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What makes Theresa an expert on love and fate? Fate has worked so well for Theresa that she has taken to spying on Ethan and Gwen as a means of keeping him in her life. Fancy should've ran the other way instead of sticking around to listen to Theresa last week.

Noah has taken the reign from Ethan as the biggest idiot on this show. In order to "protect" Fancy he pretends to make love to Maya. And isn't it amazing how he knew Fancy would walk in on him and Maya? Of course this terrorist, "Dragon Lady", Wonder Woman figure named Lena all ties into the Vendetta storyline somehow. I am wondering if Noah has told Sam something we don't know about? Sam was just a bit too eager to show Fancy the video after the House of Noodles explodes and Noah and Maya are holding each other. Not to mention Sam went one way and Fancy is the one who walked in on Noah and Maya.

I wasn't too thrilled to see Fancy taking advice from Theresa. What makes Theresa an expert on love and FATE? FATE has worked so well for Theresa that she has taken to spying on Ethan and Gwen as a means of keeping him in her life. Fancy should've ran the other way instead of sticking around listening to Theresa.

Someone else who should run the other way is Chris. How do you stand around and watch your wife commit bigamy, let alone agree to be the best man? Does Chris honestly believe that Sheridan is going to choose him over Luis? Before the marriage, Sheridan made no bones that she was still in love with Luis. Why would Chris have any reason to believe that's changed in a few days? (Oddly enough only a few days have passed in Harmony & Hawaii.) Had I been Chris, I would've told Luis exactly what was going on and told Sheridan to shove it.

The thing that bugs me the most about this storyline is that it is exactly like the Antonio/Sheridan/Luis storyline. Only this time Luis plays the part of Antonio and Chris is in Luis' shoes. Luis (just like Antonio) has no clue that Sheridan has a secret, even though she and Chris both look worried and miserable. It was nice however to see Luis reunite with his family and to see Miguel in a scene with Pilar and Martin (even though they said nothing to each other).

Kay is still dreaming of Miguel, and it's reached the point she's dreaming of him while making love to Fox. I still don't care for this nuFox, but I don't care for nuMiguel either. I would've hoped that Kay would've learned something from chasing Miguel and learned not to lie to Fox. I guess that was too much to hope for, but I am glad Fox busted her for lying to him instead of taking it like a chump.

Was Theresa drunk while watching the FBI agent talk to Ethan and later while talking to Fancy? While I am impressed that she has picked up some of Alistair's habits (i.e., the cameras everywhere), voyeurism is a CRIME!!! I hope Gwen and Ethan figure it out and bust her sorry butt. But knowing Gwen, she'll bust Theresa and instead of saying anything, she'll just jump Ethan's bones every chance she gets.

Gwen figures out quickly that Theresa is behind the FBI scheme, but Ethan agrees to help them citing civic duty. Theresa is walking on air until Ethan drops by and tells her that he knows she's behind it and he wants no part of it. Of course Theresa denies it, thus showing everyone that her schemes aren't even getting off the ground now.

Some Random Thoughts:

Did anyone else realize that every episode this past week took place in the middle of the night where amazingly everyone was dressed and up and about?

I am enjoying Paloma and Simone. I hope these two Nancy Drew's bring Alistair's evil empire down.

I was disappointed Endora was absent this week. However Tabby delivered the funniest line of the week. Upon noticing the expiration date had long since passed on one of her potions she said, "I suppose that's why Nick and Jessica broke up."

Luis made the comment that he wanted to bring Marty home to make Sheridan happy. Uh, last time I checked Marty was his son and I would hope he'd want to be a part of the child's life instead of having the tot around to keep Sheridan happy.

The monk is obviously enamored with Whitney. I am wondering why these people are having such a hard time believing God could be speaking to Whit. People have these supernatural experiences everyday.

Are we going to have to endure Katherine being called a "whore" every time she's in a scene with Pilar? It's already gotten very old. However I did enjoy Pilar telling Katherine she would "wipe up the floor" with her.

Some Random Thoughts, Part II:

"Ok as far as the whole: Whitney/Chad nun thing goes. On DOOL there was a nun named Susan. Only Susan didn't sleep with her brother she slept with her sister (Kristen's) husband John. And had his baby and planned a Elvis wedding (a little far-fetched but hey.) That was a long time ago, no it's not the same storyline but close!" Thanks Crystal!!! But this wasn't the storyline I remembered.

"Your question about the recycled DAYS storyline made me do a little research and you are absolutely right. In 1967 Marie Horton met a new doctor in town, Mark. She fell in love with him and found out the next year that he was in fact her brother, Tommy Horton. She was so disgusted with herself that she became a nun. She apparently came back to the show in 1970 when the Horton family began to have some troubles. So, if no one else has answered it for you, yes Passions absolutely ripped this storyline off from nearly 40 years ago." I knew I had read about this storyline somewhere. Thanks Melissa!!!

"Days of Our Lives: Back in the mid to late 60s. Tommy Horton had amnesia and for some reason no one in the family recognized him. He and Marie Horton fell in love but did not have sex. They were both honorable people and did not have sex outside of marriage although they would have eventually gotten married. Prior to that happening he found out he was Tommy Horton (don't remember how) and Marie was so horrified to realize she was in love with her brother that she became a nun. But it wasn't an escape as it is for Whit. She just turned to God for comfort for her pain. She knew she would not love another man again and instead of being burdened with lustful thoughts and sinking in guilt she sought God's comfort and healing and lead a full and happy life as a nun. They did show her from time to time being completely fulfilled in the life she had chosen. It was a sad but beautiful story as I recall it, not this disgusting, revolting, repulsive mess." Thanks so much Judi!!!

Viewer's Voice:

"Just wanted to say that I wasn't a fan of Miguel coming back to town or the fact that I knew that they were going to make Miguel start to have feelings for Kay. I was a Miguel/Charity fan all the way. Now it just seems that his feelings are fake and that they are 'starting' for Kay just because she's there and Charity isn't. Also, I HATE Gwen and Chris with every passing episode. They belong together because they are both in delusion-filled marriages. They both know full and well that their spouses are in love with other people, but just because their spouses tell them otherwise, they choose to believe them. And also, Gwen is extremely selfish and insecure to the point that she would make Ethan not work at Crane just because she knows that whenever Ethan is around Theresa, his true feelings come out. Their 'family' is going to be starving on the streets if she keeps this up." Thanks Yoldyve!!!

"I don't want another triangle Kay/Fox/Miguel, Sheridan/Luis/Chris, Eve/TC/Julian, Val/Chad/Whitney, Pilar/Katherine/Martin, Gwen/Ethan/Theresa. What is the story behind Little Ethan's paternity? Is little Ethan, Ethan's biological child? How did I miss that? Did Gwen have anything to do with changing the paternity results or Alistair? I know it had to be one of the two. Does Theresa know? Gwen will never have Ethan's heart; [she should] move on. Teresa [needs to] take a step back and move on with anyone. Bring someone new on the show do positive things with Crane Industries. Get a boyfriend on the side, stay married and let ETHAN drool over you, little Ethan, Jane and your new boyfriend. Do you have an email address for the writers of this show? This is getting S T U P I D! Why don't they just kill of Jessica? I'm soooo sick of her!" I agree the triangles run the show. I don't have an email address; check the NBC page. As far as Little Ethan's paternity, nothing official has come out yet, so you haven't missed anything. Thanks Tiffany!!!

"I wished that the whole Theresa/Ethan/Gwen storyline would just stop and give Theresa's character a new love to focus on. Then we would have to listen to her ramble on and on about 'Fate'. That would be a dream come true." Thanks Crystal!!!

"I happen to think that you'll be hearing 'Mah Wafe' very very soon. The only way Stump II works is that it's revealed that he's actually Stump I. I felt NO sympathy for Chris as he heard everyone around him talking about the Shuis love. The LOOK he gave Luis cracked me up. That look is very familiar - it's STUMP, I tell ya.
Every time that I don't think Theresa can't go any further, here she is WATCHING Gwen and Ethan make out. Do you even think she stopped watching as they did [it]? I don't think so. I hate Theresa, but Theresa is so beyond hating at this point. She has all this money and power, and the best she can do is spy on the worthless Ethan. NO word on getting PERMANENT CUSTODY of her daughter. Pathetic.
As for this ridiculousness of Miguel having ANY sort of 'fantasy' about Kay, I must shake my head. Miguel never gave a rat's @$$ about Kay in that way - EVER. I understand Kay, because, she literally SOLD HER SOUL to get Miguel - even though he never gave her a second look. She spent FIVE YEARS doing heinous things to get Miguel. She's only had this 'relationship' with Fox for less than a year. I'm sure the urge for Miguel is right there, beneath the surface." Stump II??? I though that was Ethan's nickname. Thanks SIP!!!

"I am so sick of people and the Luis/Sheridan thing. Does anyone notice that Luis always tried to totally control her? He didn't even want her to be friends with her own mother. He's a bully. He used to bully his mother and sister, and then weak little Sheridan became his victim. Love, my eye. He's a controller. Chris is perfect for her. He treats her so well, and is so nice. I don't know why you and others think he's creepy. LUIS.... that's creepy. And again, everyone is bashing Gwen, and wanting Theresa/Ethan. Does anyone remember what Theresa is all about? Is anyone watching Sci-Fi? She fell for him through pictures, and believed even then that they were 'destined' for each other. Gwen is far from perfect, but it is so obvious that she really loves him, schmuck though he is. Theresa is still living that teen-age crush. Look at her, watching them on the computer, drinking. Has she even thought of her son lately? Does anyone remember that the only reason she wanted Ethan's baby was to USE IT as a bargaining chip to get the boy back? Yes, she loves her kids and Ethan. Promises to God? HA." Thank MJ!!!

"I am so sick of Gwen whining about how Theresa has ruined her life. I wonder how she will react when (and if) she finds out that it was Ethan who told the doctor to save her life instead of Sarah's? I am soooo sick of Theresa too! She has all of this power as Mrs. Alistair Crane and she just wastes it on a man who is so wishy-washy!!! Why isn't she using her powers to get Jane back? To make Harmony a better place to live? This show has gotten to the point where I just fast-forward through EVERYTHING!!! Do they have any openings for new writers?" Thanks Kamesa!!!

Quote of the week: "Love your column! I write the DAYS column every other week and I admire how funny your column, along with everyone else's is. And I agree with you, this Ethan/Theresa/Gwen storyline has dragged on for what feels like centuries. Please, I don't care who he ends up with anymore, just make it stop! I don't care if they bring Precious back to be his love interest, just make the constant Theresa/Gwen showdowns stop. It is beyond old. Thanks for letting me vent!" Now Melissa if Precious and Ethan were lovers, you know good and well the writer's would put them in a triangle with Luis. Thanks Melissa!!!

Until next week friends,

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