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Palmer insisted on Joe reinstating David at the hospital. David delivered an ultimatum to Dixie. Adam and Krystal wanted to renew their vows at JR and Babe's wedding. Greg introduced Kendall to a couple who wished to adopt. Ryan urged Kendall to find a different doctor.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 20, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, March 20, 2006

Amanda tries to talk to Babe but JR insists that she leave Babe's room immediately. Amanda explains that she just wants to apologize but JR is adamant. As Amanda turns to leave, Babe asks her to stop and then leaves JR temporarily dumbstruck when she tells Amanda that she forgives her. Babe asks to JR to leave the room so that she can have a private word with Amanda. When they are alone, Babe tells Amanda that she had spent quite a bit of time with Janet during her captivity. Babe knows how much Janet loved Amanda and understands Amanda desire to protect her mother. She does not blame Amanda for what happened. Amanda breaks down as they talk about Trevor. Babe pulls Amanda into her arms to comfort her. Babe lends a sympathetic ear as Amanda shares with her the events that led up to the explosion at the ball. Amanda kept hoping that she could somehow help her mother and because she was bound by the promise never to commit her mother to a sanitarium, she tried to turn to Trevor for help. Babe gently tells Amanda that Janet loved Trevor very much and in Janet's mind, she believed it was possible to wake up Trevor. Brooke walks in as Babe promises Amanda that she will eventually get through this tragedy.

JR visits little Adam and tells his son about the wedding plans. When JR returns to Babe's room, he is taken aback to see Babe comforting a tearful Amanda. After Brooke takes Amanda back to her room, JR sits down on Babe's bed. He is shocked that Babe forgave Amanda and asks her if she is out of her mind. Babe reminds JR of their determination to forgive those around them and start their life with a clean slate. JR reluctantly acknowledges their new commitment and promises Babe that he will talk to Amanda and make peace.

Dixie's packing is interrupted by a knock at the door. She stops short from answering the door when she hears Tad call out to Di asking if she was in the room. Dixie stands by the door until she hears Tad walks away. She resumes packing and comes across a newspaper with a headline announcing that Babe and her son were soon to be released from the hospital. Dixie spends some time in thought and then decides to call Gwen. When Gwen arrives to the room, Dixie requests a change of clothes and an identification card. A short while later, Dixie is at the hospital dressed as a surgeon and trying to convince a guard to let her in to check on little Adam. After she gains admittance, Dixie approaches her grandson. She talks to him about having to see him just once before she leaves town and then softly sings "You are my sunshine."

Di decides to tell David where Dixie is. She points to a star and tells him that he can find Dixie on the second one to the right and while he's there to say "Hi" to Tinkerbell. David isn't amused. He tells her that he knows that Dixie is alive because Del confirmed it. Di is a bit taken aback but refuses to say a word. Deciding to call David's bluff, Di asks him what exactly Del said that leads David to believe that Dixie is alive. Just then, Tad walks up. He tells David that he would love to hear David's answer. David and Tad exchange some nasty words until Del walks down the stairs. He quickly makes it clear that he never told David anything about Dixie being alive. Disgusted at the David is apparently willing to go in order to disrupt their lives, Tad warns David to keep his outrageous claims out of JR's ears. David isn't intimidated and tells Tad that he will do exactly as he pleases. Once David leaves and Tad is alone with Di, he tells her that he thinks their relationship has a chance. Di admits that she does too.

Greg sips tea in Erica's living room as Erica pretends to be making an attempt at peace. After Greg leaves, Erica quickly drops Greg's teacup and saucer into a pillow case and smashes into the fireplace. Later Erica goes to the hospital to visit Jack. He senses something is bothering Erica but she assures him that it's nothing important and that the problem was resolving itself at that very moment. They talk about the kids and Erica promises to bring them by Jack's room later that day before she slips out of the door.

Greg returns to the hospital but soon begins exhibiting strange symptoms. He experiences shortness of breath and while talking to Josh, clutches his heart. Eric watches from a nearby corner.

Zach talks Kendall down from her panic. When Kendall is calm enough, she asks him what he's doing on the roof. He explains that he stopped by to see Simone and then turns the table. Kendall admits that she came to the roof to think but that she isn't any closer to enlightenment than before she arrived. She begins to talk about her concerns of not being able to love her baby the way that she should. Zach doesn't seem concerned. He asks Kendall if she loves the baby and if she would protect him. He also asks if she would do whatever it takes to protect the baby and keep it safe. When Kendall answers yes to all of the questions, Zach points out that if anyone says she doesn't love the baby then they have no idea what they are talking about. Kendall feels better. Kendall then switches the subject and asks him why he is still in town. Zach is evasive, claiming he has some unfinished business. Annoyed, Kendall decides to leave but first asks him to let her know when he leaves because she knows someone who is interested in his condo. Zach promises to keep her posted.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Erin awoke with Aidan with a very satisfied smile on her face. Nervously, she gathered her things and thanked Aidan for his hospitality. She told him they should do it again sometime, but if he didn't want to it was fine because she wasn't a wait by the phone kind of girl. He pulled her to the bed again and told her that he would call her for dinner tonight. She said that she was going to go before she messed the whole thing up. Aidan told her that she could say whatever she wanted to him because she couldn't mess up anything and then pulled the covers over them.

Tad and Di were at his office and kept hearing a strange pounding. Tad went upstairs to investigate. He went into Aidan's room above the office and told Aidan that it was almost noon and it was time to get his lazy self out of bed. Tad pulled off the covers completely and was surprised and very apologetic when he found Aidan and Erin under them in compromising attire: None. Erin and Aidan came downstairs fully clothed and Tad and Di teased them. Tad and Aidan left the room and the girl talk began. Erin asked Di if it was possible that the first guy you fall for could be the one you spend the rest of your life with. Di told Erin that she had never had what she had with Tad before and thought that maybe love could last. As Erin was leaving she asked Tad if Aidan was as perfect as she thought he was. He told her that Aidan wasn't perfect just perfect for her. Aidan told Di that he hadn't seen Tad this happy in a long time and it was all because of her. Aidan left and Tad and Di were alone again in a very playful mood.

Erica was surprised by Myrtle when she went home. Myrtle said that Reggie had let her in the house. Myrtle said that she had a wild idea that Erica needed her. Myrtle told Erica that she knew she was up to something but Erica said that she missed Jack and had to fire Josh. She then told Myrtle about Kendall and that she was afraid for her because womb robbing Dr. Madden was still her doctor. Erica said that Madden had tried to adopt out her baby and Myrtle said that wasn't exactly womb robbing. Myrtle left and Erica called Greg's office. They told her that he wasn't feeling well but would return to the office tomorrow.

Josh insisted that Greg be examined at the hospital. David started to have him treated when Joe told him to get away from him. Josh took over and had Greg treated against his wishes. Greg thanked Josh for saving his life and asked if he did it as a doctor or a son. Joe asked David what he thought he was doing because he was no longer on staff. Palmer then appeared and informed Joe that David had been reinstated and insisted that Joe put him back on staff. Joe told them absolutely not and enlisted J.R. to jump on board. J.R. surprised everyone by telling them that the hospital could use a doctor like David. Joe said that he would not compromise the integrity of his hospital by putting David on staff but Palmer told Joe that he would hire David or he would no longer be chief of staff. Palmer told Joe that he could resign but Joe said he would not leave his staff and that someone had to stay and watch David. Palmer explained to J.R. that during the explosion he had an angina attack and David wouldn't save him if he didn't promise to put him back on staff. J.R. told David to keep his distance and if he wanted to start anything, he would make him pay.

J.R. went in to get Little Adam not knowing that Dixie was still lurking by the baby's bedside. Just as he was about to go into the room, Babe called him back to talk about the wedding. She made suggestions for the wedding/birthday party and J.R. agreed to her plans. She then told him that she wanted her dad to give her away. As Dixie was leaving Little A's room, Babe entered and Dixie scurried behind the door. As Babe was talking to the baby, Jamie came in to see her and Little Adam. He asked her if she was really in love with J.R. again. She said that she was and asked him if he had decided to be the best man. Jamie said he wanted to take some time to think about it and suggested to Babe that she do the same. Babe said she had thought long and hard about what she wanted and she wanted a life with J.R. When J.R. came back to the room he asked what was going on and Jamie said that his best man was just checking in. The two brothers embraced and they all left the room. Dixie suited up again in her doctor disguise but as she was leaving, David saw her and gave chase.

Jamie visited Amanda in the hospital but she told him he didn't have to pretend to care. She asked if her mom was dead too and he told her that Janet was fine. She said that Janet told her if she was put back in the hospital it would be like killing her. Jamie tried to comfort her but she was too filled with guilt for all her mother had done and grief for her dad. Jamie told her that after she left the hospital he wanted her to crash with him. Amanda told him no and he said if she needed a friend to give her a call and then left. Brooke came in and told Amanda that Trevor was a good friend and she wanted to help. Amanda said that she left home to find her own person, but now she didn't know who that person was. Brooke said that she wanted to help her. She told Amanda that she could stay with her until she figured out what she wanted to do. Amanda said she would like that and told Brooke she wanted to see her mom.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Di goes to Dixie's room to warn her about David. Di is surprised to find Zach there but Dixie gone. She warns Zach that David is asking questions and suspects that Dixie may be alive. She asks him to warn Dixie when he sees her. When Zach mentions JR and Babe's wedding, Di worries that Dixie might be intent on showing up. She warns Zach that David is determined to discover the truth about Dixie and then leaves.

Babe is pleasantly surprised with JR's wedding arrangements. They join Adam and Krystal who have decided to renew their vows when JR and Babe get married if their children approve. Babe is reluctant and takes Krystal away to talk privately to her. While Krystal convinces Babe that she truly does love Adam, Adam is busily convincing JR that renewing his vows to Krystal is the right thing to do. When Krystal and Babe rejoin the men they decide to go ahead with the double wedding. As they are celebrating, Tad arrives and is promptly shocked at the joy and family unity he is witnessing. Soon Di arrives and Tad gives her the update. While they are kissing, JR walks up and sees them. Tad is deeply touched at JR's acceptance of their relationship. He hugs JR and tells him how proud he is of him.

Derek tells Amanda and Brooke about the plea agreement that they tried to make with Janet but that Janet refused, opting to go on trial. Amanda tries to talk to Janet, specifically about Trevor, but Janet rambles on about not killing Trevor. In her mind he was cryogenically frozen according to specifications and that he can be revived. She insists that if Trevor is dead it's because the police didn't follow proper procedures to thawing. Amanda becomes quite upset and if further distressed when Janet starts accusing Amanda of turning against her and consorting with the enemy. Brooke finally calls a halt to Janet's cruel accusations and asks to speak privately to Janet. When they are alone, Brooke tries to reason with Janet, warning her how traumatic it would be for Amanda to be forced to testify against her own mother. She tries to make Janet understand that the best thing she can do is to take the plea agreement which would require Janet to be committed to a sanitarium. Initially Janet refuses but later, as Brooke and a tearful Amanda walk away, Janet decides to take the plea agreement.

Lily promises Jonathan that she won't discuss wedding plans until she turns 18. Later Jonathan talks to Julia about helping Lily in her life skills' classes. He wants Lily to learn to be independent so that she doesn't feel as if she needs to marry him. He wants Lily to be with him because she wants to not because she is trading one form of security, her father, for another, him.

Livia talks to Jack about her recent visit with Lily when she asked Livia how she could divorce her father. Jack is upset that Lily is willing to go to such great lengths to be with Jonathan. Livia cautions Jack about his stubbornness in regards to Lily, warning him that he's just driving Lily further away. Later, when Lily stops by for a visit, Jack talks to her about their strained relationship. They have a heart to heart talk after which Jack asks Lily to help him be the father that she needs.

David pays a visit to the hospital's security. He asks to see a tape of little Adam's room taken the previous day between 2:30 and 3:00pm. The security guard is reluctant until David mentions knowing that the guard had stolen some pain medication. He quickly hands the tape over to David who takes it somewhere to privately view it. As he watches the tape, he sees a woman leaving little Adam's room but her face is partially obscured by a surgical mask. David is uncertain if it's Dixie so he decides to take the tape to show others. Before David can follow through with the plan, Zach approaches him from behind and renders him unconscious.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Zach makes an unexpected visit to Janet in jail, and starts off by reminding her that she is responsible for the death of his son. Janet acts as though she doesn't know what Zach means, but it takes less than a second for Zach to clarify what he is referring to: Ethan, and the Mardi Gras ball. Janet continues to insist that she isn't a murderer, which prompts Zach to ask her why she believes she is in jail. Janet tells him that it is for her own protection from the people of Pine Valley. She goes on to say that she also lost her daughter, and that she can't take on his pain as well. She then spins somewhat of a sob story of how her life will be if they lock her up in an asylum. Unmoved, Zach tells her that regardless of her fears, he will not leave until she tells him her reasons for rigging the explosion. He asks her how she can take a person's life and not think anything of it. Janet is disturbed by his accusation and tries to explain that she didn't know what would happen, and that she was just doing what she needed to do for her daughter. Taking another tack, Zach asks her to tell him about Amanda and Janet decides to share some stories of Amanda from when she was growing up. After listening patiently, Zach takes Janet on the scariest ride she has been on in a long time. He tells her Ethan's story, but substitutes Amanda's name where appropriate. Although she tries not to listen, Zach makes sure she hears every word. When he's done, she tells him that she doesn't like imagining his version of make believe. Zach tells a horrified Janet that his story is true, and that because of her actions, she afforded him a front row seat to watch his son die. Brokenly, Janet comes to the realization that although she didn't mean to, by rigging the explosion she caused an innocent man to die. After making sure that Ethan wasn't on her hit list of people that hurt her daughter, she apologizes for what she did. Zach tells her that she can't even begin to know what sorry feels like. Mulling it over, Janet openly muses how you can do something that you think is the best thing for your child only to find out too late that you did things all wrong. Before he can answer, a guard shows up to transport Janet to the state psych ward. Janet notes aloud that on the ward, they medicate her so that she is asleep but awake - essentially not herself anymore...and that she can't hurt anyone while medicated. She equates it to a living death, and tells Zach on her way out that it's sort of like justice.

Ryan accompanies Kendall on a routine checkup with Dr. Madden, ostensibly because he wants to stay up to date on his son. When Greg enters the waiting room, he seems slightly surprised to see Ryan but stays on course. Ushering them into his office, he introduces them to Jennifer and Joel Rivington. Without missing a beat, Kendall outwardly surmises that they want to adopt the child she is carrying. Stunned, Kendall starts to inform the room that she wasn't aware that a meeting would be set up. Greg interrupts, admitting that he called the hopeful couple after seeing that Kendall liked what she saw in the materials he presented. Ryan takes over to avoid an uncomfortable silence and tries to assure them that not only would any child be lucky to have them for parents, but also that should he and Kendall decide that adoption is the right choice for them, they would be glad to meet again. This seems to soothe all the jagged nerves in the room sufficiently enough that Ryan is easily able to ask the Rivingtons to leave so that Kendall could continue with her appointment. After they exit and Greg closes the door, Kendall's shock turns to outrage as she demands to know what gave Greg the right to put her in such a position. Greg seems taken aback at her ire and tries to explain that he simply wanted her to meet the potential parents. Ryan jumps in and notes that in actuality, Greg railroaded Kendall. He thinks that Greg was expecting Kendall to show up alone, have the wind knocked out of her during the meeting, and end up vulnerable enough to sign away the baby before she knew what hit her. Greg insists that it isn't true, but Kendall sides with her once and again protector. She informs Dr. Madden that he crossed the line, and refuses to continue with anything related to the adoption. Thinking that perhaps they would be more comfortable with another intermediary, he places that offer on the table - but Ryan quickly said that one would not be needed since no deal has been made. Conceding defeat, Greg notes that they should get on with the exam. The appointment goes smoothly from that point on, with Greg announcing to Ryan that both Kendall and the baby are doing well. He also apologizes to Ryan for the scene he caused earlier. He admits that he was under the impression that Kendall was interested in adoption. Ryan cordially accepts the admission of guilt, and informs him that he will be among the first informed should they actually choose the adoption path again.

Ryan and Kendall arrive back at the condo, and as Kendall tries to thank him for accompanying her - Ryan asks her to get a new doctor. Kendall tries to resist because Greg has been there since the beginning, but Ryan urges her on, since it seems the good doctor's only concern is giving away their baby.

As Babe gets her son ready for the celebration at hand, JR makes an unscheduled visit into the bridal chamber. She tries to get him to leave, since seeing each other before the ceremony is supposedly bad luck - but JR isn't fazed. He proposes that he is actually magic - otherwise he wouldn't have been able to get the most beautiful girl in the world to marry him. He then, for the sake of his son, banishes all bad luck and unhappiness from the house. Then, the couple decides that they need to exchange gifts. JR presents his bride with a frame containing photo booth pictures they took the night they met, and Babe - knowing how crushed JR was when his mother's broke - presented him with a new snow globe, this one with a picture of their little family inside. They are both beyond touched at the thought and love that went into each selection. Stuart soon joins them, positively glowing because JR and Babe are reuniting. JR takes this moment to leave, knowing that Babe needs time to prepare for the wedding. Once alone with the bride, Stuart gushes about the difference he sees in Babe and her husband to me - now that they don't have secrets blocking their way to true happiness.

As JR enters the hallway, Jamie stops him, and tells him that since he didn't have enough time to plan a proper bachelor party - he had to improvise. Bewildered, JR has little choice but to follow his brother's instructions if he wanted to get the surprise. They end up on the patio, and Jamie reveals a plate of chocolate chip cookies, no nuts. JR starts to apologize for how he handled things with Phoebe's estate, but Jamie interrupts and says that things ended up the way that they should have - with JR and Babe back together. They both then note how glad they are that they are back to being brothers - and friends - and how they never want it to go away again.

In the courtyard, Adam and Krystal share a jovial toast over joining their lives until they are parted by death. Krystal tells Adam that if he crosses her one too many times, he can be assured that the death part will come sooner - and it will be visited upon his house, not hers. Tad overhears this and halfheartedly encourages her not to put off to tomorrow what she could easily do today. Palmer soon joins the party, and he and Tad take turns trying to change Krystal's mind. She cuts them off by saying that Adam stole her heart, and then sends her husband and his long-time rival off to find her some food. Now alone, Tad makes Krystal promise that if Adam ever gets out of line, she won't hesitate to call. Ignoring his quip, Krystal admits that when she got into the marriage, it was purely to make sure that Babe got more time with her son. As the days and nights went on, love tripped her up and it was an unexpected fall to say the least. Tad tells her that if nothing else, it will be an interesting ride since Krystal can give as good as she gets. He then reminds her that what they shared isn't over - and that she still means a great deal to him. Touched, Krystal admits that she is glad that things worked out for him and Di, because she likes to see him happy. He immediately reverts back to his mildly sarcastic ways and says that there is something off about a whole lot of happiness going on in the Chandler house.

A short time later, with Stuart gone and Krystal in his place, Krystal runs down the list of "somethings" that both she and Babe needs for the wedding.

Just as Del and Di discuss whether David will be an issue at the wedding, or whether their sister will make an appearance, Dixie herself emerges from behind a row of bushes. As she greets her immediate family, Del tries to soak in the fact that Dixie is really alive. After they briefly hug, Dixie demands to know how many other people know she's alive. Di lets her know in no uncertain terms that with a secret that big to bear, she had to find relief somewhere. Del comes to Di's rescue and tells Dixie that she should have come to him as well, if only because he could have helped her. Dixie tries to say that neither of her siblings could begin to understand what she went through, and Del begs her to try. Dixie admits that if she could have called on her siblings earlier she would have, but the things she had to take care of prevented her from doing so. Di is more than irritated that she is still holding back with them, but Dixie tells her that it's better if they weren't involved. She then begs Del to keep her secret, and he says that he will - as long as she promises to stay in Pine Valley. Dixie admits to a crestfallen Del that she can't agree to that. Di then interrupts and reminds her sister that the last word she left was that she was leaving. She demands that Dixie tell them if she plans on continuing to take risks by doing things like sneaking into the hospital to see her grandson, or if she is simply going to walk down the aisle and announce her triumphant return. Dixie ignores the request, instead noting how happy she is that JR and Babe found their way back to each other. Di, acquiescing for the moment, then asks her sister if she'd heard about David Hayward showing up, determined to see her. Di thinks that perhaps Dixie will reveal that she is alive, knowing that David will do the honors himself if he finds proof. Dixie tells them that she is aware that David is looking for her and that they needn't worry because David had been taken care of. Di asks again if she plans on letting them in on her travel plans, and all Dixie tells them is that she can't miss seeing her little boy get married. Confused, Di asks how she plans on walking in and out of the ceremony without arousing suspicion, but Dixie asks them to help her find a place to hide. That way, she can leave after the ceremony and no one will get hurt.

JR barges into Babe's changing room once again, upset for Babe that David hasn't shown up yet. Trying to stop her crying, he tells her that he wanted this day to be perfect for her, and that perhaps if David is against them - maybe it's better than he's a no show. Babe tells him that she could care less about her father - the tears brimming behind her eyelids are because of the love her groom has for her.

In a supply closet in the hospital, a bound and gagged David tries to make enough noise to attract some help.

As people begin to take their seats and the Chandler men make their way to the front, Dixie peers around a hedge to watch the ceremony. JR helps Little Adam walk down the aisle with the rings, and then Stuart escorts both brides to the men anxiously waiting for them. Once everyone finds their place, the minister announces that each couple has written their own vows, and he invites Adam and Krystal to start.

Adam talks about how the love he shares with Krystal is not quiet - rather, it's abrasive and loud. He notes that she has never given him a moment's rest or told him what he's wanted to hear - only the truth, which is what he needed to hear. He tells her that he can't remember being happier than he is when they are together. In turn, Krystal remarks that she can't define or analyze what it is that they share - only note that it was strong enough to get her to the alter. Although he was the last man that she ever expected to lose her heart to - she did. She asks a tearful Adam to hold on to it, and never let it go...because he needs her, just as much as she needs him.

At his turn, JR admits that he has loved Babe from the first moment that he saw her, and that when he was hurt or disappointed, he fought that love with everything he had in him. He admits that when he tried to keep their son away from her, it wasn't simply just to get back at her - it was because Little A was her; the best of both of them and their love - and he wanted to hold on to that any way that he could. He confesses that having known what it's like to lose her - the sound of her voice, the look on her face - he never wants to know that pain again. He admits to needing her to share the rest of her life with him. Then Babe - taking her chance to speak - says that she used to think that the kind of love that she shared with JR had to be exclusive, something only to be between the two of them and their son. Now, she realizes that they wouldn't be standing where they are if he hadn't let another woman into his heart - his mother. She notes that Dixie made him the man he is, that she has taught both of them so much, and not only is she with them on this day - but for all time. As she promises to help share all of Dixie's lessons with their son, Dixie barely holds back any audible clue to her crying.

The couples say I do, make it official, and then start to bestow birthday wishes on the youngest member of the Chandler clan. Tad thanks Babe for all of the nice things she said about Dixie to which Babe tells him that you have to remember the special people on the special days. They all file inside, leaving Di as the last one to go. When the coast is clear, Di calls her sister out of hiding. She admits that she thought Dixie might decide halfway through that she would toss her original plan and reveal herself, but Dixie admits that she wouldn't have been able to do that. She then expresses thanks that she got to see the ceremony, and says that she has seen all that she needed to see - now is the time for goodbye. Di tells her to take care of herself, hugs her one last time and goes inside to join the others. Dixie takes a few moments to drink in the garden, the flowers...and then bends to take one as a keepsake. As she stands and starts to exit the grounds, she comes face to face with David.

Friday, March 24, 2006

At home, Ryan and Kendall continued to talk about Dr. Madden assuming they wanted adoption and calling in a potential adoptive couple. Kendall wondered if Ryan was so upset because he wanted Julia to adopt the child. Ryan assured her that his feelings about Madden had nothing to do with Julia. "The guy is obviously up to something. He's pulling a con, and you're the target," Ryan tried to explain. He desperately wanted Kendall to find a new doctor. Meanwhile, Julia went to see Dr. Madden because she was interested in having a child. After informing him she hadn't seen a gynecologist in 10 years, he decided run some tests. After the testing was complete, Greg gave Julia the bad news that because of uterine fibroids, she would have great difficulty conceiving and he could be of no help to her. Later, Ryan came upon a bawling Julia at the boat house. And Dr. Madden was shocked to see Kendall in his office. More shocking? Her announcement that she wouldn't be his patient anymore!

David was stunned but overjoyed to see Dixie alive and well. When she confirmed for him that she was indeed real, he celebrated by pulling her into a liplock. Initially he thought everyone else already knew she was alive, but she informed him no one knew. "As far as this town is concerned, I'm dead. And I intend to stay that way," Dix told her ex-lover. After she said she had to go back, David wondered "back where?" First, he thought she might have another man, then it hit him: "Is it Kate?" Dixie turned away and sadly bit her lip, "No, I don't have Kate," she said, softly. David offered his sympathies and pleaded with her to come home with him. "David, after what I found out about you," Dixie remarked, "I'm never going anywhere with you again." She blasted him for having Di pretend to be her and all he's done to hurt JR. He tried to explain his actions and said he'd keep her secret, as long as he could go with her. When she said no, he replied with, "If you leave without me, I'll tell everyone you're alive."

After the wedding was over, the Chandler clan went inside to celebrate Little Adam's birthday. While the little boy was enjoying candy and cake, Krystal and Adam snuck away to get a head start on their honeymoon. After Little A was put down for bed, the gang went out to the patio and toasted JR and Babe. Opal arrived (just in time to catch the bouquet), and brought out the Tarot cards. Di's eyes perked up when Opal warned the new couple to "prepare yourselves for one heck of a topple." Their whole world would be destroyed and they'd have to start from scratch. The newlyweds didn't let that get to them and walked outside to share a loving dance. Meanwhile, back inside Opal read Di's cards. The cards told Opal that Di was the one who would cause trouble for JR. Tad then took Di back to his place and asked her if she was keeping another secret. Back at the mansion, JR and Babe decided to go for a moonlit walk. While Dixie was telling David she'd never forgive him if he exposed her, we heard Babe's voice calling, "Dad, is that you?"



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