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Kendall turned to Greg for help. Tad broke off his relationship with Di. Adam placed Dixie in a shipping crate with the intention of sending her far away from Pine Valley. JR and Babe later found the shipping crate and started to open it. Jonathan and Lily made plans to run away together.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 17, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, April 17, 2006

Dixie and Tad finally come face to face and David, incensed, tries to convince Tad that his eyes are deceiving him. He goes so far as to say that he had been experimenting with a mind-altering drug, and that when Tad walked into the cabin, the hallucinations started. Tad and Dixie are oblivious however, as memories of all of the times that they shared together - first meeting, kisses, laughter, love, joy, marriage - come rushing back. As tears flow down Dixie's face, Tad stares at her in utter disbelief. He reaches out to touch her, to see if she is real - or if, for once, David is telling the truth. A look of amazement washes over his face as he realizes that the vision before him is actually a corporeal being. David continues to try to disrupt their connection, but Tad ignores him and grabs Dixie's hand in an attempt to take her away so that they can talk in peace. David is enraged at his loss of control, at the revelation occurring before he was ready, and he physically tries to stop Tad from leaving with his beloved. He is rewarded with a roundhouse punch from Tad, and is still reeling when the former couple makes their grand exit.

They resurface in the woods, near a spot that they frequented years before, and Tad lets details of his anguished years spill out. He feels like he should have a million questions after four years but here, in the moment, he can't think of one. He notes that perhaps they don't matter anymore and opts instead to tell her a story about seeing a picture of a woman in the paper who was the runner up in a chili contest in Ohio. Though the picture wasn't the best quality, the woman looked enough like Dixie for him to pretend that she was still alive. He admits that he carried that picture around until it fell apart - and says that incidents like that were indicative of how he held on to hope in the oddest ways, just for brief moments of peace. Dixie asks if he ever contacted the woman, but Tad denies ever doing so - because he knew in mere moments, his dream could be destroyed. He lets her in on the pain he felt because he couldn't share any of these thoughts and feelings, and how even though it hurt, it's what kept him going. He then recalls the most recent episode, and realizing that the here and now is much like when he first met Di, anger flashes to his face. He immediately demands to know what she wants from him. This confuses Dixie, and Tad is quick to reveal that he believes that she is not his dead wife - rather a creation of the mad Dr. Hayward. Pained at the implications, Dixie wonders aloud if Tad wants her to be fake. Further, she questions whether he would ever be able to forget her if she told him that she was indeed an imposter. She asks what he needs from her and he tells her simply that he needs the truth. If she is Dixie, he wants her to prove it - and not with some story that David could have easily procured. He wants evidence that only the two of them would know. Dixie thinks for a moment, and then mentions Ozzie and Harriet. Tad is puzzled at first, and then remembers a time when he told Dixie that they were going to be one of the great love stories - and his comparison was Ozzie and Harriet. He is stunned that she managed to pick the one thing he couldn't dispute. He then asks if she was at the Mardi Gras ball, and when she confirms it, he notes that Janet wasn't hallucinating. He surmises that she was there, watching her entire family all night, and heard them calling out after the explosion, when everyone tried to find their loved ones. He is amazed that she managed to stay hidden and not call back. His only guess is that she didn't want her family back. As they sit and talk a bit longer, Tad offers his coat to Dixie. After trying to refuse, she wraps it around herself, and feels something hidden in an inside pocket. She pulls out a strand of keys, and finds a keychain that JR made years ago still attached. Tad quips that even when other people have the sense to throw things away - he still hangs on...or at the very least, he tries to. Torn apart inside at his latest admission, Dixie can do naught but hug him, cry, and apologize for all of the pain she caused.

Back at the cabin, David blows out the candles at his romantic table setting before he starts to trash the room as he recovers from the blow.

Di is called to the boardroom at Chandler Enterprises and finds Jamie and JR there waiting for her. They tell her that they need to test her and see if she is really up to the task of being a part of the family. Their first test is spite and malice. They soon reveal that this is a card game, and although she is just learning, she easily defeats them at their own game. She wants to play again, insisting that she just had a streak of beginner's luck. The boys aren't so willing - opting instead to move on to something more difficult. They throw additional and more difficult card games her way, and somehow she continues to beat them. JR and Jamie finally decide that they have taken the wrong tack. They tell her that she needs to impress them somehow - without leaving the room - in a way that will convince them that she is worthy to be the next Mrs. Thaddeus Martin. She considers this for a moment, and then effortlessly builds a house of cards. Amazed that she was able to do that without any sleight of hand or magic glue, the boys are won over. They revel in good feelings until a battered David enters the room. He immediately notes the irony of the scene before him, given what he knows. None of the original three are interested in hearing what David has to say, but as is par for his course, David pays little attention. He tells them that he has both good and bad news to deliver, and that it's all rolled into one. Di tries to get him to leave before he can drop his bomb, but David will not be dismissed so easily. Without wasting another moment, he reveals that Dixie is alive.

Babe visits Janet in the psych ward, and they revisit some of the incidents at the cabin, and the feelings they have because of it. All that aside, Janet admits to being happy with the way things turned out for Babe. Remaining cordial, Babe notes that she understands desperation and why Janet chose to do what she did. She also brings up the fact that Janet might still be angry with people that interfered with her plans. Janet tells her that she could never be angry with her almost-daughter, saying that the two of them could settle their differences with mutual forgiveness. Janet then points out the pink elephant in the room by announcing that Babe was successful in her bid to marry JR again. She then reveals that she believes Babe's plot from the cabin is in motion - and asks how long Babe will keep up the charade before cutting all ties and taking off with Little Adam. Babe tries to convince her that the plan was bogus - it was just something that she said to keep herself alive while they were tucked away in that remote area of the forest. Janet isn't swayed, and thinks that as friends, they can be honest in saying that Babe's true intent is to get JR's guard down, and then hit him where it hurts the most. Babe valiantly attempts to correct Janet's line of thinking, saying that now - what she wants most from her relationship with JR is trust. She then admits that in order to gain that trust, she needs Janet's help. Still believing that the end result will be JR out of the picture, Janet says that she can snap Babe out of her romantic fantasy quite easily. Babe makes an effort to explain why JR is the way that he is: the fact that his mother left without saying goodbye and never came back, as well as the many trials and tribulations she herself put him through caused him an enormous amount of pain that he still hasn't been able to heal from. Issues like this from JR's past cause him to be bitter and jaded and explains succinctly why JR acts out the way that he does. Babe doesn't question his actions any longer, because they all make sense. She then reminds Janet of her own reaction when she was threatened with losing Amanda. She begs Janet to stop interfering because she loves JR. Janet considers this briefly before asking when love has ever made anyone happy. Frustrated that Janet isn't responding positively to her efforts, Babe insists that she will not allow to her husband to be treated so poorly, and storms out.

In his hospital room, Erica urges Greg to tell Josh and Kendall the truth about their history and connection. Their children chomping at their respective bits, Greg appears amused at the fact that Erica seems to be pushing the issue. He nonchalantly asks if she really thinks that now is the time to reveal everything. Greg's phrasing makes it sound as though he and Erica had an illicit affair, but Kendall quashes that theory before it can come to fruition. She tells Josh about the abortion that Erica had years ago, and how Greg was the one that performed the procedure. She also makes mention that having that same doctor be the one that inseminated her daughter as well as the provider of subsequent care makes the current situation more than a little weird. Josh realizes that perhaps, because of the negativity that must have surrounded the incident, it's not surprising that Erica still harbors some ill will towards his father. Erica claims to have dealt with any of the fallout from her decision and says that she has been fine for years. However, she goes on to say, there is more to her connection with Greg that both Josh and Kendall don't know and couldn't imagine in their wildest dreams. Erica mentions the fact that she never pressed charges against Josh for the poisoning and asks her daughter if she can fathom why that could have happened. Kendall thinks that it could have been lack of evidence, but Erica drops that in lieu of mentioning the fact that of all places for a world renowned fertility expert to establish roots - why would Greg choose Pine Valley? Josh thinks that Erica is suffering from some delusions based on her narcissistic belief that Greg is obsessed with her, and offers that she might benefit from therapy. Erica smiles at this suggestion and asks Greg if he thought that perhaps they could all find family therapy helpful, seeing as how they make such a nice family unit. The duo continues to shoot more cryptic language back and forth, further frustrating their children. At Greg's silence, Erica tells Josh that if he wants more information, he could ask Tad Martin. She notes that Tad is an amazing detective, and Greg manages to utter a sound of surprise as he realizes that Tad was the one who cracked the mystery and revealed the truth. Erica continues to test Greg's limits by talking about the photo of Erica as a little girl that Tad found in Greg's locked files. Greg's monitors start to beep wildly, indicating the onset of another attack. Immediately frantic, Josh orders both Erica and Kendall out of the room. Once outside, Kendall demand that her mother tell her what happened between her and Dr. Madden before she and Josh arrived. Once again her cool, calm and collected self, Erica states that Greg had been spouting off about his delusions that he and Erica shared some sort of cosmic destiny. She tries to use this detail to convince her daughter that she needs to find another doctor. Exasperated once again, Kendall vehemently insists that she knows what is best for her and her baby, and storms off.

Back inside the room, Josh is adamant that his father avoid Erica and anyone associated with her, for his health's sake. Greg says that he will try but that answer isn't good enough for Josh - he wants complete compliance. After checking his vitals again, he turns to leave the room. Moments later, Erica reenters and warns him not to take his reputation as a miracle worker too seriously. She tells Greg not to ever challenge her again or push her too far, or she will make him regret it - because he is no match for her.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Amanda sat and tried to gather her thoughts and Jonathan jumped out and scared her. He explained that he thought that she was Lily because the treehouse was he and Lily's special place but that Jack would no longer let them see each other. Amanda apologized for her and Janet's actions and told him that she didn't blame him if he hated her. Jonathan said that he didn't hate her. Amanda told him that if there was anything she could do to let her know. He said there was something she could do and he asked her out on a date. Jonathan told Amanda that Aidan suggested he date other people so that is why he asked her out. She said why not. She asked where he wanted to go and he said up to the treehouse. They went up and Jonathan tried to make Amanda an instant girlfriend. He realized that it wouldn't work because she wasn't Lily. Amanda smiled when she realized that Lily Montgomery was the girlfriend Jonathan was talking about. She told Jonathan that she used to be related to Lily and she would help them get back together.

Reggie offered Lily something to eat, but she still refused to talk. Zach came to the door and Lily spoke. She told Reggie that she wanted to talk to Zach alone. She asked Zach to make her disappear. Zach asked her why she wanted to disappear and Lily told him that she didn't like her life anymore and she wanted to start somewhere new. Zach told her to first make a list of all those she cared about and then circle all the people who would be upset if she was gone. Lily told him that they wouldn't let her be with Jonathan but she didn't want to hurt everyone on the list. Lily then made a list of the people who would be hurt if she stayed and what about them. She showed him the list and on it was two names; Jon and Lily. She asked why they should be hurt and he said it wasn't his place to make that decision. Lily got upset when she realized Zach would not help her and she told him she would make herself disappear.

Dixie stopped hugging Tad and asked what he was thinking. She asked him not to shut

her out and he told her to go to hell. She said that to hell summed it up. Tad got up to go but she said he didn't understand. He said he understood loud and clear and that four years ago she quit giving a damn about any of them. He told her that there was nothing that she could possibly say or do to make it right and to not even try. He told Dixie to go

back to David because he was done with her. She told Tad that David had nothing to do with her disappearance and he told her that as far as he could see she and David belonged together. She explained that David had blackmaild her and that he was the last person

on earth she wanted to be with. He thanked her for putting him in the position to tear J.R.'s heart out again. Tad said that she took the son that they raised and put him in Adam's hands and that he was never the same again. Dixie told Tad that J.R. was one of

the main reasons she stayed away so that she could spare him the pain and that she didn't reveal herself at the wedding because J.R. looked so happy. Tad told her that

she may have seen J.R. happy for a second at his wedding but he had to fight like hell to

get to that point. She told him again she stayed away so as not to tear J.R. apart again. Tad explained all that J.R. had done since her disappearance and told her that he wouldn't call what she did love. He told her about J.R.'s drinking and manipulations and how he hated Jamie for so long. Tad walked away and said she was dead to him. Dixie sat and cried her eyes out.

David continued to tell J.R., Jamie and Di that Dixie was alive. Babe came in and asked

David what was wrong with him. David told them even whacko Janet knew that Dixie was alive and well in Pine Valley. He told them that Di knew all about it and dared her to tell the truth. Babe tried to stop David but he continued to taunt them with the news of Dixie. He said that if they didn't believe him to ask Tad because he was with Dixie right now. Babe took David out in the hall and told him that she wanted him gone. David plead his innocence and told her that he swore it was true. Babe told him that if he really believed what he was saying that he needed help. David told J.R. that he caught Dixie at his wedding and that she led him on to believe that they could have another chance. He was just about to call Dixie a name (begins with B) when both J.R. and Jamie took Hayward by the arms and dragged him to the balcony. Jamie held him upside down by the ankles and after a moment (and Babe and Di yelling to bring him back up) he brought him back to his feet. J.R., Babe and Jamie left and Di told David he was a fool for trying to manipulate Dixie into leaving with her. Di called David pathetic and just because Dixie didn't want him was no excuse to try to hurt everyone Dixie loved.

Tad found Di and began to confront her.

Dixie knocked on the front door of the Chandler Mansion.

Jamie got in a fight at a bar.

J.R. and Babe went home and J.R. yelled at Winifred.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Greg moves forward with his plans to give Kendall's baby to the couple he's chosen.

Kendall walks in just as Lily rushes out of the living room, upset that Zach won't help her disappear. Kendall misreads the situation and jumps to the conclusion that Zach did something to intentionally hurt Lily. Lily becomes even more agitated and goes to her room to be alone. Kendall demands an explanation from Zach. Zach instead focuses on why he showed up at the house to begin with. He's concerned about Kendall's continued involvement with Greg Madden. Kendall stubbornly refuses to listen to Zach's concerns or warnings. He tries to convince her that something is very off with Greg by telling her that he suspects Erica knows something that could change the way Kendall sees Greg. Kendall dismisses his suspicions. She tells him that Erica went to Greg years ago to terminate a pregnancy. That's what Erica is hiding. Zach doesn't think that's it. As they are talking, Lily returns to the living room. She announces that she knows the secret that Erica is keeping. She then proceeds to tell them that Greg stole Erica's baby. Kendall dismisses it as a misunderstanding even after Lily reveals that she overheard Tad and Erica discussing Erica's secret. Zach isn't so certain. He finds it interesting that they used the word "stole". When Kendall continues to defend Greg, Zach asks her what she's afraid of? He starts to talks about Dixie's' situation without revealing her identity. Kendall becomes frustrated with his cryptic talk and refuses to listen. They are interrupted by Erica who is not happy to find Zach in her home. Fed up with all of the arguing, Kendall leaves telling both Zach and Erica that she's had enough. Erica doesn't waste time blaming Zach for the state that Kendall is in. Zach accuses Erica of subjecting Kendall to needless misery by refusing to share her secret.

Kendall goes to see Greg. Upset, she tells him that she can't take the pressure from everyone anymore. She plays into Greg's hand when she asks him for help.

Dixie knocks on Adam's door and is greeted by Krystal. Krystal immediately slams the door in Dixie's face. Adam enters the foyer as Dixie once again knocks on the door. Krystal tries to stop Adam from opening the door but Adam can't ignore the continued knocking. He is shocked when he opens the door to find Dixie standing on the doorstep. Dixie pushes her way into Adam's home, demanding to see JR. Krystal starts to criticize Dixie for staying away for all these years and subjecting her son to so much pain. Adam takes a different approach. He offers Dixie two million and then five million to walk out of the door and stay dead to their son. Dixie continues to insist on seeing JR. Adam refuses put JR through the shock of seeing his mother and learning that she'd been alive the past four years. Dixie won't be denied. She tells Adam to act like a father and go upstairs, tell JR he loves him and will stand by him and then tell him that someone is downstairs waiting for him. While Adam goes upstairs to get JR, Krystal continues to berate Dixie for the hurt she's put her loved ones through. Adam soon returns and happily informs Dixie that JR has taken Babe to the South of France for a romantic breakfast. JR had arranged for Winifred to stay behind with little Adam. Dixie is disappointed. Adam and Krystal urge Dixie to rethink her decision to talk to JR. Dixie ignores them and asks to see her grandson. Adam denies her request. He orders to leave his home and never come back. Dixie tells Adam that it's too late; Tad already knows that she's alive. She decides to leave but not without first warning Adam that JR needs to hear the news of her return to Pine Valley from her.

Tad goes to see Di. He realizes that she must have known about Dixie being alive all along. Seething with anger, he confronts Di with the truth. He now realizes why Di turned down his proposal at the beach. Disgusted by her betrayal, Tad accuses her of being just another scheming and worthless Henry: a con artist who only cares about herself. Di is crushed. She tries to get out her side of the story. She tells him about being in Europe after Dixie supposedly died and accidentally running into at a café. Dixie had made up her mind by then that she would never return to Pine Valley. When she asked Di to keep her secret, Di didn't hesitate. She didn't know Dixie's family back then and Di was her sister. She tries to make Tad understand that she couldn't break her promise but Tad is much too hurt and betrayed to understand or forgive her. He asks Di if she told Dixie how she came to town and passed herself off as Dixie. Di evades answering. Tearfully she tells Tad that she loves him and begs him for forgiveness. Tad isn't moved. Di desperately tries to make him understand that it was Dixie's decision to keep Tad from learning that she was alive. When that fails she insists that their love can get them through this. Tad asks her how that is possible when everything that they have is based on a lie. She cries that she was afraid that she would lose him. Tad has no sympathy. He tells her that she was right to be afraid and walks away.

Erica is thrilled when she overhears Ryan talking to Livia about getting Ryan custody of his unborn son. Livia is surprised to see Erica and intrigued when she fully supports Ryan's action. Livia is initially reluctant but Ryan and Erica manage to convince Livia to help them without divulging the details of Erica's secret. After Livia leaves to return to her office, Erica tells Ryan that Greg knows that she tried to kill him. Ryan is concerned and asks her if there is any way someone could trace the poison to her. Erica assures him that after all these years, she's learned a few things and there isn't any possibility that the poison could be traced to her. Later, Livia returns to Ryan's office with good news. She has found a judge who will keep Kendall from making any decisions for the baby without Ryan's consent.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Babe and JR enjoy their romantic getaway in the south of France. While JR sketches a portrait of Babe, Babe starts listing girl names for their daughter. She suggests that they give their daughter the middle name of Dixie. Just then they see a shooting star. Both make a wish and then they make love. Afterwards, Babe has a bad dream of waking up and finding JR gone. When she wakes up from the dream, Babe is relieved to find JR right next to her.

Krystal updates Adam on Babe and JR's trip to France. She tells him that they have apparently extended their stay and are spending the night in France. That's good news for Adam. He feels they need some time to deal with Dixie before JR arrives home. Moments later, Tad arrives at the mansion. Adam immediately tries to enlist his help to get Dixie out of town before JR discovers that his mother is alive. Tad thinks it's a mistake. As much as he would love to send Dixie packing, he doesn't feel that they would ever be able to keep the truth from JR forever. Adam is more concerned that learning that Dixie is alive will completely devastate JR and send him to a dark place that he may never return from. They are interrupted by Di's arrival. Adam is livid and immediately begins yelling at her. He orders her to leave town and to take her sister with her. Krystal is the voice of reason. She feels that the worst thing they can all do is to keep the truth from JR. He needs to know that his mother is alive and they need to stand by him and help him through this latest crisis in his life. Adam walks out. Di offers to be the scapegoat. She suggests that they tell JR that she was responsible for Dixie staying away for all of these years. Tad turns her offer down. There have been too many lies already. Di realizes that she isn't helping matters. She apologizes to Tad once again and leaves. Alone with Tad, Krystal admits that this whole development with Dixie raises so many questions. How did Dixie survive the accident? Where is the baby? Why did she stay away? Tad admits that he never asked Dixie those questions.

Adam goes to see Dixie at the casino. He walks into her room and tells her that he was wrong to offer her money to leave town. Adam pulls out a gun, points it at her and then says, "Maybe this will convince you."

Jack is surprised and disappointed when Livia stops by and hands him legal documents declaring that Ryan has full custody of his unborn son. Erica soon joins Jack and Livia as Jack argues with Livia. Erica completely supports Ryan's action much to Jack's surprised. Livia decides to leave but first she reminds Jack to inform Kendall that she can no longer make any decisions pertaining to the baby without Ryan's consent. Alone with Jack, Erica tries to convince him to drop Kendall's case and allow Ryan to retain custody. Jack refuses to back down. He feels that Kendall has every right to make decisions for her son and retain custody. Their argument disturbs Lily. She comes into the room, clearly distressed over all of the yelling. Erica and Jack immediately focus on Lily and calming her down. Shortly afterwards, Amanda stops by for a visit. She invites Lily out so that they can spend some time alone. Initially Lily is reluctant because in the past, Amanda wasn't very nice to her. Amanda apologizes and manages to convince Lily to leave with her. Jack and Erica let Lily go.

Amanda takes Lily to the boathouse where Jonathan is waiting for them. She quietly excuses herself so that Lily and Jonathan can spend some time alone with each other. Jonathan tells Lily about Aidan's advice to date other women and his disappointing date with Amanda. Lily is happy to hear that Jonathan doesn't like as a girlfriend. They then start talking about ways to keep seeing each other. Lily is frustrated at her lack of independence. Jonathan hands her an envelope, explaining that she may open it now but she can't use it until her birthday. Lily opens it and looks up at Jonathan with a question in her eyes.

Ryan and Zach stop by to see Greg as he prepares to check out of the hospital. Ryan demands to know where Kendall is. Greg is completely uncooperative, claiming he has no idea where Kendall is. Hoping to force Greg into revealing where she is, he hands him the legal papers that grant Ryan custody of his son. Greg isn't impressed. He pulls out some papers from his bag and hands them to Ryan. Ryan is surprised to discover that Kendall has evidently dismissed Greg as her physician. While Zach reviews the papers, Greg takes the opportunity to blame both Ryan and Zach for pressuring Kendall to such a degree that she felt compelled to leave town without telling anyone. Finished packing, Greg leaves his room, ready to check out. Erica approaches Greg's room and quietly listens in as Ryan and Zach continue talking about Greg. Zach shows Ryan some papers that he found in Greg's office. Ryan looks them over and is shocked to discover that Kendall has already signed papers giving their son up for adoption. Ryan and Zach realize that they really have no alternative but to work together. Greg clearly knows where Kendall is hiding and they are convinced that he will lead them to her. Outside the room, Erica slips away before either notices her standing there.

In his office, Greg is confronted by Josh who wants some answers about Erica. Greg tries his best get Josh to drop his line of questioning but Josh is determined. He wants to know why Greg refuses to pursue Erica for poisoning him. Greg won't even acknowledge that Erica poisoned him. Luckily for Greg, Josh is interrupted from his line of questioning when he is paged. He leaves the office but not without first warning Greg that he is nowhere near done talking about the secret that he and Erica are keeping. Outside, Erica listens in and quickly hides before Josh sees her. Once she is certain that Josh is gone, Erica slips into Greg's office. She gives Greg an ultimatum: He either tells her where Kendall is or she will tell Josh the truth.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Greg denies knowing where Kendall is but Erica doesn't believe him. She threatens to tell everyone the truth about Josh but Greg isn't moved to reveal Kendall's whereabouts. Instead, Greg asks her if she is prepared to also tell everyone how she tried to kill him. Erica doesn't back down. She refuses to allow Greg to brainwash Kendall and take her baby from her. Greg denies doing anything to force Kendall to give her son up for adoption. He suggests that Erica stop using Kendall's situation to make up for her past mistakes. Erica is offended by Greg's view of things. She once again threatens to expose him for the monster that he is if he doesn't cooperate with her and reveal to her where Kendall is. Greg isn't intimidated. He believes that everyone will applaud him for saving the life of a child Erica wanted to discard. He also is certain that Josh will stand by his side and not turn his back on him as Erica believes. Erica doesn't believe his confidence. She points out that if he was so certain of Josh's loyalty then he wouldn't be trying to keep the truth from him. Greg switches tactics and once again starts talking about the two of them having a more intimate relationship. Erica is repulsed by the idea.

Josh steps in to help Joe. He talks to the parents of a young boy who has an aneurysm and needs surgery. The parents are reluctant to agree to the surgery because another family member had died after going through the same procedure. When the Haydens start talking about their son Josh and how he was their miracle child they never thought to have, Josh finds common ground. He explains a bit of his own similar history. Eventually, he is able to convince them to consent to their son receiving the life saving operation.

Tad tells Krystal that he didn't ask about Kate because he didn't feel the need to know the details of his daughter's passing. When Krystal tries talking to him about his feelings for Dixie, Tad orders her to drop it. Just then Winifred enters the room to tell Krystal that little Adam is awake. Tad asks where Adam is and isn't surprised when Winifred tells him that Adam has left. Suspecting where Adam was headed, Tad leaves to catch up with him.

Adam goes to Dixie's room and at gunpoint orders her to write Tad a note explaining that she's leaving town. Dixie tries to reason with Adam in the hopes of making him understand that all he's doing is delaying the inevitable and subjecting their son to the potential of more pain. Adam heartily disagrees. He is certain that the best thing for JR is to never discover that his mother didn't die in the car cash four years ago.

Tad enters Dixie's room to find Adam in the room alone, wiping his hands with a towel. He demands to know where Dixie is. Adam tells him that Dixie has left Pine Valley for good and hands him a note. Tad immediately dismisses it as a forgery. He points out that the note was written in block lettering and the signature isn't Dixie's. Tad worries that Adam did something to Dixie. When Adam denies having anything to do with Dixie's disappearance, Tad doesn't believe a word he's saying. He tries to shake the information out of Adam but stops short when Adam pulls out a gun and points it at him. He suggests to Tad that he forget Dixie was every in Pine Valley but Tad refuses to cooperate. Before Adam realizes what is happening, Tad manages to knock the gun out of Adam's hand and it goes flying across the room.

Ryan talks to Aidan about Kendall. Aidan informs him that he was unable to locate even a trace of Kendall much less where she went to. He suspects that Kendall was either kidnapped or she had help. Ryan is certain that the person behind Kendall's disappearance is Greg.

Jonathan gives Lily bus tickets to Boston for her birthday. He tells her that he got them for her because he knows that she wants to go to MIT. Jonathan also tells her his plans for once they arrive in Boston. He intends to support her while she goes to school. Jonathan then gives Lily a book about Boston. He knows that it is important for her to know everything about the city before they move there. As they are discussing their future, they hear Ryan call out. Lily quickly hides before Ryan, Erin and Aidan walk into the boathouse. Ryan asks Jonathan where his guest is because they heard a girl talking. Jonathan stalls long enough for Erin to join them and rescue Jonathan. She pretends that the entire picnic was planned for her and that she was the one they overheard. She also kisses Jonathan in front of them. Ryan, Aidan and Erin are surprised. Assured that Jonathan wasn't spending time with Lily, they leave the boathouse. Lily steps out from her hiding place and is clearly upset. Having witnessed the kiss, Lily feels that Jonathan would be better off with Amanda because Lily can't kiss him like that or touch him with the ease that Amanda can. Jonathan and Amanda immediately try to correct Lily's misunderstanding. The kiss wasn't special to either of them. When Jonathan asks to speak to Lily alone, Amanda steps away to give them some privacy. Jonathan does his best to explain to Lily that she is the one he wants to be with and that he loves her, not Amanda. He goes on to tell her that he won't be happy without her. Lily believes him.

Babe and JR return to Pine Valley. Looking for a crate that he had brought back with him from France, JR searches through a warehouse until he finds one marked "Chandler". Certain that it's his, JR begins to pry it open. Inside, Dixie is unconscious.



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