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Evangeline found Paige's pager at the warehouse where Margaret had been. Natalie convinced Bo to allow her to train in forensics at the police department. John felt responsible for his father's death. Todd spotted Spencer and Blair about to make love and left his wedding ring on the windowsill. Rex let Dorian know he was onto her. Clint and Viki viewed a tape of Tess being assaulted.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 20, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, March 20, 2006

David discovers Paige trying to scrub away all her fingerprints from the room where Margaret gave birth. Todd phones Evangeline from Spencer's office but has to duck into hiding when the doctor walks in with Blair. Michael urges Marcie to stop stressing over their impending nuptials. Natalie tells Bo she'd like the chance to train as a forensic technician for the police department. John explains to Crosby why he blames himself for never solving his father's murder. David suggests to Paige that they find some way to neutralize his lethal brother. Marcie panics her fianc? by talking about starting a family right away. Kevin's hard drinking dismays Kelly and makes Dorian suspect new trouble in paradise. Bo cautions Natalie to remember that she'll be working closely with John if she gets the forensics job. Eavesdropping on Blair's conversation with Spencer, Todd learns that his ex is taking their kids to the cabin for a ski vacation. Later, Bo arrives and puts Spencer on notice that he won't tolerate any flack directed Paige's way. Crosby advises John to let himself off the hook because he's blameless where his dad is concerned. An inebriated Kevin causes an ugly scene at the award ceremony. Todd shows Evangeline the lease Spencer signed for the warehouse the day before Margaret "died." Starr calls Spencer for help after her mom's car breaks down. Paige and David share their guilt over the death of a cop years ago.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Todd and Evangeline arrive at the warehouse that Spencer rented the day before Margaret's "death." After going inside first to make sure that it's not a trap set by Spencer or the police, Evangeline motions for Todd to come in so that they can have a look around. Just as Evangeline comments on the building just being an abandoned warehouse with no valuable clues, Todd finds Paige's pager lying on the floor. He wants to confront Paige but Evangeline warns him that Paige is the police commissioner's girlfriend and unless he wants to get shot, he should sit back and wait for her to go and confront both Paige and Spencer at Spencer's award ceremony. Todd begrudgingly agrees to wait until Evangeline's return but thoughts of Blair and a time they spent at the cabin sends Todd running out of the warehouse.

While Todd and Evangeline are at the warehouse, Spencer arrives in time to save Blair and the kids from freezing on the side of the road in their broken down vehicle. After checking under the hood, he offers to give them a ride to their cabin which Blair accepts after Jack and Starr agree. Starr lets Spencer that even though she is grateful for all the times he has been there for them, she does see him as a replacement father and does not want him in her mother's life as anything other than a friend.

They arrive at the cabin safely and when it's apparent that with the snow and cold, the roads are too dangerous for Spencer to return to Llanview that evening, Blair sets up a bed in the living room for Spencer to sleep on. She asks him about his mother and father. Spencer tells her that he was raised by his mother until she died and then he and Davey went to go live with their father who Spencer hates because after all the pain his father caused his mother, he didn't even have the decency to be there for her at the time of her death. After everyone has gone to bed, Spencer is left tossing and turning in his bed until he looks up and sees Blair standing in the doorway of her bedroom looking longingly at him.

Nash walks into the cottage to find Tess sipping out of a wine glass. He grabs the cup from her but she assures him it's only grape juice which he confirms by taking a sip. They discuss baby names with Tess wanting to name their baby Grape in honor of their vineyard. Nash lets Tess know that they are not naming their baby after fruit or any other inanimate object. He says that if they have a boy he would like to name him Alec, which means "the protector." Tess is amused by the name and when Nash can't come up with a name for a girl, she goes back to Grape.

Tess also tries to find out the real reason why Nash wants to sell the vineyard but Nash won't budge. He tells her that the vineyard is not the place to raise a family but his mind takes him back to the threat Mr. Restin made against Tess to get to Nash. While Nash is in the shower, Tess calls the realtor and tells her that Nash has changed his mind about selling the vineyard. Nash catches her hanging up the phone as he walks in the room (in a towel) looking for shampoo. She tells him that the phone rang but after telling her that he didn't hear the phone ring, Nash catches onto the fact that she called the realtor and tells her that he is selling the vineyard, end of discussion and that she better fix things with the realtor. Just as she is calling the realtor, there is a knock on the door and it is Mr. Restin who Tess finally meets face to face. She covers for Nash telling Restin that he is not there and he tells her good because he came to see her, not Nash.

Rose brings Viki and Clint to an old house which she says she remembered only when she and dad drove by it one day. It is apparent to Viki and Clint that something awful happened there which Rose partially confirms when she tells them that she should have called the police and she couldn't believe he would do that. They try to find out who and what Rose is talking about but the memory becomes too painful for Rose and she runs off but not before Viki grabs hold of her and pleads with her to tell them what happened to Jessica to no avail. Clint calms her down long enough to let Rose leave. Viki is upset because Rose was their only lead until Clint says, "It's times like these that make me think ‘what would Pa do?'" He takes Viki by the hand and they go inside the house. They look around and see nothing. Just as they are about to leave, Clint walks over a rug and he hears a noise. He throws the rug back and discovers a loose floorboard with something inside.

Rex and Adriana meet with Dorian after arriving back in Llanview. Adriana fills Dorian in on Rex being arrested after hotel security found drugs on him and then took Rex out into the alley and shot him up with drugs. Dorian tries to throw doubt on Rex's story by asking Adriana why anyone would want to give away drugs by shooting up Rex. Adriana and Rex get up to leave when Rex feigns faintness and sends Adriana to get him a glass of water. While Adriana is gone, Rex lets Dorian inform that he knows that she was the one who set him up and the only reason he didn't say anything to Adriana is because he did not want to hurt her. Rex does issue a warning to Dorian that he is not afraid of her and that if she wants a war, he is ready for her.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Clint finds a strongbox under the floorboards of the abandoned house and it's obvious it's been around for a long time. He and Viki argue over whether to open it now or take it back to Llanview and open it in the presence of Dr. Jamison. He doesn't want Jess or Viki to be hurt by its contents. Viki wins out and Clint opens it reluctantly. They're horrified with what's inside and Clint now begins to blame himself for whatever happened to Jess. He was the father and he should have been around to notice. He refuses to do anything else without professional help and this time Viki agrees. They will have to move now and quickly in order to get Jess back. He calls Nash and asks that he bring Tess back to Llanview, under the premise that the baby is almost due and should be born there. There's an evil chill in the air as they leave the house.

While Nash is in the shower contemplating how bad it would be if Reston encountered Tess, the real deal is happening at the front door. Not scared by anyone, Tess advises the man not to let her appearance fool him as appearances are deceiving. When he mentions the debt that a newly arrived and astonished Nash owes him, Tess is pretty much finished and orders him to leave. Though he threatens back, Reston takes her suggestion and goes. Tess is furious with Nash but figures out why he wanted to sell the vineyard. She doesn't want him keeping secrets from her and doesn't consider Reston to be all that serious of a threat. She in turn cannot divulge her own secret or Tess as Nash knows her will disappear. After Clint calls, Tess is happy to hear that Nash will go back to Llanview with her.

Evangeline is unable to locate Todd in the warehouse but gets a gift in the form of Paige who comes looking for her pager. She confronts the doctor and doesn't buy the excuse she's given for her appearance there (that she's going to store furniture). Wondering exactly whose side Paige is on, Evangeline suggests that perhaps she go to Spencer to find out the truth. No, that's crazy, she agrees with Paige. Bo then, should be the one who should be able to tell her something. Immediately, Paige acts even more suspiciously, as she warns Evangeline to stay away from Bo if she cares for him. Is Paige protecting Bo? Evangeline can't believe that Bo would be involved in something corrupt. Paige refuses to say anything else and leaves.

Arriving at the Palace for a special dessert after a baseball game, Matthew asks Bo if he thinks Paige will show up. He can't understand why she wasn't at the game and is worried that she will leave them. As Bo reassures his son, Paige arrives, gift in hand. She was held up at the hospital, she tells Bo. He uneasily mentions that he didn't see her when he was there but she hastily points out that she was probably in a different department. Evangeline follows Paige to the hotel. She herself is tailed by one of Bo's men. She stops to chat with Renee and mentions the awards ceremony that was held there earlier. Funny thing about that, Renee responds. Spencer left in a hurry after receiving a phone call and said something about Llantano Mountain. Evangeline recalls Todd mentioning that his family was going up there. She rushes out, right into the undercover police officer.

Todd drives up Llantano Mountain on a stolen bike and spots Blair's empty car. Looking around for his family, he runs and hides when a patrolman arrives, closely followed by the road service driver. The cop will look around after running a check and noting that the bike is stolen. In the cabin, Blair has difficulty sleeping and goes to chat with a practically unclothed Spencer on the sofa bed. She can't believe he deserted the awards ceremony for them. Their conversation takes its usual turn and while Spencer admits that he thinks about her all of the time, Blair again states that she still loves Todd. Spencer believes that she is scared of falling in love with him and he affirms that one day, she will once again fall in love with someone. One thing leads to another and they begin to kiss. It's Spencer who pulls away but Blair is sure this time. She wants him now, not like before when she needed him. They fall to the bed as Todd makes it to the cabin and sees them through the window.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Todd watches through the cabin window as Blair and Spencer are intimate. Spencer fears that the problem of Todd is still looming between them, but Blair assures him that he is the only man she wants to be with. The two hear a noise outside, and Spencer goes to check it out. Todd is able to hide in the bushes, out of Spencer's view. He remembers Blair telling him that she could never be with anyone else.

While at The Palace, Bo gets a lead on Todd's whereabouts and he takes off-but not before telling a plainclothes cop to keep a watchful eye on Evangeline. Adriana tells Evangeline where the cabin is that Blair is staying with the kids. Evangeline wants Rex to go to the cabin with her and help her find Todd, but Rex tells her that Bo already has a lead and is headed up that way. He also tells her that Bo told the cop to watch her.

In effort to distract the cop from watching Evangeline, Rex asks Adriana to pick a fight with him. When the two pretend to scream at each other, the cop rushes to Adriana's aid and Evangeline slips out with Layla. When the cop realizes he was set up, he takes Rex down to the police station.

On the way to the cabin, Layla demands to know why Evangeline keeps putting herself on the line for Todd. Evangeline responds by simply saying she knows what it is like not to have anyone there for you. Reluctantly, Layla lets her sister out of the car so she can walk the rest of the way into the woods and find Todd.

Adriana and Layla sit together and worry about Rex and Evangeline. Layla accuses Adriana of falling in love with Rex, even though they haven't been together very long. Eventually, Adriana admits that she's probably right.

Natalie wants to help John "get closure" by working on his father's unsolved murder case with him. John wants her to stay out of things. They argue. As Natalie leaves, she is congratulated by Dr. Crosby, and John finds out she is going to be a forensic technician. Natalie hopes this will make John take her more seriously, but he is unimpressed. Natalie then asks John to supervise her for her field experience requirement.

Later, Natalie sneaks into Bo's office to use his computer, out of sight from John. Rex sees her close the blinds and barges in. Natalie tells him about her plans to help John with his father's case, and Rex gets angry, saying she's acting just the way she did before she got into trouble the last time. He wants her to stay away from John. When Natalie brings up Rex's recent mishap with heroin, Rex tells her he was set up. Natalie realizes her brother was set up by none other than Adriana's mother, Dorian Lord. She tries to convince him to tell Adriana what Dorian is up to.

Back at the Craze office, Dorian tells her new assistant, Darryl, that she wants Rex out of Adriana's life. She then employs his help after he tells her he wishes he had a mother like her. The two devise a plan for Darryl to frequent UltraViolet, and keep an eye on Adriana...while getting dirt on Rex.

Bo arrives at the cabin and knocks on the door. He is surprised when Spencer answers. The two men talk outside. Bo gets a phone call and turns away, at which point, Spencer spots Todd's wedding ring and picks it up.

Dr. Crosby presents John with his badge-but John will only be reinstated if he stays off the Manning case.

Evangeline finds Todd in the woods and helps him get away from the cops, once again. They end up at the old home of Victor Lord, where Todd begins to have a breakdown.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Cristian is discussing his upcoming fight with a bartender at Rodi's when Hugh breaks in on the conversation. Hugh demands to know where Evangeline is hiding, but Cristian does not know. Hugh doesn't believe Vega and starts to hassle him by referring to his ex-con status when Natalie barges in and rushes to Cris's defense. She reminds Hugh that all charges against Cristian have been cleared and suggests that he ask Cristian for information in a nicer fashion. Hugh does so, but Cris maintains that he hasn't seen Evangeline since the police station that morning. Hugh says that he had better be telling the truth and storms out. Natalie wonders why Cris is so eager to help protect Vange, and Cris reminds her that Vange is the reason he is a free man. The two of them proceed to enjoy a nice conversation, and Cristian is genuinely proud to learn that Natalie is going to be taking classes to become a forensics technician. Nat fills Cris in on Tess and reveals that Tess thinks she is still in love with him. This brings a large smile to Cristian's face, but he recognizes that as of now, he and Natalie are just friends. He leaves to go get some rest before his big match, but Nat stays so that she can talk to Roxy about John's father ...

At the cabin on Llantano Mountain, the police arrive to question Spencer and Blair about Todd's whereabouts. Spencer has located Todd's ring, which Manning left on the windowsill after he spotted Blair and Truman having sex. He hands the ring over to the police. Hugh arrives on the scene and demands to know how the police let Todd escape. Starr wakes up and Blair is forced to tell her that her father was there. Starr is suspicious as to what Todd would have seen that would force him to run off without saying anything to his family. Blair brushes off Starr's concerns and both mother and daughter answer questions from a stern Hugh. Starr lets him know that if her father had contacted her, she certainly wouldn't say anything to Hugh; she maintains that Todd is innocent. Hugh leaves along with the police, and when Starr expresses concern that her father is out in the cold night, Blair reminds her that her father is a survivor. After Starr goes back to bed, Spencer admits that he's ticked off that Todd ruined their night of passion. Blair is obviously effected by the fact that Todd witnessed them, and she says that they are lucky Todd didn't storm in and kill them both. Spencer says that maybe that is a sign that Todd is over her, and Blair looks pained.

Meanwhile, Todd and Evangeline have arrived at Lion's Heart. Todd says it's only fitting that he should end up at one of Victor Lord's lairs. Vange is puzzled, and Todd comes out with the truth about what he saw. When Vange says that she understands his pain, Todd explodes, telling her that she couldn't possibly know what it's like to watch the love of his life sleeping with the man who has set him up for murder. Todd breaks down, admitting that he can't fight for his freedom anymore. Evangeline remains strong for him, reminding him of his children ... she goes so far as to ask him what he would do if Spencer married Blair and became a stepfather to Starr and Jack. Todd says that he will never let that happen, and Evangeline points out that that is an excellent reason for him to keep fighting. She leaves to go home, but not before the two of them share an intense embrace.

Viki and Clint are closer than ever to learning the truth about what happened to their daughter. Bo arrives at Llanfair to collect the tapes, but Viki insists that they have to watch Jessica's tape before he can take it. Bo says that he can't let them interfere with the chain of custody for this evidence, but Viki appeals to his love for Matthew. "If it was Matthew on that tape, you'd need to see it," she says, and Bo reluctantly gives in. Before he leaves Llanfair, he hugs his brother, who admits that he's falling apart. Finally alone, Viki and Clint put in the tape.

Meanwhile, Nash reveals to Tess that she spoiled the deal and the sale of the winery is off. She is delighted, but he can't understand why she doesn't see how much danger she is in from George Restin. Tess insists that she isn't scared of Restin. The two of them sit on the bed and have a very emotional discussion about their love. She has agreed to go back to Llanview, but she insists that Viki and Clint don't care about her; they only want Jessica back. She reminds Nash that he's in love with an alter, but he insists that he's in love with a person ... a person named Tess. Tearfully, Tess tells Nash how much he means to her. She feels that if she hadn't met him, she would be dead now. She says that he showed her that a man could love her without using her, without abusing her, and without taking something from her. "And for that, I'll always love you." As they vow their love to one another, a very dark scene takes place back in Llanview ...

Clint and Viki watch untold horrors unfold on the videotape. Clint gets up, goes to the mantel, and knocks a bunch of stuff off in an utter rage. "Damn it," he screams into the library, as Viki cries in front of the television. Mustering his strength, Clint goes back to sit beside Viki and hold her in his arms. She heaves with sobs, unable to comprehend the pain that her baby girl went through twenty years before ...

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