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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 20, 2006 on GL
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Monday, March 20, 2006

Josh and Cassie arrive at the farmhouse looking for Tammy, who's not there. Cassie says that of course she's not because Cassie has pushed her further toward Jonathon. Josh tells Cassie that she had to do whatever she could to try to protect her daughter. He insists on staying with Cassie, offering to move boxes out of her living room. One box he picks up, Cassie asks that he not move. It is the last of Jeffrey's things. She tells Josh that she still loves Jeffrey and can maybe forgive him, but not forget what he had done. He not only blurred her memories of her time with him, but of her memories of Richard as well. When she asks Josh if he's moving on from his time with Reva, he tells her that some things have changed since her accident. She tells him that almost losing someone can do that to you. In a light moment, Josh serenades Cassie on the guitar with a song parodying Cassie's life as a country song. He sings that she has a husband in jail, cousins who kiss, and a boyfriend in the C.I.A. Cassie thanks Josh for making her laugh and calls him a good friend. He is leaving just as Tammy arrives.

At Fox Cliff, Jon admits to Tammy that he knew about Sandy and Ava's marriage for months, but didn't tell Tammy because he wanted her to choose him over Sandy on her own. When Tammy chose Sandy over him, he decided to give it a push and hired the bogus attorney for Sandy's "divorce." Tammy is outraged and accused Jon of being just like Sandy. She says that she thought her being with Jon was fate but now realizes that Jon had set it all up to be her hero. She says a final goodbye and takes off. Jonathon is left at the cliffs screaming.

In bed with Alan-Michael, Marina asks him that if now that they have made love he will leave and "bail on their relationship" again. He tells her that he truly wants her but there are other things he wants as well. Alan-Michael receives a phone call that he never expected. It was Alan, his father, who had thought was dead. Alan tells Alan-Michael that they have a lot of catching up to do.

At Cedars, Alan has brought Beth in for a checkup on the baby. Beth tells him that Harley and Mallet aren't buying their story about Gus. Alan says he's bought them some time and leaves to make a phone call (to Alan-Michael). Dinah runs into Beth and asks her where Harley and Mallet were. Beth asks how she would know. Beth returns Dinah's cell phone to her and they both know that Dinah planted the phone so Harley and Mallet could track Beth. Dinah asks where Beth led them. Alan comes around the corner and tells Dinah, "She led them to me." Dinah is stunned to see Alan, who explains the accident and how Gus did not survive. When Dinah asks if Harley knows, Beth tells her that Harley does know but that she's okay because Mallet is with her.

Alan-Michael and Marina arrive at Cedars to see his father and father and son embrace. When Dinah and Marina leave for a moment, Alan refers to Dinah as Alan-Michael's boss. Alan-Michael says that Dinah's not his boss, that he is now in charge of Spaulding. Alan tells Alan-Michael that he has learned that in his absence, Alan-Michael has run Spaulding into the ground. Alan accuses Alan-Michael of stabbing him in the back, backing out on their deal. Alan-Michael insists that he's in charge now. Alan disagrees, saying that that "nut job is in charge now." Enter Dinah who notes that she must be the nut job he is referring to. She boldly goes up against Alan, telling him that while Harley is a decent person and CEO, Dinah is not so nice. She tells Alan to take any threat he has against her or Harley and shove it.

When Marina comes back and sees Alan-Michael, she tells him that he looks like he's all over the place. He tries to assure her that it's because he just found out his father is alive, and that he's ready to fight for what he wants. Meanwhile, Alan tells Beth that he now has learned he has more issues to deal with.

Jonathon goes back to the room he and Tammy had shared the night before and begins trashing it, saying over and over how Tammy loves him and he loves her. Josh arrives, having left the farm house, and tells Jon that Tammy's not coming back to him. He tells Jon that he likes him, but not what he's done to his family. Josh says, "Listen to me. It's over. Steer clear of my niece. Stay away from Tammy." Jon tells him that he's not done a damn thing but try to protect Tammy. And there's not a damn thing you can do to keep me away from her. Josh tells Jon, "Don't say I didn't warn you."

Left alone in the room, Jon has an emotional meltdown and cries into Tammy's robe.

Josh has left the farm house to go confront Jonathon just as Tammy arrives to throw herself into her mother's arms saying that Cassie was right all along. Tammy says that Jon is really a good person and she knows that he loves her but he has so much anger inside him that he can't control it. Tammy insists that Sandy's death was all her fault. Cassie tries to assure her that Tammy just got caught in the middle of all of Sandy and Jon's problems.

At the cabin, Harley and Mallet return cold and tired because Alan had sabotaged their car so they could not leave. Now stranded at the kidnapping site, Harley says that she's given up and she's letting it go. She just learned, for the second time, that her husband's dead. As she's pulling up her blanket around her chair, the "G" that Gus carved into the brick is revealed, although she doesn't see it. She tells Mallet that her irrational hope through the past few months was that Gus was alive and would come back to her. Now she knows that hope is gone. What is she going to do? Mallet says he doesn't know what she's going to do down the road but for now she needs to get warm.

While they are both getting out of their wet clothes in separate rooms, Mallet returns to the den to find Harley still in her underwear, staring into space blankly, and huddled up in the chair. He wraps her up with him in his blanket, once again exposing Gus's "G."

When Harley "comes to," Mallet wraps Harley up in her own blanket and goes to leave a phone message for Dinah. Harley says she'll get them some food. Harley gets a box of cereal but lets it fall to the floor. It lands by Gus's "G." Mallet returns to the den to see Harley staring at a picture she has of Gus. His cell phone rings and it's Dinah. She tells him how she saw Alan and how he and Beth told her about Gus's death. Mallet tells her about the car trouble and how he and Harley are waiting on a tow truck. Meanwhile, Harley has reached down to retrieve the cereal box when she sees the "G." She walks back and forth from the den to where Mallet is in the hallway talking on the phone. She finally pulls the carving from the brick and holds it while crying.

After getting off the phone with Mallet, Dinah battles with herself over whether or not she trusts Mallet in his current situation. She noticed that he almost told her he loved her when they were getting off the phone. She wonders if he did that because he felt guilty. She calls for a driver with 4-wheel drive on the car.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Coop confronts Lizzie about hiring an escort to date Ava, and she accuses him of jumping into bed with her. Lizzie calls Ava names and dares the other girl to punch her so Lizzie can sue her into poverty (a few weeks ago, Ava was living in her car; what does Lizzie expect to get?). Ava dumps a pitcher of something gooey over Lizzie's head. But Lizzie isn't daunted. She tells Roxy that she's getting Coop back - no matter what. Jonathan informs Ava about Sandy's death, as well as the fact that he's the one who kept their divorce from going through. Ava is furious, but Jonathan reminds her that she still owes him, and she's going to help him get Tammy back. Ava calls Cassie and finds out that Tammy went to school. Jonathan feels a mad urge to matriculate, as well. He interrupts Clayton's lecture on capitalism to tell Tammy that they belong together, but she insists that she can never be with him again. Security drags him away. Josh brings Reva a letter Sandy left behind for her, thanking her for making him feel like he belonged, even for a little while. Josh blames Jonathan but Billy defends him. Josh wonders if he's just doing it to score points with Reva. The brothers argue, then agree that they're not fighting over Jonathan, but Reva. To further his goal of reuniting with his ex-wife, Billy goes to an unlikely ally, Olivia, and suggests maybe she should pursue Josh, after all.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Olivia is snuggling with Emma in her arms. She talks about a plan she's had since she was a little girl but that didn't quite work out. She still has the plan but just hasn't found the right guy to get to where she wants to be. Olivia reels off the list of men she's been with and says she's going to stick with the plan because it's a good one.

Olivia is at Towers with Josh, putting final touches to arrangements for a large, lavish client dinner the following evening. Josh is grateful to Olivia, even though he's skeptical that it will be as successful at Towers as it would have been at the Beacon. Josh wonders what he'd do without Olivia. When Olivia gets home she is greeted by Emma whose face is covered with peanut butter. Her Mom is irritated with the sitter and complains that Emma is not eating healthy food. The sitter tells her that Emma refused but promises to return the next evening. Later, Olivia is clearing up toys and wearing Emma's princess tiara. A knock at the door brings flowers for her, that she mistakenly thinks are from Josh but are from Frank. Another knock at the door heralds the arrival of dinner: cheeseburgers delivered by Buzz. He's amused by Olivia's head gear and Olivia is embarrassed because her place is a mess. Buzz doesn't care as the room looks like it's lived in and he helps put away some of Emma's stuffed animals.

Buzz stays and over dinner Olivia worries about Emma falling behind in her development and reveals that she has a plan for Emma's future. She's making sure that her daughter experiences many different things so she will get into the top schools and have the best possible life. Buzz questions whether along the way there will be any time for fun and Olivia assures him that she's factored in plenty of recreational time! Buzz is taken aback and asks her when the last time she did anything spontaneous was? Olivia reminds him that he was there! Buzz rephrases the question and asks her when was the last time she did anything silly? Buzz tells her to grab Emma's coat as it's time for her to try 'Plan B!' He takes them to the old carousel. Even though the carousel is in need of repair, Buzz puts Emma up on a horse she names Snowball and makes believe that the horse can fly. Little Emma is enchanted by this. As they leave, Buzz finds a brass ring and hands it to Olivia. Emma says goodbye to Snowball and they all return to the hotel for ice-cream. When Emma is tucked up in bed, Olivia tells Buzz that she is still worried for Emma's future. She has a meeting the following day with Emma's teacher and she needs to get a good report so that she's guaranteed the best for her little girl. Buzz offers to come along to the meeting and Olivia thanks him. When Olivia catches sight of herself in the mirror, she's horrified at how she looks but Buzz assures her that she looks beautiful: as beautiful as the flowers lying on the table by the door. Olivia tells him they came from Frank!

The next morning, Olivia and Buzz attend the teacher conference and Olivia is outraged that Emma only gets Satisfactory in Art but Excellent in everything else. Buzz tries to calm her down as the teacher explains that Emma smeared paint on the walls and the art teacher during finger painting. Buzz suggests to Olivia that she focus on the business dinner that evening and Olivia leaves to go to Towers to check on progress. Whilst there, she bumps into Frank who asks her whether she came across any flowers and she thanks him with a kiss on the cheek. Josh arrives and is feeling stressed out because the caterer keeps asking him questions that he can't answer. Olivia assures him that she'll handle everything. Frank receives a phone call and has to leave. Olivia thanks him again for the flowers. Josh overhears and asks her about them.

Back in her hotel room, Olivia is practicing her speech for the evening, whilst at the same time handling a problem for the caterer. She faces a bigger problem herself when her sitter calls to cancel because her sister has gone into labor. Olivia is put out and calls Buzz who comes over immediately. Seeing that Olivia is also stressed out, he suggests she go take a nice bath to relax. While she's in the bathroom, Josh calls to ask her advice about which tie he should wear and calls again on her cell phone just as she returns to the room. Olivia advises him and then goes to get changed for the evening. Before she leaves, Buzz gives her some advice about her plan. He tells her he's been watching her and so afraid she's going to keep making the same mistakes as she strives for perfection. He questions why she's going after Josh again and tells her to open her eyes and see there's no hope for him. Olivia tells him she knows what she's doing and it's all part of her plan.

After Olivia leaves, Coop turns up to get his Dad's signature on a check. He tells Buzz to go after Olivia but Buzz says he won't because of Frank. Coop answers that there are plenty of other women for Frank to choose from but that this might Buzz's last chance for a great love and urges his Dad to go for it. Buzz thinks that he just might do that later with some champagne but Coop suggests that he goes to The Beacon to see Olivia straight away and he'll stay with Emma.

The client dinner is very successful and is winding down just as Buzz arrives. He immediately receives a call to go to the emergency room and leaves but not before Olivia catches sight of him. Josh thanks Olivia for all her help and she asks him to have drinks with her to celebrate their successful evening. He declines, telling her that he needs to drop in on Billy at Reva's house and also promised to stop by to see Cassie, as Tammy is home with her again. Olivia realizes that she'll never come first with Josh.

Meanwhile, Buzz arrives at the ER to find that Frank isn't seriously hurt as the bullet just grazed his shoulder. Frank got caught in the middle of an armed robbery that turned into a hostage situation involving a little girl. He's fine but tells Buzz that he's decided he wants to think about having more family and wants to be with Olivia. When Olivia returns to her hotel room, she finds Frank there. Frank tells her that Buzz had to leave but that he left a message for her: 'Plan B!' Olivia smiles. Frank adds that Buzz also left a bottle of champagne for them and that perhaps they should toast Buzz. Olivia wants to toast Frank as well. Frank explains that he never planned to get caught in the hostage situation but he's glad he took a risk and saved the little girl. He tells Olivia that in one instance your life can change. He kisses Olivia and tells her that he's crazy about her. Olivia tells Frank that she's a mess and a handful but Frank isn't deterred. He wants to make Olivia and Emma happy and wants them to give it a shot. As Olivia thinks over what Franks says, she fingers the brass ring Buzz gave her and then sits beside Frank and gently touches his injured shoulder.

Coop is upset with his Dad for not going after Olivia but Buzz tells him that Olivia is better off with Frank and they make a nice couple. Buzz goes to the carousel, sits on Snowball and finds another brass ring on the ground. As he leaves he looks sadly back at the carousel, takes a sip from a bottle and walks away. At the same time, Olivia is cuddling with a sleepy Emma. She talks to her daughter about how sweet, kind and protective Frank is and how tired she is and needs to be wanted by someone who is crazy about her. She thinks Frank could be that someone and he is, after all, Buzz's son. Buzz: the greatest friend she has and the man who understands her best.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Both Jeffrey and Harley would like Alan and Beth to explain the "G" she found carved into the floor of the cabin. Alan claims that he carved it as a memorial to Gus when he thought he would die, too. Later, Alan reminds Beth to stop acting so guilty; she could blow this for both of them. Beth asks her beloved husband if he's threatening her. The parents-to-be come to an understanding but when Harley warns Beth that Alan will do to her baby what he did to Phillip and Gus, Beth is genuinely spooked. Mallet asks Dinah to move in with him, but she wants to know if this is his way of telling Harley that he's tired of being her back-up guy. Mallet speaks from his heart, telling Dinah how much she means to him. Dinah is moved and they make love. But Dinah's happiness is tarnished a bit when a later run-in with Jeffrey reminds her that they both have the kinds of pasts that could derail relationships. When Tammy finds Jonathan and Reva at her door, she assumes he's brought his Mommy to make his case for him. But Reva announces that she's here because she saw Jonathan and wanted to tell him to stay away from Tammy. Reva used to be in Jonathan's corner, but those days are over. Jonathan blows up at Reva, accusing her love of being as conditional as anyone else's. Only one person ever loved him for who he was - and Jonathan intends to get her back by any means necessary. But Tammy may have plans of her own, as she runs into a familiar face - her first love, Joey Lupo.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Joey Lupo is telling a shocked Tammy that the reason he left town was because Phillip forced him to. When he found out that Phillip was dead, he was going to call but then he'd hurt that she had a boyfriend and was happy. He asks if she is happy? Tammy tries to tell him she is, but she's not very convincing. She gets a little upset and wishes she would have known the whole story--maybe then she wouldn't have made the worst mistake of her life. Joey tries to get her to talk about it but Tammy clams up and whishes him good luck in the future. Joey suddenly grabs her and tells her that he's never forgotten about her--he wants to be her Romeo again. Suddenly, Tammy's phone rings--it's Lizzie (following Jonathan's instructions) inviting Tammy to go to a party with her. Tammy hurriedly declines and hangs up. Later, Joey suggests that she needs someone to talk to and offers to go with her somewhere to talk. Tammy knows he's talking about a date. He doesn't deny it and suggests Towers. At that point Lizzie and Jonathan peek in through the window and seeing Joey and Tammy holding hands. Against Lizzie's advice, Jonathan barges in and asks to be introduced. After a brief introduction, Tammy takes Jonathan aside and asks him to leave. Jonathan demands to know why she was holding Joey's hand--is she trying to hurt him?. Jonathan tries to convince Tammy that they belong together but she disagrees because it hurts too much. She's still upset that he set Sandy up on her wedding day and is afraid of getting hurt. Jonathan angrily accuses her of wanting a cotton-candy version of love that doesn't exist. Jonathan tries to remind her that they loved each other but Tammy won't relent and leaves with Joey. Meanwhile, Lizzie has swiped Joey's cell phone. In an effort to make Coop jealous, she calls herself on Joey's phone.

Mallet and Dinah are hosting a dinner party and Dinah is visibly nervous. When Blake and Vanessa arrive, Dinah happily announces that they're moving in together. Both Blake and Vanessa are very surprised. At that point, Frank and Olivia arrive. Dinah approaches her mother and asks if she's happy for her. Vanessa admits that she's happy and concerned. She's afraid Dinah could be setting herself up for a fall. Vanessa warns Dinah to to over romanticize the relationship. She warns that Dinah needs to remain balanced and centered. Dinah assures Vanessa that everything will be fine--she's finally found a guy she can trust

Harley's at Cedars trying to convince Beth that Alan doesn't care about her--he only cares about the heir that she's carrying. Harley knows Beth knows that happened in that cabin and begs her to tell her. Harley tells Beth to stand up for herself and go against Alan. Beth simply tells Harley that Gus is gone. When Beth won't elaborate, Harley manhandles her and demands that she tell her the truth. At that point, Rick and Alan rush in and get Harley off of Beth.. Suddenly, Alan gets a call. He rushes the other person off the line saying he can't talk now. At this point, Beth is standing next to Alan. Harley rushes toward Beth to attack her and Alan stops her. Rick gets Harley out of the room and tells her to go home and relax. Harley says she will and leaves the hospital. Outside she takes out Alan's cell phone (which she must have swiped when he stopped her from going after Beth). She calls Marina and asks her to get the address off a cell phone number. Marina comes through. The address belongs to an old mental hospital. Realizing she might be in over her head, Harley calls for backup.

the person Harley has called is Mallet. Harley tells Mallet that she's following up on a lead. He tries to convince her to talk to Frank but she's convinced Beth is lying and suddenly breaks off the call. Mallet tells Dinah that he has to leave--Harley could be in trouble. Dinah tries to convince him to stay and tell Frank what's going on, but he refuses and rushes out lying to Frank about where he's going. Mallet's exit has left Dinah very upset. Although she tries to hide it, everyone can tell she's angry and they all leave except for Vanessa. Dinah insists to her mother that she's fine. The more Vanessa tries to get Dinah to open up about how she's feeling the angrier Dinah gets. Vanessa tries to tell Dinah that it's okay for her to be upset but Dinah denies that she is. After all, Mallet's a detective, he has responsibilities. When Vanessa leaves, an incredibly upset Dinah hurls a picture of her and Mallet into a wall.

Back at the hospital, Rick returns Alan's phone which he said was found in the waiting room. Alan realizes that Harley must have swiped his phone earlier. He makes a call and tells the person on the other line that Harley must be stopped at all costs.

Harley flashes her badge to gain entrance to the asylum. She notices that the guard is armed and tries to rush out but the guard stops her. Harley gets the upper hand and knocks out the guard. Suddenly she's grabbed from behind. She whirls around to see Gus!

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