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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 20, 2006 on ATWT
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Monday, March 20, 2006

Will tells Gwen that he is uncomfortable to be living in Hal's house. They are interrupted by a telephone call from Paul, who wants them to come to the jail to see him. Gwen urges Will to go, because she thinks that there might be some truth to Jennifer's feeling that Dusty is not dead. The two go to see Paul, where he tells them that the wants to turn his assets over to them as a wedding gift. Will tells Paul that he will accept the money, but that he will put it into a trust fund for Johnny, fearing that Paul might have control over them if they kept the money. Before they leave, Gwen asks Paul if he really killed Dusty. Paul answers, "Yeah."

Lily finds Jade and Luke together in Luke's bed, naked. She demands that Jade pack her things and leave. Luke stuns Lily and Holden by saying, "If she goes, I go too."

Emily offers to turn Henry's money over to him if he will kill Meg Snyder. In spite of the fact that Henry is more desperate for money than ever, now that Maddie has moved back into his hotel room, Henry turns Emily down flat. Emily stomps off, saying, "I'll take care of it myself."

Meg returns to the Snyder farm, distressed that Emma has mortgaged the farm in order to bail her daughter out of jail. Emma tells Meg that the police have found that the blood on her glove matched Dusty's blood, and Emma begs Meg to save herself by telling the truth. Meg refuses to turn on Paul, then she leaves the farmhouse.

Dusty awakens, bloody, blindfolded, and wrapped in chains, in an abandoned room. He is chained to a radiator, and a bowl of water sits on the floor beside him. As he struggles against his chains, a woman in grey slacks and black shoes walks into the room.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Luke tells Lily and Holden he knew about Jade but didn't tell them. He says he's in love with her and that if Lily kicks her out he will go with her. He goes upstairs to pack some things and Lily follows. She doesn't believe he loves Jade and tries to get at what's really going on. Meanwhile, downstairs, Jade tells Holden that she's the answer to his prayers, since she came along Luke hasn't been drinking and he isn't gay. She tells Holden that she's good for Luke. Upstairs, Luke is about to confess to his mother when Jade walks in. After Lily leaves, she tells Luke that Holden is on their side and will convince Lily to let them stay. Downstairs, Holden stops Lily from calling Jack to turn Jade in.

Tom and Margo meet at the Lakeview for a dinner date. She tells him about Will and Gwen and that she kicked Maddie out of the house. He implies that having Maddie at a hotel where they have even less control over her and Casey's actions might not be a good idea. Meanwhile, Casey shows up at Maddie's room. She doesn't want to let him in at first, claiming Margo was right about her being a bad influence, but eventually she caves and they start kissing. Back in the lobby, Lisa tells Margo that she wants Maddie to live with her. Margo asks for assurances that Lisa can keep her busy enough to stay away from Casey. She has a moment of clarity and realizes she's starting to become Barbara - underhanded and manipulative of her son's life. Tom calls Casey to make sure he's at home, upstairs, Casey doesn't answer. Lisa, Margo and Tom knock on Maddie's door. Casey hides and Maddie answers, claiming she hasn't seen him. Lisa comes inside and discovers Casey hiding under the bed, but instead of being angry, she tells Maddie she wants her to live with her and tells Casey she's hiring him to be a DJ at her new club. They're both excited. Back downstairs, Lisa tells Margo and Tom that Maddie's agreed to live with her and convinces them to go have dinner so Casey can sneak out.

A woman walks into the room where Dusty is being held and removes his blindfold so that he can see his capturer is indeed Emily. He has a quick memory of the night he confronted Paul - as he is about to dial the payphone, Emily comes up behind him and hits him with a crow bar. He falls unconscious onto the ground. In the present, he asks Emily why she did it, she tells him she couldn't let him call the police on Paul. He asks her if she and Paul were in this together to set him up and she tells him they are no longer together. She gets very emotional as she explains to Dusty that she wants Paul to stay in jail forever. He tells her he wants the same thing and will do anything to help her achieve that goal. He asks her to let him go and she explains that she can't - Paul has confessed to Dusty's murder and keeping Dusty is the only way to keep him in jail. Dusty tries to reason with her on both a logical and emotional level but she sticks to her plan. He tells her that until the police have his body Jennifer will never stop looking for him and that if he's found it'll be much worse than if she lets him go and he pretends he was on his business trip. Emily says she knows this and therefore she has to produce the body. She raises a gun and tells Dusty she's sorry.

Meg visits Paul in jail. As they talk, they discover that while each of them thought the other had killed Dusty, in fact neither of them did. They reveal to each other what they remember - Meg followed Paul and Dusty out of the hotel room and when she reached the back parking lot she round Dusty's wallet. Thinking that Paul had dragged his body somewhere, she took it and left. Paul followed Dusty out of the room and passed out in the bushes. When he came to, Dusty was gone and he ran off to hide in the cemetery. When he heard that Meg had Dusty's wallet, he confessed to protect her because he cares about what happens to her. As they both come to terms with what they've discovered they start to wonder if Dusty might still be alive. Paul reasons that the only person with anything to gain from Dusty's disappearance is Emily.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Outside the Snyder Mansion, Lily is still livid and wants Jade to be arrested. Holden tries to convince her, she may be overreacting. Lily wants to know what he's keeping from her. He tells his wife, how much Luke has changed since Jade came. He thinks Luke is doing much better. Lily strongly disagrees. Holden reminds his wife of how Lucinda tried to keep them apart. Holden successfully convinces his wife to let Jade stay. (Inside) Luke tells Jade he can't go through with lying to his family. She sways his negativity. She informs him, now that Holden thinks he's 'straight' he won't have any problems, and when Luke finally finds a boyfriend, Jade will be his cover. Luke wants to know what's in it for Jade, especially since Lily hates Jade. Jade tells him, she just wants to be part of the family. Lily and Holden enter. Lily tells Jade she can stay. Jade smiles; and then Lily adds, it's just for the night. Lily informs Jade that if she tries to leave with Luke, Lily will call the cops. Holden and Luke go outside. Holden tells Luke he isn't pleased with his actions, but he loves him. Inside, Jade tries to apologize to Lily, but Lily tells her, she knows what Jade is all about.

At the Snyder house, Carly tries to show affection by wearing a sexy negligee, but Jack wasn't interested. Jack asks about the outfit she wore at the club. Carly tries to apologize; never the less, Jack is distant. They begin to argue. Carly shoves Jack; he grabs and starts kissing her. She begs for forgiveness. They become engulfed in passion. When the passion subsides, Carly is relieved they are no longer fighting. Jack tells her nothing has changed. He adds they did not 'make love'; they had sex. He tells her, she tried to use sex to get him to forgive her, but it hasn't worked. Carly goes to get Jack some food, to take to work, and she tells him to put a picture of the two of them on his desk. When she leaves, he makes a phone call and leaves. Carly goes to the door and calls after him. Later, Carly opens the door to find Chardonnay asking for help.

At the Lake View, Katie convinces Lisa to let her and Nick into the "crime scene." Once inside Nick tells Katie what happened, and Katie starts to reenact the scenes. Katie turns her back to him, and starts to strip. Nick has a flashback and remembers that Carly was not there. It was Chardonnay.

Emily tells Dusty she's going to kill him, and asks him for any last wishes. He wants to know why. She tells him, it's because of Meg. Dusty informs her, that Meg loves him. Emily points the gun at Dusty and tells him closing his eyes will make it easier. Her phone rings, Dusty suggest she answer it, because if it's an emergency she'll be to busy, cleaning up the mess, to leave. Emily goes outside and answers the phone, it's Paul and he wants to see her. She leaves to meet him. Inside, Dusty dreams of Jennifer and Hal finding him. He comes to and asks Jennifer not to stop looking for him.

At the jail, Paul and Meg realize Dusty may actually be alive. Paul concludes Emily must be behind everything. Meg wants to know why Paul would cover for her, and he wonders the same thing about her. Paul announces they don't know each other very well. Meg wants to go to the police, but Paul doesn't think the police will be of much help. He convinces Meg to keep quiet. Meg leaves and Paul calls Emily. Emily arrives. Paul apologizes for leaving her. She is skeptical. Paul says nobody can ever love him like Emily. Leaving her was the biggest mistake of his life. The guard comes and says visiting time is over.

In the Lake View lobby, Hal tries to comfort Jennifer. Jennifer says, she won't have closure until she finds Dusty's body. Hal leaves. Jennifer runs into Meg when she's leaving. Meg tells her Dusty is alive and being kept by someone. Jennifer wants to know by whom, but Meg says doesn't know who has him. Meg declares Paul is trying to find Dusty. Jennifer becomes convinced Meg is lying. She says if Dusty is alive, he doesn't need Paul's help.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Lucinda wants to know if Luke is afraid of something. She doesn't believe this thing with Jade, and demands Luke look her in the eye and say that he's in love. Luke thinks of Kevin, and tells his grandmother exactly that. Barbara declares that Gwen has won. She got Will to marry her. Well, now Barbara will be happy to pay her whatever she wants to get the little slut out of her son's life. Will and Hal throw the new mother-in-law out. Will tells his father they'll be out of the house as soon as Will finds a job, but Gwen admits that she likes having a house and people to take care of. She shares her dream to go to college and study music with Hal, who offers to support her and Will if they agree to go back to school. Meanwhile, Will accepts an orderly job at Memorial from Bob, happy that it will get him out of his father's house. Chardonnay tells Carly that Anatoly is out to kill her, and she needs money to get out of town - fast. When Carly can only come up with fifty dollars, Chardonnay smacks her and begins ransacking the house. Parker comes down with a gun, but Chardonnay realizes it's a toy and takes it away. Carly jumps her, screaming for the stripper to stay away from her son. Chardonnay apologizes, explains she's desperate and Carly gives her a diamond pendant to pawn. Chardonnay leaves, and Parker says he bets Jack is going to be proud when he hears how brave Parker was. Carly convinces her son to keep it a secret. Katie helps Nick break into the club by pretending to be a stripper. But her perky cheerleading turned pole dancing isn't enough to keep Butch from hearing Nick in the backroom. Katie hightails it out of there with Nick, who thinks he's gotten the info he needs to find Chardonnay. They show up on her doorstep just as she's planning to leave town and beg for her help.

Friday, March 24, 2006

At Hal's house, Gwen tells Will about Hal's offer to let them stay at his house and support them financially provided that they work hard at school and manage to graduate on time in June; she also tells him that Hal has said he would talk to Barbara to try to get her to agree to this plan and to release Will's trust fund money to him if they do graduate in June, so that they'll have money to live on and go to college. Will is furious about the whole idea, both with Hal for suggesting it and with Gwen for seemingly agreeing with it. Gwen is puzzled as to why living with Hal for 3 months would be such a bad thing, but Will tells her that his mom and dad's house holds terrible memories for him, from when Hal and Barbara decided to divorce to when he was told they were sending him to the mental hospital. He tells Gwen he'd rather be in a ratty apartment and work as a janitor at the hospital than stick around the house, in part because of the bad memories/associations and in part because he feels like it will end up being some kind of "bait and switch" or that Barbara will somehow sneak in and set Gwen up for something. Meanwhile, Hal manages to get Barbara to agree to release the trust fund to Will if he and Gwen fulfill their end of the bargain, telling Barbara that when Will and Gwen have no one left to fight, they will probably drift apart like most teenagers who get married too young tend to do. Hal goes back home, pleased as punch with the deal he's made, but he's greeted by an angry Will and a remorseful Gwen, who tells him that they've decided to stick with their original plan of getting jobs and moving out as soon as possible.

Emily tells Henry about her visit to Paul, and she asks Henry if he thinks she can believe Paul when he says he's furious with Meg for turning on him and that turning his back on Emily was the worst mistake of his life. Henry looks doubtful about Paul's feelings for Emily but says he has no proof to offer her either way; Emily seizes on that and says she'll go get proof. Meanwhile, Meg visits Paul in jail, where she tries to tell him he's done enough already to try to convince Emily that he's sorry so that she'll realize she doesn't need to continue to hold Dusty hostage. He tells her not to worry about him, but he needs to really convince Emily that he's not involved with Meg and still in love with Emily. While they are talking, Paul spots Emily and begins shouting at Meg, telling her to get out of his life. Emily walks up, and Meg and Paul yell at each other some more before Meg leaves, saying Paul was never her type anyway. Paul sincerely apologizes to Emily for having hurt her after she'd been so loyal to him and so trustworthy, and then he tells her no one ever loved him like she did. Emily tells Paul that she wants to believe him and that she's willing to come back to him if he really loves her; when he reminds her he'll be in jail for a long time, she insinuates that there might be a way around that. When he asks what she's talking about, she simply tells him that if he really loves her still, he can prove it by marrying her --- today.

At Chardonnay's place, Nick and Katie question her about what happened to Nick in the hotel room; she insists that Anatoly wants to kill her because he thinks she's been talking to people about what happened, so she has to leave town. Nick tells her he can offer her immunity if she'll just tell him everything that happened and everyone who was involved. She says she'll do it if he can guarantee she won't get any jail time, and he tells her he can agree to that. Chardonnay then feigns an asthma attack and leaves the room, supposedly to get her inhaler, but she leaves through a back door, where she is grabbed by a man dressed in a black jacket and wearing black gloves. Nick and Katie soon realize that Chardonnay has fled, and Nick tells Katie this means his only hope of clearing his name is gone, and he'll surely end up in prison now.

At home, Carly and Parker are still both slightly rattled after the confrontation with Chardonnay, but Carly reassures Parker that all will be back to normal soon. Carly then goes to the police station with a box of Jack's things to put back on his desk, but he's not there. When Margo tells her that Jack is working the Kasnoff case, Carly panics and heads back home. When she gets there, she sees Jack's car outside; nervous, she opens the door and calls his name, only to see him standing there, in his black jacket and gloves, talking to Chardonnay.


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