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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 10, 2006 on GL
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Monday, April 10, 2006

Lizzie and Jonathan knock back shots of liquor at Outskirts. They end up making love, but only after Jon insists that when it's over they go their separate ways and forget it happened. Lizzie responds, "Less talking." Afterwards, Jon refers to their encounter as "get-even sex". They were both angry with the people they really wanted to be with so they slept together. Jon suggests Lizzie leave. She is insulted and asks, "Just like that?" Jon replies, "Yeah, just like that." They had agreed to forget about it. Lizzie says, "You did, not me." She insists the two of them could use this situation to get Tammy and Coop back. Jon says the two of them aren't friends or partners; they're just two people who have seen each other naked. Lizzie can use somebody else to get Coop back. Jon goes back to the bedroom to get Lizzie's things she left behind.

Tammy, having been to Harley's and learning from her that she shouldn't care what anyone else thinks, bursts into Outskirts. She is surprised to find Lizzie there. Lizzie asks what Tammy is doing there. Tammy replies it is none of Lizzie's business - she's there to see Jon. Lizzie cryptically says that maybe two hours ago it wasn't her business, but it is now. Tammy is asking her what that means when Jon walks in with a trash bag filled with Lizzie's things. Lizzie grabs it, offers to take out the trash, and leaves. Jon asks Tammy why she is there. She confesses that she is tired of running away; all she cares about is that she loves him. She asks him to take her back.

Upstairs at Company, Coop and Ava run into one another in the hall as they are each going to their rooms to go to bed. They exchange nonsense in the hall and retire to their respective rooms only to beat themselves up for sounding like idiots when they spoke. Coop flails his fists about in his room for sounding like such a dork. He accidentally puts his arm through the adjoining wall he and Ava share. Coop goes to Ava's room to see the damage from her side. When he leaves to get supplies to repair the hole, Ava primps like crazy. When he returns, they flirt while spackling. Coop kisses Ava. His cell phone rings with a call from Lizzie. When he doesn't answer, Lizzie goes to Coop's room for a full out ambush. She peers through the hole in the wall to Ava's room and watches them playing around. Lizzie makes a phone call to someone, telling them to dig up whatever they can on Ava.

At the site of tomorrow's policeman's ball, Gus tells Dinah that it's great how she's helping Harley in getting ready to be reintroduced to Spaulding as CEO. Alan shows up. Gus knocks Alan's drink over with his cane. He taunts his father about Harley being in charge and Alan being nothing. Alan tells Gus that over the past couple of months he thought they had come to an understanding with mutual respect. Gus says Alan thought wrong. Alan holds onto Gus' cane, remarking that it looks like a good one. Alan lifts the cane in the air and strikes Gus' injured leg with tremendous force, sending his son to the floor in agony. Alan towers above him, saying no true Spaulding has ever needed a crutch. (Alan conveniently forgets his past injuries when he had to relearn how to walk with the aid of Annie Dutton.) Dinah lights into Alan, but he ignores her, instead addressing Gus, saying he will fight him anyway he wants to fight. Alan leaves. Dinah offers to take Gus to the doctor, noticing he had to take some pain medication. Gus tells her that he's not going to let his pain ruin Harley's night.

Dinah goes to Harley to let her know that Gus isn't doing so well. He seems to be self-medicating. She thinks that as her friend, Harley should be aware. Harley says she will talk to Gus. She asks that Dinah fill in for her by giving the speech at tomorrow's ball.

Earlier outside of Company, Marina had come to Alan-Michael's defense when Alan was berating him. Although Marina is no longer Alan-Michael's girlfriend, she recognizes the good in him. Alan leaves. Alan-Michael tells her that he can fend for himself. Marina replies, "Excuse me for caring." Alan-Michael picks up on this and tells her there are only two things he wants, her and Spaulding. She says he is making it hard for her to keep hating him, but he has already lost her. When they both agree that what he did to Harley wasn't personal, Marina tells him she wishes he could see in himself the man she once saw in him. He tells her that when he's with her, she makes him believe in himself. Gus walks up and things get uncomfortable. As he is leaving, Alan-Michael tells Marina it's not over. Groggy after taking the pain pills, Gus tells Marina that the most dangerous person is the one who sabotages you while pretending to be your friend. At this very moment, Harley is embracing Dinah as her friend, while Dinah has a sinister look in her smile.

When Gus returns "home" to Harley, she informs him that she wants all her guys to herself tomorrow night. So Dinah is standing in for her at the ball. As she is hanging Gus' jacket up, a bottle of pills falls from his pocket. Gus is unaware as she picks them up.

Back at the ball venue, Dinah looks completely in charge. Alan-Michael confronts her, asking, "How did you swing it?" Dinah reminds him that "life can turn on a dime at Spaulding."

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Reva and Josh prepare to sign divorce papers. Cassie berates Josh for not telling Reva he wants to get back together, while Billy considers telling Reva he set them up, but chickens out, and kisses his ex-wife instead. Billy pulls away first and asks Reva if she really wants to be with him, or if she's just using him to get over Josh. Josh arrives and sees the couple together. After, Reva makes a date with a random guy named Ted. Meanwhile, back home, Billy asks Josh if, after the divorce papers are signed, he'll step aside and let Billy have a fair chance with Reva. Reva interrupts their conversation. Josh says he'll be moving out tomorrow. Jonathan can't believe Tammy is standing on his doorstep, asking if he'll take her back. He finally believes Tammy and takes her into his arms - just as Cassie appears. Luckily for Jonathan, though, Cassie is too busy looking for Reva to bother them. She leaves and Jonathan surprises by telling Tammy no, he won't take her back. He's tired of her coming and going. So here, Tammy can take all the stuff she left behind and go home. Tammy finds a scarf (Lizzie's) that doesn't belong to her. Jonathan dismisses it as a lost and found item, and then dismisses Tammy. She promises him he'll take her back. Jonathan used to be the one chasing her. Well, now she's chasing him. Gus wants to know what Dinah told Harley about his bum leg, and guesses she's angry at Harley for sweeping back into Spaulding (he doesn't know about Harley and Mallet sleeping together). Dinah claims she was just being a good friend, and Gus appears to buy it. Later, Cassie asks Dinah how she's handling knowing that Harley slept with Mallet (Cassie knows how testy Dinah can get when her relationship is threatened). Dinah swears she trusts Mallet.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Reva and Josh promise to divorce but remain friends. Cassie tries to talk her sister out of it, swearing that Josh wants her back, but Reva chalks it to last minute doubts. Cassie tries telling Josh that Reva doesn't want the divorce, but he also doesn't buy it. Cassie takes matters into her own hands and arranges for Josh to show up at Towers just as Reva is having her date with Ted. Reva sees Josh walk in, but pretends not to notice. Josh meets Jamie, his business meeting. Reva pretends not to care that Josh is lunching with a woman. Both Reva and Josh call Cassie on alternate lines to report on their lunches. She urges both to dump their dates and just get back together. Cassie then accidentally hits the button that turns their call into a three-way conversation. She declares that it's fate and demands they both tell the other how they feel. Instead, both Josh and Reva hang up. Reva goes back to her lunch, but Ted quickly becomes so overbearing that she ends up dumping her lunch in his lap. Josh swoops in to sweep her away outside. They end up in front of a fountain. And, of course, Reva winds up in the fountain - with Josh this time. They also hear their song playing. And the word "Always" chalked on the sidewalk. And a wedding bouquet identical to theirs. Realizing that one coincidence is fate, but a half-dozen is a sister meddling, they call Cassie and get her to admit she set it all up. Josh and Reva agree to go through with the divorce. At the signing, both can't help remembering their marriage(s) - the ups as well as the downs. But they sign the papers, nonetheless. Later that night, they meet up on the Lighthouse Observation Deck. Now, they finally talk everything out and spontaneously "remarry," realizing that they've always belonged together, and always will.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

There is an epidemic of unanswered phones in Springfield, as Jonathan ignores a call from Tammy and Dinah does the same to Harley. Cassie catches Tammy making the call, and floors her daughter by saying she won't get in their way anymore. Meanwhile, Lizzie wants Jonathan to help her get Coop back, but Jonathan tells her to take a hike. He goes to Tammy and declares that he wants her back. They kiss passionately and agree to trust each Jonathan remembers his night with Lizzie. Olivia corners Frank and dares him to give her a second chance. He agrees. Later, however, Olivia catches Buzz trying to slip out and reports that she and Frank are going to give it another try. She gives Buzz a kiss on the cheek, which Frank sees. Dinah prepares to give her big speech at the Policeman's Ball, only to be upstaged by two video monitors featuring Harley. Meanwhile, Jeffrey and Blake make mayoral-candidate shoptalk and, later, Jeffrey corners Dinah, pumping her for details about Blake. Dinah isn't in the mood. Neither is she in the mood for Alexandra's digs. After the party is over, she sends the monitors crashing and, even though she assures Mallet that everything is fine, it's clear the old, less than stable Dinah is back in business.

Friday, April 14, 2006


Harley and Gus are having their taxes done. Gus seems distracted and is fingering the pain pills in his pocket. He walks off and Harley follows and asks if he's okay. He tries to tell her he's fine but she's not sure since she notices the pills. He starts do tell her he doesn't know how they got in his pocket and then admits that he took one because his leg hurts. She seems worried about him and tells him he needs to see Rick about his leg and not take pills. Gus agrees with her and gives her his bottle; he'll stick to aspirin for the pain. Meanwhile, back at the Beacon, Dinah is fuming about the publicity Harley got the other night at the Policeman's Ball. She asks Mallet if she's too insecure and ends up feeling even worse when Mallet notices another article that focuses on her father and Blake's run for mayor. Dinah is not mentioned in either article as if she's invisible. Mallet consoles her and they go to meet Gus and Harley for lunch. At lunch, Harley apologizes to Dinah or what happened the other night. She just needed to show that she was in charge. Dinah and Gus both (separately) leave early and Harley and Mallet tell each other (and later Frank) repeatedly about how everything in their relationships are fine) Meanwhile, Gus and Dinah both coincidently end up in Cedars. They make small talk about Harley and how she needs support from both of them right now. While Gus's back is turned, Dinah spots a sleeping patient who's holding a bottle of pills. She swipes them and then plants them in Gus's things. When Dinah leaves, a confused Gus finds the pills.

Jonathan summons Lizzie to Outskirts upset because Tammy found her undies in his bed. The news that Tammy even wants to be near Jonathan surprises Lizzie and Jonathan informs her that he and Tammy are fine now, everything's under control. Lizzie's not too happy for him because she's still without Coop. She tells Jonathan that she snagged the key to Ava's room and plans to sneak in later to get some dirt on her. Jonathan warns her that's a bad idea; it won't work. He then tells her that to get Ava away from Coop, she needs to get rid of Coop, not Ava.

At Company, after a small pep talk from Frank, Coop asks Ava if she wants to go out with him tonight. Ava's not very receptive and later admits that it's because she's afraid of getting hurt in case he gets back together with Lizzie. Coop assures her that won't happen. She tells Coop she wants to take things slow and he responses he just wants to spend time with her. As he's listing all the things he loves about her he suddenly gets a call--from Oxford about the writing fellowship. When the call is done, he explains to Ava that Oxford received an anonymous grant so he can apply for this year's program. Seeing how excited he is, an equally excited Ava encourages him to apply. At that point, Lizzie arrives to give Coop a birthday present--a nice pen since he's always writing. When Coop walks off for a minute, Ava tells Lizzie about Coop's Oxford opportunity. Lizzie compliments Ava on how supportive she's being. If she was with Coop, she'd be worried that he'd fall in love with someone over there. When Coop comes back, Lizzie tells him how happy she is for him and assures him that his dream will come true. She's then shocked when Coop asks Ava to go to England with him.

Josh visits Cassie at the farm and sees her taking her frustrations out on a carpet she's beating outside. Upon seeing Josh, Cassie rants at Josh about going through with his divorce. She's happy to learn that there was no divorce--he and Reva tore up the papers. Cassie then tells Josh that she's agreed to let Tammy make her own decisions. At that point, Tammy arrives and asks Cassie if she meant what he said about accepting her and Jonathan. Tammy suggests she prove it by inviting Jonathan to dinner. On that note, Josh tries to leave but both Cassie and Tammy talk him into staying for reinforcement. Tammy then calls Jonathan who's a little wary. He agrees but tells Tammy that he's not auditioning for her mother. He's not there to prove anything to anyone. Jonathan arrives and the dinner, though a little awkward, is actually quite pleasant. Cassie asks Jonathan about the bar and his future. He points out that he's never really seen himself settling down ever. Josh understands that. At that point Cassie starts talking about how the most important things in life are love and family. Suddenly, Jonathan gets up and goes out the door. Tammy follows, concerned. Jonathan's very quiet and doesn't really want to look at her. Tammy tells him she understands--it's too soon. She thinks he's not ready to trust that her family will accept him. Jonathan admits that the dinner wasn't that bad--it was kind of nice. Cassie was talking to him like he was a person; he liked it. That's what freaked him out.

Inside the farm, Josh is getting ready to leave. He tells Cassie that he's going to try to get Cross Creek back for Reva . When he's gone, Cassie gets on the phone with Olivia. She tells Olivia she's found a buyer for Cross Creek. Olivia knows she's talking about Josh, but Cassie tells her she's willing to sweeten the deal no matter how much it costs her.

Meanwhile, back outside, Jonathan's phone rings--it's Lizzie. She's upset that his idea to get rid of Coop backfired. Jonathan points out that that is her problem, not his. Lizzie demands to see Jonathan tonight, in her bed. Jonathan tells her he can't and Lizzie warns him if he doesn't she'll tell Tammy what they did.

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