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There David was seeing, touching and loving Dixie. What does he get in return? Basically a "Back off, Big Fella!" I found Dixie somewhat hypocritical considering she left her son and family to believe she was dead for years but David is to be vilified for staging the Di is Dixie scenario.

There David was seeing, touching and loving Dixie. What does he get in return? Basically a "Back off, Big Fella"! I found Dixie somewhat hypocritical considering she left her son and family to believe she was dead for years but David is to be vilified for staging the Di is Dixie scenario. Where does Dixie think she gets off being mean to my David? Now that David knows Dixie is alive it's only a matter of time until everyone knows but until then Dixie's return does appear to be dragging. Heard from several folks that noticed Dixie's wound or lack there of when she was wearing the sleeveless dress at JR's wedding. How is it still wintertime in PV yet all the women are in summer attire while the men are fully clothed? That wardrobe department needs to reassess.

The Second Time Around!

JR and Babe and Adam and Krystal are married --- again! There were no wedding crashers or interruptions for a change. Romance and love was in the air. This week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Vicki who writes: "An end to the gloom and doom for a while is well deserved for fans. I think most women watch soaps for the romance and it's been soooo long since we've had any. An occasional murder/mystery storyline is fine and we need a villain/villainess, but shows with crime, misery, lying, murder, deception, sadness, hurt, etc. are on TV every night. I like my soap to be a refreshing, unrealistic break in my day..... I hope we'll see more fun and happiness in PV from now on". Oh, I so agree and I enjoyed the weddings even though I do not like Adam and Krystal anymore now than I have in the past. There really is no pairing in my eyes other than Brooke for Adam.

I Killed Your Son?

I was glad they finally had Janet come to the realization she killed Ethan. Zach's right "I'm sorry" doesn't cut it, but it seemed to be the best Janet could do. One note here, how is it everyone is able to just drop in and see criminals in the PV jail? This week's AMC Fan Gripe of the week comes from Lisa who writes: "How the lovely writers can somehow drop the grieving crowd from Ethan's death? In almost a heartbeat Kendall has forgot that her ex-fiance has passed, and we have yet to see Simone since then! Ugh, and for what? I'm so tired of the drawn out storylines!" Lisa is correct we haven't seen enough of Simone and even though Kendall is up to her pretty little neck with Dr. MADden it does seem she could spare just a little sympathy and time for Simone.

Pick Your Poison!

You know I've yet to say much about the whole re-writing of history on Erica's abortion, but it's time I weigh in. First off let me say the reason Erica chose to abort her baby was because a child would have interfered with her modeling career at the time. Yes, it seems self centered and selfish, but that was, is and will always be Erica Kane. Now, don't get me wrong I happen to love Erica and all of her faults, however, one of those faults is not a lack of courageousness. Instead, the writers are portraying Erica as a premeditated murderer because she doesn't have the guts to go public with outing Dr. MADden as the slime he truly is. Erica has NEVER been a wimp nor would she concoct some crazy poison scheme.

Dr Devil!

And I do mean Dr. MADden. Where does he get off bringing adoptive parents in to meet Kendall? Talk about manipulative! Kendall needs to heed Ryan's advice and go get a new doctor. How about Dr. Clater? It does appear the old Ryan has returned and instead of pushing Kendall around he's actually trying to help her. It looks like he'll be helping Julia also. Julia who was told by Dr. MADden she will never be able to have children. I'm not so sure I believe that verdict, which makes me wonder if Greenlee can indeed carry a child to term. Also, could Dr. MADden have anything to do with Dixie and her Kate? I noticed Dixie didn't exactly say Kate was dead, but told David she didn't have Kate. This definitely leaves the plot open for Kate to be alive but living with someone else.

Old History!

Trevor is gone and yet it appears that no one cares. Where are the tears and concern? What about a funeral? I heard from several folks about this and especially Todd weighed in on the situation as he thinks the writers should not disrespect Trevor's memory.

I've been traveling with my real job this past week and ended up in North Dakota. All I can say is ---- "It's really COLD" up there. So for anyone that has been caught in the weather "Do stay WARM!!!" See you back here in 2 weeks!! Thanks for those rants and raves!


Mary Page
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