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I was never a huge Tad and Dixie fan, but I have to say their scenes together this week brought tears to my eyes. Oh, they were just so heartfelt.

I was never a huge Tad and Dixie fan, but I have to say their scenes together this week brought tears to my eyes. Oh, they were just so heartfelt. I personally don't believe Tad wouldn't have let Dixie explain what had happened, nor do I believe he wouldn't have asked about Kate. This storyline just has to be dragged out some more, that's all there is to it. So we have Tad full of hurt and anger dismissing both Dixie and Di. I for one don't feel sorry for Di at all. After seeing that chemistry between Tad and Dixie, there's no doubt in my mind that they belong together. Did you notice Tad = TadAndDixie???? Just a little Mary humor! Now we have to find out the truth about Kate. Dixie has to get Kate back. Will Tad help in this endeavor? My guess is yes. There are different views on this as this week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Denise who writes: "I don't know why Dixie hasn't gone to David with his handy dandy vial of truth serum to get the answer out of Dr MADden regarding Kate." That too would be a logical path to Kate. Oh, I did love when Dixie was giving it to Krystal. Krystal has no right to say anything about the situation as all the pain she caused JR with the baby switch. And could Krystal look anymore like a slut in those outfits she wears?

Have You Lost Your Mind?

Here, let me help you look for it! This actually applies to so many PV characters this week. First off, Erica, you've obviously lost your mind as you won't tell Jackson or Kendall about Josh, you seem to think you've completely covered your poison tracks, you think murder is OK, you defend Jonathan so he can continue to see Lily and the list goes on. Next up would be Lily who for some unknown reason believes she can go away on her own or with Jonathan even though she can't handle even loved ones touching her, she freaks out when she sees red and she completely reverts into herself and her own little world when she doesn't understand things around her. This list wouldn't be complete without Jonathan who lost his mind a while back with a brain tumor operation. Adam has to be added here after his behavior on Friday. He decides he can just pull his gun on Dixie, make her write a good-bye note, and dispose of her because he's decided she needs to stay dead. After all as Adam said, he can't murder someone that's already dead. Oh my, doesn't anyone in PV have a conscience or moral values? Continuing along this line would be Kendall who for some reason has decided to disregard any advice that anyone that cares about her says and instead forge ahead with adoption and Dr. MADden's plans for her baby. You know I've been a fan of Kendall for quite a while but sometimes there can be an over saturation of a character and right now that's where Kendall falls. It seems lots of people agree with this and this week's AMC Fan Gripe of the week comes from Aletta who writes: "I absolutely cannot STAND Kendall's character I'm starting to change channels when she's on! I AM SICK OF HER.........Please, writers, get rid of Kendall for awhile, I, for one am tired of seeing her and listening to her histrionics!" Others, such as Ruth concur, as she states "Kendall's character is definitely being destroyed because of all her hysterics."

Let's Jet Away!

Oh, I did love the romance and love shown between JR and Babe. They are such a cute couple! JR decided to whisk Babe away with no word to anyone. Smart move or is it? Had JR stayed in PV he would have been reunited with his dead mother. I know he'll be shocked and devastated, but give me a break how many other people in PV have "played dead" and are now alive? There are several to say the very least. One would hope there could be a little forgiveness in the air and a warm welcome. I guess I forgot JR and Tad have never done anything they're ashamed of so they can't comprehend the idea of forgiveness for Dixie.

You're Outta Here!

It's now official Ian Buchanan is indeed leaving AMC. So I will assume this means the demise of Dr. MADden. How will he leave? In a body bag? Speculation seems to believe that to be true. Lot's of folks think Janet will be the culprit again --- maybe even with a crowbar. Since Greg has taken an interest in Amanda, Janet certainly could be a suspect.

How Desperate Can One Be?

David, why oh why, are you so obsessed with Dixie? Is there a reason the writers are changing David's entire personality? He's a famous doctor with lots of money and yet, he's after someone that could care less about him. This is not the David I have come to like so much over his time in PV. Yes, David has been devious but to stoop to "tattling" about Dixie being alive because Tad ruined his little party. Please, please, bring my old David back. Now it appears the writers are desperate, desperate to redeem Josh. Sorry, not happening with me. This guy drugged Erica and Amanda and has yet to even show the least bit of remorse, yet now he's the savior of PV Hospital. Oh, go save yourself Josh, who appears to have quite a "God" complex. Perhaps he should leave PV with his "father".

The ratings are seesawing back and forth lately. Down a little and then back up a little. Guess all the changing of history isn't really helping anything. I look forward to Dixie being found next week, but I don't for a minute believe it will be JR and Babe that find her. I think that's a serious teaser!! Who could rescue her ...... Ryan or perhaps the new savior in town --- Josh? Guess we'll all find out next week! Thanks for all the emails. I look forward to them! Have a great week and see you back here in 2!


Mary Page
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