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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 27, 2006 on ATWT
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Monday, March 27, 2006

Will tells Gwen that he wants to move out of Hal's house. Gwen agrees to move out, although she thinks that they should stay so that they can graduate from high school. When Will realizes how much Gwen wants to stay, he tells her that he is convinced, as well, that they should remain at Hal's. However, deep down inside, Will has agreed only for Gwen's sake, not because he really believes that it is the best thing to do.

Emily asks Paul to marry her immediately, in his jail cell. When Paul agrees, Emily produces a minister, rings, flowers, and witnesses before Paul can change his mind. Just as the minister asks Paul if he will take Emily for his wife, Meg bursts in the door.

Carly returns home to find Chardonnay with Jack. Chardonnay tells Jack the whole story of Carly's plan to set Nick up and get him fired from the police force. In spite of the fact that Chardonnay tells him that Anatoly was completely responsible for the drugs which were planted on Nick, Jack refuses to discuss anything with Carly. Jack takes Chardonnay to the police station to tell her story to Nick. Jack insists that Carly come to the station as well, to confess her plan to Nick face to face.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Maddie and Casey meet Gwen and Will at the library and tell them what happened with Tom and Margo. Maddie agrees to tutor Will in Calculus while Casey will tutor Gwen in American Literature. While getting a book from one of the stacks, Maddie hears Casey and Gwen talking about music - it appears that Casey is flirting with her. Maddie tries to join the conversation but Casey brushes her off and tells her she knows nothing about music. After Will leaves to talk to Bob about the janitor position, Maddie asks Casey about his history with Gwen. He stops her, saying it's over, but she is obviously still concerned that they are reconnecting. Meanwhile, in the lobby of the Lakeview, Barbara tells Kim that she has agreed to release Will's trust fund once he graduates and that she will begrudgingly support his marriage. Kim questions her real motive and correctly guesses that Barbara hopes once Will and Gwen don't have a common enemy, the marriage will fall apart. Barbara goes to the library and tells Gwen she wants to have her and Will over for dinner to welcome her to the family. Gwen declines the invitation.

At the Police Station, Carly and Chardonnay explain the details of Nick's setup. Carly asks Nick for leniency for the sake of her children. Nick tells Katie that he was on his way to a hotel room to sleep with his partner's wife which was also wrong. Katie can't believe that he is going to let Carly slide. In the interrogation room, an angry Jack apologizes to Nick for the way he acted when Nick was arrested. Nick apologizes for taking Carly's bait and tells Jack he is going to drop all charges, but he's doing it for the kids, not for Carly. Hal exonerates Nick and tells him he's back on the force. Back at their house, Carly begs Jack for forgiveness. He tells her she can't fix this and says goodbye.

Downstairs in holding, Emily and Paul are getting married when Meg walks in. Paul looks at her and has trouble saying "I Do" but when Emily questions his intentions he yells that he wants Meg thrown out and bluffs Emily into believing that he loves her and needs her. They get married. When everyone leaves, Paul laments to Emily that he'll be convicted for Dusty's murder and will never be able to hold her and care for her. She tells him there may be a miracle around the corner and walks out giddily. After she leaves, Meg comes back downstairs. Paul tells her he had to gain Emily's trust and that he's sure she has Dusty. He says she will never let him stay in jail and that when he's free he'll have the marriage annulled. He tells her he did it for them. Meg warns him to be careful, Emily is dangerous. She says she'll stay away from him until they know more. Paul kisses her hand and tells her the plan will work. Meanwhile, Emily visits Dusty with some food and tells him she doesn't plan to kill him but she can't let him go. As she feeds him, she tells him she needs a favor.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

At the Snyder house, Carly fights for her marriage. Jack is still unable to forgive her lies. Carly apologizes again. Jack tells her to pick a date in the last 2 months that she didn't lie to him, but she can't. Jack tells her the story of his mother cheating on his father. His father couldn't see what was right in front of him. Carly says she would never do that. She leans in and they kiss passionately. She tells him to take her to bed. He suggests other places they can have "sex", but when they're done nothing will have changed. Carly follows Jack onto the stairs. She sobs and begs for forgiveness. Jack holds Carly and kisses her on the forehead. He then packs his bags. He tells Carly he'll be staying at Emma's. He'll be back in the morning to tell the kids. She tries to give him their compass. She hopes it will lead him back to her, but he leaves without it. She runs to the door and calls after him. She falls to the floor and sobs uncontrollably.

Outside the Snyder mansion, Luke talks to Jade. Luke can't take the pain of hurting his mother. He tells her he wants to tell his parents they broke up. She tells him if he doesn't stick to their plan, she'll tell his parents he's gay. Inside, Holden wants to give Jade a chance. Lily can no longer tolerate her. Holden is worried Luke will leave with Jade. Lily is convinced Luke won't leave his family. She asks Holden to support her. It isn't just for her sake; it's also for of their unborn baby. Holden decides to support his wife. Luke and Jade enter the house holding hands. Luke's parents tell him Jade can't stay. Jade declares she and Luke are leaving. Luke says no. Jade begins to tell Luke's secret. Luke faints and is rushed to the hospital. Susan tells the Snyders that Luke has a kidney infection, and he fainted because of stress. Jade eavesdrops around the corner. Jade is granted permission to see Luke. Luke thinks Jade told his parents. She informs him she didn't, but he should.

In the cabin, Emily cleans Dusty up and combs his hair. He wants to know what's going on. She tells him to write a letter. He refuses to write a suicide letter. He won't do anything to help get her or Paul out of trouble. She reminds him if he doesn't cooperate, she has no reason to keep him around. Dusty writes a note and Emily takes his picture. Emily leaves and goes to the hospital. She thanks her mother for being at her wedding. Susan reminds her; she only wanted to stop the ceremony. Emily realizes this, but is still thankful she stayed for the service. Emily tells her mother that Paul is innocent, and maybe one day he'll be cleared.

Meanwhile, Jennifer is taking care of Johnny. Dusty enters and proclaims his love for her. Jennifer is daydreaming and thinks it's a sign. She and Johnny rush to the police station. Hal tells Jennifer there is no news about Dusty. She tells her father, she can feel Dusty. Her father says Dusty is gone. Jennifer thinks maybe Dusty wants her to say goodbye. Jennifer goes back to the Lakeview and receives a package. It's a picture of Dusty holding a recent newspaper and a note declaring his love.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Luke is about to make a confession to his parents, when the stress causes his heart monitor to go off. The doctors stabilize him and Lily finally caves, saying Jade can stay. Jade is celebrating her con at home, when Lucinda drops by. Lucinda doesn't buy Jade's poor, little me act and tells her to get out of the house. But then Lily returns and admits that she is allowing Jade to stay - in the guesthouse. Meanwhile, Holden is with Luke, talking his son about how he first fell in love with Lily and confessing that he knows how Luke feels...about Jade. Jennifer gets a note from Dusty telling her he's still alive. She rushes to Hal, who bursts her bubble suggesting that it's all a set-up by Paul and Meg. Jen confronts Meg, who has no idea what she's talking about, but, when Meg hesitates, Jennifer suspects that Meg knows who is holding Dusty hostage. Meanwhile, Emily almost catches Paul trying to call Meg. Hal sees Emily and warns her that Paul is using her. Later, he goes to Paul and shows him Dusty's photo - which the lab says is authentic. Thrilled, Paul says he's recanting his confession. Maddie is at WOAK, screening tapes for a school project, when Casey shows up and she accidentally beans him on the head. Casey wonders if Maddie is still mad about him talking to Gwen the other day, but Maddie insists she's not. After all, it's not like Maddie is his girlfriend or she? They make out instead of coming to a decision. Gwen and Will drop by the station and Maddie, eager to prove she's not threatened by Gwen, urges Casey to go out and have fun with his ex and her new husband; Maddie has too much work to do.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Happy 50th Anniversary to "As The World Turns"! In celebration of this milestone in television history, the show today showcased most of the actors in sitcom roles loosely based on their family histories. Maddie, who is supposed to be studying by herself at WOAK, is watching an episode of "Gilligan's Island" that she found among some videotapes at the station. Casey, Will, and Gwen return from Java and bust Maddie for watching TV instead of getting her work done. Maddie tells them that her project --- to write a report on Oakdale family histories --- has her completely turned around because of all the odd things that have happened to the families and the interrelationships they've formed. Casey, Will, and Gwen tell Maddie to think of the families as different sitcoms, and they begin.

Maddie is confused about the relationship between Holden, Lily, Emma, and Iva, and the others try to explain to her about Iva being adopted, so that Lily isn't really married to her uncle, even though it looks that way on paper. When Will tells her the Snyders are basically a farm boy (Holden) who married a rich girl (Lily), he gets the idea to use the "Beverly Hillbillies" as an example, and thus is born "The Snyder Hillbillies," featuring Holden (Jed Clampett), Lily as his wife, Lil' Luke (Jethro), Meggie May (Meg as Elly May), and Ms. (Lucinda) Walsh (Miss Jane Hathaway). Holden and Lily encounter Meg(gie) in the barn with "Pancho" (Paul Ryan), kissing in the hay. Meg talks Paul into agreeing to marry her, and they announce their engagement at a family dinner. After dinner, Luke and Holden come back in with a wanted poster showing "Pancho" as Paul Ryan, a wanted man, and they chase him out with a shotgun. Ms. Walsh tries to talk Lily into attending a charity gala, but in the end, Lily bows out, telling Holden she has everything she wants right there on the farm.

Gwen tells Maddie about Carly's latest attempts to help Jack by drugging Nick, and she refers to Carly as a scheming blonde, devoted to her husband, who is constantly getting into trouble trying to help him. This makes them think of "I Dream of Jeannie," and we are treated to an episode of "I Dream of Carly," with Carly (Jeannie), Jack (Tony Nelson), Nick (Roger Healey), and Lisa (Amanda Bellows, Dr. Bellows' wife). In this spoof, Jack is in his astronaut uniform, preparing to go on a mission to the moon, when Nick arrives and tells him that he's been chosen to go instead of Jack because of some medical concerns. Jack takes it well, but Carly doesn't, and Jack yells at her not to go interfering and using magic to try to help him again; she promises not to, and Jack goes outside to follow Nick back to work. Inside, Carly uses genie magic to get Nick to come back to her house, where she turns him into a rat. Lisa shows up and tells Carly that she's so sorry to hear that Jack can't go on the mission, but her husband the doctor just can't let him go. Lisa then hears a tiny "Help me!" and realizes it's coming from the caged rat. Carly gets her out the door, but she hears Jack returning home, so she turns Nick back into Nick, telling him he won't remember any of this. When Jack walks back into the house, Nick tells him he's decided that Jack deserves to go on the moon mission, and he leaves, as Jack says to Carly, "See? Good things CAN happen without magic!"

Will insists his family is more like a horror movie than a sitcom, but they come up with a parody of "The Munsters" called "The Munsonsters," with Hal as Herman Munster, Barbara as Lily, Will as Eddie version 1, Paul as Eddie version 2 (the werewolf-changing Eddie), Jennifer as Marilyn, Bob as Grandpa, and Kim as ... well, Aunt Kim. Jennifer brings home her date, Dusty, and leaves him momentarily to go get Johnny. Paul comes in and tells Dusty he's Jennifer's brother and that he's very protective of her, then he begins to change into a werewolf. Barbara comes back into the room and offers Dusty a drink, but he chokes upon hearing it contains eye of newt. Hal comes up behind him and tries to help him past his choking spell, but when Dusty gets a good look at Hal/Herman's face, he freaks out. Jennifer comes back in with Johnny, but Dusty says he can't stay, and he leaves as fast as he can. Barbara and Hal console Jennifer about her bad luck with men, when Bob and Kim arrive. They tell Jennifer she just has to wait for that special someone to come along. They all hear an explosion from the basement lab, and Will comes upstairs, saying he was trying to make a potion to get rid of someone from school who was making fun of him. Just then, Paul comes back in, telling his family that he's engaged, and he brings in Emily, dressed identically to Barbara as "Lily Munster." Barbara is thrilled to see someone so much like herself and welcomes her to the family, as Hal tries to kiss Emily's arm while Paul tries to fight him off.

After this, the teens ask Maddie to describe her family, but she says she really only has Henry, so he'd have to play every role in the sitcom. Casey asks about Katie, and Maddie agrees that Katie and Mike would probably have to be in it, and they come up with "I Love Katie," an "I Love Lucy" parody with Katie (Lucy), Mike (Ricky), Henry (as both Fred and Ethel/Henrietta), and a supporting cast that includes Jessica as a sophisticated acquaintance. In this episode, Mike tells Katie he has to go to Latvia to help as a translator, and Katie tells him she wants to learn to drive a car; he says that as the master of the house, he refuses to let her learn to do this. After he leaves, Katie tells Henrietta that she wants to learn anyway and has time since Mike will be gone for 2 weeks. At the end of the 2 weeks, Katie and Henrietta come back home, with Katie having crashed the car. Henrietta insists that Katie must have hit a person, because "she" heard a yell, but Katie denies it, and they hide parts of the car around the house. Katie convinces Henrietta to tell the police that "she" witnessed an accident and to give the police a fake license tag number. Mike and Henry come in then, with Mike having just returned from Latvia and having been hit by a car that didn't stop to render aid. Henrietta goes through with the plan to give the police a false report, but then Katie is at the police station when Mike and Henry come in, saying the police have traced the license tag and are bringing in the hit-and-run driver --- who turns out to be Nancy Hughes. When they return home, Mike and Henry listen to Jessica explain that Nancy Hughes couldn't possibly have been the driver, and she thanks Mike for dropping the charges against Nancy, then leaves. Mike sits on the sofa and realizes there is a large car part hidden under it, and that makes them realize that Katie must have been the hit-and-run driver. Mike and Henry end up having Katie and Henrietta put in jail for their actions, to teach them a lesson.

After this episode, Casey tells the other teens that one time, Katie did indeed hit Mike with a car and then Nancy was blamed for it, because her car tires and Katie's were the same kind. They don't believe him, even though it's true!

Gwen says the teens need their own sitcom version, and they decide on "Happy (Oakdale) Days," with Will as the Munz (Fonzie), Gwen and Maddie as Laverne and Shirley, Casey as Richie Cunningham, and Tom and Margo as his parents. In this spoof, Casey is having trouble getting girls interested in him, so the Munz says he'll give him some advice: don't act interested, just ignore them, and the girls will come to him. He then offers to set Casey up with a girl and go on a double date. Casey goes home and tells his parents about the plan, and Margo disapproves of the advice Will gave Casey, but Tom says it's true. Casey and Will get to the diner, where Gwen has just given Maddie similar advice about ignoring the guys and acting like she's not interested. They all then pretend to not be very interested in one another, but Gwen realizes Casey is the boy she's gone too far with once, even though she didn't really like him that much. She tries to sneak out, but Will stops her and tells her he has a past, too. They end up dancing, while still ignoring one another by standing about as far apart as they possibly can, while Maddie and Casey realize they're interested in each other and begin to dance, too.

As this episode ends, the teens, back at WOAK, split off into couples, and as Casey and Maddie hug and kiss, Gwen tells Will she wants things to still be this great in 50 years; Will promises her "happy endings always, for all of us."


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