One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 10, 2006 on OLTL

Todd turned himself in, but Bo was suspicious and began to investigate Spencer. Rex was arrested for helping Todd, and Bo indicated that he would never be able to trust Rex again. Starr was horrified about Blair and Spencer, and upset that Todd knew as well. Kevin learned the damage he'd suffered was permanent. Duke accused Kelly of having feelings for him, and Kelly didn't deny it. Viki comforted Tess.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 10, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, April 10, 2006

Todd is surrounded by sharpshooters and holding a gun to his chest when John arrives at Lion's Heart per Todd's request. John wants to know why Todd requested his presence. Todd feels that John is the only one there who believes that he is innocent with the exception of Rex who Todd outs as the one who he believes turned him in. John tells Todd that he was found guilty by a court of his peers and that giving himself up is the best option. He promises Todd that he will call Evangeline so that she can meet them at the police station.

Still holding the gun on himself, Todd pleads with John to let him go so that he can prove his innocence since the justice system has failed him. He tries to play the guilt card by saying that since John won't let him go, he is condemning an innocent man to death which makes him no better than the man who killed his father. Though John is affected by Todd's words, he still tells Todd to turn himself in. Todd also blames Bo for not looking after his kids and keeping them away from Spencer as promised. After a few more rounds with John, Bo, and Hugh, Todd hands the gun to John and is immediately arrested. Rex tries to explain his involvement in concealing Todd's whereabouts but Bo, who is incensed that Rex was aiding Todd, has him arrested despite Rex's protests.

Starr lets Blair and Spencer have it with both barrels after walking in on them half dressed and writhing on the floor. She accuses her mother of being unfaithful to Todd while he is most vulnerable and all alone on the run. Blair who seems a little tongue tied doesn't try to defend herself but Spencer comes to her aid. He wants Starr to know that although they never wanted her to find out the way she did, he is in love with her mother and he wants to be there for them.

Starr demands to know when their first time together was (TMI, TMI). Starr thinks she knows when the first time was and Blair confirms even though it wasn't. Starr wants to know how her mother could do that to her father especially after Todd left his wedding ring behind up at the cabin so that she wouldn't forget him and move on to a new boyfriend. Once again Blair has nothing to say so Spencer jumps in again trying to convince Starr that he isn't trying to take her father's place and he didn't orchestrate anything that has happened just so he could have Blair (he said it with a straight face, too). Starr's not buying it and demands that Blair give her Todd's ring since it means more to her than it does to Blair. As Blair hands over Todd's ring to Starr, the phone rings and it's Bo informing Blair that Todd has been found alive and is on his way to the station.

They rush down to the police station and Starr fights her way through the crowd of police to her father's arms. She tells him the most horrible thing has happened; Blair is sleeping with Spencer. Todd says he already knows.

Evangeline tries to make a beeline from Cristian's apartment to Lion's Heart to save Todd but Cristian blocks her exit. Accepting that Cristian won't let her go for her own good, Evangeline breaks down and admits to Cristian that she feels like her world is spinning out of control and nothing makes sense anymore. She reveals that after her father's senseless death, she vowed to never let her world get out of control again. She made it through her break up with John without losing control but the situation with Todd and how the justice system let him down so badly is taking her back to the days of her father's death. Evangeline feels like she has let Todd down and in letting Todd down, she is letting her father down as well.

Cristian lets Evangeline vent and then tells her the story of his toy tiger and how he would put it on the kitchen table and wind it up so that he it would go fast and fall off the table. He likened Evangeline to that toy tiger because she is so wound up (glad she got the analogy because I didn't at first) but he tells her that he will not let her fall off the table no matter how much she wants to sacrifice herself for Todd. Evangeline is grateful for Cristian's support and comforting hug.

Tess and Antonio go at it again until Tess feels a sharp pain in her abdomen. They rush Tess to the hospital where she agrees to be examined only after Nash tells her he thinks it would be a good idea. Nash stays behind so that he and Antonio can have a "talk." Clint goes with Tess to get checked out. Antonio feels that Tess is keeping Jessica from being able to find out everything that has happened to her. He also thinks that the man who molested Jessica should not be allowed to get away with it. Nash reminds Antonio that Jessica's molester will rot in hell without their assistance.

Nash suggests that the best thing for Jessica and Tess would be for them to back off and stop causing her so much stress. Dr. Crosby walks up on their conversation and hauls them both off to his office. He agrees that both men are putting too much pressure on this young woman and it's not good for her or the baby. He threatens to continue the integration without either one of them present. Nash balks but Crosby reminds them that this should be about what's best for Jessica and the baby. Nash is afraid that all this stress might cause Tess to go into labor early which Tess and Clint confirm when they meet up in Crosby's office.

Tess lets both men know that she could have the baby that day or within the week and that the doctors have suggested she go home and rest. Jessica asks Tess not to shut her out with the impending arrival of their baby. Jessica says that she is strong enough to handle the truth and Tess can stop protecting her now. Tess fights hard to keep Jessica from gaining control which Antonio notices and calls out to Jessica to let him help her fight. Tess keeps control and asks Nash to take her home so that she can get some rest. Antonio is hopeful that more sessions will finally bring Jessica back but Clint says that without Tess being a willing participant, they won't be able to integrate her personalities.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

At the station, Starr is horrified to discover that her dad already knows about Blair and Spencer as he goes on about seeing them together at the cabin. He accuses Spencer of framing him so he could have Blair in front of Starr. Blair steps in and tells Starr to go to the car but an angry Starr refuses to go until Todd asks her to go to the car for him. After Starr departs, Todd once again accuses Spencer of killing Margaret to get what he wants which was Blair. He tells Spencer that he knows what he did and he's going to get proof.

Spencer dismisses it as the ravings of a desperate man. Blair says that although she is sorry that Todd found out about them the way he did, it doesn't change the fact that he killed his own child along with Margaret. Todd can't believe that Blair could believe that he is capable of murder but that Spencer isn't. Blair and Spencer leave the station leaving a curious John and Bo with Todd.

Bo wants to know what evidence he has that Spencer killed Margaret. Todd says that he doesn't have proof but he goes over the details that led up to this moment including his discovery of the warehouse Spencer rented the day before Margaret died, how he believes Spencer had Margaret lure him to the lake knowing that Margaret would not be returning and that Todd would be the #1 suspect. Bo firmly asks Todd if he has any evidence at all to which Todd responds that he doesn't but Paige, who has just entered the room, does.

Bo takes Paige into his office and pleads with her that if she knows anything to let him know. Paige does not confess to knowing anything but when Bo asks her if she believes that Spencer is capable of murder she acknowledges that she does believe he is.

Instead of going to the car, Starr ends up at the gym. She bumps into Adriana, who earlier was discussing why she and Duke didn't make it with Kelly and how different her relationship with Rex is. Starr confides in Adriana how Todd was caught and how her mother has moved on with another man. Adriana suggests that Starr find Blair and talk to her about what has happened but Starr declares how she hates that B****. Adriana wishes she could stay with Starr but she has to go and meet Rex. Starr informs her that Rex is in jail for something that has to do with Todd.

Starr takes another detour on the way home and ends up in the park. John walks by and advises Starr that she shouldn't be there alone. Starr wants to know what Todd meant when he said that Spencer framed him. John remains neutral and tells Starr that only Todd knows what he meant. She asks John if he believes that her dad is innocent but John gives an elusive answer. He tries to convince Starr to go home where...

Spencer and Blair have returned after their showdown with Todd. They have a glass of wine while going over Todd's accusation and Starr's anger over catching them together. While Blair still doesn't believe in Todd's innocence, she does feel she made a mistake in keeping their relationship a secret from Starr. She remembers how close she and Starr used to be despite their disagreements and how she would get on Starr about her lies only betray her by not being honest herself. Spencer tries to comfort her by telling her that she thought she was doing the right thing which is sometimes viewed as the wrong thing by people looking in from the outside.

John pays Dr. Crosby a visit after his chat with Starr in the park. He talks to Crosby about the situation with Todd and how he is starting to have doubts about Todd's conviction. Crosby tells him that he needs to ask himself if he can live with knowing that an innocent man may die.

Adriana rushes over to the station to see Rex, who has just been going over how close he and Bo have grown in the past few months and hoping that eventually Bo will understand why he did what he did. Rex tells her that he is in jail because he didn't tell Bo where Todd was hiding. Adriana wants to know if the reason he didn't turn Todd in is because he was protecting her and Rex informs her that he was protecting Todd. Adriana can't believe that Rex lied to her and Bo to protect Todd after all Todd has done to her family especially Blair. Rex says that he is not the only one who believes in Todd's innocence. He also tells her that what he did to protect Todd has nothing to do with her.

Adriana makes a snide comment about Todd to which Rex responds that she sounds just like her mother. Adriana is offended and snaps back at Rex that she is not her mother but her mother has been known to be right about certain people including him. She leaves a seething Rex behind and also goes to the park where someone is watching her.

Kevin and Kelly meet up per Kevin's request. He was hoping to have some good news for her but after having Spencer run some tests; he now knows that the damage done by the virus is irreversible. After coming to grips with the fact that they cannot have a child together, they also have a breakthrough regarding the situation with Duke. Kelly assures Kevin that despite Duke's feelings for her, the only man she wants is Kevin.

Natalie is in Atlantic City impatiently waiting to meet Vinnie the "Viper" when she runs into Roxy who is gambling her Cristian earnings away. Roxy warns Natalie about trying to get information from shady men especially for John, a man that she doesn't even want back but Natalie is determined to find out what she can about Tom McBain's death. When Natalie's informant calls to tell her that Vinnie is running late, she tells him to tell Vinnie that her time is valuable and hangs up on him. Roxy gives her words of warning "if you're going to be swimming with the sharks, you're going to end up sleeping with the fishies."

Natalie begs Roxy to leave for fear that she will ruin the meeting between Natalie and Vince but Roxy refuses to leave Natalie there alone. Vinnie finally arrives taking Natalie and Roxy by surprise. Vinnie wonders why Natalie is so interested in McBain's death. Natalie clams up but Vinnie begins to wonder is it family related, friend related, or lover related.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

When Vincent demands something in return for giving Natalie information, she offers herself. He figures out that it's John she's in love with but learns he's a cop, so he is not interested in helping out. She informs him of her family wealth and they go over the known clues. He claims to know nothing more, not about the shooting nor the hospital scenario afterwards. Nat orders him to check it out but he warns her in return; he'd better not find a cop knocking at his door. At home, John lines up the known facts and posts them all.

Spencer overhears part of the conversation between Michael and John regarding Todd's possible innocence. John tells his brother there is no "we" in their dad's case. It's been covered up for 25 years and he doesn't want Michael or Natalie involved in something where the people seem too determined to hide the facts. Spencer tells Michael what a great job he's doing at the hospital. Michael asks for time off for his wedding and in the same breath wonders why he got the fellowship when there are so many more qualified individuals around. Spencer pays him some compliments regarding his talent. He says something about how there's a plan out there for all, down to the smallest detail.

Paige tells Bo that she believes that Spencer is capable of killing but quickly backpedals and suggests that under certain circumstances or twists of fate, that anyone could kill, even her. He didn't want a rhetorical answer, Bo responds. He didn't want just general information. She merely suspects that Spencer is guilty, Paige replies. She quickly incriminates herself though when she mentions that Spencer would never kill the baby. Not being aware of the baby being born, Bo is immediately suspicious. She bluffs her way out but is upset when Bo mentions that he is going to follow up on Todd's allegations. Hugh tells Rex that it's a serious matter that he's been arrested and could get 20 years if found guilty of aiding and abetting. Rex is convinced that Bo is bluffing. Roxy has heard and stops by. John is curious when she mentions she's been in Atlantic City. While Bo leaves Paige to think about more information for him while he sees to Rex, she receives a phone call from Spencer. He wants her to make sure that no one believes Todd's accusations and doesn't care that Todd could be innocent. What about protecting Bo? She'd better stop him from asking questions. Bo releases Rex but is quite angry for believing in him when others didn't. He let him down, he snarls, and will never trust him again. Paige makes a mad dash for the hospital, not before pleading with Bo not to check out Todd. His career will be harmed. This only confuses Bo more. What has Spencer done to scare Paige so much? He opens an investigation into Spencer.

Adriana comes across a joyful Dorian and Darryl, celebrating the plights of Todd and Rex. They fib and relate that it's the magazine's sales that they're ecstatic about. She apologizes to her mother; she was right about Rex who hid the fact that he had spotted Todd at Lion's Gate from her. She knows Rex believes in Todd's innocence and understands, but she's upset about his not telling her that he saw him. She admits that she loves Rex which causes Dorian to fuel the fire, spouting off about Rex's awful traits. It's obviously David who causes her to carry on. Dorian can't believe it's real love. Adriana doesn't want to discuss it further and heads for bed. She's interrupted on her way by a knock at the door. It's Rex. He asks forgiveness and tries to make her understand that he made a promise to Todd even though he didn't want to. Adriana slams the door in his face. Dorian calls Darryl and asks him to keep the heat on Rex. She wants to make sure the couple is not together.

Roxy is glad to see Natalie safe and sound back at the hotel. Nat volunteers that she's going to be honest with John, even if it enrages him, which is what Roxy thinks will happen. She is let into his place with clean linens and she is there when John returns home. She spots his posted notes and admits that she lied about staying out of the investigation. She asked around but didn't learn anything. She's done.

Back in Atlantic City, Vincent is advised that nothing will be found out about the killer who is probably dead.

Hugh comes across Paige sitting in the park. They have a conversation about his adoption into what was an amazing family. He felt responsible to stand up and give Margaret's baby justice though. She tells him he reminds her of someone. He compliments her on finding good in Todd. If he only knew, she mutters, when he leaves her.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

While in bed with Kevin, Kelly dreams about being in bed with Duke. She wakes up startled, but tells Kevin that Duke's feelings don't matter-she loves Kevin. Kevin remains skeptical.

Evangeline tells Layla about what happened with Cristian the night before, and that she is humiliated for breaking down in front of him. Layla tells her sister that she should not be embarrassed about showing real human emotions.

Cristian and Antonio talk about Jessica and Natalie. Antonio admits things will never be the same between him and Jessica, and that he will have to learn to love Tess. Antonio then confesses to his brother that he's worried that after integration, Jessica will have all of Tess' memories and feelings-including those about Nash. Evangeline arrives at Cristian's and Antonio leaves. Evangeline tells Cris that the other night never happened, and she shouldn't have unloaded on him the way she did. He suggests that "unloading" might be the best way to move on. Evangeline incredulously asks Cristian how he can talk about her moving on, given his situation with Natalie. She immediately apologizes, and then gets a call about Todd, and leaves. Cristian then calls Natalie and says he needs to see her.

Tess wakes up to find Viki sitting on her bed and demands to know what she's doing there. The two argue, and Tess tells Viki that no matter what she says, she knows that she just wants Jessica back. She also states that no one will ever understand what she went through. Viki tells her that actually, she went through something very similar when she was a child. Tess isn't interested in hearing about Viki's experiences. Viki begs her to let her help and comfort her. Tess accuses Viki of only wanting to comfort her to make herself feel better. Viki tells Tess that she has to face the reality of the present situation, and reminds her that one day, Nash and the baby could wake up to Jessica, and she might never come back. Tess insists that she's stronger than that, but Viki pushes her saying, "it's the truth and you know it." Viki then tells Tess that she loves her, and it's heartbreaking that she won't let her comfort or help her. Tess finally breaks down, asking Viki why she let everything happen. Viki also breaks down, saying that she didn't know and she's sorry. She then pulls Tess toward her and holds her, saying, "you're my baby, Tess, and I love you."

Clint and Dorian enjoy small talk over breakfast at her house. While they joke around, they almost kiss, but Clint stops it. He then cites the past as a reason why it should never happen.

Kevin goes to Llanfair and finds Natalie studying. The two talk about feeling guilty about what happened to Jessica.

Later, Kelly walks in on Duke getting dressed in Kevin's office. Duke asks why she stood him up for running that morning. Kelly tells him they shouldn't run together anymore, or even see each other. Duke says that the only reason she would need to stay away from him is if she had feelings for him too. On his way into the office, Kevin stops just outside the door and listens as his fiancée and son talk. Kelly says she doesn't want to talk about the issue anymore, but Duke notes that she's not denying having feelings for him. Kelly leaves without seeing Kevin. Kevin enters the office, but doesn't let on that he heard anything. Duke wants to talk, but Kevin says he's busy. Duke leaves, and Kevin takes a swig of liquor he had been keeping in his desk drawer.

After Clint leaves, Dorian finds something that belongs to him.

Natalie arrives at Cristian's apartment and he tells her that he's made a decision.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Todd was throwing a temper tantrum in his cell on death row when Evangeline came by to tell him that they set May 26 as the day he'd be executed. Todd exploded again, screaming about Blair having sex with Spencer and telling Vangie that she has to keep fighting for him. When Evangeline asked what more she could do, Todd said she needs to talk to John.

Cristian told Natalie things are over between them. He said that even though he always thought they could pick up where they left off, that he now has to move on. "I love you, but I need to feel that back," he told her. "I loved you once," she answered. "I can't wait around for you to love me again," Cris replied. Natalie was clearly hurt as Cristian politely excused himself and went for a walk. Once she was alone, Natalie started sniffling as she worked her way through her cell phone contacts looking for someone to talk to. She considered calling John, but then decided against it.

Evangeline dropped by to see Cristian. They both said they had pretty rough days so they popped a couple of beers and talked.

David asked Paige for the date she helped deliver Margaret's baby and realized that Spencer had flown to Thailand the next day. He hypothesized that Spencer tried to get Margaret and the baby as far away from Llanview as he could. Paige wondered why Spencer chose to take the baby to Thailand, and David answered that Thailand is about "the best place to hide that thing," though he didn't actually say why.

Meanwhile, Margaret sat in a Thai restaurant alone doing a crossword puzzle.

Kelly was finishing up a run at the park when she ran into Hugh, who was there playing soccer with some kids. Hugh told Kelly that he volunteered to coach foster kids once a week. They talked about their own brothers and sisters, and when Kelly told Hugh that her brother Paul died, Hugh said that maybe she could have a big family of her own one day. Kelly broke down in tears. After she regained her composure, she told Hugh she thinks it's nice that he plays ball with the kids.

Marcie and Lindsay went to some fancy boutique to look at wedding dresses. Marcie was concerned that she was too big for the dresses there and wouldn't look as pretty as she wanted to at her wedding. Lindsay told Marcie to relax and that she'd pay for a beautiful dress as a gift from Jennifer. When a snooty saleswoman subtly suggested to Marcie that she was too big for their dresses, Lindsay had a word in private with her and said she isn't going to let "some stuck up saleswoman ruin what should be the best day of her life." Marcie started trying on dresses, and the saleswoman totally changed her tune and was falling over herself until they found the perfect dress.

John told Michael he had some leads on people who knew about what happened during their father's surgery the night he was shot. Later, a man walked up to John and introduced himself as Ray Bateman, Sr. "You killed my son," he said. Michael quickly defended John's actions, saying he saved his life. Bateman said that John made an orphan of a 12-year-old boy. "Ray had problems, but he deserved a chance, and my grandson deserved a chance to know his father," the guy said. "You ruined three generations of a family with one shot." After the man left, John told Michael that he left a young boy without a father just like someone did to him when he was a boy.

John went up on the roof and started tossing beer bottles at the wall when Natalie came up and asked, "What the hell is going on here?"

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