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