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Poor Whitney. She's obviously in a bad mental state, what with the lashings and all. But what on earth made her confess her sins to the monk last week?

I never in a million years thought I'd find myself wishing Antonio was still around. Not because I miss hearing "mah wife" every fifteen minutes, but because perhaps he is the only one who knows all too well what Luis and Sheridan's love is all about. They are the SOLE reason I started watching this show. I have put up with the absurd movie rip off's of their past lives, the almost deaths, Batty Beth and Stump, not to mention Alistair's crap. If for even one minute the writers think anything but "Shuis" is acceptable, they are dead wrong.

In the beginning of the week, Chris overheard those goofy nurses commenting on how pure and wonderful the love between Sheridan and Luis is. Then, as he sulked around outside Luis' room, the moment came when Sheridan was forced to introduce the two. Instead of telling Luis the truth (because his condition is fragile - shades of Antonio here), Sheridan lies and introduces Chris as her "friend". And to top it all off, Sheridan has claimed Luis' return as a "miracle".

Chris needs to grab his son and get out while he can. Antonio played around with these two and wound up dead. Unless he wants to leave little James an orphan, he needs to duck out NOW!!! And won't it be interesting to see if Pilar, who has belittled Martin for betraying his vows, do the same to Sheridan when she jumps into Luis' bed.

Ethan actually did two things that surprised me this week. The first is that he realized rather quickly Theresa sent Chad to "talk" to Ethan. The second is he realized he could help Gwen get her work done so they could spend some time together. I have wondered why Gwen and Ethan can't work together, and perhaps maybe he'd get over the ridiculous notion that he is less of a man because his wife works and he doesn't.

It was rather sick of Theresa watching Gwen and Ethan make love on that spy cam Gwen thinks is for work. My fiancée watched that episode with me and asked the same question I, and I'm sure you, were wondering. Don't they realize that camera is on? And if Theresa would spend as much time with her son as she does worrying about Ethan and sipping Scotch, she might be able to win her daughter back on her own. I don't know why Gwen still has Jane when Theresa has all the power.

Poor Whitney. She's obviously in a bad mental state, what with the lashings and all. But what on earth made her confess her sins to the monk? She didn't think it was God she was talking to until after she'd fainted. And why do Julian, Eve, and Chad think it's so far fetched that God opened the wall and spoke to Whitney? He is God. He created man and the earth. I would think moving a wall would be a cake walk after that. Still in all, it was nice to Julian and Eve for a few minutes this week.

I can sort of understand Kay's confusion over her feelings for Miguel. She's loved the guy her whole life, and was spurned again and again by him in favor of Charity. Now Miguel has given up on Charity and suddenly Kay has what she's wanted for so long. Problem is she is totally in love with Fox and doesn't know how to handle being given what she's wanted. She needs to listen to that song "Unanswered Prayers" by Garth Brooks.

Meanwhile, Miguel keeps claiming he's not interested romantically in Kay, yet he's dreaming of making love to her. Maybe Ivy got a hold to some of that potion Kay used on him when she got preggers with Maria. And why is Miguel getting snippy with Fox because he can calm Maria? Miguel has had two years to come back home and be a father to his child; he chose to chase after a phantom. In fact, he never had to leave his daughter. So don't get mad at the man who has stepped up and been there for your daughter.

Some Random Thoughts:

Endora was adorable as usual this week. I've noticed that she says some of the same things in her bubbles to Tabby that I say to my own mother. "Honestly Mother", "You worry too much" and most especially, "Mother don't start" are some of my favorite ones.

So now that Sam has been reinstated as Chief of Po Po, his first official act is to ask Noah for the truth. Good luck. Fancy has been doing it for months and has nothing but a sparkly eye patch to show for it.

Wasn't there a story years ago on Days of our Lives when a woman became a nun after sleeping with her brother, or a man she thought was her brother? Can anyone refresh my memory on this? And is the Whitney/Chad storyline a rip off of that one?

Why haven't Pilar, Miguel, and Martin seen each other yet? And why was Pilar sleeping at the mansion when she has a home of her own?

Did anyone else find the FBI agent just a bit creepy?

Viewer's Voice:

"What if Miguel & Kay get together and at their wedding there is Fox and Charity together as a couple? Would Miguel go bananas or what?" Not gonna happen Johnny D, but thanks for writing in?

"Well I must say I am disappointed in Theresa's storyline. I wish her character would back off and let Gwen and Becky make a mistake. Even better have Theresa find a new love interest and have Ethan find out on his own everything that Gwen and Rebecca have done (including lying about Eve.) It should also come out that Little Ethan is Ethan's real son. As for Pilar, I hope that she finds love and that it is with a new character or even Sam. I doubt Grace will return regardless of truth. Sam needs to find out about Ivy. As for Whitney, watch Chad not even be her brother. Couldn't they run the tests to be sure? As for Martin, I would love it if he did not want Katherine after how she shattered Pilar. Then have Paloma go off on them both. I would love to see Fancy figure out the way to help Noah and kick Maya's butt. As for Sheridan! I can not believe her! 'Chris you are my future. Luis is in the past!' Please poor Luis has sacrificed so much for her. Really death, imprisonment.... they really need to get rid of her or do something. Really for Luis being her soul mate she sure marries everyone but him!" Thanks Tracey!!!

"I totally agree with most of the stuff especially the Luis/Sheridan/Chris triangle. Chris might as well get a divorce and let her go. Luis will always be first in Sheridan's life. The Whitney scenes of her whipping herself are disturbing. The secret that they are not siblings needs to happen [and] this storyline needs to stop. I like Noah and Fancy; I just wish he would tell her so he isn't always jumpy. The Theresa and Ethan storyline is getting old, I mean how many things can they do. Ethan just needs to leave Gwen. The nuFox needs to go; his personality sucks. And Miguel coming back is great except now he might have feelings for Kay. I tape it so I can fast forward through the boring scenes. The last thing is what happened to the Katherine story?" Good question. Thanks Ginny!!!

"I would just like to say that the fact that the media is completely pro-Gwen is getting really old. Gwen is NOT the saint they portray her as. Let's not forget that she sent the paternity info to the tabloid, tried to kill Theresa, and is trying to take over her daughter. (Ethan has TEMPORARY custody. Gwen is NOT Jane's mommy!) Gwen picked the fight with Theresa in L.A., and Theresa tried to calm her down. Gwen fell on her own, causing her to lose Sarah. Theresa has her share of schemes too, but none as bad, and they were for love, not spite. Truth is, Ethan fell in love with Theresa and has never stopped. The Valentine's Day scene was INCREDIBLE proof of that. How can anyone deny what Ethan and Theresa have? I think JER [Head Writer James E. Reilly] needs to bring in another man for Gwen. Let the REAL Winthrop family be happy... Ethan, Theresa, Little Ethan, and Jane. Oh, by the way, when will Little Ethan's true paternity finally come out???" Probably when he grows up and wants to marry his sister, a la Chad and Whitney. Thanks Kim!!!

"What ever happened to Ethan? He used to have some huevos. Now, he's such a weenie. And Gwen... What a nasty person she's become. When she came in on Ethan and Chad talking, I can understand she was upset at what she heard. But, he didn't say anything she doesn't already know. Then she attacks Chad...Calling his child a bastard and bringing up the incest, all of which he could not avoid. That was real Classy of her, right? I don't know who to dislike, her or Teresa. These days I just dislike all 3 of them. Especially, after seeing the reruns on sci-fi, and realizing just how long this same ol story has been going on." I agree Gwen's comments about Miles were way off. Thanks Shanee!!!

"Gwen needs to get a clue. Jane is NOT her daughter and the sooner she realizes it the better. If Theresa wanted to stick it to Gwen why doesn't she get a restraining order to keep Gwen away from Jane? Ethan could spend time with Jane but Gwen wouldn't be able to touch her. Theresa has the money she can manipulate things to go her way and she should have done this a long time ago. I can just see Gwen's face if that happened." Thanks Luke!!!

"Here's a twist for you. Picture this.... Gwen's father comes to town and falls for Theresa. And if the feeling was mutual? Imagine Gwen's reaction upon finding out that Theresa is her step-mommy!" I'm having a grand time imaging REBECCA's reaction. Thanks Angela!!!

"The acting on the show is really bad but some how I have fallen in love with the show. The main reason I keep watching is I want to see the day that Gwen and Theresa both tell Ethan to talk a hike. Ethan has been playing these two women long enough. When he gets tired of safe boring Gwen he jumps in bed with Theresa knowing that Gwen will die before she lets Theresa have him. When Theresa gets on his last nerve he runs back to good old Gwen. For Luis and Sheridan, I am sorry I would have rather saw him with Beth. At least Beth can delivery her lines without sounding like she is wining. I would love for Pilar to find a new rich guy and tell Martin to take a hike." Thanks Lucinda!!!

Quote of the week: "You think that I'm crazy Collier? You don't know the half of it?" - Theresa to Collier.


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