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Passions Recaps: The week of March 13, 2006 on PS
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Monday, March 13, 2006

Rachel urges Fancy not to give up on Noah. Sam gives Noah a pep talk too. Fancy takes Rachel's advice and goes down to the mansion kitchen and kisses Noah.

Pilar tells Martin it's over and that he isn't a true man, but a weak coward. She attacks Katherine on the guest room bed and Martin has to pull her off Katherine.

Theresa and Mr. Collier keep Gwen heaped in work. Theresa tries again to get Ethan to help her run Crane even if it's just to give her advice. Ethan doesn't fall for it. Mr. Collier sends Theresa a picture over her phone of Ethan and Gwen kissing in Gwen's office. He must have snuck away to take her dinner while Theresa wasn't looking.

Chris and Sheridan keep watch at the Hawaiian hospital waiting for the bandaged faced Luis to regain consciousness...still not knowing it's Luis. Sheridan keeps having flashing feelings of Luis while she is with him. Unbeknownst to them Otto is sneaking around the hospital corridors waiting for a chance to kill Luis.

Fox doesn't understand why Kay hasn't told Miguel of their engagement. Kay doesn't want to hurt Miguel's feelings.

Paloma and Miguel have a happy reunion after all their years apart. Endora has a vision through the picture on the nursery wall of Kay and Fox kissing and then turning to skeletons. Tabitha and Paloma make Miguel feel bad about missing his daughter's first year of life chasing after Charity. Miguel tells them they are right and he is back in Harmony and Maria's life for good now.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

At the Crane mansion, Fancy and Noah kissed in the kitchen. He was confused, but she told him that he's the only man for her and that's all they need to know. He begged her to tell him what was up and she told him to forget about the secrets. He told her he'd tell her and she said she didn't want to know. Noah was very confused and Fancy explained that she realized that all couples have secrets including ones she had about her old boyfriends. Suddenly he got all upset about all of her secrets instead. Then she told him she really didn't have any secrets, but she wanted him to understand how she felt. She said she didn't care about his secrets as long as she was the only woman he loved. He asked if that wouldn't be like eating chocolate every day and she said it was more like needing oxygen to breathe. They repaired to her room where they made love by candlelight. He told her that she might be princess Fancy in her room, but she made love like a bawdy serving wench. Fancy recommended that he get an eye patch too so they could play "Pirates of the Caribbean" next time. Noah said that there was nothing that could break them apart and then Fancy heard footsteps outside her door and called out asking who was there. Noah went to look and Fancy told him to come back to bed. Fancy laughed saying that if it had been Rebecca out there, she might have tied him up to her bed and Fancy wouldn't get him back. Fancy said she really thought someone was out there and Noah agreed. He asked her if there wasn't something they needed to be doing and Fancy said they'd already had their make-up sex. Noah replied that she had no idea how sorry he was. Somebody crept back towards Fancy's bedroom door. Kay met with Miguel in the nursery. He commented that they were a regular little family and Kay chickened out about her news. In the living room Ivy chatted with Fox about Kay and she used her sarcasm to plant more seeds in his mind that Kay wanted to be with Miguel instead of Fox. Fox started worrying and Ivy used innuendo to allude to Kay not being over Miguel. She wondered why Kay thought Miguel would be hurt by finding out that Kay and Fox are engaged. Ivy talked about how Kay used to chase after Miguel. Fox tried to settle his nerves and Ivy said they should go upstairs to see if Kay had told him yet. Finally, he went upstairs and Ivy talked to herself about how much work she'd gone to in order to get Miguel there. She followed Fox upstairs and gloated as Kay and Miguel stood over Maria's crib like loving parents. Ivy pushed Fox into the nursery and he kissed Kay. Miguel said he'd been congratulating Kay and Fox said Miguel could congratulate him too. Miguel wanted to know why and Fox wrapped his arm around Kay protectively and told Miguel that they were engaged. Kay giggled nervously. Miguel said he was happy for them and Ivy thought she'd failed. Fox asked Miguel when he'd be leaving and Miguel told them that he'd decided to stay in Harmony. Fox was surprised and Kay was a little dismayed, but Ivy was triumphant.

At the waterfront, Theresa ran into Chad. They commiserated about their failed love lives and Theresa encouraged Chad not to give up on Whitney. She said they couldn't be physical, but at least they should be friends. He said he'd given up because Whitney walled herself up in the convent. Theresa said that she'd never give up on Ethan. Theresa decided to take action and go meet with Whitney at the convent.

At the hospital in Hawaii, Chris and Sheridan looked over a bandaged Luis and discussed a psychic connection she felt to him. Otto wore doctor scrubs and lurked in the corridor plotting to off Luis before he can tell them anything about Marty. Sheridan had a crisis of conscience as she realized that she lived in luxury because of all the evil her father did. She sat next to Luis and as he thought of good times they'd had, she felt it too and said "Luis." Otto decided that if she figured out who Luis was, he'd just have to kill them both. She asked him who he was. She was surprised that she thought of Luis when she touched his hand. Chris returned and Sheridan wined that the man couldn't communicate with them. Luis started having seizures so Sheridan yelled for a nurse and Otto gloated that he might not have to kill Luis himself. Chris and Sheridan met with the doctor out in the waiting area where he told them that the man was a real fighter-trying to talk and move his hands. The doctor recommended that they go get something to eat. When the nurse left Luis alone, Otto decided to make his move to kill him while he could be alone. When Chris and Sheridan got back they discussed the torture the man must have endured at her father's hands. Sheridan wondered what gave him the will to live and Chris said that the only thing he could think of was love. Sheridan suddenly had a chill and said she had a premonition, so they ran to Luis's aid. (Otto had removed Luis's oxygen mask so that Luis could barely breathe.) As Chris and Sheridan neared Luis's room, Otto pushed a pillow down on Luis's face.

At the convent, Theresa and Whitney woke Whitney up to visit her. Whitney was irate and belligerent. She ranted that they only wanted to wine that Ethan hadn't left Gwen to be with Theresa and Chad wanted her to go live with him. She got increasingly agitated. Theresa commented that Whit was bitter. Whitney wanted to know what they wanted. They agreed that they wanted her to go home. Whitney said that everything she'd worried about has come true and she doesn't want to go home and be a laughingstock. Theresa told her that she was a coward. Whitney called Theresa self absorbed. One of the nuns listened on the other side of the room. Whitney told them to leave her alone and get out! The nun went running for the Mother Superior to help calm things down. Theresa and Chad left and were worried about how out of control Whitney was acting. Chad thought that Whitney might be having a mental breakdown. Chad thought that Whitney must really hate him and Theresa said that Whitney hated herself. The nun and mother went to Whitney's room and Whitney said she was just fine; that she just had a difference opinion with her friends. The nun said she'd been worried for Whitney's life and the Mother Superior told her she'd been exaggerating. Whitney turned to go in her room and there was fresh blood seeping through the back of her white nightgown.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Theresa and Chad join forces to help each other get the love's of their lives back. Chad is reluctant at first but since he feels that Theresa and Ethan should be together and that all children involved should have all their parents together he agrees. Theresa goes back to the mansion feeling like there may be some hope after all.

Alone in her convent room Whitney cries to God about what a horrible sinner she is and how she must be punished for all her crimes against Him. She takes a whip out of her drawer and starts whipping herself on her back.

Tabitha tells Endora that she will always love and protect her even though she has such a good side to her. The boys in the basement don't like that comment but Tabitha tells them to leave Endora alone or they'll have heck to pay from her.

Ethan and Gwen discuss Gwen's new job and the possibilities of it taking them out of the country at times. Gwen likes the thought of being that far away from Theresa. Gwen asks Ethan what happen to Pilar and Martin's vow renewal ceremony and Ethan says he doesn't know for sure but will make some calls about it in the morning. Gwen somehow blames it not happening because Theresa had a part in arranging it. They start to get cozy after putting Jane to bed but get interrupted by Chad knocking on the door.

Ivy stirs the pot by talking about how close Miguel and Kay once were while Fox looks on uncomfortably. Miguel says it's time he stop chasing after Charity and start being a father to Maria. Kay worries about the intimate dream she had a Miguel not long ago.

Sheridan has a premonition that something bad is about to happen to their mystery man. She and Chris get to his room and catch Otto trying to smother him with a pillow. Chris goes after Otto. Otto flies through the hospital room window. Chris takes off chasing him until they come to a cliff. He demands Otto tell him where Marty is. Otto tells Chris that he should be worried more about the man whose life he just saved and when he learns who he is he'll be regretting having stopped him. Chris demands answers and Otto jumps off the cliff to the rocky ocean below.

Back in the hospital room Sheridan ignores the doctor's orders and sneaks in to see Luis. She pleads with the unconscious man to tell her where her son is and then starts to unwrap the bandages from his face. When she sees it is Luis she cries out unbelieving it could really be him.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

At the hospital in Hawaii Sheridan removed Luis's bandages and saw who he was, but was sure that it was one of Alistair's sick jokes. She panicked and started to leave the room just as Chris walked in and caught her as she fainted. When she came to, Chris asked what happened and Sheridan stuttered about the man being Luis. Chris told her that this man couldn't be Luis because the FBI's DNA test proved that the dead body was Luis. Chris insisted that the man must be an imposter that her father dug up to keep her from being happy with Chris. Sheridan embraced him and declared that the man couldn't be Luis. Sheridan cried that the man looked just like Luis and then Chris told her that he wouldn't let Alistair hurt her ever again. She asked him what had happened to Otto. He had to tell her that Otto got away but that right before he went over a cliff he told Chris that he'd be sorry he hadn't let Otto kill the man in the hospital. Chris told her that Alistair had to have been planning this for months to find a look-alike this good. As they talked about leaving, Luis reached out and grabbed Sheridan's wrist, calling out to her. Chris demanded that he let go and Sheridan swore in shock that he was Luis!

At the Bed and Breakfast Chad knocked on Gwen and Ethan's door and told him that he had an emergency. Ethan left with Chad to go downstairs. Chad told Ethan about his visit to Whitney and how disturbed she was. He told Ethan that he needed his help to save her. Ethan asked what they could do if Whitney was convinced to become a nun in a cloistered convent. Ethan told Chad that he didn't have a clue about what to do to help. He said he didn't feel like he had any influence over Whitney. Rebecca arrived at Gwen and Ethan's room and badmouthed Gwen for not being dressed in a sexy way to keep her man pleased. Then Rebecca berated her for being the breadwinner. Gwen asked her what she was doing there and Rebecca recounted her sexploits with a young stud-muffin who lived in a cheap apartment nearby. Rebecca wanted to know where Gwen's unemployed husband was and Gwen told her he was meeting with Chad downstairs. Rebecca asked her if she was sure, because a woman should never trust her husband. Gwen picked up a crying Jane and as she soothed her, Rebecca whined that Gwen should hire a nanny so she'd never have to listen to Jane cry again. Gwen sighed at her mother's insensitivity.

At the convent Whitney writhed in pain in her bed. She started having erotic dreams about Chad and then saw a red cross drop from above onto them. She awoke with a start and got up to be forgiven for her sins. She decided to go out for some air so got dressed and left just as a cross fell onto her bed.

At the Crane mansion Theresa gloated that she'd talked Chad into helping her get Ethan back in return for her helping him get Whitney back home from the convent. Miguel came up behind her and commented that she had learned to talk to herself. Theresa was blown away that he was there and he was confused because she'd sent the Crane jet for him. Theresa gasped that she hadn't sent the jet and they wondered who really had. He told her that her secretary, Valerie had called and convinced. Theresa was pleased that Valerie was trying to do what she wanted. Miguel was upset that he'd shown up just because some junior employee was trying to impress her. He went off on her for marrying Alistair, so Theresa tried to defend her decisions. She told him that a lot of good was coming from marrying him. Miguel told her that money wasn't everything. She countered that with the Crane power she could take care of everybody in the family. He asked her if anybody wanted her to take care of them and she changed the subject to Maria. She asked if he'd had a chance to see his beautiful daughter. They toasted Maria and Miguel asked what happened to the ceremony. Theresa told him that their papa was still in love with Katherine. Pilar had seen him kissing Katherine right before the ceremony and called it off. He lamented that he'd come all that way for nothing. Theresa said it wasn't for nothing; he was there for their mama, and Maria. She asked how long he would stay and he told her he was there for good. Theresa asked him how he could give up on the love of his life.

At the front door to the Bennett house Ivy gloated that she had been able to get Miguel home on the Crane jet. She called Valerie to congratulate her on their successful reunion of Miguel and Kay. She apologized in her head to Fox for breaking him up with Kay and promised to find him a better girlfriend. She went in to find Sam doing paperwork. Sam asked her how the ceremony went and Ivy gave him the news that it had been delayed and then just never happened. He told her he was glad that she'd come home and they began kissing. Sam went to get them brandy and Ivy purred about her wedding being the only one in the family. When Sam came back he asked her if she was thinking about the engagement and she wondered why he'd say that. He commented that he saw her looking at her engagement ring and she kissed him and said she was looking forward to it.

At the waterfront Simone sipped coffee and watched a loving couple flirting with each other.

Kay, Fox and Maria arrived at Tabitha's house and talked about what a weird night they'd had at the mansion-renewal ceremony cancelled, Miguel showing up, getting engaged. Wolfish sounds started coming from the basement which concerned Fox and after he turned his back, flames shot out the vent. When he went upstairs to get travel brochures for Ivy to plan her honeymoon, Tabitha snatched Kay aside to gloat about warning Kay earlier about the black cloud over her wedding. Kay said that Miguel was happy about her wedding and he was going to stay and be a daddy to Maria. Tabitha and Endora answered the door to find Simone. Tabitha griped that she was happy to see her, no matter how late it was and Simone said that Kay had called to say she had news that she wanted to share in person. Fox came down the stairs and Simone hugged him while asking if he was the reason Kay had good news. Kay came down the stairs and flashed her ring at a despondent Simone who tried to put on a happy face for her friend. Simone asked if she'd started planning the wedding yet and told Fox that Kay had an album full of wedding ideas from the days of their childhood. Fox and Kay stole a kiss and Simone winced. She made Kay promise not to pick out a hideous bridesmaid dress and Kay agreed so Simone said she'd get right on planning a wedding shower. Simone got teary and Kay wanted to know what was wrong. Simone told them that she was sad that she'd never have what they did. They reassured her that she'd find a woman to love as much as they loved each other. She cried that she'd never have a legal wedding like theirs with all the trappings.

Whitney walked until she ended up near Chad's studio and she was startled to see where she was. She saw someone come out with a baby in a stroller and thought it must be the babysitter with Miles. She wondered where they'd be going at that time of night so she followed them.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Sam asks Ivy if she is happy about their upcoming nuptials, and Ivy is brimming with delight. Sam is curious about the wedding date and Ivy tells him that she was waiting on Kay and Fox's official engagement before setting a date. Ivy doesn't want to set a wedding date until Fox and Kay set theirs because she does not want any interference. Sam thinks it's lovely that Ivy cares so much about Kay. Ivy chuckles and states that its Kay's first wedding so it should be special. Ivy says to herself that she'll be getting a stepdaughter but Fox won't be coming with the package. Ivy tells Sam that Miguel is back in town. Sam is glad that Miguel is sticking around to help raise Maria instead of chasing after Charity. Ivy tells Sam that she is surprised that Kay is able to move on from Miguel emotionally because she was so broken up about him. Even Sam thinks Kay getting over Miguel is shocking. Fox walks in and Ivy uses that opportunity to keep talking to Sam about Kay and Fox. She questions whether Kay has really gotten over Miguel. Ivy doesn't think anyone gets over his or her innocent first love. She is finding ways to weave Miguel into Kay's life by telling Sam a bunch of stories about Kay, which involves Kay's past devotion to get Miguel. Ivy needs all the help she can get so that Kay's marriage to Fox will be a sham. Sam thinks Kay had gotten over Miguel because he didn't see anything there at the time they were in school. He admits that Kay was willing do anything for Miguel though. Sam states that he did feel sorry for Kay when Miguel left to go after Charity, and he was upset with Miguel as well. Sam even thought that Kay would hurt herself. Ivy continues to let Sam poor his heart out over his thoughts of Kay and Miguel and the effect it had on her. Ivy pretends to be happy for Kay and Fox for Sam's sake.

Simone congratulates Kay and Fox on their engagement. Simone then tells Fox that it's a big deal when a girl from Harmony High gets married, and Kay adds that their engagement will be the talk of the town. Simone is talking about putting an announcement in the paper and Kay is real excited. Simone and Kay reminisce about their days in High school. Fox excuses himself since he doesn't want to be apart of such girl talk. Kay tells Simone that Ivy is not pleased about their engagement, and Simone agrees that Kay is not Ivy's biggest fan. Simone warns Kay to be careful of Ivy even though she and Fox aren't close. Kay knows that she has to be careful around Ivy. She doesn't want to discuss Ivy for now. She rather plans her engagement. Tabitha tells Endora that planning Kay's engagement is a waste of time because there will be no wedding. Simone comes up with a headline for Kay's announcement: "Bennett-Crane betrothal announced." Kay loves it. Simone and Kay does some more brainstorming for the announcement while Tabitha laments to Endora that it's a waste of time because the boys in the basement won't allow the wedding to happen. Tabitha tells Endora that Kay has to remain available for Miguel because if he gets together with Charity, it would be bad news for the dark side. Kay tells Simone that Miguel is back, and Simone wonders how Kay will handle two men in her life. Tabitha wants Simone to ask Kay difficult questions so that she squirms at the thought of having Miguel back in her life. Kay makes it very clear to Simone that Fox will be the only guy in her life in that what she had with Miguel was puppy love but the love for Fox is real. Tabitha thinks that Simone is right about Kay in regards to Miguel. Kay will screw up some how. She tricked Miguel in the past and it seems way too easy for Kay to just give up on Miguel. Kay asks Simone if she thinks that she will screw up her life with Fox. Simone is just reminding Kay of her yearbook quote: "I won't mess up." Simone thinks that Kay's quotation has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. She has tricked Miguel into sleeping with her, and she is an unwed mother with no education, plus she had to work at the cannery to take care of Maria. Simone thinks that's pretty pathetic. Kay tells Simone that's all behind her now because she has a good job at CI and she is about to marry Fox. Simone advises Kay to think about it seriously before marrying Fox; examine her feelings for that he is back without Charity because she does not want Kay to hurt Miguel or Fox. Tabitha sighs and states that Kay will mess things up royally.

Rebecca tells Gwen not to trust Ethan completely, but Gwen thinks differently. She tells Gwen to stay alert regardless of her trust for Ethan, and then she reminds Gwen that Theresa is not to be trusted because she will use every trick in the book to get Ethan. Gwen sighs. Gwen tells Rebecca to stop trying to upset her, and Rebecca tells Gwen that she is only trying to tell her the truth. Rebecca proves her case by telling Gwen that her father was trustworthy but he was way too dull. Gwen tells Rebecca that the only reason she married Julian is because he is good in bed. Rebecca doesn't deny it but states that she married Julian so that Gwen could have a better opportunity plus she sacrifices a lot for her. In addition, Julian is back with Eve and he is now saintly and boring. Rebecca turns the tables on Gwen and asks if she doesn't think that Ethan has feelings for Theresa. Gwen thinks that whatever feelings Ethan has for Theresa are long gone because Theresa destroyed all those feelings by being a liar and a manipulator. Gwen also adds that Ethan is happy with her and wants to be a family with her and Jane. Gwen is annoyed by Rebecca and tells her that she has to get Jane back to sleep now. Rebecca points out that the place is messy and that Gwen should get a maid service. Gwen explains to Rebecca that Ethan is doing the best he can to take care of Jane and also trying to keep the place tidy. In addition, Gwen tells Rebecca that they are trying to save money, so a maid service is out of the question. Mr. Collier calls to assign more work to Gwen, and Gwen doesn't seem to mind the lateness of the call and is happy to do whatever work that's assigned to her. She can't wait to move far away with Ethan and Jane to get away from Theresa.

Theresa can't believe that Miguel is giving up on finding Charity because she is Miguel's true love. Miguel feels that if Charity wants to be with him, she'll come back to Harmony because he has chased her long enough. Theresa keeps insisting that Charity is Miguel's true love, but Miguel seems to think that true love doesn't always work out the way you plan. Miguel can't understand Theresa at all. She thinks that she and Ethan are fine, but Ethan is married to Gwen. Theresa thinks Ethan and Gwen's union is temporary, but Miguel is confused. He asks Theresa if Ethan is divorcing Gwen. Theresa's tells Miguel that Ethan hasn't told her that in so many words but she seems to think that their divorce is imminent since Ethan doesn't love Gwen but loves Theresa instead. Miguel is wondering if Ethan has told Theresa if he feels that way about her. Theresa tells Miguel that Ethan tells her that she is the only woman in his heart and Miguel wants to know why Ethan is not with her instead. Theresa sighs and tells Miguel that Ethan is with Gwen out of obligation, plus she has a plan that will ensure Ethan comes back to her. Miguel stops Theresa and remembers how manipulative she can be. Theresa tells Miguel that her plan will work so that she, Ethan, Jane, and Little Ethan will be a family. Miguel tells Theresa that Gwen is Ethan's first love and that both of them were together long before Theresa came in the picture. Theresa tells Miguel that Gwen is not Ethan's true love. She is the one Ethan truly loves. Miguel feels sorry for Gwen because he thinks she has no idea what she is up against. Theresa tells Miguel not to feel sorry for Gwen because she has hurt her in so many ways. For starters, she sent the information to the tabloids about Ethan's true paternity and framed Theresa for it. As a result, Ethan didn't marry her. Miguel asks how Gwen got a hold of the information, and Theresa tells him that it was on her laptop. Miguel thinks that Ethan blames Theresa because the information came from her computer. It's all coming back to Miguel now and he remembers Pilar telling him about it. Theresa tells Miguel that she isn't the one who sent the information to the tabloids. Miguel believes Theresa and doesn't even want to know how the information got on Theresa's computer. Theresa doesn't want to get into it either and drops the conversation. Theresa sighs and tells Miguel that she is glad he is home and decides to stay with Maria. Theresa wishes that Miguel had found Charity but is glad that he is here because Pilar really needs him since the ceremony was called off. Theresa brings up Kay's relationship to Fox, and Miguel let her know that Fox is engaged to Kay and he is very happy for her. Theresa is surprised because Kay was so much in love with Miguel. Miguel tells Theresa that he never gave Kay any reason to keep loving him, and he is glad that Kay has moved on.

Ethan asks Chad how he can help with Whitney, and Chad suggests Ethan pays Whitney a visit and tell her that she is making a big mistake by becoming a nun and that she should be with him and Miles. Ethan tells Chad that Whitney is his half-sister, and Chad's reply was that he knows that he and Whitney can't be together as man and wife but she still should be raising miles with him. Ethan tells Chad that he doesn't think that he can do anything to change Whitney's mind from being a nun and that it's a waste of time. Chad tells Ethan that he can try because Whitney is real miserable and she misses Miles but won't admit it. Ethan tells Chad that Whitney puts Miles up for adoption because he is the product of incest ad that's the best thing for Miles. Chad doesn't think that that makes a difference because he and Whitney fell in love long before they knew they were related and they are still in love with each other. Ethan tells Chad that he doesn't understand what Chad is trying to say, but people should follow their heart. Oh boy! Ethan hit a nerve because Chad doesn't think that Ethan is following his heart. Ethan wants Chad to explain himself. Chad tells Ethan that he didn't mean anything by the statement. Ethan is annoyed and wants to know exactly why Chad is here to see him. Chad keeps harping on Whitney, but Ethan is on to Chad. He knows that Chad did not just show up out of the blue to discuss Whitney. Chad finally tells Ethan that he is not with the woman he loves, which is Theresa. Furthermore, Gwen is not his true love.

Whitney leaves the convent for a walk. She walks to the wharf, and she sees a woman with Miles. Whitney is wondering why Chad leaves Miles with this woman. She doesn't think that Miles should be out in the cold because he'll get sick. The woman walks away from Miles to make a purchase. Whitney rushes over to Miles because the woman leaves Miles all by himself in the stroller. Whitney picks Miles up, and he cries a little bit. The woman rushes over and accuses Whitney of being a kidnapper and threatens to call the police. Whitney tells the woman that she shouldn't be leaving the baby alone like that. The woman tells the man at the concession stand to call 911 and Whitney tells her not to because she is Miles' mother. The woman realizes that Whitney is Miles' mother and wonders why she abandons Miles. Whitney tells the woman that there is a lot more to the story and that she didn't abandon Miles. The woman starts jumping to conclusions about Whitney as to why she cannot take care of Miles. She thinks that Whitney wants to be free to roam around and be a party girl without having the responsibilities of being a parent. Whitney tells her that's not the case at all and that she is a good person. The woman accuses Whitney of abandoning her child to become a nun and implies that she is a terrible mother because no good mother would abandon her child to become a nun. The woman leaves with Miles. Whitney agrees with the woman and thinks that she is evil for falling in love with her halt-brother and bringing a child into this world that is cursed as a child of incest. She is guilt ridden that Miles doesn't know her touch anymore because he cries whenever she touches him. Whitney returns to the convent and pulls out her whip. She turns to the bed and notices that the cross fell out of place. Whitney started to cry and says that the Lord has forsaken her.

Chris tells Sheridan that the man can't be Luis but Sheridan is sure that he is Luis. Chris thinks it's an imposter hired by Al to cause trouble between him and Sheridan. Chris is trying to convince Sheridan that Luis is dead because the DNA test proves otherwise when his body was shipped back to Harmony. Sheridan tells Chris that she knows Luis' face and voice she is sure of it. Chris tells her the voice doesn't mean anything, but Sheridan says that she can feel that the man is Luis and she is not giving up on him because Luis never gave up on her when she was lost at sea and had amnesia. Sheridan feels that Al staged Luis' death to be cruel. All of a sudden Chris is starting to believe what Otto says and wonders if he should have let Luis die. Now that Sheridan knows for sure that the man is Luis, she tells the doctor to give him the best care because she will pay for all expenses. The doctor eases Sheridan's mind by telling her that Luis will make a full recovery. Chris wants to be sure that Luis is not an imposter, so he asks the doctor to examine Luis. The doctor confirms that Luis's scars aren't the result of plastic surgery but wounds that weren't stitched up. Sheridan promises Luis that she will never leave his side again. She kisses his forehead and Chris seems very unhappy and turns his head away.

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