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Babe and JR married each other, and Krystal and Adam renewed their wedding vows. Janet told JR that Dixie was alive. Tad proposed to Di, who happily accepted. Greg threatened to expose Dixie. Joe shocked Tad with the revelation that Jeff Martin was headed back to Pine Valley.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 27, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, March 27, 2006

Heartbroken and crying, Julia tells Ryan that she can't have a baby. Ryan lends a sympathetic ear as Julia pours her heart out, telling him about her dreams of becoming a mother. When Ryan learns that Dr. Madden is the doctor who told Julia that she can't have children, he becomes concerned. He tells Julia about his latest stunt, ambushing Kendall with a couple who is interested in adopting their baby. Julia is surprised but doesn't see what that has to do with her situation. Ryan explains that Dr. Madden isn't to be trusted and urges Julia to get a second opinion. Julia is reluctant. She trusts Dr. Madden's diagnosis and feels that he has nothing to gain by telling her that she is unable to have children but she promises Ryan that she will see another doctor to get a second opinion.

Kendall demands that Dr. Madden hand over her medical records so that she can find another OB. Dr. Madden is reluctant and asks Kendall if Ryan has anything to do with her decision to suddenly change doctors. Kendall explains that her decision was made when she came in for a regular checkup and ended up meeting prospective parents interested in adopting her child. She tells Dr. Madden that she hasn't decided what she's going to do yet but that Ryan is already in love with their child and wants to raise him. Greg is surprised at the new turn of events and asks Kendall if she intends to raise the baby with Ryan as a couple. Kendall is somewhat taken aback. She feels that what she intends to do is really none of Greg's business. Greg realizes he's overstepped his bounds as a doctor and tries to reassure Kendall that he only has her best interests at heart. Kendall isn't appeased. She continues to insist that she no longer wants him to oversee her pregnancy and fully intends to take her records and find a new doctor. Greg backs off but only marginally, subtly trying to convince Kendall that the best thing she can do for herself and the baby is to give it up for adoption.

Later, Kendall goes to talk to Ryan at his apartment. When she knocks, it's Jonathan who answers the door. Wary, Kendall enters the apartment and asks him when Ryan will be back. Jonathan tries to make Kendall comfortable but soon his excitement over the baby has him reaching out and asking her if he can touch her belly. Kendall steps back, clearly frightened. Jonathan quickly apologizes for scaring her and tries to explain his actions by telling her how excited that he's just so excited about becoming an uncle. When Jonathan starts talking about all the plans he has for his nephew such as teaching him baseball and taking him camping, Kendall becomes extremely uncomfortable. She quickly makes her excuses, asking Jonathan to tell Ryan that she stopped by and then leaves the apartment. In the hallway, Kendall pauses a moment to collect herself.

In his office, Dr. Madden calls the couple who are interested in adopting Kendall's baby. He apologizes for how things went. He assures them that he is certain that Kendall will think things over and decide to give her baby up for adoption. He promises them that they will soon the baby will be theirs.

Tad asks Di if there's a secret that she's keeping. Di admits that she does have a secret but she's reluctant to tell him what it is. Tad reassures Di that there is nothing that she can tell him that will change the way he feels about her. Di starts talking about the wedding and how everyone seemed so happy and in love but stops short of telling Tad the truth about Dixie. At the last moment, Di tells him that her secret is that she wants to marry him. Realizing how that may be received, Di tries to back track, excusing her proposal as a product of being caught up in the romance of the day. She starts to leave but Tad stops her before she can take more than a few steps. When she asks him if he's angry, Tad admits that he is. He's angry because she beat him to the proposal. He goes on to tell her that all those months ago it wasn't Dixie he fell in love with again, but Di herself. He no longer looks to the past but the future. Tad then proposes to Di who happily accepts.

David tells JR that there's something that he needs to know. Unfortunately, JR is too angry at David to listen to anything that David has to say. He tells David that missing Babe's wedding was unforgivable and continues yelling at David until Babe is forced to step in. She asks JR to go to the house and wait for her there so that she can have a private word with David. Once JR walks away, Babe tries to get David to tell her what his big secret is about but David is reluctant to share. Instead of telling Babe about Dixie, David talks about how much he loves his daughter and will always be there if she should ever need him. He then convinces Babe to return to her husband without questioning him further. Once Babe is gone, David sets out to find Dixie again. He ends up at the sanitarium where Janet is being held. He convinces the nurse that he's Janet's doctor and once he's alone with Janet he tries to make a deal. He'll help her out of the hospital if she will help him find Dixie. Janet reminds David that she's crazy and not stupid. After questioning Janet further, he soon realizes that she doesn't have any idea where Dixie could be hiding and leaves empty handed and frustrated.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Babe awoke and looked adoringly at J.R. As she tried to get out of bed he stopped her but she told him she had to go to work. J.R. told her that she was on her honeymoon and should take the next five days off. She said she had to go and he reminded her that Kendall was not going to be pleasant and that she should watch out. She then told him that it was Kendall who should be concerned. Babe and Kendall both arrived at Fusion and Kendall told her that one of them had to go.

Josh went to Greg's office to see how he was feeling. Greg asked Josh to stay for a short visit. He told Josh that he could now see the mistakes he had made and he was wearing his heart on his sleeve. Greg told Josh that he loved and missed him. Greg said that he wanted he and Josh to have their own new beginning. Josh said whatever and left.

Julia told Ryan that she went home after seeing Dr. Madden and cried herself to sleep. She then told him that she went to another doctor for a second opinion and that it was totally opposite of what Madden had said. Ryan and Julia agreed that Greg had lied to her. Julia asked Ryan why Madden would tell her such a sadistic lie. Ryan said he would find out what Madden was up to. They decided to team up to get the goods on Greg Madden.

Erica continued her plan to poison Greg Madden and was startled when her assistant, Val came into her office. She gave him a list of things that were wrong and sent him on his way. Val returned with the tape of the Martha Stuart interview she had requested. She apologized for snapping at him and said that her life was about to become far less complicated. Erica watched the tape with the Martha Stuart interview and told Val that she loved the tape. Erica laid on the couch in her office and fell asleep. She dreamed that she was interviewing Dr. Madden on her show. Erica asked him when he first decided that he was god. She continued to ask questions as she poured him a cup of "tea". She asked him about taking a baby from her without her knowledge. Madden began choking and gasping for air as he fell out of the chair. While he lay on the ground dead the audience applauded. Erica awoke and went to see Greg at his office. Turning on the La.k.ane charm, she asked him if he would consider being a guest on New Beginnings. He said he would be delighted and Erica told him that she had such a fabulous show planned he would just "die'. She had a cup of coffee shop tea with her and offered it to him. He happily drank it.

Kendall went to Zach's office for advice. Kendall told Zach about Madden and Ryan and wanted some tips on how to know who to believe. She explained that Madden had practically given her baby to adoptive parents behind her back and that when she called him on it he apologized and said he only wanted what was best for her. She wanted to know who to believe, Ryan or Madden. Zach stared at Kendall in his sexy way and told her he was glad she was there. He told her to be true to herself. Kendall told Zach that she just couldn't see clearly any longer. She said that she knew it was the right decision to get pregnant for Greenlee, but was lost where to go from here. He suggested that she tell Madden to quit parading childless couples in front of her and to tell Ryan to stop talking about raising the baby alone. Kendall told Zach that Ryan didn't want to raise the baby alone, but that he wanted to raise their son together. Zach sat in his contemplative way and surprised Kendall by telling her that he understood why Ryan wanted to raise his son. He said that if Ryan thought he could be a good father, he should be given the chance. He then told her that it was still her baby and her body and the right decision would come to her. He again suggested that she tell Ryan and Madden to back off.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Kendall returns to work at Fusion to discover that Babe working there. Her animosity toward Babe causes tension so Babe decides to extend an olive branch in the hopes to making peace. Kendall isn't receptive. She can't let go of her anger over the things that Babe put Bianca through. Babe tries to appeal to Simone, the peacemaker of the group, and makes some headway in winning Simone over. When little Adam is brought to Fusion, Kendall is livid. She reminds Babe that Fusion is a place of work, not a daycare center. Babe tries to explain that setting up a daycare at Fusion would benefit not just Babe but Kendall as well, after she has the baby. Kendall is uncomfortable with the direction the discussion is going in and sticks to her guns that setting up a daycare at Fusion is out of the question. Things go from bad to worse when Amanda walks into Fusion and Babe announces that she has hired Amanda as her new assistant. She defends her decision by telling them that she promised Janet that she would look after Amanda and that Amanda is just as much a victim of Janet's as everyone else was. Simone is furious. She attacks Amanda, accusing her of killing Ethan with every lie she told and secret she kept to protect Janet. Kendall orders Babe to leave Fusion and to take Amanda with her. During the confrontation with Simone, Amanda's wrist was hurt, so Babe decides to take Amanda to the hospital to be checked out but promises to return. As Babe helps Amanda out, Kendall asks Babe who her surprise guest tomorrow will be. Babe turns around and looks at Kendall. She tells her that she knew girls like her in high school and they were wrong about Babe too.

Zach is surprised to see that Dixie is still in town. She explains that she would have left except that David Hayward found out that she's alive and she's worried that he will tell JR the truth. Zach isn't concerned about anything David may say. He points out that there is no proof that Dixie is alive. He took the tape of her at the hospital. Zach suggests that David will not be able to prove any of his claims if she isn't in town to be discovered. Dixie remains deeply concerned that David could cause quite a bit of trouble with his revelation and is determined to stop him. Zach offers to do it for Dixie but she insists on taking care of David herself.

David goes to the Chandler mansion to see JR. He insists on speaking to JR, claiming he has something important to tell him about his mother. JR isn't in the mood to play games with David and tells him as much. Before David can tell JR about Dixie, he's interrupted by a phone call on his cell phone. It's Dixie. She insists on talking to David. David spends some time taunting Dixie while JR and Krystal listen to him, certain that he's just making up the call to stall for time. The mind games come to a halt when David's call waiting beeps. It's the hospital calling him in for an emergency. David ends his call but not before telling Dixie to meet him at the hospital to continue their conversation. After David leaves, Krystal talks to JR about Babe. She warns him that if he hurts Babe again, it will destroy her. Instead of reassuring Krystal once again that he has no intention of hurting Babe, JR calls his wife at Fusion. Simone takes the phone from Dani and tells JR that Babe is at the hospital and if she knows what's good for her she will not return to the office. Concerned, JR rushes to the hospital.

Greg is in his office when suddenly he clutches his chest and collapses on his desk.

Jack prepares to leave the hospital with his family. Erica seems happy but Lily comments that her eyes don't reflect her smile. Erica brushes off Lily's concerns, explaining that she's just been very worried about Jack and her family. She then steps out to see to the discharge papers so that Jack can leave. When she steps out of his room, Erica recalls recent events as she collected information on non traceable poisons and the two times she gave Greg the tainted tea.

Ryan and Julia put their plan in motion to start gathering evidence against Greg Madden. They check his patients' records in the computer but find nothing out of the ordinary. Plenty of his patients have been single women. They are interrupted when Josh walks up. He berates Julia for letting Ryan see confidential records and warns her that she's jeopardized her career. Julia plays innocent. She reminds Josh of his own transgressions with a female patient recently and while Ryan somehow manages to bring up his email. Showing him the monitor with his email open, Ryan explains that he had some important business dealings and needed to check his email frequently. Julia was just letting him check it. Josh points out that it's against hospital policy to use the computers in such a manner but is sidetracked when he sees Josh wheeled into the ER. He rushes over to his father and quickly realizes that he's suffering another episode. As Josh orders Julia to start a battery of tests, he notices Erica standing nearby watching the proceedings. Ryan does as well. Josh places a call to have David Hayward paged and goes in to check on Greg.

Erica slips into Greg's office to collect the cup with the poisoned tea she had given Greg earlier. Just as she shoves the cup into her purse she is surprised by Ryan. He asks her what she is doing in Greg's office and specifically with the cup she just put in her purse. Erica flatly denies even seeing a cup much less putting one in her purse. Ryan tries to get Erica to confide in him but Erica refuses. She asks Ryan to trust her. Seeing no other alternative, he decides to drop the matter so that they can leave the office before either is discovered in there.

Erica returns to Jack's room to collect her family. As they walk out, Erica assures her family that nothing can ever hurt any of them again. Lily finds the statement rather odd.

Ryan goes to Fusion to ask Kendall how her meeting with Greg Madden went.

Zach tries to keep Dixie from going to the hospital, afraid she will be seen, but Dixie stubbornly refuses to listen. Once in the hospital, Dixie is shocked when she sees Greg Madden wheeled on a gurney to a room. Zach is surprised that she recognizes the doctor and asks her how she knows him. Dixie doesn't answer because at that moment, JR walks into the ER so she is forced to hide behind a corner before he sees her.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

At the Fusion offices, Kendall confesses that she is staying on with Dr. Madden during her pregnancy. This throws Ryan, as he believed Kendall was equally incensed at the adoption stunt that Madden pulled. Kendall tells him that her decisions are her own, and that she is tired of being pushed around. From now on, she declares, both Ryan and Madden will take their personal agendas and back off. She admits that she feels pushed from both sides, and that she is very clear where each of them stand. Ryan apologizes, saying that he has lost a lot of sleep while doing research, and has found that raising their son alone is not what is best. Kendall asks what he would think if she signed on as a co-parent, and Ryan tells her that he wouldn't hesitate to accept the agreement. She uses that to point out the kind of pressure he piles on, and Ryan denies that it was ever his intention. She tries to compare him to Madden, but he tells her the main difference: he is honest where Greg is not. She gives him as much, but says that even though she believes their son deserves a good mother, she doesn't think it has to be her. She goes on to say that there are hordes of women that would love to be with him and raise their son. Ryan tells her that he wouldn't just pick a random woman to step in and be Mom, especially when Kendall is one of the people he is closest to. She then asks a poignant question: if she doesn't do what he wants, will that make her the woman that denied Ryan his son? She reminds him that the decision is solely on her head and Ryan promises that he won't try to guilt her into any one decision. She tells him that giving him what he wants requires a lifetime commitment from her, and she isn't sure that it fits in her life. Ryan begins to see what he'd been doing, and tells her that from now on, he will provide a stress-free zone. Further, he reconfirms that he will back whatever decision she makes whenever she makes it.

David tells Greg that although a few of his tests are clear, one shows that he has an ongoing and unpredictable heart arrhythmia of an undetermined origin. Josh lashes out at David, saying that the best in his field should be able to figure out something more specific, and threatens to find someone else who can. David, dismissive of the younger Madden, tells his father, over objections, that he will be admitted for overnight monitoring. He then says that Madden shouldn't fight against the decision, as David notes that he may be bringing back someone else from Death's Door today. Greg admits that he knows he will be fine - as he has knowledge of David's professional reputation. He also notes that he has to survive because he has so much work left to be done. David agrees, saying that he knows Madden's work has changed lives.

As Josh exits the room and heads to the nurses' station, he passes Babe apologizing to Amanda for subjecting her to Simone's rage, and assuring her that she will find her the perfect job. Upon spotting Josh, Amanda flips out and tells him that not only did he ruin her life, but also that he will pay for every misdeed. In an attempt to subdue her, Josh takes hold of her arm, but this only enrages her.

Just as Zach asks Dixie how she knows Dr. Madden, they overhear JR running into a cart that Anita is pushing. Hearing his voice, Dixie quickly hides. Zach acts as a distraction so that JR will not suspect that anything is amiss. They exchange a few words over JR's rude behavior before he continues on his way to find Babe. Zach checks in to make sure that Anita is okay and then returns to Dixie, and tries to determine if this latest close call is enough to make her leave town. Dixie tells him that she can't go until she takes care of David. She then asks after Babe, having heard JR mention her. Zach tells her that he doesn't know why she's here, but that JR was headed to the emergency room. Dixie panics, knowing that David had been paged there, and that he was intent on revealing her existence to JR the first chance he got. She starts to take off, but Zach stops her, instead promising to take care of David for her. He takes off, takes in the scene in the ER waiting room, and reports back to Dixie. She is visibly less tense when she finds out that David was in with Dr. Madden and hadn't talked to JR, and that Babe is okay. A woman interrupts their conversation by announcing a page on the intercom, calling David to room 220. Belatedly, she realizes that she is standing in that exact room, and Zach informs her that he did what he thought was best. He starts to leave so that she would be afforded some privacy, but tells her before exiting that if she wants to talk about her connection to Greg, he will always be around.

JR shows up at the nurses' station just as Amanda insists that Josh needs to feel pain akin to that which he inflicted on her. Josh, unmotivated to change his ways, simply stokes the flames by insinuating that perhaps Amanda is as crazy as her mother. Amanda, no longer intimidated, decides to call him out in front of everyone on the floor. She starts yelling about how he shouldn't be allowed to treat patients, how he ruined her life, and Josh was responsible for poisoning Erica. Having had enough, Josh stalks off to call security, but Julia intervenes. She escorts Amanda into a cubicle so that she can give both her arm and her mouth a rest. At the same time, JR tries to convince Babe that because Julia is capable of taking care of Amanda on her own, they should leave, but Babe denies his request. JR thinks that his wife needs to be well rid of Amanda because all he sees is disaster. Babe reminds him of their talk about forgiveness - and knowing that he hadn't forgotten, she tells him that Amanda is in the hospital because she promised her a job at Fusion without thinking about the possible consequences. She also admits that she knows where Amanda is - they both made unforgivable choices because they loved someone.

Julia gets Amanda in a wheelchair and continues to calm her down. Amanda thanks her, saying that if the situation had continued to escalate, she fears that Josh really would have had her locked in a padded cell. Julia soothes her fears by telling her that Josh doesn't have the authority. Then, back in medicine mode, she notes aloud that Amanda will need an x-ray, and that the head person in that department owes her a favor. She goes off to see if she can get Amanda bumped to the head of their long waiting list.

Greg asks if his work can be sent up to his room since he needs to stay overnight. David agrees, says he needs to check some things out and exits the room. Upon doing so, he spots JR and the wheels in his head start to almost visibly turn. A short time later, Anita stops in to see Greg and confirms that as soon as he is assigned a room and gets situated, his patient files will be delivered. As she leaves the room, she props open the doors, allowing Greg to see Amanda clearly. He calls to her and she immediately thinks that Greg means to finish what his son started. On the contrary, Greg tells her that what Josh did was reprehensible, and that he would like to make it up to her - if she will let him. She asks why he's being so nice, and he tells her that until the Mardi Gras ball, he was unaware of how cruel Josh could be. Having seen how horribly he treated Amanda with no regard for her feelings or the impact it would have on her life, Greg's only answer is the try to repair the damage somehow. He offers her the receptionist job at his clinic, complete with benefits, as a way to ease her pain. She initially thinks that since Josh is too old to be effectively punished, Greg will use her to stick it to him by hiring her. Greg denies that as truth, instead saying that it's his responsibility to help where his child harmed - and that all she needs to do is accept it.

David sidles over to JR, intent on causing trouble but Babe tries to divert the storm. JR seems oblivious, as he fairly begs David to give up what he knows. Before he can do so, David hears his page and takes off. In his wake, JR continues to ask why Babe is so intent on helping Amanda. Babe reveals her encounter with Bianca over Christmas, and how even after the horrible things that were done to her, Bianca was still able to wrap her arms around Babe and tell her that everything would be all right. She only wants to do the same thing for Amanda. She reminds him that even when she was going through the worst times of her life, she was never alone - because her parents and Jamie stuck by her. Amanda, on the other hand, doesn't have the same luxuries. Babe tells him that forgiveness is more than mere words and cheap acts. She then says that she will make good on her promise to find Amanda a job, but JR doesn't think there is anyplace that would hire her. Just then, a light bulb goes off, and Babe suggests Chandler Enterprises. JR is slightly amused that his wife thinks he should hire Amanda, but Babe tells him that she's not joking. She thinks there must be some menial job that Amanda could take in a department that he never goes to. JR thinks he will still see her - anytime he hears her name, sees her time card or her paycheck. He can forgive Amanda for her role in the disappearance of their son (not once, but twice) but he can't ever forget.

A short time later, Babe apologizes for suggesting that Amanda work at Chandler, noting that it was a bit too much to ask. JR promises that he will make it up to her somehow. As Babe starts to say that she won't be bailing on her promise, Amanda comes through a swinging door, arm bandaged up. She tells them that she will be fine and - even better - that she found work. Babe starts to tell her that if the work isn't solid, she would be happy to continue helping her out. JR nudges her from behind to get her to stop, which does not go unnoticed by Amanda. She assures them it's the real deal, and that she is excited about this new turn in her life. She goes off to check herself out, and within moments, JR's cell phone rings. He asks Babe not to leave without him and then steps away to answer the call. When he does, a dark cloud passes over his face. He quickly ends his call, and mysteriously tells his wife that there is something he needs to take care of. They sweetly bid farewell before he takes his leave.

Julia rounds a corner and punches the call button for the elevator. While she waits, she turns slightly and realizes that Josh is sitting on the other side of a bank of chairs. She asks if what Amanda said was true - if he really used her as she said. Aggravated, Josh proceeds to try to demean her by telling her that his advice would be to stay out of his business and go back to hauling bedpans. She wastes no time in returning the venom, telling him that he ought not follow in his father's footsteps. Josh demands to know what she means by that, thinking that she is out for his father's blood as well. She backpedals and says that Greg has a brilliant career and that he didn't get there by drugging celebrities. Irate, Josh lets loose on her, telling her that she is still the topic of conversation in the lunchroom - and that people still think that she got away with murder. He goads her on by asking if it was really self-defense, or if she just had to see a man die. Julia, completely taken aback, manages to tell him that things didn't go down as he was envisioning them. He takes it one step further and asked if she and Jonathan Lavery compared notes, and if their relationship is the reason why Jonathan was invited to her class. Sealing the deal, he asks if one of the things she teaches in her class is how to load a shotgun.

Later, back at the nurses' station, Josh sarcastically tells Julia that he is glad that they had their chat - and notes that everything should be fine as long as she remembers her place. Anger flaring yet again, she verbally challenges him, and he implies that because he is a doctor and she is only a nurse, she must submit to his directives. Further, he strongly suggests that she watch what she says about his father. She tries to explain, but he is in no mood to hear it. He tells her that he will be watching her and making sure that she is doing what she needs to do to keep her job. She retorts that she will keeping an eye on him as well, and stalks off.

David arrives at the specified room and is pleasantly surprised to find Dixie there. He tells her that after the way she left the wedding, he was afraid that he had lost her forever. Now, seeing her, he believes that he still has a chance with her. Infuriated, she reminds him that the only reason she is still in Pine Valley is because he blackmailed her - because he threatened to hurt her son to get to her. She is at a loss as to who he is - and he tells her that he is a man in love. For the first time in years, he feels alive - and it is all because he found out that she is too. He tells her that he will do whatever it takes to keep her here. He further admits that he hired a private investigator in case she decided that she would take her chances and leave anyway. Startled, she insists that an investigator is a bad idea, and that he needs to get them off of her trail. She tells him that he needs to stop trying to control her and he says that he will, under one condition - that she stop running and give them another chance. She tells him in no uncertain terms that he can't win her back with his underhanded methods. She goes on to say that if he keeps up his threats, he will never see her again. David is unfazed, saying that he will have no choice to reveal that she alive to JR. Dixie comes back just as hard saying that he can tell whomever he wants, but that since everyone knows he's a liar, no one will take him seriously. Further, the only person that would back him is locked up in a psych ward, and she won't be around to help him prove his claim. Point taken, David then tells her that she'd have to go through him to leave - and that he wouldn't let that happen. The only way she would be successful is if she had some help. He makes mention of how he could have proved his claim before with the video footage from the hospital - but that he was kidnapped and tucked away in a hospital storage room, and that the footage disappeared. He also notes that the page that got them where they are couldn't have been her doing - the risk of getting found out was too great. Dixie's mind reels as she tries to come up with a logical answer. She turns her back to him and manages to convincingly utter that she is working alone. David doesn't completely believe it, but abandons that line of questioning in favor of begging her once again to stay. He tells her that if she spends real, quality time with him, she will remember what it was like to be with him - and how happy it made her. Knowing that giving in was the lesser of two evils, she promises David that she will stay. Overjoyed, he promises in return that he will keep her secret, hide her if need be - and stay away from JR.

A short time later, Josh goes into the cubicle where his father was and is incensed that the only person within is David. David tells him that there is no reason to be upset - Greg stabilized and was moved to a permanent room. He informs Josh that Greg's medication had been raised and that his symptoms should start to fade. True to form, Josh caustically questions David's decision. Avoiding the unnecessary confrontation, David tells Josh that his father is under observation and that all he needs to do is rest and avoid stress.

After Anita finishes getting Greg settled into his new room, she leaves and he closes his eyes in an attempt to relax. He soon feels another set of eyes on him, and when his eyelids once again slide apart, he sees Dixie.

As they wait for Ryan to return home, Jonathan laments over what he did wrong. Erin tries to console him, but to no avail. Ryan comes in the door moments later, and Jonathan immediately starts to apologize. Ryan tries to keep him calm, asking that his baby brother slowly explain what happened. Jonathan tells him about Kendall's visit, offering her a drink, and being excited about his nephew. He then relates that he tried to touch her stomach, and that he scared her. Ryan is slightly confused, as Kendall didn't mention having stopped by, but he leaves that point hidden, choosing to simply tell his brother that he really didn't do anything wrong. Erin then reminds Jonathan that he needs to leave for work so that he isn't late, and promises that she will talk to Ryan and that everything would work out. He goes, and Erin asks Ryan what is going on. Ryan tells her that he can't picture raising his son alone - and in fact, he can't picture raising his son without Kendall. He says that his son needs his mother to protect and take care of him. Erin doesn't understand why when Ryan suddenly reveals that he still believes his son will need to be protected from his father. As stunned as Erin by his admission, Ryan finally, consciously, realizes that this is the true reason he is so set on raising the baby with Kendall.

As Zach waits outside of the room where David and Dixie are talking, Kendall crosses his path. The urgency palpable between them, they barely manage to check in with each other - each assuring the other that they are fine - before parting ways once again.

On the other side of the hospital, Kendall stops in to visit Dr. Madden. She relays to him basically the same information she told Ryan: if he wants to continue to be involved in the pregnancy, he needs to let her lead the way instead of constantly pushing her to do what he thinks is best. He apologizes again for his faux pas and says that he will respect her decision as the right one for her. Satisfied, she asks about their next scheduled appointment. She soon leaves, and as she walks outside with a smile on her face, she suddenly realizes that Zach followed her. He notes that she looks as though everything went her way, and out of the blue - she thanks him.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Ryan admits to Erin that he is scared he will hurt his son, the way his father scarred him, Erin and Jonathan. Ryan asks Erin if she ever thinks about having children, but she says that it doesn't cross her mind because she just got back into dating. However, she has been thinking about volunteering at The Miranda Center to help people in similar situations. Also, it could be a way to bring closure to her own past, Erin adds. Ryan begins to realize that he can raise his own son without letting his father's actions influence him.

Kendall thanks Zach for his advice on her pregnancy outside of the hospital. Zach figures advice was the least he could do, considering his actions are the reasons she needed advice. When Kendall assumes he is just helping out of quilt, Zach claims he helped because he still loves her. She, on the other hand, is not looking for love again. Zach is glad to hear Ryan and Greg are backing off Kendall, allowing her to make her own choices. Kendall goes back inside, where she runs into Julia. Julia pulls her aside and informs Kendall of Greg's misdiagnosis as a way to make Kendall see how untrustworthy Greg is. Julia claims Greg lied about her medical condition on purpose, but Kendall can only see how he helped Greenlee conceive a child with her help. Julia thinks it is weird Greg is pushing Kendall to give her baby up for adoption and warns her to stay away from him. Kendall goes to Fusion, but can't seem to concentrate on work until Ryan comes in. He wants to be the child's father, even it means doing it alone, but Kendall is not pleased with the idea.

JR goes to see Janet at the mental hospital after she requests to see him. She begins to apologize to JR for her crimes, but he refuses to forgive her. Janet claims she deserves what she got, but JR will need her help in the future. Janet tells JR his mother's loss is the reason he should never have to lose his son again. Janet says that although Amanda may be alive physically, their relationship is ruined. Janet says Dixie forgave her for her crimes and now, she needs to help him as a favor to Dixie. JR gets angered when Janet sings Dixie's praises, but yet threw her death in his face before she was arrested. Janet says she did not mean those mean words - she was just upset and in the end, Dixie "loves" JR. She tells JR that Dixie is still very much alive.

Tad goes to the hospital to seek answers from Joe about Greg's condition, but Joe gets upset when Tad refers to Greg as Josh's "father." Joe feels pressured to keep Josh's paternity a secret and still treat Greg as though he is a friend. Tad understands his father's frustration, but reminds him they promised to let Erica handle Josh's paternity. Joe blurts out that Jeff is going to make a trip to town, which really ticks Tad off. Tad is sure Jeff will be disappointed how Josh has turned out, but Greg thinks Josh's behavior is a result of his upbringing with Greg. Josh comes in to let Joe know he is needed in the emergency room.

Greg tells Dixie he is not dying, but is being taken care of by David. When Greg asks Dixie if she has announced her return from the dead, Dixie says no, but she does have few choice words for him. She calls him revolting, noting that he knows exactly why she is in hiding. Greg threatens to expose Dixie, but if her presence is revealed, his career will go down the tubes. Dixie hides in the bathroom when Tad comes to see Greg. Tad claims Greg's down time will give him a chance to work on his study about the Martin's. When Tad asks for the results, Greg says he has not gotten that far ahead in his research. Greg wishes he and Tad could be friends because after all, they know so many of the same people. When Greg tries to discuss things further, Tad walks out and Dixie comes out of the bathroom. Dixie immediately questions the study Tad mentioned, but Greg ignores it. She wonders why he didn't tell Tad the truth, but Greg claims they have settled their issues. Dixie says their past is far from settled and leaves. She runs into Zach and immediately asks for him to take her home before she does something irreversible. They go to Zach's office where he asks about the relationship Dixie shares with Greg. Dixie refuses to talk about it because it is so personal. Zach pressures her to reveal the truth, for Kendall's sake because Greg is pushing adoption. Dixie tells Zach that he has to get Kendall away from Greg because Greg is the reason she lost her child.

Amanda goes to tell Greg she can't accept his job offer because she is still recovering from Janet's actions. She is worried that he would lose patients and doesn't need his pity because of Josh's actions. Greg offers Amanda the job again, but she does not think she deserves a second chance. He tells her that she has been emotionally abused and perhaps, Amanda should start talking to him during therapy sessions.



Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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