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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 17, 2006 on GL
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Monday, April 17, 2006

Tammy and Jonathan return to Outskirts after having dinner at the farmhouse with Cassie and Josh. Lizzie calls Jon and tells him she needs him in her bed or she'll tell Tammy everything. While Tammy takes a shower, Jon goes to Company to confront Lizzie.

Inside Company, Ava and Coop talk about how Ava's jealous that Lizzie has a past with Coop and that Lizzie already knows all the "little" things about him. After they have a snack that they "can't believe is not butter," Coop assures her that she, not Lizzie is his future. Ava suggests they go upstairs.

Outside the restaurant, Jonathan ends up threatening Lizzie that if she doesn't back off, he'll take her necklace from around her throat and wring her scrawny little neck. Lizzie tells him that she's going to tell Tammy about the other night. Jon is so furious he grabs her by her hair and slams her face first into the wall. While he is yelling threats at her, Coop and Ava come out and Coop wrestles Jon away from Tammy. He tells Jon to take a walk. When Jon leaves, Lizzie rushes to Coop, hugging and thanking him while Ava looks on. Lizzie insists to Coop that it isn't safe for her to go home alone, which gives Ava an idea. She and Coop both take Lizzie home and tuck her in bed. After they leave, Lizzie jumps out of bed yelling, "I hate her! I hate her! Their holding hands makes me want to puke." Suddenly she looks ill, grabs her stomach, and runs to the bathroom to throw up.

At Outskirts, Tammy invites Marina over and once she's there, asks Marina how to cancel the restraining order. Marina tells Tammy that Tammy will have to go to the station herself to clear it up. Tammy accuses Marina of being miserable because she broke up with Alan-Michael. Marina says she wants something more simple. Tammy tells her that relationships take work and that Marina should do what makes her happy. Marina leaves and Jon returns. He and Tammy decide to stay in for the night until the restraining order is lifted.

Marina goes to Alan-Michael's room and tries to talk herself into knocking. She finally decides that if she knocks and he answers and takes her in his arms, it was meant to be. She knocks several times with no answer. As she turns to leave, saying, "I guess it wasn't meant to be," she runs into Alan-Michael who asks, "What isn't meant to be?" He invites her in and they both admit they have missed one another. As they are kissing and undressing one another, Marina continues talking, saying that it is okay what they are doing, they are just two people who miss one another. She says it will be just one night, why does it have to be anymore than that. Alan-Michael pulls away and tries to kick her out, saying that she keeps sending mixed messages. He says that he knows what he did to Harley was wrong, but Spaulding is his birthright. He reminds her how the Coopers felt when Phillip tried to take Company away from them. Alan-Michael says Spaulding is all he wants, then corrects himself. He says he wants Marina, too. All or nothing. Marina looks at Alan-Michael sadly and leaves as he repeats, "All or nothing," and slams the door.

At Towers, Mallet, Frank, and Harley have their first sit-down visit in 12 years. They discuss ways to help Dinah feel more confident about her job and her relationship to Mallet.

At Cedars, while hugging Gus, Dinah sneaks pain pills into his box. Gus runs into Zach and they play airplane until Gus wears out. He sends Zach off to Rick and starts to take a pill when Dinah stops him and lectures him about addiction. Dinah tells him to let the pills go. Harley walks in just then. She takes Dinah aside and told her that she was planning a restructuring of the staff at Spaulding and it might be a good window of opportunity for Dinah to take some much needed time off. Dinah asks if that is an order and Harley responds, "If you don't do it for yourself, do it for me." Meanwhile, Gus, having resisted the temptation of taking another pill, gives in and takes one from Harley's purse. Harley and Gus leave for Company where they run into Zach and Gus and Zach once again play airplane. Harley is looking through her purse, then looks up to watch Gus with Zach and realizes Gus is on the pills again.

When Dinah arrives home, she runs into Alan-Michael in the hallway. She is visibly upset and Alan-Michael guesses correctly that she is fed up with Harley. He tells her that Harley isn't behaving like Dinah's friend, but that he could be her friend. Dinah says, "Nice speech, count me in." Alan-Michael tells her that he'll be in touch. Dinah goes into her room and kisses Mallet.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Olivia told Buzz that she wanted to help make things right for him and Frank. She shot down Josh's offer to buy Cross Creek. Cassie faked a business emergency to get rid of Josh, and offered to sell her share of The Beacon in exchange for Cross Creek. The deal was too sweet for Olivia to turn down, so she agreed. Olivia confided to Buzz that it was time for her to let go of Josh once and for all. Frank walked in on Olivia and Buzz in a close moment.

At Outskirts, Blake accused Jeffrey of planting a tabloid story about Ross' "affair," which he denied. Josh broke the news to Billy that he and Reva had reconciled. Billy dropped the bomb that he was responsible for delivering the divorce papers and he would do it again if given the chance! Billy wondered how long this latest reconciliation would last. Cassie burst in, gloating that she had bought back Cross Creek for Josh and Reva. Cassie was excited to put that chapter of her life behind her and have new projects to get involved in. Josh happily planned to restore Cross Creek to its old appearance before Reva's returned from Paris, and Cassie volunteered to help. Meanwhile, an FAA official brought Frank evidence that Ross may have been murdered. Frank showed the file to Jeffrey, who learned that Ross' "assistant" was actually a private investigator.

Gus showed off to Harley that he could walk without his cane. She made him dance with her, trying to prove that he wasn't feeling as well as he was acting. Harley insisted her husband see a doctor and took Gus to the hospital, where Rick determined that Gus' leg was healing. However, when Harley excused herself and Rick began asking questions about Gus' pill use, Gus grew defensive. Rick insisted that going "cold turkey" from medication didn't always work, and Gus might need help. Gus promised that if he was tempted to "use" he would speak to Rick. Upon her return, Gus scolded Harley that he wasn't a drug addict. He wanted his wife to trust him, but she suspected him of sneaking pills from her bag. They made up, and Frank arrived and asked Gus to look into the Ross Marler case. Gus cast a longing glance at the meds in Harley's bag, then raided the hospital's medication supply, which Harley saw. She handed over the remainder of Gus' pills to Rick.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Lizzie throws a surprise party for Coop - without telling any of the guests she's the one behind it. Coop agrees to go along, then pointedly kisses Ava. Lizzie, in return, fights off nausea to inform Ava that Lizzie and Coop slept together quite recently. Ava says she and Coop weren't together then, so what does she care? Later, Coop confirms Lizzie's story and admits to Ava it "just happened." Ava wants to know if it's going to "just happen" again? Lizzie locks Ava in the elevator. Ava escapes and makes a grand reentrance just as Lizzie is making another bid for Coop. The women fight, ending with Lizzie falling in the cake. Beth comes to take her daughter home after Ava declines to press charges. But when Beth starts talking about her morning sickness, Lizzie suddenly realizes what her own symptoms might be. She takes a home pregnancy test, but her wait for the results is interrupted first by Alan, then Buzz, and then Coop, who takes Lizzie to Phillip's grave. Coop tries to convince Lizzie that she doesn't need to turn out nuts like Phillip. Or Alan. Or Beth. Lizzie claims she needs Coop in order to change, but he assures her she can do it on her own. They just weren't meant to be. Lizzie gets home and finds her positive pregnancy test. She doesn't believe it and takes a dozen more. Horrified, she runs to Lillian who, without realizing her granddaughter is pregnant, tells her how sometimes being a mother is the best thing to keep you going. Lizzie returns to Phillip's grave to tell him she's going to be a mom. Next, she heads to Company, where she sees Jonathan, Tammy, Ava...and Coop. Lizzie smiles.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Lizzie is newly psyched about having Coop's baby - until she realizes it might be Jonathan's. Running into Jonathan doesn't help, and both agree that their night together never happened. Beth comes to see Ava and subtly threatens her to stay away from Coop. Ava ain't playing. Neither is Coop. He tells Ava that he and Lizzie are over and Ava is who he wants to be with now. Rick is worried about Lizzie, too, and, after some pointed questions from her about pregnancy, guesses why she's asking. Lizzie is worried that Alan isn't the father of Beth's baby, is that right? Lizzie agrees that's exactly it. Rick tells her that no matter whose baby it is, it's still a blessing. Lizzie cheerfully takes his words to heart. Tammy overhears their chat and wonders what that was all about. Lizzie rushes to tell Coop the blessed news. Cassie and RJ accompany Josh to Cross Creek and get to work making it look like Cross Creek of old. Josh suggests Cassie should come work for him at Lewis. Later, Cassie falls and hurts her ankle. Josh comes to the rescue. Cassie, disturbed by Jonathan's earlier insinuation that she's got eyes for her sister's husband, isn't sure how to react.

Friday, April 21, 2006


Even though it is still daytime, Coop closes Company to spend time alone with Ava. Immediately after he posts the "Closed" sign, Lizzie enters and tells Coop she HAS to tell him something. She's extremely insistent which doesn't sit well with Ava. Ava tells Lizzie it can wait; the restaurant is closed. She literally throws Lizzie out. Lizzie pounds on the door but both Coop and Ava ignore her. She tries to call Coop, but Ava grabs his phone and doesn't answer it. Lizzie is now pounding on the window. Finally, she grabs Ava's boots which are sitting on the stoop. She shows the pair the shoes and then stalks off. Coop volunteers to get the shoes and goes after Lizzie.

Gus is at the police station telling himself that he does not need a pill. As he's struggling, Harley and the kids arrive. Harley's there to out process since she's returning to Spaulding. She's taking the kids to T-ball tryouts afterwards. When Frank shows the kids around, Harley asks Gus if he's okay. He tells her the pain is manageable; he doesn't need any pills. But when Harley leaves to get some boxes for her stuff, Gus again struggles. Later, Harley realizes she's not going to be done with her paperwork in time to take the boys to T-ball so Gus volunteers to do it. Marina goes with him since she has to stop by Company. Later, after some ribbing from Mallet about the kind of possessions she's leaving with, Harley asks him to keep an eye on Gus; make sure he's okay. When Mallet scoffs and jokes about her being one of those wives who wants to know her husband's every move, Harley states that she hopes Gus knows his limitations. In a tender moment, Mallet tells her it was great being partners with her again. She tells him she doesn't regret any of it. Just then, Frank and the other cops enter with a cake. Marina was supposed to come with Buffalo wings but they don't know what's keeping her.

Back at Company, Ava reopens the restaurant when Gus and boys arrive to get something to eat. Marina arrives to pick up her order. She gets distracted seeing Gus look tired and in pain. He assures her he's fine but asks her if she would take the boys to T-ball tryouts for him. He has an interview at Cedars he forgot about.

Harley says all her goodbyes at the station. Mallet reminds her of their deal - she'll take care of Dinah and he'll take care of Gus. After she turns in her badge and gun, she heads off to Company to meet Gus and the kids but they're gone. She figures they went to the T-ball tryouts, but Ava tells her Marina took the kids since Gus had an interview at Cedars. Harley's surprised at this, since as far as she knows Gus wasn't working today.

Gus is at Cedars, but he's not working. He sees a doctor he knows from court, Dr. Tompkins. He tells Tompkins he hurt his back the other day on a case. He wonders if he can get a prescription. Tompkins is happy to help, but he needs to get Gus' records from Dr. Bauer first. Gus changes his mind, telling him there's no reason to bother Rick. Suddenly, Tompkins is called away, leaving his prescription pad behind. Gus steals the pad just as Harley is walking in. Tammy arrives at Outskirts. While Jonathan's in the back room, she starts talking about Lizzie. However, Jonathan doesn't really want to talk about Lizzie; he wants to make love to Tammy. Afterwards, Tammy remembers what she was going to say about Lizzie. She was at Cedars and heard Lizzie talking with Rick. She thinks Lizzie might be pregnant. Jonathan is shocked and wants to hear details. Tammy admits it's just a hunch based on circumstantial evidence. Tammy tries to shrug it off as being a crazy idea but can't stop thinking about it. Suddenly she gets a thought - what if the baby isn't Coop's?

Meanwhile, Coop has finally caught up with Lizzie at her apartment. Lizzie is now able to tell him what she tried to before. In fact, she can show him. She opens the door to her apartment which is filled with baby stuff for their child. Lizzie tells Coop she's pregnant. He can't believe it but she shows him several positive pregnancy tests as proof. Coop accuses Lizzie of scamming him, but she insists it's the truth. Lizzie tries to tell him this could be a good thing; they were in love before. However, Coop's too shocked to even think. Finally he does and asks how he knows this baby is even his. Lizzie's shocked that he could even ask the question. She tells him it's always been him. She swears to him that she never slept with Quinn. Upset, Lizzie accuses Coop of not wanting to take responsibility for the baby. She can raise it on her own; he's off the hook. Still shocked, Coop tells Lizzie he just needs more time. She tells him to take all the time he needs. Coop returns to Company. Ava notices he doesn't have her shoes and asks what bombshell Lizzie dropped on him this time.

Back at Outskirts, Jonathan tries to call Lizzie but can't leave a message because Tammy suddenly walks back into the room. Abruptly, Jonathan tells Tammy he has to go. Tammy goes to the police station. After some small talk with Remy, who disapproves of her choice in men, Tammy asks him if he can help her retract a restraining order.

Lizzie comes out from her shower and is shocked to see Jonathan in her room. Jonathan asks if there's something she wants to tell him.

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