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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 27, 2006 on GL
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Monday, March 27, 2006

Harley's in the hallway looking for clues about Gus when a guard apprehends her. She knocks him out, gets his gun, and feels another hand on her shoulder. It's Gus! She asks if it's really him. He says they are having the same dream come true. They embrace. Harley asks him what happened, how he survived. The guard gets back up and holds the two at bay. Gus and Harley attempt to reason with him, but end up having to ambush him. They tie him up and stick him in a closet. They leave for Cedars to get attention for his injured leg, but Gus won't go in because he sees Alan and Beth are there. Harley goes into the hospital to get some bandages, while Gus swallows a pill.

Harley and Gus arrive at the house being built for them. They discuss how they both intermittently gave up on one another. For a moment, Harley is angry with Gus for leaving her and the boys. But she ends up taking off her blouse and the two begin kissing passionately. While the two are beginning to make love, Harley's cell phone rings. It's Mallet. She answers, with Gus telling her not to mention he's been found. Harley learns Mallet broke away from his evening with Dinah to look for her. She implores him to go back to Dinah. She hangs up the phone and resumes her love-making with Gus. Later, a car drives up. It's Mallet, looking for Harley.

At Cedars, Alan is on the phone making certain that Gus is secure. Alan-Michael arrives, sees the sonogram, and says hi to his new brother or sister - the first Spaulding to be born behind bars. Alan-Michael tells Alan he knows he has done something to Gus. Harley is on to him. Alan threatens that Marina would not be too happy to find out about their earlier agreement. Mallet arrives and attacks Alan, saying he knows where Harley is and what has happened to Gus. Alan restates that Gus is gone. Beth says Gus is better off, leave it that way. Mallet tells Alan that Harley is important to him and if any harm comes to her, Alan will suffer. Dinah overhears this and is worried.

Alan and Beth have gone to the asylum where they had kept Gus only to find the guard tied up in the closet. Beth assures Alan no one will believe "innocent Beth" could pull off the Gus disappearance ruse. Alan pulls her in for a passionate kiss. Beth says, "No, no, no. We have work to do."

Dinah is in Mallet's and her room, trashing it completely, yelling yet another man has left her. She tries to reason with herself that he hasn't left her; he's only helping his partner. She doesn't do a good job of fooling herself. She begins crying. Alan-Michael arrives at the room, telling her that he's on her side - all the while planting seeds of doubt about Mallet's relationship to Harley.

Marina shows up and interrupts the two. Dinah leaves. Alan-Michael and Marina go to his room. He tells her that what is going on with Harley, Dinah and him has nothing to do with her. Marina disagrees, saying of course it does since the two of them are in a relationship. Alan-Michael tells her all that matters is him and her. They kiss and begin to make love.

Dinah returns to Mallet's and her room, crying. She tells herself she's not going to let this happen again, she knows better. She begins packing up her things, and then decides she's staying: Let Mallet move!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Furious over Mallet's leaving their dinner party to chase Harley, Dinah decides to move out. But then she has a better idea: Mallet can move out. And she'll just trash the room while she waits for him to come home. Jeffrey comes by to ask Dinah what all the racket is about, and ends up having a drink with her. They end up kissing - just as Cassie walks in. Jeffrey challenges Cassie to admit she still loves him - because he certainly loves her. Cassie declares that she has no intention of ever falling in love again. Harley hides Gus when Mallet stops by to check up on her. He sees that she's okay and pulls Harley into a hug - which Gus sees. Harley pushes him away and, when he suggests he might have some new evidence for finding Gus, adamantly insists that it's her business and Mallet should stay out of it. Confused, Mallet leaves, as Gus tells Harley how glad he is she had Mallet looking out for her while he was gone. They make love. Meanwhile, Mallet, knowing he's screwed up with Dinah, goes home ready to apologize, only to come face to face with one very angry woman. Tammy is still reeling from Sandy's death and her break-up with Jonathan when Joey Lupo mentions that he's still in love with her, too. But, Tammy admits that she doesn't deserve a nice guy like Joey. She goes to Jonathan and tells him that, try as she might, she can't stay away from him. They're about to reconcile when Tammy sees suitcases Jonathan packed for her, along with a vial of drugs, and leaps to the conclusion that Jonathan was planning to drug her and spirit her away! She takes off. Meanwhile, Joey serves a useful purpose for Lizzie, too. She tells Coop Joey is stalking her. Would Coop be a big, strong man and protect her, pretty please? Walk her to her car, check out her apartment....

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Mallet arrives back at the room he shares with Dinah at the Beacon. He's carrying flowers. When he enters the room he finds it in a shambles and an angry Dinah. Mallet apologizes for running out on their dinner party and explains that he was worried about Harley. Dinah isn't moved by his explanation, destroys the flowers and hauls a garbage bag of Mallet's belongings out in to the corridor. Mallet misunderstands, thinking it's trash, and offers to help her clean up. He realizes that it's his stuff and asks Dinah what's going on. Dinah asks if he checked his messages and tells him that she's out of there. Mallet thinks that Dinah is upset with him because he walked out on her for an emergency but Dinah yells at him that it's not that: it's what they are always thinking about but never talk about -Harley!

Mallet says that he's there with her by choice and not with Harley but Dinah doesn't believe him. She's angry because she considered the dinner party the start of them, of their life together and their place. She's not had anyone to do that with and never had a man put her first. She wants that but she's not even getting it from Mallet because one word from Harley and he walks out to go help her. When Mallet tries to explain that Harley is his partner and was in possible trouble, Dinah tells him that he had a partner there at the Beacon. She tells Mallet that there will always be a part of him that loves Harley and that she can't deal with that as she wants all of him. She tells him to go find Harley and sort things out with her. Gus is dead; she's free and now, so is he. Dinah shows Mallet out, together with his stuff.

Gus and Harley are still snuggled up together in afterglow. Harley expresses her happiness at being back together and how happy others will be when they learn Gus is alive. She doesn't want to share him for a while yet and they both vow that nothing and no one will come between them again. Harley is concerned about Gus's leg and wants him to go to Cedars. Gus doesn't want to have to deal with other people just yet but even as he protests, Harley gets dressed to go find a Dr. she knows who will bend the rules for family. She wants the leg looked at and tells Gus to stay put. Gus wants Harley to stay with him as all he needs is love and that his leg is getting better, but Harley insists and leaves.

Outside the hotel room Mallet is kneeling looking at his stuff strewn on the floor. He sees a large, old-fashioned alarm clock and his mind goes back to his life with Harley in Florida. They are in bed and Harley is teasing him about the alarm clock as she's decided that they should wake up to a clock radio. Mallet is preoccupied but tells Harley that he's worried about his workload. Harley asks if she can help. Mallet tells her that he loves her several times and tells her never to forget it. When Harley falls asleep Mallet makes a telephone call to someone and tells them that it's over because he loves his wife.

Back in real time, Mallet is at Outskirts and just about to start a drinking binge. He's approached by a woman who suggests that they spend time together. Before they can get into a conversation, Frank arrives and tells Mallet that he needs him back on the job. Mallet goes to Cedars to follow up on some questioning. He bumps into Harley and thinks that she's there for the same thing. Harley plays along and tells Mallet that Frank owes them both big time. Mallet's mind flashes back to Florida again. Frank has just arrived for a visit and is admiring a large bouquet of red roses that Mallet has given Harley. Harley teases Mallet about giving her the flowers because of a new lady in his life and tells Frank that it's Miss 15th Precinct. Frank goes to unpack and Mallet apologizes to Harley for the long hours he's been keeping and that he'll make it up to her.

Brought back to reality, Harley asks Mallet if he's OK and he assures that everything is fine. Harley tells him that she's decided that she can't continue as his partner and is handing in her badge. She tells Mallet that it's not because of him but it's just something she needs to do. Harley hugs Mallet and leaves, telling him she has something to take care of. Mallet returns to Outskirts. Frank is still there and is surprised to see him back so soon. Mallet tells him that he saw Harley and that he knows about her handing in her badge. Frank is further surprised when Mallet tells him that he's going to request a transfer out of Springfield so that Harley can keep her job. Frank tells him that neither of them is going anywhere. He thinks Mallet wants out because of Dinah and commiserates with him about being a cop and sustaining a relationship at the same time.

Mallet's mind again wanders to Florida and he's in a van with his partner, Regina. He's telling her that it's over and that he means it. Regina wants to carry on their affair but Mallet insists that he's serious. When Regina tries to kiss Mallet one last time, the van door opens and Harley drags her out and starts screaming at Mallet. In the present Mallet is outside the Beacon and is talking to Cassie. Cassie lets Mallet in on knowing that he and Harley got close after Gus died. She hopes that it hasn't caused a problem in his relationship with Dinah. Cassie adds that whatever regrets Harley has about letting him go, she thinks it's best for the two of them to move on. Mallet wants to know what she means and Cassie tells him that Harley confided in her about his promise to wait for her. She thinks that it was probably too soon after Gus's death and that Harley just didn't want to keep him in limbo but that she might have regretted cutting him loose.

Mallet relives the row he and Harley had down in Florida when she found out about his relationship with Regina. Harley is very angry and Mallet is begging her to give him a chance to make things right. Harley doesn't want to know. All she wants from Mallet is the truth: whether he slept with his partner. When Mallet says 'no,' Harley slaps him and tells him to get out. Mallet leaves reluctantly and back in the present tells himself that he should have stayed and fought for her. He's back at the Beacon and goes into his and Dinah's room and tells her that he's ready to fight for HER.

Dinah doesn't want to listen to Mallet and tells him that he doesn't belong with her any more. Mallet disagrees and tells Dinah that they are good for each other and that's he's staying. He starts to unpack his stuff and put it in the closet and Dinah tells him to clear all his stuff out and get out. Mallet sits Dinah down to try to get her to listen to him and when she promises that she'll listen he releases her only to find that she's tricked him. Mallet then decides to handcuff Dinah to a chair to make her listen to him. He tells her again that he's not leaving and that he's moving forward with her. Mallet undoes the handcuffs and Dinah asks him how she can know for sure that he won't cheat on her the way he cheated on Harley. Mallet confesses that he won't because he's already slept with Harley. Dinah listens as Mallet tells her that it happened the night that Harley thought Gus was gone, that it was a way for both of them to deal with losing him and that it didn't come from love and they both knew it was a mistake. Mallet tells Dinah that he loves her, loves her wildness and unpredictability and asks her to trust him with her heart. Dinah asks him if Harley is his past and when he says that she is, she wonders whether he is Harley's past or whether she'll turn to him again. At the same time, Harley is tending to Gus's leg. Gus kisses her hand and as they kiss each other, Gus rests his head on Harley's shoulder.

Dinah grabs her coat to leave and tells Mallet she needs to go do something, something unpredictable. After all, she tells him, it's what he likes about her. Mallet hesitates and then follows after Dinah.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Dinah rushes to confront Harley about sleeping with Mallet, with Mallet hot in pursuit. But both get the shocks of their lives when they see Gus, alive. Mallet is scared that Dinah will spill his secret, but Harley gushes about what a friend Dinah was to her while Gus was gone. Dinah keeps her mouth shut and instead, tells Mallet she loves him. After Mallet and Dinah leave, Gus announces that he has a plan for dealing with Alan. Harley, recalling how well his last one worked, tells Gus no more plans! Later, they get a call from Alan, who says that Gus will be hearing from the District Attorney shortly. Gus is done going after his father. As of now, he's going after his father's wife. Gus explains that he has evidence to prove Beth kidnapped him. But he'll leave Beth alone, if Alan does the same to Harley. Meanwhile, Alan is telling Alan-Michael that Gus knows all about Alan-Michael coming to town to take over Spaulding. Once the truth comes out, Marina and the rest of the Coopers will want Alan-Michael's head on a platter. Because that family sticks together. Just like the Spauldings should. Alan-Michael misses the point and brushes him off. But later, as Marina is stripping for him, Alan-Michael calls Alan and tells him to call the board for an emergency meeting. Frank takes the day off to spend it with Olivia and Emma, and, while they're hanging out, Frank asks Olivia if she knows of any women they could set his dad up with. Later, Frank calls Buzz from Towers to ask for tips on how to charm Olivia. Buzz suggests ordering her favorite meal, stuffed pizza. She's thrilled. So is Frank by her reaction. But Olivia figures out who told him to order it for her.

Friday, April 31, 2006

Harley calls Alan-Michael to say she's calling a board meeting to step down as head of Spaulding, and suggests that Dinah should get the job. At the same time, Dinah is pouting about going back to being Harley's Gal Friday, but her mood improves dramatically when Harley stops by to say she wants Dinah to take her place as CEO. Alan-Michael is feeling cocky that a new CEO at Spaulding will mean a Spaulding as the new CEO - and he did it all without jeopardizing his relationship with Marina. Meanwhile, Marina is with Gus, telling him how Alan-Michael found the note that Gus wrote for Harley. Gus doesn't remember sending any note. On the case, Marina breaks into Alan-Michael's room, and finds evidence she really didn't want to find. She rushes over to the Board meeting in progress and shows what she's found to Gus. They realize Alan-Michael forged it. Marina interrupts the proceedings to publicly ask him about it. At Outskirts, Billy is about to suggest they spend the day together when Josh arrives, and Reva forgets Billy even exists. He ends up bumping into Josh's lawyer, who mentions that Josh had him draw up divorce papers, but never asked for them. Billy suggests the lawyer finish the draft right away - and Billy will be happy to deliver them. Meanwhile, Josh and Reva are having drinks when she accidentally spills her Bloody Mary on an angry customer. Josh is forced to punch the guy in her defense...only to come upon his three equally angry friends. They run away and hide behind a Lewis Construction dumpster. The couple is close to reconnecting when Billy arrives and "happens" to hand Josh some papers that just arrived for him. Josh is surprised, since he didn't ask them to be sent, but Reva is incensed.

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