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The Ethan/Theresa/Gwen triangle has been hotly debated since day one, yet here we are, almost seven years later, and the same lines are being said, and the same stories are being written. Gwen is never going to give up and let Theresa be happy with Ethan.

I watch this show week in and week out and think that the writers must have the easiest job in the world. Basically they just have to reprint all their old scripts out after changing the characters names. And for goodness sake, enough with the Luis and Sheridan flashbacks. That is why I watch Sci-Fi in the mornings. Besides, Luis and Sheridan were a much better couple then.

I know I am supposed to want Luis and Sheridan together, but I don't. I don't like Chris either though. Luis spent the first part of the week demanding Sheridan divorce Chris and come back to him. It's like he thinks Sheridan can't think for herself. Once the entire town puts their two cents in on the situation, Luis accepts that Sheridan is gone. So what does he do, take it like a man and wish them well? No, he's going to Rome to get Marty so he can get Sheridan back. So that makes him a hypocrite for telling Theresa not to interfere when he is planning to do the same.

I understand that no soap couple has an easy road to coupledom. No one wants to watch a couple once they've gotten together, Eve and Julian are proof of that. And once in a while, a soap writer's dream comes true, and a triangle is created where there are no clear-cut winners. The Sonny/Brenda/Jax triangle comes to mind.

Easily the closest thing to that on Passions is Ethan/Theresa/Gwen. This is the one triangle that has been hotly debated since day one. Yet here we are, almost seven years later, and the same lines are being said, the same stories are being written, and I don't know how the actors do it. Gwen is never going to give up and let Theresa be happy with Ethan. It doesn't matter if the truth about the tabloid ever comes out (and that is one secret that is long overdue for exposure). Gwen and Theresa will eventually switch roles, with Theresa being Ethan's wife and Gwen doing the whole seduction thing.

Theresa spouted off her concerns about Luis and Sheridan belonging together because they are each other's true love. Of course Gwen couldn't agree with Theresa, and yet another fight broke out over Ethan. Then Ethan walks outside with Luis and all but admits he jerks Theresa around. Why didn't Luis tell him something or at least point out what a jerk he is? There is no doubt Luis loves Theresa, why didn't he stick up for her?

Noah, Fancy, and Maya all arrive in Rome, and promptly run into each other. Noah must be too blinded by trying to woo Fancy back not to notice how obvious it is Maya is working against him. She's so cool, calm, and collected while terrorists are threatening her and the FBI supposedly wants to put her in jail. I'd be a freaking out. She is a waste of screen time, and this while story bores me.

I'm starting not to like Fox. Justin's Fox had this devil may care attitude. Even when he was desperate for Whitney, he never seemed forceful like Mark's Fox does. Now Fox seems depressed and insecure, a problem Justin never seemed to exude in his character. I understand that Kay's uncertainty about whom she should be with is supposed to be causing insecurity in Fox, but I'm bored with this story. And Fox forcing Kay to marry him right away is absurd. But I don't care for the new Miguel either, so it's a crapshoot now who Kay ends up with.

Whitney Russell has been made over into Whitney Houston per the monk's plan. Whitney is on her way to Rome, and Chad is sure to follow. Chad asked Ethan for help with Whitney earlier in the week, so I guess that is Ethan's ticket to Rome as well. The monk sure seems to be Alistair to me. I bet the underground rooms at the church are connected to the mansion some kind of way. Such a shame, this story had so much potential.

Some Random Thoughts:

Why didn't Fancy take the Crane jet to Rome?

I really enjoy watching Maria and Endora together this week. They truly are the highlight of this show.

Doesn't it seem like Fancy and Esme are a younger version of Ivy and Rebecca?

"Repent now or God will smite you." - Whitney to Theresa. If I closed my eyes, I could've sworn it was Gwen condemning Theresa to hell.

Viewer's Voice:

"Everything that has already been written is true. The Luis and Sheridan thing has just been repeated over and over again. Lets get some new blood going. Bring back Charity and lets see Kay using her powers. Also where is Grace; did she just drop off the face of the earth? Bring her back with a new fire in her belly to get rid of Ivy and lets see her use the powers that she has. I think that the whole scenario of Ivy tricking Grace into believing David was her husband needs to come out and she needs to come roaring back. This is supposed to be a soap opera with supernatural aspects and the only ones showing their powers are Tabitha and Endora. Remember Maria is part witch too and can you see what would happen if the two put their powers together. Why is Whitney such a wimp, either she wants Chad and Miles or she doesn't it is time to decide. Noah is really great, but wouldn't it be something if he fell for Fancy's sister while Fancy is uncertain about their relationship. Also wouldn't it be great if the sister and Theresa had it out over Crane Industries. Keep Alistair in that coma, or give him some redeeming qualities. I really believe that Pilar and Martin need to be together and Katherine needs to find a really rich man to rival Alistair and we can see who wins. Alistair's evil needs to rivaled by someone just as powerful but not as evil. I think the magic and supernatural sequences are great, like the turkey stuff on thanksgiving. Lets see Endora and Maria just drive their parents nuts with these powers. Not evil just mischievous." Thanks Robbie!!!!

"Okay, now I am usually a big Theresa fan but I was disgusted with the whole trench coat seduction thing. That was just pathetic and JER should be ashamed of himself for even thinking that fans would buy into that! I hope that Lindsay Hartley got a bonus or something for having to film that. I also have to say that while Gwen had a point in saying that Theresa was not being a good mother, neither is Gwen. She always left Little Ethan with that nanny and who exactly was watching Jane while Gwen was fighting once again with Theresa? Can we say hypocrite?!? The tabloid secret needs to come out now and both Gwen and Theresa need to kick Ethan to the curb and leave him lonely and miserable for a long time. Finally Sheridan, Luis, and Chris are stupid and it is obvious that JER is running out of ideas!" Thanks Amanda!!!

"Don't you think that the stories that are being told are the same stories that have been going on for that past few years? I personally think that the acting on the show is poor (which might reflect the poor writing), but I've seen bad stories with good acting so that isn't excuse. Honestly if I were running this show I would fire 95% of the cast and 100% of the writers. It's so sad watching this show because some of the actors actually have potential but are wasting it on poor storylines and bad casting. Is it just me or are the new Fox and Miguel just eye candy? Their acting is horrible. You would think since they had enough time they would have found better actors, but I'm not really surprised. It's sad when one of the best actresses on the show has to take her clothes off and throw herself at some loser." I agree with you. Thanks John!!!

"If the writers think for one single second that we are going to believe that Sheridan loves Chris more than Luis, they are out of their minds! Chris is even more boring than Antonio and Sheridan has even less chemistry with him than Antonio as well. Watching the old Sheridan and Luis on the sci-fi reruns just shows me how far away these two are from the feisty couple that scorched the screen in their scenes together. They still have chemistry, but they need more personality, especially Sheridan who used to have so much spirit and temper. Teresa was just gross and wrong for trying to get it on with Ethan in a car repair shop. Gwen needs to dump Ethan like a bad habit and let Teresa have him. Once she gets him she'll be bored in about 2 seconds, and I fully believe Ethan will be unfaithful to her with Gwen because that is just who he is shaping up to be. I am mildly excited for Noah/Fancy to have an adventure in Rome. Maya is annoying though and is a waste of screen time. Kay and the new Miguel have LOADS of chemistry together, she and the new -Fox do not, so on with KAYGUEL!" Thanks Shannon!!!!!!!!!!

"About your comment that Eve had to tell Shersher about the baby; with all the stuff going on in her life, it could happen that she didn't know she was expecting. With my son, I didn't know until I was five months! I can't believe I'm sticking up for her. Anyway, I'm glad to see that others feel the same way I do about Luis. I really wish Chris wins this one, but I know it will drag on and on and the same old stuff will happen. I also wish Gwen would just say 'get out' to Ethan, but she loves the big jerk. How about a new guy in town who falls for her? I would love it. Can you just imagine the way Ethan would act?" Thanks MJ!!!

"Wow. Ok Gwen is nothing on this show. If Ethan TRULY loved her he wouldn't be kissing Theresa all the time. And there is no way Gwen is a good mother to that child! No one will give Theresa a chance to raise her kids. They keep getting taken away from her and so no one sees her with her children. She is doing what she can to give both kids a full home with both parents and yes her tactics are crazy but she loves those kids!" Thanks Moi!!!

Until next week friends,

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