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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 3, 2006 on GL
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Monday, April 3, 2006

At Company while working side by side with Coop, Ava tells him he should be writing, not busing tables. Lizzie shows up and thanks Coop for helping her with Joey. She should be safe for now because he doesn't know she's staying at The Beacon. Tammy comes in and she and Ava talk about how sorry they both are about Sandy. Ava brings up that she feels bad about Jonathan, too. She and Tammy agree that he is basically an overall good guy. Ava tells Tammy she could do better. Tammy admits she still loves him before she leaves. Meanwhile Lizzie gets a call from Jonathan who is looking for Tammy. She tells him she's been at Company.

Tammy gets in her car and finds Jonathan in the back seat. He says she can't lie to herself about her feelings. Moving to the front seat, he gives Tammy the opportunity to drive off but she doesn't. Tammy tells Jonathan that loving him is changing her, if she lets herself be with him, she'll never be able to stop loving him. Jon tells her to never stop feeling. They kiss. A police officer tells them to move along. Tammy tells Jon one kiss isn't going to change the past, one kiss isn't going to change what he was going to try to do to her, and one kiss isn't going to change her mind about what she should be doing with her life. Jonathan asks, "What about two?" and kisses her again. Tammy pulls away, saying she has to go. Jon gets out of the car and she drives away, leaving him behind.

Back at Company, Lizzie has left and Ava continues to put Coop off. He insists that he and Lizzie have broken up. Ava tells him that he is too nice; he lets Lizzie walk all over him. Just then his phone rings. It is Lizzie in distress. Ava hands Coop his jacket as he takes off for Lizzie, proving her point. Lizzie had earlier called Joey's cell phone, telling him she is sorry for everything she did to him. She wants to make it up by introducing him to a record producer. She invites him to The Beacon. Lizzie makes the call to Coop at Company, crying in distress that Joey is beating on the door to her room. Coop leaves Company and arrives to save Lizzie, who is teary-eyed and thankful that he came. As she tries to convince him to reunite with her, he tells her to stop tempting him. She coyly asks him to stay, just until she falls asleep. She changes into a negligee and begins to seduce him. He resists, but when she removes her clothes, he loses control and they begin making love.

Jonathan goes back to Outskirts and Ava comes in. He insists Tammy will come back to him. Tammy goes to Jeffrey's room, asking for him to take out a restraining order against Jon. She tells him she's not afraid of Jon, but the fact that she can't control her feelings when she is around him. Jeffrey reminds her that a restraining order is not a relationship tool.

At the Spaulding board meeting at Towers, Marina interrupts the vote for the new CEO, revealing that Alan-Michael manipulated Harley by forging a note to her from "Gus." When he is exposed, Alan-Michael admits he came back to take over Spaulding as CEO. Harley denounces him for his deceptions. He says it is time for all to see how he truly is, that he can be just as vicious as any one of them when it comes to running the company. Papa Alan smiles, loving the drama. Alan-Michael and Harley exchange angry words. Harley is furious that Alan-Michael set her up all along during her search for Gus. Alan-Michael proclaims it is his turn to prove he can be at the top, and is going on and on about his prowess, when Marina steps up and slaps him across the face. Alan-Michael says he deserved that from her. She replies he doesn't have the right to say what he deserves. Alan-Michael requests the board to go on with the vote. Harley interrupts, saying there will be no vote. She rescinds her resignation effective immediately. Her first official act is to fire Alan-Michael, stating since all is well, she no longer needs him to help her out.

Dinah is disappointed that she wasn't able to be voted in as CEO. But Mallet confesses he is kind of relieved that he doesn't have to share her with the Spauldings; they don't deserve her, but he does. Mallet and Dinah join Gus and Harley. It is decided that since war has been declared they need to all be on the same side. Dinah thanks Mallet for his support at the same time Harley is thanking Gus for the same thing. As the two couples are embracing on opposite sides of the room, Dinah stares strangely at Harley.

At Company, Alan-Michael joins Marina on the bench out front. She gave him her heart and he dropped it. He tells her he never should have started a relationship with her; he never realized he could feel as strongly for a woman as he felt about taking over Spaulding. Marina says, "Too bad, I don't want you." Alan appears from the shadows, telling Alan-Michael, "You still have me son. You still have me." Alan-Michael walks off.

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Mallet alerts Harley that Dinah knows they slept together. Meanwhile, Alan-Michael is trying to get Dinah to join forces with him against Harley. Dinah refuses to take the bait and exits with her head held high. Alan-Michael follows her to Gus' welcome back party, but runs into Marina. He tries to convince her that his feelings for her were real and begs her to save him from himself. But Marina tells him it's too late.

Meanwhile, Harley asks Dinah how they're going to handle her knowing about Harley and Mallet. She asks for forgiveness but Dinah can't quite give it, suggesting maybe they should just move on instead. But the look on her face suggests all might not be as cool as she's pretending...

Josh laments to Cassie that Reva saw the divorce papers he had drawn up ages ago, while Billy struggles with whether or not to confess he's the one who planted them. He decides to take the low road and urges Reva to get a lawyer of her own. Reva resolves to talk it out with Josh. She arrives just in time to overhear Josh telling Cassie that this latest Reva crisis devastated him to the point where heh never wanted to see her again. But she runs off before she hears Josh confess he doesn't feel that way anymore. When they run into each other later, Reva doesn't want to hear what Josh has to say and tells him she's gotten a lawyer, too.

After their night together, Coop is ready to reunite with Lizzie - until Joey shows up and exposes her stalker lie. Coop leaves, disgusted, as Lizzie sobs.

Missing Ross, Blake decides to pack up the kids and move to D.C.

Wednesday, April 5, 2006


Blake is getting dressed and ready to greet Ross, who is flying home. She calls him and tells him to come straight to her as soon as his plane lands. She has a wonderful homecoming planned just for the two of them. A knock at the door brings Jeffrey with the devastating news that Ross' plane lost contact shortly after take-off and crashed. Blake doesn't believe it is Ross' plane and tries to dismiss the news until Holly arrives, in tears. Blake collapses in her mother's arms. Shortly afterwards, Dinah also arrives. She's been given the news by Mallet, who is with her. Mallet tells Blake the FAA has confirmed the crash. There are no survivors and no bodies to recover. Blake is heartbroken. She remembers her children and worries that they not hear about it from anyone else.

Jeffrey leaves the room to call Cassie, who is shocked, but immediately offers to pick up the children from friends. When he returns, Blake asks about the other passengers. She finds out Ross was flying in a private plane with one other passenger, his assistant, Nicole Landers. Dinah immediately suspects her father is having an affair with his assistant. She gets very agitated about men in general. She accuses Ross of abandoning his wife and children to go to Washington. She is only silenced when Blake slaps her face. She is furious and yells at Dinah to not speak about her father that way; her marriage is none of Dinah's business. She shoves Dinah as Holly tries to calm her down. Blake announces she's going down to City Hall to make a statement to Ross' staff. When Dinah offers to do it for her, Blake turns on her and wonders if she would tell them Ross was sleeping with his assistant. Dinah apologizes for her tirade, calling it a mistake. Blake tells Dinah to keep her filthy mouth shut and threatens to ban her from Ross' funeral.

At City Hall, Blake asks Holly and Jeffrey leave her alone for a while. She wanders around, looks at photos of Ross and scours his appointment book. Blake leaves abruptly and goes to Company where she finds Alan-Michael. She questions him about Ross and his assistant. Alan-Michael is cagey at first but tells Blake he saw them together in D.C. when he visited Ross on Spaulding business. He saw Nicky and Ross having drinks; they seemed comfortable together. Blake assumes they were having an affair.

Back at City Hall, Blake reminisces about her life with Ross in flashbacks as she sits with his photo. She is interrupted by Dinah who has come to make peace. Blake wonders what caused Dinah to be so mean about Ross. She announces that she should really just cut Dinah loose, but Ross would not want that. Dinah begs Blake not to shut her out. Blake tells her that what she said about her father was true, but they are never to speak about it again.

Friends and family gather in the rain for a memorial service for Ross. He is eulogized by the Rev. Rutledge as the sun reappears. Rick, Holly, Dinah, Vanessa and Alan speak about Ross. But when it's Blake's turn she cannot control her tears and has to be helped from the lectern. As the service breaks up, Blake tells Dinah and Mallet that she senses there's something going on between them. She tells them to love each other as life is so short.

After the service, everyone gathers at Company. As Blake and Rick speak about their past together, he comforts her. Alan is heard yelling outside as he tries to get reporters to leave. Blake goes out to make a statement. She announces she's going to finish the job Ross started and run for Mayor in the next election.

When she's alone in her room, Blake holds one of Ross's jackets close to her. In flashback Nicole congratulates Ross on the way he handled some lobbyists. Blake finds a credit card statement and checks up on one item. It turns out to be a dinner for two in a restaurant outside DC for Valentine's Day. Blake recalls meeting Nicole for the first time. She crumples up the statement and hurls it across the room. It hits Jeffrey as he enters. When he asks after her, Blake tells him that for the first time in her life she has absolute clarity. She grabs copies of her books, throws them in the trash can, sets fire to the crumpled statement and adds it to the books. Jeffrey puts out the fire as Blake laments that she has no right writing about romance. Jeffrey reminds her rumors out there is just that: rumors. But Blake isn't convinced. Jeffrey tells her to go with what she knows about her life with Ross. He reminds her that some people go their whole lives looking for love, never find it or end up losing it through stupidity. Blake assumes he's speaking about Cassie. Jeffrey tells her the one thing Ross loved about her was that she gives people hope. If she lets that die, then she'll be the one who's unfaithful. Blake wonders whether she'll have time to write when she's Mayor. Jeffrey isn't sure. He says she'll be tough to beat and divulges that he's going to run against her.

Alan, Rick and Alan-Michael toast Ross. When Alan and his son are less than flattering about the rumors, Rick leaves. Alan follows and Alan-Michael picks up a folder with Nicole Landers's name on it. Alan-Michael says if they want to believe Nicole was sleeping with Ross, it's OK with him.

Blake and Jeffrey discuss the run for Mayor. Blake hopes that the best woman wins. She tells Jeffrey that before things get too nasty with the campaign she wants to thank him for all his help. Jeffrey is gracious and tells her Ross was a very good man and it was his pleasure. Left alone, Blake is unable to control her emotions and violently pushes her belongings off a table and immediately apologizes out loud, saying she doesn't know how to feel. She takes one of Ross' coats from the closet and puts it on. As she hugs it to her, Blake takes a photo of Ross and her, sinks to the floor. She repeats their wedding vows, adding that they didn't really manage to see them through. She tells Ross that he saved her life and she thinks she saved his, too. Blake is left alone with her thoughts.

Thursday, April 6, 2006

Tammy sobs to Jonathan that she got a court order to keep him away from her because it's the only way she can get him out of her mind. Frank sees them and physically holds Jonathan back while Tammy leaves. Meanwhile, Lizzie is furious to find Coop having an intimate dinner with Ava. Lizzie runs out and Ava tells Coop he better hurry if he wants to catch up with her. Coop chooses to stay right where he is. Lizzie ends up on Main Street, where she sees Frank cuffing Jonathan and dragging him away. A curious Lizzie follows. Newly reunited partners Mallet and Gus pick up where they left off, razzing each other. Until Mallet wonders if Gus would have wanted Harley to move on after his death, and Gus confirms that he long as it wasn't with Mallet. Meanwhile, Harley tells Dinah, in light of Ross's death, to take some time off; Harley has already hired a replacement. Dinah is furious, feeling betrayed by her "friend" yet again, especially when Mallet agrees with Harley's recommendation. But when Dinah insists that her job was all she has to hold on to, Mallet reminds her that she's got him. Dinah realizes that he's right and they make love. Later, Harley, Gus and the boys are at their half-completed house, planning a camp-out - but then it starts to rain. They jump into the tent, squished all together, a family of survivors.

Friday, April 7, 2006


Alan finds Alan-Michael outside Towers. The two bicker as Alan taunts Alan-Michael about losing his chance to run Spaulding not once, but twice. The conversation then turns to Marina and Alan asks Alan-Michael how she'd feel about Alan-Michael's connection to Ross Marler's death. Alan tells Alan-Michael that Ross wouldn't have been on that jet if he wasn't coming home to meet with Alan-Michael. Alan lets Alan-Michael know that he knows he and Ross were having secret meetings. Alan-Michael doesn't confirm, or deny, Alan's suspicions. Later, the two are inside Towers having dinner with Beth and Alex. Alan and Alan-Michael both make it clear that they want to be CEO of Spaulding. Alex defends Alan-Michael's abilities and Beth supports Alan. Alan then gets to the crux of the matter--the family company needs to be run by a Spaulding, not a Cooper or a Marler; a Spaulding. He tells everyone they need to work together toward a common goal--taking back the company. He and Alan-Michael shake on it but Alan puts a damper on things when he states that when Harley is out, he'll be CEO. Disgusted, Alan-Michael leaves the table.

At CO2, Marina spots Tammy and tells her that Jonathan's in jail for breaking the restraining order. Tammy is shocked since that is not what she wanted to happen. Marina and Tammy bond a little over their recent break-ups. An upset Tammy goes to bail him out, but Marina talks her out of it--telling her Jonathan will get a warning and that's it. She tells Tammy that she needs to let go of Jonathan; she needs to be strong. Tammy asks, like her?. Tammy tells Marina that she knows she loves Alan-Michael.

Jonathan is stewing in jail when an unexpected person bails him out--a slightly tipsy Lizzie. When Jonathan asks her why, she tells him because he's the only one who's as miserable and pissed off as she is. She tells him she saw Tammy send him away and she felt bad because it reminded her of when Coop pushed her away. The pair go downtown where Jonathan spots Tammy. He is about to go over to her when Lizzie stops him, reminding him about the restraining order. Suddenly they run into Coop and Ava. The foursome has a very tense encounter which ends in Jonathan punching out Coop when he taunts Jonathan about the restraining order. Ava rails at Jonathan, accusing him of not loving Tammy. He just wants her--like a trophy. Things get tense again and Coop punches out Jonathan. At that point, Tammy and Marina see the group. Tammy goes to help Jonathan but Marina stops her, telling her she needs to let go of Jonathan. When Coop and Ava start to leave, Lizzie begs him to stay, or at least to call her later. Jonathan laughs at Lizzie's rejection and the two leave. Meanwhile,, Remy comes upon Tammy and Marina. After some small talk, and after Marina walks off, he asks Tammy out on a date, but she declines.

Alan has found Alan-Michael outside Company. An angry Alan-Michael tells his father that he'll oust Harley all by himself and make himself CEO. Alan doesn't think Alan-Michael can do it and calls him a lightweight. His comments anger Alan-Michael who strong-arms him and tells him to shut up or. Or what, Alan asks. At the question, Alan-Michael gets frustrated and pushes Alan away without saying anything. Alan sees this as proof that Alan-Michael doesn't have the killer instinct; he's weak. At that point, Marina overhears and defense Alan-Michael, telling Alan he's 10 times the man Alan will ever be.

Frank and Buzz are at Company. Frank has just gotten off the phone with Olivia. He tells his dad that he's taking her to a Policeman's Benefit. He's also thinking about taking her back to inn where they all went on Valentine's Day since that's where it began for them. Buzz thinks back to his encounter with her at the inn and tries to convince Frank it's a bad idea. Frank notes how well Buzz knows Olivia and asks Buzz how he knows her so well. Afterwards, an upset Buzz visits Olivia at the Beacon telling her he can't do this anymore. He tells her what Frank asked him--how does he know her so well. Olivia asks what he said. Buzz states that he told him they were good friends--in other words, he lied. Olivia tries to assure Buzz that what happened was no big deal. It only happened once; it was impulse. Buzz asks if she and Frank were an impulse too or was that carefully planned. Buzz insists that they need to tell Frank the truth. Olivia thinks that's a bad idea. They argue about it some more only to be startled when Frank arrives. He's overheard. They try to apologize to Frank bur he's clearly upset. Buzz asks to talk to Frank alone. Frank then rails at his father, telling him he feels stupid. Buzz tries to explain but Frank doesn't want to hear it. He doesn't want to know why it happened; he wants to know why Buzz never told him. Olivia jumps in and tries to tell Frank that it meant nothing that they're just friends but Buzz tells the truth. He states that it meant more to him that he developed feelings for Olivia when Bill left. An angry Frank accuses Buzz of wanting to play the hero by selflessly helping Frank win Olivia. Buzz tries to tell Frank that it was just the one time and now he and Olivia are just friends. But Frank's not appeased. He tells them he's done with both of them and storms out.

Lizzie and Jonathan have made it to Outskirts where they're both drowning their sorrows. Jonathan tells Lizzie that losing Tammy wouldn't be so bad if he knew she was as miserable as she was. She seems to understand and the two share a kiss. Suddenly, they're taking each other's clothes off.

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