One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 17, 2006 on OLTL

Cristian asked Todd to fire Evangeline. Blair asked Todd to send a goodbye video to his children. Nora's prognosis wasn't positive. Nash proposed marriage to Tess, but she declined, since she wasn't real. She fought with Jessica and went into labor. Claudia learned that Jessica and Tess were the same person. Spencer advised Paige that the man she'd accidentally killed was John's father. Rex set out to investigate Adriana's stalker.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 17, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, April 17, 2006

Cristian and Evangeline share a few beers while discussing his "break up" with Natalie. Cris says that he owes his decision to Evangeline after watching how hard she fought for Todd even though others told her not to. Evangeline thinks that Cris is still holding out hope that he and Natalie will find their way back to each other again but Cris is adamant that he is moving on with his life without Natalie. Evangeline is still skeptical since she's heard that before from John where Natalie is concerned, however she does give Cris some friendly advice to not dive into work and boxing to forget about Natalie but to reach out to other people.

Layla and Adriana show up unexpectedly at Cris' to invite him and Evangeline to Rodi's for a night on the town to help Adriana forget about her problems with Rex for a little while. Evangeline leaves with the ladies while Cris stays behind to finish packing up his paintings of Natalie. He sends them to by messenger service to Natalie and then meets up with the crew at Rodi's.

Natalie is on the roof with John who has just thrown a beer bottle at the door moments before she walked in. She wants John to talk to her but he is not ready to open up to her or anyone else including Dr. Crosby. Once he calms down, Natalie tells John that she cares about him to which John responds maybe in a different time and different place they might have been able to stay together. He thanks Natalie for butting out of the investigation into his father's death just as she gets a call from Vince asking her to meet him at Rodi's tomorrow.

John picks up the glass from the broken beer bottle and winds up cutting his hand. Natalie grabs his hand and wraps it with a rag despite his protests that he's fine. While she is tending to his hand John brushes the hair out of her eyes with his free hand.

R.J. pays Nora a visit in the hospital. Before going in to see her, he asks her doctor for his prognosis regarding Nora's condition. The doctor informs him that she may not recover at all and if she does, due to oxygen deprivation to her brain's right hemisphere, her left side will remain paralyzed. R.J. says that he has read studies that suggest someone can have a complete recovery but the doctor dismisses him since R.J. doesn't have a Dr. in front of his name.

Unbeknownst to R.J. and Nora's doctor, Matthew has overheard them discussing Nora's prognosis. He takes out his anger on the snack machine when he puts in his money and his snack gets stuck (been there, Matthew). Rex comes up and pulls a frustrated Matthew off the machine. He asks Matthew why he's so upset and Matthew tells him how he overheard his mother's doctor and R.J. discussing how Nora may never recover. Matthew is afraid that Nora won't be able to love him anymore but Rex assures him that is not the case. Matthew makes Rex's day when he tells him that he wishes that they were really brothers.

Matthew inquires as to why Rex is at the hospital. Rex tells him that he is looking for Bo to try to talk to him about "being in a pinch." Matthew sends Rex to Rodi thinking that Bo may be there before he joins R.J. in Nora's room. R.J. leaves Matthew alone at Nora's bedside. Matthew begins to show her pictures of his baseball game when Nora begins moving her right shoulder.

Rex catches up with Adriana at Rodi's where he apologizes for being a screw-up and not telling her about his involvement with helping Todd elude being captured. He says that although he will always be screw-up, he is trying to be a better person for Adriana. However he does say that he will not apologize for helping Todd. He then pulls Adriana into a passionate kiss before walking away.

Duke goes into his father's office with some papers for Kevin to sign. While he is there, he notices that Kevin has been drinking and calls him on the carpet about drinking at the office. Kevin becomes belligerent and Duke tells him that although he understands how hard things have been for Kevin the last few years that is no excuse for his behavior the past few months. Kevin accuses Duke of thinking he is a better man for Kelly to which Duke agrees. Duke tells Kevin that Kelly does deserve better than him. Kevin lashes out and throws out the fact that Adriana left him for a low life because no one can live up to Duke's high morals.

Kelly is at Rodi's having a drink when Hugh comes up behind her. He is there with his hot but not too bright date when he saw Kelly sitting at the bar looking sad. Kelly assures him that she is ok but ends up breaking down in tears when she helps this woman comfort her teething son. She tells Hugh that she is distraught because having a baby is the most important thing to her and now that she and Kevin cannot have a baby she doesn't know how that will impact their future together.

Kelly thanks Hugh for lending her his shoulder and bumps into a concerned Duke as she is leaving Rodi's. Of course, Kevin walks in to see them together and goes into a tirade. Hugh breaks it up but Kevin goes after Duke again after Kelly leaves. Hugh calms Kevin down by telling him that he would hate to have to prosecute the Police Commissioner's nephew on an assault charge.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Daryl assures Dorian that Rex hasn't caught on to his game. Duke offers Tess a sympathetic ear. Antonio goes to see Norman Leeds and learns that the man has just a few weeks to live. Easily seeing through Kevin's lies, Clint demands to know why his son has suddenly started drinking so hard. Meanwhile, Kelly confides to Dorian how she and Kevin have been constantly at each other's throats ever since his diagnosis. Determined to keep Jessica at bay until after her due date, Tess coaxes Nash to make love to her and is startled when he proposes that they tie the knot that very day. Claudia is intrigued to learn that Norman's latest visitor is Tess' "ex." Standing over Jessica's dying tormentor, a seething Antonio vows to return and spit on Norman's grave. Clint questions Duke after sensing some serious tension between his son and grandson. Adriana reminds a dejected Rex why she no longer trusts him with her heart. Tess explains to Nash how she can't marry him because she has no legal standing in the world.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Nash surprises Tess with a new house; he's rented it for the next month so that they can care for the baby before they go back to Napa. She's touched and hesitant. She hasn't had the luxuries in her life like Jess always has. He convinces her that they can do it and be very happy as a family.

Antonio realizes who Claudia is when he encounters her in Norman Leeds' room. She's had Nash tailed and he was followed to the convalescent center. She thought that maybe Tess was a patient there and she wanted to get her to flee from Nash before he hurt her. She wants to break up Nash and Tess, same as Antonio does. Antonio informs Nash's ex that he's not in love with Tess but he does notice that Claudia is still in love with Nash. She agrees but is convinced that she'll get over him. When Antonio leaves the room to answer a phone call, she picks up his wallet and spots a picture of him with Jess. She later makes a call to someone asking that Tess and Jess Buchanan be investigated. Learning that there's no record of a Tess she puts two and two together, figuring that she's one and the same.

Todd receives a visit from Blair who asks that he make a goodbye package to his children, like a videotape. Taunting her about sleeping with Spencer and reminding her that there's only 37 days until he's put to death, he laughs in her face. He declares again that Spencer is the real killer even though Blair thinks the whole thing ludicrous. She reminds him of his own lies over the years. He knows she still loves him and that's the real reason that she stopped by. She wanted to see him and realizes deep down that he's right about all that he says.

Spencer consoles Michael over the death of a patient in the operating room. The conversation leads to the death of Michael's father in the same way though McBain is curious as to how Spencer seems to know about it. It was referred to in his application for the fellowship, Spencer states. Michael continues that they've done research and that they actually know the name of the drunken surgeon, a Dr. Snyder, who was in the OR that day. Of course his career ended then and they went to confront him, Michael continues. Spencer inquires about the progress of the investigation. His father was shot first and even though John is still investigating, that culprit was never found. Michael receives a phone call from John, urging him to meet him at the police station. Spencer calls Snyder and persuades him to make sure the brothers continue to believe that he was responsible for their father's death.

John tries to get information over the phone regarding the names of the surgical team present during his father's death. He yells at the woman on the phone and Natalie who just happens by, is concerned over John's behavior. She wonders what will happen if he doesn't get the information that he's after. She plays devil's advocate, creating different scenarios concerning the locating of different information but John snaps at her and says that he just wants to bring those responsible to justice. She manages to tend to his injured hand as Dr. Crosby shows up, on the pretext that he just stopped by to say hello. John is annoyed. Nat stops the doctor in the hallway and tells him how worried she is about John; that he's going to a dangerous place and may not return. She's worried about what will happen if he doesn't get the answers that he's looking for. When Michael arrives, John points out that 6 people were present in the OR the night of their father's death. Michael lists the people who should have conceivably been there and it's a long list, with 6 the very minimum. Looking at the list, they realize that the name of the assisting physician has been erased. John makes another phone call but gets hung up on when he begins to yell again. Nat comes by again when she hears him knocking items off of his desk. She's afraid now of what will happen when he DOES find the killer.

Bo and Paige talk about the torment of Jess via Norman Leeds but Paige's mind wanders to her own torment. Bo wants them to live happily and he trusts her completely. He's concerned about her secret but will try to understand and back off. He'll always forgive her for anything which perplexes her. She can't forgive herself, she says. She cries and promises to tell him everything once she returns from something that she needs to take care of. Showing up at the hospital to see Spencer, she confronts him once again. She will keep all of his secrets but she must tell Bo of her own, she advises him. She doesn't even care about going to jail, figuring that she'll probably feel freer than she does right now. He responds that she doesn't even know it all so she can't very well tell it all. When Paige learns the identity of the dead patient, she won't want to tell Bo anything, Spencer declares smugly.

Antonio meets up with Nash at Rodi's and learns that Tess is fine and safe and is having some private time. He divulges that they have a new problem in the form of Claudia Reston.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Natalie warns John he's going to lose it all if he doesn't get his act together. Antonio cautions Nash that Claudia wants him back. Viki drops in on Tess for a chat about their enduring family ties. Evangeline walks in on a bitter quarrel between John and Natalie. Nash accuses Antonio of being secretly thrilled that Claudia is back in the mix. Cristian comes to Death Row to inform Todd he won't let the condemned prisoner drag a good woman like Evangeline down with him. Spencer gleefully informs a horrified Paige that the man whose death she caused was none other than Officer Thomas McBain. Meanwhile, John presses Snyder for the truth about what went on in the OR the night his father died. Evangeline gets another unpleasant surprise when she arrives at the prison and finds Cris asking Todd to fire his attorney. Natalie privately vows to help John solve a mystery despite his continuing objections. John is stunned when Snyder reveals the name of the drunken intern who assisted him on that fateful night years ago. Todd gives Evangeline a DVD to deliver to Blair.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Rex comes to see Adriana in the middle of her latest modeling shoot. During her break, the two of them discuss the emails that she accused Rex of sending her. She tells him that this is no way to win her back, and that they are definitely over as a couple. Rex is confused by her accusations and takes a look at the emails that have come in to her cell phone. He denies having written them, and he writes back to the address saying "Stop messaging Adriana Cramer." The address comes back as unknown, and Rex tells Adriana that she has a stalker. She is slightly scared but refuses to believe him, not understanding why anyone would be stalking her. Rex reminds her that she's famous now and asks if he can hold on to the emails. Adriana agrees, but then goes pouting back to her photo shoot.

Meanwhile, Dorian and Darryl are heading back to Llanview on a plane after taking care of some "Craze" business. Dorian asks Darryl if he is emailing on the plane, which is obviously against airline policy. He denies this and says that he is simply brain storming about Operation Adriana, otherwise known as he and Dorian's plan to bust up Rex and Adriana. When Daryl points out that the plan is kind of unnecessary since Rex and Adriana are on the outs, Dorian tells him that Rex has a thick skull and is not about to give up on her daughter without a fight.

At the Llanview airport, David chats with an elderly lady. He tells her that he is going to Thailand to rescue the baby of a woman that his brother murdered. She is instantly scared away. A police officer comes by and startles David, but all he wants to do is deliver the passport that David dropped. David vows to himself that he's going to prove that Spencer killed Margaret. Just then, his foot is run over by someone's luggage wheel: it's Dorian's! The two are surprised to see each other, and tension immediately rears its head ...

Cristian warns Natalie not to meet with Vincent Jones, as he is a notorious gangster who is feared even by other criminals. Nat tells Cristian she doesn't need his protection, and she also insists that she's not trying to help John in order to get back together with him. Vincent comes upon the two in time to hear Cristian insult him, and he asks Vega whether he has the guts to say the words to his face. Cristian holds his own and tells Natalie that he's not leaving her alone; he lurks on the sidelines as Vincent and Natalie discuss Thomas McBain's murder. Vincent tells Nat that he's impressed with her, and that he respects the fact that she is an heiress who had to fight to get what is hers. She tells him that his smooth talking is not working on her and that she wants to speak to the person who witnessed McBain's murder. Vincent tells her that she's going to have to hand over something significant if she wants to speak to the witness, but he doesn't say just what.

Meanwhile, John himself has discovered that a drunken Paige was responsible for his dad's death. He breaks into her office and smashes the frame on a photograph of she and Bo. Bo comes in to the office, and John reveals that Paige is the killer. Bo refuses to believe him and insists that Snyder may have made the whole thing up. John explodes, telling Bo that Spencer has covered up Paige's crime for years and that he's going to get the truth out of Paige once and for all. Bo comes to his girlfriend's defense and tells John that he's not going to speak to Paige while he's in this unstable frame of mind. John reminds Bo that Paige lied about Todd, and he also asks how Bo would feel if someone had murdered Asa and Bo discovered who it was. Bo agrees to go with John to talk to Spencer and Paige, but insists that they do things by the book in order to prevent Truman from getting off the hook after all this time.

Meanwhile, Spencer continues to exert his hold over Paige, who is terrified and sickened to learn the identity of the man that she let die on the operating table. Spencer reminds her what John did to the man who tried to shoot Michael and indicates that he could inflict similar harm on Paige. Paige thinks she's going to be sick, and she leaves Spencer's office, only to run into Michael, who is feeling bad about a patient who died earlier in the day. This is all too much for Paige and she is about to confess to Michael when Spencer comes out into the corridor and tells her he needs to finish consulting with her. Spencer tells Paige it's a good thing she didn't spill her secret to Michael, and that she needs to suck it up and get on with her life. Just then John and Bo barge into the office, and John reveals that they know what Paige did, and that Spencer helped her cover things up. He demands that they start talking.

Nash and Tess plan their lovely future with the baby as they both drift off to sleep. While sleeping, Tess has a vicious argument with Jessica, who threatens her precious happiness. Jessica says that she and Antonio are going to get married and raise the baby along with Jamie. She says that she is getting stronger, and that she can see into Tess's life now. Tess uses her one last trump card by bringing up Norman Leeds, and Jessica is not quite strong enough to handle this. She disappears and Tess wakes up, gasping. She asks Nash to go to Rodi's for some nachos, and once she is alone, she starts going into labor!

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