Rewriting (GL) history

Two Scoops It's always interesting to see stories that are used over and over throughout history. When a character is born on a show's canvas, we can really get a feel for how the history of that character is molded by their past.

Lizzie's current predicament is a perfect example of this. When she was conceived there was some question as to her paternity. For those who weren't watching way back when, Beth and Phillip were not married (shocking, I know) when Lizzie was born. Beth was with Neil Everest and mute for a time. Phillip did eventually get Beth back, but when Lizzie was first conceived, there were questions about her paternity. And then there is Phillip's own paternity - he is really a Marler by birth. Alan and Elizabeth (his wife at the time) paid off a French doctor to switch their dead baby with the living one that Jackie and Justin Marler had just delivered. Eventually Phillip learned of the switch (in one of GL's best scenes ever in my opinion) and he embraced both families.

Now Lizzie is pregnant, with a baby that could be either part Cooper or part Shayne (and Winslow). While (for now) I don't think she tried to get pregnant to keep Coop - who knows what time will tell. And when Tammy learns that Jonathan and Lizzie shared a night together, this might be the straw that broke the camel's back for the kissing cousins. And Coop's budding relationship with Ava might not be strong enough to survive 9 months of a clinging Lizzie - then a baby to boot.

Online fans have been speculating on whether the show would keep both a Beth/Alan and Lizzie/Coop/Jonathan baby. I haven't heard anything about this, but it should make for an interesting summer.

With May less than a week away (I know - where has the time gone?) we have Sweeps to look forward to. I've posted the May Sweeps information that I have and will add any that I uncover later as well.

But before we get to May, this Friday, April 28th we have the Daytime Emmys - and GL has plenty of nominations. It's always interesting to see what the "experts" think. Since I only watch GL, I can't claim any expert opinion (or not be totally biased) but I really think that Beth Ehlers and Tom Pelphrey are in good shape to win for Best Actress and Best Younger Actor. I've also heard good buzz about Jordan Clarke's tapes that he submitted as Best Supporting Actor and would love to see Gina Tognoni get a nod for all of her great work this year. Don't forget to watch ABC this Friday at 8PM (EST) to see who takes home the Emmy! Good luck to all of our nominees!

Until next week... Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week! Kimberly

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