One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 27, 2006 on OLTL

Rex helped Marcie and Michael to resolve their differences. Cristian's hand was hurt during the boxing match. Kevin accused Kelly of wanting a Buchanan baby with Duke. Tess located her molester and tried to kill him. Viki and Niki argued over who was to blame for Jessica's abuse. Nora opened her eyes. Todd asked David to meet him then hit him over the head and knocked him out.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 27, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, March 27, 2006

John and Michael engage in another discussion regarding John's desire to find their father's killer. Michael remembers a time as a child when he walked in on John apologizing to his father for what happened to him. Michael reminds John that he is not to blame for their father's death and wonders if John is reopening the investigation for absolution or is he reopening the case so that he can fix himself and win Natalie back. John tells Michael that the investigation into their father's death has nothing to do with Natalie and that he doesn't want to talk about it anymore.

Natalie, who can't take keep out of this for an answer, asks Roxy if some of Roxy's former acquaintances in Atlantic City might have information regarding Thomas McBain's death. Roxy says that she hung around a tough group of biker men who may either know something or may have pulled the trigger. Roxy wants to know what Natalie gets out the deal especially since John does not want her help and if she is trying to help John because she has made her choice about which man she wants to be with. Natalie insists that she is only helping John because despite everything he has always been a good friend to her and she feels that she owes him for all the times he helped her.

Enough about John's problems, Michael has his own problems regarding his upcoming wedding to Marcie. Michael fills John on in on how he and Marcie don't see eye to eye on the timing of children after they get married. Marcie wants to have children right away while Michael, who still feels like a child himself, would like to enjoy time with Marcie alone before adding children into the mix. John who is not one to give advice assures Michael that he and Marcie will work this out and agrees to be his best man when the time comes.

After he finishes his discussion with Michael, John heads to Atlantic City where his dad's former partner tells him that a nervous teenager was asking about John's father while he was in surgery. He knows that the kid had information on the shooting but before he could find him, he lost his sight during a domestic dispute incident that he got called on. John thanks him for the information and turns around to leave when Natalie walks up behind him. John asks her what she's doing there and Natalie tells him that she now knows how to help him.

While Michael is discussing their disagreement with John, Marcie is confiding in Rex (don't you just love it when those two commiserate) about the same thing. Rex, who has become pretty good at giving out advice, advises Marcie to compromise with Michael and to not force him into anything he's not ready for because the child will suffer the most. Just then Michael walks in and he tells Marcie that he wants to have children right away at the same time Marcie tells him that they can wait to have children. The compromise is that they will spend a "little" time together as man and wife before they have children.

Adriana overhears Marcie telling Michael that she misses Jen especially now that she's getting married since she has no one to go dress shopping with and to help her with the details. Adriana informs Marcie that she is working on the June wedding issue of Craze and that she would be more than happy to help her pick out a dress. Marcie is thrilled and takes her up on her offer. Rex lets Adriana know that she is the best and Adriana fills Rex in how she and Dorian got into another heated discussion after Adriana caught Dorian running a background check on Rex. Adriana feels that Dorian doesn't trust her but Dorian insists that it is Rex she doesn't trust and that she will do everything she can to protect her. Adriana starts to wonder how far Dorian will go to keep her away from Rex but Rex assures her that she shouldn't worry. They share a kiss while Daryl, watching from the sidelines, reports to Dorian that it may be too late to keep those two apart.

Kevin and Kelly get into a heated discussion when he confronts her with the note to Duke that he caught her trying to burn. He asks her what the note is about and she tells him that he should ask Duke. He demands to know if she has turned to his son now that he can't get her pregnant since having a Buchanan baby is the most important thing to her. Kelly doesn't respond and so Kevin takes it one step further by asking her if she was planning on getting pregnant by Duke and passing the baby off as Kevin. He tells her that it wouldn't be the first time but at least this time it would be the same gene pool. Kelly walks out just as Duke walks in wonder what happened.

Kevin shows him the burned note and asks him what's going on between him and Kelly. Duke hesitantly explains about the night he got drunk and how he told Kelly that he wanted a woman like her. Kevin is still a little suspect and after pressing Duke a little more, Duke confesses that he told Kelly that he wanted her but he tells Kevin that it was "drunk" talk. Kevin asks him if that's all it was and Duke does not respond. A disgusted Kevin walks out on Duke and a few moments later Kelly walks in and inquires as to where Kevin is. Duke tells her that he walks out and Kelly apologizes for Kevin's behavior (I guess there's better reaction when you find out your manly, man son is lusting after your fiancée). Duke responds by pulling Kelly into a passionate kiss.

After watching the disturbing video of Tess and her molester, a distraught Viki and Clint decide to call Dr. Jamison and tell about him about their discovery. Before they have a chance to call Dr. Jamison, they are startled by Tess and Nash who have secretly returned to Llanfair. Tess informs Viki that she and Nash are only back until the baby is born and then they are leaving for good. Viki tries to distract Tess and Nash from seeing the video that is lying on the table by offering to make them something to eat. Clint starts to put the video back in the envelope when Tess walks in and demands to know what that is. She becomes hysterical when she realizes that it is a video that her molester made and that Viki and Clint now know her secret. Dorian busts in on the family drama and is thrown out by Viki who also adds that Dorian's concern for Asa is a ploy to get her hooks into Clint. An outraged Dorian leaves after Clint also throws her out but vows to get even with Viki for her comments.

Tess loses it and cries out that once Jessica sees the video and learns about what happened to her, then Tess will no longer exist. Viki tries to tell her that they only want to help her and that she will always be a part of Jessica's life but Tess screams out that she doesn't want to be a part of Jessica's life she wants to have her own life. She runs out of the room screaming that she is leaving and never coming back. Nash is worried that in her state of mind Tess could do something stupid. Tess does the next best thing and shows up on Dorian's doorstep telling her that she has a way for Dorian to stick it to Viki.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

On his way to Spencer's office, Kevin runs into Paige in the hospital corridor. Sensing that all is not well Paige asks Kevin if he is all right and he tells her it's personal. Judging by Paige's expression Kevin realizes that she already knows about his little problem. Frustrated, Kevin lashes out on Paige and then tells her that he needs to talk to Spencer since Kevin's condition is his fault. Curious, Paige seeks out clarification from Kevin who tells her how Spencer's procedure made it possible for Kelly to have a baby and then out of no where Kevin contracts this "tropical" disease in the middle of winter which leaves him sterile. Now he needs Spencer's help so that he can give Kelly a baby. Paige tries to warn him about Spencer but Kevin turns a deaf ear and walks in on a moment between Spencer and Blair.

Kevin tells Spencer that he needs his help with his condition and Spencer leaves the room to get Kevin's medical file. While Spencer is gone Kevin and Blair discuss the recent events in their lives. Kevin inquires as to whether Todd has been spotted again and Blair says that he hasn't been seen since the night at the cabin. Spencer returns and agrees to help Kevin reverse his condition. A relieved Kevin leaves Spencer and Blair behind and once again runs into Paige who wants to know what transpired between Kevin and Spencer. Kevin tells Paige that Spencer has agreed to help him. Paige suggests that Kevin find another doctor because Spencer can't be trusted. Kevin firmly tells Paige that he will do anything to hold onto Kelly even if it means he has to trust Spencer who Kevin says half jokingly isn't the Devil.

While Kevin is seeking help Spencer, Duke has pulled Kelly into a passionate embrace which Kelly backs away from. She is angry that Duke is trying to hit on her knowing that she is in love with his father but Duke counters with the fact that Kevin (remember, this is his father) is not the Buchanan man for her. Duke tells her that Kevin can no longer give her what she needs or wants, but he can. Kelly can't believe all the things that Duke is saying and tells him that it's time for him to go. Duke leaves but not before telling her one last time how he feels about her and how he knows that she has feelings for him.

Evangeline gets a lead on Denton who has fled to Chicago but she is afraid to leave Todd alone in Llanview fearing that he may do something stupid while she is away. He assures her that he will stay put while she is gone and once again thanks her for all the risks that she is taking to clear his name. Evangeline heads for the door when Todd asks her to stay and have breakfast with him before she leaves. Evangeline agrees and wishes that she didn't have to leave him alone while she was in Chicago. If only there were someone who had a vested interest in the case who could keep him company and watch his back while she's in Chicago. Other than Rex, neither one of them can think of anyone who fits the description. Evangeline is off to the airport and lets Todd know that she will find out everything she can and promises not to let him down. Todd gets an idea as to who he might be able to turn to.

Unfortunately, the person who is truly standing between Todd and freedom is on an island, drugged up, with a new found interest in Sodoku. Margaret is having a conversation with another woman who gets Margaret interested in Sodoku. Margaret tells the woman that the puzzle game is really hard and she doesn't understand why since she used to be really good with numbers. When the woman asks Margaret if she has any children, Margaret thinks long and hard about it until she is distracted by peanuts (Spencer needs to ease up on her dosage). She rushes off to buy some peanuts leaving her new friend perplexed by her behavior.

Nash watches the video and blames Clint for not protecting Tess from the monster who molested her. He also tells Clint that he will never forgive him for betraying his trust and having him bring Tess back to Llanview under false pretenses. Clint tries to get Nash to understand that he did what he did to protect his daughter and if Nash is the father of Jessica's baby then he will one day understand the lengths a father will go to in order to protect his child. He also tells Nash that everything Nash is saying about Clint being a bad father is nothing compared to how he feels about himself for allowing Jessica to be hurt. Nash apologizes for his outburst and decides to find Antonio and bring him up to speed on what has happened.

Viki is in Jessica's room remembering the good times she shared with her daughter. She goes to the mirror and begs Niki to allow her to remember the bad times as well. Niki takes her back to the day after the incident when Jessica was hiding under the covers in the same dress she had on in the video. Viki wonders how she could have missed the signs and how Niki could have taken Jessica to a bar and left her alone. Niki says that Viki was the irresponsible one for having Jessica knowing that Viki was damaged goods. Niki tells Viki that she can't handle the truth but Viki tells her that she can and won't let Niki take over her life. Viki destroys the mirror alarming Clint and Nash.

Tess tries to enlist Dorian's help in her escape plan by telling Dorian that if she helps her then Tess will deliver Clint to her on a silver platter. She also resorts to emotional blackmail reminding Dorian that because of her actions Jessica lost her baby girl. After a little more coaxing from Tess, Dorian agrees to help her.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Cris hears interesting news from Roxy; Nat is planning on working undercover to help John in solving the murder of his father. Roxy has a bunch of buddies from Atlantic City who will probably be able to provide leads and she intends on working on her own.

Nat continues to bug John about being involved on his cold case but he wants her out of his office with no further thoughts of aiding him. After listening to Roxy, Cris makes a beeline for John's office to express his own views. He's not happy that John may allow Nat to help out. He knows that Nat wants to fix things for John but is assured that the cop is not allowing her to be involved. When Nat arrives on the tail end of the conversation, the men suddenly stop talking but she's wise to what they've been saying. She gets into a bit of an argument with Cris who feels she's a hypocrite by voicing her opinions against his boxing but not allowing him to do the same here. John asks the quibbling couple to take it outside.

Later, the men each wish each other luck in their new pursuits.

Matthew reads to Nora after school, like he does everyday. As Paige and Bo converse in the hallway Spencer makes a snide remark to something that he overhears and heads into Nora's room. He commends Matthew for his dedication. R.J. and Lindsay visit and comfort Matthew and Bo demands a word with Spencer. He orders him to stop baiting Paige and abusing her. He knows they have secrets and doesn't care but he wants him to leave her alone. Paige steps into the hall and Spencer continues his scornful comments. Bo warns him again. Spencer does mention that Nora's vital signs are improving.

Dorian agrees to hide Tess in order to get Clint and get back at Viki. Tess also wants her to help destroy any evidence that will bring Jess back but refuses to divulge what that evidence is. Dorian puts a haughty Tess in her place and she also realizes that the evidence must be related to sexual abuse. On the sly, Dorian calls Clint to let him know that Tess is with her and that she's taken her car keys. In the meantime, Tess does some research on the laptop in the kitchen and finds the information she's needed; the means to locate the source of her misery.

Clint and Nash find Viki in a confrontation with Niki's image in the mirror; each tries to gain control over the other. Nash dashes off to call Dr. Jamison while Clint speaks to Viki and professes his love for her and the fact that he'll never abandon her. That Niki will never take their little girl. Viki wins out and as Nash admires their strong relationship, Dr. Crosby shows up, a replacement for Jamison who is out of town. While Viki fills the doctor in on her history, Clint receives the call from Dorian, acknowledging that Tess is there.

When Matthew yells, his father and Paige run into the room. Nora moved differently than from before, he says. Suddenly, the patient opens her eyes.

By the time Clint and Nash get to Dorian's, Tess is gone. While not having her own car keys, she managed to locate and take the keys to Dorian's car. Dorian was unable to stop her. Nash views the information up on the computer screen and heads out quietly.

As Roxy performs a ritual of getting rid of "bad vibes" at Cris' place, Natalie shows up to collect some art work that maybe she can sell in order to get Cris to quit boxing. Roxy admits to betting $500 on Cris to win his fight and asks that Natalie attend in her place. Nat receives a phone call though and has to leave for a meeting with a contact in Atlantic City. She warns Roxy that John is not to know about it.

Viki senses a disapproving look from the doctor but he states that it's merely concern for her trying to get Niki to come out.

Tess shows up in a medical facility and demands to see Norman Leeds. The nurses on duty are surprised. He's never had any visitors in all the years that he's been there. She admits that she's not a relative but that she wouldn't be who she is today without him.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

As Nora slowly begins to emerge from her coma, Matthew repeatedly praises Spencer and asks the good doctor to help his mom wake up completely. While it does seem that Spencer is having success, Matthew's gratitude toward him creates an awkward situation for Bo and Paige, who look on. Dr. Truman asks Nora to blink her eyes twice if she understands him. It appears to take great effort, but eventually she does. Matthew grows more and more excited and urges his mom to wake up.

Hugh overhears John checking up on Evangeline's whereabouts, and accuses him of working on the one case internal affairs told him to stay away from. John accuses Hugh of being obsessed with the Manning case. Hugh denies having any personal agenda.

Natalie meets a contact from Atlantic City at Roark's Gym, where Cristian is about to participate in another match. He worries that she is putting herself in harm's way because of her desire to help John. Roark, irritated that Cris is so distracted by Natalie, calls John and tells him she is down there. John realizes what Natalie is up to, and angrily heads to the gym. When he gets there, Natalie is flirting with the man in effort to obtain information. John cuts in and the two men argue. Natalie causes enough of a disturbance to make Cristian take his eyes off his opponent, and gets punched. Natalie turns around just in time to see her ex-husband being hit repeatedly.

When a near-defeated Clint shares all of his concerns for Viki, Niki, Jess, and Tess with Dorian, she accuses him of feeling sorry for himself. The feisty Miss Lord knows this will anger Clint enough to get him out of her kitchen and out doing something to help Jessica. Of course, when he realizes what she's done, he will be grateful to her. Dorian's plan works, and Clint gives her a kiss on the cheek and a long hug before he leaves-all of which David sees from outside.

At the hospital, Blair runs into Kelly while she waits for Spencer. As the two talk, she admits that she is happy with Spencer but feels guilty because she still loves Todd.

Later, Kelly runs into Hugh. The two acquaintances talk and it is obvious that both are having a rough time. After Hugh leaves, Kelly calls Kevin and leaves him a message that they should get together. She says, "I love you" before hanging up.

With a somewhat cryptic tone, David tells Dorian that he came to set the record straight; he looks into her eyes and tells her he loves her. He then says that although he blamed Spencer for their fallout and even her, the only person to blame is himself. Dorian is obviously moved but lashes out at her ex-fiancée. She accuses him of pretending to be sick in order to win her back. Of course, David isn't sick; he is referring to whatever plans he has in order to confront Spencer. David merely tells Dorian he has moved on, and is not trying to win her back anymore.

While Nash anxiously looks for Tess, she confronts the man who molested her in his room at the nursing home. Although he is now a helpless old man, Tess is still shaken by his presence and overcome with anger over what he did to her. She reaches for a pillow and begins suffocating him. Tess is resigning to the fact that the existence of the tape will mean the end of her life. Nash shows up in time to stop her. He makes sure Norman is still alive, but as he stares at the man's face, he too becomes overwhelmed by emotion, and clamps his hand over Norman's mouth and nose. Tess realizes that Nash knows what happened to her, and breaks down. However, as she watches the man she loves kill the man who created her, she realizes that killing Norman won't erase the past, and she makes Nash stop. Nash tells Tess that there is no way she was created as a result of such a heinous act. Tess feels that she has no other choices left to her, and the two decide to go back to Llanfair and face whatever comes together.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Dorian is being her difficult self, starting with a confrontation with David. She rejects him point blank, even after he opens up his heart and confesses that he misses her friendship every bit as much as her romantic companionship. Dorian reminds him for the umpteenth time that he humiliated her and sends him packing, although her face shows that she does still care. Done with Vickers, she storms over to Bo's in search of Adriana. Bo is exasperated and tells her to search Ultra Violet or the diner, and Dorian rips into him for trusting Balsom even though he's a heroin addict. Bo tells Dorian that he doesn't believe Rex injected those drugs into himself and that he plans to find out who is responsible.

Meanwhile, Rex and Adriana have gone to check out Lion's Heart as a possible location for a photo shoot. They tease each other about the possibility of the house being haunted. Little do they know that Todd is hiding out here and has just called David to set up a meeting. Manning wants to work with David to bring down Spencer. Rex and Adriana catch Todd unawares, so his cell phone is left on a table, and Rex spots it while Adriana is upstairs taking photographs. When the phone rings, Rex picks it up, and David is surprised to hear his voice. Todd comes up behind Rex and startles him into hanging up the phone. He then persuades Rex not to tell the police where he is hiding out. Rex doesn't want to betray Bo, so he says only that he will give Todd twelve hours; after that, he can't make any promises.

Rex and Adriana head to the newsstand in the park, where Rex reminds her that the new issue of "Belle" magazine (with Adriana on the cover) is out today. When they go to purchase a copy, the vendor tells them that he is completely sold out of all fifty copies. Rex and Adriana can't understand who would buy fifty copies of the same magazine only hours after its release.

Somewhere, a mysterious figure is shown hovering over the magazine, as well as multiple issues of the "Craze" that featured Adriana on the cover. A hand is shown cutting out her pictures and sticking them to a wall. Apparently, Adriana has a stalker.

Matthew accuses Bo of not caring that Nora is awake. Bo assures his son that he is very happy, but he wants Matthew to realize that his mother's recovery is going to take a long time. Paige comforts Matthew, telling him that Nora woke up for a reason: to be with her boy. After Matthew goes to bed, Bo tells Paige that she has a natural gift with children and that she should reach out to her own son. Paige grows upset and takes off. She runs into David in the park, and he reveals that Todd contacted him. He is trying to decide whether to side with Spencer or Todd, and Paige agrees that if he and Manning could work together to bring down Spencer, it would be wonderful for everybody. David wants to know if Paige is interested in helping, but she says she has already put herself and Bo in too much jeopardy. She then goes home to Bo, wraps herself in his arms, and tells him that he and Matthew are her family and that she will never leave them.

David heads off to meet Todd, who takes him by surprise, hits him with a large rock, and knocks him unconscious to the ground.

Cristian is taken off guard when he sees Natalie with Rocco, and he finds himself punched to the floor of the mat. Somehow, he musters his strength and continues to fight, as John pulls Rocco off of Natalie and warns him to stay the hell away from her. Natalie is upset that her lead has been interrupted, and she covers by telling John that Rocco is simply someone she used to play pool with in Atlantic City. Suddenly, Cris wins the boxing match, and John watches as Natalie screams in excitement. After the match, Cris refuses to go to the E.R. to treat his swollen wrist. However, he does cover for Natalie in front of John, pretending that Rocco was indeed an old pool buddy. John heads back to Llanview, where he pulls up Rocco's record and is not surprised to find that he has a wrap sheet. Meanwhile, Cris and Natalie share a tender moment in the locker room. While Cris goes to change, Nat discovers that Rocco left his wallet behind. When Rocco shows up, he makes a nasty remark to Natalie, but she concocts a story about John being her parole officer! Rocco is suddenly smitten with Natalie, and wants to take her out for a drink. She flirts with him but reminds him that John is now watching her like a hawk. Rocco is upset that they can't go out, but he is grateful to Nat for finding his wallet, so he gives her the name she is seeking in the McBain homicide case. After Rocco leaves, Natalie says to herself "I'm in this now John," vowing not to turn back until she helps him find out who killed his father.

Starr runs into some bullies in Angel Square, and they immediately give her grief about her father "the killer." When one of the guys calls Blair the biggest whore in Llanview, Starr punches him in the face. This ticks the guy off, and he and his buddy steal Starr's bag and start throwing it back and forth. As she tries in vain to retrieve her bag, a young man watches from the shadows. When the bag slides toward him, he grabs it before the bullies can get it and hands it to Starr. Does Starr have a new friend and protector?

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