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The truth behind the lie
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It's easy to understand why Theresa is willing to settle for being Ethan's mistress. One minute he is telling her that he loves her, and the next he is telling her that he can never leave his wife. He is abusive towards Theresa, and she deserves better.

As many of you know, I used to be a HUGE General Hospital fan. Sonny and Brenda were the hottest thing on television, and I didn't miss a minute. For those that don't know, Sonny was forced to marry Lily just as he and Brenda were about to reunite. Then Brenda went to Sonny and begged him to let her be his mistress. Sonny said no because he knew Lily's father (a powerful mobster) would kill Brenda.

Here I am many years later, watching the same scene, except it's between Ethan and Theresa. Oddly enough I can understand perfectly why Theresa will settle being Ethan's mistress. The fault lies solely with Ethan. He is a spineless, gutless wimp. One minute he is telling her he loves her, the next he is telling her he can never leave his wife. One minute he is kissing her and wanting her, the next he is letting her take the sole blame when Gwen catches him in the act. He is abusive towards Theresa, and frankly both she and Gwen deserve a lot better than this.

And Gwen knows the truth. She stood there and forced Ethan to choose between her and Theresa "once and for all" (for the umpteenth millionth time) knowing he would never choose Theresa. Then when they got back to their room, she let him have it. Ethan just loves to blame Theresa for everything, and walk away scott free, but this time Gwen made him accountable for his actions as well. His lame excuse that he couldn't stop Theresa didn't fly at all with Gwen, and I'm glad she let him have it. Now if only she would just walk away and let him go.

Another one that needs to walk away and let go is Luis. He finally found out the truth this week, after a million stupid interruptions like, "Sheridan, I know the truth. When did you learn how to cook?" and "Chris must've fallen in love with Sheridan's friend Dottie." Once it was laid out plainly for deputy doofus, he didn't take the news well at all.

First he told Sheridan she was going to leave Chris and come back to him. Then he accused Chris of blackmailing Sheridan into marrying him, because let's face it, Sheridan can never love anyone but Luis. Then as he threw a temper tantrum, he learned that Sheridan is pregnant. I'm glad Chris and Sheridan are together. Luis is a jackass and he and Ethan need to grow up. But Sheridan does not want to be with Chris and that was made clear by the fact that EVE had to tell her she was carrying Chris' baby. This does not bode well for their future together.

I am glad Kay told Miguel where to go. That lame excuse that he sent money, "when he could" is old. He wasn't there for Maria or Kay, and she was the one that had to sacrifice to provide for Maria. Fact of the matter is, all the Lopez-Fitzgerald's are selfish and concerned only with what is good for them. Kay would do well to stick with Fox and let Miguel stew over losing Charity. Wouldn't know that if Kay and Miguel got together, he would drop her in a minute if it meant he could be with Charity.

Noah bores me to tears. I enjoy Fancy, but her whining over losing Noah is getting old fast. Bo and Hope have been together forever, and they aren't whining nearly as much as these two. And I wish the Dragon Lady would kill Maya already. She is so obviously working against Noah; I don't know how no one else sees it.

Whitney followed the monk, thinking he was God, into a basement where he showed her the pictures that were stolen. Meanwhile, Paloma and Simone are investigating the pictures. Is Sister Whitney going to be forced to harm her sister?

Some Random Thoughts:

What is the deal with Luis? He acts more drunk than sick. I noticed this, but my fiancée and Christina (see below) has noticed this as well. And did he really have to ask Sheridan who she was married to. I mean Chris hasn't left her and Luis alone for two seconds.

Endora was back with her too cute pigtails this week.

Finally Theresa admitted she knows nothing about running Crane Industries.

Why did Fox and Miguel have to put the swing set together shirtless?

Viewer's Voice:

"When Gwen told Theresa flat-out what a bad mother she was proving to be, I felt like shouting, 'THANK YOU, GWEN!' About time someone tell Theresa the sad truth about her parenting. She barely spends any of her time with her children. She spends all of it chasing Ethan. What's surprising is that JERk himself actually realized that and made sure it was mentioned. After all these years as trying to paint Theresa as a good mother, it's good to see even HE has finally realized she is anything but that!
The only other thing I wanted to mention is Mrs. Henderson. I thought other women on this show were dumb, but she comes off even dumber than they are. Not so much that she told Luis about Chris's new love. But more because when Sheridan heard about that, Mrs. Henderson couldn't even read her expression and figure out she should've said nothing. But all she did was giggle rather stupidly. Idiot." Thanks Jamison!!!!!!!! Great to hear from you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"This storyline with Luis/Sheridan/Chris is just a repeat of Luis/Sheridan/Antonio. Many of you have pointed out that Luis/Sheridan lose each other because they think the other is dead, the met new people, fall in love, prepare to get married, Sheridan becomes pregnant, Luis gets her back, the other guy ends up hurt and he dead. Well, one thing that no one has mention is the fact that we really don't know if Marty is Luis son or not. Marty can still be Antonio's son; he and Sheridan spent many nights together as well. So her being pregnant by Chris is nothing. Luis will have dream and think that it's real and the unborn baby will suddenly be his. Did anyone notice how quickly Sheridan forget that Chris was even the baby's father until Eve mentioned it?" Thanks Jennifer!!!!!!!!!

"Can we talk about Luis for a second? What is wrong with the man? He talks so slow, has a hazy look on his face all the time, not to mention a constant look of bewilderment. I get that he was locked away for months or whatever but what is with him? Luis behaves as if he is a child and its becoming ridiculous." Thanks Christina!!!!!!!!!!

"Man, oh, man. I haven't seen the show in over a month and by the sounds of things I don't need to. I can just read the column every week. So Sheridan's pregnant with Chris' baby? Personally I was waiting for Marty to be Antonio's son, but I guess this will do for now. Let's face it. The only way Sheridan and Luis can be together is by committing adultery. I must say that I'm not excited about the Vendetta storyline. The Passions Storm brought nothing (except Kay and Fox got together). Passions Red brought nothing (Rachel seems to have faded into obscurity.) So this will be no different. After watching this show on and off since 2000, virtually nothing can surprise me. I can predict 96% of the future events. I'm taking an advanced fiction writing class and one thing we talk about is how to move the plot and bring conflict. Also if there are characters that aren't doing anything for the plot they need to go. If I could write for this show I would introduce three or four new bloodlines and a new villain. On top of that Sheridan, Katherine and Theresa would be history." Theresa wouldn't be history, but her love for Ethan would be. Thanks Jon!!!!!!!!!!

"Well, I know there are going to be a few out there who disagree with what I am about to say, but hey, don't we love controversy. I for one love Sheridan with Chris and I am kind of disgusted with Luis. Luis has always been this pig-headed character that felt that he had to tell everyone in the freaking town of Harmony what and what not to do. Why did he have to force (and yes I said force, since he wouldn't take no for an answer) Sheridan to marry him at the hospital? Enough of them. On to that low-life Theresa. I for one have always been a fan of Theresa but her antics last week were despicable. She sunk to an all time low this week. What decent woman would settle being a man's mistress, that is just horrible. Glad to see Eve again on screen; however, she is boring without any secrets. Way To Go Chad.... I was very happy that someone has finally told Sister Whitney off, but don't get it twisted, I think he is still a little sick for wanting to be with his sister, but Brandi has beat that horse dead, so I won't go into that. Other than that, I really like the column and I love reading everyone's comments." Thanks Nitra!!!!!!!!!!

"Can you believe Theresa running home to get naked and grab her trench coat so she can go seduce Ethan? I didn't think the scene was sexy or hot. It was sad to see the character think so little of herself. No man is [worth] being his mistress and accepting the crumbs he throws to you when he has time. Theresa talks about the fact that they keep getting drawn to each other but that isn't the case at all. Theresa won't leave him alone. She's in his face everyday and never takes no for an answer that isn't fate you WHACKO it's called stalking. I wish someone in her family would step up to the plate and commit her to a mental health facility. If she continues with this kind of behavior then I hope Little Ethan is taken from her and Jane is never returned. At this point I just don't care about the tabloid story and Gwen's part in it. How anyone can compare that to what's been going on is mind-boggling. I hope it is revealed but I still don't see Ethan leaving Gwen and hopefully that will be the thing that forces Theresa to deal with reality once and for all." Thanks Katie!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Thank you for your prayers. I am from TN, and everything was really horrible. ET and Shuis forever!" God Bless Kim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Easter,

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