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Passions Recaps: The week of March 20, 2006 on PS
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Monday, March 20, 2006

Miguel admits to Theresa that he's not happy about Kay getting engaged to Fox. In Hawaii, Sheridan eagerly encourages Luis to make a full recovery as her husband glares from across the room. An exhausted Gwen struggles to get baby Jane to fall asleep so she can finish her paperwork. Meanwhile, Chad presses an angry Ethan to admit that he still loves Theresa and only married Gwen because she was pregnant. Miguel explains to his sister how it bothers him that Maria calls Fox "Daddy" but insists he has no interest in rekindling any sparks with his baby's mother. Though Chris tries to pull his wife away from Luis' hospital bed, Sheridan continues to cling to her old love. Gwen snipes at Chad for meddling but he again presses Ethan to come clean about his sham of a marriage. Kay lets it slip to Fox that she may not have completely gotten over Miguel. Chris fumes to hear two nurses gossiping about the deep and abiding love that Sheridan and Luis so obviously share. Theresa prods her brother to pick up his pursuit of Kay. Chad intensifies his verbal attack on Gwen and Ethan.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

At Tabitha's house, Kay and Fox kissed on the couch oblivious to the fact that Miguel had knocked on the door and entered when nobody answered. Tabitha and Endora came back from a walk and interrupted this interesting tableau. Miguel wanted to say goodnight to Maria and Fox and Kay welcomed his involvement enough to offer to make him a key so he could visit Maria whenever he wanted. He showed Kay a charm bracelet he'd gotten for Maria. There were charms from all the countries he'd visited when seeking Charity. He then gave Kay a pair of earrings that he'd bought to show his appreciation for taking on all of the parenting of Maria. Fox was quick to suggest that she wear them the next time he took her took the Seascape. Kay took Miguel upstairs to see Maria and when Fox started to follow them, Tabitha asked him to join her for a cup of tea in the kitchen. She conjured up a photo album filled with pictures of Kay and Miguel playing together from toddlerhood to the time they had Maria. She regaled him with stories of things Kay and Miguel had done together (while Endora sent her thought bubbles asking her to stop pressing the issue.) One of the stories was about the playing family and using the neighborhood cats, including Fluffy, as their children and then Fluffy growled about her hunger so Tabitha pulled an ostrich-sized roasted bird leg out of the refrigerator and pitched it to Fluffy in the next room. Fox decided to go see about Kay and stopped to listen to Kay and Miguel talking about parenting Maria. He didn't seem as sure of Kay's commitment to him as he did earlier.

At the Bed and Breakfast, Chad tried to get Ethan to confess that he loves Theresa instead of Gwen. Ethan and Chad started pummeling each other. Gwen begged them to stop and then Theresa showed up. Gwen ranted and raved at Theresa that the fight was her fault. Theresa tried to get them to stop, but the kept battling until Chad bashed Ethan's head into a wall, knocking him out. Gwen managed to bring him back around and then the two of them hollered at Theresa and Chad to get out. After Theresa and Chad left, Ethan and Gwen vowed t find new jobs out of Harmony and move away from Theresa.

Outside the Bed and Breakfast, Theresa apologized for ruining Chad's friendship with Ethan. He told her that it only proved to him that Ethan really does love Theresa and it gave him hope that Whitney still loved him. He felt that Theresa could help him if anybody could because she was so determined that even after the shouting match with Gwen and Ethan, Theresa still believed she'd get Ethan back.

At the convent, Whitney had another x-rated dream about Chad so she woke up crying and upset. She ran to the chapel to confess her sins and as there was nobody for her to confess to she just started praying out loud. She saw a bright light and was sure it was God, but it was the Mother Superior with a flashlight. She said she'd heard someone in the chapel and came to investigate. She asked Whitney what was wrong and Whit confessed to the dreams. The Mother Superior told her to keep praying to be delivered from her temptation and then went off to bed. Whitney went back to praying and this time she saw an even bigger white light. She started to leave to find the Mother Superior, but a booming voice came from a shining figure on a throne. The voice told her that he knew her and her heart.

At the hospital in Hawaii, Sheridan stayed by Luis's bedside while Chris leaned in the doorway, seething with ire that Sheridan hadn't told Luis that she's married to him now. Sheridan told Luis that she was there for him and that she shouldn't have sent him alone to look for Marty. He told her that he'd had Marty in his arms and then it all went dark. He remembered being a prisoner in a dark room and then the next thing he heard were the hospital staff saying he probably wouldn't make it. He asked her how she'd rescued him and she explained that it was an accident. She said they'd gone to Hawaii to search for Marty and stumbled on him just before the house blew up. He apologized for not taking Marty home and she tried to let him see her softened attitude. He asked how she knew he was on Marty's trail in Hawaii and Sheridan had to tell him that Alistair had pulled another fast one on them by having the CIA deliver a body that supposedly matched Luis's DNA and dental records. She told him that his whole family was devastated at his death. Chris entered the room and asked how their patient was. Luis asked if he was his doctor and Chris smiled at a terrified Sheridan and told her to tell Luis who he was.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Noah and Fancy have a romantic picnic in bed. Noah is jumpy at every sound he hears, fearful it may be another attack ready to happen. They decide to go skinny dipping in the mansion's indoor pool and a mysterious figure sneaks up to the outside door and pulls a gun out.

Whitney continues her conversation with her Godly apparition who says he knows all about her including her dreams of Chad and her self punishment. Whitney realizes she may truly be speaking to God and faints. Two nuns find her on the chapel floor.

Luis asks Sheridan and Chris how they know each other and as Chris waits expectantly for Sheridan to say they're married she instead tells Luis that Chris is her friend who came to Hawaii with her to look for Marty. Luis thanks Chris for saving his life and taking good care of Sheridan. Chris looks furious, hurt and confused. When he gets Sheridan out to the hallway he tells her how she hurt him. She apologizes and says that she didn't want to endanger Luis' condition with the shocking news of their marriage and assures Chris that their marriage is still good and she still loves him. They share a kiss that gets interrupted when Luis calls out to her and she instantly goes running to him.

Chad goes to the mansion to tell Eve and Julian about Whitney's sickly looking condition and how he has fears that she is in trouble. They tell him he is over reacting and needs to get over her and move on with his life. Eve's phone rings during this time and it's the convent saying Whitney is sick. They rush over to the convent and find Whitney unconscious in her bed. The Mother Superior assures them that she's not complained of any illness at all. Eve checks Whitney who is burning with fever and rolls her over to examine her more closely. They see blood on the back of her nightgown and discover her wounds from the whippings she's been giving herself.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

In Kay's room at Tabitha's house, Fox kissed Kay and marveled that she was the only woman who had been able to make him laugh. She tried to keep him quiet as they made love so as to not disturb Miguel. After they made love they lay there professing their love for each other. Kay told him that she was glad Miguel was back in Maria's life, but it only made her glad that Fox was her love. Fox watched her sleeping. Kay was dreaming that she was making love with Miguel. Miguel settled into a room near Maria but he could hear Fox and Kay giggling as they cavorted and made love. He couldn't sleep so he got up and read a magazine and thought about kissing Kay himself. He decided to go take a cold shower. Maria started crying out and Miguel went to her. Fox heard her crying and decided to go check on her but stopped short when he heard Miguel with her. He walked into the nursery and asked Miguel if he could help settle her. Fox held Maria and she calmed down right away. Miguel thanked Fox and he said it was just that Maria was used to him.

At the Bed and Breakfast, Gwen worked on her computer late into the night. Ethan brought her some tea and they discussed the hellish night they had with Ethan fighting Chad and Theresa showing up. Ethan asked about her computer and she said it was a camera phone for conference calls for international meetings. In actuality it was for Theresa to spy on them. Mr. Collier called and asked that all her reports be on his desk first thing in the morning. When they hung up Collier wished that Gwen would quit so she could get away from this burden. Ethan came into the room with champagne and Gwen had to break it to him that she had to work all night. Ethan offered to help Gwen with her work and then kissed her which only enraged Theresa.

At the Crane mansion, Theresa watched Ethan and Gwen getting cozy so she called Mr. Collier and woke him up in the middle of the night to demand that he give Gwen more work so that Gwen and Ethan will be separated. Theresa sat there gloating that Gwen and Ethan were separated at last. Pilar walked in unexpectedly and she expressed her pain that Katherine would be there at breakfast. Theresa offered to put Rachel and Katherine out since it's her house now and Pilar decided that it would only send Katherine straight into Martin's arms. She walked around Theresa's desk and saw Ethan and Gwen on the computer. She was very disappointed with Theresa. She told Theresa that she was ashamed of her for spying on Gwen and Ethan. She told her that this was the worst thing Theresa has ever done and said she was a failure as a mother for raising a daughter like her. Theresa said that Ethan was hers and she'd have him back. Pilar told her that Theresa had become Alistair Crane controlling people and their lives. Theresa was shocked that her mother thought that. She said she's get Ethan and if that made her be like Alistair, so what! Pilar told her that she'd destroy Ethan by trying to possess him and then she left the room crying because Theresa broke her heart. Theresa went back to watching Ethan kiss Gwen on her computer and swore she'd be back with Ethan and they'd be happy together.

In the pool house, Fancy and Noah kissed in the water and then Fancy saw a man lurking outside the window. Noah pretended to go for some wine and the gunmen walked into the pool house only to be tackled by Noah who demanded to know who he was and why he was there. Noah told Fancy to call the police and the guy told them to call Sam instead. Sam showed up and let him know that he was an FBI agent. Fancy and Noah demanded to know why he'd been stalking them. He said he thought he'd seen someone following them and the reason he was there was to investigate Alistair. Now that Alistair was in a coma, they could get close enough to find out about an international incident. Fancy asked questions but the agent told them it was a covert operation. Noah asked if it was just to do with Alistair and the agent agreed that it didn't have anything to do with them (Sam watched Noah and looked like he had questions about the Maya incident). He told them that he needed access to Theresa so that he could investigate Crane Industries and possibly avert an international disaster that would kill many people.

At the convent as Julian, Chad and the Mother Superior looked on, Eve examined Whitney and found all the scratches she'd made in her back. They all blamed the Mother Superior for not keeping Whitney from being attacked. Eve got really emotional and cried that her baby wasn't even safe in a convent. Julian said they'd get to the bottom of who was abusing Whitney. Whitney started having nightmares of making love to Chad and then needing punishment. Eve gave her something to make her fever break and then started cleaning her infected wounds. Eve swore that they'd be taking her daughter out of there. The Mother Superior said that she welcomed an investigation. Whitney finally came to and they started asking her who had brutalized her. She admitted that she'd done it to herself. They didn't believe her but she asserted that she really had done it. The Mother Superior told her that self-flagellation was something that the church didn't condone. She said that "He" had told her to do it, and then she remembered "him" talking to her in a shining light in the chapel. They asked the Mother Superior how a man could get into Whitney's room and Whitney told them "he" was in the chapel. They asked who he was and Whitney said it was God. They all looked at her like she was crazy.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Fancy is surprised that the FBI wants Theresa's help. The FBI wants to avert any catastrophe that Alistair has been planning, and Noah wants to know what kind of catastrophe such as economic collapse, environmental destruction, etc. The FBI cannot be specific but many people will be affected if it's not uncovered. Fancy points out that Alistair is in a coma, so he won't be able to hurt anyone, and the FBI tells Fancy that there are others who are capable of carrying out the plan while Alistair is comatose. He asks to speak to Theresa since she is in charge of Crane Industries (CI). Sam tells the FBI that Theresa may not welcome him warmly because she likes the power of being Mrs. Crane. She may hate Alistair but she likes the power nonetheless. Theresa questions the FBI about wanting her help even though he won't go into details of the investigation. All the FBI was able to tell Theresa was that Alistair is plotting a major catastrophe that could potentially hurt thousands of people. Fancy tells the FBI that he is slandering her grandfather, and he's comatose and cannot defend himself. The FBI explains to Fancy that now is the best time to avert the problem since Alistair won't be around to interfere. Sam tells the FBI that Luis had all of Alistair's files in his possession but had to give them back to save Pilar's life. Sam and the FBI explain to Theresa that this could be the end of CI, but Fancy feels that Alistair has invested his entire life in CI and to see it go down won't be pleasing. The FBI tells Fancy that CI is a catastrophe in the making, but Fancy has a hard time picturing Alistair as a monster. The FBI wants to get to work since Alistair is out of the picture for now. He thinks there might be a chance to avoid the disaster only if Theresa agrees to help. Theresa thinks to herself what Ethan would do in that situation, and her response to the FBI agent was to do whatever had to be done to get to the bottom of the situation. Theresa doesn't care if the FBI brings down CI, but Fancy feels different. Fancy tells Theresa not to let the FBI destroy what Alistair built. Theresa feels that Alistair has destroyed many lives so it's his turn to pay the piper. Theresa tells the FBI to do whatever he has to and to let Sam assist with the investigation. Sam doesn't feel that the FBI needs his help, but Theresa wants Sam to help since Alistair was responsible for Luis and Antonio's death. She wants proof so that Alistair can go to jail for the rest of his miserable life. The FBI explains to Theresa that once she gives them permission to expand the investigation, she cannot withdraw her support no matter what is found. Theresa understands and wants to finish what Luis started. Theresa wants all of Alistair's secrets to be exposed as well as his dirty dealings. In addition, everyone under his thumb deserves to be free. Fancy wants whatever terrible things Alistair is doing to stop, but it's difficult for her to believe that Alistair is a monster. Noah explains to Fancy that love is blind. He knows that Fancy loves Alistair and vice versa but it's different with everyone else. Fancy tells Noah that it doesn't make the situation any easier. Theresa starts getting ideas in her head. She suggests that a Crane employee with no agenda should help with the investigation. Could this person be Ethan? Of course, it's Ethan. Theresa manipulates the situation so that Ethan can be chosen as the Crane employee to help with the investigation, and of course, she tells the FBI to leave her name out of it. The FBI thinks Ethan is perfect for the job, and he asks Theresa if Ethan will have a problem resuming work at CI under his old position, and she told him no problem at all. Theresa says to herself that she will take Ethan back any way she can get him. Sam tells Noah that since he has been reinstated as Chief of police, he'll be investigating the attack on Maya. Noah tells Sam that he can handle it, but Sam insists that Noah tells him more.

Theresa is still spying on Gwen and Ethan. She thinks that Gwen is a terrible kisser and Rebecca should have taught her better being a slut and all. Theresa is not happy that Ethan is helping Gwen with her work so that they can have some alone time, so she thinks it's best to call Collier to put another plan in motion, maybe a business trip away from Ethan. While Ethan and Gwen plan to make love, Theresa is harping that she is the one Ethan loves instead. Ethan helps Gwen with her work so that they could spend some quality time together. Ethan tells Gwen that she won't be slaving away for Collier that long because he intends on getting a job outside of Harmony so that she and Jane can go away with him. Gwen tells Ethan that Theresa will find a way to stop them, but Ethan assures her that as long as he doesn't work, as a lawyer, until his contract expires, Theresa cannot touch him. Gwen knows that Theresa always finds a way to interfere so the further away they move, the better. Gwen enjoys the moments she shares with Ethan enough to forget Theresa's existence. Ethan assures Gwen that Theresa can plot and schemes all she wants, but she cannot do anything to hurt them even having Alistair's power. Ethan tells Gwen that he loves her way too much to leave her. Gwen worries that Theresa will have Mr. Collier fire her and make it that she can't get a job anywhere else. Ethan reassures Gwen that no matter what Theresa does she won't lure him back to CI.

Chris has flashbacks of Sheridan lying to Luis about them being friends. Luis is planning a surprise for Sheridan and he asks the nurse to assist. Chris asks Sheridan why she took off her wedding ring and placed it in her pocket. Sheridan apologizes and tells Chris that she wants to make things easier for Luis. Chris wants to know if Sheridan is going back to Luis because he knows that Sheridan loves Luis as well. Sheridan tells Chris that she loves him and won't leave him, and she does not deny her love for Luis. Sheridan thinks that it would be hurtful to tell Luis that she and Chris are married. Chris understands Sheridan's reasoning but he still doesn't like it. Sheridan tells Chris that wearing a ring isn't the only thing that means they are married. The important thing is how she feels in her heart. Chris thinks the bond Luis and Sheridan shares is very strong and is overwhelmed by it. Sheridan keeps apologizing and tells Chris not to worry. Luis thinks back of a past life with Sheridan. Chris wants to know if Sheridan can say goodbye to a life with Luis. Sheridan tells Chris that it's no secret that she and Luis are soul mates. After all, they've had past lives together but they have never ended up together in their past lives. Chris thinks now is different because Luis is alive and well. Chris understands Sheridan's feelings to some degree in that if Maureen is found to be alive, he would be torn but he would still choose Sheridan. Chris wants to know for sure if Sheridan will return to Luis, and Sheridan tells him that he has been wonderful to her after Luis died and she has found a new purpose, new joy and new love. In addition, Luis will always be a part of her life and he'll always be in her heart, but she will not leave Chris to go back to Luis. She also tells him that her relationship with Luis was shaky because she lost Marty due to his lack of faith in her, and it's now time to move on. Sheridan tells Chris that she will tell Luis about the marriage as soon he regains his strength. Luis thinks his surprise will blow Sheridan away. The nurse tells Sheridan that Luis is anxious to see her. Luis is perky and looks like his old self again, and Chris wants to know the occasion. Luis thanked Chris for saving his life. There is a knock at the door and a man walks in. Chris and Sheridan are wondering what in the world is happening. Luis gives Chris and Sheridan a big shock by announcing his marriage to Sheridan that very night. Chris is in shock, and all Sheridan could say is "but Luis.." Luis wants Sheridan to give him one good reason why they shouldn't be married right then and there.

Chad asks Whitney if she said she's spoken to God, and Eve asks Whitney if God told her to whip herself so badly that she bled. Whitney explains to Eve that God knows what she is doing and condones it. Julian thinks Whitney's fever is making her hallucinate. Eve doesn't have an explanation and goes along w/ Julian. Whitney tells everyone that God visited her and she is doing his will. Mother Superior tells Whitney that the church does not condone her abusing herself as penance for sins. Whitney tells Mother Superior that she is trusting God to help her rid of the urges so that she can redeem herself; however, Mother Superior tells her that she doesn't have to whip herself. Whitney thinks that she has committed sins of the flesh, so her flesh should suffer. Chad had a few words for Whitney: "God didn't tell you to whip yourself raw, ok? It must have been some sick freak playing God. You were just too feverish to know the difference." Whitney insists that God was there to visit her and told her what to do. "He promises to wash away my sins and my lust for Chad." Eve asks Whitney if God told her to whip herself and also let her wounds get infected. Whitney tells Eve that suffering brings her closer to Christ. Mother Superior tells Whitney that God would not ask her to hurt herself. Chad blurts out to Whitney that God did not appear to her but her fever got the best of her. Whitney insists she did and Chad wants to know where God is now. Whitney says she doesn't know but maybe he is back in heaven. No one wants to believe Whitney and the questions continue. Whitney tells them about the bright lights that appeared around God, and Chad's conclusion is that if Whitney is not imagining things then some sick person turned a spotlight on her then told her to whip herself so that he could get off on watching it. Whitney insists that it was God. Chad tells Whitney that they are going to show that some creep was messing with her head and making her beat herself so that he can get off on it. Julian tells Chad to stop. Chad apologizes and tells Julian that he doesn't want Whitney to feel that she has to abuse herself anymore. Whitney shows Eve, Julian, and Chad where the walls opened up and God appeared to her. Mother Superior tells them that she has lived at the convent for a while now and she can assure them that the walls do not open and there is nothing behind them. Whitney keeps insisting that she saw God. Everyone tells Whitney that what she said could not be possible because the walls are solid and there is no way they could have opened up. Whitney is sticking to what she thinks she saw. Whitney feels that they all think that she is crazy. Eve tells her that she is just overwrought and not crazy. Julian, Chad and Eve convince Whitney to go back to her room and get some rest.

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