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Passions Recaps: The week of March 27, 2006 on PS
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Monday, March 27, 2006

The FBI goes to Ethan at the bed and breakfast in the middle of the night to ask for his help to bring down the Crane empire.

The mystery woman threatens Maya's life and the lives of all she loves if she fails to get Noah on their side. Noah walks into a fiery explosion as he goes to meet Maya.

Sam and Fancy wonder what Noah's secrets will reveal.

Luis asks Chris to be his best man. Sheridan finds herself unable to tell him the truth about her marriage to Chris and ends up going through with the hospital room wedding...using her wedding ring from Chris because none other was available.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

At Tabitha's house, Miguel looked at a photo album of Maria in the kitchen and bemoaned the time he'd lost with her. (Tabitha watched him in her bowl and encouraged his image to get jealous and angry.) Kay walked in wearing very little and was surprised to find Miguel there. She asked him what was keeping him up and he admitted he'd had a dream. He wanted to know why she was up and she said she had to do some laundry. (Tabitha tried to encourage them to get together, but Endora fought her efforts.) A purple haze enveloped Kay and Miguel and Kay imagined that they started kissing passionately. (the potion's expiration date was passed.) Kay started folding laundry and Miguel started asking questions about Maria. (Tabitha tried another potion and Kay's mp3 player showed up on the table with childhood videos and photos of them.) They enjoyed looking at the slideshow and wondered who set it up. Kay thought it must have been her dad. (Tabby popped some more herbs in her potion to get them horny for each other.) Then they saw pictures of Maria and some more memories bubbled up. Miguel noticed Kay's looks at him in the videos and finally saw how much she had liked him. When the slideshow was over he got quiet thinking about Fox holding Maria. He told her that he was sad about missing so much of Maria's life and Kay told him not to worry about it since she probably wouldn't remember those years later anyway. Kay started listing off all the things that they would still get to see her do. Miguel remarked that he'd been so in love wit Charity, but all he remembers of her was pain. All his good memories were with Kay and Maria. He said that his life was like the Wizard of Oz where what he was looking for was in his own back yard after all. (Tabby kept watching and hoping he'd kiss Kay.) He told her that maybe she was right all along-that they were meant to be together and as he leaned in for a kiss she said "maybe."

At the Bed and Breakfast, the FBI agent set forth his proposal for Ethan to help them by working at Crane Industries. Gwen smelled a rat and accused him of having been put up to it by Theresa. He said that they'd been trying to get a toe hold at Crane for years and now that Alistair was in a coma, they had a chance. He told Ethan he'd be doing the country a service. The agent got an emergency call and had to leave town so he left his card with Ethan. Gwen told him not to take the job, but she could see by the look on his face that he would. She turned away from him frostily and Ethan told her it would be a good career moved because it could lead to work with the Justice Department and then maybe work abroad. She told him it would send her over the edge for him to work with Theresa. He told her that he couldn't turn his back on the FBI. She asked him if he didn't care about their marriage and he reassured her that he loved her and that he'd only stay there during the investigation, but it would give them a salary so that she could quit her job and be at home with Jane. He hugged her to reassure her.

At Sally Chinn's Noodle shop as Noah arrived to talk to Maya, the restaurant exploded, knocking Noah to the ground. When he got up he called for Maya and he heard her calling to him from inside. Maya had actually been just outside the back door with the mystery woman who threatened to blow up her mother's house with her mother in it. Maya ran through the building to get to Noah who embraced her and was relieved that she made it through the blast. Maya begged him to leave Harmony with her and he refused, saying that they needed to tell his father the truth about everything. The mystery woman was listening and told herself that Noah would have to die. He told her that he had to tell his dad and Fancy so the people trying to attack them wouldn't have power of them, but she was adamant that he not say anything. She demanded that they get out of there before the police and fire departments showed up. He told her that the police would want to question them and she still wanted to get away. He said they needed to tell the truth and she worried that the next time one of them was attacked it could be deadly. He told her that they needed to get protection from the police so that they didn't have to keep looking over their shoulder. He told her that Sam was the Chief of Police again and he was starting an investigation. Noah pulled her with him as he tried to leave for the mansion and she resisted. He finally convinced her to go with him. As Noah and Maya got to the house, a person pointed a gun at their backs.

At the Crane mansion, Theresa watched things at the Bed and Breakfast on her computer and Fancy walked in on her. Theresa covered it up saying that she had a lot of downloads of Ethan to watch so she could make it through the day. Fancy sighed and told her she understood. Fancy started crying and shared that she was starting to understand Theresa's obsession with Ethan. Theresa told her that she was always there to talk. Fancy then remembered that Theresa was married to her grandfather. Theresa told her to talk to her "old" granny. Fancy told her she was worried about Noah and Maya. Theresa told her not to worry about someone from Noah's past. She told her to look at her future. Fancy told her she appreciated her being such a free spirit. She said the Cranes were raised to be emotionless and tight lipped. She told Theresa that she didn't think she could live her life in constant hope like Theresa who replied that it's not hope; it's fate. She told Fancy to take action to make Noah forget his old girlfriend. Fancy said she didn't want to waste her time on somebody who wasn't completely focused on her. Noah called to tell her that he loved her and he was okay and he was on his way back to the mansion to tell her everything. Theresa congratulated her because Noah was willing to put his past behind him. Ethan walked in and interrupted them saying that he had something serious to discuss with her privately, so Fancy left. Theresa acted nonchalant as if there was no big deal brewing. He told her he wanted to talk to her about going back to work at Crane and Theresa worked very hard at controlling her glee.

At the hospital in Hawaii, Chris told Sheridan how upset he was that she went through with the marriage to Luis since she was already married to him. She just wanted to get Luis back to Harmony healthy before she told him. Luis asked her to come back into the room to kiss him and Chris exploded saying that he wasn't going to let this go any longer. Luis wanted to know what and Chris said that the best man wanted to kiss the bride. The nurse came in to tell them that the Crane jet was there and she was going to get him ready to travel. Luis told her they'd gotten married and she was startled since she knew Chris and Sheridan were married. Sheridan covered for it, telling the nurse in a way to be quiet.

Chris, got Sheridan and Luis settled on the Crane jet and the captain came out to settle the passenger manifest because she was listed as Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald and Mrs. Booth. Chris asked her which one it was and Sheridan freaked out thinking that Luis could hear them, but he was fast asleep. He told her that Luis would find out soon, because he wasn't going to live like this forever and Sheridan warned him that it could be months before Luis was strong. Chris told her that their marriage would be the sick patient if she didn't get a grip and tell Luis really soon. She told him that she wasn't doing this to hurt him. He told her that as soon as they got home and got Luis out of crisis mode, she had to tell him about marrying Chris or he would. She worried about how much it would hurt Luis. He told her if she kept up her sham marriage to Luis, their marriage would be over.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Kay and Miguel share memories and an ever-growing attraction to each other as Tabitha roots them on from her attic and Ivy spies from the Bennett kitchen.

Kay shows Miguel the baseball she kept from his high school game and he tells he how he can't believe he never realized how beautiful she was before. Miguel pushes Kay on the yard swing and they laugh and talk late into the night. Sam sees them from the kitchen and worries Kay may make a mess of her relationship with Fox. Ivy hopes for that but instead assures Sam that all will be fine.

Wanting Fox to see what is going on, Ivy calls and lets the phone wake him but hangs up before he knows it was her. He hears laughter from the garden and sees Kay and Miguel.

Ethan goes to the mansion to tell Theresa he won't be accepting the FBI's offer. Theresa is floored and heartbroken. Fancy tries to comfort her and Theresa tells her that Ethan is her addiction and there is no 12 step plan or cure for her feelings for him and warns Fancy to never let a man do that to her heart...even Noah. Fancy shows compassion to her newly-made friend.

Before going back to Gwen, Ethan says to himself how he hated to hurt Theresa but has to do whatever it takes to keep his marriage safe.

The FBI arrests Noah and Maya in front of the mansion as they are getting ready to tell Sam and Fancy the truth. Noah learns from the FBI that he and Maya are wanted for being in cahoots with the terrorists they are tracking in Harmony. Noah is shocked to learn this but even more so when Maya admits to her involvement. She repeatedly apologizes for getting Noah involved but the FBI is skeptical that he is innocent in any way. Noah does identify the Dragon Lady as having threatened his and Fancy's safety.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

In the basement of the Book Café, Paloma and Simone went through the boxes of documents. Paloma found some documents showing that the Cranes stole priceless artwork from the church around the world from as far back as World War II. Paloma was excited to find incriminating evidence against Alistair, but Simone doubted that she'd ever find anything valuable and besides, Alistair is in a coma. Simone recommended that Paloma take the letters to the FBI instead of trying to find the art themselves. Simone tried to talk her out of it and Paloma asked her to look at it as an opportunity for adventure. Paloma wanted to be international heroes. Simone said that coming out of the closet was as much adventure as she could handle. Paloma wanted to right wrongs and Simone said it would be dangerous. Then she decided that Paloma had the same look in her eyes that Kay used to get. Simone told her that she was crazy, but she'd help. Simone worried that Alistair would have minions around the world ready to pounce on people looking to bring him down. Simone asked where they would go first to look. Paloma suggested Italy or France.

At the convent, one of the nuns asked the Mother Superior if Whitney really saw God and she replied that it was just a hallucination. Whitney woke up to hear God's voice commanding her to go meet him in the chapel. She told the voice that he wasn't real and the voice told her that he only shows signs to the ones he wants. She countered that nobody would believe her. The voice said that he had a task for her and instructed her to go to the chapel. Whitney went to the chapel and saw the wall open up again with the bright light and throne and she protested that everybody told her it was an hallucination. She asked why she was the only one to see him and the voice said he had to be selective since it was so much work to take care of all mankind. He told her that she had to keep this secret and that other secrets held by his enemies would be revealed and then all mankind would pay the price. Whitney said she didn't understand and the voice said the secrets had to remain hidden. She asked if he were God why couldn't he keep the secrets and he admitted he couldn't do anything, but she could. She wanted to know how she could help. He told her that she wanted to atone for her sins and that is why she was chosen. He asked her if she was sincere and she agreed to do what he asked. He told her that she would have to hurry because there were people heading to Europe right away to spill his secrets.

At the Crane mansion Fancy told Theresa that their relationships weren't the same. A bitter, vindictive Theresa hurt her by telling her that if she was the top priority in Noah's life, he'd be there instead of with Maya. Fancy told her that she was worried that Noah had been hurt at the explosion at Sally Chinn's restaurant. Sam arrived to tell her that Noah had been with Maya. He had a recording from a traffic camera showing that Noah and Maya were together after the explosion. He played it for her and she cried out that Noah probably never did ever love her after all.

At the FBI office, May a and Noah continued to be questioned and dug themselves into a deeper hole because they admitted not going to the police when they saw the shooting in the attic in college. Noah protested that he didn't know anything and the agent warned him if he didn't cooperate with them in finding Lina, they would throw them in jail and it could be years before their case would be heard. Noah worried that if he were in jail, the "Dragon Lady" and her thugs would target Fancy and his family. He denied that he had any involvement. Noah told them that if anything happened to Fancy it was on their heads. The agents left Maya and Noah alone while they went to talk to their superiors. Maya tried to apologize and Noah told her to shut up and he began planning how he would break out of there.

On the Crane jet, Sheridan tended to a weakened Luis while Chris whined to himself on the sidelines. Luis dreamed about arriving at the Sheridan's cottage with his bride. He apologized in his dream for letting her down by not finding Marty. Then he dreamed that Theresa arrived to hug him and then gave him good news. She opened the door and brought in Miguel holding Marty. Chris felt sorry for himself that his wife is in love with another man. He told her it hurt him to see her take care of Luis and then he accused her of not wanting to stay his wife. Luis talked in his sleep about Marty and it hurt Chris. Chris picked up the phone and asked the captain to call the B and B for him. He told Sheridan that he could see the handwriting on the wall and knew who she really wanted to be with. He wanted to spare hurting James feelings. He told her that he still wanted to be with her in sickness and health, till death parted them and asked her what she had to say about that. The captain let Sheridan know that he had gotten through to Theresa. Sheridan picked up the phone to give Theresa the news. Sheridan told her to round everybody up and meet her at her cottage in an hour for news that they wouldn't believe. Chris asked Sheridan to think about his question, because how she answered could change their lives.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Miguel and Kay have thoughts of each other kissing and Kay is thinking to herself and wondering why she wants Miguel to kiss her. Fox has flashbacks of Kay and Miguel in the backyard and asks Kay where she's been and she lied to Fox telling him that she was doing Maria's laundry. Fox wonders to himself if Kay is telling the truth because he knows she was outside with Miguel. Miguel continues to dream about and Maria being a family together. Kay senses something about Fox's behavior. Fox is indifferent because he saw Kay and Miguel together, but Kay lied about being with Miguel. Miguel stops himself from thinking about Kay because she is engaged to Fox. Fox finally tells Kay that he saw her and Miguel in the backyard together and he wants to know why Kay lied to him. Kay apologizes to Fox for lying to him. Fox doesn't want the apology and asks Kay why she lied. Kay explains to Fox about Miguel and their past and did not want to upset him by letting him know that they were reminiscing. Fox and Kay make love, but Kay's mind drifted and wonders why she sees Miguel when she makes love to Fox. Fox enjoys their lovemaking and wonders what has gotten into Kay. Kay tells him that she was inspired. Maria started to cry and Fox decides to get her.

Theresa wakes Pilar up to tell her that Sheridan called and is on her way back to Harmony with Chris and wants Pilar to meet her at the cottage and Pilar wants to know why she has to meet Sheridan at the cottage tonight. Pilar thinks Sheridan has found Marty, or it could be something else major because Sheridan would not have chosen the cottage filled with memories of Luis. Pilar and Theresa think it's hard imagining Sheridan with someone else other than Luis. Pilar tells Theresa that she is going to inform Martin of Sheridan's news, but Theresa objects because of the way he treated her at the renewal ceremony that never took place. Pilar puts that aside because Martin is still apart of the family, plus she cannot ignore him forever. Theresa extends an offer to take care of Pilar, Paloma, and Miguel while the house is rented, but Pilar opposed. She does not want to leave her home.

Luis is glad to be home. Luis tells Sheridan that he has made a mess of things and should have trusted her about Beth and Marty. Sheridan tells Luis that they cannot change the past but to embrace the new beginning. Luis tells Sheridan that he wishes he could carry her over the threshold but he will have to make it up to her later on in bed. Chris walks in on Luis kissing Sheridan and drops the suitcases in astonishment. Luis asks that his luggage be put in the bedroom w/ Sheridan's and Chris wasn't happy about that. Sheridan is trying to get Chris to agree to the arrangements but Chris doesn't want Sheridan to spend the night with Luis in the same room, let alone the same bed. Luis wants to know why Chris is objecting. Chris plays it off by telling him that he needs to be checked out by a doctor and spend a few days in the hospital. Sheridan goes along with Chris and decides to call Eve. Luis doesn't mind seeing Eve but he wants to spend the night in the cottage, and he asks Sheridan to help him undress. Luis tells Sheridan that he needs her in bed with him, and Sheridan tells him that he needs his rest. Luis insists, but Sheridan threatens to call Eve. Luis retreats and tells her that the honeymoon begins as soon as he wakes up. Chris asks Sheridan if Luis tried to make love to her and she told him "no, not yet." Chris was taken aback by that statement and asks for clarification. Sheridan explains to Chris that Luis thinks that they are married and he is determined to have a honeymoon. Chris says that he will not stand by and let Sheridan make love to Luis. Chris wants Sheridan to tell Luis' family that she is married to him, but Sheridan doesn't want to spoil Luis' homecoming by telling his family that she is married to Chris. Pilar, Miguel, Martin, and Theresa arrive at the cottage. Sheridan tells Pilar that they did not find Marty, but they found someone else. Sheridan tells them to follow her and to brace themselves. Pilar is in amazed to see Luis. Everyone is happy to see Luis and calls it a miracle. Pilar wants them all to go to church and give blessings for Luis' homecoming. Luis tells the family that he and Sheridan got married. Everyone is excited except Chris. Chris also wants to make an announcement. He puts Sheridan on the spot and asks her to tell the family about their news.

Fancy is still trying to locate Noah. Sam thinks something must have happened to Noah and Maya. Noah is trying to escape so that he can save Fancy from the terrorist, but Maya tells him to stay put because he'll get killed. Noah doesn't care and is willing to take the risk. Scott comes in and asks what Noah and Maya are plotting. Maya tells Scott that it's all her fault and asked to let Noah go. Noah tricks Scott into thinking that he is willing to cooperate with the FBI. Sam calls to put in an APB out on Noah and Maya. He wants to bring them in for questioning in regards to the explosion. Fancy is getting impatient because she cannot get any news on Noah and Maya. Noah and Maya agree to help the FBI find Lena, the dragon lady. While Scott turns to prepare for the wires, Noah grabs his gun, and Maya is totally against it. Scott tells Noah that he will not get away with it because his men will stop him, and Lena and her people will be after him as well. An agent comes in and pulls a gun on Noah, but Noah isn't resisting and threatens to kill Scott if he doesn't back off. The FBI tells Noah to walk out of there but leave Maya to take the heat for both of them. Noah has second thoughts and gives up the gun. Sam gets a phone call and Noah's car was spotted miles away from the explosion. Fancy wonders why Noah didn't come to the mansion instead. Sam and Fancy leave to look for Noah. Noah tells the FBI that he loves Fancy so much that he'll do anything to protect her. Sam & Fancy arrive at Sam's house and Fancy is wondering why Noah took a detour instead of going to the mansion to meet them as planned. Sam and Fancy decide to check it out and went upstairs. Fancy walks in on Noah making love to Maya.

Katherine shows up at Martin's unexpectedly and prepares dinner for Martin, but he is not in the mood to eat. Martin wants Pilar to come back to him once she calms down, but Katherine won't have it. Katherine tells Martin not to kid himself and have something to eat. Martin wants to make up for the misery that he has caused Pilar. Katherine is putting doubts in Martin's head when she realizes that he is still holding out for Pilar. Katherine tells Martin that Pilar doesn't want him, so it's time to move on and be with her because she wants him. Pilar went to see Martin and is upset that Katherine is there with him. Martin tries explaining to Pilar that it's not what it seems, but Pilar won't hear it. Pilar is upset that Katherine cooked for Martin using her kitchen. Pilar tells Martin that she is disgusted by him and Katherine. Martin once again tries to explain, but Pilar won't hear it. Martin asks Pilar if she came back to renew their vows, but Pilar tells Martin that she is there to give him a message about Sheridan wanting the family to meet at the cottage. Martin thanked Pilar for telling him the news, and Pilar tells him that he is still a part of the family, and Martin tells her that he wishes that he could be more to her. Pilar tells him to be careful as not to hurt his "whore's" feelings. Katherine says that she will follow in her car, and Pilar tells her that she is not wanted because Sheridan did not involve her. Katherine tells Pilar that Sheridan is her daughter so she is going. Pilar and Katherine got to arguing again. Pilar threatens Katherine to clean up the floor or else she'll get a beat down.

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